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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 13, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight, the pressure is on for hillary clinton now facing all of her rivals for the first time. much of the focus is who won't be on the stage. is tonight's debate hers to lose. terrifying final moments revealed. a packed jetliner blown out of the sky by a missile. investigators say the cockpit was ripped from the plane and some may have been conscious as it hit the ground. taking a stand. >> jennifer lawrence tells a story about equal pay for women and paying the price for trying to be liked. and a mother on a desperate journey who collapsed in front of richard engel and tonight she in the start of a new and different journey. "nightly news" begins right now.
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good evening. it is politics without a net tonight. there were a single slip or trip could make for a hard fall as the democrats running for president face off in a live debate. the burden is on hillary clinton and on bernie sanders to prove he is more than a shooting star but there are three other contenders desperate to make headlines which is why there is so much anticipation in las vegas on this night. we'll get to chuck todd in a moment. but first andrea mitchell is there. set the stage for us. >> reporter: good evening, lester. hillary clinton is by far the most experienced debater all of the candidates tonight. so if this is her contest to lose. it is also bernie sanders' chance to show he can broaden his appeal beyond his liberal base.
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hillary clinton trying to position herself as the nominee. already going after donald trump, joining union protesters outside of his nonunion hotel here. >> we want to send a message to mr. trump, that you if are going to run for president, then you should represent all the people of the united states. >> reporter: tonight she is being challenged by bernie sanders. likely topics, trade, wall street, foreign policy and guns. her recent moves to the left have led to charges of flip flopping. >> people have to contrast my consistency to stand up to big corporation with the secretary. >> but on guns clinton is more consistent. >> we need universal background checks. we know they will work. >> while bernie sanders wants to protect gun shops from lawsuits. >> if somebody has a gun, and somebody steals that gun and they shoot somebody, do you really think it makes sense to blame the manufacturer of
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that weapon? >> reporter: sanders has not attacked clinton on her e-mails but the moderators will bring that up. she is prepared to apologize again for using a private server but will lash out the republican led benghazi committee. the three other candidates are barely measuring in the polls. but overshadowing them all is joe biden, the man who isn't here. who is watching the debate at home. even friends and allies like the head of organized labor say biden is running out of time if he wants to run. >> joe biden will make a decision before very long. he has to. or else it will be too late. >> reporter: now bill clinton is also here tonight. but he is behind the scenes. he's perhaps the best democratic debate coach of all, helping his wife prepare. but he will not be here on stage or off stage tonight. he wants to avoid the spotlight, letting hillary clinton take that light. also watching, as i say, from home, joe biden, waiting to see just how hillary clinton does.
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lester. >> andrea, thanks. let's turn to chuck todd. from "meet the press." joe biden will likely be watching this at home. what will he carefully watch as he tries to make his decision. >> he has to have a rational for running. it is not whether or not hillary clinton is faltering or bernie sanders is pulling support away. he has to have his own rational. where does he fit into the conversation. it is not as if bernie sanders or hillary clinton goes away, suddenly the vice president decides to get in. i think he will be watching to see what he would bring to the table that is different that also puts him at a contrast. i think he wants to be the unifying candidate that can make washington work. is that a message that would resonate with democrats tonight. we'll find out. >> and for hillary clinton, this should be the biggest night of the month for her. but it probably won't be. >> reporter: it is not. in many ways. it is my understanding she skipped the walk-through tonight. her campaign is almost
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as if focused if not more focused on the testimony in front of benghazi committee in nine days more so than tonight. one reason is why, there is four or five more debates. this is the first one. she only has one shot in front of congress. >> chuck, thank you. today the world finally learned the terrifying final moments for the passengers on board malaysia airlines flight number 17, the packed jet liner blown out of a sky by a missile over ukraine in july of 2014. thousands of pieces carefully reconstructed by dutch investigators are now revealing findings. tom costello on what brought the plane down and the horror for those on board. >> reporter: with the haunting remains of malaysia flight 17, on full display, they confirmed what many western countries have alleged. that a buk missile brought down the plane with 298 people on
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board. >> the flight crashed as a result of a detonation of a war head outside of the airplane. the left hand side of the cockpit. >> the dutch don't say who fired the missile but claimed it was launched by russian backed separatists in eastern ukraine and the missile exploding and tearing through the cockpit. while most passengers quickly died or lost consciousness, it is possible some remained conscious for up to 90 seconds until the plane hit the ground. one passenger was found wearing an oxygen mask. crews spent months reconstructing the plane and have recovered metal shrapnel in the pilot consistent with the russian made war head. the family members were briefed before the news conference. >> they showed up the fragments, the fragments that were inside of the plane and also in the crew. >> reporter: the u.s. said it detected a missile launch from separatist territory and have phone recordings of rebels bragging about the shoot-down.
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>> this report validates what secretary kerry said more than a year ago and that is that mh-17 was shot down by a buk surface-to-air missile. >> reporter: but russia denies it and said the dutch report is biased and wrong. meanwhile, investigators were sharply critical of ukraine of failing to close air spice while war was raging. a criminal investigation is looking into who issued the orders and who fired the missile. the u.s. and malaysia and dutch governments are demanding those held responsible be accountable. and for russia to cooperate. >> tom, thank you. there is late word from milwaukee of a verdict in a closely watched gun lawsuit that we reported on last night that pitted wounded police officers against the gun store that sold the weapon they were shot with. let's get right to kevin tibbles in our chicago newsroom. >> reporter: lester, this can only be seen as a victory for those in favor of more gun control in this country.
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as the jury in milwaukee came down in favor of the two officers. now these two officers were shot on the street by someone who purchased a gun in a straw purchase. where someone else buys the gun and then hands it off to the person who originally wanted to buy it but couldn't because, in this case, he was too young. when they were asked, did the gun shop, badger guns, sell the gun under a false entry and the answer came back from the jury yes. a second question was did the negligence of that sale cause the injuries and the answer was also yes. a victory for gun control people in the country but this is going to be appealed and could wind up in the supreme court, lester. >> kevin, thank you. at least three people are dead, dozens more injured in a series of attacks in israel after palestinian groups called for a day of rage. two palestinian attackers were also killed. the escalating
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violence fuelling fears of a bloody new phase in the ongoing conflict. nbc's john yang has the report and we have to warn you, you may find some of the images disturbing. >> reporter: it was the deadliest day yet in weeks of renewed violence. four separate attacks, including two in jerusalem. one captured on security camera video. a palestinian crashes a car into a bus stop and slashes pedestrians with a machete, one fatally, before he was shot by a security guard. the prime minister benjamin netanyahu pledged to, quote, settle the score with the murderers. in the past four weeks at least seven israelis have been killed in 20 attacks. mostly stabbings like this one in jerusalem. and 29 palestinians have died in clashes with israeli forces. the jerusalem mayor have urged citizens to arm themselves. >> many of the cases of neutralizing
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terrorists was not necessarily done by the policemen, but with people that know how to use a gun very effectively. >> reporter: it is the latest flare-up between israelis and palestinians. a conflict with no viable peace process to contain it. one that exploded last year in gaza, once again threatening to boil over. >> this is potentially a very significant and very unsettling and violent uprising and it is being led by young kids on the streets. >> reporter: as the first of today's victims were buried, fears are rising about what may be next in this conflict without end. john yang, nbc news, london. in kansas city tonight, firefighters are mourning the loss of two colleagues killed in a massive apartment fire when a wall suddenly collapsed. an emotional fire chief revealing today the firefighters who lost their lives were veterans. each with the department for well over a decade. the cause of the fire remains under investigation.
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it is the end of an era for play boy. the magazine which has never been known for modesty will stop publishing nude photos. the house that heff built has faced growing competition with other men's magazines and the internet. we get more from harry smith. >> reporter: playboy magazine was born in the 50s. and came of age in the 60s and 70s. a monthly manifesto of publisher, hugh hefner. it declared the puritanism of your forefathers dead and pleasure is not a sin. >> playboy was there making a case for the sexual revolution before almost anybody else. and i take real pride in that. >> reporter: the biggest lure, photographs of young women barely clothed or completely nude. including stars like marilyn monroe and madonna. scandalous once, the internet has rendered it obsolete. with nudity overexposed, playboy
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has said it will no longer print pictures of women all natural. >> i think the internet killed playboy. nudity is everywhere through a google search. and what playboy did all of these years is not special any more. >> in the heyday, young men devoured it and claimed they subscribed for the articles and interviews. but over the decades it lost readers to magazines like maxim and gq. the magazine regularly sold 5.5 million copies a month and today the circulation is less than a million. the rebooted playboy will still have photos but no nudes. a note posted on said, yes, we're taking a risk by going non-nude but this is a company with risk in the dna. the online version dumped the pictures a year ago and quadrupled the number of readers, proving that playboy with less
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was no longer more. harry smith, nbc news, new york. the world's two biggest beer empires are about to become one in a merger brewer for some time. the parent companies of budweiser and miller have agreed to join forces in a $106 billion deal. both have faced dips in sales and growing competition from the craft beer market. the feds must approve the deal which could mean the mega-brewer could be forced to sell off some brands. still ahead here tonight, one of hollywood's biggest stars, jennifer lawrence speaking out about why men and women don't get equal pay. but you might be surprised to hear who she is really mad at. >> and the woman who collapsed in front of our nbc news crew and weeks later we find out there is a new life for her life on the run. alright team, we've got an f150, needs a systems check and tires. doc, i need you on point for this one. already got the latest updates direct from ford engineering. 'cause ford dealers get that intel first.
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be the one with the crazy laugh. and keep being their favorite playmate. with tena's unique super-absorbent micro-beads that lock in moisture and odor. tena lets you be you. we're back now with a powerful message issued by one of the biggest stars in hollywood. jennifer lawrence opening up about her reaction when she learned her male co-stars were being paid more than she was. while she acknowledges her fight was over millions of dollars it is her message about not speaking up and instead of worried about being seen as difficult that so many people are relating to tonight. nbc's stephanie gosk on the message being shared. >> reporter: jennifer lawrence may be the highest paid woman in hollywood, but that is not the point. the point she writes,
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in a letter posted online today, is that the men on making more. when the sony hack happened and i found out how much less i was being paid than the lucky people with a certain male body part, i didn't get mad at sony, i got mad at myself. and an internal e-mail made public after the hack, showed she made 7% of the profits while her male co-stars may have not. >> she writes, "i failed as a negotiator because i gave up early." today bradley cooper voiced his support. >> it is about changing the mindset and sticking up for yourself. >> jennifer lawrence is at a place in her career, she is in demand and she can choose what she wants to do so coming out on this issue will not hurt her professionally and it could do good for the cause she's champing. >> the 25-year-old wonders if this general desire not to seem difficult is a lingering habit among women. patricia arquette
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spoke out at the oscars this year, to the delight of other actors. >> it is time for us us. it is time for women. equal means equal. >> the department of labor said full time female employees in 2015 made an average 78 cents to every dollar earned by a man. but what to do about it remains politically contentious. the young star clearly feels at least some of the responsibility. i'm over trying to find the adorable way to state my opinion and still be likeable. then she added -- f that. >> she is so good at what she does, that attitude may just work. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. we're back in a moment with a paramedic bride who walked down the aisle and ran to help those in need. putting duty first even on her wedding day. if you struggle you're certainly not alone. fortunately, many have found a different kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar.
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as donald trump would say, it is going to be huge. saturday night live announced that the republican front-runner will host
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the show on november 7th. it comes after hillary clinton's appearance in a sketch earlier this month. trump last hosted snl in 2004. ahead of tracy morgan's hosting this saturday, the comedian returned to the stand-up stage at the new york comedy cellar. his first time back at it since the 2014 highway crash that left him with a traumatic brain injury. he later tweeted my first time on stage in 16 months. picking up the pieces. and a paramedic is now a viral sensation for answering an emergency call on her wedding day. sara ray had just exchanged vows when word came that her dad and grandmother were in a car crash on the way to the reception. sara raced to the scene still wearing her wedding dress to help. her grandmother had to go to the hospital but is expected to recover. when we come back, she disappeared into the masses after a health scare caught by our camera. tonight we found her again. this pregnant refugee's joy after so
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we often come face-to-face with people in crisis. you may remember this syrian refugee, pregnant and seeking safety in a new life. last month overcome by teargas as she collapsed in front of richard engle. it was one of the worst days of her life but weeks later richard has managed to find her again under very different circumstances. and tonight he tells us what may be the best day of her life. >> reporter: last month we witnessed a wave of migrants being stopped at the border. bottles were being thrown and teargas sprayed. and then a woman collapsed right in front of our camera. >> this woman just collapsed in front of me. can we get some water. >> reporter: her name was zina and she was 19 from syria and pregnant. she recovered and with her husband continued her journey.
7:27 pm
we have been trying to find her ever since. and we have some good news. zina made it all the way to germany where she just had a baby boy. >> i am so happy to see you here. >> translator: me too. i'm very happy to see you. >> she named the boy azad, the kurdish word for freedom. >> so he is healthy. >> yes. yes, his health is good. >> and that is a miracle in itself. she told us how after we last saw her she had to walk for 20 miles. >> you walked day and night? >> translator: i was scared. there were people walking ahead of us and i was last. i had no choice but to keep up so we wouldn't get lost. >> reporter: but you were in the back because you were walking more slowly? >> translator: yes. my legs were injured from the fall that i took but i had to keep up. >> reporter: she did keep up and with her husband, eventually
7:28 pm
made it on to one train after another, through four more countries to germany. >> what were you thinking when you got off the train? >> translator: i was very happy. very happy because i had arrived. we were very tired after 23 days on the road. >> they were welcomed by relatives. themselves refugees. once they registered with authorities, they were moved to this refugee camp outside of the city of fulda. our cameras were not allowed in, but her husband used a phone to show us the conditions inside. then, last week, zina checked into the hospital and on sunday she went into labor. her newborn is one of thousands of children that have landed on europe's shores. because the parents are asylum seekers, azad doesn't qualify for german citizenship but the family has a good chance of being granted asylum so the baby called freedom will probably grow up here. far away from the war his parents escaped. richard engel, nbc
7:29 pm
news, fulda, germany. >> so glad we could share the rest of the story with us. that will do it for us on this tuesday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. watching and good night.
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lights, camera, access. ♪ >> this woman kind of just looked at me and said -- >> count on getting recognized even more often now. i'm billy bush. "game of thrones" star crowned the sexiest woman alive. we'll tell you the ultra sexy role she passed on.


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