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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 9, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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we come on the air, a gruesome find at a playground usually buzzing with children. i'm barbara harrison, we're there as the search for answers gets underway. >> rain is getting closer to the metro area. i'll in new hour by hour rain timing. campus fallout. i'm eun yang at the live desk. right now a major university is at a standstill over racial concerns. we're following every new development. and a quiet neighborhood suddenly in the national headlines because of a tragic set ways. i'm pat lawson.
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>> i'm pat collins in alexandria. police are all over the place out here. you see down this road is a playground. a popular playground known as the pit. this morning a startling discovery there. a woman who was out walking her dog found the body of a man beneath a slide in this park. police were called in. the police are calling this suspicious. sources tell us that the man's throat had been slashed. police appear to be treating this as a case of murder. it has really upset this neighborhood. this park is a popular gathering place for people here in the beverly hills section. this is where they light the christmas tree. this is where they walk their dogs. this is where little kids play. this is where they have popsicle parties. now it appears they have a case of murder. i talked to one resident here, beth lloyd. this is what she had to say.
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>> there are bad people who do bad things. sometimes it's by low peoples radar. this is a very popular park. >> certainly is. my grandchildren play in it. >> for something like this to happen there? >> i think it's astonishingly bad. i mean, i can't imagine. we all just took it so much for granted. police all over this area. they have sealed off this area. they have been here for hours now as they continue to look for clues as they continue to look for suspects in what appears to be a gruesome murder here at a popular park in the beverly hills section of alexandria. we're here. we'll be here all day. i'll be back at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 with more details. in alexandria, i'm pat collins, news 4. i'm molette green live in
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hyattsville. investigators want to know why a pickup truck crossed the double yellow line and set off a deadly chain of events that took four lives including that of a child. eight others are fighting for their lives this morning. witnesses tell us that flames reached treetops here when this three-car crash happened. it started with a pickup. that pickup that hit a car, a cadillac, and kept going as it caught fire and that pickup then hit a van full of adults and children. erupted in fire. caesar gomez lives in the next block, heard the crash and tried to put out those flames. >> the flames, the fire was at least 15 foot up. i went and got the fire extinguishers from house, went back up, went down a little bit and came back again. >> reporter: now, all of this happened in front of this man's house.
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he doesn't want to talk. there's a note on the door saying that his heart, thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those injured. you can see car parts strewn in his front yard. eight people remain in critical condition including four children. six others also injured or in the hospital. people in that van range in age from their 20s to 30s. the children from 4 to 10 years of age. they were part of a church group, but their names have not been released. coming up, neighbors tell me that this stretch of road is treacherous. i'll have more on that part of the story and why they say it's time to get something done. back to you. clouds have moved in. a little sun this morning, now they're producing rain. well to the south of the metro area. that stretches from southern virginia into the carolinas, all the way down to tennessee, georgia. it's a big area of rain. these areas in yellow and orange
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coming down harder in southwestern virginia. much of that heavier rain will be passing to the west. it's on a track, the leading edge of this, to get into the metro area in another few hours. leading edge just a few scattered sprinkles from near richmond to south of charlottesville over to near harrisonburg. that's continuing to advance further to the north. storm team 4 radar, high resolution locally no sprinkles yet. i'm working on the new hour by hour timing. just putting the finishing touches on that. that's coming up in ten minutes. there's the gray sky over washington now. we have those clouds thickening up. looking off to the west as well, a gray sky with us. that new hour by hour timing in a few minutes. i'm eun yang, we're following the latest on a growing controversy at the university of missouri. just this morning we learned grad students plan to walk out of class today this comes hours after faculty and staff announced their plans to walk out of class today and tomorrow.
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this all in an effort to support the growing protest in mizzou. recent protests demanded action to response to racial incidents on campus. the football team said it would not play until the president of the college is out of office. since september the university has been under fire, accused of not addressing several racial incidents on campus. so far university of missouri president tim wolf has made no mention of resigning. at least two americans are dead after a shooting at a pr s police training center in jordan. a jordanian policeman is responsible for killing the contractors and wounding three others. president obama said two or three of the dead are u.s. citizens. he promised a full investigation into the deaths it happen on the outskirts of the capital city of amman. it's not clear whether the shooting was intentional.
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is at the white house meeting with the president. they're discussing a new security agreement that could mean increased u.s. military assistance to israel. the leaders have not met face-to-face in more than a year. and tension between the two countries has been high because of the iran nuclear deal. netanyahu is also set to meet with former secretary of state hillary clinton. a chaotic commute. the developing situation unfolding now in one of the country's biggest train stations. and from hollywood to arlington. the actress from hollywood's golden age that's
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developing now in new york city, trying to figure out what caused a shooting inside a subway station. one person is dead and two others hurt after the shooting near penn station in midtown,
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manhattan. a relative of one of the victims said he and his brother were lured out of a mcdonald's, when they went outside someone shot them at point blank range. the gunman is on the loose. starting tomorrow, you can check out the new exhibit at the smithsonian national air and space museum. a year-long exhibit called art of the airport tower is opening. it calls for the towers to be preserved for other generations to enjoy. today a hollywood star will be buried at arlington national cemetery. maureen o'hara will be buried next to her husband. the red-headed o'hara was known for her role in "miracle on 34th street" and the original parent trap. she died two weeks ago at the age of 95. the incredible video of a strange phenomenon outside a restaurant. it's going make people a lot of
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a broad area of rain south of the metro area stretches from southern virginia, southern west virginia, kentucky, tennessee, north and south carolina all the way down to the florida border. it is advancing further to the north. leading edge is still quite far away from us. still south of fredericksburg, just north of richmond this one leading edge, generally light rain, a few sprinkles initially. that may be making it in here in another few hours. right now all dry. if you're planning on heading out the door, for the next couple of hours we should stay dry. here's the new hour by hour timing. by 5:00 p.m., most of the steadier rain will be around fredericksburg. between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m., steadier rain moves through. the rain may get heavier at times. that's 5:00 to 7:00 a.m.
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tomorrow morning. the morning commute tomorrow could have problems. >> all right, tom. incredible video of a caved in parking lot in mississippi. the hole swallowed up 12 cars. >> crews will work today to try to figure out what triggered the collapse of that parking lot. this is not a sinkhole. the collapse created a hole of about 15 feet deep. thankfully no one got hurt. it's a brand-new way to get around town. we'll show you the new buses that are about to flood the streets of our city. and why they're supposed to be such a big improvement.
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i'm eun yang at the live desk this just in. a judge gave the man a maximum sentence for murdering a 15-year-old. 65 years in prison. prince george's county police say tavon williams shot the teen in the back. he was with a group of people who tried to rob the victim in february of 2013. charles walker died. darcy spencer is in court now following developments. download the nbc washington app for new information. at the live desk, i'm eun yang. we have new developments in the russian plane crash that killed 224 people. this morning the ceo of the plane's manufacturing company announced that he is very confident in the machine's
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safety. russian aviation officials grounded the airbus a-321 fleet after last week's deadly crash. this midday, the fbi is part of the investigation into whether a bomb took it down. an egyptian investigator says sound waves 23 minutes into the flight match that bomb theory. egypti aviation officials say it's too early to make a conclusion. well, look at the flames a driver had to escape on the bw parkway this morning. this happened around 6:00 this morning in the southbound lanes near route 450. park police say nobody was hurt. firefighters were able to get the flames out pretty quickly. service is almost back to normal at the armory metro station for the first time since a transformer fire nearby. orange and silver line trains made their normal stops. metro suspended the service in september to conserve electrical power. customers tell us it was tough. >> the sad part is you have to
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leave much earlier. it's been an inconvenience for ridership. >> metro says orange and silver line train also arrive every eight minutes during rush hour, a little less often than they were before the fire. metro says it hopes to get that down to every six minutes by the end of the year. i am closely tracking a large area of rain coming out of the carolinas into virginia. leading edge of that well to the south of washington. it is on a track. the upper level winds dragging it into the rest of virginia, up to eastern virginia, maryland, the eastern shore by late afternoon. don't have any rain around right now. if you head out right now you'll stay dry. it's still chilly. hovering in the low 50s metro area and around the bay. still generally in the 40s north and west. out of the mountains, only 40 degrees on this monday afternoon. so, still fairly chilly.
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you need a jacket but have the umbrella handy. maybe a few sprinkles at 1:00 p.m. rain likely by 7:00 p.m. and through the evening. in the 50s through the evening, overnight tonight and more rain for tomorrow morning. right now fairfax county public schools are trying to solve a major budget problem. our news partners at wtop say that the school system is dealing with an expected $72 million shortfall for 2017. the school board is having an all-day work session. it will look at current enrollment numbersupcomeing projects to figure out what to do. >> the redskins last eight games won't get easier for them. it's tough watching the patriots dominate as tom brady led new england to a 27-10 win. on their first drive, kirk cousins threw an interception. the team couldn't hold on to the ball dropping seven passes by the time it was all over.
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>> we had guys that drop balls that don't drop balls often. i'll throw it to them again and again and again. i don't expect a drop ever again. just one of those days. >> i don't see this as a trend or a pattern. i think more an anomaly. >> desean jackson came back from his hamstring injury but only made three catches yesterday. the skins dropped to 3-5 now. they host the saints next weekend. a new fleet of metrobuses just hit the fleet. adam tuss is monitoring the action in northwest washington along 16th street. he sweeted pictures of the new 60-foot accordion style buses. metro said they will be more reliable and comfortable. in new 4 your health, $1.5 million of taxpayer money will be used to try to figure out why firefighters are developing cancer. researchers will focus on firefighters from an arizona department that have seen two members die from the disease.
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the study will analyze blood and dna samples from recruits that have never been exposed to fire. after their first fire all the tests will be done again to see which chemicals the recruits absorbed. >> synthetics, plastics, furniture inside the house. we are fighting a fire that is pretty much synthetic, which is different than it was 50 years a ago. >> those results will be used to improve firefighters gear. so it can be better protect them from the chemicals. eventually researchers hope to share the findings with the departments across the country. community members can have their voices heard tonight on re-drawing the school zones in montgomery county. some montgomery county public schools are looking at adding new classrooms because of overcrowding. there will be boundary recommendations for new clarksburg and damascus middle school.
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social media backlash. why cups of coffee have some people seeing red.
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we're tracking what's trending this midday. these new starbucks cups have you seeing red. this trending on our nbc washington app this monday. a lot of people are upset there are no snowflakes, ornaments or something festive. starbucks is known for its highly anticipated cups. the company says this year's cup allows you to add your own creativity. another grinchy move turned around quick by the management at a mall. they were planning on a new display this year in charlotte. the nbc charlotte station showing us this. crews at local mall here pulling apart a giant glacier it took mall management less than two days to get the message. they planned to have a giant
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christmas tree with a winter wond wonderland glacier display, apparently that did not stick. >> you want to shop locally for a holiday tree? beautiful trees in virginia. your tree can actually come from the commonwealth. our sister station in portsmouth posted the guide for you. search by zip code or farmers markets to find where to buy local. that's what people are clicking
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i'm eun yang. breaking news right now. the university of missouri president tim wolfe is stepping down after controversy over resent racial incidents on campus. here's what he had to say moments ago. >> i'm resigning as president of the university of missouri system. a motivation into making this decision comes from love.
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i love mu. columbia where i grew up, state of missouri. >> you can hear that wolfe was emotional as he announced i will no longer be president of the school. his decision comes after recent accusations that he was not doing enough to address racial incidents on campus. and the move comes as students including the entire football team planned for a walkout today on campus. the recent protests have demanded action in response to these racial incidents, the school football team, faculty and staff said they would not play until wolfe resigned. since september the university has been under fire for not addressing these racial incidents to the students' liking. i'm eun yang. jesse just asked me, is it going to be dry at noon? i'm going out for a run. yes, it will be dry noontime. rain will be moving in later. the edge of that rain in central
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virginia. just now near richmond. steadier rain not arriving until later. dry through the early afternoon. after that, late afternoon commute. here's what we're working on. the winter outlook. it will be on news 4 at 5:00 p.m. today. so, stay tuned for that. we're working on that. we're doing the final touches on our winter outlook. we'll have it at 5:00 p.m. today. later today, upper 50s. off and on rain tonight and through the morning on tuesday. sun back tomorrow morning. near 60. great weather on veterans day. mid 60s. another chance of rain thursday. getting chilly next weekend. highs of 55 with sunshine. talk about a winter outlook. look at this, snow in november. a strong storm stopped drivers in the passes. and an 18-year-old who was kicked out of student housing at howard university now has a new
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place to stay. juwanza ingram was evicted last tuesday after he let fellow students into the building through an emergency door to celebrate his roommate's birthday. that's against school policy. a howard graduate student heard about his situation and is letting him stay in his apartment for the rest of the semester rent-free. well, what happened and why? this morning a local neighborhood in the national spotlight after a violent crash involving a church van. we'll take you back to the scene next. plus forced out of their homes. why so many local families can't return to their homes as they demand answers about what's
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right now on news 4 midday, keep your umbrella and jacket ready. storm team 4 radar is picking up the rain that is heading our way. in two minutes, tom kierein breaks down how much and when. >> stepping down, just moments ago university of missouri president tim wolfe announced he is resigning. it comes after recent protests and walkouts demanding a better response to racial incidents at the school. it'sfour people killed, 14 others hurt in a crash in hyattsville. right now eight people are in critical condition, including four children. last night a pickup truck slammed into a car and burst into flames.
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the truck kept going and crashed into a van. molette green reports how horrified neighbor's watch helplessly. good morning. >> reporter: tire tracks in the road, charred bits of debris and car parts left behind here on chillum road at 21st place. the scene of a deadly three-car crash on a stretch of road residents describe as dangerous. >> this is a sickening accident. >> this is a crazy road. >> reporter: caesar gomez says last night's fiery collision is the worst he's seen. he said he tried to use his fire extinguisher to put out the flames. >> the flames, the fire was 15 foot up. >> three cars mangled and burned. witnesses say a pickup truck hit a cadillac and kept going while on fire and slammed into a van
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full of people including young children. that vehicle caught fire. neighbors want cars to slow down. >> i think it should be a light put up to slow them down. like i said, they don't stop for nohing. >> they go 50, 60 miles per hour. >> no word on if speed factored into this deadly crash that this community won't soon forget. >> it's a sad situation, a sad story to hear. we all have to cherish life. to hear that people, you know, perished like that, it's something. >> reporter: investigators are still working on the cause of this, what set off this chain of events. unfortunately the driver of the pickup truck died in the crash. again, many others still fighting for their lives, including four children. and home owners here are just
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wondering when this stretch of road here at chillum and 21st place will become a safer place to drive. that's the latest live from hyattsville, molette green, news 4. around the region, right now clouds and it's rather chilly. only around 50 degrees. the storm team 4 radar showing a broad area of rain continuing to advance north out of the carolinas. still quite a ways away from the metro area. a few sprinkles west of richmond into charlottesville. much of this will take a while before it gets here. by late in the afternoon, we should have some rain coming in and making our streets and roads wet. have the umbrella handy. here's the latest hour by hour timing. the area in the green is the steadiest rain. it's here 6:00, 7:00 p.m. stays wet all night with steady, light rain. the area in the yellow and orange, heavier downpours may occur around 4:00, 7:00 a.m. by 8:00, most of it tapers off.
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by 3:00 tomorrowlingering sprin the aunt of a woman murdered in falls church will unveil a new exhibit this week to honor her niece. five years ago, julio blanco garcia stabbed 19-year-old finesse is a pham to death. her aunt will pay tribute in an art exhibit. the exhibit opens tomorrow at the annandale campus. you can see the art until november 15th. very, very cautious. i don't know what i'm going to do with my wife, with my kids. >> more than 20 families in prince george's county are waiting to learn if they can get back in their homes. their apartment buildings shifted saturday night causinging panic and cracks in the walls. building inspectors were back out this morning after dozens of apartments were evacuated on
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saturday. they're still demanding to know whether or not the build willing reopen. one woman in a top floor unit said she actually felt the building move. others say they smelled gas. >> they went to each and every unit. so they did come and check the building. each and every apartment they checked, they said something about gas a gas leak. >> a total of 22 apartments were impact. we'll get an update tonight on plans to exchange rail to virginia and hanes market. vre is considering expanding through mamanassas. >> have notice, a lot of gas stations have just done something many haven't had to do in months.
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it will cost you a little more to gas up this week. gas prices are up a penny over the past two weeks. the national average is now 2.25 in maryland you'll pay 2.20 in d.c. the price is around 2.38. virginia comes in with the lowest gas at 2.02. west virginia averages around 2.20 a gallon. there's a shift in the most popular way to get an education in virginia. the richmond times dispatch reports online programs may be more appealing. enrollment is up in virginia's public colleges and universities. though they don't expect much groe growth in the next six weeks. though the non-profit sector could provide an upward trend. a pregnant woman is prepared to deliver conjoined twins. the twin boys share their heart
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and liver. the 26-year-old mom says she is focused on having a healthy delivery. it's the first time georgia regents medical center will deliver conjoined twins. why one lawmaker is going after peanut butter this morning. and remember, you can still watch us even if you're at work or on the go. grab your phone, open up the nbc washington app and tap watch live tv now.
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cloudy, getting more humid. that's a penetrating cold, humid start to this monday. the cloud cover closing in. the rain getting closer as well on storm team 4 radar. leading edge of the rain just west of richmond. a few sprinkles near charlottesville, harrisonburg. not getting into the metro area
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until late this afternoon, maybe around 5:00 p.m. then the rain moves through. temperatures hovering in the low to mid 50s through the early afternoon, touching upper 50s around 4:00. slight chance of light rain by then. a greater chance of that rain after 5:00 p.m. rainfall forecast, total amounts by the time tends, maybe up to an inch, northern virginia, area in blue could get a half inch. there are funeral services today for a 6-year-old boy with autism shot and killed by police officers. authorities say jeremy martis died after officers fired 18 times in the car his father was driving. his father is critically injured two louisiana law enforcement officers are facing murder charges. they're scheduled to appear in court this afternoon. prosecutors want to know why the pair chased the man and eventually opened fire. today is your last chance to tell prince george's county officials what you think about closing laurel regional
11:41 am
hospital. this is the last public forum for 2015. tonight's meeting with county executive baker begins at 7:00 p.m. it will be at the park and rec administration building in riverdale. the hospital would close and be turned into a center for patients. 120 workers will lose their jobs. what do you think about caffeinated peanut butter? this morning new york senator chuck schumer is calling for a crackdown on the treat. he wants the fda to review the product known as steem. it is sold as a fitness booster. schumer says he is concerned about steam because the product delivers five times more caffeine than a can of soda. a principal's passionate plea to local parents. and why one officer's act of kindness sparked a lot of
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i'm eun yang at the live desk. in alexandria police are investigating a murder. right now officers are on the scene at a popular playground in the beverly park area. here's the scene. they say a woman walking her dog found the body of a man beneath the slide on the playground. sources tell pat collins that the man's throat had been
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slashed. police are treating this case as a murder investigation. at the live desk, i'm eun yang. we are working to find out more about a deadly shooting involving americans at a police training center in jordan. the country's government-owned newspaper says a jordanian policeman is responsible for the killing of two american contractors and wounding three others. the shooting happened on the outskirts of the capital city of amman. it's not clear if the shooting was intentional. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is at the white house meeting with president obama. they are discussing possible increased assistance to israel. tensions among the two countries have been high because of the iran nuclear deal. in about 45 minutes, clinton will file her paperwork to run in the new hampshire primary.
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they don't have do so in person unless they wait until the last day. republican candidates are crisscrossing the country this morning campaigning before tomorrow night's big debate. tracie potts has more on what we can expect. >> reporter: ben carson's on the defensive ahead of tomorrow's debate. his beliefs about pyramids, claims he was a violent youth, a west point scholarship he never applied for, now a "wall street journal" report questioning whether carson defended white students during a high school riot. he says it is all about his quick rise in the polls. >> because i'm a threat. >> to? >> to the progressives, the secular progressive moment in this country. a very big threat. >> i feel badly for ben. >> reporter: donald trump tells nbc -- >> he has to explain a lot of things away. >> reporter: bernie sanders says the focus for carson should be on issues. >> this man does not believe
11:47 am
climate change is caused by human activity. he wants to abolish medicare. >> reporter: rand paul is giving hints he may go after marco rubio. comparing him to hillary clinton. >> they both want a no-fly zone, support activity in libya. >> and chris christie says being bumped from tomorrow night's debate isn't the end of the world. >> what really matters is what's happening in new hampshire and ira. >> reporter: the latest numbers show christie with 3% of the vote. tracie potts, nbc news washington. i'm eun yang following breaking news. police are searching for the driver who ran into a school bus and then took off. they say this happened at oxon hill road and clipper way. here's a picture police tweeted earlier. they say this is near indian head highway and the beltway near several schools. they say that no kids were on the bus.
11:48 am
no one was hurt. the driver left the car on the scene and then ran away. the search is on for the driver right now. police say there are no road closures involved in this accident. and this is not affecting traffic. again, prince george's county police searching for a driver who ran into a school bus this morning and took off. i'm eun yang at the live desk, back to you. if you are about to head out and runner rands, you will stay dry for another couple hours or so. don't have any rain anywhere close to washington. but to our south, leading edge of rain. few stcattered sprinkles near culpeper, charlottesville, richmond. all this rain coming from a large area out of the carolinas and georgia. most of it not arriving until the end of the commute this afternoon. overnight tonight, rain likely. ending by midday tuesday. a few lingering sprinkles in the afternoon.
11:49 am
highs in the upper 50s today. near 60 tomorrow. beautiful on veterans day. mid 60s with sunshine. another chance of passing showers on thursday. cools down friday with sun back. a rather chilly weekend. morning lows in the 40s and 30s. afternoon highs in the mid 50s. partly cloudy saturday and sunday. a high school principal in bethesda is calling out parents who host under age drinksi idri parties for their kids. walt whitman principal alan goodman sent e-mails to parents saying they could face a fine of up to $2,500 per underage drinker and asked for other ways to fibond with your child. casual smoking may do more damage than you think. people who smoke 100 cigarettes in their lifetime have a better chance of developing vascular disease. as you age, it's important to remember that bad habits add up
11:50 am
quickly. now the story behind a picture more than 300,000 people have liked on facebook. this is runner robert mccoy getting help from savannah police officer john king. mccoy collapsed less than a half mile from the end of the half marathon. officer king said mccoy was so committed to crossing the finish line he had to help him get there. >> all of the social media, the thank yous i received have been very humbling. >> mccoy says he is recovering from his injuries and he will be just fine. he says he wants officer king to have his completion medal if the officer will take it. >> that's great. a strange site in the sky plus why a dog from our area is making national headlines.
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here's look at what's trending. have you seen these pictures? people are clicking through them on the sink hole as big as a half a football field may be responsible for taking down 14 cars in an ihop parking lot. police were called saying vehicles were falling through the pavement. rain could make the clean-up a big issue. another strange site, a mystery like sparking a flurry of attention. facebook and other theories coming from other places talking about this right now. this bright light actually not a meteor or an alien invasion in los angeles. the navy says it was a scheduled missile test from an off-shore submarine. >> and finally meet espen, the dog. >> you're the dog on the news. say i am. i'm famous for get nothing trouble. >> wonderful. >> the miracle dog he's called. he's from virginia.
11:53 am
the golden lab fell on a 63-inch piece of rebar while playing in his backyard last week. it punctured his lung and diaphragm. after hours of surgery, he's doing well and on his way back to virginia. that's trending this morning. pat, back to you. >> thank you. summer may be over but the shark scares are not. one couple's experience and the video. it's incredible. we'll be back in 60 seconds.
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parents, listen up. companies are targeting you. three quarters of ads for cereals featured parental themes like parent bonding.
11:55 am
>> look at this, a shark lunging at a couple during their dive in south africa. wow. we slowed the video down just so you could get a better look at this. they went cage diving for their honeymoon and got much more than they bargained for. the great white was chasing bait when it noticed the people inside the cage and went for the cage. the two were not hurt, but they may want to stick to the beach next time or find a cozier place to have a honeymoon. >> looks like sharks are getting crazy out there lately. >> summer's over and they're still out there. >> more reported attacks i think or attempted attacks this year than in a long time. any way, let's check on the weather. tom, not good swiping weather out there today. >> no, no penetrating cold start to this monday. temperatures are in the 30s. all dry on storm team 4 radar.
11:56 am
a few sprinkles culpepeculpeper charlottesville, west to the shenandoah valley. maybe a few sprinkles around here at 1:00. a little light rain possible in the southern suburbs at 4:00 p.m., metro area 5:00 p.m. through the rest of the evening. 50s overnight tonight. rainfall forecast. total amounts of rain by the time this ends tomorrow afternoon, we might pick up to an inch of rain. this purple zone, around the metro area, much of maryland, northern virginia. the blue zone about a half inch of rain. this is going to be beneficial rain coming through. with all the leaves down, it will be a slick morning commute tomorrow with the wet start. sun back in the afternoon, highs near 60. beautiful day, veterans day, mid 60s, sunshine. chance of showers on thursday. dry and cooler weather friday into next weekend. >> looking good. that's it for news 4 midday. thanks for joining us. join us again at 4:00.
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>> you can get your news updates any time on the nbc washington
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>> today on the meredith vieira show we break down donald trump's role on saturday night live. >> and making and dwen. >> and the inappropriate kid. and meredith is starting off a week with a 11-year-old who helped to deliver the baby brother at home. all starts right now on "meredith". ♪


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