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tv   News4 Today  NBC  August 16, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal is here to tell us what we can expect for the day. >> hey, adam. love the silver lining, kristin. low humidity levels once again today, but highs in the low to mid 90s. right now, 60s in ft. belvoir. gaithersburg and baltimore and washington now sitting at 75 degrees. here's your afternoon planner. notice mostly sunny skies across the area throughout the day today, by noon we're at 88 degrees. 2:00 p.m., temperatures in the low 90s. that's where the suburbs will stay as we continue to work our way towards the late afternoon and early evening hours. by 4:00 in washington, we'll hit 94 degrees. a great pool day today, just an isolated chance of a late day thunderstorm. west of here, over the mountains and tuesday, looking like great
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pool days as it looks hot outside. the hmm makes a -- the humidity makes a return. i'll let you know how hot it will be in about ten minutes. >> thank you, amelia. developing in prince george's county, we are working to learn the name of the person who died in a crash on suitland parkway overnight. park police say they are finding out what exactly happened. the crash happened right around 1:00 this morning. you can see the crash badly damaged two cars and one of them even had its door there completely torn off. again, one person dead in this crash. police say another person is in serious condition and two more are stable right now. new this morning, we learned a teenager died in a crash near a prince george's county school. maryland national capital park police said a 17-year-old was riding a utv with two other minors outside the stephen decatur middle school. they were on an athletic field
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when it crashed. the utv is designed for two people, not three. this is similar but not exactly what the one that crashed looked like. this morning we can tell you more about the man that someone shot to death in the middle of day right near a busy metro station. his name is matthew shlonsky, he was 23. police took down crime scene tape last night. the area was packed with people when the gun fire started before 5:00. a vehicle took off moments after the shooting. police this morning looking for a burgundy chrysler 300 with maryland tags. new information this morning. police arrest hand accused of trying to strangle someone. according to police tyreke nick onlies held a woman at -- nichols held a woman at knife point and he was arrested shortly before midnight last night. the woman said it started with an argument on pond run drive in
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woodbridge. she did escape unharmed. right now, flights are getting back to normal after a massive glitch grounded planes at our airports. there are still some delays to speak of this morning between reagan national and dulles. there are ten cancellations and 32 delays. the faa says it fixed the problem that brought air traffic to a screeching halt. up and down the east coast yesterday. a problem for lots of people. a computer glitch at an air traffic control center in leesburg, virginia, delayed thousands of flights and cancelled hundreds more. the faa this morning investigating what caused the glitch. 9:03 now. a symbol in the civil rights movement is no longer with us. >> yeah. julian bond died last night. our derrick ward is live at american university where bond was a professor. derrick? >> reporter: well, indeed. you know, we all know about the iconic status of julian bond with the civil rights movement.
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he was actually the first and founding president of the southern poverty law center which is still around. up from the '90s to around 2010 he was the head of the naacp but he had significant connections to the city. he would be here lobbying and testifying capacity. but he also taught at american university and he was scheduled for two classes this fall semester. there was a government and advanced studies in public policy course and an honors course on the oral history of the civil rights movement. we don't know how they're going to honor if they will at american university and what status those courses remain in with him not being able to obviously teach them. but we do have a statement from the southern poverty law center. a cause which was near and dear to his heart. the country has lost one of the most passionate and eloquent
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voices. it holds true among the faculty. derrick ward, news4. >> thank you. certainly lost a true leader. thank you. as many as 85 firefighters are missing days after a deadly warehouse explosion in china. the death toll keeps growing. right now, it's at 112 people and here you see a man actually being rescued. they found him barely alive trapped in a shipping container. teams are trying to clear dangerous chemical contamination that's why they're all suited up there. there are reports firefighters may have accidentally triggered that second round of explosions wednesday when they sprayed water on volatile chemicals. well, here are the stories you need to know about coming up in the week ahead. tomorrow, you'll get your first chance to ride a brand-new metro train if you're on the green line. metro's rolling out the newest
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train tomorrow morning. it kicks off at 5:30 a.m. the government the giving presentations about the dangers of synthetic drugs. they'll be at the homeless shelters from tuesday until thursday. they say they're responding to a spike in overdoses in recent months. it's restaurant week right here in d.c. there are 250 restaurants you can go to for a three-course lunch or dinner and get a good deal. we put the entire list on the nbc washington app and you might want to check it today because reservations can fill up quickly. lunch will cost you $22 a person and dinner $35. good deal. well, a hot air balloon accident in pennsylvania. we're learning everyone was safe in the air, but what happened once they hit the ground, that's now under investigation. and triple digit heat and wildfires, both fuelling each other to create dire situations out west like this one. now the forest service is doing something they have never done
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before to fight it. plus the movie
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you're watching "news4 today." >> welcome back. three people are hurt after their hot air balloon crashed into a field. you can see the basket toppled over on its site. the balloon hit power lines while trying to land in pennsylvania last night. yellow tape blocks off the street where a parachutist clipped a building during a jump at the chicago air and what thor show. another parachutist crash landed on the nearby beach yesterday. both jumpers are in critical condition. let's take a look at decision 2016 now. two of the democratic candidates visited the iowa state fair. hillary clinton said hello to fair goers one-on-one and posed
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for pictures and bernie sanders gave a speech to a large crowd. the sanders campaign has been gaining momentum lately. as for clinton, many are skeptical about secret e-mails she sent and received as a secretary of state. and donald trump also stumped at the iowa state fair. he flew in on his helicopter and riding around in a golf cart. billionaire turned candidate will be on "meet the press" this morning. he will outline specific policies like his immigration plan. >> the dream act -- >> we have to make a whole new set of standards and when people come in -- >> so you'll split up families and deport children. >> no, we'll keep the families together. we have to keep the families together. >> well, you'll want to see more of chuck todd's interview with trump coming up on "meet the press." that's at 10:30 right after "news4 today." we'll have chuck in studio with
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us in a little bit to talk about his exclusive with tr
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you're watching "news4 today." >> we want you to see this this
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morning. this is the cojima volcano erupting. entire towns have been evacuated. the national weather service is recommending that people stay inside if temperatures keep climbing in california. a heat wave is baking the state and as gadi schwartz shows us it's making the wildfires so much worse. >> reporter: scorching heat means wildfires and the heat wave stoking two separate fires near los angeles. one threatening 500 homes. the other torching cabins and scattering wildlife. >> it is brutal when you get the temperature and the dryness involved and then the steepness of some of the slopes, it makes for a challenging physically. >> reporter: along the fire lines more triple digit temperatures as 13,000 firefighters now battle 17 wildfires. these crews are working in extreme heat right now it's 103 degrees. they are carrying about 60 pounds of gear and it's only expected to get hotter.
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around the state, temperatures are cooler, but not by much. how hot it is? >> a hundred. >> reporter: the sun stifling everyone forced to work outdoors. >> pretty hot. yeah, we're trying to take a break when we can. >> reporter: and as schools starts up again this marching band practicing how to stay cool. a high school football team packed up and moved into the gym because of the heat. >> it puts us at a disadvantage but still you have to go with the healthy group of kids. that's number one. >> reporter: blistering temperatures baking not only california, but the rest of the states. >> drink plenty of water. >> reporter: the temperatures sending thousands of families straight to the beach. >> it's worse than normal. suddenly summer has started for us. >> reporter: while crowds look for relief from historic
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droughts and heat, it will be a long summer for firefighters gearing up not only here in california but across the west. battling what already seems to be a never ending fire season. >> that was gadi schwartz reporting. you universal pictures says it will foot the bill for more security. "straight outta compton" about the l.a. based rap group nwa opened this weekend. due to the recent number of theater attacks, some theaters want additional security. universal says it will reimburse theaters for the added protection. there has not been any violence reported at any of these screenings. here's a cool one for you "star wars" fans. darth vader and others will be part of new 14 acre attraction that walt disney world parks in orlando and in anaheim, california. disney officials have made that announcement yesterday.
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they have not set a new date for the opening. you two have homework to do, go and work "star wars" to see what the fuss is about. >> it's a hot day. >> on a rainy day at some point. >> saw some of it. need to refocus on its. >> do yourself a favor. but a nice day to get outside today. >> it is a nice day, looking at pretty low humidity. it will be uncomfortable. but for the most part it's not going to be that muggy, soupy feel to the air. that's impacting us tuesday, wednesday and thursday. here's a live look outside of our station here in the northwest. you can see the flag at the circle. barely moving. nice, calm winds right now. plenty of sunshine. i'm headed outside, updating the forecast out. there weather headlines today, day two, of a six-day heat wave. we'll hit 90 degrees or higher through at least thursday. tracking muggy conditions for the middle part of the week. uncertainty in the forecast toward the end of the week. friday on into saturday.
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it is all about a cold front. right now though the temperature is 75 degrees. we have been talking about the dew point, above 65 it's humid. humid out there at 67. but the dew point temperature is going to drop a bit as we head into the afternoon hours. beautiful sunshine right now. highs today, low to mid 90s. the suburbs warm to around 90 degrees. washington hits a high of 94. most of us completely dry today, luray, petersburg and winchester, can't rule out a late day thunderstorm. grilling looking good. 5:00 might be a little hot with a temperature of 93. by 7:00 p.m. as the sun starts to go down, it feels comfortable at 88. 9:00, 81 degrees under mainly clear skies. skycast 4 walking you throughout the day tomorrow, this is forecasting what the sky will look like. here are temperatures starting off comfortable once again. you can get that run or walk in before work, no problem.
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as we work toward the lunch time hours you're feeling the heat. t5 washington at noon tomorrow. high temperatures during the afternoon, warm. once again into the low to mid 90s. but notice plenty of sunshine. another great evening tomorrow. once again, there's that chance of an isolated late day thunderstorm. same areas today, you can see that here with future weather. luray, petersburg, and elkins and the charlottesville. on tuesday, cooler, 92 degrees for a high. chance of an isolated late day thunderstorm for everybody. only about 30%. if it materializes because of the heat and humidity it could have heavy rain. the chance of a shower or thunderstorm on wednesday, a better chance. plenty of clouds on thursday. the best chance of showers and thunderstorms, a high of 91. that chance with a cold front looks to clear the area friday and saturday. that'll lower the temperatures and lower the humidity. if the cold front stalls over the area we could see more
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showers and thunderstorms in the forecast friday and saturday. that could impact temperatures a little bit. but right now i do think that front will clear the area, guys. okay. so a guy walks into the restaurant with a snake around his neck, why he was allowed to finish his food despite rattling some nerves there. you definitely need to be thinking of your pets during this heat wave that amelia is talking. >> the issue that vets are seeing around this time of the year and what you have under your sink that can make your animals sick. well, there are a mere 168 or so days until the iowa caucuses. you may feel inundated with new polls donald trump is leading and a slew are stuck in the single digits. >> but here's the august reminder. early polls don't always mean a whole lot and at this time, in 2012, rick perry was up 15 points in the polls.
9:21 am
within a few months that lead had completely evaporated. >> going back eight years, rudy giuliani and former tennessee senator fred thompson were in the top two spots. at the time many observers had completely written off senator john mccain who was the eventual nominee. >> and early polls in 2007 showed hillary clinton trouncing a new candidate on the scene named barack obama. >> early polls are fun and they can teach us a whole lot. but remember, there's a long time between now and iowa.
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you're watching "news4 today." >> a lady has a snake around her neck first. and he said, well, it's no different than having a dog service animal skitting here an i said, a little bit it is. >> a little different than a dog. a man claimed his pet snake was his service animal. he used it to deal with depression. the manager at a missouri restaurant allowed the couple to stay with that snake. he told the customers that he wasn't allowed to refuse service to a service animal. the americans with disabilities act only defines the service animal as a dog though, so technically that snake does not qualify. >> yeah. glad i wasn't there. well, we know you want to protect your pet from the dangers of the hot summer months. >> that's right. news4's melissa mollet spoke to
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vets about some of the most common problems they're seeing and one dog's scary illness caused by a house hold item you might not expect. >> reporter: meet james the most proper looking adorable 5-year-old standard poodle you will ever see. he's happy and healthy now. but last summer after a fun dip in a creek, something you wouldn't expect. >> we took him home and gave him a bath. didn't think anything of it. >> reporter: within a few hours, james had vomited and he was shivering. his owners rushed him to friendship animal hospital. an i.v. and days later they saw something on his back. the clue to what had happened. >> noticed that the entire back was just raw, bloody. >> reporter: it was that bath that had left james terribly sick. a severe painful bacterial infection. >> she says did you shampoo, well, yeah. was it old? well, yeah, it was a couple of
9:26 am
years old. >> there's a bacteria that lives on the dog that gets in the shampoo and then because the shampoo sits around for a while, especially in a warm environment, the bacteria can go crazy. like a little petri dish. >> reporter: he was sedated and given a good antibacterial wash and prescription. >> dekapt that big bottle of shampoo into the smaller bottles and then throw that tiny bottle away and have your nice clean bottle ready to go. >> reporter: that's one issue that vets see. having a barbecue, very easy for dogs to get into your trash. getting a corncob, it's the perfect size to get stuck in the small intestine. then something called garden hose syndrome. >> the hose has been sitting in your backyard, baking in the sun all day. you turn it on and squirt your dog down. you can actually cause burns which can damage the skin.
9:27 am
>> reporter: also, hot pavement can equal purposed paws. keeping your dog hydrated in the heat is a must. but if your pooch goes for a dip and then gets sick, it could be an intestinal parasite like gee yard ya. >> spend the $4 on a new bottle of shampoo. not worth it. >> reporter: in northwest washington, melissa mollet, news4. a man involved in a struggle over a police officer's gun is dead. >> yeah, now that cop is off the streets. what the suspect's family revealed about his past that may explain his behavior before he reached for the gun. and this is awful. an elderly veteran is dragged out of his car at gunpoint. it is all caught on camera. if you like the heat, today is your day. amelia said it will be warm but
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taking a look at the top stories. we're working to learn the cause of a crash in prince george's county. two cars crashed on suitland drive. one person died and one is in serious condition. this we can tell you more about the man someone shot and killed i right by the shaw-howard university metro station. his name was matthew shlonsky, he was 23. someone shot shlonsky just
9:31 am
before 5:00 yesterday afternoon. people remembering a symbol of the civil rights movement right now. julian bond died last night. he taught at american university and uva. he was 75 years old. time now is 9:31. you know, we're not complaining but it will another hot one today. >> i will take summer as long as we can get it. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal is out in the elements with the look outside. >> it is beautiful out here right now. it's more humid than yesterday, but the sun is shining, barely a cloud in the sky. temperatures are comfortable right now, generally in the 70s across the area. gaithersburg, leesburg, winner warmer than the district. and highs will warm today to the low to mid 90s. a heat advisory is in effect for anne arundel and howard county.
9:32 am
those with heart disease or lung disease issue, you need to limit outdoor activities in those counties in gray. code yellow, there's some pollution in the air, and you'd expect that on a warm summer day. by 1:00, a temperature of 89. 4:00, we'll hit our highs of 91. adam, you said you want the summer like weather to stick around that's the case the entire week. i'll have your updates on storm chances when i head back inside. >> all right, thank you, amelia. we are getting word that an indo-pleasian plane is missing. it lost control with ground control, 33 minutes after takeoff. so we'll bring you any updates as we get them. prince george's county police officer is on administrative leave this morning after shooting and killing a suspect. police say the man tried to take
9:33 am
the officer's gun. 30-year-old asshams manley died yesterday morning. he ran from a crash site and fought with the pursuing officer. now, the officer shot him during that struggle. >> he had been shot and tased and still not complying with the officer's commands. a family member says the suspect had been dealing with suicidal thoughts and was being treated
9:34 am
facing a serious fight over the appointment to the state supreme court. they're drawing new district lines. now in fred rick, maryland, the county council is reviewing a
9:35 am
law this week. they have a deadline to repeal is a law saying that english has to be the official language there. hot jetpacks are the hottest thing happening, and now the state of maryland has something to say about it. this video is unbelievable. a man holds a gun up to a 72-year-old veteran's face to try to steal his car. >> we want
9:36 am
9:37 am
we want you to look at this home surveillance video out of florida. you can see here a man pointing a gun, threatening someone inside of a car. well, it's this man, 72-year-old lawrence williams. he is a disabled veteran. he was simply going out for groceries when these two men came up, pointed a gun at him and eventually pulled him out of his car.
9:38 am
>> a piece of steel in front of your face, you give up anything whatsoever. he was in my face like i'm in your face. with the gun. >> can you imagine? police found his car about a mile away. but they haven't found the oxygen tank that was with him at the time. his walker or his wallet. police say they are getting close to find these guys thanks to the home surveillance video. >> i hope they find them. well, this week's wednesday's child has developmental delays, but he wanted to go in the sprinkles with all the others. >> well, news4's barbara harrison introduces us to jermaine. >> reporter: it was hard steering him past a water park, but there were plenty of other things to do. it's a playground designed with all kinds of sound and tactile stimulation. stephanie sparks' companies
9:39 am
helps to serve all children, particularly those with challenges. he has some developmental delays that social workers say don't get in the way of his being a wonderful 12-year-old. >> well, he is very eager to please. he's redirectable. he enjoys rising in cars, going to the stores. >> reporter: foster car worker katie pageant works with jermaine and he has favorite activities. >> water play, playing in the sand box. >> reporter: we tried the swings. we tried reading a book, but the sound of laughter from water park were just too much to ignore. so we decided to ignore convention. and let jermaine enjoy the park like all the other kids on this very hot day. but he was a little shy about joining in with the others. he needs a family to care about him to make him feel wanted, accepted. >> jermaine is a special little boy. he's got a beautiful heart and
9:40 am
he is just amazing. so any family would be lucky to have him in their home. >> if you have room in your home and in your heart for jermaine or another child who is waiting, call our special adoption hotline. the number is 188-to adopt me. or you can search wednesday's child on nbc well, wssc's decades old pipes could be turning your water brown. the water utility company said it was caused by road salt left over from the winter, but according to "the washington post," that problem is built up rust and manganese inside the pipes. and health officials say digesting manganese can lead to neurological problems. the levels in the water they say are very low and the water is safe to drink. if you're driving through parts of maryland and west
9:41 am
virginia toy, you may see a cow on the loose. a truck carrying cattle overturned early yesterday morning about 100 cows did escape. some of them were killed during the accident. that's according to our news partner wtop. the crash happened on 81 near hagerstown where the highway crosses over the potomac. several people have reported cattle sightings in washington county in maryland and berkeley county in west virginia. today is looking good for the forecast, but amelia is tracking some showers when you head back to work. she's timing out which day you need the umbrella and how a tantrum in the dugout led to his teammate getting hurt. you have
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anything. anywhere. anytime. anyone. spread the delicious taste you know and love.
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hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate spreads. you're watching "news4 today." >> 9:44 on this sunday. the next time you're at the beach you may spotting in new flying above the waves. >> yeah, jetpacks are a hot vacation trends this summer. tisha thompson and the i-team went to the beach to see how safe they are and why the government is getting involved. >> reporter: riders say they have a superhero like appeal. >> you're flying. you feel like iron man. >> reporter: operators say the popularity is on the rise with names like the jetovator and the flyboard. operators of the vertical watercraft or jetpack vessels promise a unique and thrilling
9:45 am
experience at the beach. thrusting you as high as 30 feet in the air and back into the water. >> feels like you're controlling more nature. >> reporter: they have caught the eye of the beachgoers and the department of natural resources. >> almost flying through the air. >> reporter: safety coordinator julie brown said it's not quite an invasion yet, but with three vendors renting the machines safety concerns have state officials taking action. >> they can get in close to restaurants and zip up in canals that's where the safety concerns come in for us. >> reporter: maryland just put a new set of temporary emergency regulations into place regarding jetpacks this summer. making it the first state along the mid-atlantic coast to do so. you have to wear a helmet and stay 100 feet away from bridges, buildings, shores and other structures among other rules. the state of maryland said it's not only concerned about what's happening above the water, but what happens when you go under.
9:46 am
>> so when you go in the air and you intentionally try to make yourself go under water forcibly, that is against the regulation. because of the shallows out here that's the reason. >> reporter: you don't want people breaking their neck. >> that's right. you go up and come down. >> reporter: some are stricter. deep creek has restrictions on what time you can use them. and similar restrictions in other states where some have proposed specific regulations for jetpacks but as of now, they all fall under current rules for jet skis and other water vessels. even though justin wood runs out of delaware, he's up the street from maryland so he's sticking to the maryland rules. >> nobody should have these things and just running around. >> reporter: this man at ov jetovator is glad that the age limit was dropped from 16 to 14 with parental consent.
9:47 am
>> it's a nice age. they're too young to do the big kid stuff. >> reporter: the i-team found no serious accidents reported in maryland. officials and vendors hope the rules they worked on together will keep it that way. >> you want people to have a good experience and come back year after year. >> reporter: maryland says the temporary jetpack rules can become permanent as early as this fall to keep the rides flying high into the future. tisha thompson, news4 i-team. breaking news right now into our newsroom out of prince william county. a single propeller plane crashed into a back yard in bristow. >> we are working to learn new details. we know that the virginia state police are responding to the scene and we'll bring you more details. turning to a great day yesterday for -- >> all the pets. >> all the pets, all these cute little guys here.
9:48 am
we want to thank everyone who helped us clear the shelters. preliminary at the 24 participating shelters indicate guess what? more than 1,000 animals and counting were adopted. and we'll have some more exact numbers next week. this is a great event. it wasn't just in our area. nationally about 16,000 animals found forever homes yesterday. i love that. >> yeah. if you need to walk the dog, you might want to get out there and do it soon because later on today it will be kind of -- >> yeah. that's the trend as we continue on into the workweek. walk the dog early and then again as the sun starts to go down because it will be hot. i saw somebody tweet out a picture on instagram of just empty rooms in the shelter. that was such an inspiring image. as far as the weather, it's slightly uncomfortable out there. there's a little bit humidity, but we'll take it for summer, for august 16th. tomorrow humidity continues to gradually increase.
9:49 am
feeling a bit sticky. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, i would say most of us consider it to feel oppressive. especially when you walk outside for a little bit. it will be the kind of humidity where you step outside and angie goff says it gives you a hug right back. today, having a low impact on your day, it's hot, but nice. plenty of sunshine. whatever your outdoor plans may be, the weather is cooperating. temperatures in the 70s. gaithersburg, leesburg, flirting with the 70 degree mark. here's your hour by hour planner, 11:00 a.m. in the mid 80s. maybe an isolated thunderstorm later today over the mountains back west of i-81. elsewhere it's dry. 8:00 this evening really nice, with a temperature of 82. still plenty of sun at that point. lows tonight will dip into the 60s, in the suburb, 67 for a low in manassas. low 70s for washington. and commuter forecast tomorrow
9:50 am
morning, looking good. warm, mid 70s. walking to work tomorrow not too bad. walking home might be a bit of a different story. it will be humid and hot and a high temperature of 92. if you're a commuter you're driving to and from work and the biggest worry is the sunglasses. highs tomorrow, similar to today. in the low to mid 90s. 92 on tuesday, a chance of a late day thunderstorm as we get into the evening hours. we could see heavy rain because of the heat and humidity. notice the chance is low at 30%. similar situation on wednesday. with the chance of a late day thunderstorm mainly. otherwise, the high around 90. plenty of clouds on thursday. the best chance of showers and thunderstorms with a high of 91. this is due to the cold front that's moving through the area. what i'm tracking is if this stall moves on through. i'm forecasting it to move on through. it will lower the humidity and cool the temperatures down for friday and saturday. if it stalls over the area, we're looking at more clouds and
9:51 am
the potential of some showers and thunderstorms lingering on into the weekend. something i'll continue to update. >> thank you. think your child has too much homework, you are not alone. >> low the overload is causing
9:52 am
9:53 am
you're watching "news4 today." >> all right. checkette out. here's what happens when things aren't going your way. take a look, san diego padre
9:54 am
player throws his helmet after a bad call, the helmet hits his teammate in the head. look closely, you can see the teammate fell into the dugout. then the teammate loses his temper. he finds a bucket of popcorn. you know, that poor buck it of popcorn is going to find its way to the ground. bang. you know? some days it's not your night at the plate. you know? that's why you get back up and swing again. count to ten. >> that's right. >> a good tool for kids. speaking of kids it will be a school night for some kids in our area. believe that? >> yeah. believe it or not. tomorrow is the first day back for a few of our districts. and so before you know it, homework may overwhelm both students and even their parents. >> nbc's craig melvin will she a a -- share a few strategies to make the stress less. >> reporter: back to school means back to homework. and according to a new study published in the american journal of family therapy, kids are receiving more homework than what education experts
9:55 am
recommend. in some cases, much more. >> kindergartners have three times the homework load they're expected to have. >> first graders have three times the homework load that they're expected to have. and second graders have 2 1/2 times the homework load they're expected to have. all these things are troubling. >> reporter: stephanie donaldson was a contributing editor to the study that found as work load increases so does stress for the student and their parents. >> all children are getting homework that they don't understand. they're getting homework that's really, really stressful. i had a parent who has a ph.d. in science and math and couldn't understand the instructions for her third grader's homework. >> reporter: so what are the guidelines for homework? the national education association and the national parent teacher association recommends a ten minute rule. ten minutes per night for first graders and ten additional minutes per night for every
9:56 am
grade thereafter. they do not endorse homework for kinden garten, but they're spending 25 minutes on homework. first and second graders, nearly 30 minutes. >> you don't want to turn kids off from school at an early age. kids come into school with a love of learning and i feel our job in the first years is to foeser that. >> reporter: communication with the teacher is key. >> if your feel like your teacher is assigning too much homework, your first stop is the teacher. the teacher is your ally, not obstacle. right now, breaking news out of bristow, virginia, where we are learning of a plane crash. we just now updated the nbc washington app. you can check that during the break. and the flight disruptions from yesterday are lingering into today. an update on where things stand and when it will get back to normal.
9:57 am
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"news4 today" starts now. >> right now on "news4 today," four people involved in a serious crash this morning, at least one of them is dead. what we're learning about the multiple cars involved. and the sun is shining but what about the humidity levels. i'll have the latest in my
10:00 am
forecast. and the nation looks back and honors the life of an influential leader and force of change during the civil rights movement, julian bond has died. breaking news right into the newsroom right now. a single propeller plane crashed in a backyard in bristow. >> what we do know right now, virginia state police are responding to the scene. we'll bring you any updates as we get them into the newsroom. he's turn our attention to the weather, because we'll have another hot day today. but the humidity not so bad. >> not so bad. that is the silver lining, right, amelia? >> exactly, kristin. highs in the low to mid 90s. plenty of sunshine and a little bit humid. now the humidity continues to increase each day tomorrow on into tuesday. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, it's muggy. here's the latest on the satellite and radar. you can see only a few clouds inner on in nk


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