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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 25, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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that dash cam video showing a police officer shooting a black teenager. i'm angie goff at the live desk with the impact those protests are having downtown right now. as far as breaking news on the roads, a live look from loudoun county where an overnight accident has a shutdown at leesburg. melissa. >> it is going to be quite a mess here for aisle while this morning. take a look in leesburg at this problem here. we are still shut down here because of the crash involving this tractor-trailer. now 15 shut down between leesburg and lucketts. southbound traffic diverted at stumptown road and battle town parkway. eastbound and westbound rolling fine. quantico going to take you 22 minutes. slow spot is through woodbridge. more on this problem in loudoun county.
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>> thank you, melissa. skies are clear. temperatures are low. mostly in the 20s and 30s this morning. you'll need your jacket for sure. winter coat weather, 32 now in college park. 32 also out in chantilly and restin. planning out your morning, cold but warming very quickly. mid 40s by 9:00. low 50s before lunchtime. outside later today, pure sunshine and temperatures just about average. maybe a couple degrees warmer than average. into the mid and upper 50s. nothing to worry about. already planning to go out early on friday morning for some black friday deals, at least you won't have to wear everything you own to stay warm. temperatures in the low to mid 40s early friday morning and then by friday afternoon rising well up into the 60s. that is before rain chances move in. more in a few minutes. thank you, chuck. the airports are busy with holiday travelers this morning. security is also tight. news 4's kristen wright is live at reagan national airport with the warning to travelers.
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kristen, good morning. >> hey, good morning. the good news is things arec>(z pretty on time here at reagan national this morning. the bad news is, there are lines already. this is one of the security checkpoints. many of these people heading to chicago this morning. you see lines already long and there's a steady stream of people coming. we talked to tsa and they are fully staffed, they tell us, to handle thanksgiving travel. more than 1 million people will go through reagan and dulles airport over the thanksgiving holiday with today, of course, being very busy. tsa telling us get here to the airport at least two hours early. we just talked to a couple of people on their way to visit family and they told us they aren't going to miss their early flight out for anything. take a listen here. >> get here early, get through security and sit and relax. >> i saw the travel warning
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issued by state department for global warning and i knew that other people would see it, too, and they would probably come early so that factored in knowing everyone will see that warning, they'll all show up a little bit ahead of time so i should get here, too. >> and it does certainly seem like she's right about that if you take a look back here live at reagan national this morning. lots of people in this security line already. that state department travel warning that that young woman was talking about there, that continues through the thanksgiving holiday through december into the new year and into february. keep that in mind. back to you. >> thank you, kristen. this is one of the busiest travel days for amtrak as well. they are rolling out extra trains to handle the surge of holiday travelers and in the northeast amtrak will work with marc to operate holiday extra trains between new york and d.c. on sunday. drivers should be aware.
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progressive insurance found accidents increased by 25% today, the day before thanksgiving. the analysis found the sunday after has the highest percentage of out of state accidents of any day in the holiday week. monday is the safest time to head home after the holidays. 6:04 now. today a man found guilty of murder and armed robbery will be sentenced montgomery county. rupert stamp faces up to 40 years in prison for his part in two armed robberies last year at a cleaning business in gaithersburg. two employees were shot in one of those robberies. stamp's nephew is also facing charges in these robberies. police are investigating a flash mob robbery in georgetown. they say between 20 and 30 teenagers robbed a diesel store on m street. there's no word yet on what was taken. the same store was hit in a similar way in september of last year.
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that time surveillance video captured four men walking in and taking arm fulls of jeans. i'm angie goff. it's quiet on the streets of chicago. overnight hundreds at one point filling up the streets. several roads blocked off and shut down in downtown, too. the protests followed release of this video by police that a 17-year-old laquan mcdonald being shot by chicago police officers david van dyk. he is charged with murder. more protests will be happening later today. aaron? >> 6:05. big protests in minneapolis in advance of a man's funeral. jamar clark died while in police custody earlier this month. hundreds of people protested his death and demanded transparency. they showed up a night after
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five demonstrators were shot there. in baltimore a police officer charged in freddie gray's death. he's facing a manslaughter charge after he died earlier this year. at a pre-trial hearing a judge denied the request to move the trial out of baltimore. he also ruled not to sequester the jury which would have severely limited juror's access to phones. right now police in prince gorges county are looking for a brother and sister who are missing. rosa thomas and james ward are both in their 70s. they were last seen on monday afternoon in landover. police say they were last seen in a burgundy jeep liberty with maryland tags. thomas pmay be without her medication. d.c. mayor muriel bowser is improving access to local libraries. today she will present the
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library challenge. president obama kicks off the program back in april. your thanksgiving feast, we'll show you simple ingredients for your holiday meal that could benefit your body. breaking news on the roads right now. take a look at this. we have this problem still in loudoun county here this morning. major closure. we'll talk about this and another new incident coming up. first, a developing story out of south florida. a late-night shooting put an nfl wide receiver in the hospital. what we're learning about what happened and his condition this
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player is in critical condition as he is shot in the head. stedman bailey is expected to survive. he was in a car with several family members when he was shot last night. another relative who was in the driver's seat has life threatening injuries right now. hurricane sandra is heading towards mexico this morning. that storm expected to strengthen in the next few days. so far sandra has produced winds of about 75 miles an hour. the storm may bring heavy downpours across southern baja, california. sandra is the 18th named storm of the eastern pacific hurricane season. breaking news right now again in loudoun county. take a look at this.
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a big tractor-trailer accident there. they are trying to get this out of the way there. has shut down 15 for the past couple of hours. they are trying to reopen now. southbound traffic diverted at stumptown road. northbound stopped at battlefield parkway. shut down between leesburg and luckett. stumptown road stopped here. quite a mess. 270 is okay. top of the beltway, no problems there. 66 in bound no issues. same thing 95 northbound and southbound in maryland and virginia. chuck? >> thanks, melissa. mostly clear sky means good viewing for our full moon. it will be down by then. about ready to shut. shutter bug, good wind set as we get sunrise. outside, what to expect for today. clear sky. off to a seasonably cold start. plenty of sunshine.
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warming trend continues into today, tomorrow, into friday. hour by hour for today, 30s this morning, 50s by lunchtime. mid to upper 50s for highs today. good day traveling around. more into the details of your travel forecast in a couple of minutes. any delays for airline travelers will be out to the west. seven day forecast in ten minutes. thank you, chuck. a shoutout to where he grew up, but kevin durant's new sneaker is also raising some eyebrows in prince george's county. we'll show you why some are not thrilled with the shoe's name. plus, a new e. coli scare. the product you might want t
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right now police in prince gorges county need your help finding this missing 11-year-old. police tweeted out this photo, his name is ja 'corri stroman. you can take a closer look at this picture. it is now on our nbc washington facebook page. aaron? >> angie, thank you. developments just in on the russian war plane crash. syria's army confirms it rescued a russian pilot overnight in a joint operation with russian forces. the other pilot was reported dead, his body captured by syrian rebels. they shot down the plane after repeated warnings that it had crossed into the country's air space from syria. russia's president calls it a
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stab in the back and is promising consequences. new details, a hunt for a missing malaysian plane is ramping up. a third ship searching for malaysian flight 370. the flight disappeared from kuala lumpur to beijing. officials scaled back the search to two ships during the winter. the new ship is equipped with a camera inside an underwater drone and will reach the remote search area sometime next week. 6:16. new details in a deadly double shooting in the district. we now know the name of one of the men involved in that shooting in the southeast. a man was shot and killed monday night. a second man was also shot. he is still in the hospital facing charges. police say the victims shot at each other. a new clue this morning in a deadly hit and run in fairfax county. police say this picture shows the vehicle that may have hit 69-year-old dahour khan.
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he was crossing brook line avenue on november 1st when he was killed. police are looking for the driver of the white vehicle or anyone else who may have seen something. baltimore police say a student is in critical condition after a stabbing inside a high school. this happened inside renaissance academy. the suspect is in custody. "the "baltimore sun"" said a student was taken into custody after bringing a loaded gun into school. 80-year-old howard shreeves jr. was traveling to poke comeau city, maryland, last friday. he never arrived. the stafford county sheriff found his body and car near fredericksburg. the sheriff's office is investigating his death. take a look at this video out of south carolina. a tractor-trailer crashed on an overpass and then went over the edge. look at that. witnesses say it hit an overhead sign and that send off a chain
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reaction. right now we don't know if anyone was hurt. incredible video there. a change in graduation requirements for some of our students. starting next year students will only need three history credits to graduate in spotsylvania county. it puts it in line with virginia state standards. they approved the purchase of two new textbooks, one for science and one for english. both will include digital content to enhance learning. a bit of a break on your bills. maryland's public service commission ordered utility company bge to lower its monthly fee for certain customers. people who do not want smart meters in their homes or small businesses will pay $5.50 a month. not $11. they do not change the i initial output charges. flu season is off to a slow start. the season runs from october to may. typically peaks in the u.s. between december and february.
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the state is in line with what the nation is seeing as a whole right now. virginia's costcos are part of an e. coli scare. the cdc is warning customers who purchased rotisserie chicken salad that it may be contamin e contaminated with e. coli. if you bought it on or before november 20th. do not eat it. throw it away. so far it's connected to cases of food poisoning in seven states including virginia. today some d.c. residents will kick off thanksgiving early at the safe way speaks sharing. around 5,000 residents will enjoy a holiday meal at the annual community event. there will be health experts with free flu shots and diabetes testing. this is the 16th year for the event. it takes place today at the convention center in northwest. dozens of people in prince gorges county had their thanks giving dinners hand delivered in a very special way. dinners handed out by more than 20 prince gorges county high school students.
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they're part of a mentoring program called manhood 101. students delivered the meals at the windsor crossing community. >> i think it's very nice that they are thinking about the seniors. >> it helps me be more responsible. it helps me be more appreciative. now the students teemed up with their omega sci-fi fraternity mentors for the give away as part of this program. it's just a really great learning opportunity for these young men. >> we talk about the season, it's very commercialized. it brings back what it means to give thanks. i love it. 6:21. we can be thankful, too, for the warmup coming in the weather. >> thank you, chuck bell. your. >> you're most welcome. that will be $5. nice clear sky. normally we show you a great picture of the sunrise, but first things first. clear sky. there's the great picture of the moon set out in our western skies. sunrise is 30 or 40 minutes from now. pretty as well. skies are clear. it will be a good day for anything you need to do around
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town today. a very nice low impact weather day on one of the busier travel days of the year. plenty of sunshine and 50s later on. 20s and 30s outside. mid to upper 20s in prince william. much of loudoun county same with fairfax. principl heading out for a walk or a jog or a bike ride early this morning? chilly for now. bright sunshine will bring a nice warmup. it will be a perfect day to be outside today. here's future weather. hardly a cloud to be found for the big day before thanksgiving. seasonably cool overnight tonight, clear and dry. for thanksgiving day tomorrow, mix of cloud and sunshine, on the whole you'll like tomorrow. here's your hour-by-hour forecast. 53 at 11:00. sitting down for dinner time, temperatures in the low 60s. a nice, mild evening as well. if you want to walk off some of the extra calories. traveling on thanksgiving day,
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it will be busy. bigger impacts on thanksgiving day if you have folks coming in tomorrow. could have big slowdowns from minneapolis and st. louis and kansas city. here's our seven day forecast which is mild for the next couple of days. today and tomorrow, full sunshine. mid to upper 60s on the big black friday shopping day. unfortunately there's always bad news. shower chances for rain showers on both saturday and your sunday. >> not crazy about that. not crazy about that. we still have this breaking news. take a look at your screen right now. this is in loudoun county. again, 15 shut down. chopper 4 just got over the scene here. 15 pretty much shut down between leesburg and lucketts. southbound being pushed off of stumptown road. the new problem, traffic being pushed on to stumptown now blocked at new valley church road. go through lvettsville. a crash there on the shoulder dc
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295. two lanes. still very slow even though the crash is off to the right side of the roadway. orange line delays in new carolton. little slow on the orange line. 95 north at prince william parkway. slow spot northbound and southbound with normal area there through quantico. back in ten minutes with more and travel time. 6:23 now. nba star kevin durant is causing a little bit of controversy this morning. take a look at this shoe. the kd 8 pg county sneakers go on sale today. durant grew up and played in the area. and he said he used that name to honor his roots. a lot of people consider pg offensive. some want the name changed. durant's former coach said it shouldn't matter. some people we talked to said that the name of the shoe won't influence whether they buy it, however, the county told us they
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did reach out to nike to say a lot of people may be offended by using that pg as opposed to prince gorges county. 6:24. not too late to add a dash of spice to your thanksgiving meal. why not use a few with health benefits as well. we found some ideas from the national institutes of health. let's start with ginger. it's been used in asian medicine to treat stomach aches and nausea. it can help pregnant women as well. think about adding that to skran berry sauce and other side dishes. now it's turmeric. it helps with digestion. sprinkle it on vegetables. next, sage. it is shown to help young people improve their mood and help improve memory in older people. finally, oregano. you can put it on pizza, but how about on your turkey. it can improve blood sugar and bad cholesterol. they all taste good, too.
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we have an entire list of flavorful spices and how to use them on the nbc washington mobile app. search holiday spices. some of the ingredients in our favorite thanksgiving dishes can be pretty dangerous for our pets. a few things to know for what you plan to cook. animals have a hard time with onions, garlic, scallions. avoid sharing any ham or raisins. the number one offender you should not give them bird bones. >> you can actually penetrate through the stomach or the intestines and potentially cause a life threatening infection. >> some symptoms to look out for in case you're worried. your pet may seem will lethargi quiet or start to vomit joompt today final preparations underway for the parade that officially kicks off the holiday season. the annual macy's day parade. performers will get one final
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chance to practice on the parade route. i think that's a power ranger there. 10,000 people will take part in the parade. is that ironman, aaron? you can watch coverage of the parade. not that one. starting at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow right here on nbc 4. po pokemon. you know your parade balloons. >> another special tradition ahead of thanksgiving and this one happens right here in the nation's capitol. >> president obama will part the national thanks giving turkey at the white house rose garden. this is video of last year's ceremony after pardoning the turkey and the alternate. they'll travel to their new home at more vin park in leesburg. >> they came from mow ddesto, california. tom 1 and tom 2. give me a real name. >> we'll call them bill. >> unexpected discovery in a church nativity scene.
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a newborn baby left abandoned. what we're learning about that child. a new promise to provide drivers relief at some major bottlenecks. we'll show you why many think the changes won't do anything. breaking news on the roads after an overnight accident involving this trailer. highway 15 near leesburg is shut down.
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we have breaking news right now on the roads. take a look. this is a live picture from loudoun county right now where an overnight accident involving this tractor-trailer has a stretch highway 15 shut down near leesburg. melissa mollet is here with what you need to know to get around this. good morning. >> good morning. a chopper over 15. shut down basically between leesburg and lucketts. southbound traffic diverted on to stumptown road. northbound stopped at battlefield parkway. the reason this is a problem is we have a brand-new problem,
6:31 am
stumptown. there's a tow on the scene on 15. don't know how long it will take to get it out of the way. d.c. 295 north before malcolm x still have a problem on the shoulder. big look at things widened out for you. you can see that problem there. d.c. 295 is one of the issues. all the other main routes right now looking pretty good. chuck? thanks, melissa. outside on a day before thanksgiving, 4 things to know about the weather. off to a cold start this morning but plenty of sunshine coming our way. great get away weather especially if you're driving 2 or 300 miles within washington. only travel troubles going out to the west towards denver or salt lake city. rain chances sneaking up for saturday and sunday. clear sky now. temperatures in the chilly 20s and 30s on your way out the door. by later on today. plenty of sunshine and mild. temperatures will reach into the mid and upper 50s.
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going out tonight, dry weather and temperatures near 50. coming up in 10 minutes, take a look at the big board and see any flight delays around the country. 6:32. we turn to the latest on isis. the militants releasing a new propaganda video. it does not con tab any specific threats. instead, they criticize our american ideology and leadership. it's coming hours before the busiest travel days of the year. the state department and fbi issued warnings. nbc's tracie potts is on capitol hill with what we need to know going ahead with the day ahead. >> reporter: keep your eyes and ears open while you are traveling and enjoying this holiday with your family. in about four hours president obama will be sitting down with his national security team at the white house to go over what security measures are in place this holiday to protect us here at home. yesterday they focused on isis. today they're focusing on the homeland. there is that new video out that
6:33 am
you just showed plus an fbi warning telling police to watch their backs but no credible threats against the united states. authorities tell us that ordinary people looking out for extraordinary things. that's one of the biggest issues they have. vice from president obama, go about your business. i'm quoting. americans will not be terrorized. aaron? >> tracie potts on the hill. thank you, tracie. new developments on the terror attacks in paris. search is on for mohammed abri. investigators in brussels say he drove the car that carried key terror suspect salah abdeslam. belgian officials say they have more than 162 people in custody in connection with the november 13th attack. also today students in brussels are starting to go back to class after a two-day lockdown. extra police patrols are
6:34 am
hoping to cut down on the number of crashes this holiday weekend. virginia state police issued a thanksgiving week challenge. drive to save lives. last year eight people died on the roads in virginia during the holiday week. virginia has already had more traffic deaths in 2015 than it had by this time last year. just this past week nine people died in crashes on virginia highways. only one was wearing a seat belt. virginia governor terry mcauliffe has a plan to address the bottleneck between 95 and the district. he wants to extend it two miles farther north to cover 395 up to the dc line. just like the express lanes now, they'll be free for car pools of three or more. other drivers will pay a toll based on demand in hopes of easing congestion. mcauliffe calls it a game changer. others aren't as convinced. now for the first time a single driver can get on at stafford and take it all the way to the district line. >> this moves the bottleneck to
6:35 am
the bridges and into the 14th street. it doesn't solve the problem. >> if the plan gets approved, construction would start at 2017 and last about two years. right now pope francis is on his way to africa. take a look here. the pope boarded the plane in rome about 2:00. it landed in kenya in two hours. he's visiting kenya, uganda and the central african republic. he said he wants the mission to be a mission much peace. a baby boy is going to be okay after someone left him in the nativity scene in new york city. here he is. take a look. police are searching for the person who left him there monday afternoon. the custodian at the church who found him said the boy was so young his umbilical cord was still attached. >> a woman did come into the church with some bag and left the church and the bag was sort of dangling in the wind. >> church leaders say
6:36 am
surveillance cameras caught a woman monday coming in and out with the baby and then leaving without it. breaking news on the roads. again, still have this problem, 15 shut down in loudoun county. we'll have full details coming up in just a minute. and another warning that will have you double checking your bank statements. the latest company to admit it was targeted by hackers. but, first, a frightening scene caught on a camera of a car coming flying into a pizza shop in california. shop in california. your time is 6:36. ♪ ♪ spend less time chasing sales and more time making room at the table.
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take a look at that video. did you see that? that car plowed right into a pizza restaurant in southern california last night. take a look again. it destroyed a bunch of tables there. there is a man sitting right there in the car's way. he only suffered minor injuries. very close call there. police also said the driver was not arrested or charged. they didn't say what caused the crash but there is going to be a whole lot to clean up at that restaurant. an annapolis man is suing the city because he says cops are targeting him based on the color of his skin. daniel hodges is white and says officers unlawfully stopped and questioned him about drug activity several times. he says it's because he was a white man in a predominantly
6:40 am
black and latino neighborhood. he wants $150,000 in damages. the city declined to comment on the lawsuit. breaking news here in loudoun county. 15. we are still shut down. chopper 4 over the scene. here is the problem right now. shut down between leesburg and lucketts. southbound traffic being diverted on to stumptown. northbound traffic stopped at battlefield parkway. go through lovettsville to avoid this. brand-new accident that popped up there. travel times on 270 you're good. top of the beltway starting to get typically slow from 59 to the inner loop. maryland 95 also rolling along just fine. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you head out of tune for this turkey day. chuck. thanks. outside this morning as you're getting ready to head on out, no sunshine delays. sun is up at 7:01.
6:41 am
clear sky and a beauty of a day to get outside and get around town. driving locally, nothing locally. dry roads and sunglasses is all you'll need. driving out west towards the shenandoah valley, west virginia, ohio, no problem. significant air delays in salt lake city. big board though shows as of now all green air planes at all the major hubs around the u.s. seven day forecast in ten minutes. chuck, thank you. a busy morning at reagan national airport as people head out of town for the holiday. what you need to know if you are catching a flight in the hours ahead. plus, a developing situation in chicago. protestors remain in the streets after the release of that dash cam video showing the police shooting death of a black teenager. teenager. the impact they're
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get three payments on us and don't worry about payments until february 2016, when you lease a new 2016 xc60.
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6:44. breaking news right now on the roads. a live look from loudoun county right now. a stretch highway 15 closed near leesburg after an overnight crash. we know the tractor-trailer that caused this accident was hauled away in the last few minutes. >> melissa mollet is here with what you need to know to get around the problem, melissa. >> been a problem in the last few hours. looks like once we get the police vehicle out of the way 15 will reopen between lees buck and luckett. great news for a lot of folks in the area. should happen momentarily.
6:45 am
we'll keep you updated here and on twitter @first4traffic. holiday travel is in full swing. however you plan to get to your thanksgiving destination, packed location. >> team coverage this morning. dylan dryer tracking it. we begin with kristen wright. >> reporter: hey, good morning. we checked the big board and the good news is that every flight is on time with the exception of one going to denver, which is leaving only about ten minutes late at this point. i want you to take a look back here though. this is one of the security lines here at reagan national this morning. already deep. we talked to a lot of people flying out this morning. they all said they knew to get here early today, the day before thanksgiving. and with the state department's travel alert issued this morning they also knew security would be tight. take a listen. >> make it to security as fast
6:46 am
as possible, make it to the airport on time, so far i'm doing it. it's all working out. >> reporter: back here live, that security line again already very long. we talked to tsa. two big things from them. expect more people than last year at the airport and they tell us they are fully staffed to handle thanksgiving travel and the long lines coming through security. now more than 1 million people are expected to travel through reagan national and dulles airport during this thanksgiving period with today being busy, busy, busy. back to you. >> kristen wright for us live at dca. thanks, kristen. this is one of the busiest travel days for amtrak as well. they are rolling out extra trains to handle the holiday surge. amtrak will work with marc and new jersey transit to operate what they call holiday extra trains between new york and d.c. on sunday. drivers beware. progressive insurance found accidents increased by 25% the
6:47 am
day before thanksgiving. the analysis found the day after thanksgiving is the highest day of any day of the week. monday is the safest time to head home after the thanksgiving holiday. there are a few trouble spots for travelers. nbc's dylan dryer has the report. dylan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, usually i talk to you guys standing outside in a blizzard somewhere. i am in the comfort of the nbc studios talking to you about where we could see some of our biggest troubles. today in salt lake city there's a storm gathering itself out in the rockies. that could cause some airport delays at some major delta hubs. if you are traveling through salt lake city, keep that in mind. it's not just the landing but it's also the delays with the deicing as you're trying to take off. on thanksgiving, hopingfully everybody is where they need to be. this could be the biggest travel day we could end up with the biggest problems.
6:48 am
minneapolis, denver, salt lake city. snow and then ice to the south of that and then we're looking at heavier rain from chicago to st. louis all the way down to dallas, houston, texas could end up with some pretty strong storms, gusty winds. that could cause delays as well. eventually by thursday the whole thing does start to slide farther to the north and east. ice and snow will cause delays. locally it will be a beautiful thanksgiving weekend. >> for sure. dylan dreyer in new york. check out dylan on the "today" show next on nbc 4. she'll have everything you need to know from the increased airport security to the problems on the roads. "today" show after "news 4 today." 6:48. today a man found guilty of murder and armed robbery will be sentenced montgomery county. rub per the stamp faces up to 40 years in prison for his part in two armed robberies at a cleaning business in gaithersburg. two employees shot. stamp's nephew is also facing
6:49 am
charges in those crimes. police are investigating a flash mob robbery in georgetown. they say between 20 and 30 people robbed the diesel store on m street before 6:00 last night. there is no word on what was take jep. this is a same store that was hit in september of last year. at that time surveillance video captured four men walking in and grabbing an arm full of expensive jeans. an update since our last report to a developing story out of chicago. at least one arrest was made overnight we've learned during protests in the streets. take a look. this is new video we just got. yeah, you can see some heated moments with police at times, but overall the demonstrations were peaceful, we're told. now the person arrested allegedly struck an officer and the proteszs follow the release of a video, this video showing 17-year-old laquan mcdonald being shot 16 times by officer jason van dyk.
6:50 am
van dyk was charged with murder. protests are still happening right now. more gatherings are planned for later today. back to you. angie, thank you. a man whose death in police custody sparked days of protest is being laid to rest today. jamar clark's funeral is today. he died in minneapolis where protests have been going on for two weeks. they reached their biggest levels overnight. hundreds of people demonstrated outside a police precinct there. they are demanding more information and transparency about how clark died. in baltimore a police officer charged in freddie gray's death happens next week. william porter faces charges. at a pre-trial hearing yesterday a judge denied a request to moveth trial out of baltimore. he will not is he sequester the jury. today d.v. mayor muriel bowser is improving access to public libraries for local
6:51 am
students. she will announce the connected library challenge. student i.d.s will automatically become library cards for all high school and middle school students. more than 70,000 kids will be impacted by this plan. president obama kicked off the program in april. breaking news in loudoun county. we are once again open here on 15 between leesburg and luck ett. we do have a mile backup northbound and southbound. going to wait a little while here if those folks are sitting in it, but right now the road has reopened from the semicrash that shut it down for several hours overnight. d.c. 295 before malcolm x we have the crash on the shoulder causing some delays there because we have the two lanes. big look at the beltway. nice, light volume coming across the top of the beltway. lighter than normal but a little slow. inbe ner loop coming across the bridge, woodrow wilson bridge, is a little slow. 66 and 95 looking great
6:52 am
northbound and southbound on 95. prince gorges county, no major problems. i'm talking about a big red slowdown here. it is lighter than normal which is great. perhaps some folks off today which would be nice, right? top of the beltway, no problems. b.w. parkway, a tad slow. 95 looking great there and maryland at 270, light volume, too. chuck? thanks, melissa. what to expect today? off to a cold start this morning. it will be a day with as much sunshine as we can squeeze into a late november day. clear skies start to finish. right now it's a cold one. mid 20s in the shenandoah valley. 25 in mart continuesburg. cold into prince williams county. mild in annapolis. hourly temperatures, a warming trend continues. we made 56 yesterday. 58 for a high temperature this afternoon. overnight tonight skies will be mostly clear. it will be a quiet way to get through your thanksgiving tomorrow. there's future weather. sunshine.
6:53 am
no weather troubles around the area. if you're driving north to new york or philadelphia or south to richmond and virginia beach, no travel troubles whatsoever. as we get into the day tomorrow, a couple of clouds around tomorrow morning. on the whole, tomorrow will be partly to mostly sunny affair. temperatures in the mid 60s. no rain around our area just yet. if you're flying today down towards atlanta, no troubles there. quiet weather across florida and texas. the only real troubles for flyers are towards salt lake city. travel troubles move into denver. here's your wednesday travel map. temperatures in the 50s. clear skies up and down the eastern seaboard. a few slowdowns towards chicago and st. louis. not a big impact there. out towards the west, that's where the bigger impacts will be felt. here's the seven day forecast filled with sunshine, today, tomorrow, on into friday. friday looks like a really nice day. a lot of folks planning to go out and do a little black friday shopping. it will be a mild start. temperatures in the low 40s early friday morning and rising into the mid and upper 60s by
6:54 am
friday afternoon. the only real knock on the holiday forecast is we have chances for rain on saturday and sunday. shower chances may slow things down on the drive and the fly home after your thanksgiving holiday. >> chuck, we have a developing story after this hour. an nfl player in critical condition. st. louis rams wide receiver stedman bailey was shot overnight. the ramsay they've been in touch with him. he was in a car with several family members when he was shot in the head. that is according to the nfl network. bailey is expected to survive. right now police in prince gorges county are looking for a brother and sister who are missing. roesz rosa thomas and james ward have been missing since monday. they were in a burgundy jeep liberty with maryland tags. thomas may be without her medication. if you have any information, police would like to hear from you.
6:55 am
good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc world headquarters. hilton worldwide said hackers gained access to its payment system. there's no information that anything was stolen. they targeted names, card numbers, security codes and the data breach happened between november and september of last year and april to july of this year. hilton is offering free credit monitoring services to affected customers. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. it is 6:55. here are the 4 things to know before you head out the door. in prince gorges county police are searching for this 11-year-old boy. they say ja 'corri stroman was last seen on the avenue. the other pilot on the downed pilot jet was killed. more major protests are planned in chicago today after
6:56 am
police released video of an officer shooting and killing a 17-year-old boy. the officer is now facing murder charges. the tsa is urging travelers to be vigilant when in public places and when traveling. here's a live look at busy reagan national airport. nearly 46 million people expected to travel to their thanks giving day destinations. speaking of traveling, a lot easier for folks on 15. chopper 4 over the scene. we just reopened there. thank goodness. that was quite a pain for folks this morning. d.c. 295 northbound near malcolm x. tiny bit slow there at the top of the beltway. 66 and 95 look great. 95 in virginia. 95 in maryland. really, we don't have any major issues right now. keep you updated on the nbc washington app and on first 4 traffic throughout the day and the weekend if you're headed out of town. not onlyan you use the app to stay ahead of the traffic, use our nbc washington app to
6:57 am
stay ahead of the forecast. smooth sailing if you're traveling north to new york, south to atlanta or florida. quiet weather along the eastern seaboa seaboard. gobble up all of that turkey with temperatures in the 60s. >> turkeys dancing. >> i'm so entertained. >> a little shimmy there. >> right. >> you have to shake your tail feathers a little bit. >> that's right. thank you, chuck. that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for starting your day with us. the "today" show is next. the "today" show is next. see you in 25 minu
6:58 am
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good morning. breaking overnight. >> back off! >> protesters take to the streets in chicago after dashcam video shows the moment an officer shot a 17-year-old suspect 16 times. that officer now charged with murder, but his lawyer claims his actions were justified. long lines, tight security. crowds already building on the roads, rails and at airports this morning as the thanksgiving rush kicks into high gear. will both security concerns and weather woes slow you down? we'll have full coverage this morning. ♪ hello from the other side >> and hello. she's smashing records with her new album and the most popular song in th


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