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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  August 27, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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developing story in northern virginia where the search is for a missing teenage swimmer. and the morning team at wdbj goes back on air, what we're learning about the victims and the man who killed them. and cracking down on crime. we're standing by to learn how d.c. mayor muriel bowser plans to put an end to violence in the district. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" for this thursday. it is august 27, 2015. >> your headlines in a minute. but first a check on things on with chuck bell in your hour by hour forecast. >> good morning, aaron and eun and welcome to your thursday, everybody. off to a delightly cool start this morning. 65 downtown, but 59 in college park. silver spring, 61 reston town center and bristow and bull run. 60 degrees on the nose at dulles international airport. here's what the sky will look like for the day. mostly sunny today.
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looks like a very nice blue sky kind of an afternoon. temperatures in the 50s and 60s this morning. 79 at lunch time. 82 by the time you're coming home from work and school. and 77 by 8:00 tonight. a perfect day to be outside today. a perfect day to do anything except sit in traffic. melissa mollet with more on that. >> it's never a perfect day to sit in traffic. no good time for that at all. branch avenue at auth road, a bit of a slowdown there near the beltway. top of the beltway, no problems. b.w. parkway, 95 and 29 flowing just fine. 270 looking quite good. sometimes we see a slowdown at the top part of 270. we're okay, 66 west of ox road, inbound, out bound, just fine. remember, the ramp to the key bridge is closed through friday. take roosevelt bridge instead. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. coming up on 5:02 now. a developing story this morning. police are searching for a missing teenager in fairfax
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county. the 16-year-old boy was fishing with friends in the little hunting creek area in the alexandria section of fairfax when he went missing. they were fishing near the potomac river. this is chopper video from near the scene. he was last seen near a buoy near george washington memorial parkway and stratford lane. megan mcgrath will have the latest on the search in 15 minutes. right now, firefighters are trying to figure out what sparked a flame at this apartment building. this is along 68th place in landover hills. news4's derrick ward joins us live. good morning. things could have been much worse here? what's going on? >> reporter: well, indeed, they could have. look at the scene here. some families are trying to gather what they can. we understand as many as 20 people may have been displaced by this fire. but look at the video from earlier. this started some time around 1:00 in this three story garden style apartment complex. fire was concentrated in the stairwell.
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that could have caused some serious problems, but firefighters were able to rescue three people using ladders from the fire. no one was injured or transported, but again, it could have been a lot worse. i guess one of the good things to come out of this, there is a firehouse up the road, maybe a quarter of a mile. and that of course allowed firefighters to get here relatively quickly. but as you can see, a devastating fire here. the cause is still under investigation. but at least three people rescued. no firefighters injured. so the people are very fortunate this morning. as you said, this situation could have been much, much worse. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. we're live in landover hills, derrick ward, back to you. >> thank you. 5:03. we would imagine the beginning of a difficult newscast for people at the wdbj studios in roanoke, virginia, after the attack that killed alison parker and photographer adam ward. they were shot and killedal while on -- killed while on air
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yesterday. they worked on the morning newscast which started just about five minutes ago. you're looking at the broadcast here. now this morning, the man accused of the shooting is dead. flanagan worked with the victims but he was fired two years ago. he went by the name price williams on the air. the day he was fired police had to escort him from the building. >> he didn't fit in because people found it difficult to work with him. and so after a while, a number of instances we thought it was best that he left the company and he did, but not happily. >> not long after yesterday's shooting, flanagan started posting angry comments online. seemingly justifying the shooting over facebook and twitter. he faxed a manifesto to abc
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news. 5:04 now. our thoughts are with our colleagues in roanoke this morning. alison parker was a reporter, she was 24 years old. wdbj said she had a passion for hard news. the photographer adam ward was engaged to the station's morning show producer. he graduated from virginia tech. he was 27 years old. the third victim of the shooting survived. ward and parker were interviewing vicki gardner. she was hit in the chest and rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. she is in stable condition. as we think about this awful news, a lot of people are remembering ward and parker today. our news4 crews were at a vigil for them in roanoke last night. we have more on how the community is recovering on the nbc washington app. new this morning, in the oscar pistorius prison saga, pistorius will stay locked up for at least the next three weeks. word coming out of south africa is that he'll have a parole review in three weeks.
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pistorius was supposed to be moved to house arrest after serving only ten months of a five year sentence, but the transfer was stopped. justice officials said the whole thing needed to be reviewed again. pistorius is serving time for killing his girlfriend in 2013. back to you. 5:06 your time right now. d.c.'s mayor is expected to ask for more power to fight crime. muriel bowser will make it public at 10:30 this morning. part of the plan is to allow police to search and detain people who are on probation for violent and gun related crimes. 45% of suspects arrested for murder this year had a prior gun charge. 103 people had been killed on the streets of d.c. this year. here's a live look at the national mall and the washington monument there in the middle of your screen. we are waiting to hear whether the monument will be open today. it closed yesterday after another elevator problem.
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no one was in it, but 23 people were at the top of the monument and had to walk all the way down. there were similar problems tuesday night. we'll keep you up to date on the monument's opening on the nbc washington app. developing news in china this morning. overnight we learned of several arrests in the deadly warehouse blast. why a dozen people are now behind bars. just into the newsdesk, the information about the deaths of three firefighters in washington state. what we're just learning about the moments leading up to their death. and we are inching closer to the weekend, but will your plans
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developing story now in china. 12 government officials and company executives have been arrested in connection with the massive warehouse explosions earlier this month. 139 people died there. the investigation focused now on how the warehouse got permission to handle dangerous chemicals despite being so close to homes and roads.
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here in the newsroom, we are going over some new information in the deaths of three firefighters killed battling that huge wildfire out in washington state. the associated press obtained dispatch records. the three firefighters turned out rushed up a steep gravel road in their engine, crashed down a 40 foot embankment. and before they could escape they were overcome by flames. we learned it happened fast, in 12 minutes. here's that breakdown. a deputy radioed in that the winds had shifted. seven minutes later, they got a call there was a burn victim. five minutes after that, the call that firefighters were indeed trapped. the records do not say what caused that initial crash of the engine but they do highlight a common problem with battling wildfires and that's the unpredictable and shifting winds. >> thank you, kristin. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. let's get to chuck bell for a
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beautiful start to the day. good morning to you. >> good morning. it's a great way to get your thursday started. a nice cool way to go out the door this morning. temperatures in the 50s in most of the suburbs. 59 in manassas. 62 now in fredericksburg. 65 in arlington. so a nice looking day coming up hour by hour. 50s and 60s through 8:00 in the morning. low 80s by later on today. all eyes on the weekend, both saturday and sunday will be warmer and more humid. for now, we're keeping the rain chances out of your weekend. >> sounds good to me. i want a nice, dry weekend, chuck. right now i have a brand-new problem in prince george's county. this is kenilworth avenue at the beltway. i don't have a direction on kenilworth, but the right lane is blocked because of a disabled vehicle. it sounds like it's headed to the beltway not away from the beltway. 95 here, northbound and southbound looking better than it did. now going 59 near 123. we had slowdowns earlier. wide look at things, inner and
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outer loop just fine. 95 at 198 is rolling along well. back in ten minutes. >> thank you. developing on the potomac river right now, the race is on to find a missing teenage swimmer. this was megan mcgrath on the scene and will bring us the latest in the search efforts. it is the trial captivating the nation's attention. what is expected to happen in the so-called prep school rape trial today.
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5:16 now. a developing story this morning. a 16-year-old boy is missing this morning after fishing in the little hunting creek area of alexandria. news4's megan mcgrath joins us live with the latest on that search. megan? >> reporter: well, good morning. there are several boats, three boats out on the water. they have been out there all night long. fairfax county fire, the police department and the coast guard. look behind me here, you can see
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off in the distance one of those boats. they have been here all night long searching. however, a commander on the scene told me just a short time ago that this is now considered a recovery mission. it was 8:00 last night when three friends went fishing on little huntington creek here in alexandria. this is where it meets the potomac river. the 16-year-old we're told went into the creek and appeared -- it appeared that he was trying to swim across the creek at the narrow spot where it's about 40 feet wide. when he got halfway across, we're told he began to struggle and he went under. a couple in the area were also apparently fishing, they heard the teen call for help and they called 911. it appeared that the tide was going out at the time that this was happening that the teen was being pulled by the current. the 16-year-old was last seen near the channel marker. when the sun comes up we expect
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a much larger effort. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. 5:18. developing this morning, police say a man in louisiana shot and killed a police officer with the officer's own gun. they say those men were cousins. according to police in sunset, louisiana, the shooter stabbed three people before that ever happened. now, as we understand it, one of those victims died as well. the others are in serious and critical condition right now. police say the attacker drove away, crashed into a convenience store after that shooting. he was arrested and charged with first degree murder. today, prince william county will remember a fallen hero. the chris young elementary school in bristow opens on monday. officer young was killed in a motorcycle crash in 2012 while on duty. the school board earlier this year voted to name the new school in his honor. the man who flew a gyrocopter through washington's restricted air space is back in court today. doug hughes' case is headed to trial and he's asking a judge if
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he can hire a special first amendment lawyer today. hughes said he flew the gyrocopter to the capitol as an act of civil disobedience back in april. he was protesting special interest money in politics. today marks exactly ten years since hurricane katrina slammed into the gulf coast. it landed in florida on august 27, 2005. today, president obama visits new orleans where more than a thousand people died. he'll meet with people who live there and the city's mayor and then will speak about how the region continues to rebuild. news4's chris lawrence is in new orleans right now. he reported on the storm ten years ago and is taking a close look at the recovery a decade later. join us for a special live coverage starting at 4:00 this afternoon. today indycar drivers will cross san francisco's golden gate bridge to remember one offer that own. justin wilson died on monday after flying debris hit him in the head in pocono raceway. mar marco andretti will drive the
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number 25 car across the bridge. we have a traffic alert you need to know about. crews will haul in equipment to fix crumbling concrete on the memorial bridge. so this shouldn't cause so many delays yet. the actual construction will begin after labor day. but you might be aware of that. >> yes. i have driven across the bridge quite a bit. people get confused, slow down. >> isn't it beautiful? >> the view, absolutely. speaking of beautiful -- not so much this one. but we can assure you it feels beautiful outside. can you feel beautiful? >> yes, you certainly can. we feel beautiful every day. especially with chuck bell with our forecast. >> yes. absolutely right. you had so many opportunities. let's go to chuck, but keep stirring it away. outside we have a nice day in place around here. all eyes on the weather, because we're under a quiet weather pattern. all eyes are focused on tropical
5:21 am
storm erika. still just a tropical storm, expected to gradually increase in intensity up to about a category 1 hurricane. but it might take the better part of the next four or five days for it to do that. this is the official forecast track. even though the computer draws a center line through that cone, the forecast cone there, literally the storm could be anywhere inside of this area as we get toward early tuesday morning. midnight into early tuesday. so all interests along the southeast coast from the outer banks to charleston, to savannah, they have to watch it extremely carefully. as of now, the forecast track shifts a little bit farther and farther off the coast. let's hope that trend continues. most of the models have this storm rec-curving back out to sa and not touching the u.s. main land. that's a hope. lots of rain off the carriage and florida coastline -- off the
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carolina and florida coastline. for now they're being suppressed by the big ridge of high pressure over us. as a result of high pressure, a cool start this morning and a beautiful sunshine filled afternoon coming our way today. current temperatures are in the mid and upper 50s to mid 60s to around 70 metro eastbound to the bay. 83 today. 86 tomorrow. low humidity levels here for today and tomorrow. as we get into the weekend it will be warmer and a bit more humid and notice back into the 90s we go. probably starting as early as on saturday. and maybe 90 or better for four or five or six days in a row. the only real chance for rain is on monday. we have to decide what erika decides to do. more problems on the roads. >> we have this disabled vehicle, it's southbound kenilworth avenue at the beltway. not seeing any slowdowns right now. might see a tow out there if you're headed out some time soon. but the right lane is blocked.
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branch avenue southbound at auth road, looking better than it did. 95, northbound and southbound at speed once again. 66 here at nutley street, inbound and outbound looking good. 270 no problems. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car this morning. see you back here at 5:31. weather and traffic on the 1s. >> see you then. thanks. today a jury in the trial of a new england prep school graduate accused of rape could start deliberating. owen labrie is charged with raping a girl and he testified that he lied about having sex with the girl to impress his friends. he said he and the girl had consensual sex -- sexual contact, but no intercourse. >> after all that time spent thinking about her and having foreplay, you just stopped? >> didn't just stopped. we kissed more afterwards but i didn't have sex with her. >> labrie admitted to deleting
5:24 am
facebook messages including one that said i pulled every trick in the book to have sex with her. the two sides will give closing arguments before the jury gets the case. today the attorney general in texas is expected to plead not guilty to fraud charges. ken paxton is accused of deceiving investors who put money in a tech start-up. he took office back in january after he was elected last year. prosecutors in the congressman's racketeering case said he's trying to influence the jury. government lawyers say representative fatah should not have posted a video about his accomplishments. fatah represents the philadelphia and the house of representatives. he is accused of using federal grants and donations to pay back an illegal campaign loan of $1 million. well, thousands of children could be at risk for infection after seattle's children's hospital says it failed to properly clean surgical equipment. more than 10,000 children who underwent procedures may be at risk for hepatitis "b" and "c"
5:25 am
and hiv. the hospital said it's clean -- its cleaning procedures were not being followed consistently. the infection risk the doctors believe is extremely low. in "news4 your health," a school in texas is using this protective transfer to stop the spread of germs. teachers hope this strip will help to reduce the amount of days that kids miss school. the strip contains silver so it doesn't allow microorganisms to multiply. dirty hands are still the biggest germ spreader. simple peel and stick design protects the surfaces for up to a year. but wash your hands. if you shop in west virginia or virginia, a bread recall. 48,000 packages of bread may contain fragments of glass. the recall covers seven different sara lee products. the names to look for, nature's
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harvest, great value, lovin' fresh and bimbo. also look for the bakery code 1658. new this morning we're learning about a gun show scheduled on the heels of the deadly ambush on air. first school week of some students almost over. what can they expect at the b
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right now at 6:30, bad timing or bad taste? the gun show expected to take place in roanoke this weekend and the online effort to put a stop to it. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. it is coming up on 5:30 now on this thursday morning. we want to kick it off with your forecast. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell to find out what kind of day we'll have today. so far, so good. >> a-plus weather coming from the weather department today. overall weather impact on your thursday will be nice and low. sunshine and mild temperatures this afternoon. we're in the 50s and 60s morning 62 now at joint base andrews. hourly temperatures for the next little bit, climbing out of the 50s up to mid 70s. a-plus outdoor recess weather. temperatures in the mid to upper
5:30 am
70s. dismissal part, the final bell of course, the temperatures in the low 80s. good stuff indeed. >> good stuff for after school. go to the park or something. this not so hot here. take a look, a brand-new crash at 15 at lub bottsville road. 270 it got slow here in the past couple of minutes in hyattsville. inner and outer loop, actually looking quite good right now. we do have this issue in prince george's, branch avenue with two left lanes blocked. see you back here in ten minutes with travel times. right now the community in roanoke, virginia, is reeling from a tragic shooter. alison parker and adam ward were killed while reporting live on air yesterday. our news crews were in roanoke last night. they played music and lit candles for the victims. one woman was watching the morning show when this happened.
5:31 am
>> the look on the anchor ladies -- the one doing her story, the look of dismay. >> ward and parker worked for wdbj. the first show without the journalists is happening right now. there's a gun show scheduled in roanoke this weekend and petition is trying to cancel it for now. this is a look at the page on we just checked, it has 238 signatures right now. organizers of the petition are asking the civic center to cancel the show out of respect for parker and ward. 5:31 our time right now. presidential candidates making a push in several states today. donald trump has an event in new hampshire. a day after marco rubio spoke there, and hillary clinton interrupted her vacation for a stop in iowa. edward lawrence has more from
5:32 am
capitol hill. >> reporter: hi, aaron, it is getting interesting for the very first time hillary clinton is starting to talk about the possibility of competition. she talked about a challenge from the vice president. she said that she always knew getting the democratic nomination would be a challenge in this. she said that she campaigned in iowa and for the first time she's talking about the vice president entering the race saying that he needs to -- he needs space to decide if this is really what he wants to do, because of what his family went through this year. she picked up big endorsements from the former governor of iowa and the current secretary of agriculture. the candidates from both parties flooded the iowa and new hampshire with events. senator marco rubio told workers in new hampshire that he will not use the term anchor babies. he added that donald trump will not be the nominee. and also looking for common ground with the pro choice voters they tried to go back to the issues in order to grab the
5:33 am
spotlight for themselves. edward lawrence. back to you, aaron. >> thank you. the 2016 presidential race stopping in our area today. larry hogan is holding a fund-raiser for new jersey governor chris christie in annapolis this afternoon. christie is running for president, and he was a big supporter of hogan last year. questioning the request by former virginia governor bob mcdonnell to appeal to the supreme court. yesterday, solicitor general don ve rilly, said that the request to remain free doesn't have any legal basis. he also said that the court probably won't take the case and if it does, mcdonnell would likely lose. mcdonnell said staying in prison during his appeal would cause him irreparable harm. no word on whether the supreme court will hear the appeal. the oklahoma man who threatened to assassinate the president is no longer in d.c. u.s. marshals taking archie glass, jr., back to oklahoma city. he has been in prison four times for his threats. news4 broke the story last week
5:34 am
when the secret service stopped glass near the white house. he was on probation for writing threatening letters. in the letters he allegedly said that he would shoot george w. bush and president obama. prosecutors said glass violated his parole by traveling outside oklahoma. 5:34 now. the national zoo's surviving panda cub is in good health, just hours after the smaller cub died. they were born hours apart on saturday. both seemed in good health at first, but for 24 hours mei xiang refused to let keepers swap out the cub, leaving them to care for the smaller cub. she started to care for the smaller cub again, but then yesterday zookeepers knew something wasn't right. >> we immediately noticed that the little cub had not increased in weight. appeared weaker and was exhibiting possible respiratory issues. things turned and the cub's condition declined into the early afternoon. and despite extreme efforts on the part of our dedicated staff, we weren't able to change things.
5:35 am
>> the zoo says the larger cub appears to be strong and they aren't omystic about its -- optimistic about the future. we're keeping a close eye on stocks futures. a look at the numbers straight ahead. one small step for nasa, a big leap for wallop's island. the new project. chuck is putting together the beach forecast for the next weathe
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welcome back at 5:38. stock markets across asia advanced in the wake of wall street's rebound. european markets are up in early trading. the gains came after the dow rocketed up more than 600 points. look for a live report on what we can expect today coming up in a few minutes. nasa is making the facility on virginia's eastern shores safer. tomorrow they'll break ground on the fire station on wallops island. there's a station on the north end of the island and nasa says building one on the south will reduce response times. it should open next summer. it's time to look at our beautiful forecast with our beautiful meteorologist, how about that, chuck bell? >> i thought amelia segal was in
5:39 am
there for a second. >> oh, you're wrong, aaron gilchrist. >> amelia is don't. she's working on wtop right now to keep everybody up to date on the radio. you will see her live in our 6:00 hour. into our weather slowdowns nothing to worry about. all green lights, melissa has your update on traffic. i guarantee there's at least one red light in your future if you're commuting from parts of northern virginia. 50s and low 60s this morning. a cool, dry start to the day. just going to be perfect. outside temperatures up into the low 70s by 8:00 or 9:00. highs today 81 in frederick. 83 our high in washington. perfect weather to get outside and enjoy it. if you're planning the weekend trip to the beaches, great weather, friday, saturday and sunday. water temperature at 79 degrees.
5:40 am
i mentioned red lights on the road somewhere. let's go to melissa. >> this one, lovettsville, right now, shut down in both directions because of the accident that happened a short time ago. so again, 15 there at lovettsville road is shut down. we'll keep you updated on that. inner and outer loop of the beltway, everything is rolling just fine. so you don't have to worry about the big picture this morning as far as the beltway goes. top of the beltway, 95 to 270 on time. it will take you ten minutes. 270 south from germantown to the beltway, 16 minutes. on time this morning. 66 inbound from fairfax county beltway, to the beltway, on time. quantico to the beltway, on time. remember to listen to our friends from wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. 15 in lovettsville, shut down at lovettsville road because of a nasty crash. we continue to follow the latest details of the murders of the virginia reporter and
5:41 am
photographer. and a shocking study about college students and substance abuse. the det
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
16 before the 6:00 on this thursday morning. we are continuing our coverage of the on-air ambush. you're look agent the image from the wdbj website, thetation in roanoke, virginia. the morning team right now in thr broadcast and in mourning. >> the station went back on the air after the deaths of two journalists from that station in an on-air attack. we'll have the very latest on the story on "news4 today." and i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell here with my partner in crime in the mornings. weather and traffic go together like peas and carrots so to speak. already some trouble on the early morning roads. >> we have some problems right
5:45 am
now. the biggest problem is in lovettsville. this is 15 at lovettsville road. right now, the road is shut down because of an overturned semi is the report we're getting. i'll keep you updated on this and on first 4 twitter if you're headed out the door. wdbj starting a new day without two of the journalists after they were killed while reporting live on the air. this is the live truck that alison parker and adam ward were using when they were shot and killed yesterday. the suspected shooter died yesterday as well. nbc's sarah dallas is joining us live from roanoke with the latest on this. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, aaron. you know, they should be in the middle of their shift, but instead the community is trying to come to grips with their murders that was broadcast live as many watched in horror.
5:46 am
both of the victims are described as special people who were beginning exciting new chapters in their lives, both professionally and personally. adam ward was engaged to be married. his fiancee's wedding dress just arrived. alison parker had recently moved in with her boyfriend who was an anchor at the station. troubling new details about vester flanagan are emerging. he was fired two years ago and he was described as an angry man. he reportedly faxed a 23-page document to abc news shortly after the shooting in which he described himself as a human powder keg ready to go boom. his family has released a statement expressing condolences to the families of the two victims. they have expressed prayers for the recovery of the third victim, the woman who was being interviewed live when the shooting started. she was also hit and is in stable condition. meanwhile, scholarships are being established in the names
5:47 am
of parker and ward. a way to keep their legacies alive in the community. >> thank you. we ask that you please join us in observing a moment of silence as we remember wdbj roanoke journalists alison parker and adam ward. with -- >> a touching tribute last night at the nationals game as the team marked the terrible deaths. players and fans honored the victims of the shooting during a moment of silence at the game. if you want to remember the victims as well, wear a ribbon like this one today. another reporter at wdbj in roanoke made these ribbons. they have turquoise because that was parker's favorite color and maroon is for adam's favorite color. he was already serving a life sentence and now a minister has confessed to the murder of his wife. during a hearing in prince george's county, spencer chase confessed. chase was convicted of
5:48 am
strangling his wife antoinette in 2010. he said he was innocent but was sentenced to life in prison. yesterday, during a hearing, chase shocked the courtroom with a confession. his stepdaughter who testified against him said he was the only father she ever knew and he killed her mother. >> i'm doing a life sentence too because i have to live without her. >> the judge ultimately denied chase's request for a reduced sentence. he will serve that life sentence. it's 5:48. we are hearing from residents who narrowly escaped an overnight apartment fire in landover hills. derrick ward has more on what happened. derrick? >> reporter: good morning. a little correction for you. this fire actually started earlier than we first reported. it actually started around 11:00. now, it was around 11:00 when the fire broke out. we believe it was started or at least concentrated in a stairwell which made it difficult for some folks to get out. but we did talk to a woman who did manage to get out. >> someone had knocked on the
5:49 am
door and i looked through the peep hole. i saw the smoke and stuff. >> how did you get out? >> i came out through my window. right there. >> reporter: now three people had to be rescued with ladders by firefighters here in prince george's county. and there's a firehouse right -- maybe a quarter of a mile from here, just across 450 which managed to get them here soon enough that it wasn't a lot worse. now, we don't know the extent of the damage, but you can look here and see from the outside that most of the damage seems to be concentrated in the stairwell area. the awning is gone, the stairwell is black and several apartments are vacate. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. we are live in landover hills, derrick ward. we have a traffic alert you need to know about. the eastbound lanes of route 7 have been shifted between rolling holly drive and reston avenue. this is going to let crews widen route 7 from four to six lanes. sugarland road is closed until september or early october.
5:50 am
so crews can improve that intersection. you can get around the mess on the fairfax county parkway. the $34 million project is to widen the road and should be done by december. our meteorologists often have to field complains about the weather. how bad things are. but not today. it is just lovely. >> sometimes people complain that it's too cold in the studio to us. i said that's not a weather problem. but it's no complaints have been filed with the weather department this entire week. it has been so nice outside and our little early september preview is going to continue for another couple of days. unfortunately, august and the typical weather of august is coming back and soon. it will be here just in time for your weekend on into next week. a whole lot more 90s in our future. for now, skies are clear over downtown washington. reagan national airport is the warm spot at 65 degrees. summer has been drying up quite a bit.
5:51 am
the month of june we had short of 12 inches of rain and 18 rainy days. get into the month of july, we have the rainfall total. only five inches of rain in july on 13 rainy days. here in the month of august it has been dry dry dry. barely more than an inch of rain on six rainy days. summer has been getting drier as we go through the months. for today, off to a cool, dry start. plenty of sunshine and low humidity coming our way for the remainder of the day. 55 martinsburg. and hourly temperature, 50s and 60s this morning will turn into low 70s and lunch time temperature by upper 70's. really not much to complain about. going out the the baseball game tonight, another great night for baseball. let's hope it's another night for nats win. we split the game so far with the padres. tonight, we're hoping to go -- the best two out of three as they say in baseball. for today, plenty of sunshine.
5:52 am
maybe extra cloud cover out to the shenandoah valley and parts of northern maryland. mainly clear and cool and a mostly sunny day for tomorrow. keeping a very close eye on tropical storm erika. the official track is keeping it off the east coast of florida, but if you have interests from the outer banks to the florida keys in the sunday through mid next week time frame, keep a close track on erika. we'll post the latest online and on nbc washington app. here's your seven day forecast. 80s today and tomorrow. then back into the 90s. the only real chance for rain in the seven day as of now is monday. we'll have to see if we get moisture from erika next week. that's the forecast. now time for a check on traffic with melissa mollet. good morning. we are talking about the center lanes as you pass franconia springfield parkway, some volume. that's where we have the crash at this point this morning so it's going to be an issue for you if you're headed northbound until they get that out of the way. also this problem in lovettsville.
5:53 am
route 15, we have the road closed in both directions. that could be some time. it is a semi that's on its side, so it will time some time to get that righted and out of the way. no problems on the beltway, looking quite good this morning. 66, as you're headed into town, then into centreville, slow and it opens up after that. as you head outbound here, nice and green. no big problems here. southbound parkway to key bridge it's closed through friday. you have to go further south and take the roosevelt bridge instead. see you in a few minutes. a new report says college students are most likely to abuse alcohol during the summer months, not at other points during the year. this is according to the substance abuse and mental health. most try their first alcoholic
5:54 am
drink in june, november and april are the most common months to use stimulants. the students will use adderall or ritalin to study. we are learning about the effects of marijuana. two new studies show the drug isn't shrink the brain as briefly thought, but it does change it. marijuana does show that people who use the drug often have smaller brains to begin with. in the second study a serious mental health concern. marijuana appears to change the brain structure of young men with a high risk of schizophrenia. look at the big board of the new york stock exchange. the dow rebounded in a big way yesterday, surging more than 600 points. asian stocks rose today. the big gains here after the big gains here in the u.s. with a look at what we can expect later this morning on wall street, let's check in with cnbc's landon dowdy. good morning. >> well, wall street looks to build on the monster rally
5:55 am
today. the stocks surging with the dow rising more than 600 points. the third best point gain ever and the best since 2008. the s&p 500 the broadest measure, closing out of correction territory. the index has dropped from recent highs. and asian and european markets are higher on the back of the u.s. rally. and taking heart from the positive economic data and comments from a top fed official who said the interest rate hike in september now looks less likely. and walmart is rolling out the holiday lay away program on friday, two weeks earlier than last year. they'll have 40,000 items available for the plan, including 500 "star wars" related products. and trying to get a jump start on the holidays which are expected to be ultra competitive. hard to believe we're talking about the holidays already. >> i know. landon dowdy at cnbc, thank you. >> stop it, i'm not ready. some of d.c.'s homeless are now filmmakers.
5:56 am
they have expanded into the film with cinema from the streets. street sense is written and is for the homeless. one of the filmmakers there was sasha williams who was born in d.c. general when it was a hospital. >> i have the director title now. this is not the end for me. this is the beginning. >> williams has a 2-year-old daughter. they were living in the d.c. general shelter as recently as last year. now they have their own home. an airline now offering to help ashley madison customers exposed in the massive attack with a chance to repair their damaged relationships with their spouses. you take a look here, cheap offering a $50 companion discount. e-mail escape at cheap and you will get that discount certificate. there's a catch though. you have to take your trip with your spouse before new year's
5:57 am
eve. >> that's what they should call it, a spousal discount, not a companion discount. just saying. 5:57 is your time right now. the search for a teenager who slipped under the water while fishing on little huntington creek is now being called a recovery effort.
5:58 am
"news4 today" starts now.
5:59 am
>> a developing story right now on "news4 today." you're looking live at the search for signs of a missing teen. while you were sleeping, crews were out on the potomac searching for any sign of a missing swimmer. what they're telling us about their efforts this morning. we are also watching developments out of roanoke right now as the community there and the nation mourn the murders of two journalists. how friends of those two young victims say you can honor their memories this morning. we have breaking traffic news right now. let's check in with melissa mollet and your traffic. >> breaking news, 95 northbound at virginia, as you approach franconia springfield parkway, we have a six mile backup as you're headed northbound. you can see some of the red as you approach the beltway on my map for you. also again in lovettsville, 15 at lovettsville road, shut down in both directions. a semi on its side. it could take some time to get the road reopened there.
6:00 am
inner and outer loop everything is flowing just fine. a big look at the beltway, top of the beltway just fine. 95 in maryland and prince george's county overall rolling along nicely. travel times and more on this problem here on this 95 in the next couple of minutes. chuck? >> all right, outside a clear sky. beautiful way to get your thursday started. temperatures are in the comfy 50s and 60s. only 59 now in berwyn heights. 59, rockville, bethesda. 55 in gaithersburg and olney this morning. and 59 in leesburg. so planning out your morning, the sun comes up at 6:32. temperatures will rise from the 50s to low 60s by about 7:00. 70 degrees by 9:00 a.m. planning out your afternoon, sunshine, mild, low humidity, temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80ss. amelia segal has a check of that beach forecast in ten minutes. for now, over to aaron. >> thank you. 6:01 right


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