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tv   News4 Today  NBC  August 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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right now on news 4 today, overnight, a local police officer chased a man fleeing from a crash. next thing you know, there's a struggle for his gun and it goes off. more explosions from a factory in china where blasts killed dozens of people. this morning, how officials are responding to the threat of polluted air right now on news 4 today. announcer: news 4 today starts now. welcome in and good morning on this saturday morning. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm kristin wright in for angie gosk. feels good, but it's about to get hot. >> we were talking, it felt like fall earlier. now, the summer is back.
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amelia? >> if you remember, adam, last week we were talking about a heat wave for this weekend. this is what looks to be a six-day heat wave. the humidity not too bad. parts of the area under a code orange alert. children, elderly, if you have heart or lung issues, take it ea easy outdoors today. the sun comes up around 6:20. temperatures in the suburb around 60 degrees. 56 in culpeper. 59 in frederick. here in the district, a balmy 68. here is the morning planner, plenty of sunshine, clouds around today. the sun wins out. look at how temperatures warm. 8:00 a.m., 72. my noon, mid-80s.
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what to expect this evening and if you have outdoor plans what to expect. new this morning, prince george's county officer shot his gun during a struggle with a suspect. around 11:00 p.m., an officer heard a car crash and went to check it out. when he arrived, a man was running from the scene. according to police, the man tried to take the officers gun. the suspect was shot during the struggle and rushed to the hospital in critical condition. the man that stabbed another man to death along the h street corridor on monday will be in court. we told you about his arrest last night. he got into an argument with eric smith and attacked him. witnesses say they tried to save smith, but he died at the hospital. victims of a frightening attack in d.c.s neighborhood are outraged over what happened to
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their attacker after he got arrested. a police report says he randomly assaulted six people. news 4s jackie bensen reports about a man already back on the street. >> reporter: victims of the violent attack near 1st and k street are shocked to learn the man near the cnn loading dock was given a misdemeanor citation for a simple assault and released back on the street. a woman described in the assault says victim four, the person who punched her in the face so hard she need pad ramedics was back the street in hours. >> this person just out of the blue hit people in the face. >> reporter: the police report says other victims suffered lacerations and bruises and
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needed medical treatment at the scene. she says the man's behavior was violent after he was arrested. >> he was in the back of a police truck. flailing and screaming. it seemed like he had no idea what happened. >> that was jackie bensen reporting. a representative tells news 4 ward councilmember mcduffy's office is looking into this situation. developing now, chinese authorities are evacuating the area around the chemical explosion. they are worried about radiation. 85 people are dead after a series of blasts at a warehouse in china. officials say 21 firefighters are among the dead. more than 720 people are hurt. take a look at this. you can see the smoke from the fires burning days after the
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blast here. a to ten shlly dangerous mix of chemicals is slowing firefighters from keeping small fires from popping up. a firefighter is recovering after his colleagues pulled him from the rubble. he was trapped for 32 hours. serious burns on his leg and face as well as lung damage. if your child goes to the university of virginia, they may notice their e-mail is down this weekend. the i.t. department is doupg a security upgrade after hackers targeted the university. federal investigators tipped them off to the attack and said it originated in china. no personal information was taken. a nitty gritty battle will pick up between cuba and the united states. this morning, a symbol of hope in havana. the american flag is flying over the u.s. embassy for the first time in 54 years. secretary of state, john kerry
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says next they want money for property seized when castro took over. they want compensation caused by the american embargo. decision 2016 picks up in the hawkeye state. many presidential hopefuls are in iowa looking for support. we are there with the latest. >> reporter: besides it corn dogs and carnival rides, candidates for president are a big thing at the iowa fair. they flip burgers, shake hands and woo voters. >> people are hungry for alternatives. we need new leadership and the ability to get things done. >> jeb bush dropped a corn kernel in his own jar. >> we'll find out later.
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this is a long haul. >> reporter: he hammered hillary. >> clinton doesn't seem to have integrity and tell the truth. if she hasn't done anything wrong, be honest about it. >> reporter: clinton is in iowa, too, with pressure mounting from democratic voters. >> if someone told me i wasn't supporting hillary, i was be concerned. >> reporter: a private server she used as secretary of state and the rise of bernie sanders, a new hampshire poll showing him in the lead. pushing for a run from joe biden or al gore. >> i'm excited to hear that. sorry that it's just a rumor. >> i don't know how she can run. she has bigger problems than running for office. >> reporter: trump will head to iowa saturday. kurt gregory, nbc news. republican presidential
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front-runner, donald trump, talks face-to-face with chuck todd. look for a wide range in conversation about the presidential field, economy, immigration and foreign policy tomorrow on "meet the press" here on nbc 4. >> should be interesting. right now, a traffic alert if you live in virginia. there's construction on route 7 in the vienna area. crews are building two new lanes. v-dot says to expect closures in the area until 3:00 this afternoon. new this morning, people jumping for their lives to escape flames on a ferry. a frightening situation. what officials are able to do in this incredible rescue. when you dial 911 for medical assistance, why a firefighter could respond and why
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new this morning, an incredible rescue as a ferry catches fire in the philippines. look at all that smoke and the flames. it is a passenger ferry. it caught fire during the morning hours. you can see people trying to get off. look at them at the top there. they are trying to get off the burning boat. more than 500 people on board this thing. they are trying to climb down. everybody did make it off safely. the coast guard, right now, looking into it. somebody is jumping. can you imagine? the coast guard is looking into what started the fire. first responders can fill a number of roles. there's an argument ini alexandria about how to achieve
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that. they want paramedics to get training in fire fighting. the president of the group representing the paramedics says it will not only waste money, but make the quality of service worse. >> they are medics. that's what they want to do. we are changing it to a system where we have one medic and one firefighter emt. they may or may not want to be on that unit. >> he says the majority of emergency calls are medical issues, not fires. this takes highly skilled paramedics out of ambulances. they say this system is already used in arlington and fairfax. we know about how a 7-year-old boy got his hands on a gun that killed his little sister in d.c. another family member may have been involved. let's take a break out the
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window. amelia is timing out when the rain is going to return. how to save on your school
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announcer: you are watching news 4 today. welcome back. a little boy who accidentally shot his 3-year-old sister got the gun from a teenager visiting the family's home. court documents show a
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14-year-old handed the 7-year-old a nylon bag. inside was the handgun. he started playing with it and shot his sister. the teenager is facing child cruelty charges. holly novak and kyle mathers died in a car crash outside dallas earlier this month. a funeral service starts at 11:00 this morning. the students graduated from herndon high school. university of maryland says it assistant women's basketball coach resigned following sexual abuse charges. he resigned yesterday. the head coach released a statement saying it is best he tend to his personal matters and leave coaching at this time. the victim's father described the incident to reporters.
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>> he gave her alcohol. after a while, he was talking to her and started putting his hands on her. later on, he made another move. >> the alleged abuse happened at his kentucky home a month after maryland hired him. he is due in court for a pretrial hearing. today is fan appreciation day for the redskins. training camp gates open at 11:30 and practice, 1:35. after practice, players and coaches will sign autographs and take pictures. tomorrow is the last day of training camp. winds so strong at the pga tournament, they knocked down the leader board. tens of thousands of fans had to find shelter in wisconsin. wind gusted up to 40 miles an hour. that would do nothing to help my
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drive, which is horrendous any way. that would just push it into the woods. >> your yellow is so appropriate today with the heat. >> we are not talking about the wind. we are talking about the heat returning today. >> exactly. today is the first day we are going to warm into the 90s. a few days we are going to stay in the 90s through thursday. we are looking at a six-day heat wave with little storm chances. the weather, despite the heat, a low impact on your day. we are looking at low humidity, which is going to be really nice and plenty of sunshine as well. right now, temperatures around 68 degrees. i'm showing you the dew point because that is how we determine the humidity. do you want 65 or higher. it's humid. today, dew point temperatures around the 60 degree mark. monday, not a problem, but around the uncomfortable areare.
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once we hit tuesday into thursday, oppressive. tuesday through thursday, we deal with the feels like temperature where it will feel 5 to 10 degrees warmer than the thermometer is reporting. highs in the upper 80s to low 90s. an isolated thunderstorm this stanton, charlottesville and culpep culpeper. elsewhere, everybody is dry. grilling forecast for tonight, looking nice. 5:00, warm. a temperature around 89 degrees. by 7:00, we dip into the mid-80s. 9:00, low 80s. another night where it is comfortable for walking the dog. 6:00 a.m., starting off in the 60s. washington, the low 70s. not as cool right now. it is comfortable. 8:00 a.m., 70s across the area. notice thin clouds around. tomorrow, warmer and humid.
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by noon, temperatures near the 90 degree mark. temperatures low to mid-90s. a high in washington of 93 or 94 degrees. another nice evening. now, on monday, i'm showing you future weather for an isolated shower or thunderstorm. the threat at 4:00 hangs around hagerstown, winchester and la ray. that's going to be the case on tuesday as well. most of us will be dry through thursday. once we hit thursday afternoon, storms become possible. you can connect with me on instagram, twitter and facebook for the latest forecast as well. monday, a high temperature of 95, muggy. tuesday a high of 94. it's humid. wednesday, a high of 93. thursday, a high of 91. we are tracking a cold front moving through the area. this cold front could bring strong to severe thunderstorms. we need to keep an eye on the timing.
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it could be overnight thursday into friday morning. thursday, the last day of the heat wave. a high on friday of 87 degrees with a chance of storms around during the morning hours. >> not done with summer, yet. thanks, amelia. another attempted sex assault in northern virginia. women that feel much differently about their safety now. news 4 is working for you as you head back to school. the trick of the trade
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vacation packages start at $50 per person per night. the ultimate summer vacation is closer than you think at busch gardens and water country usa.
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announcer: you are watching news 4 today. you know what time it is? >> i sure do. i can't believe it. >> you will know it as you head to the stores this weekend. bustling aisles with parents and kids with school supplies. >> you don't like back-to-school shopping? >> no. >> erika gonzalez is working for you. she hit the stores to see how people are saving money on supplies while still getting everything marked off their list. >> reporter: it's time to start tossing pens and pencils into your shopping cart. kids are going back-to-school. parents try to contain the joy. lexi is heading to high school. >> i got notebooks, blue and yellow ones. >> reporter: grandma judy is buying supplies for five kids. >> i think everything is more expensive. i noticed there's a big
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difference going from store-to-store. >> reporter: there are signs consumers are spending less this year. 2014 was a record year for back-to-school spending, now it's estimated they will spend $630 on back-to-school shopping, compared to $670 last year. >> back-to-school this year is about inventory. parents are asking their children to look under the bed, through the closets and dig through the drawers to find what they may already have. >> reporter: they have their eye set on new backpacks. that's all right with mom. she bought more than her family needed last year, so she doesn't have to buy as much now. this year, of the full list, you were in search of half of it, instead of the full thing? >> yes, half of it. >> reporter: another difference, more people are using gadgets to get supplies. >> more than 30% of shopping for
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back-to-school items will use smartphones to buy crayons, supplies and apparel for their children. >> reporter: erika gonzalez, news 4. new this morning, 911 calls lead responders to the bodies of two campers in california. what investigators are ruling out early on. talk about a bad example. what police say this woman is teaching a child on surveillance video and why she's wanted. and, free school supplies. enough said. where commu
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taking a look at today's top stories, prince george's police say an officer shot his gun during a struggle with a suspect in capital heights last night. the suspect was hit and rushed to the hospital in critical condition. chinese officials are evacuating the area around wednesday's warehouse explosion in tianjin. it's slowing firefighters efforts to put out the fire. as of this morning, 85 people dead and more than 700 hurt. >> details of a deadly shooting overnight developing right now. someone shot a man three times on 1st street.
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a man died on the scene at 1:00 in the morning. if you need to drive in the area, police have the roads closed at this time. we will let you know when traffic is allowed back through the areas. good morning. welcome in. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm kristin wright. say hello to the 90s, again. we are starting a heat wave. >> storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal is here to tell us about it. good morning, amelia. >> i hope you are having a nice start to your weekend. day one of a six-day heat wave. it is comfortably cool outside. the weather not having a negative impact on your outgoing flight if you are headed out of town today. safe travels if you are. look at the temperatures, great for outdoor exercise. 59 in manassas, 63 in college park. 68 in annapolis. with plenty of sun, we are going to warm up quickly.
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by 10:00 a.m., 80 degrees. 1:00, temperatures in the metro area near 90. highs today in the upper 80s and low 90s. what about storm chances? coming up in ten minutes, i'll let you know when you could be dealing with thunderstorms. a tragic disaster during a family camping trip. two children are dead after a tree limb fell on their tent. park officials don't know why it happened. an attempted abduction in arlington marks the fifth attack on women in a five-mile radius. the most recent in the parking lot of an apartment complex on south frederick street. megan fitzgerald reports on how
6:32 am
some women are changing their routine. >> we are so comfortable. we feel safe in your neighborhood. >> reporter: that sense of safety is starting to fade, at least for some. >> i can't believe it's happening in arlington. >> reporter: near the 800 block in arlington, police investigated their fifth attack. a woman was grabbed and drag sbood tinto the woods. >> he makes her take her clothes off. >> reporter: daniel murry is the police chief. the woman fought back and the man took off. >> we haven't had anything like this. it's a serious issue. >> reporter: it's caused some women to alter their routine. >> i don't go out at night by myself. >> others are more aware. that was megan fitz jerrold
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reporting. an intoxicated man ripped a gas pump off the base in monrovia. police called in fire rescue to contain the gas spill. firefighters are using all they have to put out three wildfires in washington state. seven homes destroyed. evacuations started. lightning sparks at least one of the fires. it is too windy to attack it from the sky. they are low on resources because of so many fires in the region. bob mcdonald should go to prison while he appeals his conviction. the court of appeals hasn't responded. prosecutors say the former governor no longer deserves bail. a federal court, designed to see the case. a jury convicted the ex-governor
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ant his wife. take the kids to a back-to-school fair. the urban league is putting it on. free health screenings, haircuts, backpack give aways. it's on heritage street northwest. you have a chance for free school supplies tomorrow. go to the stanton community center between 12:00 and 5:00. it includes free food and live music. >> teachers are helping fellow teachers. they organized the grab and go event. teachers donate unused books, posters and bloom supplies. they are able to pick up hand-me-downs. >> being able to share these
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materials for my new classroom, it's exciting. >> 700 teachers will be new in the fast growing district. classes begin august 31st. kids are impressionable, right? what happens when this woman taught this girl how it feels. no journalism background needed. if you are an expert on hockey, the job could be yours. the key to losing weight the key to losing weight could be answered by
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keller graduate school at dof management.y's you can learn to unlock the leader inside you. so if you want to own the room, not just be in it. you're our kind of different. keller graduate school of management. learn more at announcer: you are watching news 4 today. this woman right here has a lot of explaining to do. security video caught her showing a young girl how to steal a bottle of liquor.
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this happened in pembroke park in florida. right here on the tape, you can see she shows the little girl which bottle of tequila to take. the girl grabbed it and then she, grabbing it now, hides it behind her back. the woman kind of walks off. apparently she goes to block the clerk's view. the little girl takes it. when the employee confronts the woman, she's hiding it behind her back. when the employee confronts the woman, she says the little girl didn't steal anything and leaves. the police are looking for this woman. sad. a daily newspaper in oregon is hiring for a new position that doesn't require a journalism degree. they are looking for a marijuana reviewer. they are looking for an experienced cannabis user about the knowledge of strains
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available. a new way to block cravings. addictive behavior published a study that says, guess what? playing tetris for just three minutes can shrink cravings by 20%. researcher say they expected these results because when cravings come, you imagine something. it's hard to let your mind wander while focused on where to put the next piece. become addicted to video games instead of food. >> it was always so nerve-racking when i got to the top. love that game. >> i do, too. >> i'm going to go home and play it today if i can find my ninten nintendo. 6:39. coming up, improving the job outlook. >> how they are being set up with careers. >> amelia is tracking the next
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chance of showers in the forecast. forecast. that's 45 after the hour life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. announcer: you are watching news 4 today. welcome back. finding a civilian job after leaving the military has always been a challenge for our vets. the situation is improving, though, as the unemployment rate among vets drops. >> aaron gilchrist takes a look at one program helping those who serve find not only work, but a
6:43 am
step toward a career. >> reporter: i.t. work is a far cry from his last job. he spent eight years in the marine corps and two years in iraq. >> i experienced a heavy emotion that i felt at one time, maybe one day in iraq every day, over and over again. >> reporter: after leading the marines in battle, he returned home to find a new career in the private sector. he bounced from one job to the next and discovered a reality he wasn't prepared for. >> a lot of people say thank you. >> we bring them on as fully salaried, fully benefits, then we start to train them. if they make it through the training, they are ready to be deployed. >> reporter: he's hired and trained many former military as they head the vocation, education and training service
6:44 am
members program in 2018. >> accomplish the mission at all costs. they cover each other when someone is out, even after obtaining my message. it was still a difficult process for the simple reason i didn't have the experience, hands on experience. >> reporter: he built a career in the air force before finding sharp decisions. he had to pass several tests in training. getting to this career took intense studying and man hours. >> i'm always up for the challenge. >> reporter: about a dozen companies like freddie mac signed on to take a chance on these vets changing careers and building hands on experience. he wanted to make a commitment to those who served. >> they bring a lot of energy. they are a focused instructor,
6:45 am
which is complimentary to what we want. >> reporter: the standards at his new job remind him of his time in the marine corps and a new foundation for the mission. aaron gilchrist, news 4. this weekend, we will dig into the lives of veterans and the people in the area dedicated to helping them. from a wife hearing her husband's stories for the first time. join chris lawrence at 10:00 for saluting our veterans on nbc 4. if you can't catch it then, it will be on comcast on demand. the "today" show is coming up next on nbc 4. >> erica hill and craig melvin join us live from new york. good morning. >> good morning to you. just ahead here on a saturday morning on "today," a lot of politics for you, live at the iowa state fair where hillary clinton and donald trump will be live.
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speculation is heating up once again. a possibility of a bid from vice president joe biden. a sex scandal rocking michigan. two lawmakers having an affair are refusing to step down. the way one of them tried to cover it up is the most bizarre part of this story. we'll look at that. a remarkable story of survival. we'll introduce you to this man. he barely escapes a bear attack. the animal right on his front porch. >> we are going on a road trip. dylan dreier weathering extreme temperatures without leaving the airport. an airport in sweden, that is. >> in sweden. rough one. we'll have those stories and more when we get started. >> you guys make it a point to
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send her every place in the world and put her in interesting situations, for sure. >> this one, i think she was totally okay with. she played gulf, in the ocean. >> thanks, guys. bye-bye. the secret service is preparing to go on a hiring spree. according to reuters, the agency will hire 1100 new officers and agents over the next five years. it's going to be the biggest increase in staff at the secret service in more than a decade. the agency says the hiring campaign is in response to anticipated growth as well as recommendation after a fence jumper made it into the white house last year. reuters report the hirings will start in october. have you ever daydreamed about rocking out with the president? now you can. the president created a pair of play lists for you to screen them. they tweeted links, called day
6:48 am
and night. everything from jazz to soul with beyonce sprinkled in there. the president's play list. he's an interesting guy. >> it could be a good dinner party conversation. >> so, the heat wave is back, again. >> i know. summer doesn't want to let go. that's okay. a lot of kids are still out of school. you can enjoy the pool days, whatever your plans might be. the good news, we are not dealing with humidity today. tomorrow, it will still be okay. by the workweek start, we are dealing with muggy conditions. here are the weather headlines. heat wave begins today. it's defined where the temperature hits 90 or higher. minor storm chances monday and tuesday afternoon, mainly west of i-81 over the mountains. muggy to oppressive feeling tuesday through thursday.
6:49 am
code orange is in effect for carol county as well. children, elderly, if you have heart disease or lung disease, take it easy outdoors today by limiting that outdoor activity. aside from that, the weather looking good if you are heading to a local fair. many of them under way right now. it is hot, drink plenty of water. of course you need your sunscreen and outdoor exercise. we need to remember we are under the code orange alert. elsewhere is code yellow. every is code yellow tomorrow. current temperatures, 60 degrees outside the beltway. washington 68. gaithersburg, 61. by 10:00 a.m., we are at 79. once we get to the afternoon hours, a high of 91. we'll hit that at 4:00 p.m. warm and a temperature of 86.
6:50 am
if you are out as the sun feels comfortable. fan appreciation day from 11:30 to 4:30 in richmond, high temperatures near 90 degrees, calm winds and sunny skies. looking good down there. lows tonight, the upper 60s to the suburb. not as cool as it is now. still comfortable. manassas as well scar lit skies. a high temperature in washington of 94. once again, mostly sunny skies. for 95% of us, it's a dry day. remember, you can get the latest forecast and ask me weather questions by finding me on instagram and twitter. >> tuesday a high of 94. more cloud cover wednesday with
6:51 am
a chance of thunderstorms. >> thanks, amelia. 6:50 is the time right now. four things to know, prince george's county says an officer shot his gun at a suspect. the suspect was hit and rushed to the hospital in critical condition. the man who stabbed another to beth along eighth street should be in court this afternoon. hector feelics got into an argument before the attack. new evacuations overnight. there are concerns about radiation coming from a warehouse in china exploded. at least 85 people are dead and 700 others hurt. children are dead after a camping trip to yosemite national park. a tree limb fell on the camp. the creature they are bring
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sboog cafes no
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well, this guy is popping around town ahead of the visit from the real pope. this is actually funny. it is a life sized card board cutout making appearances across the district.
6:55 am
yesterday was in chinatown as part of the first francis friday. courtesy of the archdiocese of washington. you can follow the doppelganger on twitter #francisfriday. well, a massive tractor trailer crash brought the new jersey turnpike to a standstill on wednesday. a couple from australia helps keep it from turning deadly. they were visiting relatives here in the states. they just left d.c. they were heading north when they saw a rig burning. the driver jumped out, ran across the road on fire. the wilson's didn't hesitate to help them. >> he was in shock. he was saying, i have nowhere to go. i couldn't go anywhere because he was trapped. >> the truck driver didn't think dropping to the ground would do any good.
6:56 am
they pulled off his burning clothes and stayed with him until an ambulance arrived. good for them. tokyo opened their first snake cafe. not where you eat a snake, of course, but where you can enjoy the company of the slithering keeper while you sip on a latte. they want to help people better understand snakes. the reptiles get a bad rap. they are worth saving and protecting. >> they do get a bad rap. >> you know why they get a bad rap? because of danger. >> some of them are. why am i sticking up for snakes? this might be a first. we have been telling you about it all weekend. today is the big day. you can help nbc 4 clear the shelters. we are partnering with shelters in d.c., maryland and virginia to get every dog and cat adopted into a new home. a lot of shelters are cutting
6:57 am
their adoption fees or waiving them all together. wendy rieger will be here on news 4 today and streaming some of the action on our website. a lot of information on and putting a list of participatie ing shelters. get out there and rescue a pet. >> good day for it. that's it for news 4 today. we'll be back with a local news update. join us again at 8:30 this morning. until then, have a great day. amelia says it will be hot. go to the pool. thanks for joining us.
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good morning. clash of the titans. donald trump and hillary clinton at the iowa state fair. her e-mail troubles following her to the hawkeye state. >> snapchat account. i love it. i love it. those messages disappear all by themselves. >> meantime, new speculation whether joe biden will get into the race. we are live at the iowa state fair. the center of the political universe today. sex, lies and audio tape. two lawmakers admit to an affair. one of them apologizing with her husband right at her side. >> i am sincerely sorry that i


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