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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  August 21, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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s.w.a.t. vehicles in place down there. they have sort of rearrange it had down there. the standoff continues on. it's been more than six hours now. you see there's a gunman inside of a house down there. they say he has already killed someone today. and police don't want any more bloodshed. they had the place surrounded. they were armed and at the ready just in case. inside this house on 18th street, a murder suspect and the cops weren't taking any chances. now, this all gap around 11:00 this morning when a woman was shot and killed in front of her house on 18th street. the gunman went down the street, fired off a few more shots and then ran into the house. so began the barricade. police say the victim and the suspect are family members. they believe the motive for the murder was some sort of family
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dispute. on the scene, police chief cathy lanier. >> what the motive is behind the disturbance, whether it is family or not that would cause someone to use a gun to take someone else's life, i can't tell you, pat, but tragedy nonetheless. >> reporter: the victim is said to be a retired metro bus operator. jeannette knew her well. for her to die -- >> die like this and especially a good person. i could say she would give you the shirt off of her back. >> reporter: for hours upon hours, this neighborhood was on lockdown. they are not used to this sort of thing here. this is the 99th murder in our city this year. >> that's ridiculous. i don't know what they are going to do i don't know what they can do i guess it is just a way to the situation on the world. >> very sad and unfortunate, it is a human life, like yours and mine. >> reporter: the police strategy here is simple. wait and talk, wait and talk and hopefully, in the end, that
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gunman will walk out and surrender. chris, back to you. >> all right. i think we are all hoping that, pat, thank you. tonight, a former high-ranking federal police officer is facing six years in prison. christoph christopher bartley pleaded guilty to trying to make meth on the job but yes worked is a story, a lab at the highly secured national institute of standards and technology headquarters. news4's scott macfarlane was there when bartly walked out of court today. >> reporter: inside the courthouse, christopher bartley admitted to trying to make meth at the headquarters of nist in gaithersburg. outside, we asked why you thought nist was a good place to manufacture methamphetamine? >> sorry to keep you weight so long, but i'm not going to comment. >> reporter: his attorney says bartley was trying to conduct an unauthorized training experiment when he attempted to make meth inside building 236 at nist in july. >> his goal was to let people know how easy it is to manufacture meth am fete mean
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and the police officers should be aware of that. >> reporter: these images obtained by news4 show the inside of building 236 one day after the explosion, including a chemical cooled hood there. in court today, prosecutors said bartley's meth making went sideways fast. it exploded. the temperature in the building reached 180 degrees, a alarm sounded and windows were blown 20 to 30 feet. partly was burned on his arms and firefighters responded to help, bartly admits he hid evidence in a dumpster. the u.s. attorney says this was no unauthorized training experiment. >> no evidence that there was any training exercise. he hospital gotten permission from anybody. it wasn't his job to do experiments or be trained in the production of drugs, drug enforcement wasn't really part of his job. >> bartley admitted sending an e-mail to his boss hours after the explosion. it was titled, tonight's explosion in which he admitted he made meth and said he was using household items to try something he called the shake and bake method.
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wendy and chris. >> thanks, scott. we are also following breaking news in charlotte, north carolina, where protests are starting to build tonight after a mistrial was declared for a police officer on trial for shooting an unarmed man. protesters started lining down in the street outside the courthouse after they heard the ruling in the trial against officer randall kerik. kerik shot a man named jonathan farrell ten times a couple years ago after farrell went to someone's health to find help after he was involved in a car crash. jurors cannot agree if kerik should be convicted of involuntary manslaughter, waiting to hear if prosecutors are going to retry this case. a significant development in the fight against isis tonight a senior u.s. official tells nbc news the number two man in isis was killed in iraq this week. that man was a kidnapping kingpin. he was known as hajj new as it. the official says new as it was killed in a us drone strike near mosul. an isis media leader was also
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killed. i'm jim handly at the live desk, where we are still monitoring the huge losses on wall street today. the dow plunging more than 530 points. and is in a correction. down more than 10% from its all-time high. that slide sparked fears from china's slowing economy. this week alone, the dow fell more than 1,000 points. it's the first time the dow has been in so-called correction territory in about four years. the s & p also had its worst weekly slump since 2011, down nearly 6%. tech stocks, including am, were among stocks that took the biggest hit today. at the live desk, i'm jim handly. >> thanks, jim. the altar that pope francis will be using when he celebrates mass at the national shrine was carried into the sanctuary this afternoon the wood work is complete and expect tonight to be painted the next two weeks. news4 reporter meagan fitzgerald there was when the altar arrived
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as we are entering the home stretch. >> reporter: that's right, wendy. we are told that there are meetings every week to ensure that everything is planned correctly and thing goes well. now this altar is expected to be completely done on september 10th and then going to go just at the top of those stairs there, where the mass is going to be held. we talked to the man who actually built that altar who tells us it took hundreds of hours to finish, but he tells us he would be happy to do it all over again. it is not easy preparing for one of theiggest events of the year. >> a couple guys over there, want to come. >> reporter: just ask anthony. he and his brother, along with five other guys, are tasked with carrying this 450-pound altar into the national shrine. when it comes to pope francis, few mind the heavy lifting. >> rather do nothing else than to be here right now. this is a wonderful -- once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. >> reporter: an opportunity to be part of the pontiff's first visit to america. >> you got it? you okay?
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>> yeah. >> reporter: inside, we met up with deacon dave cahoon. >> all the pieces also be able to take offsite. >> reporter: he is the carpenter who spent the past two weeks building the altar with pope francis in mind. >> recommend we do more recycling, take more care of our planet. >> reporter: most of the wood was recycled and he purchase it had from local vendors. the altar isn't completely ready just yet. they canning inspired from the real steps. i want it to look as close as possible to the real stones. >> reporter: it still has to be painted to match the interior of the sanctuary. so, there's still more work that needs to be done, but when preparing for the pope the work is its own reward. >> if i can do something to give back to him for the blessings that he gives us as our shepherd, i'm honored. >> reporter: now, officials here at the national shrine say after the mass that the pope will present is complete, that altar will be taken inside the sanctuary where it is expected to be used for years to come.
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wendy, back to you. hello, everybody, i'm storm team4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer on the rock wall, $50 climbing here, not quite that good and a microphone. i got up this far, how am i doing, guys? [ cheering ] i have been hanging here waiting for guys to come to me for five minutes. my arms are tired. look at the forecast, how things are going thought, first and then try to go up a little bit higher here. we look toward the numbers, temperatures, 83 in d.c. look elsewhere, already in the 70s in some spots, move on through the rest of the night, talking about a really nice night, cool night, too, nothing on the radar, of course, we are dry. we are clear. we are looking at blue skies. a beautiful, beautiful evening. as we move on through the rest of the evening, if you're going out tonight, maybe coming here, the montgomery county fair, looking really good. look at those temperatures dropping through the 70s. you may want to even bring a
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jacket if you're coming out tonight, temperatures will cool quickly, most areas, most areas will be down into the mid-50s by tomorrow morning. this thing will hold me, right? back to you guys. >> look at him go. >> i know. i almost think we should stick with it until we see if he makes it or comes tumbling down. >> and there he goes. >> there he goes. that's our doug. >> oh, yeah. >> congrats, doug. well, it's been 30 years since terrorists killed a navy diver, but his local community continues to honor his memory. tonight, we are going to tell you about the special education for future sailors. the highs and lows for the two front-runners, the record donald trump is predict and the alleged coverup dogging hillary clinton.
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a developing story in france this evening, two americans credited with taking down a gunman who opened fire on a train today that was traveling from amsterdam to paris. we have also learned that one u.s. military service member was injured in this incident, expected to be fine. not clear if he or she is one that stopped this attack. a total of three people hurt, two critically. the gunman, believed to be a
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26-year-old from more rock comb the motive, not clear. president obama just declared a state of emergency so federal help can go in and deal with some of these massive wildfires burning out west. firefighters are so overwhelmed, the state of washington is asking for civilian volunteers. the wild fires scorched nearly 400,000 acres. strong winds are fueling the flames and officials order more evacuations today as they continue to spread. >> i have never seen this much fire that's this big in washington state before. it's just -- it's hard to get a grasp on it. >> more than 100 wildfires are burping across the west and they show no signs of stopping. oh, could be a big night for donald trump after -- at the end of a rough week for hillary clinton. trump's camp is predicting a record primary turnout for his rally tonight while clinton is getting hammered again about those e-mails. steve handleman is tracking it all on capitol hill. steve? >> reporter: hi, wendy, thanks. this is about both the content of the former secretary of
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state's e-mails and what her critics claim is her coverup. both revelations are serious. first, that hillary clinton's lawyers told investigators her private e-mail server was erased before it was turned over. clinton claimed tuesday not to understand. >> you were the official in charge, did you wipe the server? >> like with a cloth or something? >> i don't know. you know how it works digitally. >> i don't know how it works digitally at all. >> reporter: revelation number two that any secretary of state's e-mails describing, for example, private talks with foreign leaders, are automatically assumed classified. her campaign posted a denial that that's an issue. >> the state department has said that none of the information was classified at the time it was sent. >> reporter: but republicans again attacked clinton. she is either violated the law or she didn't know what that information was which makes her incompetent, either which disqualifies her from being president of the united states. >> reporter: but scott walker in
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new hampshire, jeb bush in ohio today, ted cruz in iowa and rest of the republicans, to run against hillary clinton need to stop donald trump, who tonight could break a record. it was set in 2007. barack obama drew 30,000 people to a primary rally in south carolina. at this stadium in mobile, alabama, staffers predict 36,000 people will come to see donald trump. alabama is the perfect place for trump to show off his appeal it is considered one of the toughest states on illegal immigration. i'm steve handlesman, news4. we are following a breaking story right now out of new york city, where shots have been fired near a federal building in manhattan. there are reports that as many as two people have been shot. our sister station up there in the big apple says one of those people may be a security guard at that building. this building houses offices for
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several federal agencies, including the department of homeland security and the justice department. our sister station is also reporting that the gunman may have shot himself. so again, as many as two people shot outside a federal building in manhattan. we will continue to monitor this story and bring you any updates. >> thanks, jim. we told but a deadly apartment fire in virginia and now, we have learned who died. fire officials say frank desanto didn't make it out of his apartment in quantico yesterday. he was 69 years old. we are told this fire started as a result of improperly discarded smoking materials. five other people who live in the same building have been displaced. a heated turf war over college credits has been settle and it looks like the students came out on top. rock ridge high school has been hosting a dual enrollment program with richard bland college a few months ago, we told you how northern virginia community college challenged the agreement which allows some students in loudoun county to
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earn credits at no cost. nova wanted the commonwealth to stop the program so it can create one of its own but students would have had to pay for those credits. nova says it will drop the fees and make it free for student bus rock ridge plans to stick with richard bland for the next school year. d.c. confirmed its first human case of the west nile virus this year. the patient was treated and released from a hospital in the district. use bug repellent, get rid of standing water and take care from dusk to dawn, when mosquito are out in force. outdoors this weekend, mosquitoes might be the biggest concern because the weather going to be beautiful saturday as well as sunday. by monday, it will be hot and a little bit humid. but a weak cold front moves through monday night. what that means, we are back to low humidity and beautiful weather tuesday right on through next friday. across the area right now,
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temperatures are in the upper 70s, low 80s. 83, where we are at in camp springs, 82, manassas, 83, reagan national, really nice day today. the air is very dry and it's going to stay dry overnight tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. because of that in addition to clear skies, look at how cool we will get in spots outside of the beltway tonight. 67 for a low in washington. gaithersburg, a low of 59. frederick, a low of 56. manassas, a low of 60. early tomorrow morning, going out for that run, walking the dog, you might want to grab some long sleeves. by the water, not as cool. throws, mid to upper 60s, warm up quickly, sky cast four, walking you throughout the day tomorrow, cloud cover around the morning hours but overall, looking at mostly sunny skies, by the midday hours, temperatures in the low 80s, we get into the afternoon, 4:00, when we will hit our high the suburbs of about 84. washington, about 86 degrees. tomorrow evening, also spectacular, 8:00, temperature in washington of 79.
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the suburbs, 75. before we get to tomorrow evening, we have tonight to enjoy. doug, lucky one today, got to go to the montgomery county fair, just beautiful out there right now, right, doug? >> guys, a beautiful afternoon, you need the sunglasses on, the sun nice and bright, going on the swings here. i can't wait to go i went and got a funnel cake. i asked these young ladies to help me eat the funnel cake and they said, first off, i did the wrong thing, got the white powdered sugar on the black shirt, does not work at all you guys help me eat some of that. is that the cute face, is that what you're doing? ha ha ha. you did, you looked very good. let's look at the seven-day forecast, show you guys what is going on, hey, don't cut in front, we are going, too. seven-day forecast, the next couple of days, looking good. we are talking about temperatures around that 80-degree mark tomorrow, rather, 86 tomorrow and then on sunday, we are talking about 93 degrees, 93 degrees as we make our way in
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on monday. monday definitely going to be a hot day. as we make our way through the next couple of days, we are going to see temperatures around 93 on monday, then next week, all looking good. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, no problem at all. can i sit there? can i silt here? guys, i think this goes up about 80 feet, but i don't know. we will have to fig your this out. i'm going to get on here, we are going to see you guys up here in a minute. maybe -- maybe we will come back aimed be up at the very top. i'm going to send it back to you guys. anything you guys want know bring back from the montgomery county fair? >> just your charm, because any guy that can get that many little ladies hovering around him like a scrum, you know, that's kind of impressive. >> it was all the funnel cake. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> and then there's that. >> here they come. >> thanks, doug. >> he is a chick magnet.
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well, coming up, end of life care for veterans, it can be challenging and painful, we will show you a program that's giving those heroes some peace of mind. she killed a lawyer during a botched robbery in a swanky d.c. hotel. now, this young woman learns her fate. the family of a sailor murdered by terrorists three decades ago is keeping his heroic memory alive. >> if they know his story, they can't help but do what's right. >> just ahead, the role that a local church
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tonight, a new award in honor of a local sailor murdered by terrorist 3s 0 years ago. >> david culver shows us how his family is making sure the next generation of sailors know his story. >> reporter: ken thinks of his younger brother, robby, when he recites this quote by thomas paine. >> i love the man that can smile in danger that can gather strength from distress and grow brave by reflection. >> reporter: the rest in just a moment. first, why robby stetham is seen as a hero. >> the latest news on the passengers and crew. >> reporter: june 14, 1985, the the world's attention focused on twa flight 847. terrorists hijacked a passenger plane leaving greece. robby on board. the terrorists singled him out, brutally beat and tortured him.
6:25 pm
>> still today, it is like it was yesterday. >> reporter: three decades, still raw for robby's parents. >> it's a constant reminder of him being gone to us. we will never forget. >> reporter: on the naval destroy they're bears robby's name the "uss stethem," she wants the next generation to learn about her brother. >> so the young people, the young sailors coming on will understand as they walk on the ship what it is they are walking on to. >> reporter: this message not lost here, word of life in springfield. the church's laefrsd creating the robby stethem award, given to those in our community with outstanding character. we let ken finish his kboechlt >> he whose heart is firm and his conscious approves his conduct will pursue his principles unto death. that's my brother. >> reporter: in springfield, david culver, news4. news4's mark segraves first
6:26 pm
told you the suspect in the murder of an au graduate surrendered to police. mark is going to be joining us to tell us what is next in this case. our country's first female army rangers share how it feels to make history. washington's football team won its second preseason game. why are so many fans a little disappointed? i'm explain. and i'm storm team4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer. we brought down the storm team4 by four, currently, 80 degrees here at gaithersburg. a beautiful, beautiful afternoon, plenty of sunshine. a lot of people out here enjoying it tonight. i will be
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the man accused of killing around american university grad bat at a metro station is being held without bond. marcus king went before a judge an hour ago. >> before turning himself in today, he told mark segraves he was innocent. mark joins us outside the d.c. superior court with what king's family has to same. >> reporter: wendy, i can tell that you prosecutors inside the cram describe that shootout at the shaw metro as urban warfare. and they say that marcus king confessed to being part of that gun battle. but king's attorney says that's not enough to convict him of
6:30 pm
murder. 19-year-old marcus king told news4 he was there when that gun fight broke out at the shaw metro but he says he didn't shoot anyone. >> reporter: king told police he was there during the shootout answered did fire his handgun several times in self-defense and then threw his handgun away in a trash can. king's attorneys argue that even if he did fire his gun, police have acknowledge there had were several people firing shots that day and police don't know who fired the bullet that killed matthew shlonsky. butted judge agreed with prosecutors, that everyone involved in that shootout has some liability for shlonsky's death. several of king's family members were in court today to support
6:31 pm
king, but they also wanted to express condolences to the victims' family. >> that's tragedy, young man at the university, worked with rob porter and all of that you know, it's -- it's just a travesty that our youth, we can lose so many of our youth at a time in 2015. it is just a travesty. >> reporter: now, prosecutors say that the shootout at shaw was part of an ongoing beef between two crews. they say that king himself had been shot a few days earlier. prosecutors did acknowledge that king had no prior criminal record before this arrest. wendy, back to you. all right, mark segraves. sentencing today for two women who were linked to the death of a prominent d.c. lawyer. it is a story we first reported on our nbc washington app alert. the judge gave jamyra galman 24
6:32 pm
years in prison. she did plead guilty to the stabbing death of lawyer david messerschmitt in the donovan hotel. another woman, her accomplish, dominique johnson will be spending six months in jail for conspiracy. after the sentencing, johnson said he thought the sentence his daughter received was fair. >> i am truly, truly saddened by this whole entire incident and i think it was fair. you know, we got to be held accountable. we got to be held accountable. . investigators stay in february, gallmon posed as a man when she answered an online ad placed by messerschmitt who wanted to meet at the donovan hotel on dupont circle. she mapped to rob messerschmitt and ended up stabbing him seven times when he resisted. now for an update you will see only on news4. a school board member wants back on the prince george's county school board after being accused of trying get free school lunches for her kids. lynn monday works for the government accountability office and one of several employees
6:33 pm
charged with falsifying their income to get their kids free and reduced lunches at school. she resigned before the charges went public but then rescinded it the board chair has not accepted her request and, in fact is speeding up her resignation date. how many times have we seen it, rg3 on the ground, getting carried off again? it happened last night, knocking him out of the second preseason game, maybe more, a lot of you got a pit in your stomach. so, tonight, we have been getting gut reaction to the injury. the mood's mixed. prince george's county bureau chief, tracee wilkins, spoke to the fans feeling any were from faithful to fed up. >> you are a major fan. its nee your car. it's on your -- oh, it's on your phone. okay. and your shoes. how did i miss that? okay. so these are the people we wanted to talk to the die-hard washington football fans. >> i have been a redskin ever since office kid. >> reporter: we asked, what do they think of last night's game? >> run the ball, man. run the ball. >> if you can't get a man three
6:34 pm
seconds to set up and throw the ball -- >> to me, looked like offensive line wasn't up to snuff. >> reporter: so, is that the coach's fault? >> maybe. a little. a little. >> maybe they were trying to see what rg could do in the pocket. >> reporter: what about rg3? he was up. and then -- >> here we go again. as soon as that play happened. >> every year. >> oh, no, now the shoulder. >> he gets hurt. >> this gonna be it? >> reporter: jean was at last night's game. what was it like in the stadium when he went down? >> my god, it was terrible. everybody just went ahh. >> reporter: that's what fans are feeling as they figure out was this good or bad, what is next for rg3? >> playing against 13 players. >> i just have a feeling mccoy is going to get the starting job. i don't know why i just have this gut feeling. >> reporter: what do you do aft
6:35 pm
a win that doesn't feel that good? >> i'm getting ready to go in here now and buy redskins' stuff. >> i'm always gonna be a fan. redskin forever. >> reporter: while some fans out there may not believe him, the coach has made very clear that rg3 is his starting quarterback. in landover, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. if you see a lot of police and fire activity at the stadium armory metro station on sunday, don't be alarmed. it's a drill, held from 7:45 until ten in the morning. more than 100 first responders will be practicing responding to a smoke or a fire incident in the metro tunnel. this exercise will also test the remote control of the ventilation fans from metro's rail operations control center. a local vet with a disability faces charges tonight. his crime, painting a picnic bench. >> and we are not joking. >> and we are not joking. we are going to find out who is
6:36 pm
what's the most important thing your parents do for you? they buy me food. >> and we are not joking. we are going to find out who is they make sure i'm never lost.
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this doesn't begin to tell the story, one of the most grueling combat training courses in the world. >> the first women to ever complete it are celebrating their army ranger tabs. the two women graduated from ranger school today at fort benning, georgia, with 94 men, all completing the same two months of brutal mental and physical training. griest and i haver says the chance to make history were their motivation. >> we came to ranger school, sceptical with our guards up. >> i was thinking really of future generations of women that i would like them to have that opportunity so i had that pressure on myself. >> more than a third who start ranger school don't make it past day five. a final salute for veterans end of their lives. >> a program honoring our heroes in their last moments.
6:39 pm
>> i'm julie carey in woodbridge, where there is new help tonight for a marine vet charged with destruction of property. his alleged crime, painting a picnic table over at that apartment complex. and i'm storm team4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer at the montgomery county fair, a beautiful day here today, perfect for the fair. this bo bo guy bothering me all day long, i'm normally right-hand right-handed. see, i got do it left-handed. right-hand a little hurt. back to you guys.
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elderly veterans who deploy during the war are dealing with physical emotional wounds as well as old age. angie goff has more on a program that's bringing them pride and peace. >> reporter: tom came, of the within cats, saw all 50 states and mastered the russian language, which led to a good job at the nsa and eventually, meeting the love of his life. but before all this, he was a corporal in the army while the korean war raged on. >> taught discipline, doubt friendship, taught taught brotherhood. >> reporter: the picture, the medals, the family-filled room, all signs of a full life. the truth is, tom has cancer. and he is dying. >> there is still soldiers and
6:43 pm
we will take care of them until their final days with us. >> reporter: corporal vicki johnson just met tom. but what this fort meade soldier is about to do -- >> present arms. >> reporter: will connect them forever. >> order. arms. >> reporter: a simple gesture done in a matter of seconds. >> i'm overwhelmed. >> reporter: the honor salute, one of many being delivered by service members to dying veterans across the country, often at their bedside. with the help of more than half of the country's hospice community, the group, we honor veterans, organizes the salutes, honor flights and many other programs to thank america's bravest. for some, the experience brings closure. >> to have them be honored and welcomed home, many times, the first time they have ever been welcomed home, brings some peace and we hopefully help them to
6:44 pm
die whole. >> reporter: it's a story bill knows well. he served in vietnam and is one of many volunteers who pairs up with hospice patients. he says the presentations and pinnings destow a lot of pride, but it's that vet-to-vet bonding that allows many to open up, often sharing stories never told before. >> they feel that they are adding something to pro-long the experiences that they have had. >> leaving something behind? >> leaving something behind. exactly. >> this is an absolute honor. >> reporter: passing on history while knowing what this means now. >> it's a real tremendous gift for the people to be willing do that. >> reporter: a lasting memory for the family left behind. >> certainly a big honor. >> reporter: for him, the chance to see one final salute. >> once a military man, always.
6:45 pm
you know, we got some sad news this week when we learned tom died just a few days after that ceremony, that his family and friends tell us that final salute meant the world to him. wendy? huggies is under fire after several people say they found glass in their baby wipes a mother posted this video that allegedly show what is could be shimmering shards of glass. other angry parents took to social media today, posting their own videos, photos and stories of alleged tainted wipes. huggies issued a statement on its facebook page saying it takes concerns about its products seriously and working with this parent to figure out what happened. there is an outpouring of support for a disabled veteran in our area charged with a crime and that support could be paying off. the prince william county marine is due in court on monday, but northern virginia bureau chief julie carey learned the county's top prosecutor is stepping in. >> reporter: this picnic take the -- table the scene of a
6:46 pm
crime, this veteran, mickey triplet, charged with destruction of property for painting this table behind his apartment. wanted to spruce up the place last month before his daughter and granddaughter came to visit. >> i thought it would be a nation surprise. >> reporter: insecond triplet says the apartment maintenance man was outraged. >> next thing you know, the police is at my door. i said, yes, i help you i'm here to serve you a summon. >> why would you call the police for something like this theresa, when you could have talked to me kind have rectified it could i have done anything you asked me to do but to call the police? >> reporter: today, when we went to ask questions, the picnic table was on the way out. the man hired to remove it said because the treated wood wasn't primed before painting, the table was ruined. >> i believe he should have gotten permission to paint it. >> reporter: there has been an
6:47 pm
outpouring of support. triplet is grew dew in court monday but word of this controversy reached prince william county attorney paul ebert. he said he will ask the judge to drop the charge. we gave triplet the good news. he says there's no evidence of criminal intent here. what do you think of that? >> that's what i think of it. >> reporter: the other good news for trip, let the veterans help group, volunteers of america, found him a new apartment nearby. he is settling in, thankful. >> i break down and cry because they really helped me. >> reporter: in woodbridge, i'm julie carey, news4. turning to weather now, a beautiful day today a nice weekend in store, the weather having a low impact on your day tomorrow, plenty of sunshine, low humidity, temperatures across the area in the upper 70s and low 80s, 81 in annapolis, 83 in washington and 82 degrees right now in martinsburg. here's what you can expect as we head into the remainder of the
6:48 pm
evening and overnight hours, 9:00, temperature of 78 degrees. notice by midnight, temperatures dip into the mid-70s and low 70s overnight. in fact, tomorrow morning, it's going to be a comfortably cool start, suburbs start off around 60. washington starteds off around 67. this is how we will warm up. the high temperature in your neighborhood, 86 for a high temperature tomorrow in washington. and 82 degrees for those of you in gaithersburg. one thing you need to do this weekend, get the car washed. doesn't matter if it's saturday or sunday. we are looking at dry weather in the forecast for days. air quality for the most part also looking good this weekend. and tonight, a great night to head to the montgomery county fair. that's where chief meteorologist, doug kammerer, is. looks like it is a load of fun down there. >> yeah, just a little bit. i'm actually ready to get off work so i can go on some of these rides here. the ride all of these guys are waiting in line for right now. as a matter of fact, we are going to talk to some of the people that are waiting in line here. who should we talk to?
6:49 pm
hey, what's your name? >> kyra. >> where are you from? >> gaithersburg, maryland. uchb >> you guys all from bat gaithersburg? germantown. which slide best? >> fireball. >> fireball is the one that goes upside down about a million times. all right, i might have to ride that, too. so, i'm getting off work here in about 15, 20 minutes and go. i just went on the swing, i posted a video on facebook, kammerer, i think it is. check out what i did all the way up top. take a look at the seven-day forecast a beautiful couple days. if you have any plans this weekend, really looking quite nice. going to be around 86 tomorrow in the city. but most locations into the low 80s, around 90 in the city on sunday. monday, hot day, temperature 93 degrees, heat index, upwards around 95 on monday, but much
6:50 pm
cooler as we head toward the end of the week. we will come back to you, talk to you later. what? come on. come on. got the cowboys things on. how you guys doing? women send it back to you guys, montgomery county fair. i got to get me some more food, like that little guy. thanks, doug. doug and amelia just showed us why it is going to be great weekend to head down to the tidal basin, but here's a traffic alert if you're going to head anywhere near it the tidal reservoir inlet bridge is going to be closed to cars, pedestrians and cyclists. the bridge connects the west side of the jefferson memorial to the fdr memorial. crews block it had off around 6:30 tonight, 20 minutes ago. not going to reopen until monday morning at 5:30. we will keep you updated if anything changes on our app. >> what a beautiful night. coming up in sports, not so pretty. rg3 injured againsome the starting job even going to be his
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
boy oh, boy, one game, but about a million stories coming out of it and they all swirling around rg3. >> i feel like we have been working our whole season already, playing for a season. >> now panic and freakout. it was a game filled with
6:54 pm
moments to forget last night. might not impact the immediate future though. robert griffin is fine, concussion not receiver and speculation griffin is back on the field as early as the next preseason game against the ravens. but the controversy does not end there. quarterback abuse at its ugliest. that's what one "washington post" column called it. griffin getting pounded time after time. without pro-bowl left tackle trent williams and with several rookies assigned to protecting him, it was so difficult to watch. while it was surprising to see rg3 come out and play in the second quarter with the beating he was taking, jay ground defended that decision, but also left some gray area about griffin returning as the starter. take a listen. >> we felt confident in our, you know, our take and our offensive line to try to get something going there for fourth drive. unfortunately, it didn't happen. i would imagine, how long he is out, he is still going to be our starter, we have to wait and go through the whole process and
6:55 pm
see how he recovers, see how fast he recovers. >> take note, gruden said he would imagine he will still be the starter, right, didn't say definitely. >> imagine a lot of things. >> depending on griffin's health and progression, maybe watching a battle up fold for the stting quarterback job everyone is talking about two backups shining, colt mccoy came in after griffin went out, 5-6, 80 yards, a touchdown, cousins no slouch himself, 8-12, 19 yard, a td. the most important game of the preseason looming, cousins knows he has to be ready for anything. >> usually, i find out about the morning of what i'm going to play, so i don't really ask ahead too much. i don't expect to know too much ahead of time. you know, the nfl sometimes stands for the no feedback league, you never know what is going to happen. you learn to roll with it what as far going on. the job of backup quarterback is to stay ready and jump in and have the offense not miss a beat and what the's been now for three years and what it will
6:56 pm
continue to be. >> the backup quarterback, the most popular player in town always, but especially right now. one more skins note, adam schefter reporting this hour the team traded a fifth round pick to the 49ers for tight end derek carrier. he is a young guy, a couple years he has been in the league, making a name for himself still. the nats finally coming home, a long ten-game road trip which they went 8-7, hoping nats park was just what the doctor ordered, as they try to save their season. i want to check that and say 3-7 they went on this ten-game road trip. >> tough west coast swing over. in position to make a run at home. we got a lot of games at home. need to play well-to-do that. >> coming off a series win in colorado, a little bit of momentum going, some guys swinging the bats well, going to be exciting for our fans to watch us kind of go after it. nats calling up their
6:57 pm
top-rated position prospect, a guy named tray turner. guys, surprising move. he's 22-year-old shortstop currently hitting .322 in aa and aaa. he was sitting in a movie theater with friends when his phone kept ringing, picked it up and heard the news, not expected to take ian desmond's job, at least not right away. >> he has been tearing it up down there. >> doing whatever i can, pinch running, defense, doesn't matter me, i get to start here or there, it's all right, whatever they need me to, right now, i don't know too much. we are not expecting him to be the savior of the offense or the savior of the baum club, we just want him do what he does best and injecting players that we think have skillsets that will help us win. >> that can be kind of exciting. >> yeah. >> tearing it up in the minors. >> yeah. >> so young looking. september callups are a couple of weeks away, but hopefully, he can help them before then. >> yeah. >> catch the mets. >> a logjam in the middle infield. a lot of talent, middle infield. >> i was saying this the other day.
6:58 pm
thanks for joining us. nightly news is coming up next. >> jim handily is back at 11:00.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
breaking news tonight. breaking news tonight. a gunman armed with an assault rifle opens fire on passengers on a high-speed train to paris. a dramatic takedown by americans on board. a u.s. military service member among the wounded. also a major freefall on wall street. stocks plunge 500 points. over 1,00 in a week. fears of a global economic slowdown triggering the worst sell-off in years. state of emergency. a deadly fire disaster growing rapidly tonight as we learn about the young firefighters lost on the front line. and the crowd goes wild for donald trump. tens of thousands expected tonight. so many people they had to move the event to a football stadium. "nightly news" begins right now.


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