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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  August 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. now at 11 cloox, tonight, we're getting the full story behind this arrest after a wild car jacking and police chase. the suspect now charged in the second incident. just minutes after getting out of jail. i'm jackie bensen in northeast washington. 12 hours after a murder led to a
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police standoff, this neighborhood still on lockdown. >> donald trump trying to break a campaign record set by president obama eight years ago. did he come close? one of the coolest nights we've see so far this month, but the heat, well, it's right around the corner. i'll show you when. >> here at the live desk, we're keeping a close eye on charlotte where another police shooting has put pieeople on the streets facing off with officers. >> five minutes to leave the area or you'll be subject to arrest. >> a few protesters have scuffled with police here and there, but roefrb all, a relatively peaceful demonstration. the protesters poured out of the courtroom after the officer's criminal case ended in mistrial. he's accused of killing an unarmed man two years ago. they say the man crashed his car and banged on someone's door for help. they thought hao was trying to break in and called 911. the officer said he rushed him and tried to take his gun, but
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feral's family said he was murdered. they got a $2 million settlement from the city and prosecutors are trying to consider whether to retry the case. >> two carjackings in three days. the first just minutes after the suspect got out of jail. the second ended with a wild police chase. this tonight, the man you see in handcuffs is behind bars. the two victims are still traumatized. news4's shu maury stone is live in potomac with live reaction. >> well, the people who attend the islamic education center behind me, this mosque, tell me they're shocked by this. the last place they thought they would see a car jacking. out here, there's eely nothing out here except trees and a parking lot. that victim was sitting in her car when it happened. tonight, 24-year-old guy cabrera is behind bars charged with
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armed car jacking, armed robbery and first degree assault. >> we have to be more cautious. >> this man is stunned the suspect carjacked a woman at the education center on monday afternoon, just half an hour after being released from the nearby montgomery county detention center. this man worships at the mosque. the wum works here. how is she doing? >> better, a little traumatized. >> police say acabrera hernandez put a knife to the woman's throat and demanded he get out of the car. when she backed away, he threw a brick at her and drove off. on wednesday, he carjacked another woman, this time in a honda in northwest d.c. what's your reaction knowing that he allegedly carjacked someone here and then carjacked someone else? >> i don't know what's going through his mind, but i mean, it's plain crazy, especially when you come straight out of a detention center. >> he crashed in the woods in bethesda. police tell us he took off
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running. officers arrested him, on massachusetts avenue northwest. they say he admitted to the carjacking outside the mosque. this man said he robbed his sense of security. >> i probably have to leave sooner or something like that. a little less faith. >> now, i tried talking to both of the women who were warjacked. they didn't want to talk. one told me she's traumatized. live in potomac, maryland, news 4. >> thank you. we're still monitoring developments right now in a standoff in northeast washington. now in its 13th hour. the man barricaded in his home, suspected of killing a relative just a few blocks away. news 4's jackie bensen spoke to friends of the victim tonight. she's live on 18th street with the latest. jackie. >> well, jim, this is a very close knit neighborhood in northeast and what happened here today has people in shock. they just can't believe it.
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we're told by neighbors that the man who's believed to be armed and barricaded inside a house just down the street here is in his 70s. they say he's known to ride around the neighborhood on a bicycle and may have been riding one at the time of the shooting. now, police say that around 11:00 this morning, a woman in her 60s was shot and killed in front of a home in the 3700 block of 18th street northeast. it is believed that the man who shot her is a relative. now, we talked to a neighbor who says the man often talked about a relative with whom he had a deep grievance. >> it seemed like most of the conversations were surrounding about a family dispute. and it was about stolen jewelry, apparently, but more presently was the eviction. where one of his relatives was evicting him, and i don't know if he knew about his next move, but between the theft of the jewelry and between having to
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vacate, i guess that's what today came to. >> the house where the suspect is barricaded is about a block from the murder scene. we have heard police using bull horns to try and communicate with the suspect, try to get him to come out peacefully. live in northeast washington, jackie bensen. >> thank you. we have just gotten a picture of three men who stopped a gunman who opened fire on a train to paris. they were awarded medals tonight for their actions. the young man on the left is a college student from california, the one in the middle is an american soldier from oregon. and the other man is from great britain. a third american, a service member who helped stop the attack, is in the hospital tonight. he was seriously injured but is expected to be okay. a 26-year-old moroccan man started shooting on the train from amsterdam to paris earlier today. he was arrested. his motive still not known. exclusive video tonight of a former high ranking federal
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police officer leaving montgomery county court today. christopher bartley pleaded guilty to attempting to make methamphetamine while on the job at the national institute of standards and technology. there was an explosion. bartlett's arms were burned and the room was damaged. his attorney says bartley was trying an unauthorized training experiment for his fellow cops. bartley himself wouldn't say. >> thought this was a good place to manufacture methamphetamine? >> sorry to keep you waiting so long, but i'm not going to comment. >> prosecutors say it was not an experiment and they'll recommend five years in prison. bartley will be sentenced in november. if you invest in the stock market, they are numbers that are pretty scary. a 530-point plunge today for the dow. but experts say it's not a reason to panic. an abysmal week capped off by
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the plummet is largely over fears china's economy is slowing and because oil prices are slipping, but analysts say it's no reason to get out of the stock market. they point out at the slide comes despite the u.s. economy improving. a signal that better days on wall street are likely ahead. president obama declared a federal emergency in washington state today as those wildfires continue to grow tonight. whipping winds are fueling the fast moving blazes, burning over 100 square miles in a day to 252 miles. it's so chaotic authorities don't even know how many homes are destroyed. some evacuations are being scaled back, including the town of twisp. where three firefighters died on wednesday night. back here at the live desk, the parents of a newborn are behind bars tonight, charged in the disturbing death of their 10-week-old baby. robert davidson faced second degree murder, child abuse, and sex abuse charges in the death
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of his daughter. police say back in june, he called 911 because aaliyah stopped breathing. a medical examiner found multiple blunt force injuries. investigators now say davidson admitted to sexually abusing the little girl, dropping her, and letting her roll off the couch and shaking her. this is terrible. aaliyah's mother loraino thompson is also charged. she said she saw the evidence of abuse and did nothing to stop it or get medical help. the couple was arrested at their home today at the live desk, i'm chris lawrence. unbelievable. thank you. >> it wasn't a record, but it certainly was a show of force for the republican front-runner. take a look. roughly 20,000 people showed up tonight for a donald trump rally in mobile, alabama. alabama isn't typically an early stop for the candidates, but trump chose it for its tough stance on immigration. meanwhile, his fellow gop contenders are taking aim at
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their possible opponent in the general election, hillary clinton. it comes after reports that her private e-mail server was erased before being turned over to investigators. and that it may have contained dozens of classified e-mails. republicans were quick to take aim. >> she's either violated the law or she didn't know what that information was, which makes her incompetent either which disqualified her from being president of the united states. >> clinton's campaign tonight has denied that she had anything to do or held on to any classified information. we have new video tonight of someone robbing a man in a wheelchair. it happened at a convenience store on wheeler road here in southeast d.c. surveillance video appears to show the alleged robber helping the man in the wheelchair wednesday morning. then the cameras show a struggle outside. the suspect forcefully snatches something from the man and he walks off. cameras got a good look at him. if you know who he is, you can
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get $1 thoin reward for tipping off police. amtrak is adding trains now to help travelers get around during the pope's visit next month. there will be 34 extra trains to a stop up in philadelphia on september 26th and 27th. amtrak will also add extra cars while the pope is in new york and d.c. reservations are required september 25th through the 28th for all acela northeast regional and key stone trains. meanwhile, the altar pope francis will be using in his outdoor mass is at the basilica of the immaculate conception. workers carried it into the sanctuary this afternoon. catholic university students designed this altar. it took two weeks to build. the man calls it a labor of love. >> if i can do something to give
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back to him for the blessings he gives us as our shepherd, i'm honored. >> the altar will be painted to match the marble on the interior of the shrine. the pope arrives here in washington september 22nd. new numbers tonight from the faa detailing exactly how many close calls we have had with those drones and planes over the district. also coming up tonight, a local veteran responds after learning he won't face charges for, get this, painting a picnic table. and michael jordan just got about $9 million richer tonight. at least on paper. we'll tell you how. the temperature is going down in a hurry. going to be a cool morning.
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i'm chris lawrence back at the live desk where we have learned the number of near misses between planes can drones is escalating. the faa is releasing shocking new information about how many are flying right here in our area. look, we live in some of the most mevally guarded air space in the world, but we had 30 drone encounters in the past nine months alone. that includes four in maryland, eight in northern virginia, and 18 in the district. the recent came just a few days ago. some of the others are just coming to light now, including a drone that passes underneath a passenger jet in april as it was landing at dulles, and two months later when police arrested an operator for operating a drone. this is happening all over the country with about 700 incidents reported so far this year. jim. >> chris, thank you. new tonight, a virginia man is going to prison for a deadly hit and run in college park. a judge sentenced jackie to ten
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years today with all but five years suspended. he hit and killed janell only last summer at the intersection of baltimore avenue and heartwick road. he was found three miles from the scene with a broken window. he pleaded guilty to a manslaughter charge today. a jury has ordered a chicago grocery store chain to pay michael jordan nearly $9 million for using his name. the now defunct change called domin dominic's used his name in an ad without permission. he testified he doesn't accept offers for less than $10 million for his name to be used in any kind of ad. dominic's attorney said jordan shouldn't be paid more than $126,000 for the ad. the jury came up with that final dollar amount. >> we've learned that charges could be dropped against a disabled veteran who got into some trouble for painting a picnic table. mickey triplet painted the table that sits in a wooded area near his apartment to try to spruce
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it up. the apartment complex in woodbridge says he ruined the table. he was charged with destruction of property and ordered to move out. late today, the prosecutor told news 4 he plans to ask a judge to drop the charges on monday. >> what do you think of that? >> that's what i think of it. he's good all the time. that's what i think of it. >> a veterans group helped triplet find a new apartment nearby and he's already settling in. we'll keep you posted on that court case. >> right now four metro stations are closed as metro begins its weekend rebuilding work. potomac avenue, stadium armory, minnesota avenue, and deanwood will be closed through sunday night. free shuttle buses will take you around the stops. we should mention trains will run every 20 minutes on the red line, every 15 minutes on the green line this weekend. >> doug's back from the fair and joins us with the all-important
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weekend forecast. did you have fun out there? >> i had so much fun. i went on a ride i have never ridden before. called the chaos. it goes up and down. on my facebook page. >> holy moly. one heck of a ride. i had a great time. really a great time out there this afternoon. really, no matter what you did this afternoon or evening, maybe you had barbecue at the house with the kids or took a walk outdoors, it is spectacular. look at this shot. 74 degrees. clear skies. look at that dew point, down to 59 degrees. for many of you, going to get lower than that tonight. look at those numbers. 64 in manassas. 62, culpepper. storm team 4 radar, clear. nothing to worry about as far as the rain is concerned. i don't think we'll see much in the way of rain at all for the next seven days. satellite and radar showing a cold front, the one from yesterday, way off to the east, bringing boston some storms, but for us, there's nothing. look back to the west. chicago, minneapolis, almost nothing going on across the
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eastern two thirds of the nation. we do look like we're going to see nice conditions but it's going to be chilly tomorrow morning. 56 degrees in frederick. may be below that. 56 in martinsburg. 60 in manassas. many will be in the mid 50s early tomorrow morning. when you get up to walk the dog around 6:00, 7:00,a as is sun i coming up, you may need the jacket. a great day, sunny and warm. temperatures will warm quickly. high temperature 82 to 87. super saturday. wash the car. as i mentioned, dry for days. you can do that, get out and do that. get little timmy, the guy hanging around, 12-year-old boy of yours, get him out there. hurricane danny, it is definitely a hurricane. was a category-3 hurricane earlier. a very small storm. this is really quite amazing how tiny this storm is. it was a category-3, with 115-mile-per-hour winds. the latest advisory comes in with 110-mile-per-hour winds. so it's dropped itown to a
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category-2 storm. winds out of the west-northwest, moving to the west-northwest at 10. the late ast computer models ke it stronger as it approaches puerto rico. hitting the virgin islands first with winds close to 65 miles per hour. that's the forecast, and then hitting puerto rico, possibly over hispaniola. if it does this, it should weaken quickly. that's why it's a depression by wednesday. now, over the next couple days, how about our weather? 86 on your saturday. plenty of sunshine. yeah, we get to 90 on sunday, but that's a 90 with low humidity. so sunday is still pretty nice to get outside, do a little yard work if you want to. monday, 93 degrees. that's the one day with heat and humidity. then watch this. 87 on tuesday. going down to 86 on wednesday. many of you will stay down around 80, 81 on thursday,ads nice cooler air moves in. we'll call it mild. right around 86.
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abundant sunshine, not much in the way of rain. the only chance is late monday. >> thank you. >> hey, it's friday n
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they're back home, didn't help. seemed to hurt them. >> we have a theme for all sports, good, bad, and ugly. change of scenery didn't help the nationals tonight. back at home opening a three-game set verses the brewers.
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w one of the worst teams in the national league. first, 22-year-old trey turner. that's him. he was called up today. a top prospect at short stop making his major league debut. went 0 for 2. here comes the bat. first, pops up. it's fouled. you know escobar is trying to make the play. he runs. trips up over the wall, head first into a fan. his head smashes into the guy's chest. he would leave the game, hyperextended neck. bottom six, good for the nats. down 5-1, bryce harper just teeing off on this one. solo shot toright center. harp's 31st home run of the season. gets the crowd into it. and the nats are down 5-2. but back to the bad, bases loaded, jam in the seventh. slices this one into right. harper is there to make the catch. he's coming up throwing. bryce's rocket arm off the mark, through the legs of lubutone. one run scores and another run
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coming in, and the throw not in time. that was the kind of night it was, and the ugly, final score, they lost 10-3. orioles hosting the twins. hoping to get those smiles back. home runs, they make everyone smile. bottom six, men on. for parra, and he wants to see some teeth. crushing this one to right. three-run shot. fans going wild. orioles take a 3-1 lead. top eight, now twins down a run. former national suzuki, he's up 2-1. pops it upshall shal shallow ce. two runs come in to score. a rare mistake for the four-time gold glove winner. twins take the lead. orioles have walked off three times in seven days. matt weeder is hoping to give them a chance to do it again. strikes out to lose the game. >> we're keeping up with the theme of the night. we're going to move to the redskins. we have confirmation that robert griffin not severely concussed.
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he could return soon. the bad and ugly we're going to put together as drama continues. griffin and the first team offense took a step back. now what is the question today. griffin, drop back eight times was hit six, drilled more like it. some of the blame on griffin's pocket presence, of course. some on the o-line. if he can play next saturday in the team's most important preseason game, should he, he obviously has a lot to work on. and not much job security if you listen closely to jay gruden's comments. >> i would imagine depending on how long he's out, he's still going to be our starter. we have to wait and go through the whole process. see how he recovers. see how fast he recovers. >> crazy things happen in sports every day. that's why we do it. leads us to the wyndham championship. tiger woods looking like the tiger of old. follow up an opening round 64 with a 65 today. 11 under, and woods has a share
11:28 pm
of the lead after 36 holes. >> wow. >> no, really. >> that tiger. >> the last tour w for him, the bridgestone invitational in 2013. he's tied with one of the rookie pros, which tiger said he had never heard of him. >> all right.
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for one incoming freshman to ball state this semester is kicking off with a swish. at the animal pep rally, he won a game of musical chairs.
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free tuition for a semester. he buried the
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jason schwartzman, tatiana maslany, magician dan white,


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