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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  August 27, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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with the help of some disguises. police found extra license plate, sunglasses, wigs and a hat inside his car in fauquier county yesterday. he was traveling with a gun, multiple magazines and ammunition. that gun purchased legally several weeks ago and it has some people pushing for tighter gun control. >> tonight, we have team coverage. let's begin with dave wagner outside the tv station in roanoke with the growing memorial for those young victims. dave? >> reporter: the growing memorial outside the television station here. residents of roanoke as well as some broadcasting students showing up here to pay their respects. reaction ranges fromming anner to silence. >> please join us now in a moment of silence. >> reporter: 24 hours after their colleagues were shot to death, a time of reflection and a moment of silence at roanoke's wdbj-tv. >> the performance of this staff
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has been incredible. they cry, they hug and then they get the job done. >> reporter: 24-year-old reporter alison parker and 27-year-old photographer adam ward were in the middle of a live interview wednesday morning when police say a former reporter, vester flanagan, walked up and opened fire. parker and ward were killed. vicki gardner, who was being interviewed, was seriously wounded. the gunman videotaped the shootings himself and posted that video on facebook. police say after the killings, vester flanagan faxed a 23-page suicide note to abc news, outlining a series of grievances. flanagan then killed himself after a high-speed chase. he was fired from the station in 2013 after a series of confrontations with employees. >> i would defend the actions of every person in that newsroom when he was here because i saw the way he behaved. >> reporter: wdvj's general manager defended the decision to first hire flanagan, saying he passed all background checks based on positive reference. the father of allison parker is
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feeling both grief and outrage over the shooting and is pledging to fate for tougher restrictions to keep guns out of the hands of those with mental health problems. >> my grief, which is still apparent and will be that way for a while, it's turned to anger and i'm relentless. and i'm not going to stop until something happens, because i don't want to see another alison tragedy like this again. i'm just not gonna do it. >> reporter: as a memorial grows outside wdbj-tv in roanoke, television stations across the country are showing solidarity through social media, a sad and senseless crime that's hitting close to home. and a bit of positive news today, the lone survivor of those shootings, vicki gardner, the head of the local chamber of commerce here, she has been upgraded to good condition, good news for the family. they are very grateful for that. that is the latest in roanoke, virginia, doreen, back to you. >> dave wagner, thank you. tonight, some virginia
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democrats are using the shooting to build support for gun control measures that have failed in the past in virginia but some republicans say this is no time for politics. bureau chief, julie carey, continues our team coverage now. >> reporter: this is the petition started by arlington democratic delicate patrick hope just hours after the gunfire at smith mountain lake. his goal, to demonstrate support for legislation to require universal background next the commonwealth. >> in virginia, we have elections that come up and yes, i'm taking advantage of a situation where it's really raw for people right now, but people are frustrated. and we have got to quit hiding behind this do-nothing attitude, because if we don't do something, it will continue to happen. >> reporter: but it didn't take long for some republicans to make their own stand on social media. loudoun delegate david ramadan scolded the governor and other democrats for politicizing a tragedy. >> people jumping on a bandwagon that they shouldn't be jumping on. we have a tragedy.
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we have two virginians that have died yesterday. give them the respect that they deserve. >> reporter: voters would spoke with today concede gun control wasn't really the first thing on their mind when they learned of the fatal shootings but they respect offended that some elected leaders are turning the conversation that way. >> i'm not looking at it as it's something for their personal gain. i just feel like the word needs to get out. >> certainly are some things that -- that you know, we do need to examine and start, you know, taking a hard look at. >> i think we should have the right to bear arms but yet, there's so many people who take advantage of that right that i guess we probably should have some control over it. >> reporter: as for delegate hope's online petition, in the first day, nearly 20,000 people signed on. in loudoun county, i'm julie carey, news4. tempers flared as d.c. mayor bowser laid to you the a plan to stop the violence in the city more than 100 people killed in
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homicides far this year. some say the mayer and other local leaders are not doing enough to save lives. tom sherwood has our report. [ applause ] >> reporter: mayor muriel bowser at malcolm x elementary, laying out steps she has taken and will take against the spike in homicides. >> we are nowhere near the bad old days of the '90s and we are not going back there either. >> reporter: but a small group of demonstrators tried several times shout down the mayor. protesters say they fear a coming police crackdown in poor communities. bowser specifically denied reports police would enter homes searching for guns. >> to basically search anyone, any time, anywhere. that is blatantly false. >> reporter: the mayor did say 182 more officers are patrolling streets. 235 officers are working 12-hour
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shifts. and she plans a 15-million boost to community groups to engage young people. >> that's my job and i'm going to do it. god bless you, ward eight. >> reporter: community leader denise rolark barnes. >> all communities agree is not one solution to the problem, but the community, i think, wants to find twice become more engaged in the solution. >> reporter: later, the mayor specifically praised police chief cathy lanier. >> she knows these neighborhoods. she has responded. >> reporter: and the mayor said protests won't stop her community meetings. >> listen, tom, i don't fear being any place in the district of columbia. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news4. a developing story in fairfax county now, divers recovered the body of a teenager who disappeared during a fishing trip along little hunting creek near the potomac river last night. his family tells news4 he went into the water and couldn't handle the strong current. know meagan fitzgerald is on the
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scene with more on what the teenager was doing before he disappeared. >> reporter: a decision cost a teen his life. how can you begin to say goodbye to a 16-year-old who had his entire life ahead of him? >> he was the best person a brother could have. . >> reporter: vladimir flores was his best friend, they came here to go fishing. juan says he wanted to leave vladimir at home but changed his mind. it's a decision, he says, has left him with tremendous guilt. any time i think of my brother, comes to mind that i blame myself. 'cause i took him to the river. >> reporter: just after these pictures were taken, juan left to get more bait. vladimir decided to swim to a
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b buoy and got caught in the current. >> i received a phone call from my friend saying my brother went into the water and he is not coming out. >> reporter: fairfax county police and fire rescue crews arrived on scene around 8:30 and ended up searching through the night and into thursday afternoon. divers investigated an image boat sonar picked up just yards away from where the boys were fishing. they discovered it was vladimir. the reality unbearable for juan, who is now left without a brother and a mother left to bury her youngest son. >> i just want my brother to be by my side. >> reporter: fairfax police department says the exact cause of death is expected from the coroner's office and that report should be complete in the next couple of days. jim, back to you. thanks, meagan. the d.c. police are looking for the person who shot a man across the street from the archdiocese of washington. it appears the victim was shot inside a car in a park on eastern avenue. police say the man was conscious
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and breathing when they arrived. at this point, there does not appear to be any connection to the archdiocese. right now, there's no word on either a suspect or motive. those high-profile public feuds don't seem to be hurting donald trump. his support has soared eight points in the last moment in a new national poll from quinnipiac university. it shows him leading other republicans with 28% support but the poll suggests hillary clinton could beat trump if the leeks were held today. brian mooar has more on that. >> reporte >> reporter: in battleground ohio, hillary clinton took on donald trump and his fellow republicans. >> if you look at their policies, most of the other candidates are just trump without the pizazz or the hair. were rap new quinnipiac university poll shows clint answers leading the democratic field with 45%, but that's down 10 points in the last moments that she's been plagued by
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questions about her private e-mail server. >> it clearly wasn't the best choice. >> reporter: vice president biden scored third in the poll, yet fared better than clinton in matchups the leading republicans, but biden is still mourning the death of his sop, beau, hasn't decided whether he will run and is telling top democrats -- >> if i were to announce to run, i have to be able to commit to all of that you i would be able to give it my whole heart and my whole soul. and right now, both are pretty well banged up. >> reporter: meanwhile, on the republican side -- >> we are not gonna take it anymore. we are just not gonna take it anymore. >> reporter: donald trump is telling voters what they want to hear. >> i don't wear a up to pay it's my hair. >> reporter: he asked one supporter to settle that long-standing question. >> yes, i believe it s. >> thank you. >> reporter: he heads the gop pack with 28%, up eight from last month with ben carson climbing and jeb bush falling behind. trump and clinton led another poll question, the no way
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candidate, members of their own party would not support. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. coming up tonight, a dramatic break-in caught on surveillance video. police are looking for this guy to see if he is connected to any other crimes. president obama is in new orleans today nearly ten years after katrina. so, what's he gonna say about neighborhoods that still look like this? promising signs for the surviving panda cub. what the national zoo is saying about the cub's progress and its paternity. doug? >> right now, i'm doing a little crabbing out heater south river. yes, i'm using a minnow net. this is the pier of a beautiful afternoon thereself be else up on the deck. say, hello, everybody, doing backyard weather, we got that
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tonight, president obama is in new orleans nearly ten years now after hurricane katrina devastated that particular area. the president praised the resilience of the people in that city and talked about the recovery. our chris lawrence was in the ninth ward today, an area left underwater after that storm hit. chris joins us now with more on that. chris? >> reporter: yeah jim, i mean, he said -- the community center,
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the brand new community center spoel spoke from is a symbol of that resilience. we went to the same neighborhood where he was and some of the folks were worried he may not be seeing the full picture. they says the a he is a new day in the lower ninth. sounds like one. and the developers are on board. the art sculptures and new charter school show just how far the neighborhood's come in ten years when a good chunk of the city was under water. it would be an amazing story of transformation, if you didn't walk two blocks down the street, like we did, where so many homes still look like this and the weeds are well up above my waist. >> we are not getting all that we need to get our city, our area back together at this point. >> what did you eat for lunch? >> reporter: trisha harvey is picking up her grandson from that new school, the only one in the lower ninth. >> school closest to us, about four or five blocks away is
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still not -- it is just non-existe non-existent. >> reporter: she lost her home in the flood and the government money wasn't enough to rebuild. >> i had to tear down the house and i only got what the house was worth, so, i don't have enough. >> reporter: more than 75,000 black residents never came back after katrina. barely more than a third of the people returned to the lower ninth. folks here want president obama to know they are scared of being left behind by the city's rebirth. >> i can't stress enough that he needs to know these things. it needs to be known across the board, please don't forget the lower ninth. we cannot forget it. >> reporter: look, to be fair, they got a new cvs coming in, they are building a new high school, but a lot of folks are still short tens of thousands of dollars to rebuild their homes. they don't see that changing any time soon. jim? >> thanks, chris. before you go, you spent some heart wrenching days down there ten years ago. what are you seeing now what are you feeling about what you're
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seeing ten years after the fact? >> reporter: um, surreal, a little bit. i have been back, but this sort of ten years sort of -- ten-year thing sort of brings it back. i mean, i remember driving down the street and just a few feet ahead of me, you see the tips of roofs sticking out of the water. not only the bodies that we saw, but the survivors as well, the babies with no diaper, the old people with no medicine for days and days and days, just wilting outside in that sun. it was just hard to imagine. i never thought in my lifetime i would see a major american city just completely collapse. i just hope it's something that we never see again. >> indeed. all of us feel the same way. good news for drivers in downtown d.c., a truck stucked uppern overspas o -- stuck unde
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overpass has moved. it caused a massive traffic jam as police tried detour drivers around the truck. but after a couple of hours of work, the truck has been moved and traffic is moving on main avenue once again. welcomed sight for people who took in the views atop the washington monument. the landmark reopened today with no reports of any issues. nearly two dozen people were stranded at the top yesterday when the elevator broke down. there were also elevator problems on tuesday. nobody was hurt in either situation. looking at weather now, there is a storm out there, erika, moving closer to land. we have team coverage of the conditions and the impact it would have on your labor day weekend plans. >> that's right. that storm system raise graizing right by the leeward islands, expect to make land fall some time tonight around puerto rico, where been wobbling today, the storm, show you that on satellite. i don't expect the system to gain strength in any big way, as
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a matter of fact, encounters the mountainous areas of puerto rico, produce a lot of rain and may start to weaken a built, but still heading to the west, northwest, see it there. late tonight, the main concern for puerto rico, 12 inches of rain falling in dominica of that of flooding in puerto rico late tonight. in here is the movement with the storm system, you can see, approaches miami, gets very close to it late sunday, winds around 65 miles an hour. again, picking up strength and hugging the coast, it makes its way north-northeast ward a sharp turn by midweek, labor day weekend, we could see some rip currents, rough surf around here and large waves. other thing about our area, when will we get more rain, thunderstorms come throughs, past weekend, early part of the week, rain chance low the next few days, maybe monday, doug, a chance of rain. more milwaukee expect the
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weekend with the backyard weather. hey, doug. >> a beautiful day it s really lucked out with the weather the past couple of days, one of the nicest stretches of weather we have had all book long, will continue today. the corn hole tournament, done backyard weathers, i think this is the third time that i've had corn hole but never, never seen this. take a look at the horn hole thing here, anybody know what this is called, corn hole box, i love how we got the grabs on. who is winning? >> oh, right now, looks like the girls are wing. >> the girls are winning? and is that how it always happens? >> of course it is. hello. >> you are playing your husband right over there. drag was also the griller guy, get a picture of craig. and then next to craig is somebody that i keep hearing them call monday. what is that? >> you know, trash talking monday, that's all we can call him. oh, he is one of those guys. one of those guys. that's what i'm talking about. a beautiful day here in
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edgewater. everybody having a good time and they love it here. now, they all went to wheaton high school together, believe it or not, class of 2000. >> exactly. >> class of 2000. so they just celebrated their 15-year anniversary here coming up. let's talk about the weather next couple of days all looking good, no matter if you're dealing with the really nice weather we have all right last few tires even the heat that we have -- last few days. even the heat that we have the last few days. 71 by 11:00. nice shot, by the way. temperatures around the rest of the area, take a look, hunting town at 77 degrees. annapolis, 77. look at that seven-day forecast and show you the heat that's going to be making its way in here the next few days, high temperatures tomorrow, low to middle 80s the most part, then the 90s, 91, saturday, 92, sunday, looks like it gets hot and humid. the heat index could approach 100 the middle of the week. veronica mentioned, monday, the
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only chance we have of rain, need to see rain, doesn't look like we are going to see it any time soon. right now, all we need out here, a good time, exactly what we have. guys, back in a little while with a little bit more backyard weather in a couple of minutes. >> thanks, doug. coming up, a symbol of hate found on some speed cameras in maryland. broken glass burglaries. boom, look what happened here on 11th street. boom, look what happened on georgia avenue. we have the surveillance video.
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somebody spray painteded swastikas in the area. ike leggett is appalled at the acts of hate and anti-semitism. someone vandalizeded speed cameras in olney, one near head waters drive and spartan road. the hate graffiti had been cleaned off when we drove by today. another swastika found in rockville on neighborhood sign. so far, nobody has been arrested. the past few weeks, businesses in the district have been rob and police are trying to find out if the crimes connected. a burglar smashed out the front door of a community article s c before he set to the money inside. pat collins has more. >> reporter: broken glass
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burglar. nothing subtle here. smashing the glass. going inside. grabbing the can and getting away. glass broken. stuff stolen. it's happened on 11th street in columbia heights. it's happened on georgia avenue near pet worth. brazenburg there is maybe the work of the same guy. the meridian, goes for the register but ends one top-shelf scotch. >> the neighborhood gone through change and unfortunately, i believe it's safe, you're still going to get those elements here. >> reporter: on the plywood patch where the window was broken this message, wounded but not broken, pint strong. on georgia avenue, the burglar busted through the back door of the colony club. and right up the street, heat th sport, the burglar waits outside, when the coast is clear, he busts through the glass door and runs to the cash register. but as he leaves, most of the
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money falls to the street, a little criminal karma. what do you make of this? >> that's sad, because we want to change this neighborhood. and that's why we are here. >> reporter: stolen donation boxes from bloombars, a non-profit art center. this after a burglar these rock through their front door and makes off with about $300. >> we hope the police do their job and this comes to some conclusion because it seems like it is happening in the area. >> i hope the police can get them. >> yes. >> reporter: so, are all these burglaries related? police are working the case but so far, no arrests. doreen, back to you. >> pat collins, thank you. new clues in a deadly attack on live television. what was found inside the gunman's rental car and what it reveals about his plan for after the shooting. doors are now closed at the
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jericho christian school, leaving teachers bought their pay and some parents without the tuition money they have already paid. i'm tracee wilkins. on news4, a rocky start to the beginning of the school year. from city streets to suburbs, synthetic drugs are destroying people. there's some science to those drugs. and tonight, the i-team looks at
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classes were empty inside a private school in prince george's county today even though classes should have started this week. >> there was a crowd outside the academy in landover today, teachers protest, saying they haven't been paid. bureau chief, tracee wilkins is live with both sides of a legal dispute that prompted the school shutdown. tracee? >> reporter: all familiar with the legal dispute going on with the jericho city of praise church the last five years but throughout all of those court battles, the school had never been impacted. well, now, they are involved. >> let us pray. heavenly father -- >> reporter: these teachers are gathered in prayer, hoping for a resolution. >> we want just what is due and what is right to us. >> reporter: the jericho christian academy teaches pre-k through eighth grade for more than 100 students. it was expected to open for school on monday but parent, students and staff were told just last week, it will be
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closing. >> everyone is scrambling to get another job, but teaching jobs have been filled. >> reporter: it's theb latest what's been a five-year battle over who is in charge of the jericho city of praise and everything connected to it. >> all of those places turned us back down. >> reporter: since the church's founder reverend dr. betty peeples passed, her son, joel and the church board have been in and out of court. the latest ruling gave peeples authority to lead the church. >> if those parents paid money, where is the money. >> reporter: attorney bobby henry represents peoples and wonders what the board had did with the money in his absence. >> they want to go to court and argue over the assets of the church or something else of that nature, they are certainly welcome to do that, don't take it out on the students and teachers. >> reporter: board released this statement saying --
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peoples have has been in negotiation with the teachers and on sunday when they have the grand opening for the new leadership of the church after it's been closed for the last few weeks, they are going to do a fund-raiser in hopes of raising some money to pay some of these teachers at least their salary, but no talk of any severance. live in landover, i'm tracee wilkins, back to you in the studio, doreen. >> thank you. in prince william county in virginia, a new school named after a fallen police officer is set to open on monday. the chris young elementary school in bristow, virginia, will open to 600 students from first to fifth grade. there is an open house for parents and students there tomorrow. the school is named in memory of prince willm county police officer chris young who was killed in a car crash while responding to a call nearly three years ago. it would seem that vester flanagan did not expect to
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survive that attack yesterday on a tv news crew. but there are new details tonight that show he was prepared to go on the run. david culver here now with a closer look at all the evidence. >> those new details emerging from a search warrant filed by virginia state police today. more than a dozen items pulled from the suspect's crashed rental car. among them, a briefcase. now, inside it, items that suggest vester flanagan mapped to make a clean escape. investigators found three license plates, a wig, a shawl and sunglasses. remember, this was a rental car he sbiched in ed inswitched int shooting. they found a glock happened gun with six magazines and added ammunition and several notes as well as a to-do list and 17 letters with stamps on them, unclear who those were addressed to. as soon as employees of wdvj 7 saw the image of the gun and dressed in black, they knew who he was. you can read about their reaction in our nbc washington app. >> david culver, thank you.
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it's the next chapter in the life of a vibrant maryland boy who became the youngest patient in the world to receive a double hand transplant. zion harvey was just released from a philadelphia hospital and is returning to his home inning os mills, the 8-year-old had the operation last month. he lost his hands and feet when he was just a toddler. an infection set in, his life. he was doing well without hands, but guy? yin wanted to throw a football and play with toys, like other kids. >> and i hoped for somebody to ask me do i want a hand transplant and it came true. ♪ good-bye, goodbye, goodbye >> he is going to continue to get outpatient therapy for as long as two years. a school will open to 600
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tomorrow we will know the sex of the baby panda at the zoo and who is the baby daddy. we will send a push through the washington app and let you know when the results are revealed. the zoo says the cub is getting healthier now, making strong noises, nursing often. the baby panda is growing more hair and his or her tail is looking, in the words of zoo officials, plump. mei xiang's smaller cub died yesterday. panda lovers continue to flock to the den area at the national zoo. that cub though is being kept out of public view, for now. coming up, flames ripped through a mary land apartment complex, trapping people inside. how crews rescued the victims after realizing the ladder wasn't long enough to reach them. and question that some are asking, harmless fun or a serious addiction there is a new warning to consider before you consider fantasy football. and a beautiful day today, but over the next couple of days, you may just need the
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pool. it is going to get a little bit on the hot side. we will talk about the heat coming up in a minute. go ahead, girls. show them what you got. we love you, susie.
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a group of local volunteer firefighters carried out a daring rescue. their ladder couldn't reach three people who were trapped on a balcony in landover hills last night so they had to get creative. they had to figure out a safe way to stack several smaller ladders on the balconies to reach the victims. the volunteer firefighters credit their training. they say they are taught when they encounter an obstacle to adapt and overcome. in baltimore, they are preparing for protests before those court hearings in the freddie gray case there. the city's mayor says working with lane enforcement agencies all over the state. they are also upgrading riot gear and conducting crowd control training. the first of the hearings begins
6:40 pm
on next benz. officials also are planning educational sessions during the first week of school, which starts on monday. freddy gray was a young black man who died in april after suffering a seizure -- a severe spinal cord injury while he was in police custody. one of the most damaged buildings during that period of unrest is going to be rebuilt. officials at cvs say that demonstrators -- that the work, that is, will start tomorrow on demolition of its downtown baltimore location. protesters set fire to that store back in april. cvs released a statement today saying it is committed to serving the baltimore community. the new store should be open, we are told, by the end of this year. gamblers anonymous, the worldwide help group for people about compulsive gambling problems is considering a new warning about fantasy football and other fantasy sports.
6:41 pm
news4 has learned the organization will vote in october about whether to add new guidances to the famed combo book that recovering addicts carry to all meetings. under the proposal, gamblers anonymous prustys that partaking in fantasy sports should be avoided, even when no money is involved. the national council on problem gambling says fantasy sports fits some of the psychological requirements of addiction, including preoccupation and distraction from family. >> so many complex psychological factors go into people's gambling behavior, decision to continue gambling and decisions to keep gambling beyond the point of excess. >> a spokesman for fantasy sports companies says they do not consider their games to be gambling. coming up tonight, the i-team got exclusive access into a laboratory to learn about the dangerous chemical recipe that goes into synthetic drugs.
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drug agents call it russian roulette and what that refers to are small packets containing hundreds of chemicals lumped together under the name synthetic drugs. >> what's really in those synthetic drugs and why are they
6:45 pm
causing so much trouble? tisha thompson got access into a drug lab in virginia to find out. >> that's right, dore reasonable the dea told me newest numbers show d.c. had 439 ambulance runs for synthetic drug overdoses in june alone. those on the front lines stay is unlike anything they have seen before. white lady, mr. nice guy, sour d and blur. with shiny packaging and names it is hard for some to take it seriously. but for jill head, these little packets maybe the scariest thing she has ever seen come through her lab. >> i want people to know that there is no association with these drugs to marijuana. >> reporter: head and her team at the drug enforcement administration's special test and research laboratory in virginia analyze and identify all of the illicit drugs seized by dea agents throughout the
6:46 pm
world. before 2009, chemists here say they typically only saw about a half dozen types of drugs, like cocaine, heroin, meth and marijuana. >> is that really strange phenomenon. >> reporter: but since then, head says they have been flooded with more than 300 varieties of sippet thissic drugs. >> probably at the highest, we have been seeing one to two new synthetic drugs per week. >> reporter: this is what synthetic drugs really look like. despite all of their fancy packaging, head says they all start out as a white powder, manufactured in chinese laboratories that to the naked eye, looks identical to cocaine. >> bath salts, flakka, spice, scooby snax, molly, they all look like. this they are all powders. >> reporter: the de a groups them by what they look like under a microscope. one class typically sold as molly or ecstasy stays in powder form or gets pressed into a pill. bath salts and flakka are in a
6:47 pm
ditch class and have a crystal-like appearance. but most of these macets contain plant leaves dosed with the most common class, called synthetic can bin nodes. >> what happened is the drug is then added to a solvent and dissolved the way you would dissolve sugar into iced tea, make a solution and then it's added to the plant material. there's various methods for mixing, such as spraying or mix in a bathtub, a cement mixer. >> reporter: says the mixes are often unevening meaning some batches are more concentrate and and can lead to overdose. the k 2 and spice pack let's some of the earliest samples they have processed in the lab. >> we don't really see a lot anymore. >> repoer: scooby snacks, another brand name is still widely available but warps the label on the outside has nothing to do with the chemicals she's found on the inside. >> we can analyze one and it will have one drug in it and even from the same store, the
6:48 pm
same seizure, right next to it could be another packet that has a completely different drug. >> reporter: dea says do not be fooled by labels like fruit punch promise it's lab certified with no banned chemicals or devil's claim it is can bin node free and dea compliant. head says none of it is true. they are all illegal synthetic drugs. which is why head doesn't just analyze synthetic drus, she is one of the very few allowed to actually make them into the united states, trying to give the dea aup start on what's coming next in this new drug war. >> the scariest thing to me is how much is unknown and how much people don't know. they are completely unknown. it is like roulette. were respect dea gave us a breakdown of what each of the new variations they have uncovered look like, even at the molecular level and how they keep evolving atom by atom. you can see it by going to our
6:49 pm
nbc washington app and clicking on investigations. tisha thompson, news4 i-team. >> thank you, tisha. turning back to our weather now. doug is live in edgewater, maryland. you picked a great night for this, doug. >> oh, i picked a fantastic night. did you say doredoreen, i don'te to do the 11? >> no i did not say that i want you to come back and join us. bring some of that good food. >> she want knows come back so bad. >> no. >> uh-huh. yeah. yeah. oh. oh. >> tell her to come here. >> yeah, you come here. we will all do the news from here tonight at 11:00. well, with me right now, we have got renee, they call her nae nae, figure that out a second. i got it. and they call you jo jo, so i have been -- picking up all the nicknames here. and you were the one that asked us to come out here. this is your mother-in-law's house. why did you want us to come out tonight? >> because we are life-long washintonians so we are avid fans and is we thought -- i have been talking about doing this for years and years and hospital done it, this year was the year,
6:50 pm
so it all worked out. >> got to come to your house. you love it here, because the week is your time, the weekend, you say everybody comes, all about family. >> everybody is welcome. >> she loves us. >> good to see you. goodbye, we will see you later. let's take a look and show what you is happening, guys, talk about that forecast great, forecast, here all weekend long, all of you guys, right now, temperatures, those temperatures around that 80-degree mark, most areas stay in the upper 70s to 80 today. move on through the rest of the afternoon, we are going to see those numbers dipping down a little bit. still quite nice out there look at that pool forecast, thinking about hitting the pool tomorrow, no problem at all. as a matter of fact, you may just need the pool over the next couple of day we are talking about some heat, tomorrow, not bad at all. as you move on toward the beaches what are we going to be seeing there? those beaches around the low to middle 80s the next couple of days, good news. tomorrow, a little bit cooler, saturday and is up day much warmer. look at that weekend forecast, the next couple of day well, we
6:51 pm
have got the heat making its way in, temperatures of 91 on your saturday, 92 on sunday, and then much warmer back into the low to middle 90s as we head into next week. you guys have fun today? [ cheering ] i can come -- i can come back any time. it just took a long time to get here. we will send it back in to you guys. i can't hear a thing. >> not going to see him at 11:00. >> nah. thanks, doug. we got sports coming up. carol tells us about r
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
carle is here. robert griffin iii is talking again? >> the first chance to speak to him before the game, before he went down. about to say he had more questions than answers, just moments ago, we are hearing that he has been cleared, his final test this afternoon with the doctor, social going to start the ravens. one question answered, robert griffin will start on saturday. he wouldn't confirm when or if he even had a concussion last week but he is sure there's pressure to perform. griffin had a final test again with doctors this afternoon. he is resuming his starting spot under center, according to mike jones of the "washington post." griffin practiced again today
6:55 pm
with no set backs. he knows as soon as he gets the green light, the ravens will be coming after him on saturday. what he doesn't know is if his body can take an outing like last week he wants to be extra caution but he will never waive a white flag. for one, that's not his job. >> that's the coach's decision. as we like to say i just work here, man. and you know, just want to go out there, every opportunity i get, just try execute the plays like they need to be executed, you know, make a play when i have an on time the and let the coaches do the rest of that. >> a big game for rg3 but a couple guys on the defensive end, preston smith, a rookie and trent murphy, a second-year player, the next guys up to fill the role left open after yesterday's senior-ending injury to junior galette. galette hospital been with the skins that long but clearly had plans for him to be a differencemaker in the defense.
6:56 pm
>> we have been hit by the injury bug obviously before. and very frustrating. but, you know, we have been giving these guys a lot of work. we have been force feeding preston and treatment murphy's got a ton of work. we feel good about those gays being ready to play it's just that we thought that junior was a special pass rushing-type guy. >> it was kind of exciting, you know, see the film from the past couple of beaks and see him and myself rushing at the same time and imagining -- imagining about what we could have done this season. we definitely have gays that can step up and fill the void. you still hate to see junior go down. we are going to find out who steps up on saturday, the most important preseason game of the year, redskins/raven, the game kicks off at 7:30 here on nbc4. jason pugh and i will be in baltimore joining you live on news four at 6:00 and for the postgame report and news4 at 11:00. the washington nationals have much work do and little time to do it. they wake up this morning, 6 1/2 games back of the mets who just
6:57 pm
keep on bing. cab sass city adam jones and the o's taking on the royals trying to win their second straight. didn't get off to the best of starts for the birds. watch this bottom one, ben zobrist, to center, adam jones chasing it, all-out into the ball, the unpadded part. ouch. stayed down for a few minutes, the trainers and buck showalter would come out. he would eventually get up and leave the game in the third inning. no update on his injury so far. he was holding his ribs and his head. bottom six, 3-0 game. we have paulo orlando facing chris tillman. orlando taking him deep to left. boom. steve pierce. he is out there, can only batch as it sails over his head. and the o's go on to lose it, 5-3. finally tonight, the world championship of track and field in china, usain bolt edges out justin gatling in the 200-meter sprint to win another gold medal. what happened afterwards got everyone talking. bolt was celebrating when a tv cameraman on a sec way got
6:58 pm
bumped over the railing and then took him out. >> whoa! >> cameraman fell to the ground, he was okay. congrat on being okay today and second
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, the killer's trail. what he left behind in his home and in his car before carrying out his deadly grudge on live tv. did he believe he could outrun the law and the passionate plea from the father of one of the victims. deadly turn, tropical storm erika has now claimed several lives battering the caribbean with severe floods and mudslides threatening to slam florida as a hurricane. last stand, our exclusive interview with the federal agent that took down one of two escape peas and a never before look at the manhunt. in or out, we hear from vice president joe biden about whether he's ready to run as new poll numbers show this may be his moment. "nightly news" begins righno


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