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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  August 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank. at 11:00, behind wars. former police officer indicted for shooting an unarmed man. >> two years later, the chief says that use of force was not reasonably necessary. police are again addressing the city's spike in violence. one recent murder victim leaving
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behind seven children. >> and changing minds. as fall semester gets started, we look the at number one mental health problem on campus. >> new tonight, our first look at that former fairfax county police officer who is now charged with murder. >> yeah. adam torrez booked into fairfax county jail. today the grand jury indicted him for shooting john geer two years ago when geer was unharmed. >> jackie bensen is live with reaction. jack? >> reporter: he will remain behind bars until his next court appearance. former fairfax county police officer adam torrez now facing charges of second degree murder in the august 2013 death of john geer. torrez was among the first officers who responded to the springfield home for a domestic
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dispute. according to internal documents in the case, witnesses say geer was not holding a gun and had his hands up when torrez shot him. chief gave reasons for firing torrez july 31st two weeks before the indictment was handed down by a grand jury. >> specifically, it was an administrative violation. he violated procedures on the use of form general order 540.1. >>. >> reporter: fairfax county supervisors referenced the lack of disclosure that nd ended only after the federal government became involved. >> the board was frustrated p. we have taken steps to ensure that won't happen again. some of the personalities involved or the procedures that have become involved that are resolved. >> a statement, telling news 4, finally justice is prevailing. it look a lot longer than we expected. every step forward in this
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brings us closer to healing. >> this is a good step. and two years too late obviously. but i think if you listen to what the chief says, they haven't made an effort to change their policy on transparency. >> torrez is expected to appear in court on wednesday. live if fairfax, jackie bensen, news 4. >> thank, jackie. police are calling these men persons of interest in the murder of an american university graduate near the shaw metro station. investigators say two groups of men started shooting at each other saturday on the corner of 7th and street. matt got caught in the middle with you police say he he wasn't the target. chief says there has to be witnesses and she wants to hear from them. >> people who know individuals, they have to come forward. at the end of the day, it is this neighbor today, it is another neighborhood tomorrow. it is someone's child today, someone else's child tomorrow.
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>> a burgundy car that was stolen was found and police think it is part of the murder. >> murders in the district are up this year but today chief la near said that arrests are up. there are now 94 killings in the district this year. there were 72 by this time last year. that's 30% increase. d.c.'s 52 homicide arrests in 2015 are also up. 37% compared to the same time last year. and one of those arrests came just a few days ago in the murder of eric lee smith. someone stabbed the 44-year-old man one week ago tonight after he got off a metro bus on h street northeast. tonight darcy spencer spoke with his family on an interview you will only see on news 4. darcy? >> wendy, as you said, this crime happened here at 8th and h streets in northeast washington. i spoke to his widow.
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speaking to the media for the first time today. she became so emotional that she had to stop the interview. >> someone stabbed my husband in a senseless crime for no reason. >>. >> reporter: this is family devastated by the loss of a husband and father. stabbed in the heart near a metro bus in broad daylight. >> he didn't deserve that. he did not deserve -- he was a mild-mannered man. >> reporter: eric lee smith, father of seven, murdered in the street, when a dispute erupted into a fight when he bumped into a child. then a man wielding a knife stabbed him at 8th and h streets northeast in front of dozens of people. >> loved his kids with a powerful love. that's what he was on his way to do. >> reporter: but he never made it there to see them. they are thinking about what
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they'll miss most about their dad. >> he was more like a best friend, basically. i know he's my father but he was more like a friend. >> i'm torn up inside. my heart is gone. i feel so empty. >> he was a good dad. and he is a good dad. he's a great dad. >> reporter: police charged hector luis felix with second degree murder. felix may have known the woman smith was arguing with. the family is now planning for a funeral they are struggling to pay for. >> this is hard thing to take in when you have to put your child away and then put your child away and worry about how you put him away. >> reporter: the family is asking for help in covering funeral expenses. if you are interested in finding out about how can you help, you can good to our nbc washington app and search under 8th street victim. back to you. >> thanks, darcy. just in tonight, a 25 yerd man will survive after one of
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their officers shot him. police responded to a domestic disturbance in woodbridge and it involved a mother and her adult son who police say came at them with a knife. the officer shot him in the upper body but that officer and the man's mother were all taken to the hospital. >> we have also just learned a father is facing murder charges for the death of his 5-week-old son. news 4 cameras were there earlier this month when police responded to this home on 9th street in northwest. at that time, detectives told us the child death was suspicious. within the last hour, police told us that 28-year-old robert smith senior is now charged with first degree murder. medical examiner said that infant died from blunt force injuries. >> new at 11:00, two women will make history this week when they graduate from the army's legendary ranger school. on friday, two soldiers will become the first women to make it all the way through the traditionally all women course.
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the west point grads are in their final days and will earn their ranger tab this week. the women deserve the accolades this week because ranger school is concerned one of the military's premier courses to develop leaders. >> the county will vote tomorrow to decide whether to repeal the english only ordinance. that ordinance requires county business be conducted in english. at a public hearing last month, they said it allows county to avoid printing documents in multiple languages. that saves money. but council says there is no evidence to support that reasoning. >> governor mcauliffe said he is shot and saddened fairfax county judge was not elected to the state supreme court. but house republicans failed to push through their own pick. he is serving on an intern basis and mcauliffe says he will reappoint her but eventually she has it win approval from the general assembly. in a special session to redraw a
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congressional district ending abruptly before it got started with the help of one republican senate democrats voted to adjourn and now the governor said he will go to the courts to get that new map. >> new at 11:00. tonight, more lap tops stolen from another business in arlington and police say someone took three computers from the virginia tech applied research company on wilson boulevard and they say they are looking into whether this latest crime could have been committed by the man in this surveillance video. police believe he's responsible for at least 20 other laugh top thefts. over the past year in buildings across arlington. >> a real life superhero dedicated his life to kids in need. he was known as route 29 batman. he dressed as the cape crusader for charity event. his batmobile broke down. when he he got out of the vehicle, another car ran into it and knocked the batmobile into him. he was killed in the crash.
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neighbors say he will be greatly missed. >> anybody who knew him, he was batman. from my kids to the neighborhood kids. and they loved him. >> people say that god take the good ones early. it's a shame. he helped people. and the little kids, used to love it. >> robinson lived outside baltimore. his funeral will be held wednesday at noon in owens mills. >> we are tracking new developments opt explosion that rocked thailand today. it just after 10:00 tuesday morning in bangkok. and rescue efforts are still under way. as investigators wait to figure out who is responsible for this blast. 22 people are now dead. more than 120 others injured. when a bomb goes off near a shrine that is probably with tourist, thai police say they are also diffusing two other similar bombs near that site. u.s. officials say no americans appear to be among those dead or injured. next at 11:00, big decision coming tomorrow.
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about a drug known as the female viagra. what is standing in the way of fda approval. >> the school year can be added pressure on students. tonight, changing mind about college anxiety which your teenager should know before heading back to class. >> out of nowhere, a huge tree comes crashing down on these cars. no storms, no gusty winds. we'll tell you how it happened. >> and even though we may lose heat tomorrow, looks like a better chance of storms. i'm lacking at latest data right now. >> i'm melissa with your first 4 traffic tonight. 395 between the beltway and gw parkway,
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only a few more nights in prison for oscar pistorius. the olympic sprinter is about to get out of jail on friday after just 10 months behind bars. prosecutors are doing what they can to keep him in prison. they filed an appeal to the south african supreme court today. they want the court to overrule the decision by a judge to acquit pistorius of murder, for killing his girlfriend, seem to ca seem to camp /* /- steemcamp in 2013. he is ordered to spend the rest of his sentence on house arrest. >> some are calling the little pink pill the female viagra. it is supposed to help the women's libido. the pill could be sold if the manufacturer limited its risks.
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which apparently it work sporadically, the pill does. the fda rejected the pill twice since 2010 and critics are arguing that science behind this pill has not changed since the last time that fda rejected it. >> a lineup of stars will be performing at rally on the national mall. to draw attention to the problem of addition. sheryl crow, steven tyler, joe walsh, are just a few who will be hitting the stage on october 4th. part of a new group called facing addition. the group says 22 million americans suffer from substance abuse disorder and more than 23 million are in recovery. >> the transition and change of going to college can force students to cope with mental health problem and right now the biggest concern on campus is anxiety. we look into why it is such a big issue. >> it is racing of the heart. then chills going through your body. >> it can range from some sort
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of cripplingness that you'll be sitting at home and you won't want to just good out. >> reporter: anxiety. those waves of worry. nervousness. unease. a familiar feeling for a lot of people. but experts say when it gets out of control, it can be destructive. >> you're stopped from being who you really are. now new research is finding that anxiety is a major problem for 1 in 6 college students making it the most common mental health issue on campus. silvestylvester weissener is th director of mental health for the university. he said depression used to be the biggest issue. but with academics getting more competitive and the financial strain of tuition, students seem to suffer from greater levels of anxiety. >> at schools like george washington university where we attract a large number of highly driven, highly motivated students, we do tend to see more
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anxiety because those type of students are typically primed to be more anxious. >> reporter: and student say that social media is add an extra layer of stress. >> now everyone has to be on at all times. you have to take pictures of how fun your life is and putting it out there. >> reporter: but experts like wisener say anxiety can be a tool for success. it can motivate students to work harder or study more. but they have to be able to recognize when it has become unhealthy. >> if it is interfering with sleep, interfering with academic performance. can't study. can't focus on exams. >> i start it cry and then the palms of my hands sweat. then i start shaking. >> reporter: chanel cooper is a sophomore at district of columbia. she said she suffered anxiety attacks about taking tests. but she sought help and is now using coping mechanism.
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including meditation and medication to calm her nerves. >> if you learn what anxiety have you, it'll be smooth sailing. >> reporter: news 4. >> we have a lot more information about anxiety and mental health as well as a list of resources. good to in our special changing behind page. >> this a tad unnerving. one minute these drivers were stopped at traffic light and the next minute under this massive tree. giant branches taking down power lines surrounding three cars today. this is war wick, rhode island. a couple of people had minor injuries. they'll be fine. it is thought a thunderstorm weeks ago weakened the tree and it doesn't fall. >> they didn't have any storms today. >> i never heard of that. >> it happened all the time. that's why a lot of our trees in this area will be weakened by one storm and the next storm comes through and takes them on over. even a small amount of wind.
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today, none of that. look at the high today. 96 in d.c. 97 in frederick and in leesburg. warrenton at 95 degrees. only place that did not experience 90-degree heat today was annapolis and right along the bay, the bay breeze coming in along the afternoon. makes it feel pretty nice. and helps produce showers and isolated thunderstorms. most of those of course baltimore. a very nice evening. 80 degrees. dew point at 68. still on the humid side. but if you are to walk outdoors right now, don't do it. i still have 2 1/2 minutes of my forecast. but if you were, it would be quite nice. 76 in martinsburg. and a nice cool spot. and as you move to the rest of the overnight hours, there are a few hours back towards petersburg area. now you notice moisture starting
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it move our way. cloud cover, showers. just on down to the southwest. this moisture is trying to move our way. it'll move here fairly slowly. earlier this afternoon i thought most of us would stay dry tomorrow but now a better chance i think after couple showers and storms. not a lot. tomorrow, not a wash-out, don't expect that. but take a look. tomorrow, 8:00. nothing going on. your commute is a-okay. watch around the noon hour. showers around the mountains. that's what we talked about earlier today. i think these clouds will keep us cooler tomorrow. most of us with scattered showers and few storms. these are not big time thunderstorms. there could be locally heavy downpours. maybe lightning. but they aren't very strong as they move on through. most of them moving across the region. they he could affect your evening rush. wednesday i think a better chance. wednesday morning not much. during the afternoon more scattered variety storm during the day wednesday and even a better chance on thursday.
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high temperatures tomorrow, into the 80s. to around 90 degrees. 90 in fredericksburg, around culpepper. maybe 90 in d.c. but i'm going 89 because i'm an optimistic type of guy. tomorrow afternoon, exercise, getting warm quickly. if you're going outdoors, maybe that's the cautionary period. if you're out walking the dog, no problem. you may need the umbrella late in the afternoon. as far as temperatures go for the next few days, temperatures go down. 85 on wednesday. 87 thursday. 86 friday. as temperatures drop, rain chances increase. 40% wednesday. 50% chance on thursday, that's i think the best chance as the front moves on through. right now the weekend looking good. if you are thinking of head together beach one more weekend or to the mountains, both days, saturday and sunday looking okay. a chance after storm on sunday. >> excellent. >> all right, still ahead. aarp keeping their eye on this one. don't call it a come back yet. don't call it a come back yet. chris coolly talking about a
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i was about to head to thecheck. bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna. and i bank human at td bank.
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can you squash the rumors -- >> i'm not going there. chris coolly is part of the redskins there. i'm not going there. >> that was redskins general manager scott mclegalon. >> and he ain't going there. >> they are banged up at that position.
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here is something, yesterday the sins skien two tight ends. we know that niles paul and logan paulsen are done for the season with season ending injuries. left with young inexperienced players that position. one guy has a ton of experience, chris coolly. here is what coolly had to see about a possible return to the team on his radio show today. >> there are four people that could be involved in decisions. 3 out of 4 for this. but the fourth is not yet committal. >> i wouldn't say not yet committal. i would say strongly adverse. my name is the giant elephant in the room. obviously i'm not 2007 pro ball that i was, no one is that. but i'm better than what you have. i'm going to play somewhere and it's going to work out one way or another. >> all right. we'll see he what happens with chris coolly and the redskins. now the skins closing up training camp in richmond. gruelling tough few weeks for
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the skins but the team starting to come together. as our carol maloney found out, redskins are so close now, they are doing impressions of each other. >> water. my stomach ain't big. so my jersey can't go up. water. >> who wants water. >> water. water. >> at the top of his lungs. baker is always yell pg. a good impression is -- >> like breathing? >> like breathing, yeah. >> water. water, now! >> i'm not an actor. acting like a coach the past year. >> come on, good job, good. >> go. good job, guys. >> good job. good job. >> i love this. >> baseball now and o ss looking
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to sweep the a's. chris davis has been red-hot lately. lines to right. can't find that ball. disappeared under his legs there. davis safe at first. later on the inning continues. making them pay. goes deep. second career home run. this game is on ice. they go on to win this game. have a final score of 4-2. 15/7 since ju
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1200 animals in our area,
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- zac efron, fran lebowitz, the cast of broadway's "amazing grace,"


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