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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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we're at war. with those words french leaders promised a merciless attack against those who killed 129. isis has claimed responsibility.
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and breaking much closer to home, a stabbing and police-involved shooting at union station caused major transportation problems tonight. one suspect is now in custody. we'll get to the paris attacks in just a moment, but first a flood of police activity at union station on a saturday night. we sent you an alert about this earlier this evening and now we're learning the shooting was on a metro escalator. "news4"'s darcy spencer is live with the chaos. >> reporter: erika, i'm live. you can see theionion station and metro station right there. that's where most of the police activity is taking place right now just inside that entrance. police want to make it very clear. given what happened yesterday in paris, this was not associated with trifrm in any way. it all happened right around 8:30 tonight. what we understand an off-duty
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baltimore police officer shot and wounded a stabbing suspect. that suspect had apparently stabbed a woman here, a woman he knows. he's related to that woman. the off-duty officer fired right around the area of the escalator, again, inside the metro station area on metro property and shot the suspect multiple times i'm told in upper body. that suspect is in judgery at this hour. in addition to that an innocent bystander was either hit by a bullet directly or possibly a ricochet. she was hit in the leg. she was taken to the hospital as well as the stabbing suspect. now, the woman who was stabbed in all of this apparently left union station. at that point she called police. she was picked up by an ambulance, taken to an area hospital. she's expected to be treated and released. i'm told that the baltimore county officer who shot and wounded the suspect is cooperating with authorities
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and, again, they're saying this has nothing to do with terrorism. a lot of people were very concerned. this investigation is ongoing. let's hear now from metro spokesperson dan. >> i want to assure everyone this has no nexus to terrorism but you can see the response was quite quick and quite robust. >> reporter: it's important to note there was a brief problem with metro when it first happened but metro is running. you can see one entrance is closed but the other entrance is open and metro trains running freely tonight. erika, back to you. >> thank you, door sichlt i want to get you caught up on the latest information out of paris. right now frens. troops are patrolling the streets as investigators are sifting through six bloody crime scenes. three teams of killers carried out the coordinated attacks. 129 people were killed and more
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than 350 others wound ed. the country is at war with isis. meanwhile investigators say they have found possible links to networks in belgium and syria. there have been multiple arrests in belgium. the french flag fliying aboe the crowd gathered for a candlelight vigil. darcy was there as the french ambassador thanked the crowd for their support and led them in a moment of silence. at lafayette park just steps from the white house, hundreds gathered in solidarity with the people of france after friday's terrorist attack. >> we're all showing that we're heartbroken. >> reporter: they lit candles and held a moment of silence to remember the victims in the violence of paris, many of them are paris citizens. >> we want to show the country
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we're there for them. >> i think now's the time to stand together in unity and stand up to people and let them know we're not scared. >> reporter: some brought their children, some draped themselves with the french flag. this man visited this section of paris hit by isis not long ago. >> my mother this morning sent me a picture. her and i visited paris last year and one of the incidents was right in front of the restaurants in which we dined together. >> reporter: the french ambassador to the united states spoke to the crowd in french and english thanking the american people for their compassion. >> we are aligned and we're friends. we know all of us are facing the same threat. >> reporter: darcy spencer, "news4." in montgomery county, a french church became a place of comfort and community. they held a special prayer vigil today. several dozen gathered to remember the victims of the terror attacks. they also talked about the importance of banding together in times like these.
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>> i look to the strength of the french people and i see that they are standing together and they're binding together and i hope that their strength shows us how we can endure. >> the church will also talk about the attacks during mass tomorrow. and on friday there'll be a special requiem mass for the victims. many were killed in a matter of minutes. at 9:25 p.m. an explosion rocked the soccer match at france's stadium. at the same time a gunman opened fire at bar as restaurant. at 9:30 a second explosion goes off at the stadium. at 9:36 another shooting at bar. at 9:40, gunmen stormed a nightclub and at 12:40 in the morning security finally ended the siege at the nightclub. stay with nc 4 and
11:07 pm for continuing coverage on the paris attacks. we've giveot a l report from france straight ahead. it took less than 24 hours for police to track down the man they believe killed three people in oxon hill. police arrested this man, clifford brown jr. tonight. he's charged with triple homicide. police say he shot a woman, her daughter, and another man inside the forest hill apartments on southern avenue. police say the shooting victims are la keetsa walters, her 25-year-old daughter shah nikkhah and a man named james gibson. police have not released a motive. the democrats to be the next. find out the importance of their issues. issues. and millions
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from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. the terror attacks in paris took center stage during tonight's democratic presidential debate. each candidate expressed condolences for the people of paris. hillary clinton tried to position herself as the best commander in chief with her expensive foreign policy experience but both senator bernie sanders and former maryland governor martin o'malley criticized her support of the iraq war and they talked about how much the minimum wage
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should be raised. >> put it in the hands of the american people. 15 bucks an hour. >> i support a $12 an hour federal minimum wage but i do believe that's a minimum. >> if they spend more money the economy gross. we did it and it worked. nobody left the hills or left the state because of it. >> they also clashed on wall street, regulation, and gun control. some fireworks at the debate and a real thing for the national harbor tree-lighting. if you were outside, you felt cool weather. the temperature will approach the 70-degree mark in the coming days. and we continue our team coverage on the paris attacks. we'll take you live to city
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welcome back. our coverage of the terror attacks in paris continue. jim rosen from our sister station joins us now from paris at 5:00 a.m. jim, thanks so much for being with us. tell us where you are and what the mood is like. >> reporter: erica, good evening to you. good morning from paris. we're about a half a block from the theater, the concert venue you all heard about where the massacre took place. the street is still blocked off behind me and then if you look to the left there, you're going to see there's a small memorial there. this is one of several memorials that have cropped up here on
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various sides of the theater. both sides have these pilings of flowers and candles and notes, and those notes in many different languages, people showing solidarity, sympathy, and sadness about the attacks here, and they were coming throughout the evening last night. it is, as you mentioned, early in the morning in paris. it's quite right now but we expect life to return again as daylight resumes in paris, more people coming out to show their respects to those lost in the massacre, especially those who lost their lives at the theater. >> jim, so frightening vchlt you met any tourists who have decided to stay and not cut their trip short? >> reporter: you know, we met one family with ties back to our area, in the pennsylvania area, and we loved what we saw. they were scheduled to leave tomorrow anyway, but they went out onto the streets to continue being tourists and they were outside notre dame cathedral and
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they all three, the mother, the father, and the son were wearing sweatshirts they had just bought that said we heart paris and they bought those especially because of the attacks and showing solidarity for this a great city, erica. >> jim rosenfeld, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. in other news tonight, park police are trying to identify a body found early this morning in laurel. the body was found near the patuxent river bridge. right now still not clear whether this is lisa wyche. she's been missing since halloween and was last seen on the baltimore washington near route 197. crews have been searching the area since then. the maryland medical examiner's office will determine the cause of death. and it was breezy to windy throughout the day today. tomorrow the winds are not going
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to be an issue. in fact, a really pleasant sunday and starting your workweek, nice weather sticks around. wait until you see the temperatures on the seven-day. you want to have your umbrella handy wednesday evening, but especially on thursday, tracking rain, moving through the area. the good news is that rain has little impact overall on temperatures. the weather having low impact on your day tomorrow. little sunshine, very little clouds. warm of 55. high tomorrow of 61. right now we're at 42 degrees in washington. and this is how cold it will be in your neighborhood tomorrow morning at 6:00, 7:00 a.m. 37 in the district, 30 in gaithersbu gaithersburg, 29 in gaithersburg and culpeper. with plenty of sun, it will warm up nicely. by lunchtime, near 60. 3:00. the high of 61. beautiful afternoon. 7:00 p.m. chilly at that point but still tracking clear skies and a temperature of 53 degree. so your sunday outlook, whatever your plans are.
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if you're heading out in the morning you definitely want to grab a jacket. in the afternoon hours, a sweatshirt will be just fine. leaf raking, the wind brought a lot of the leaves down. warmer. farmer's market is going to be cold heading for the redskins game, nearly perfect football weather. you'll want the sweatshirt and sunglasses. winds light. mid to upper 50s for the most part. looking ahead to the school day forecast on monday, chilly at the bus stop. it's just that time of year. temp around 478 degrees. at least it's not that cold. recess gets an a-plus. dismissal, a great outdoor weather with a temperature of 64. on tuesday, plenty of clouds but a high of 363. so still pretty comfortable. wednesday tracking mostly cloudy skies and this is the day where we'll be near 70 degrees. wednesday, day to enjoy. in fact, i think the day for the most par, you really can't
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complain. right now it looks like a cold front is going to mao through the area. what that means likely dealing with rain for the morning commute will dry out around the afternoon hours so the evening commute would be dry. otherwise breezy and cooler and limited sunshine in the forecast on thursday. i'll continue to track this and update the timing. of course, tom's in tomorrow talking about the cold temperatures for shufrmt friday looking nice. a temperature of 63. mostly sunny skies. saturday, mostly sunny, a high of 52. sunday, not so much. temperature around 60 degrees and plenty of sunshine. i want to point out our average high, 57, every single day out of the seven with the high temperature. >> thank you, amelia. ahead, the hoyas
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looking for their tenth straight win against the magic. straight through the orlando defense, off the glass and in. 15 points, 11 assists for john wall. tonight's star, not who you'd expect. in the fourth, wizards down one. kick it out to kris humphries. that's right. kris humphries. buries the three. humphries put the wizards up two. ball over to, you guessed it, humphries again. automatic. game-high 23. wizards beat the magic, 108- 9. earlier at the verizon center, john thompson iii opening up against bradford. past isaac copeland. he buries the three. 11 points for him. georgetown, full court pressure coming one the steal. l.j. peat, the bucket and the foul. wizards. we head to overtime.
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final seconds in the second. o.t. lesean davis, deep three and knocks it down. game-high 28 for him. radford up two with a second and half to play. last chance for george touchblt bradford stuns georgetown, 82-80. next up for the hoyas, the their pistons on tuesday. to college park maryland women starting their season putting their final four rings on, unveiling the banner. they didn't show much rust. five interprets in double figures. check out the steal. lay-in for two of her 22. terps up 62-22 at that point. mosley takes this one. her team leading, 24. maryland doubles up. 102-53. yeah. to college football terps hanging out in east lansing today taking on 13th ranked.
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rough day at the office. maryland knocking them all over the office. he sends them into the tur here. cook favoring the shoulder. he returned to the game only to leave again. it didn't matter. the pass intercepted by riley. picks up a huge block. 44 yards on the return. five turnovers for the terps. sparty over maryland. seventh straight loss for the terrapins. first quarter, passes pretty quickly. 78th career rushing touchdown now stands alone in spf history. reynolds off the play fake finds some room up the middle. he's gone. 43 yards to the house. four rushing touchdowns for the day for kenan and he gives the ball to his father.
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navy running away with this one but the senior quarterback also showing offer his arm. if you're only passing nine times, he does, wade open, 72 yards. five tuchlds for reynolds. navy wins it 55-14. 8-1 for the first time since 1963. look at this. a lot of dancing down in louisville. virginia hoping to keep their chances alive. cavs on the move. airs it out for can and severin. he powers into the end zone. three tuchlds on the day for him. he evens things at 24. later in the quarter, still punting. back to receive. he gets crushed. loses the ball, bouncing around. louisville comes up with it. mike london arguing. he didn't have a chance to field it cleanly. a couple of plays later cashing in. l.j. scott from a yard out. louisville bins it, 38-1.
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the capitals had the night off on ice so what do you do? might as well have a little fun. caps casino night benefiting the foundation. the fans ha a chance to come out, gamble a bit, mingle with the players, take pictures, get autographs and have a little fun. a good time away from the ice for everyone. and one other college football score, howard falls to north carolina central, 41-6. >> thank you.
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>> paris is the city of lights. and here in new york city, we know that light will never go out. our love and support is with everyone there tonight. we stand with you. [ speaking french ]


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