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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now at 11:00, while you were watching the live finale of "the voice," the top republican presidential candidates were sounding off on foreign policy in their last debate of the year. >> cruz and rubio tried to present themselves as alternatives to donald trump. while other candidates tried to
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separate themselves from the pack. steve handelsman is live in las vegas to show us how they all did tonight. steve? >> reporter: thanks, good evening. americans are concerned about isis. worried about terror and demanding solutions. and this mostly collegial debate here in las vegas tonight ahead of the holidays seemed to reflect that concern. >> these republican candidates. >> it's the first time the republican candidates have faced off since the terrorist attacks in paris and san bernardino. the first since ted cruz took the lead in iowa polls and donald trump rose to a wider lead in national polls calling for a ban on muslims entering the u.s. >> people like what i say. people respect what i say. >> reporter: trumpowed tonight to deport any new syrian refugees. >> if obama has brought some to this country, they're going. they're gone. >> reporter: jeb bush took on trump. >> donald, you know, is great at the one-liners. but he's a chaos candidate.
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and he would be a chaos president. he would not be the commander in chief we need. >> he has failed in this campaign. it's been a total disaster. nobody cares. >> reporter: a big concern is stopping isis here and in syria. ted cruz and trump agreed on a much bigger air war. >> you would carpet bomb where isis is, not a city, but the location of the troops. >> reporter: trump would kill account families of isis fighters. >> they may not care much about their lives but they do care, believe it or not, about their families' lives. >> reporter: ben carson want u.s. troops to sfit. >> we've got a phobia about boots on the ground. >> chris christie want a no-fly zone. syria. >> you fly in, it applies to you. why i, we would shoot down the planes of rush yags pilots. >> there was a clash cruz and rubio deporting migrants without papers. an intense debate with a month and a half till voters do the talking. there are two more republican
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debates though before the iowa caucuses on february 1st. live from las vegas, steve handelsman reporting. now back to you. >> steve, anything that surprised you tonight? anybody make any breakout moves? >> reporter: you know, i'll tell you what surprised me, doreen, we talked so much because the campaigns talked so much how thousand of they're going to be, this candidate and that candidate. we had known because cruz's people said that he probably wouldn't attack trump because cruz, frankly, want to take over a lot of trump's supporters if somehow he goes away. but we did think that rubio and cruz would get a lot tougher with one another. it didn't happen except for their exchange on immigrants. i talked to michael steele, our former party chairman. he said look at the date. we're right before christmas and new year's. your republican candidate has got a shot. you don't want people going home for the holidays thinking boy, that candidate fill in the blank
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said steele. he sure looks angry or speaking of fiorina. she. no, we want to leave people feeling good. that i think is what a lot of these candidates tried to do here in las vegas. >> steve, thank you. >> new at 11:00, an tonight, traffic is moving once again on the outer loop of the beltway near route 7 in fairfax county. take a look what happened during rush hour tonight. what you're looking at is nearly 5,000 pounds of marble counter top spill off a tractor-trailer. the marble just got cleaned up in the last half hour. also new tonight, eight people on the southwest airlines plane went to the hospital after it slid off a taxiway in nashville. southwest says the plane slid onto the grassy area while landing. 138 people were on board the nashville fire department says all the injuries were minor. it's not clear why the plane slid off the pavement. we've learned that los angeles will reopen more than 900 schools tomorrow, but the fallout continues over today
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as decision to abruptly shut them down and send mill yom oon coz of students, teachers and families cram bling. >> this is not our decision to make it it is our decision to support. >> well, that decision came from the superintendent after someone e-mailed a few school board members and threatened to attack students. tonight the police chief says it mentioned explosives, ak-47s and isis but appears to be a hoax. a few hours later new york city got a similar threat from the same server but thought it wasn't credible enough to close schools. bill bratton ripped l.a. for disrupting so many families' day over a phony threat. and today his counterpart called his response irresponsible. >> i want to follow up on something the mayor said. we do our best to share information. when this decision was made, they had no information to share. they weren't aware of their threat. >> thousands of officers and deputies inspected more than
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1500 schools and buildings and gave the all clear for the kids to go back to school on wednesday. jim? >> thank you, chris. turning to our weather now. some big changes, more big changes coming our way this week. >> it sounds like tomorrow's the day to enjoy. >> i think we've got one more nice day tomorrow, and then we see the big changes come in. it's hard to believe any december we have not hit freezing or gone below in and around the district so far this month. warm air remains one more day but the cold is coming. the cold air back to the west, snow back towards denver today. that cold air is definitely moving our way and it will get here by the end of the week. what do we have first? that one more nice day tomorrow afternoon. areas of heavy rain coming in on thursday. then the cold comes in. windchills in the 30s. i'll show you how long the cold sticks around in a minute. >> in less than seven hours, d.c. streetcar project rolls into a new phase along the h street corridor and northeast
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d.c. >> more streetcars than ever will be operating in traffic for a test run like we haven't seen before. but they still won't have any passengers. >> jackie bensen live for us with reaction. >> jim, people are excited about this. but understandably a little skeptical that it is actually going to happen. tomorrow morning marks a new chapter in the long story of bringing back streetcar service to the h street northeast corridor. >> absolutely i would go to union station, ride the streetcar here. who rides a streetcar? that's so awesome. >> it was two years ago december of 2013 that people applauded as the first cars were delivered but working out the kinks took longer than expected. because they run on tracks streetcars cannot serve around things in their way. like double parked cars. business owners many of whom
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suffered through years of construction while the tracks were laid wondered if this public transit starved neighborhood would ever see the benefit. others wondered if the streetcar would prove to be useful. >> just because it's such a short distance. it's basically from here to there and doesn't really make my life any easier. >> it's nice to have something new to the neighborhood. >> reporter: here's the plan. 6:00 tomorrow morning, the streetcars will start running on their regular schedule. they won't take passengers after a three-week run of doing that, are we are told we will be able to pay our money, get on that streetcar and head down h street. live in northeast washington, jackie bensen, news4. >> thank you. a deadlocked jury will try to come to a consensus tomorrow up in baltimore. the group's deciding the fate of that police officer charged in the death of freddie gray. today the jury told a judge they couldn't come to an agreement on a verdict. judge barry williams told them to keep deliberating. if they still can't come to a
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consensus, there could be a mistrial forcing prosecutors to decide whether to retry the case. officer william porter is facing manslaught manslaughter, reckless endangerment and misconduct charges are. it's not clear if jurors are stuck on one or all of the charges. >> a d.c. mother is desperate for some answers in the death of her son. 27-year-old an lop zo smith died last month in the custody of private security guards at a d.c. apartment complex. police body camera footage released today shows his final moments. video is graphic and we won't show the whole thing but we can tell you that a security guard had his knee pressed against smith's back while smith was lying face down and handcuffed. d.c. police officers performed c. r. smith's mother says he's upset with the way the guards treated her son and there is another video she still want to see. >> what about the video that was on the outside of the building
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that was working during the time my son was running through the parking lot saying help, help, they're trying to kill me? >> smith want to know why police didn't release the video sooner. they're investigating this as a homicide. so far no charges have been filed. >> a decorated manassas city police detective today when police tried to serve warrants at his home killed himself. david abbott was the lead investigator in a controversial teen sexting case last year, you may recall. this morning, he shot and killed himself as police tried to arrest him for sex crimes against children. he was accused of molesting two young boys he meet while coaching youth hockey in prince william county. the department tonight calls this a tragic day and says detectives are trying to figure out if there are any more victims. >> tonight we know an extension cord is to blame for an apartment fire in emmettsburg last week that killed two women. frederick county fire marshals say the cord was hooked up to
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christmas lights and sparked and caused a nearby chair to catch fire and eventually set the entire apartment up in flames. the third person sent to the hospital is doing better and expected to be released from the hospital soon. next at 11:00, searching for the perfect match. >> we don't have the perfect donor. it's the only safety net we have for our daughter. >> the push to save one girl's life and how you can help this weekend. >> is a popular shampoo with celebrity endorsements costing women their hair? the dramatic claims tonight tonight and wen's response. >> calls from around the country to help the virginia man found living in this underground cave. >> your first 4 traffic tonight, 370 between 2670 and 355, left lane blocked in both directions till 5:00 tomorrow morning.
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a developing story tonight. there is an outpouring of support this evening for a man arrested after building himself a two-bedroom abode underground. 25-year-old hose way rios was evicted from this cave he dug here in fairfax city. police tell us it was unsafe and had public works crews fill it in with dirt. many of you saw our story yesterday. felt for this man who appeared to be studying english inside that cave. one woman in connecticut started a gofundme page. >> i felt so badly for this guy. he clearly was you know trying
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his best to take care of himself, just absolutely pulled at my heart strings. >> before rios can start searching for a new place to live, he has to first deal with that destruction of property charge in fairfax and an old traffic charge in arlington. >> there's a massive search going on right now to find a perfect match that could save the life of an 11-year-old maryland girl. natasha tricyclee has a plastic anemia. she needs a bone marrow transplant. but her doctors haven't been able to find anyone who is a close enough match. shomari stone explains what friends and neighbors are doing to try to changing that. >> it's like it's not real. this is a movie. >> lisa patterson troike feels trapped in a screenplay but sometimes realizes it's reality. her 11-year-old daughter natasha desperately needs a matching donor for a bone marrow transplant. >> she is very, very sweet.
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tonight her sweet friends try to save her by hosting a donor drive in clarksburg, maryland. dozens showed up to see if they're a match. >> we are just so thankful for everyone who has come out to help because you never know that one swab, that one person, it's just a cheek swab, could be the match. >> natasha wasn't able to come to the drive tonight because her mother says she has a weak immune system. she hasn't been able to attend sixth grade and rarely ableú#p see her friends. >> i think she deserves this and i really just want to help the best i can. >> lisa patterson troke hopes someone has the match but if they don't, she's relieved the drive can help others. >> for every 100 swabs we do, there will be one match for someone in the world who needs a life-saving bone marrow transplant. >> it's not too late to help
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natasha. go to the church 10:30 in the morning on saturday. we'll post the address on our nbc washington app. in clarksburg, i'm she mare stone, news4. >> hundreds of women are claiming a popular hair product line is causing their hair fall out. the class action lawsuit has been filed against wen hair care and its marketing company and accuses the company of not warning customers that the products contain ingredients that cause significant hair loss. the company says it will vigorously fight the allegations and there's no scientific evidence to support those claims. today both sides say they are working toward a settlement. >> hundreds of flights canceled, hundreds of miles of who is closed after a big snowstorm pounded colorado. the mountains saw up to two feet of snow. denver international airport saw the about 7 inches of snow. that is the most snow the airport's seen on this date since 1897.
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the same system dumped a foot of snow in montana and salt lake city, utah. while that happened, new york city was warmer today than phoenix, arizona. >> wow. >> go figure. >> phoenix under a freeze warning right now. >> wow. >> they will get to 30 degrees before we will. we have not been to 30 yet. we've been to 32. we have not been below freezing. > got to the head west if we want to experience any winter weather. >> you want to experience snow, head west, young man. my houses in colorado, 17 inches of snow in the backyard. i would love to be there. we're dealing with the heat. we've got more of it coming up during the day tomorrow. we've been so warm over the past couple days. we're going to continue with the trend tomorrow. currently 4 degrees at 11:00. that's still above the average high for the day. a little bit i've freeze out there. winds north at 7 miles per hour. it's cool but not cold. 46 frederick, 40 in culpepper, 49 down towards the river.
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no rain to talk about. no snow. we've only seen it on the radar one time this season back towards the mountains. we have clouds coming in here. this is the storm that brought the snow towards denver. winter storm warnings all across the northern plains. that storm moving in towards canada where they've all been going. we've stayed on the warm side. that brings rain and here's the rain making its way our way on thursday. but not tomorrow. here's tomorrow's future weather. 1:00 tomorrow, a few clouds but all in all, a nice day. plenty of sunshine. here's thursday morning this maybe some rain for that morning commute. just prepare for na. i expect the rain to be in here by around the noon hour. some of that will become heavy at times through the afternoon. 5:00 in the afternoon for that evening rush. thursday is going to be a day to watch for. thursday will be a highly impactful day. that's why we're calling it a weather alert day here at nbc4. rain likely on thursday. periods of rain some of which will be heavy. a weather alert day all day long with the potential for rain.
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not a huge storm. half an inch to an inch. tomorrow another sunny day. 58 in washington, 57 in manassas. 6 towards fredericksburg. plenty of sunshine. really nice on wednesday. the impacts will be very low for the day. so with that still mild conditions no need to worry. you may need a jacket. it is going to be cooler. one more great afternoon starting off around 45 degrees if you're doing exercise early. climbing into the mid 50s by around 1:00 in the afternoon. so once again, not bad. but here comes the change here. it's thursday. 56 with our weather alert day. friday 48 degrees. but falling temperatures on friday. we could see a couple of showers. temperatures will fall to the 40s and eventually into the 30s friday night. friday night a cold night if you're out. look at saturday. 43 degrees for a high temperature. but we're going to start off very cold. the coldest day so far in the month of december. windchills near 30. and that's even in the afternoon. how long does it stay cold?
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well, not long, doreen. we get right back to 50 on sunday. 55 on monday. and by tuesday, we're back to around 60 degrees. jim, when i asked that you're both supposed to answer in unison i don't know the if you knew that or not. >> the question again was? >> are you on your phone again. >> thanks, doug. >> coming up, george town may have lost but the rest of the sports world won. jason is going to tell us about the party on the bench. >> first, here's jimmy fallon. >> thank you, doreen and jim and everyone in washington, d.c. mark wahlberg is here. plus, cheryl crow and an
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this is the x event sportsdesk brought to you by x event, your home for the most live sports. >> stunner for the hoyas tonight at home. >> they came into this game playing good basketball. tonight on the georgetown played a team that on paper you would expect them toe have little trouble with, but if. the season opening loss to radford toss us anything it's not to overlook a team based on their name. monmouth doesn't sound like a powerball program but they've beaten usc, ucla and notre dame. a little holiday spirit. monmouth playing the role of grinch. first half the hawks up seven. rivera finds peends doven for the three. hoyas kept the lead to four.
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later on, the fifth leading scorer in the big east conference knocking down the three ball zone. the hoyas down five now. george done with couldn't slow down monmouth. micah see born scored 13. second half, the hawks starting to pull away with this had game. horn beak, nice spin move. even better finish by zack tillman. monmouth stun george two tonight at the verizon center, 83-68. their first win ever against a big east school. the key to their victory might have been their bench. known for their elaborate celebrations tonight, tonight they didn't disappoint. you see the hot line bling dance. a little celebration there. when you're on the bench, you got to stay in shape. get a little workout in. there you go. let's not forget about the group dabbing. well done, guys well done. let's move onto the nfl now. the redskins clearly had the
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easiest path to winning the nfc east division this year with three teams tied in the record column, the giants and eagles are underdogs this weekend despite playing at home. those two take on the top two teams in the nfc. the skins will face the most undisciplined team in the league, the bills. today the skins were teaming up with discovery education at franklin middle school in virginia. young and jackson, morgan moses all in attendance held to teach kids the math and science behind the game of football. the guayanillas will be back at practice in ashburn, tomorrow. >> yeah. merry christmas. there you go. >> the capitals also spreading some holiday cheer today. the entire team visited the pediatric ward of georgetown university hospital. they gave out pictures and spent time in each room, something
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carl alzner knows will go a long way. >> that five or ten minutes we were there might last for the next you know, next couple hours, next couple days. something they can talk about and enjoy and time moves slow when you're in the hospital. you need whatever you can to try and distract you. whatever kind of joy we can bring. sometimes we don't realize how big a deal it can be. it's pretty special for us. >> let's get a big smile. >> always great to see
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>> jordan smith. >> if you've been watching "the voice" and following the itune stars, this is no surprise. jordan smith from team adam crowned the winner of season 9. it's coach adam levine's third win. >>
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