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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  August 19, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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and turns in between. let's go to a map to help show you where exactly this happened. the carjacking happened near sibley hospital in northwest this morning. police pursued the suv and then it crashed in bethesda. the suspect ran and was caught here at 47th street and massachusetts avenue. now, we spoke to a woman whose car -- the window was broken on her car, possibly by the suspect and that may have helped lead to his arrest. this infinity parked on a bethesda street vandalized during the search for a carjacking suspect. >> he took a large stone and sent it through the back of our -- the back window. >> reporter: this woman owns the car. she was alerted went alarm went off. police tell her they believe the crime was committed by the man they were searching for after an armed carjacking. >> nothing was taken. the police seem to think he was just angry. so, go figure. >> reporter: it's video you will
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only see on news4, a carjacking suspect taken into custody, handcuffed and sitting on a red light camera box on massachusetts avenue northwest. the arrest came after a morning-long pursuit and searched through neighborhoods in bethesda in northwest washington. >> very unusual for this -- for this neighborhood, especially during weekday daytime hours. >> reporter: police say this honda crv was taken in an armed carjacking at 10:30 in the morning in northwest. the suspect crashed into the woods on little falls parkway near river road in bethesda. the head of traffic and weather operations for our news partner wtop radio happened to see police pursuing the suv. >> i was going back to the radio station and noticed this honda crv just went up on the sidewalk to get around traffic. >> reporter: it came to an end at 47th and mass in spring
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valley, one of washington's most exclusive neighborhoods. d.c. police have not released the name of the suspect or what charges he is facing. wendy, back to you. >> darcy spencer, thank you, dar this has been a particularly violent 24 hours in the district. since yesterday, four people have been killed by gun violence and that includes four separate shootings in the northeast and southeast cat with rands of our city. among the victims, three men and a woman dead and two children wounded. and this evening, we are learning new details about the most recent victim. his name is johnson jonas. he was 29 years old. we are told a bomb found his body while she was walking her dog near an apartment complex on stanton road in southeast, just off the suit land park watch police say jonas had been shot. the a & c commissioner to there are area says the recent spike in violence has been overwhelming. also in d.c., a teenager charged with killing taneka font
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tan nell and wounding her son inside their apartment in southeast d.c. yesterday. ed victim's mother is now talking to news4 and she is demanding justice. she says the mother of the teenage gunman should also be charged with murder. mark segraves continue ours team coverage now. mark? >> reporter: police have made an arrest and charged that 17-year-old who was involved in the shooting with the murder of tenika fontanelle. fontanelle's mother tells news4 that there's someone else who she believes should also be charged with her daughter's murder. >> my mother is sitting home, can't somebody explain to me why she is not locked one her son? >> reporter: police have charged a 17-year-old neighbor with the murder of taneka font tan nell. according to fontanelle's mother, the 17-year-old boy and his mother came to fontanelle's apartment and the two mothers began arguing. >> so i feel as though it was planned, i'm very, very disturbed why that lady is
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sitting two doors down, in her house when she should be locked up with her son. >> reporter: when the 17-year-old took out gun, phone tan them's 12-year-old son acres maris, tried to protect his mother. amare charged him to get the gun. that's how amare got shot, they were tussling with the gun. >> reporter: the two boys and fontanelle were all shot. fontanelle died from her wounds. >> tenika was everything. >> reporter: the 12-year-old who was shot has been released from the hospital. he was shot through the arm. family says he is doing much better today. there will be a vigil tonight at 7:30 here to honor the memory of taneka font tan nell. in the district, mark segraves, news4. we reached out to the d.c. police to ask about the family's concerns and they tell us that that shooting remains under
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investigation. d.c. mayor muriel binders the police chief, cathy lanier, they are urging the community to help fight the spike in crime and they are offering a new incenti incentive, rewards are going up for any tip that -- in regards to shootings and illegal guns. tom sherwood explains. >> reporter: there was one chart showing homicides up 35% this year. another doubting the closed case in the summer of violence. >> several tragedies across our city because of guns. we, i speak for us all saying this is unacceptable. >> reporter: mayor bowser and chief lanier announced higher rewards and more police deployments to fight a spike in homicides that have shaken many communities aren't district. >> glad the mayor's here. glad there is a plan of action. my constituents want more than rhetoric they want a plan. >> we have increased reward for
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certain crimes. we are headed in the right direction. crime remains -- violent crime remains out of control in the city. >> we have added a reward of $10,000 for shootings because we are seeing shooting with high-capacity magazines and the tension to be lethal is greater. >> reporter: mayor politically scrambling to stay on top of the violence says it is personal for her, too. >> we gave a press availability at congress park yesterday. it was among the saddest experiences of my life. after were press briefing to walk around and talk with neighbors about what they are dealing with day in and day out. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news4. we learn $in the past half hour that a baltimore police officer is being charged with attempted murder for shooting a robberiment is last year. now, this has nothing do with
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freddie gray but coming just a few months after six other officers were charged in that case. in this one, state's attorney marilyn mostby says officer wellsly cagle shot a suspect after he had already been shot guys by other officers. mostby says the shootings by the other officers were justified but says cagle stood over the suspect, called them an expletive and shot him in the groin area. the suspect did survive but sayingle is again charged with attempted first-degree murder. looking at weather now, a few showers rolling around out there doug tells us a way better chance for rain tomorrow. it could affect the gang. >> remember that? >> i that. a good game, the best quarterback in the world apparently out there tomorrow night. hopefully, i think the game get played, just how wet we will get for the game. got thunderstorms thought right now, rather showers moving
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through the area. most of the game is dry. most of the activity west of i-95, exception, showers along the chesapeake could come across the bay toward an nap poelism the heaviest of showers, around warrenton, fauquier county, something we will be watching, showers moving up to the north, along 66 about the next 15 to 20 minutes, we do have more moisture down to the south. i do think a much better chance for not just shower bus good chance for heavy down tours tomorrow, pos britain flew wednesdaying the redskins game. i will take you hour by hour in a few minutes. well, the jury has spoken in a high-profile trial in prince george's county. the verdict is in in the murder of a hotel manager, guilty on all counts. tracee wilkins live with reaction on the verdict in upper marlboro. >> reporter: the jury deliberated about three hours and then came back with this verdict. as you said, guilty, not on one or two, but all of these
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charges. >> i'm not sure whether to be happy to keep being said, i'm not quite sure yet. >> reporter: deandre wheeps is guilty on all counts, including felony first-degree murder, assault and robbery. >> moving a violent person who had a previous record from our community who had no regard whatsoever for life. >> reporter: it was a two and a half-day trial and in the end with little deliberation, the jury convicted deandre weems and agreed he is the man in this video holding a gun to the pregnant bell i love a desk clerk as he demanded cash. and then shooting and killing jesse chavez who blocked weems as he tried to escape the clarion hotel in oxon hill. for chavez's family, this brings some closure years after the loss of their precious son. >> you see it on camera. it is so obvious. you cannot say that's not him. >> reporter: weems did not take the stand in his defense and his attorney presented no witnesses. but in closing arguments, spent a lot of time focused on the time stamp of the video that according to the state, was 40
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minutes behind real time of day. the attorney tried to create reasonable doubt. the attorney tried to create doubt saying the time stamped on the video on the suspect's call logs placed the suspect five miles away from the robbery. the woman robbed said her attacker had short hair but weems has long dread locks. he argued there was no dna found connecting weems. he then stated that the robbery was of over when the murder happened, meaning it's not felony murder. he said the murder was not premeditated so it's more like manslaughter than anything. the chavez family has sat through days of difficult trial, just across the aisle from the weems family. >> i know he might be many things, but he ain't no murderer. >> reporter: there are two co-con support tors going to trial in october. they wanted to be tried separate from weems, the lookout and the get away driver. weems will be sentenced in october as well. reporting live in upper marlboro, i'm tracee wilkins, back to you. the one-time police officer
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who was charged in the shooting death of a man in fairfax county collapsed in court today. adam torrez made his first court appearance since being charged this week, the first time in the history of the county that an officer has been charged for shooting someone while on duty. our meagan fitzgerald will have new reaction from the prosecutor in this case. that's coming up in our next half hour. sometime ahead, our first look at the work needed to remove the asbestos from hundreds of metro cars and why the agency wants more time to find someone who can do the job. subway pitchman is facing several years in prison. new disturbing details today about his allegedexual encounters with underaged girls. and making good on their promise. tonight, the personal information of the customers who used a cheating website is being exposed and it includes
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metro rail is now extending its search for a contractor to remove asbestos from about 280 of the older railcars. the agency wants to find -- wants time to find the right company to do the job. tonight on news4, scott mcfar lan has the first photographs of
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what needs to be done. >> reporter: metro will extend the search for a cleanup contractor by another month and these images obtained by news4 show the asbestos likely deeply buried in the heating units of some of these cars. they are outside the passenger areas, but the photos show they won't be easily accessible to the cleanup crews that metro ultimately hires that asbestos to be removed is inside overhead evaporator heating units and the images metro is showing the heating units and how they operate for the would-be contractors have to deal with some of the components. the contracts reviewed by news4 showed would-be cleanup crews who want the job will be allowed to visit the cars in person tuesday afternoon. the 1,000 series cars run on each line of the system. metro tells news4 the asbestos inside the 280 of these cars, these 1,000 series cars is a "small amount" and again, we should point out, not accessible to riders it is outside the passenger cabin in each case. the agency tells us the asbestos
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is non-friable, doesn't crumble, go airborne, unless it is drilled through. i'm scott macfarlane, news4 i-team. now to a developing story, long-time subway pitchman, jared fogle, has agreed to plead guilty to paying for sex acts for minors and receiving child pentagon nothing graph. if i he could go to prison for more than a decade. here is nbc's chris pollone. >> hi, i'm jared the subway guy. >> reporter: he rose to fame more than 15 years ago on a weight loss success story and was quickly snapped up by the subway fast food chain to pitch its sandwiches. now, jared from subway, real name jared fogle, is facing more than five years in federal prison. >> today, jared fogle has been charged and has admitted to participating in a five-year criminal scheme to exploit children. >> reporter: federal prosecutors say in 2011, fogle learned the head of his charitable foundation, russell taylor, had sexually exploited a 14-year-old girl. they say instead of going to police, fogle accepted and
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viewed pornography involving that girl and then explicit photos of 11 more minors over the next four years. he is also accused of paying girls he knew to be underaged for sex when on business in new york. >> this is about using wealth, status and secrecy to illegally exploit children. >> reporter: in agreeing to plead guilty, fogle will be sentenced to five to 12 years in prison and also pay $100,000 apiece to the 14 alleged victims the government has identified. >> jared fogle expects to go to prison. he will do his time. he expects to get well. he expects to continue to make amends to those people whose lives he has affected. >> reporter: earlier this week, subway tweeted it has cut ties to fogle. his wife says she is shocked and is filing for divorce. chris pollone, nbc news, new york. hackers have posted personal information belonging to millions of married people who
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hear, claim were using the cheating website called ashley madison. 15,000 of the e-mail addresses posted may belong to government workers. we have learned that 22 people with d.c. government e-mail addresses also were included in that post. another 22 with montgomery county government e-mail addresses also were said to be involved. boy, a lot of people are having a bad day today, at least it is not range everywhere, doug. >> we got sunshine all across the area. we are playing that game against the lions much not like the nats game. you may run into showers, maybe thunderstorms. none of that going on around the district, beautiful conditions, 87, look that the dew point, up to 71. any time above 70 it is uncomfort. an you step outside and notice
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the heat and humidity. 86 in frederick, maryland, 82, culpepper, charlottesville now fallen to 76. here is the radar. showers in the chesapeake, the east and west. fauquier county, front royal, seeing the bulk of the showers. war be ton, one area of heavy rain, i have not seen lightning out of this yet, doesn't mean it is going to happen, one or two both, not a very strong storm, it is fairly heavy rain. right now 15 around the warrenton area, 17, traveling these areas, wat out, making your way out of the warn ton area, northern fauquier county, could see the showers, these will continue to move up to the
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north, prince william county, fairfax county, storm system moves our way, more moisture back toward the west and that's what we are going to see tomorrow, a better chance of thunderstorm activity, not anticipating anything severe, could see strong storms, biggest impact, call medium impact for high winds, hail, not a big impact here, but heavy rain could be a threat tomorrow. that is what we will watch out fork the only problem for the game tomorrow night the heavy rain, 8:00, a few showers remaining, tomorrow morning, baking up, no problems, you step out the front door, notice a couple of storms up toward the chesapeake along 95, most of us see a dry commute, around noon, that's when we start to see the storms break out across the region and then here in the afternoon, scattered around the region. here's 8:30, computer model, the fedex field right here. does put some shower activity over the stadium at that time will it happen? might be north and south, could be on top of us, too, hopefully, get the game in tomorrow night no problem, 7:30 p.m. kickoff
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time, you may want to take the poncho just in case if you are going to be heading out or maybe tailgating out there toward the game. 88 tomorrow, 87, your friday. we get into some beautiful weather friday, saturday, sunday, all looking very good. the weekend looks great. next week, we will have that forecast for you, took the seven-day forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. we will take you hour by hour for tomorrow. >> thanks, doug. cell phone video coming up of a fiery explosion of a committee in maryland. committee in maryland. debate over that little pink
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an amish community in charles county, maryland is already working to rebuild a barn that exploded only 24 hours ago. that barn caught fire near the town of hughesville. firefighters were cooling a diesel tank with a hose when the tank and the barn exploded. people from miles around could see the fire and the smoke in the sky. members of the waldorf volunteer fire department posted this video on facebook. chopper4 flew over the area. there are already people working on building a new barn. no one injured in that fire. a red flag warning just been issued in central washington state and that indicates weather conditions are ripe for the rapid spread of wildfires. it is the worst possible news for the crews who are battling to save a resort town from a
6:25 pm
fire that is already burning. nbc's leanne gregg reports. >> reporter: a full assault on this massive fire in central washington. crews digging lines and starting backfires to control movement of the blaze. from the air, dozens of drops per hour. crews are bracing for winds to pick up dramatically this afternoon, fanning flames that could threaten hundreds of homes. more than 40 have already burned. it's not the same. it will never be the same. >> reporter: the lightning-sparked blaze began last week, charring close to 70,000 acres. the economic impact on the town of chelan that depends on tourism is staggering. >> it is a huge hit. >> reporter: restaurants and resorts, usually crowded, are empty. >> driving through town this weekend, it was a ghost town. >> reporter: training begins today for 200 active military troops called in to help contain more than 90 wild fires raging in the west. they will join thousands of others on the lines. >> we are hitting it with everything that we can.
6:26 pm
we have brought in aircraft. we have brought in hand crews, dozer lines. >> reporter: federal officials say this is part of a new trend of harsher fire seasons. >> our fire season is about 78 days longer than it was three decades ago. and not only seeing more fire but we are seeing larger, more catastrophic fires. >> reporter: across the west, massive wild fires straining resource as crews fight to get them under control. air support is continuing but may be limited the next couple of days because of the wind. lie ann -- leanne gregg, nbc news, washington. drama in a courtroom where a police officer charged with murder required medical attention after he faced a judge. i'm adam tuss. if metro wants to keep some of its stations cool, it's gonna have to dig up this very busy road. the story coming up. and a tribute to a real-life super hero who was killed in a car crash.
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now at 6:30, dramatic moments unfold as a former fairfax county police officer charged with murder faints in the courtroom. services today for a community crusader, a man killed in a tragic accident, a final good-bye for the maryland man
6:30 pm
known as batman. metro feeling the heat after a chiller system breaks down and finding a fix isn't going to be easy. and it's going to require some construction. and new controversy surrounding that little pink pill. it's just been approved by the fda for boosting a woman's libido. adam torrez used to be a cop in fairfax county. today, he was in court on a murder charge and it did not go well for him. >> it was a bond hearing and when the judge told torrez that he was not going to get out of jail, torrez passed out and collapsed there in the courtroom. prosecutor says this case is important. news4's meagan fitzgerald there for today's developments. >> reporter: there weren't any warning signs moments before torrez fainted in a courtroom after he was denied bond. he was just feet away from the prosecutor who told the judge that torrez should remain behind bars because he is a danger to the community. that same attorney says prosecuting a former officer makes a statement. >> nobody's above the law and i
6:31 pm
have to do my job. >> reporter: may murrow is an attorney for fairfax county and making history by prosecuting the first case against an officer for killing someone in the line of duty. >> i think it is a really good thing because i'm familiar with a lot of the shootings and they are justified. >> reporter: jeff stewart wases with john geer, its man torrez shot. he was there the day of the shooting and sees things differently from more row. >> we don't know if they were justified. have to take their word for it. >> reporter: but the grand jury found tore wraeptz justified when show the and killed geer standing in the doorway of his home. investigators say fairfax county police responded for a domestic call. geer said he had guns and police say one of them was on the floor next to him while his hands were up. torrez fired a shot that killed him. his defense attorney argues it's because geer was reaching for the gun. in court on wednesday morning, a judge denied bond for torrez, saying he could be a danger to the community.
6:32 pm
shortly after, the former cop fainted in the courtroom. and paramedic rushed in, but at this point, prosecutors say torrez will remain behind bars and will have chance to fight the charges when the case goes trial. the judge set the trial date for december 14th. meagan fitzgerald, news4. a man who worked in a gravel pit killed a suspected robber and now the prince george's county police trying to find out if it was justified. it happened in brandywine when it man pulled up in a car. the suspect's name is rahim fenwitch, he talked to the gravel pit worker and then pull a gun and demanded his money. the worker fought back and killed him. although he has not yet been charged, investigators are looking into it. on these hot washington summer days, even a metro station can provide a cool break from the heat but right now
6:33 pm
riders aren't finding much chill they expect in two station it could be a while before things get fixed. adam tuss is joining us from where commuters are sweating it out. ed a zmam. >> a little bit, wendy. hot inside farragut north, hot inside dupont circle. if metro wants to cool those stations down, it's going to have to dig up more than a football field of busy connecticut avenue. the chiller system that cools metro's busy farragut north and due pop t dupont circle stations is in shambles. pipes beneath the avenue that usually carry water to cool the stations are filled with leaks. >> experienced catastrophic failures of the supply lines to the cooling tower underneath connecticut avenue. >> reporter: get this fixing the problem requires finding the pipes and replacing them and that means digging up more than the length of a football field of connecticut avenue. paul cram is head of plant maintenance for metro.
6:34 pm
>> connecticut avenue is going to have to be dug up 400 feet in each direction. >> reporter: without the chiller system, the temperature inside stations gets down right hot. today inside farragut north, we measured 90.3 degrees. inside dupont circle, 89.1. >> it's hot. sweating now. >> not only that it is 90 degrees in here and humid, but alsohat i've been waiting more than ten minutes for a train on the red line. >> reporter: metro knows is a bit uncomfortable in here and telling riders as they enter the station, many will have to fan themselves to keep cool. big fans set up on platforms to circulate the air. metro says no chilled air at these stations for the rest of the summer, the hope is that a fix can be put in place by next spring. until then, you really want your train to show up on time. not going to be a pretty fix. right now no price tag or timetable when the fix will start. wendy, back to you. >> adam dotuss.
6:35 pm
two presidential politics and dueling town halls getting under way in new hampshire. donald trump and jeb bush holding events at the same time. trump continues to lead the republican race while hillary clinton continues to lead every candidate. today's cnn poll suggests her lead over trump is shrinking and voters are increasingly concerned about the fbi investigation into her state department e-mails. >> the governmental authorities involved. they tend to move rather slowly. she is going to have a hard time moving this off the table, even by the general election of 2016. >> clinton is trying to change the subject in new hampshire with a new campaign ad that just hit the airwaves. donald trump's hotel here in washington is facing another challenge. two democratic lawmakers, one from arizona, the other from california, are asking interior secretary sally jewel to remove trump's name from his new hotel at the old post office building downtown.
6:36 pm
they have been critical of trump's controversial comments about undocumented immigrants. as a precedent for their request, they note the obama administration's efforts to keep the name of washington's football team off public land. next week, ten years since hurricane katrina ravaged the gulf coast. ten years. president obama will be visiting new orleans, meeting with mayor mitch landrieu and city residents who have spent this past decade rebuilding from that storm, a storm that killed nearly 2,000 people. our chris laurence will be heading to new york next week. he will be reporting on the recovery there and look back at his time ten years ago when he covered that storm. coming up, a lot of people use yell top check restaurant reviews. now, why the federal government wants to you rate them on yelp. the fda approves the first pill that aims at improving a woman's sex drive. it is not for everyone. who it could help and why others should steer clear. we just talked about that
6:37 pm
shower down there toward the warrenton area, it does now have lightning associated with it, light quite a bit of lightning, northern fauquier county, portions of prince william county as well. making its way toward the north, right across 66, the latest on
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
that sign in bethesda that says black lives matter, it has been vandalized a third time. you can see is missing from its frame now at river road unitarian church. the first two times, someone cut the word out of the sign. they posted on facebook they are in contact with police and considering what to do next. president obama is remembering the late congressman louis stokes as a man who triumphed over hardship and became a passionate voice for those less fortunate. congressman stokes died yesterday at the age of 90, one month after the disclosing that he had cancer. he was ohio's first black member
6:40 pm
of congress and one of the founding members of the black congressional caucus. stokes came to washington in 1969, served 15 terms. he headed a committee that investigated the assassination of president kennedy and dr. martin luther king jr. congressman stokes retired back in 1999. controversy over a little pink pill. the food and drug administration just approved the first ever drug to boost a woman's libido and revive the female sex drive but there are concerns about its safety. doctors say it works differently than viagra for men because it is more like an antidepressant affecting a woman's brain chemicals tapped has to be taken daily. the fda also imposed stern warnings, only allowing it drug to be dispensed by specially trained doctors and pharmacists and women -- warning women that they should never drink alcohol while taking this drug because that interaction has been linked to sudden fainting.
6:41 pm
besides the safety issues there's still a lot of questions about the efficacy of this drug, so women should have a long conversation with their doctors before taking it. the drug is expected to hit the market in october. we have more about this controversial pill on don't be surprised if you get a response from the government when you review a federal agency on yelp. that company has agreed to allow federal agencies to claim their existing yelp pages or launch new ones so they can officially respond to reviews. the change will allow the government to track realtime feedback from users and even engage with them. the national zoo is on panda watch. vet trip nair yaps think they saw a fetus while doing an ultrasound on mei xiang. this is the first time veterinarians at the zoo saw something like this. vets predict she could give birth early next week. the director of the zoo says they are cautiously optimistic.
6:42 pm
still to come tonight, a unique show of support for governor larry hogan as he battles cancer. and remembering the man behind the mask. behind the mask. how hundreds paid tribut
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so if you want to own the room, not just be in it. you're our kind of different. keller graduate school of management. learn more at so, what did you guys they think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. police officers leading a large procession of people gathered to remember a man they considered a true hero, hundreds of turned out for the funeral of lenny robinson today. most of the people at that
6:45 pm
funeral knew him as batman. robinson was killed this weekend when someone hit his car in western maryland. today, pat collins talked with some of his youngest fans about how they will be remembering him. >> reporter: it was indeed a funeral felt for a super hero, a fire truck salute, a procession of cars that went on as far as the eye can see, people wearing symbols of tribute to the man who made such a difference in their lives. they buried lenny robinson today. he was 51 years old. we knew him as batman. for years, he dressed as the caped crusader and drove his batmobile all around to area hospitals to visit sick children. like little elizabeth gardner, she was his friend. she was there today. what are you going to remember most about him? >> that's hard, because, um,
6:46 pm
probably made me laugh and how he came to my school and how he cared about me and my family. >> he was your buddy, wasn't he? >> he was. he was my bbff, best batman friend forever. >> reporter: more than 900 people at the services at the horace sinai synagogue. friends, family, people who have been touched by the good works of this kind man over the years. stephanie was there with her son, riley. >> he was a true role model and a hero for this little guy. >> reporter: colleen was there with her daughter, alicia. >> he was such an intricate part of her life. he would come out to her school to encourage the kids to help her. >> gonna miss him? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: just about everybody here had a special story about how this special batman with his special powers brought joy to people who simply needed a reason to smile. >> you know, i just really
6:47 pm
believed in what he did and there's a line from the newer movies that goes maybe he wasn't the hero we deserved, but he is the one we needed. >> reporter: in owings mills, i'm pat collins, news4. people at a farm in maryland are showing their support for governor larry hoag.'sfiggahoga against cancer. they have created a massive corn maze featuring the governor. >> suspect that great? >> and #hoganstrong. this is lawyers' farm in frederick county. the owners of the farm lost their father to cancer and they want to support hogan. the maze will open on september 19th. a fund-raiser will be held on november 1st. all the proceeds will go to the american cancer society. >> amazing. thats? it really s >> just wonderful. >> how precise they are. >> great. >> how we looking for the rest of the week? start cooling off a bit? >> yeah, yeah, we have some
6:48 pm
fantastic weather coming in the next couple of days but have to get through tomorrow. any time we get this warm -- what's that? >> the weather we are about to have the best in the world? >> probably the best in the world. i'm giving you the best in the world. >> a lot of that in these parts. >> uh-huh. a lot of best in the world stuff. vance, you are pulling it. look at that evening planner. sunset tonight is now before 8:00. sun goes down at 7:58, 87 now, 85 by 7:00 and by around 11 tonight, talking about 80-degree temperature. nice weather, again, we do have showers and a few thunderstorms, storms down to the south this is the complex right here i have been watching. let's zoom on in, portions of fauquier county, along 66. we talked about that earlier, then some lighter showers toward manassas, but look at this right here, again, we can even do a little bit of a zoom here. i want to zoom in 66 and show where you this is, around marshall, here is marshall, the plains, very heavy rain the plains, broad run, 66, definitely slow at this time. notice the lightning associated
6:49 pm
with this. not a ton of lightning, we do have some lightning. let's go ahead and track this out here. we move up toward the north and east. this is where this is going, up toward leesburg. i think it may stay just to the west of leesburg but middle but, 6:57, around 7:25 and waterford, 7:36 if it holds together. i do expect it to hold together as it moves across the area the next hour, northern virginia, still the place for the shower activity over the next few hours and then we could see some more toward maryland, but most of the bulk of the moisture still back to the west as the cold front is back to the west, as it moves in, hour by hour, here we go 8 a.m. tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies, 77 degrees, 85 tomorrow around noon, warm and very humid, a couple of showers around, but the best chance will be later on between 4 and 8:00 tomorrow night, storms likely tomorrow evening, around 83 degrees. that's the time we are taking on the lions tomorrow at fedex field. if you have plans to go out to fedex, definitely make sure that you're ready for that. as far as the exercise goes, showers with some storms late
6:50 pm
with in the day, 87 your friday, here is the best weather in the world, saturday and sunday, looking good, both days, high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. >> thank you, doug. sports coming up. a football game tomorrow night out at fedex. still a lot of talk about rg3, too. team's president, bruce allen, standing behind his quarterback's comments. but first, a look at what's ahead on "nbc nightly news." >> hi, wendy and jim. at 7:00 on nightly news a new poll reflects just how questions over hillary clinton's e-mails may be affecting her stand in the race for president. we are on a greek island struggling to absorb a flood of refugees fleeing isis. and we will tell you about a
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
so nobody affiliated with the team willing to throw rg3 under any buses, standing behind him? >> they are standing behind. here is the thing, deep down inside, i think we all would agree, robert griffin, iii, he is a good guy. he means well, but he just says
6:54 pm
the wrong thing from time to time, he can't stop putting his foot in his mouth. that's kind of hurting him. that's what it s >> a lot of help from reporters who take everything he said. they twisted the heck out of that. that was not cool. >> can't say he is the best quarterback in the league. come on. get set for the home opener tomorrow, i did go to the park today for a coaching clinic that we will talk about later. chained to chat with team president, bruce allen. a lot of talk lately about robert griffin the third and what he should and shouldn't be saying. allen has known rg3 from day one since he has been with this organization. here's what he had to say about the criticism. >> all of these players are part of our family and i take it very personal when they attack any of them. anyone who would question robert's character doesn't know him, the people here know him, we appreciate what he is and he is striving to be the best. the other hot topic this week, whether they will see chris cooley back in football pads. now, allen, a little
6:55 pm
non-committal whether he will be back with the redskins, they did say he could sign with another team. former redskins general manager charley casserly also weighed in and he had some concerns. >> when a player has been out for a while, you are always concerned about the injury factor, especially if the person had any injury history in the past, which cooley did with the knee. where is the knee? how is it going to hold up? you can be running in shape but it's not football shape. not out there getting hit and taking that body contact and blow like that not going to be as quick. those are the concerns that you have. i said this on television already. the concern to me, there's too much in the media here. you don't need to be saying three or four people want me and one doesn't. that would be my concern, too, about team chemistry. tomb tomorrow we have you covered from fedex field, myself and carol maloney on news4 at 4, 5 and 6, the redskins postgame report immediately following the
6:56 pm
game and our coverage continues on news4 at 11:00. to the diamond we go the nationals possibly turning things around. last night, they snapped a six-game losing streak that also happened early this season back in april, after breaking that xirkd the nats went on to win 18 of their next 22 games. let's hope that the is case this time around. the nationals bats exploded for 15 runs against the rockies. haven't scored that many in their previous six games combined. perhaps the lineup shakeup by manager matt williams something to do with it. james wirth, 2-5, scored three times last night, yunel escobar, batting thrownup, four rbi, including a two-run homer. another late start for the nationals, 8:40, stephen strasburg on the mound. let's head back out to redskins park today. the organization held a coaching clinic for 70 high school coaches across the area. those coaches watched their team
6:57 pm
practice in the bubble this morning. over 40 high schools represented from loudoun, fairfax, prince george's county, along with d.c. a two-day clinic for these coaches, guest speakers include bruce allen, charley casserly, joe mcveigh, sean barry and jon gruden, who understands the role the coaches play. >> a huge impact on these young people's lives, huge. these kids need to have some passion, accountability and learnt fundamentals of football and these coaches are responsible for that molding not only good football players but good character, good human beings, good people. >> everybody that ever played the game of football on any level understands the importance of the high school coach and a development of a young mind and getting them on the path that they need to go in order to be successful in life and we are not even talking about football, we are talking about, you know, life skills and character building and building the mind of a young man. >> great job by the redskins, too. >> a quarterback who doesn't think he is the best in the
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, feeling the heat. hillary clinton hunkers down as her team does damage control. new evidence that the e-mail investigation is taking a toll as new numbers reveal donald trump now closing in. pleading guilty. a stunning admission from the man whose life story so many came to follow as the face of subway. the dark secrets prosecutors say he's been hiding for years and what the company is saying tonight. desperate escape from isis. nbc news on the front lines of one of the biggest humanitarian crises in modern history. you a harrowing mass exodus to get out alive. and targeting cancer. not by where it's located in your body. instead a whole new way of shrinking tumors. exciting results. you'll meet a woman who is


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