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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  August 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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right now at 6:00, we are waiting for new information from police on a body found in a montgomery county park. we are live with the death investigation. the rank and file going on the record with how they really feel about the leadership of d.c. police chief, cathy lanier. and loved ones and colleagues share their memories about the two young virginia journalists gunned down on live television. a body found at a gaithersburg park and authorities trying to figure out how it got there mark segraves live with what we know about the investigation. >> reporter: erika, what we know, it was an adult male whose
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body was found yesterday evening in great seneca stream valley park. now this is a big park located just off watkins mill road here in montgomery county. it was deer hunters working a managed hunt they do to kind of thin the herd thought for the department of natural resources who found the body yesterday evening just before dusk. the investigation has been taken over by montgomery county police today out there at the scene, removing the body. now, originally, park police said the body was found in a shallow grave but what montgomery county police are now telling us is that the body was visible from eyesight above ground. they are not sure how long the body had been there and they won't say how old the victim appears to be but they are saying that there is no need for the public to be concerned about anyone at loose who might do them harm. now, we are expecting a press conference here at this police station later this evening, and also waiting for the medical examiner's report to give us the
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cause and manner. you can stay with the nbc washington app to get the very latest. erika, back to you. mark segraves, thank you so much. as extra police flood the streets of d.c. this weekend, the police union is asking officers if they have confidence in their boss, chief cathy lanier. officers had until 6 p.m. to answer the online poll. we are working to find out the results. the question, do officers have confidence in lanier's ability to manage the department's resources and keep residents safe as the city grapples with a spike in violence. the chief and union have become increasingly at odds over a solution. an emotional memorial service today for the two journalists killed in an on-air ambush in roanoke. family, friends, colleagues and community leaders came together at a church in roanoke to remember reporter alison parker and photographer, adam ward. some of the mourners were able to laugh through their tears as they watched a video montage of
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ward and parker. wdbj station manager, jeff marks, spoke about the pair's positive affect on everybody around them. >> adam and alison saw as their mission to awaken us to what was good and fun in life. you've heard that adam was the newsroom cutup. suspected alison ever became angry, she might have said an emphatic darn and then started working on whatever positive thing she could do next. >> the journalists were shot and killed by a former co-worker wednesday morning during a live broadcast. well, it is the last day of summer break for many students. we shot this video from a back-to-school fair yesterday. students in montgomery, prince william, and charles counties go back to school tomorrow. a number of d.c. charter schools also begin classes. news4 today will help get everybody ready for the first day of school. our coverage begins tomorrow
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morning at 4:26. well, you know we are going to continue to see some of these showers and just a few isolated showers out there. hopefully they won't affect anybody tomorrow headed back to school. we may have a few in the forecast as we continue into the day tomorrow. but it's not going to be all that bad. yet we are seeing a few out there right now trying to move into the region and, you knee, lot of clouds trying to move into the region, too, did you feel that humidity thought today? it was out there. temperatures in the 80s to right around 90 degrees and if you're grilling out, then we will have those temperatures in the 80s for this evening. and again, with a few isolated showers, we will have that school forecast, back-to-school forecast a lot of those kids and we have got that all coming up in the full weather. erika? >> thanks. today's yankees/braves game began with a moment of silence to honor a fan who fell to his
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death during a game at turner field in atlanta last night. 61-year-old greg murray fell from the upper deck, landed in an area of the stands behind home plate during the seventh inning of the game a witness told espn that just before murray fell, he was yelling toward the field because a-rod had just come up to bat. >> and he just came down like a thud on to the concrete steps. and i'm a vascular surgeon, so i ran over there and the people were sort of in shock. >> greg murray had held season tickets to the braves for 23 years. when pope francis visits d.c. next month, it will be historic for a lot of reasons. did you knee it will be his first time in the u.s. ever? this is one of our most popular stories online. many roman catholic leaders have sought to raise their profiles and raise money by networking with the u.s. church, but not pope francis.
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he has condemned what he called "airport bishops " who spend more time traveling than serving their flock. for more on why francis' relationship with the u.s. is different from previous popes, you can open our nbc washington app and search pope. a special tribute for a promising au grad killed on metro. how loved ones are honoring his memory. and we have got an update tonight on the panda cub. we are going to reveal the condition of the little one. and we have got a live look at haines point this evening. it's an aerial show that we are waiting for really over the district. the blue angels set to grace the
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we have been hearing these wonderful testimonials to kevin's life ever since this horrible tragedy had happened. of course, we knew avenues great kid. we knew he was a great kid since the day he was born, a sensitive kid. you heard that today. >> friends and family gathering at american university to remember kevin sutherland. they held a memorial service at the kay spiritual life center. sutherland was killed on the fourth of july during a robbery on a train at the noma gala debt station. he graduated from au in 2013 and was a student government leader. >> just learned this afternoon that the student government suite where kevin served is going to be named for him.
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so every student leader that has an opportunity toer is love have a chance to get to know who kevin sutherland was. >> jasper spires has been charged with killing sutherland. a d.c. judge ordered a mental evaluation to see whether he is competent to stand trial. a family in maryland lost everything in a fire today and the fire started by their pet. this is what's left of a home on du pont avenue in suitland. a cat knocked over a candle early this morning. it quickly set the mattress on fire and then just spread from there. the good news here is that nobody was hurt, but the fire wound up causing about $5,000 worth of damage and has left now two people without a home. well, it was hot and it was humid today. is the heat going to stay with us though as we head into september? september, can you believe that? meteorologist lauren jiggetts up next. and we have got a live look at haines point now. any minute, the blue angels set to fly over the district.
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if they take off during this newscast, we will plan on bringing it to you live. going to be hard and just like since i get this, like, service dog, actually, there is hope. and how a service dog is bringing an emotional and medical boost to a local teen
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we are getting a live look now at the national zoo's panda cam. mei xiang is keeping her surviving cub close. zoo offings tell us she has only put him down twice in the past 24 hours. and he is starting to look like a panda. they say his black markings are beginning to develop. it was eight days ago now that mei xiang gave birth to two baby pandas. the smaller one, though, died on wednesday. well, as if growing up isn't challenging enough, a girl from the district had already beaten cancer as a child and was just about to enter her teen years when she was diagnosed with diabetes. today she got some priceless help with her health struggle, a service dog named hazel. derrick ward has that story. >> reporter: when kylie peterson found out she was getting a new dog, she couldn't hide her happiness and she didn't want to.
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>> oh, my god, i was freaking out. i called my best friend immediately, oh, my god, i got it. >> reporter: this black lab, hazel is special, as is her growing bond with kylie. you see, kylie has a special type of diabetes. >> type bun is when your pancreas completely stops working. >> reporter: her mother, who is a doctor, was the first to see the signs. her tests confirm it had. >> stated crying. >> reporter: her mother knew her daughter's life would be changed, the regiment of inn sullen, what she it's, where she goes, those things have to be reconsidered. imagine that kind of change in the life of a 15-year-old. >> it is a struggle. diabetes is not a fun thing to have. >> reporter: hazel is a diabetic alert dog, designed to sense changes in kailism some parents can pick it up in their children's breath. >> that's what hazel picks up on way before anybody else could smell that on her. >> reporter: because dogs have almost six times the smell-sensing cells in their noses that humans have. >> a dog can smell a teaspoon of sugar in an olympic-sized pool. >> reporter: as for kaily, the rest of hazel is already as
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important as her nose. >> she's snuggle bun. she likes it culled. >> reporter: dogs like hazel can be hard to come by kylie and her family went through an emotional application process and got hazel through a grant. eventually, the dog will be able to bring kylie her medicine if she can't do it and even alert emergency responders through a specially modified phone. even she is amazed. >> i was kind of sceptical at first, of course, everyone should be, i mean, that's such a cool thing to do. >> reporter: it makes having a condition for which there's no cure a lot easier to live. >> since i get this, like, service dog, it is like actually, there's hope. >> being able to have something awesome come out of it i think is a huge blessing. >> reporter: derrick ward, news4. >> good girl, hazel. >> she just lights up the screen, just beautiful girl and just incredibly put together, just her thoughts. this is an incredible story. it just amazing what dogs can do >> absolutely. oh, wow. that's -- oh. >> to learn more about the non-profit company that supplies and trains service dogs like
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hazel, we invite you to go to our nbc washington app and search service dogs. >> beautiful dog, too. >> absolutely. and beautiful day outside. well, hello. great minds think alike. >> we got the red people moment girls in red. yes. women of red. yes. you know, and today, thank goodness not a red alert day, there's no reason, no big storms headed our way, no big storms headed our way as we continue into this week. so just know that i know we need the rain. i know we do. but we are not going to get it just a few chances of sprinkles here and there. as we continue into the rest of the week, the heat and humidity is not going anywhere, unfortunately. it is with us a few isolated rain chances shall as i was saying, the temperatures above normal all week and normal for this time, mid-80s. that's where we are right now 86, the temperature in d.c. 83 as we get into the evening and then eventually, by tomorrow morning, we will be in the low 70s, not going to fall too far tonight. 60s and 70s. we have a few rain areas out there right now, really coming
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through central virginia, fredericksburg, you may be seeing a few sprinkles, so, we will continue with isolated shower chances here and there. current temperatures, 86 here in d.c., 82, manassas, 84, leesburg, overnight, as i said, 60s and 70s, soing, going to be another mild night, another muggy night and when you put those kids on the bus stop tomorrow morning, oh, boy, happy going back to school. i think is that everybody at this point? you know, going to be nice in the morning, we are going to have those clouds around, muggy with that temperature right around that 70-degree mark, recess not that bad. hot and humid as those temperatures shoot around 90 degrees and then as we head into the dismissal, i do believe by the evening, afternoon, evening, we will get some sunshine, maybe an isolated shower out there, but really, all in all, not too bad. let's take you through the daytime, here we go, about 7:30 tomorrow morning, the clouds in place, here are a few showers popping up around the region, i do believe we will get some gradual sunshine as we get into the evening. and then we will go clear overnight. in fact, tuesday looks fantastic, it looks warm, but
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looks fantastic. highs on monday are going to be right around that 90-degree mark. i kind of capped them off, upper 80s, only because we are going to have some more of that cloud cover around. cloudy for your morning commute, hot and sticky for the evening commute, chance of an isolated shower. i do believe we will have chance of isolated showers here and there the best chances on wednesday, as we see a little piece of energy scoot on through. but look at that temperature on wednesday, in the low to middle 90s, then another chance on thursday. there could be a chance on friday, but these are really slim chances, i barely put them in there. the weekend right now looks fantastic, temperatures in the mid-80s. >> thanks, lauryn. right now the blue angels holding a photo shoot high above the skies of arlington and d.c. going to show you a live look from haines point, the u.s. navy flight demonstration scheduled to start 6:15. six fa-18 hornet jets will pass, make several passes over reagan national airport, flying from east to west. a seventh jet will fly alongside them to take pictures.
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really nice game for the nats, however, there is a but. >> right. i don't know why that is in washington. there's always that -- what is but, a transition word or something? some english teacher -- >> conjunction. >> very good you watched saturday morning cartoons and learned all that. apparent any this town it is almost possible -- impossible, i should say a day to go without talking about the redskins quarterback position. and nationals injury. stephen strasburg has three wins, 32 strikeouts and four games. great. this afternoon, on the mound again. but he was dealing with pain again. strasberg out there, you know what he just didn't look like himself. case in point, top of the first, two on for justin bore, this wasn't boring, gets all this one, three-run shot in the center, four innings, four runs
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allowed, left with upper back discomfort, going to take medication. marlins 3-0 lead. the nats offense coming through for stephen strasburg, man on, bryce harper, going to left field, that's going to bring home jason worth, the score ties the ballgame, rbi single, harper's 77th rbi this season. there's more. hang on. two batters later, ian desmond met on the corners, chasing one up the middle, going to bring in bryce harper, desmond's rbi single now gives the nationals a 5-4 lead. in the sixth, a great decision, clint robinson, pinch hitter, a man on, great decision by the manager, matt william, robinson sends this bill into orbit, two-run upper deck, that's nice, nats beat the marlins, 7-4. after the game -- >> you see the fire in the dugout, you see the fire in the stands, that's what you want. that's what this september's all about. we are going to come up fighting and, you know, we are behind a little bit right now, but, you know, we're putting together a
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lot of great games, you know, taking it pitch by pitch, where we want to be. >> every win is important. every loss get us further away from our goal. we do have to take it one day at a time. we would have to, like we said, grind our way through it and go out and win ball games. >> you think anybody in here has given up or anything like that i think everybody believes in each other and the teams. >> plenty of belief for the nat, different stories, the o's visiting rangers, everything bigger in texas. >> absolutely. >> especially the orioles problems. bottom of the first, rangers up 1-0. miguel gonzalez pitching, man on the corners, hit pitch away from matt weirds, chu comes in to score, rangers advantage, 2-0. bottom of the third, gonzalez trying to cam down, man on the corners, elvis andrus line it is to second. i guess elvis was in the building. great start by scope, andrus beats the throw, another run scores a bad break for the or yell, now down 3-0. bottom of the eighth, problems continue for the orioles, two
6:26 pm
on, shields, a little header through the gap to left. pierce, oh oh, miss it is. >> what happened? >> two runs come in on the error, orioles drop their fourth straight. that's what happened. 6-0, the final. everyone excited for little league world series final? text that site.. pennsylvania taking on japan. top of the third. we are tied at ten. two on. . th one smacked to center, three-run shot. gives japan a 13-10 lead, go on to win the little league world series, 18-11 over pennsylvania mu . congratulations to them. another day another report to deal with on the redskins quarterback this time not from a doctor but espn. the tv network reporting high-ranking redskins front office officials and coaches are ready to move on from robert griffin iii but there's resistance from team ownership. espn adds, the redskins have talked rg3 trade but not found an interested team. still sidelined by concussion and waiting for more tests, rg3
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very much interested spectator last night. and he was talking to jay gruden, watching kirk cousins with the first team and cousins took advantage. look, after an early interception, cousins impressed. remember, this was something he struggled to do last year, recover from his mistakes. not only did he recover, he proceeded to guide the redskins' first team offense to the first preseason touchdown in two years. a strike over the middle off andre roberts into the arms of jameson kroi jameson crowder 31-13. 191 yards, one touchdown, and giving head coach jay gruden more to think about. >> i want to evaluate the games and go from there find out how robert's doing. i just made that perfectly clear. i'm not going to announce anything. there's no controversy. we came off a great victory off a very good football team. as far as who is starting every position, we are going to evaluate that as a staff and talk about it. not going to make any announcements right now, that's for sure. >> for me, about controlling my attitude, preparation, effort and playing the best i can play and then let the chips fall where they may and there's too
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many things in this league that you can't control. you will drive yourself nuts if you worry about those things, you just focus on what you can control and not worry about the rest. >> nice, but always a but. more on that at 11:00. >> we will leave it at that. that's the news for now. night aly news is next. we will see you for news4 at 11:00. until then, good night, everyone.
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on this sunday night, striking distance. hillary clinton suddenly with a major reason to worry in iowa as new polls show what many thought was unthinkable not so long ago, her nearest rival closing in. search for motive. the texas deputy killed in an ambush at a gas station. why was he targeted when there's no evidence he ever crossed paths before with his alleged executioner? paballpark tragedy. a man falls to his death from the upper deck of the stadium raising more questions about safety at america's favorite pastime. double threat. florida braces for flooding from killer storm erika while hawaii is hoping for a near miss from hurricane ignacio. and found alive. a hiker missing for


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