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tv   News4 Today at 6  WRC  August 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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inner and outer loop everything is flowing just fine. a big look at the beltway, top of the beltway just fine. 95 in maryland and prince george's county overall rolling along nicely. travel times and more on this problem here on this 95 in the next couple of minutes. chuck? >> all right, outside a clear sky. beautiful way to get your thursday started. temperatures are in the comfy 50s and 60s. only 59 now in berwyn heights. 59, rockville, bethesda. 55 in gaithersburg and olney this morning. and 59 in leesburg. so planning out your morning, the sun comes up at 6:32. temperatures will rise from the 50s to low 60s by about 7:00. 70 degrees by 9:00 a.m. planning out your afternoon, sunshine, mild, low humidity, temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80ss. amelia segal has a check of that beach forecast in ten minutes. for now, over to aaron. >> thank you. 6:01 right now.
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a developing story, the search is underway for a 16-year-old boy who went missing after fishing in fairfax county. he was fishing with his friends in little hunting creek near where it joins the potomac river. news4's megan mcgrath has the latest on the search. >> reporter: well, aaron, the boats have been moving around all morning long and they're actually in the spot right now where we can't see them from the vantage point. but three boats are out there. from the fairfax county fire department and the police and the coast guard. what we were told earlier this morning, this is now considered a recovery effort. it was a little after 8:00 last night, three friends were fishing on the little huntington creek where it meets the potomac river. we're told that the 16-year-old went into the creek and appeared to be trying to swim across the creek at the narrow spot where it's about 40 feet wide. he got halfway across, began to struggle. there was apparently another
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couple that was in the area. they witnessed what was happening. and they heard the teen cry for help. they called 911 and that couple reports the tide was going out and it appeared that the teenager was being pulled out by that current. now, the 16-year-old was last seen near the channel marker here where the creek comes into the potomac river. they had a minimal search going on for safe tiff reasons overnight. just three boats. they were using sonar and other methods. once they have better visibility they'll bring more crews in and see a larger effort as they look for the missing teenager. >> megan mcgrath, thank you. we expect it is a very difficult newscast right now for the people at wdbj studios in roanoke, virginia. their morning show going on right now for the first time without two of its journalists. you're looking right now at the show from roanoke. reporter alison parker and photographer adam ward died while reporting live on air yesterday.
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outside the studio, there's a memorial to both of them. our thoughts and prayers are with our colleagues. allison parker was 24 years old, she was dating an anchor at wdbj, chris hurst. parker's parents described her as happy and radiant. the station said she had a passion for hard news. the photographer adam ward was engaged to the morning show producer. yesterday was her last day there. ward graduated from virginia tech. he was 27 years old. a third victim is recovering right now. ward and parker were interviewing vicki guarder in charge of the chamber of commerce. she is in stable condition right now. as for the suspected shooter he is dead morning.
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vester flanagan shot himself on i-66 in fauquier county. he died in the inova fairfax hospital. he went by the name of price williams on the air. not long after the shooting he posted angry comments online, seemingly justifying the shooting on facebook and twitter. and this is how police say they found him. now one reporter at wdbj says she wants anyone who can -- who can to remember the victims in a special way today. you take a look here, she made this for the victims to honor parker and ward. the reporter says they have turquoise because that was parker's favorite color. these ribbons. ward loved maroon because he graduated from virginia tech. we're following every angle of the story, including how the community is coming together. you can down load more from the nbc washington app. d.c.'s mayor is expected to ask for more power to fight crime in the district. mayor muriel bowser took her plan to council members yesterday. and she'll make it public today at 10:30. part of the plan is to allow police to search and detain
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people who are on probation for violent and gun related crimes. 45% of suspects arrested for murder this year had a prior gun charge. 103 people have been killed on the streets of d.c. so far this year. today, prince william county students and teachers will remember a fallen hero. the chris young school opens on monday. chris young was killed in a motorcycle crash in 2012 while he was working. young's family is expected at today's event. we are waiting to hear whether the washington monument will open today after another elevator problem. here's a live look at the national mall there and the monument in the middle. hard to miss it. it closed yesterday after the elevator broke down. no one was in it, but 23 people were at the top of the monument, had to walk all the way down. there were similar problems tuesday night. we have a traffic alert you
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need to no eabout this morning. -- know about this morning. starting today, crews will haul in equipment to fix crumbling concrete on the memorial bridge. this shouldn't cause too many delays just yet. the actual work begins after labor day. anyone with a kid knows how hard it can get -- to get them to bed on time. well, we'll show you the drastic measures that one day care is taking that has them under investigation this morning. first though, a developing story out of china. right now there's new fallout surrounding that massive explosion at a port there. what we're learning about the people arrested overnig
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big news coming out of china right now. 12 people have been arrested in that massive warehouse explosion
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in tianjin including the chairman, vice chair and three deputy managers of the company that owns the chemical warehouse. the company turns out did not have proper licensing to work with such dangerous materials. the arrests come right after china fired the head of its safety agency, its work safety agency for suspected corruption yesterday. eun? >> thank you, kristin. your time is 6:10. today marks ten years since hurricane katrina slammed into the gulf coast. it landed in florida on august 27, 2005. today, president obama will visit new orleans where more than a thousand people died. he'll meet with people who live there and the city's mayor and then the president will speak about how the region continues to rebuild. coming up on 6:11 right now. we are off to a cool start on
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this thursday morning. >> storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal is on the storm team 4 weather deck to us about the beautiful weather. how is it out there? >> it's mainly clear sky, comfortably cool. if you're in the suburbs grab a light jacket and layer because by the afternoon it's in the low 70s. 63 out here in washington right now. escaping to the beach this weekend, water temperature at 79. highs friday through sunday, low 80s's. more clouds on sunday. back here at home, saturday and sunday we'll have high temperatures around 90 degrees. but what about any storm chances? chuck will have that forecast in ten minutes, but for now, over to melissa with breaking news on the roads. >> breaking news on 95 in virginia. northbound at franconia springfield parkway is where the crash is. chopper 4 over the scene showing us six miles worth of backups. you want to take route 1 if you're leaving any time soon. avoid this if you can. this is nasty.
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take a look northbound there, this morning. inner loop at route 1 is blocked. 15 at lovettsville road is shut down. 270 southbound, no major problems. 66 inbound okay. 95 north a mess. quantico to the beltway 50 minutes. should take you 20. remember to listen to our friends from wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. he was a kid who melted our hearts after getting hand transplants. but first, new numbers in the race for the white house. what a just released poll saying about the race and
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right now in the newsroom, we are going through new presidential poll numbers released just a few minutes ago. the quinnipiac university results put joe biden ahead of hillary clinton when matched up against leading republicans. in this poll, biden beats trump 48 to 40% while clinton edges trump 45 to 41%. biden has not said that he is running for president. now when looking at the
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democratic field only, in this poll, clinton is ahead of biden. interesting results. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. 6:16 now, and police say a man in louisiana shot and killed a police officer with the officer's own gun. they also say the men were cousins. according to police in sunset, louisiana, the shooter stabbed three people before that happened. one died as well, the others are in serious and critical condition right now. police say the attacker drove away and crashed into the convenience store after the shooting. he was arrested and charged with first degree murder. the city of baltimore is preparing for protests ahead of court hearings in the freddie gray case. baltimore's mayor says the city is working with law enforcement agencies across the state. it is upgrading riot gear and conducting crowd control training. the first hearings starts on wednesday. city and school officials are planning law educational sessions during the first week of school which begins monday.
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a top government lawyer is questioning a request by bob mcdonnell to appeal to the supreme court. yesterday, solicitor general don verrilli said his request to remain free doesn't have any legal basis. verrilli said that the court probably won't take the case and if it does, mcdonnell would likely lose. mcdonnell says staying in prison during the appeal would cause him irreparable harm. no word on if the supreme court will hear the appeal. 2016 -- >> the 2016 presidential race stopping in our area today. maryland governor larry hogan is holding a fund-raiser for new jersey governor chris christie in annapolis this afternoon. christie is running for president. he was a big supporter of hogan last year. and hillary clinton is opening up about the possibility that joe biden joins the race for president. she said she always expected a
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competitive campaign and said she made a bad choice using a personal e-mail for work while secretary of state. in a new report from the associated press, the a.p. says diplomats have used that kind of e-mail in the last 13 years. and some are calling for a change at the portrait gallery. they want margaret's sanger's portrait removed. the gallery says that it guss not plan to -- it does not plan to take down that bust. well, many of you are worried about crossing the record outside of the united medical center in southeast d.c. hundreds of people including hospital employees attended a vigil last night, calling for a crosswalk to be installed. 56-year-old emebet kebede died after she was struck. it's the second fatal accident
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there this year. news4 was told that a crosswalk will be installed by next year. a man who fly a gyrocopter inside the d.c. restricted air space is headed to court. he is asking a judge if he can hire a special first amendment lawyer. hughs said he flew the gyrocopter as an act of civil disobedience back in april. he was protesting special interest money in politics. an oklahoma day care closed for allegedly drugging children to help them go to sleep. this woman says herb 6-month-old son could barely keep his eyes open after coming home from the day care. it turns out that day care was allegedly giving children benadryl. benadryl should not be given to infants unless ordered by a doctor. it can cause small children to stop breathing. >> what she was doing was messing with our lives. had something happened, it would have changed everybody's lives forever. >> at least seven children had been identified.
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so far no charges have been filed. the day care is closed while the sheriff's office conducts the child abuse investigation. if you shop in virginia or west virginia, a bread recall to tell you about this morning. 48,000 packages of bread are being taken off store shelves because they may contain fragments of glass. this covers seven different sara lee products. some of the names to look for, nature's harvest, lovin' fresh and bimbo brand. look for the code 1658. you my friend are a professional. >> got through it with a straight face. lovin' fresh and bimbo. >> we are talking about bread. and good weather. >> yes. chuck bell is in the weather storm center. >> a nice day under way. sunrise is coming up after 6:30 this morning. quiet weather for now. our concern on the long range is what happens to tropical storm
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erika. this is going to be a nail-biter of a forecast here over about the next five to seven days. here's the official forecast track. by the time we get to early tuesday morning, 2:00 a.m., tuesday, what's probably going to be a category one hurricane somewhere off the east coast of florida, but inside this cone is a possible location. so locations from the outer banks to myrtle beach to charleston to savannah, all along the eastern seaboard of florida. it does look like the gulf of mexico is not going to be in play for the storm. but the exact track is yet to be determined. the long range forecast has it curving out to sea. way too close to the coast to turn your back on the storm. if you have plans from the outer banks to south florida, keep that in mind. outside this morning, what a great start to an august morning. 56 now in culpepper and washington, virginia. 54 in luray.
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56 in inwood, west virginia, and table town. 60 degrees in hagerstown and 63 at national airport. commuter forecast walking out the door this morning, upper 50s and low 60s. by 8:00 or 10:00, up to near 70. a great walk in to work this morning. what should have you on? a cute little outfit, short sleeves and sunblock. no rain, no wind, no cold. perfect weather indeed. highs this afternoon, about 79 in gaithersburg. 81 in bethesda. 81 in bowie. 81 out in clinton, maryland. there you can see the hourly temperatures climbing up into the low and mid 80s by later on this afternoon. a quick check for you, 86 tomorrow. becoming a little bit more humid tomorrow, but still not all that tough to take. as we get into the weekend, i had a chance for a shower on sunday. so i took the shower chance off of your sunday, but there could
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be one or two spot showers out in the mountains. early next week, temperatures in the 90s. best chance for rain is on monday. time for a check of the traffic. >> 95 at franco ya springfield parkway, we have cleared out of the lanes. we are at about seven mile backup this morning. it is very slow. you can see it here on the map. take route 1 if you're headed out here soon. that will help you for sure. 15 at lovettsville road, still shut down in both directions because of the earlier tractor-trailer on the side. and another new crash outer look at telegraph road. big look at the beltway, looks okay right now. i'm assuming we'll get some slowdowns at the bottom in a couple of minutes. back to you. a car crashed into a fire hydrant in california causing a giant water fall.
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look at all the water. it shot straight into the air. raining down on commuters below. it happened yesterday. the car struck the hydrant. received a free car wash. crews worked to turn it off. no one was hurt. nasa is taking a big step to make its facility on the eastern shore safer. tomorrow, the space agency will break ground on a $6 million fire station on wallops island. right now, that's a station an the north end of the island and nasa is building one on the south end. they're hoping it will reduce response times. thousands of children could be at risk for infection after seattle children's hospital says it failed to properly clean surgical equipment. more than 10,000 children who underwent procedures at the bellevue surgical center may be
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at risk for hepatitis b or c or hiv. doctors believe the risk is low. a school in texas is using this protective transfer to stop the spread of germs. take a look. teachers hope the strip will help to reduce the amount of days that kids miss school because of common colds and flu. it contains metal and silver so it doesn't allow the microorganisms to multiply. dirty hands are still the biggest germ procedure. the simple peel and stick design protects surfaces for up to a year. important to wash the hands. you know i love zion. this 8-year-old boy from baltimore is headed home after a double hand transplant. >> you know, he seems pretty thrilled to be sort of embarking on the next chapter of his life. >> squeeze. wow. >> zion harvey was first child to be given a double hand transplant. it was a complex procedure that took nearly 11 hours. doctors say right now his brain is probably still trying to
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catch up with his hands. >> i hope for somebody to ask me do i want a hand transplant and it came true. >> zion lost his hands when he was a toddler. he was diagnosed with an infection and doctors were forced to take his hands and feet to save his life. between the new hands and the prosthetics on his feet, doctors say there are no limits on zion and what he will accomplish. if you have seen more video of him, he is go get 'em. he's got great energy. >> got that fighting spirit. such an inspiration. he said he wanted to give his sister a hug. love him. right now, nice to hear about some good news. >> for sure. well, right now, the number of people are out of their homes after flames tear through an apartment complex in landover hills. firefighters need to rescue three people living there. what we're learning about their conditions. a new online campaign pressuring for change in the
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wake of two murders of the journalists in roanoke. the event they want cancelled. plus, the sudden death of one of the panda cubs and what the zoo is saying about the surviving cub. your time is 6:27.
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right now, we are following a number of developing stories for you as we work to get you up to the minute the minute you're up. first an online event to stop a show in roanoke in the wake of the murders. and an apartment fire, three people needed to be rescued. but first, breaking news on the roads. let's check in with melissa mollet in your first 4 traffic. >> breaking news on 95 north in virginia, we are just jammed. we had two crashes one at franconia springfield parkway and right now we have an eight mile backup. chopper 4 showing you that mess there. you can see on the map, route 1 going to be your friend if you're leaving in i time soon. 270 at old hundred, you see a haze there through hyattstown. 15 at lovettsville, road is still shut down because of the
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accident from earlier this morning. still shut down because of the overturned vehicle. chuck? all right, beautiful weather outside this morning, a little patchy fog in a few spots. not much of a visibility reduction. that's the disk of the sun inching over the eastern horizon. sunrise in progress, beautiful way to get the day started. 57 in chantilly and dulles. and 57 in college park and 63 now at national airport. that's the coolest temperature at national airport since june 29th. so 50's and 60s in morning at the bus stop. later on this afternoon, it will be in the low 80s. >> thank you, chuck. right now, firefighters are trying to figure out what sparked the flames at the apartment building. this is along 68th place in landover hills. derrick ward joins us now. what's going on now? >> reporter: well, good morning. i think you can see now as the sun rises the severity of this fire and also i guess the
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fortune of the outcome. of course, always misfortune when people are displaced. but lives are among those things that can't be replaced and none were lost here. this is about 11:00 last night when the fire broke out. it could have started in the stairwell as these three story garden style apartments on 68th place in landover hills. now, firefighters got here relatively soon because there's a firehouse not too far from here. three people had to be rescued by ladders. those people were not transported to the hospital or anything and some neighbors among them were knocking on doors and letting people know there was a fire. some got out on their own, especially on the lower floors, but firefighters are i trooing to determine what cause -- are trying to determine what caused the fire. very fortunate that no one was seriously injured and no lives
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were lost. derrick ward, news4. 6:33 now. flowers and cards are piling up outside the wdbj studios in roanoke, virginia, this morning. after the attack that killed reporter alison parker and photographer adam ward. they were just about to go live at this time yesterday, when they were shot and killed while live on the air. you're looking at wdbj's morning broadcast here. it is going on right now. >> good morning. it is just after 5:00 on thursday, august 27, 2015. we come to you this morning with very heavy hearts. two of our own were shot and killed yesterday morning. alison parker and adam ward were part of our family and many of you have said the same thing as well. >> look here, this is the man police say shot parker and ward. vester flanagan then shot himself on i-66 in fauquier
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county and died at the inova fairfax hospital. the truck that the journalists used is back at the station. you can see it was released as evidence last night. in the meantime, a gun show scheduled this weekend in roanoke is now the center of a controversy because of the shooting. there's a petition going around to cancel that gun show. this is the page on we checked, it has about 241 signatures now. organizers of the petition are asking the roanoke civic center to cancel the show out of respect for parker and ward, saying it would show an immense disrespect for the victims as well as family and friends. police say that the shooter worked with the victims but was fired two years ago. he went by the name bryce williams on the air. and the day that he was fired police had to escort him from the building. we heard from friends of the flanagan family last night. >> our thoughts and prayers at this time are with the victim's families and with wdbj's television station family.
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thank you. >> police say that he worked with the victims, but was fired as i mentioned two years ago. the day he was fired, he had to be escorted. nbc's hallie jackson is working on this story, following new developments from roanoke for the "today" show this morning. she'll join us in live in 15 minutes. in -- and the oklahoma man who threatened to assassinate the president is no longer in d.c. archie glass jr. was taken back to the oklahoma city area. he has been in prison four times for the threats. news4 broke the story last week when the secret service stopped glass near the white house. he was on probation for writing threatening letters. he allegedly said he would shoot president george w. bush and president obama. he travelled outside oklahoma and violated his patrol. the national zoo's surviving panda cub is in good health, just hours after the smaller cub died. they were born hours apart on
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saturday. both seemed in good health at first, but for about 24 hours mei xiang refused to let keepers swap out the cubs, leaving staff to care for the smaller one. mei xiang started to care for the smaller one again, but then yesterday morning zookeepers knew something wasn't right. >> we knew that the little cub had not increased in weight, appeared weaker and was exhibitingossible respiratory issues. things turned and the cub's cub declined into the early afternoon. and despite extreme efforts on the part of our dedicated staff, we weren't able to change things. >> the zoo says the larger cub appears to be strong and they are optimistic about its future. we have a traffic alert you need know about near great falls, virginia. route 7 has been shifted to temporary lanes near reston avenue. that will allow the crowds to widen route 7 from four to six
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lanes. sugarland lane and route 7 also closed until late september or october until crews can improve that intersection. you can get around the mess on the fairfax county parkway. the road work should be done by december. breaking news on the roads right now. 95 northbound in virginia, we have a couple different problems causing some really big backups. we are talking about an eight mile backup this morning. right now, seeing a brand-new issue here in the express lanes. details coming up. new developments overnight in the wild fire that claimed the lives of three firefighters in washington state. the change in conditions that left the men with nowhere to run. plus, a developing story in fairfax county. i want to show you some live pictures of the potomac river where while you were sleeping crews were out on the water searching for any signs of a missing swimmer. what they're telling us about the e
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today indycar drivers will cross san francisco's golden gate bridge to remember one of their own. en wilson died after flying debris hit him in the head. marco andretti will drive wilson's number 25 car. wilson drove for andretti auto sports. we are learning tragic new details about the wildfire that killed three firefighters in washington state. seven minutes after the deputy radioed that the winds from the twisp fire shifted, dispatchers got a call that a burn victim needed an ambulance and another call said several firefighters were trapped. those firefighters died after their engine rushed up a steep gravel road and crashed down a 40 foot embankment. four others were hurt as they tried to escape on foot. it's 6:41 right now. the sun is up, but it won't get
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too hot today. how about that? >> it will be comfortable. amelia segal has a look at the forecast. >> well, it's gorgeous out here right now. not a cloud in the sky, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. outside of our studios here in washington, 64 degrees. annapolis currently at 65. the shenandoah valley, one of the cooler spots today. temperatures during the morning hours in the low 60s. by the afternoon, only warming into the upper 70s. so mild back here at home. we're looking at high temperatures today in the d.c. metro area in the low 80s. what about the humidity? chuck has that forecast in ten minutes, but for now, melissa continues to track breaking news. >> breaking news, 95 north, main lanes we have an eight-mile backup because of the earlier crash as you're approaching the beltway right now. the express lanes a brand-new problems with a disabled bus. fire crews on the scene. look at this. that problem at fairfax county
6:43 am
parkway again in the express lanes. look at how bad 95 looks right now. you're going to want to take route 1 if you're headed out any time soon. this not going to get better any time soon. travel times are okay with the exception of 95 north. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. for the latest on this program when you hop in your car this morning. a new twist in the oscar pistorius prison saga. the decision that will keep the olympic athlete behind bars for a few more weeks. plus a show of support for the journalists caught in the on-air ambush. how our washington nationals pa
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6 clg 46. we are watching developmenting out of roanoke as that community and the nation mourn the two journal is there. how friends of the two young victims say you can honor their memories this morning. but first, breaking news on the roads. let's check in can melissa -- with melissa mollet and your traffic. >> we have another new problem at fairfax county parkway, a seven mile slow down in the express lanes and eight miles as you head to the beltway at the top of 95 because of the earlier crash. it is nasty. full details in a minute. take route 1 if you're leaving any time soon. chuck? >> good advice. the sun is coming up early on a
6:47 am
thursday morning. here's the exclusive sky cast 4. this is what it will look like for the rest of the day, more blue than anything else. temperatures 60s and 70s this morning. a look at the weekend in a few. 6:47. right now the community in row neck, virginia -- roanoke virginia, is remembering two journalists. parker and ward were killed at almost exactly this time yesterday while reporting on air. this is wdbj's morning show right now. our thoughts are with them from here in washington. outside the station, there's a memorial to remember the tragic shooting. flowers, cards and balloons piled up there last night. almost to the minute at this time yesterday, that news crew was going live from smith mountain lake in virginia. >> nbc's hallie jackson joins us live from there, the scene that started to unfold 24 hours ago. >> reporter: good morning, guys. yeah, wdbj 7 is back on the air
6:48 am
today. reporters from the sister station in missouri have actually travelled out to do some of the reporting, to do some of the live shots to allow the staffers, the folks, to grieve and mourn the loss of their two colleagues. here at the scene overnight, we saw the live truck that broadcasts the shootings be taken away by some visibly emotional wdbj employees. the employees continue to investigate and we're learning new details about the shooter in this case. the former reporter at the station, vester flanagan known on air as bryce williams. court documents obtained by nbc news are shedding new light on what happened the day that he was fired. we'll have all that coming up on the "today" show, guys. >> hallie jackson live for us in smith mountain lake, thank you. a third victim of the shooting has survived. vicki gardner is recovering right now. she's in charge of the chamber of commerce and ward and parker were interviewing her while she was shot.
6:49 am
she's in stable condition. we ask that you please join us in observing a moment of silence as we remember wdbj roanoke journalists alison parker and adam ward. >> if you were at the nationals game last night, you heard the team mark the tragedy as well. a touching moment as players and fans took a moment of silence to honor the victims. and you can also remember the victims by wearing a special ribbon today. another reporter at wdbj in roanoke made these ribbons. they have turquoise to represent reporter alison parker. it was her favorite color. the maroon is for adam ward. the reporter says he loved that color because he graduated from virginia tech. and you can download the nbc washington app for all of our coverage of the story. we'll be hosting anything new that we learn today. you can watch the "today" show for more from smith mountain lake and roanoke this morning. a developing story, a search is underway right now for a 16-year-old boy who went missing
6:50 am
after fishing in the alexandria section of fairfax county. he was fishing near where it joins the potomac river. megan mcgrath has the latest on the search. megan? >> reporter: well, aaron, the sun has come up and you can maybe hear in the background we have the coast guard helicopter now up in the air searching the area where the teenager was last seen. we have video of the helicopter just arrived on the scene within the last 15 minutes or so. now, the boats that were out through the night, there were three of them, they're now being brought in to shore. those crews have been on all night long so they'll be swapped out with folks that are just arriving here on the scene and the search will continue. however, the commander in charge of the scene this morning does tell us that this is considered at this point a recovery mission. now, it was a little after 8:00 last night when three friends went fishing on the little huntington creek right in the area where it meets the potomac river. we are told that the 16-year-old
6:51 am
went into the creek, that it appeared that he was trying to swim across the creek at a narrow spot where it's only about 40 feet wide. he got halfway across. began to struggle, he was last seen at the channel marker. there was a couple that was also in the area at the time. they witnessed all of this happening. they called 911. the rescue crews have been here through the night, even in the dark. but so far they have not found the teenager. back to you in the studio. >> megan mcgrath live for us, thank you. d.c.'s mayor is expected to ask for more power to fight crime in the district. mayor muriel bowser took her plan to council members yesterday and will make it public today at 10:30. part of the plan is to allow police to search and detain people who are on probation for violent and gun related crime. 45% of suspects arrested for murder this year had a prior gun charge. 103 people had been killed on the streets of d.c. so far this year. new this morning, oscar pistorius could be released from
6:52 am
jail next month. the review board set a parole hearing for september 14th. the justice minister decided to delay the transition from prison to house arrest last week. he has served ten months of the five-year sentence for shooting and killing his girlfriend back in 2013. breaking news on the roads. 95 northbound in virginia is just a mess. the main lanes, we have an eight mile backup in the express lanes, a seven mile backup. take a look. that latest problem in the express lanes at fairfax county parkway, take route 1 if you've leaving any time soon. this is not going to clear up any time soon. you can see how red that is. outer loop at telegraph, still have that crash. prince george's county, no major problems. a bit of normal volume headed into town. b.w. parkway parkway at powder mill, we have some folks slowing down to look at that crash scene.
6:53 am
15 in lovettsville, southbound lanes shut down, 270 at montrose, volume looking pretty light. chuck? >> all right, outside on your thursday morning, what a great way to get the day started. temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. in fact, at reagan national airport, our temperature down to 63 degrees. that's the coolest reading at reagan national since june 29th. it will be our coolest morning since early june. so a very nice break from the heat. rainy day as we started off this summer extremely wet with 12 inches of rain. with each month, june to july, july to august we have had less and less rain and less rainy days. we are pretty dry across the region right now. cool morning. plenty of sunshine coming our way today. the low humidity sticks around through today, tonight, into most of tomorrow as well. humidity starts to build back in as your weekend arrives. 54 now in gaithersburg, 55 in
6:54 am
frederick, maryland. 57 in bull run, maryland. running forecast keep up the pace, everybody. those are the late summer mornings when you can get some mileage and pace build up on your daily run. temperatures later on this afternoon with full sunshine, into the upper 70s in martinsburg and gaithersburg. low 80s in washington. and from annapolis from edge water and all the way down to leonardtown and st. mary's city. after a great day today, a great night for baseball tonight. temperatures in the 70s during the game. cheer on the nationals. they need a little help. they got zipped by the padres last night. we need to turn that around. here's the seven day forecast. after the 80s leave us, we'll be back in the 90s next week. >> thank you. 6:54. right now, stock markets across asia advancing in the wake of wall street's rebound. european markets are also up in early trading. china's main stock market closed up more than 5%.
6:55 am
for the biggest one day gain in eight weeks. investors are hoping to see more gains today on wall street. look at this time lapse video of the big board at the new york stock exchange. the dow rebounded in a big way yesterday surging more than 600 points. today marks exactly ten years since hurricane katrina slammed into the gulf coast. it landed in florida on august 27, 2005. today, president obama will visit new orleans where more than a thousand people died. he'll meet with people who live there and the city's mayor. then the president will speak about how that region continues to rebuild. our own chris lawrence is in new orleans right now. he reported on the storm ten years ago. and he's taking a close look at the recovery a decade later. join us for a special live coverage starting at 4:00 this afternoon. today, prince william county students, parents and teachers will remember a fallen hero at ribbon cutting at a new elementary school. the chris young elementary school opens on monday. officer young was killed in a motorcycle crash in 2012 while
6:56 am
he was working. young's family is expected at the event. we are waiting to hear whether the washington monument will be open today after another elevator problem. it was closed yesterday after the elevator broke down. no one was in it, but 23 people were at the top of the monument and they had to walk all the way down. 6:56, four things to know. a new quinnipiac national poll shows biden runs slightly better than hillary clinton against the top republican candidates. clinton still has a more favorable rating among the democratic candidates. a search for a 16-year-old boy is being called a recovery effort. he was last seen in the little hunting creek area in little alexandria. several families displaced after an overnight fire. this happened at 68th place in landover hills. firefighters had to use rescue ladders to get three people out of that burning building.
6:57 am
the community in roanoke now remembering two journalists who were shot and killed. download the nbc washington app and watch the "today" show as we learn more about the man accused of killing them. take a look at this breaking news on 95 northbound at fairfax county parkway. our latest problem, main lanes approaching that area, eight mile backup. express lanes a seven mile backup. take route 1 instead. >> thank you. that's the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back with any breaking news. until then, have a great day.
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good morning. in memory and in grief. that morning show in virginia returns to the air one day after the shocking murders of two colleagues during a live broadcast. alison parker and ward were a pa of the family here. the killer described himself as a human powder keg. soul searching by joe biden speaking out for the first time about a possible white house run. i've given this a lot of thought and dealing internally in the family how we do this. >> as hillary clinton weighs in on her potential new challenger. >> he should have the space and the opportunity to decide what he wants


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