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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  August 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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get the job done. >> reporter: 24-year-old reporter alison parker and 27-year-old photographer adam ward were in the middle of a live interview wednesday morning when police say a former reporter, vester flanagan, walked up and opened fire. parker and ward were killed. vicki gardner, who was being interviewed, was seriously wounded while her husband watched it all unfold on tv. >> and i immediately tried call her on her cell phone. there was no response. the next time i spoke to her was when she called me from the ambulance. >> reporter: gunman videotaped the shootings himself and posted that video on facebook. police say after the killings, vester flanagan faxed a 23-page suicide note to abc news, outlining a series of grievances. flanagan then killed himself after a high-speed chase. the father of alison parker is feeling both grief and outrage. >> my grief, which is still apparent and will be that way
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for a while, it's turned to anger and i'm relentless and i'm not going to stop until something happens, because i don't want to see another alison tragedy like this again. i'm just not gonna do it. >> reporter: as a memorial grows outside wdbj-tv in roanoke, television stations across the country are showing solidarity through social media, a sad and senseless crime that's hitting close to home. in roanoke, virginia, dave wagner, nbc news. and our david culver was at the scene of that shooting all day yesterday. he is back here in the studio with us dig nothing some of the search warrants for the car that vester flanagan was driving. david? >> here is that warrant filed just today in fauquier county. more than a dozen items pulled and documented from vester lee flanagan's crashed rental car. we can show where you that pursuit ended on 66. officers found a glock happened gun with six magazines and added ammunition. virginia state police also discovered 17 letters with stamps, it's unclear right now who those were intended for.
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he also had notes and a to-do list, along with that rental car agreement. and police also found a briefcase, had some interesting items inside. at 6:00, we are going to walk you through what else they pulled that suggest flanagan may have planned to run for some time. wendy? >> thank you, david. this heartbreaking story captured the attention of the nation and the world and don't have to look farther than the newseam to see it. people stopped to read the headlines about the tragedy, pictures of parker and ward are on just before he cover. a tribute to these journalists has also been set up inside the newseam. ward proposed to his fiancee on the rooftop of that building. we spoke with ward's fiancee and alison parker's boyfriend. find those interviews and much more in our nbc walks app. in ten minutes the renewed gun control debate in virginia sparked by this shooting.
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d.c. mayor muriel bowser today outlined several steps to fight a steep rise in violent crime in our city. her speech in southeast d.c.'s ward eight was disrupted by a small group of protest. news4's tom sherwood was there. >> reporter: at the malcolm x school, protesters complaining about police tactics, disrupting mayor bowser's 25-minute speech to an auditorium that mostly supported her. >> i will not be shouted down because i'm telling the truth. who's with me? who's with me? who's with me? were respect mayor entered to cheers from many residents, appoint test and staff trying to show she is in control of the city were homicides have nearly doubled east of the anacostia river. >> we are nowhere near the bad old days of the '90s and we are not going back there either. >> reporter: the mayor officially announced more police will be on the streets and that
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she is seeking about $15 million in new community initiatives to curb violence. on top of other initiatives to fight homicides. protesters erupteded se esevera the times. many in the crowd didn't like t >> i think the disruption was barred and the. black live does matter but she addressed it. >> reporter: bowser said she would pursue her crime fighting goals. >> no matter how much they shout, i am going to do that. >> reporter: she said she would hold meetings in the next few weeks. tom sherwood, news4. police are trying to track down this man in connection with an armed robbery. you can see him holding what appears to be a gun and pointing it at another person. after getting something from that person, he walks off. this happened on a monday evening late last night ant long morris road southeast in d.c. that's just a few blocks off of
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mlk avenue. seated marks ten years since one of the worst natural disasters in u.s. history hit the gulf coast. news4's chris lawrence is live in new orleans where many are still working to recover from hurricane katrina. >> you met one woman plucked from her roof in the aftermath who is not eager to return. chris? >> reporter: not at all, wendy, doreen. you know, she dried when she heard that she had to go to d.c. at the last minute, told me she would not stay in the area one minute more than she thought she had to. and here we are, ten years later. the last time this woman saw her home, the national guard was hoisting her out of a hole in the roof. >> i didn't evacuate and people said, why didn't you? i said, 'cause we have hurricanes all the time. we get through them. >> reporter: when the levees failed, suzette walker was trapped in her apartment building alone. the water began to rise when i finally stopped, it was at breast level. i never thought no one would come to get me.
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i always thought the rescue team was gonna get me. i just knew they were coming any minute. any minute. >> reporter: then a day went by. and another. >> three days until my -- my shelter or my hall bay, i began to cry, i began to get -- i began to get frightened, you know, i just -- i thought i was gonna die. what if another dead body come floating in front this apartment complex? you know? what if nobody don't know i'm here, you know? i just began to freak out. >> reporter: then, she flagged down the guard, managed to pull her up out of the floodwater. eventually, they put her on a plane, supposedly to join her family. what did you think when the pilot said, houston is over capacity, we are taking you to washington? >> well, i cried, chris. i cried. i didn't want to come to because washington. >> reporter: suzette got a job in arlington and eventually a home. ten years on, she has got no plans to move back to new
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orleans. >> i really have done well. youknow, i like it. >> reporter: the turning point came almost as soon as she got off the plane, people from our area were standing there with signs that said welcome. she took one look at that and said, you know what maybe this isn't going to be so bad. coming up in about an hour, we are going to dive back into president obama's visit to new orleans and tell you why two blocks can make a world of difference. for now, reporting live in new orleans, i'm chris lawrence, wendy, back to you. >> chris, look for you then. president obama is now delivering his remarks down in new orleans on this tenth anniversary. let's listen. >> my message to congress is pass a budget, prevent a shutdown, don't wait till the last minute, don't worry our businesses or our workers by contributing unnecessarily to global uncertainty. get it done. and keep the united states of america the anchor of global strength we are and always should be.
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now, that's process of national recovery that from coast to coast, we've been going through. but there's been a specific process of recovery that is perhaps unique in my lifetime, right here in the state of louisiana, right here in new orleans. [ applause ] not long ago, our gathering here in the lower nine probably would have seemed unlikely, as i was flying here today with a homegirl from louisiana, donna brazile, she was -- she saved all the magazines. [ applause ] and she was whipping them out and one of them was a picture of the lower ninth right after the storm had happened. and it -- the notion that there
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would be anything left seemed unimaginable at the time. today, this new community center stands as a symbol of the extraordinary resilience of this city, the extraordinary resilience of its people, the extraordinary resilience of the entire gulf coast and of the united states of america. you are an example of what is possible when, in the face of tragedy and in the face of hardship, good people come together to lend a happened. and brick by brick, block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood, you build a better future. >> president obama talking about all that has -- the progress that has been made and stuff that still needs to be done on this, ten years after hurricane katrina devastated the city of new orleans and the gulf coast. stay with news4 for continuing coverage of this hurricane katrina ten years later. our live report with chris lawrence down there will continue throughout the
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newscast. right now, a jury is deciding the fate of a 19-year-old prep school graduate charged with rape. owen lavery is accused of raping a freshman at the st. paul's prep school in new hampshire. he testified that he kissed the 15-year-old accuser but that they never had sex. prosecutors say the alleged assault happened during a tradition at the school where seniors compete for sexual conquests. in closing arguments today the defense said the accuser lied about the events of that night and other things. >> she was willing to tell a lie about a critical fact right in front of you. and if a person is willing to do that, how can you say you're gonna trust her on other things that could be important? >> if convicted, lavery faces up to 20 years in prison for each of the felony sexual assault charges against him. oscar pistorius could be released from jail next month. the review board set a parole hearing for september 18th.
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south africa's justice minister decided to delay the transition from prison to house arrest last week. the former olympian has served ten months of his five-year sentence for shooting and killing his girlfriend in 2013. a near-tragedy at a bus stop, the ground opened up, swallowing several people and the cameras were rolling on the whole thing. we will tell you how the victims are doing. a brazen burglary at a local non-profit and why investigators feel they may be able to soon catch their man. yesterday's tragic shooting has captured the attention of most virginians and already some politicians are trying to capitalize on that by turning the attention to gun control. coming up, a look at the campaign under way and why some are criticizing it.
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no lingering elevator problems to report from the washington monument this evening. the monument had to shut down twice this week because of the pesky elevator, forcing one group to take the stairs all the way down. crews finished repairs and reopened the monument to visitors this morning. many virginians are focused on yesterday's tragic shooting of a tv reporter and photographer in the roanoke area yesterday, but some political
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leaders are using the attack to refocus attention on gun control. >> northern virginia bureau chief, julie carey, discould havered there is criticism from the other side of the political aisle as republicans accuse democrats of trying to capitalize on a tragedy. it was just hours after two wdbj staffers were shot to derkt the governor, terry mcauliffe, renewed his call for closing gun loopholes. patrick hope didn't waste time either, he launched this petition, seeking support for legislation to require universal background checks for gun buyers, a bill he sponsored several times before, tonight see it defeated. i'm no longer shocked and amazed and stunned when these incidents happen. i'm angry. that's why i think i'm in a position now do something. >> reporter: it didn't take long for some republicans to make their own stand on social media. loudoun delegate david ramadan scolded the governor and other democrats for politicizing a tragedy.
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>> this person had bought a gun legalism he had gone through a background check. so it's apples and oranges and people jumping on a bandwagon that they shouldn't be jumping on. we have a tragedy. we have two virginians that have died yesterday. give them the respect that they deserve. >> reporter: delegate hope makes no apologies for his effort. he says with the election ahead in november, the time is now. >> yes, i'm taking advantage of a situation where it's really raw for people right now, but people are frustrated and we got to quit hiding behind this do-nothing altitude because if we don't do something, it will continue to happen. >> reporter: the governor also defended putting the spotlight on gun control, adding that victim alison parker's father urged him to keep the pressure on. coming up on news4 at 6:00, i will check in with voters to see if they are offended by all this talk or if they think it's time for the conversation. in loudoun county, i'm julie carey, news4. financial aid, many of us relied on it to get through college. >> but fees associated with
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assessing the money on college debit cards and accounts have become a hot issue. consumer reporter erika gonzalez is here to explain what is going on. >> this is the time, back to school, a lot of students waiting for their refunds, baiting for the money to kick in in order to be able to go to class, money that they will use to buy textbooks, supplies, house and food. but it's the way that students access their money that could come with a cost. >> shouldn't have to be a required fee to use that money that you're receiving for school. >> reporter: students like jada boroughs, a student at prince george's county community college recently realized she was being charged a fee when she used her college debit card, fees taken out of a financial aid refunds awarded to students. some students say that it came as a total surprise when they looked at their account statements. the issue has ended up in court and led to the government to take action against third-party companies that partner with colleges and universities. tonight at 11:00, college card
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fees, what your student needs to know before swiping. fees will get you if you don't really know your way around them and some say it's not always clear. and tomorrow, i will let you nose about what to do about it the second half of the story. the students are seeing how much money is being deducted. >> small fees add up over time. >> they do. >> and what they are realizing, at a cost. >> thanks, erika. yikes. pretty wild video, out of northern china. vare lens vid surveillance video capturing a sinkhole as it opens up. people nearby helped the them out and therement with injuries. this happened in a town 750 miles north of beijing. you might want to think twice before you make tomorrow's
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lunch. why some popular bread brands are being recalled. more than 700 people packing into the church for former president jimmy carter's sunday school last week, but many of them will be disappointed if they try to return this sunday. did he or didn't he? the concussion discussion about robert griffin iii returns to redskins park. i'm carol maloney. the latest coming up. i'm storm team4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer. it's backyard weather day. i have been eating crabs all summer but this is the biggest crab i have seen all summer long. i cannot wait. we are eating crabs. we are doing all kinds of fun stuff. you guys ready for backyard weather? [ cheering ] we will be back in a minute with that weekend forecast, it
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david culver here at the live deck, give you an update at the traffic mess happening around the tidal baines, take you there now. a tractor trailer, the one you see right there still stuck under an overpass, this on main avenue. it is where main and independence cross, independence crosses over main right there and drivers on main, we can tell you, being diverted onto raoul wallinburg place, that is causing a major traffic jam. keep you updated on this and keep you posted throughout the
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evening and let you know when they finally get that truck moved away. hello, everything, i'm storm team4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer down here right now, edgewater, maryland a beautiful day on the water. i got to say -- [ cheers ] they have got -- there's a dock, i have been doing backyard weather literally for 12 years now, been to a dock one time, i can't way. going crabbing on the dock, we have got some, made some, this is josephine haggerty, this is -- i won't say your house, you use it, kind of, your house? >> i sure did. >> it is your mother-in-law's? >> it is, my mother-in-law, renee haggerty. >> hello, renee. [ cheering ] she was gracious enough to let us come and do this at her house. and i have grill master craig, who's been working the food all day. >> yep. >> and my sister-in-law, sherry. >> hi, sherry. >> who has been helping with setup and kp duty and my mom,
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johanna over there. >> wendy rieger, are you listening, wendy? >> i am. >> i know sometimes you're on your phone when i'm talking. okay. just make sure. wendy, i have somebody who wants to say hi to you? >> cheers, wendy, met you the other night, miss you. >> slante. >> swancha? >> slante. oh, lordy. >> that's good stuff. let's take a look and show you the forecast, guys, wendy knows these guys like to have a good time, have a great time with the weather because it doesn't get any better than this. as a matter of fact, look at the numbers around town. sitting in 80-degree mark, the city, upper 70s, around 80, upper 80s, d.c., winds out of the north, 12 miles per hour. temperatures around the rest of the region, again, a spectacular afternoon, only 75, gaithersburg, 81 down toward the manassas area, 78 down toward culpepper. look at the northeast. anywhere in the northeast, phenomenal, 68 today in state
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college. what is this, september? 69, pittsburgh. right now, roanoke at 81. ocean city, a little cool along the beach there 77. if you're heading down to the nats game tonight, man, do we need a win, temperatures tonight going to be quite nice, too, heading to the game, another beautiful game, 7:05 start, 74 tonight during the seventh inning, last out will be nice, cool for some, around that 72-degree mark. another great night in store. storm team4 radar, nothing to show at all, we need some rain about two and a half inches below average since july 1st so we do need to see rain across the area. that is true. that is a fact, yes. satellite and radar together, showing what's going on from new york to boston, d.c., back to chicago, nothing, that's why i think we are going to have phenomenal weather the next couple of days, too, no matter what you're doing tonight, tomorrow, into the weekend, all of it looking really good. high temperatures tomorrow, 84 degrees, down toward the fredericksburg area, in around around washington, fredericksburg, 85, 78 in
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easton, along the eastern shore, 82 back toward leesburg, so, very much like today, we will get another repeat during the day tomorrow, hour by hour forecast, waking up, temperatures around 67 in the city. some areas into the upper 50s once again early tomorrow, beautiful for lunch, beautiful for the evening, then tomorrow night, friday night, a perfect night out, it is really going to be quite nice for that, temperature around 76 degrees, as we move on through the next couple of days, guys, once again, just great all the way through the weekend, 91 though on saturday, e92 on sunday, we start to get into the heat and humidity, monday, 93, tuesday, 94, wednesday at 95 degrees as well. we got a little bit of a heat wave coming, but it's not here just yet. this is perfect weather, is it not? [ applause ] and you said you were here pretty much from may through september? >> yes, every weekend for the most part, yep. why wouldn't you be here? >> why -- it took me a little while to get to. >> but we're lucky that you're
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here now and we are happy tough. >> and i'm coming back. i'm coming back every friday night. so we will see you guys soon. >> doug will travel a long way for food. >> yes. >> well, that's true. well, the man who flew that gyrocopter into airspace is getting support now. >> we will show you what happened to him in court today. see that ball up there? before it was up there, it went through a glass door down here. and it wasn't pretty. i'm pat collin was much the story coming up, news4. the 16-year-old boy was recovered from the little hunting creek just hours ago. >> my brother and i will meet again. >> reporter: the teen's brother explains wh
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right now at 5:30, the is on for this man in this surveillance video you can see himming three peas of concrete through the front door of a unique community arts center in the district. along with leaving a mess behind, the guy made off with some cash. >> happened the middle of the night on a busy stretch of 11th street northwest. news4's pat collins is in columbia white heights with detn this, pat?
5:31 pm
>> reporter: there with burglaries and then there are burglaries but what happened here at bloom bars is at knowledge criminal, it's like -- it's like stealing from a poor box. take a look at this guy. he has got a large rock in his hand and like a baseball player, he lets it go. boom. right through the front door of the bloom bars in columbia heights. glass all over the place. now, before i go on with this story, i got to tell you a little bit about bloom bars. it's a unique community center that promotes art, performing art, fine article, all kinds of art. it's donation funded. it's donation funded. now back to that burglar. once inside, the burglar takes the contents of a swear jar and two donation boxes. he crawls out the door the same way he came in, with about $300
5:32 pm
in cash. >> come grab this right here. >> oops, careful. >> reporter: hear now from john chambers, the founder of bloom bars. we talked to him as he was holding his daughter, ava maya. >> we hope the police do their job and this comes to some conclusion, because it seems like it's happening in the area a lot. >> i hope the police can get him. >> yes. >> reporter: oh, one more thing, that burglar was wearing a mask and gloves. but before he put on the mask, he stood full-face right in front of the camera. so much for that. now take a look at that sparkling globe up there you see, they took that big rock that went through the door and covered it with the shattered glass left behind. in the spirit of what happens here, they turned it into a piece of art.
5:33 pm
coming up at 6:00, more brazen broken-glass robberies. we have the video. we will talk to some of the victims. it doesn't end up as pretty as that. doreen, back to you. >> okay, pat collins reporting. and bloom bars has set up a gofundme page, if would you like to help out with the repairs after thatburgry. we will post a link on our nbc washington app, just search bloom bars. family members say the teenager was intelligent and deeply religious. the young man's body was recovered from the little hunting creek in fairfax county this afternoon after went for a swim last night. meagan fitzgerald spoke to the teen's brother in an interview you will only see on news4. she joins us live. ing men? >> reporter: doreen, vladimir flores' brother, juan, say these came to this creek yesterday afternoon on a fishing trip. by the evening, it turned into a search and rescue effort. just hours ago, fairfax county police say rescue crews recovered the body of vladimir
5:34 pm
not far from where we are here. vladimir flores wasn't your trip cal 16-year-old. his family says he was wise beyond his years, loved his family and was devoted to his faith. >> he usually likes to go with my mom to church, because he place the piano, she sings in the church. >> reporter: vladimir also loved to fish. on wednesday afternoon, he and his brother, juan, along with their friend, went fishing at little hunting creek. they took these pictures just before juan says he left to get more bait. >> i just received a phone call from my friend saying that my brother went into the water and he is not coming out. >> reporter: juan says vladimir was swimming out to a bowie around 8:30 when he was caught in a current and yelled for help. rescue crews arrived and searched through the night but at 1:00 on thursday, fairfax county police say divers went into the water and ended up recovering vladimir's body. juan says the pain he and his mother feel can never be described and says he doesn't think he will ever understand
5:35 pm
why vladimir was taken so soon. >> he was the best person a brother could have. >> reporter: we are told vladimir was a senior at mount vernon high school. he was set to celebrate his 17th birthday next moment. coming up at 6:00, why his brother believes it's his fault that vladimir's gone. doreen? >> meagan fitzgerald. the man who flaw a gyrocopter through a restricted d.c. airspace has raised nearly $10,000 to help with his case. doug hughes appeared in federal court today. he has hired an attorney now who specializes in civil disobedient to assist his public defender. hughes says he flew the gyrocopter to the capitol as a act of civil disobedience in age he says he was protesting special interest money in politics. a big game ahead for the redskins quarterback, robert griffin iii, if he place. griffin addressed the media
5:36 pm
today for the first time since going down with a possible head injury in the lions game, but griffin wouldn't confirm his concussion status today. he is being as cautious with answering questions as he is about returning to the field. >> it's not about anything but my family and them caring for me and my well being. so, i know my teammates, you know, care about me and have been asking about me every single day but like i said, i will just follow the protocol and see what happens. >> robert griffin is trying to get his swagger back but he is tight lipped about what happened and what's next. >> i don't know what coach has told you guys. my job is to give you updates on that stuff, so i'm not going to, but following their lead, following their protocol, and, you know, hopefully, i can get out there and play. >> reporter: griffin practiced fully all week. now the pressure to perform returns as well. >> challenge the offense is sick of hearing about it they want to go out and prove somethingsome
5:37 pm
it the most important do-or-die game of his life? no. it's not. but as a quarterback, you should go out there and take every play equally and think every play is equally as important. >> the washington redskins want to win, a lot of criticism on the quarterback but i have been on a team where we have won every preseason game and had a terrible season. it is too early to judge, you know, preseason games, sharpen the edges. >> we all look at the film and don't look at it and say, this guy's fault that guy's fault, we don't point the finger, point the blame. you watch the film and you assess yourself and you say what can i do to make sure that this doesn't happen anymore and we have all done that. >> griffin has yet to get the green light to start saturday. we are awaiting results from a final test from this afternoon. so, that means stay tuned. i know you will. wendy? >> we will. also, you can stay tuned here on nbc4 on saturday for the redskins and race game, 7:30. and then stay with us afterwards. carol and jason pugh are going to have reaction on the postgame report and on news4 at 11:00.
5:38 pm
new numbers show a mixed bag for democrats in the race for the white house. if the election were held today, vice president biden would actually fare better against donald trump than hillary clinton. a quinnipiac university poll shows him ahead 48-40. clinton also beats trump in the hypothetical matchup but by a smaller margin. despite that, she remains the front-runner for the democratic noll nation. it's that time of year again, parents signing their kids off to college. >> and now, we are getting a clearer picture on when your child may start experimenting with drugs. we will break down the new numbers ahead. these teachers have gathered, wondering what is going to happen with their severance pay and pay they were due already. the jericho christian academy the jericho christian academy has closed its
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v typically say, it is hot around here, let's go to the beach. nice the last couple of days, temperatures last few day upper 70s to around 80 degrees. beach locations, friday, saturday, sunday, more humid, more clouds, still nice. temperatures warming up, sunday, hive 84 degrees that water temperature, 79 degrees. in the tropics, there's erika
5:42 pm
tightly wound, passing right by the leeward islandsle. late tonight, it's right through puerto rico, producing probably a lot of rain. skirting north and east of cuba, it approaches miami but makes a hard turn up the coast, brushing the coast with rain. impacts midweek, rip current, large waves, rough surf. we will look at the full forecast with doug kammerer. opponents have a hard time tripping up usain bolt. >> but for one cameraman, it was easier than it looks. this is chris gordon. coming up, i will show what you a group of local volunteer firefighters did when they realize
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5:45 pm
david culver there fairfax county, police investigating a death, not sure the circumstances behind the death. we know where the investigation is going on it is in the 12,000 block of monument drive. to give you perspective, not far from fair oaks mall, the government there. fairfax corner that shopping center. this is an ongoing story, something we are continue to follow. a crew headed to the scene and bring you update as we get t doreen? >> david culver, thank you. school should have started days ago for dozens of children in landover but students
5:46 pm
enrolled at the christian academy have yet to get back into their classrooms. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins there live with the latest on a long-standing legal battle that's got parents and teachers upset tonight. tracee? >> reporter: this is all connected to the jericho city appraised church behind merck the megachurch that had a megafall and now, all of the legal back and forth that's also impacting its school. >> never find another school like this. >> reporter: belinda claiborne brought her adopted children to the jericho christian academy knowing the smaller class size is what they needed. >> the school is wonderful. i wouldn't have took them out of this with this staff that was here. they were wonderful. >> reporter: that's why she was shocked to heart school that operated since 1997 would abruptly close its doors. >> you can't get their transcripts so everybody is starting from scratch. >> reporter: last friday night, the church held a meeting telling parents the school that teaches more than 100 pk through eighth grade students may not open this year.
5:47 pm
classes were supposed to begin monday. all of the students are now dispersed throughout prince george's county. >> reporter: principal karen scott and some 40 teachers are still reporting to school every day, but in protest, since they were not paid for the last month and have not been offeredself re -- offered severance and cannot get unemployment. >> teaching jobs have been filled. what do we do? here we are left in the middle. >> if those parents paid money, where is the money? >> reporter: attorney bobby henry represents joel peoples, who according to a recent d.c. court ruling is now the church's leader. he is questioning what the board that had control during his absence did with the money. >> if they want to go to court and argue over the assets of the church or something else of that nature, they are certainly welcomed to do that but don't take it out on the students and teachers. >> reporter: peoples is working to negotiate with the teachers
5:48 pm
and give them some pay but not going to include severance and some of the back pay they were due as well. coming up on news4 at 6:00, the board that was in charge of this property, they have a statement. we will explain what they have to say about all of this and get you caught up on some of the legal back and forth that's been going on. reporting live in landover, i'm tracee wilkins, back to you-all in the studio. thank you. a broken light in a bakery has a major manufacturer recalling thousands of loaves of bread from 11 states, including virginia. that recall is from bimbo bakeries which sells under the brand sara lee, kroger, bimbo, great value and love and fresh. there's concern the bread could contain fragments of glass from a broken light. those loaves have a bakery code 1658 and a best buy date of august 29th, 31st or september 1st. bimbo bakeries says it has had three complaints so far. former president jimmy carter's church is making some changes after the former
5:49 pm
president's cancer announcement. the small baptist church in southwest georgia is limiting the number of people who can attend on sundays to hear mr. carter preach. last week, more than 700 people lined up outside the church where carter was teaching those sunday school lessons. the church can only handle 400 people. overflow visitors can watch a live stream of the lesson at a nearby school. a first 4 traffic alert, watch out for construction crews on part of indian head highway beginning monday. workers will begin clearing trees and other vegetation along that road between palm eer road and the belt watch crews beginning to start a project at indian head highway and livingston road and kirby hill road. hey, how about a weather alert? it's been nice all week, but now, our weather is going to take a short turn to the right. a little bit of heat will be
5:50 pm
moving back in for the weekend. and it's right down that road of hot and humid for all of next week. here is a look at your weather headlines. we have got a few clouds coming our way tonight. we have had them, of course, already today. but not producing train in. we are tracking again more heat coming our way and rain chances, just how low? i will tell you coming up. evening planner forecast, 81, the warmth out there right now, even a little bit of a breeze again today. 79 by 7:00. we hang on to the clouds but again, dry conditions by 11:00, 70 degrees, your temperature, going to be comfortable. a look at storm team4 radar, scanning the area and it is dry right now. i think our rain chances will be very, very low until we hit the beginning of next week, the early part and even then, only a slight chance, about a 30% chance that we are going to get some afternoon thunderstorms. so rain, since june 1, we have had ten inches, surplus, eight since june 1st but down an inch and a quarter for the month. school day forecast tomorrow
5:51 pm
morning, nice start to the day, some clouds but still nice, 69 degrees by around 9 a.m. we top out at about 84 degrees inside the beltway, 80, hagerstown, a stack of 70s east of the mountains, pax river, 80 degrees, what about the weekend? the weekend and next week, how long we will hang on to the heat, go to meteorologist doug kammerer er hanging down by the water with backyard weather. hey, doug. >> oh, hanging for sure, veroni veronica. it is a beautiful afternoon, one of those beautiful afternoons, you sit with some beautiful ladies and you just think what a beautiful view we have here, suspect that right, ladies? this is pretty nice stuff out here. we have got ruth chris, no, not her restaurant. and we have got eva james right here is that right? >> that's right. >> and we have all got our storm team4 cups, you can buy those on our website -- you can't do that but they have them all, and the kids in the back. you guys having fun? i wanted to show you what's going on, i love backyard weather for a couple of reasons.
5:52 pm
one, i get to meet great people. great people, right here. [ cheering ] >> two i eat giant tote eat really great food. i showed you the crabs earlier, craig, our grill master. craig, you have made quite a few things here, right now you have got -- >> beef kebab, we have had shrimp and chicken also. >> those were also kabobs? >> yes. >> those are already eaten? >> yes. a lot of them's again. >> i had two of those. that's why i love backyard weather and you get look at a backyard like this, guys, just a phenomenal, beautiful backyard here, right off the south river right here in the edgewater area in maryland, another great day. veronica's telling you how great of a day it is. the next couple of days, we have got a little bit of a heat wave coming. they have got a pool, they are not worried about it, but temperatures tomorrow into the low to middle 80s once again, so, tomorrow's the last day where we see numbers like this and then we start to see the heat, saturday, high temperature, 91, high temperature of 92. and then we are going to be talking about temperatures even warmer than that. mop day tuesday, wednesday into thursday, we are going to be
5:53 pm
seeing a heat wave, some of the numbers could even be in the mid-90s, much more on that at 6:00. i got to go eat one of these beef kabobs, guys, send it back to you. thanks, doug. parents who are sending their kids back to school or college, take note, a new study is finding that students experiment with different drugs at different times of the year. the report released today by the substance abuse and mental heather is advices administration examined data from nearly 70,000 students across the country and researchers were looking to pinpoint when full-time college students used substances for the first time. here's what they found. stimulants, like adderall and result lip used for the first time in november, decemberr april. that's right around exam time. marijuana, inhale lameents duri the sum and not the school year. students experimented with cigarettes in june, september and october. experts say data like this can be used to target prevention messages at times when students might be more vulnerable.
5:54 pm
and fans of the fastest sprinter in the world took a collective gasp when they watched this moment. usain bolt falling over after a cameraman on a segway lost his footing and rolled right into the jamaican sprinter while he was doing a victory lap. this is right after bolt claimed another world championship title in the 200-meter race in bay shipping today. bolt briefly held his ankle, but he says he is okay. all new at 6:00, the science of synthetic drugs. >> tonight, the i-team gets exclusive access into a lab to learn about the dangerous chemical recipe and why it's
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a group of volunteer firefighters pulled off a daring rescue. the firefighters who responded went above and beyond the call of duty. news4's chris gordon live in landover hills with this story. chris? >> reporter: well, lives were saved here today at this apartment fire in landover hills because of the ingenuity of a local group of volunteer firefighters. flames destroyed this apartment building this morning. three people were trapped out back. the main staircase was consumed by fire and couldn't be used to escape it. it was too title to get a tower
5:58 pm
truck around back. and firefighters didn't have a ladder tall enough to reach beyond the third floor. >> sometimes that means we have to adapt and overcome and use some different methods we have to help assist people on top floors. >> reporter: the firefighters from the volunteer fire department were inspired to try something different. >> this was kind of our plan b. maybe even a few letters down from that. >> reporter: first they leaned their 28-foot ladder up to the third floor. from there they raise third 14-foot roof leader, hooking it on the balcony of the fourth floor. they climbed the perpendicular ladder to get to the three people who were trapped. >> told them to come down one at a time. they all had scarves around their face, protect themselves from the smoke. >> reporter: they bought all free survivors down the vertical ladder. pretty precarious, straight down? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: how do you feel
5:59 pm
about this? >> another day at work. >> reporter: the rest of the company extinguished flames. >> what we do what we train for, if not for us, three people not seeing the late of day today. >> reporter: none of them want to be call adhere row but you can tell they take pride in their teammen. their line of work saving lives, this is a very good day. the latest live in landover hills, maryland, chris gordon, news4. now at 6:00, disturbing details about the gunman who ambushed two journalists on live tv, a disguise and extra ammo were among the items found inside his rental car on i-66 in virginia. he was a sick blast card and a coward. new calls for gun control amid the violence. >> if we don't do something, it will continue to happen. like new search warrants revealed the gunman, vester flanagan, was hoping to get away
6:00 pm
with the help of some disguises. police found extra license plate, sunglasses, wigs and a hat inside his car in fauquier county yesterday. he was traveling with a gun, multiple magazines and ammunition. that gun purchased legally several weeks ago and it has some people pushing for tighter gun control. >> tonight, we have team coverage. let's begin with dave wagner outside the tv station in roanoke with the growing memorial for those young victims. dave? >> reporter: the growing memorial outside the television station here. residents of roanoke as well as some broadcasting students showing up here to pay their respects. reaction ranges fromming anner to silence. >> please join us now in a moment of silence. >> reporter: 24 hours after their colleagues were shot to death, a time of reflection and a moment of silence at roanoke's wdbj-tv.


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