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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  December 30, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> for years the accusations have piled up and now he has officially been charged in a case that dates back more than a decade. >> as nbc's chris clackum reports, prosecutors say he drugged a former temple university employee in his home and then assaulted her. >> reporter: he was once a wildly popular comedian, but bill cosby's stage wednesday was a courtroom near philadelphia. for arraignment on a charge filed earlier in the day of sexually assaulting a woman. >> there is one charge that is filed, aggravated, indecent assault which is a felony. >> reporter: the incoming district attorney says this case involves a former temple university employee who cosby invited into his home in philadelphia in 2004. >> in the evening in question mr. cosby urged her to take pills that he provided to her and to take wine. the effect of which rendered her
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unable to move or respond to his advances and he committed aggravated indecent assault upon her. >> reporter: andrea constand previously came forward as that alleged victim in the civil suit and through her attorneys expressed appreciation to pennsylvania authorities for finally charging cosby. she's one of more than 50 women who say they were drugged and/or sexually assaulted by cosby any who according to legal analysts, could be called to testify against him. >> the absolute game changer here is that bill cosby may very well have to hear not only the victim in this case, but the testimony of all of the other alleged victims with the similar m.o. talk to him in court and have their moment against him in a criminal setting. >> reporter: cosby has denied all allegations, but his bond was set at $1 million and his passport was confiscated. chris clackum, nbc news. meanwhile, the smithsonian says there will be no changes to
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their art exhibit funded by bill cosby and his wife camille. according to a museum spokesperson they posted a disclaimer saying the museum does not condone cosby's alleged behavior and will remain as is. part of the collection is part of the cosby collection and funded by a $70,000 gift. it will close as scheduled on january 24th. you can see the criminal charges against bill cosby for yourself. we've posted them on inside our live coverage of cosby's court appearance today. we're following more breaking news now on i-95. big-time traffic trouble north of laurel. the northbound 95 has been shut down at maryland route 175 after a truck overturned. this crash happened more than two hours ago. traffic still getting by on the southbound side and right now we're making calls to figure out what caused this crash. we're going to update you just
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as soon as we learn more. let's get right to chief meteorologist doug kammerer and he's in the storm center. we expect fog, late night early morning to see it at 2:00 in the afternoon is just, wow! it's not just the fog and it's the drizzle and early this morning it wasn't bad at all. 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 and a nice day and sunshine and the clouds begin to lower. we've seen the drizzle across the region and now we're dealing with plain rain, loudoun county down towards culpeper county and we will continue to see this rain moving in across the region as we move on through the night tonight and one thing we are watching is the storm system back to the west and here's the western portion of it and we'll have to wait for this to move through before it is all said and done and look at the thunderstorm activity just down to the south and this one will move out of here over the next few hours. your headlines tonight. the showers and the rain continue tonight right on through 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 and
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good news for new year's and cold for the new year as we head into the weekend. i've got that forecast for you. one of the coldest days we've seen so far this winter. we've got that in just a minute. as doug has been telling us, the rain that we're seeing did a lot more damage in the midwest where the severe flooding and hitting historic levels. large parts of missouri is under water and the state of emergency is in effect. floods are being blamed for dozens of deaths and officials are ordering evacuations in st. louis county where high water shut down interstate 44. the rain has finally stopped falling, but federal officials are keeping an eye on the levees along the mississippi river. >> they've been talked about, discussed and debated all year and now they're coming. as news 4's tom sherwood reports muriel bowser signed legislation today clearing the way for widespread use for police body cameras in the city. this police bodycam footage was released before christmas. a pilot project example of a few
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city officers on duty subduing a suspect. today, mayor muriel bowser signed d.c. council legislation to have 2800 officers wear bodycams on duty in 2016. one of the most ambitious programs in the nation. >> we know the body-worn cameras make our community safer and stronger. they increase couldability among all parties involved. >> it's to promote accountability and transparency both among law enforcement officers as well as the public. >> reporter: the new law allows significant public disclosure of video under freedom of information rules as quickly as some cases as 48 hours. the camera program will cost $5 million a year. at a time when overall crime is down 4% in the district, but homicides have spiked. the cameras are being welcomed by citizens and officers and their police union. the first 700 new cameras are
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expected to arrive soon. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. i'm adam tuss outside the stadium armory metro station where today the trains are running and they're running on time. that is good news. you might remember in late september this was the scene at the stadium armory station as a huge transformer fire wrecked power systems here and that put the blue, orange and silver lines in a spiral. trains had to be held back and now full service has been restored and today the good news from metro, that trains will be running every six minutes during rush hour and that is certainly good news. coming up on news 4 at 5k clo, reaction from riders and why some say this is just the first step toward better service. back to you. >> thanks, adam. they found a boat and no one inside. now this mystery has crews searching the potomac river for the second day. they're looking for the boater
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who left this on the virginia side of the river near fort washington. the washington post reports that someone found a life jacket floating nearby and police think the boater may have fallen overboard. police found decoys onboard and police think the person may have been out duck hunting. he got a chance to thank the people who helped rescue him. they met their coast guard rescuers in annapolis. last sunday their boat capsized plunging the two of them into the potomac river and the two experienced boaters were prepared and they had life vests on and made mayday calls as their boat took on water, the coast guard boat crew and the st. mary's fire department helped rescue the boaters. the so-called affluenza teenager captured in mexico. new today, why it could be weeks before he's brought back to the u.s. police policy changes, what chicago is now giving all of its
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officers. security and terrorism. how law enforcement is protecting cities around the
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and now your storm team 4 forecast. currently we're at 51 degrees as we continue to track areas of rain, drizzle and fog across the region and we'll continue to track rain until about midnight tonight and then after that some patchy fog and drizzle still possible. 51 degrees and temperatures will slowly fall into the 40s for overnight lows so not too bad tomorrow morning, but if you're out driving tonight, definitely dealing with wet roads and patchy fog. right now no major impacts on visibility, but a head's up there. tomorrow and friday road conditions looking good and you'll need sunglasses by friday and something we haven't seen
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much of, the sun coming up. doug will have the forecast if you have plans to go out to ring in the new year. rahm emanuel has new changes to the way chicago trains police officers and their use of force. under the new plan, every officer who responds to a call has to carry a taser and know how to use it. the city's been under pressure since last year to make changes when an officer shot a teenager 16 times. and it only amplified last week when officers accidentally killed a grandmother as they were responding to a domestic disturbance. mayor emanuel expects the tasers to reduce the number of police-involved shootings. the teen fugitive found in mexico this week with his mother apparently won't be returning to texas today after all. ethan couch won a delay in his deportation meaning it could take two more weeks before he and his mother will be extradited. the teen use the the of a mruencea defense in his drunk driving trial. he and his mom have been on the run for weeks because he may
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have violated ms. probation. >> no surprise there is extraordinary security in times square. the new year threats prompting extra protection. >> secret service agents injured in a car crash. new wheels
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right now police and homeland security officers are beefing up security ahead of
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tomorrow night's celebration in times square. the extra precautions come after the san bernardino attack and another foiled plot for a new year's eve attack in europe. nbc's brian mooar is live in union station with more on what's being done to keep you safe. >> reporter: you know, barbara and chris, here at union station around capitol hill you can see the signs of stepped-up security, but it is doing little to dampen the holiday spirit. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: high above new york's times square, one last check of the ball that will herald the new year, but on the ground police face a much tougher test in the city that's been a terror target since 9/11. >> we are aware that the threat picture has changed because of isis. it's changed significantly from what it was a year ago or two years ago. >> reporter: security will be tight from midtown manhattan to pasadena, california, which is preparing for the tournament of roses parade.
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the same in berlin which hosts one of europe's biggest open-air parties and paris where terrorists struck six weeks ago. patrol stepped up in places where the masses will gather on new year's eve. the mayor of brussels canceled fireworks and related festivities in his city after two people were charged in a terror plot and officials in turkey say they arrested two isis bombers, seizing the suicide vests they planned to use in that country's capital. this month's attack in san bernardino, california, was a grim reminder terror can strike anywhere. >> director comey from the fbi said there are investigations in all 50 states for jihadi-inspired radicals. >> but that won't stop the celebrations. >> you can't worry about it all of the time or you wouldn't go out and enjoy yourself. >> optimism tempered with vigilance as the new year approaches. >> reporter: the bottom line from authorities, fear not, but if you see something say something. live at union station i'm brian mooar, barbara, back to you.
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>> thank you, brian. congress wants answers about new allegations at the nsa spied on another world leader and key ally. the wall street journal reports the national security agency spied on benjamin net net earlier this year. now the house intelligence committee wants the head of the nsa to brief lawmakers on the hill next week. it comes two years after president obama limits spying on friendly heads of state. the nsa previously came under fire for tapping german chancellor angela merkel's phone calls. this afternoon we're learning new details about a man that crashed head-on into secret service agents. his name is bruce danforth and killed in the crash in new hampshire. the road was slick when he crossed a double yellow line and collided with a car carrying secret service agents who were in security detail. he was out on probation.
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two women were in the car with him, they and the agents are all recovering from serious injuries. dozens of people marched outside the white house this afternoon to protest reported plans to deport families. it's in response that the obama administration will start carrying out raids as soon as next month. immigrant advocates say a lot of the people here illegally are trying to escape ongoing violence in central america and the raids could have a huge impact in d.c., maryland and virginia. according to the post, the deportations will target people who have already been ordered to leave the country by immigration judges. snowy weather may have played a role at o'hare international airport. it happened this morning. a flight from seattle to chicago landied safely and taxied just beyond the runway's turnoff point. no one was hurt and the plane was later towed to a gate and is
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being inspecteded for any damage. the faa says it is investigating. and now your storm team 4 forecast. what a nasty forecast it is at least for tonight. things get much better by the time we talk about new year's eve, but new year's eve eve, no snow. it is just drizzle, mist, fog and 51 degrees and no chance of snow coming down. winds out of the northeast at 5 miles per hour and here is the rain and even where you don't see the rain. prince george's county and we are seeing the drizzle and the mist and that will continue, too, and we are also seeing some of that rain down to culpeper and around portions of leesburg and loudoun country and right on through the sterling region and right along route 7 and down 15 from haymarket right up to the leesburg area and this will move over toward reston and herndon
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which will see heavier rain and this is all part of a storm system and a big storm system down to the south and strong storms and flash flood warnings all across the carolinas and we're not seeing that. for us, this one is just skirting down to the south and it is giving us the rain and the back edge is back about three or four hours away and most of this should be done at 7:00, 8:00, 9:00. by 6:00, notice most of it getting out of here and another band beginning to develop around 8:00 and we could see more of those showers right on through 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00 as i mentioned. tomorrow we'll clear off. we're still mostly cloudy and tomorrow should be a great day on our thursday. your new year's eve really looking quite nice and maybe breezy and temperatures above average. 55 in fredericksburg. 48, upper 40s back toward the i-81 corridor and annapolis coming in around 52 degrees and all in all not bad.
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if you're going to be out, here you go. chilly, 44 degrees at 10:00 and upper 30s in the suburbs and about 42 degrees and if you're banging the pots and pans with your kids and 2:00 a.m. and looking at 41 degrees and yeah, it will be cool and not as cold as it has been over the past couple of years for that and the impact forecast and that will be on the low side for sure and breezy and still pretty nice on new year's eve and new year's day start to see the colder air come in, and 47 for the high and windchills and a lot cooler saturday and sunday and the coldest stretch of weather that we've seen so far this season and it's not saying much and it is the coldest stretch we've seen going into next week and amelia segal. she'll have the latest going on into 4:45. >> here's an incentive to go hiking. people who hike will get a chance to win some prizes. there is a secret question posted somewhere along the trail. hikers who find it and answer the question will get a prize. park managers are urging people to post their hiking photos on
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social media. thursday hifirst day hikes have become popular in the new year. they found this guy and he couldn't move. a dog named french fry -- they made a custom harness attached to french fry so he can go walks. they believe the dog may have been hit by a car and may never be able to use his hind legs and french fry is up for adoption. >> they'll be lining up for that little guy. a pilot makes a frightening mistake. the confusion that could have resulted in a catastrophe. >> and the search for a missing country singer heats up. [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like
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we're hearing dispatchers from a narrowly avoided disaster. investigators try to figure out how a plane landed in the wrong spot at an airport in seattle. >> 1-6 center. >> this was about a week ago the alaska airlines flight was
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cleared to land on the center runway. for some reason the pilot brought the plane down on the taxi way and that's between two runways. no one was hurt, but aviation experts say the result could have been catastrophic had another plane had been parked on the taxiway. >> although this was a dangerous condition, a condition that should be avoided it's something that can be learned from. >> it's not the first time we've seen this type of wrong runway landing at seattle tacoma. another plane landed in almost the exact same spot in 2004. still no sign of of a country music singer who went missing on a duck hunting trip on a lake in oklahoma. back road anthem band member craig strickland left with a friend on saturday. they left in the middle of a dangerous winter storm. they found strickland's friend's body and the dog was found alive. it injured scores of others in oklahoma. we continue to followic braing news out of pennsylvania
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where bill cosby has been arraigned in a sexual assault case. what's next for the embattled comedian as the ripple effect his arrest is having in d.c. two isis bombers were pla
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back on our breaking news at 4:30 where a man once known as america's dad is charged with sexual assault. bill cosby was arraigned just
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outside philadelphia. wendy rieger is in the live desk. >> cosby will be back in court for his next hearing in about two weeks and until then he is free on $1 million bond. cosby is facing indecent sexual assault charge for an alleged attack in 2004. a former temple university employee andrea constand told police that cosby gave her some pills and wine and then violated her at his home near philadelphia. cosby has reefiously said under oath that he had consensual sex with constand. prosecutors filed this charge less than a month before the statute of limitations ran out on this case, and it could be the only criminal charge that cosby faces out of the more than 40 accusations. the charge is a felony, and if convicted the 78-year-old could face up to ten years in prison. this is chris gordon at ben's chili bowl in northwest washington with the famous picture of comedian bill cosby
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in the murral on the side wall. the criminal charge of sexual assault that was filed today against cosby by a woman in pennsylvania is a felony. in a prior civil case cosby stated that his approval consented to having sex. doug gansler, the former prosecutor and state attorney general says the new criminal charge against cosby could result in a trial that boils down to he said/she said. if mr. cosby gave her date rain drugs, quaaludes or others and she becomes incapacitated mentally or physically, she could not have consented to what happened next and therefore he's in big trouble. >> all new at 5:00, what people are saying about bill cosby and the new criminal charge against him. back to you. all right. where chris was standing says it all. bill cosby has deep connections to our area and his arraignment
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is generating a lot of interest. troy johnson joins us for today's "talk around town". >> there is a wide range of viewpoints. bill cosby is an icon and entertainer. some people say it's been in the court of opinion for such a long time at the very least. now he has an opportunity to address the allegations in a court of law rather than the court of public opinion. some people are saying there's a conspiracy to defame bill cosby. a lot of people are feeling that way. here is a person who may have been railroaded in some ways. he's given so much throughout his life to education, his attention, his time and money to helping out his issues in the plaq black community, but others feel very strongly about the conspiracy theory is then there are people that are simply heart broken, sad, disappointed and that he could have each done any of these things that he is accused of.
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it's a wide range of emotions. >> people are saying look at all of the money he's given to colleges and the help he's given to young people, but how bill cosby, the person in conflict with bill cosby the persona or the tv dad. >> right. that's where people are really conflicted because here is a person who essentially has entertained four generations of people. you think all of the way back to "i spy" and the com bee albums that he had and the fata albert and the iconic cote cosby show." a lot of people have been touched by the work that he's done and they feel like he's one of those rare entertainers that transcended the personality and a lot of people feel like that may have been intentional on his part. he took on that persona and that's why it feels like dr. huxtable is on his way to go to court to face these charges. >> when it's not. dr. huxtable was a tv character
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and bill cosby is an actor. >> is an actor and obviously a good actor and it's the real man, the true man that is now facing these charges. >> recently, someone vandalized his mural outside ben's. what does he mean to people here in this community? >> i think that alone in terms of the folks that i spoke to says a lot. could you imagine a few years ago or 20 years ago that anybody would have the audacity to deface his mural on the side of ben's chili bowl. aside from ben's, the work that he's done with the smithsonian and he's presented his art and there are strong ties to washington, d.c., but again, one person said how far the mighty have fallen if, in fact, this is the case that there is something that's nefarious going on here. >> troy, great stuff and we'll have to keep a close eye on this. absolutely. and now your storm team 4
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forecast. keeping a close eye on storm team 4 radar as we track areas of rain impacting the region and it will continue through midnight and after midnight and still patchy fog and drizzle is possible and not a concern tomorrow morning and you can see a steadier rain pushing inside the beltway and this is pushing toward the east and leesburg seeing rain up around frederick and down around the fredericksburg area and dealing with wet roads tonight and the small umbrella should be just fine and rain intensity light to moderate in nature. after tonight, a good time to get the car wash. we're looking at weather in the forecast for days and full sunshine returning to the fk and we'll have a look at the next serve days. turning to europe where for the second day in a row authorities foiled a plot to attack new year's eve celebrations there. bill neely shows us the alarming things police found in these
4:36 pm
latest arrests. >> reporter: there have been arrests across europe. in turkey, two men, both turkish citizens were, according to police, planning mass casualty attacks. these pictures show a backpack, a suicide vest, electrical wiring, batteries the backpackers crammed with explosives and shrapnel and mostly ball bearing and wrapped in what looks like plastic. the suicide vest has at least a dozen sticks of explosives all wired together. the two arrested men are believed to be isis bombers who came from syria and they were planning attacks on bars near the main square in ankara where crowds traditionally gather to celebrate new year. police also find other isis materials in what is described as an isis safehouse. police on alert in ankara because two months ago isis suicide bombers killed more than a hundred people at a peace rally there. further north in belgium, two
4:37 pm
men were arrested on suspicion of planning to attack new year crowds in the main square of its capital brussels. belgian media say they were members of the kamikaze riders. in french, the word kamikaze means suicide bomber. no weapons or explosives were found and brussels has canceled its new year firework, but no repeat of the lockdown there a few weeks ago after the paris attacks. back to you. well, a presidential premiere of comedians in cars getting covery. what jerry seinfeld says about president obama. plus the one thing you must do before you trade in your old iphone this holi
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we continue to track the rain across the area. take a look at this. 495 a little slow right there on the inner loop and it will continue to be on the slow side tonight as a result of the rain continuing to come down and right now storm team 4 radar tracking that rain for you and heavier rain down toward prince william county and this will move right over 95 and there will be a problem there and the other area of heavy rain, at least steady rain over toward gaithersburg right along 270 and right along 255 and that is continuing right over toward ashton and south floral and we'll continue to see this rain right on through the rest of the evening and take it slow tonight and keep that umbrella handy and amelia is back in the seven-day
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forecast. >> we can watch president barack obama take a ride with jerry seinfeld. you can see it on the online channel crackle. >> they drive a 1963 stingray coupe. apparently, they never leave the white house grounds. seinfeld says mr. obama was fun to be with and praised his, quote, humor and generosity. u.s. capitol could be getting ready for its close-up if a new proposal goes through. d.c. delaware eleanor homes nordegren, she will allow filming and photography. right now filming can't happen beyond union station. it will boost the district's economy. >> we'll continue to follow several breaking stories including floodwaters in the midwest. hundreds have been evacuated as the mississippi river swells and the latest on the state of emergency straight ahead.
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a star of the hit show "glee" arrested
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we have an update for you on the breaking news we told you about earlier. three lanes on i-95 north in howard county are now back open. a truck crash shut down the northbound side of the route 175 for a couple of hours this afternoon, but traffic is still backed up for miles. you can see all those lights.
4:45 pm
back to the breaking news out of the country's midsection where 18 million americans are now in the path of what could be historic flooding. missouri's governor is promising to protect vulnerable businesses that are now under evacuation orders because of the deadly high waters and torrential rains are being blamed for deaths in missou missouri, arkansas and minnesota. how long the threat of flooding could last. >> reporter: a state of emergency in missouri. neighborhoods drowning. residents fleeing these potentially historic floodwaters. >> we made the decision yesterday just to load everything up and you know, get out of here. >> reporter: with 16 counties under flood warnings, the area where the missouri and mississippi rivers meet is of particular concern. in many cases sandbags are just not enough to hold back water that is 20 to 30 feet above flood stage in some blisses.
4:46 pm
>> we have the rv going out front here and we're loading it with sodas and drinks and we may be staying in that. >> families will not be able to use a major artery to evacuate. the rising levels have submerged interstate 44 in both directions near st. louis. >> we have countless roads that will stay under water for several days. >> reporter: in high ridge the flooding contaminated the primary water supply. not welcome news since rivers aren't expected to crest until thursday. >> we are here before the water rises. we are here after it falls. we are here until this place is back to where it was before and sometimes that takes a while. >> reporter: hoping mother nature will let go of her grip on the midwest before more lives and homes are lost. wendy woolford, nbc news, chicago. now your storm team 4 forecast. >> it's a soggy, damp evening with some patchy fog and rain will come to an end around
4:47 pm
midnight and still some patchy fog and misty drizzle is possible after that and heading out this evening you'll definitely want to grab the umbrella as we track it light to moderate in nature if you have plans outdoors, temperatures will be in the 30s and 40s and i'll more detail on that in a moment. as we look to monday and tuesday it will be cold and the coldest air so far this season. here's the latest on the storm team 4 radar tracking a broken line of rain pushing through the area parallel to i-95 and southern maryland and st. mary's county and that pushing out toward the eastern shore and the back end of this activity in west virginia and this is what we'll continue to track until about midnight tonight. right now inside the beltway, generally light showers impacting areas of washington, arlington and alexandria as well and 51 degrees is our current temperature as we work our way around midnight and temperatures
4:48 pm
slowly fall and overnight lows dipping into the radar and that 11:00 p.m. again as the rain winds down still tracking areas of fog and tomorrow the weather having a low to maybe moderate impact on your day, but during the early morning hours with patchy fog and possibly very early and the weather having a low impact on your day. it's a bit breezy and we have sunshine and temperatures are cool and still well above normal and a high tomorrow of 53 degrees and we'll hit that about 3:00 p.m. and chilly with a temperature of 47 and 11:00 getting in the jog or walk before you plan to celebrate the new year. at least a light jacket at that point and by 7:00 p.m., a warm jacket with temperatures in the mid-40s and clearing skies and you don't need the umbrella for once. we're tracking dry conditions and either a warm coat or jacket throughout the day. here's your new year's eve planner for tomorrow.
4:49 pm
t 10:00 p.m. and 42 degrees in the district and by 2:00 a.m. temperature in washington is 41. looking ahead to the weekend and beautiful weather saturday and sunday with plenty of sunshine finally in the forecast. 40s for the high and cold monday and tuesday with temperatures around 40 degrees, barbara. >> all right, amelia, thank you. >> the countdown for 2016 is on and head to the nbc washington app to see the stories you clicked on the most this year. they range from tragic losses to weather alerts to the pope's visit to the new panda and there were also stories that got a whole lot of attention that may surprise you. >> pretty cool. you can golf, skate, hike in fairfax county and pretty soon you may be able to swing through the trees. we learned officials there are requesting proposals to build a high ropes adventure course. eventually there may be multiple courses and fairfax wants to launch a trial run at southland park just off the fairfax county
4:50 pm
parkway in springfield. a warning for anyone selling old electronic devices as you upgrade this holiday season. pa peize chang with what to do before you hand the electronics over. >> it's paper weight. >> reporter: that's how tommy nicolai described his phone and laptop when we first met him. >> it was crazy. within a few days everything i had was in lock mode and i can't get into it. >> reporter: tommy couldn't get past the factory start screen and it was the rude alarm that sounded in the middle of the night that really raised his fears. >> i've never heard the alarm before and a message comes up in a different language and i turn the computer off, turn it back on and it said you deceived me. >> it prompted tommy for a pin code he never set and the eerie message below, you deceived me and sold iphone 4.
4:51 pm
tommy, a college student sold the phone on ebay after he shipped the phone and waited to be paid he started receiving angry messages with the buyer who was not happy with the purchase. >> i need that guy's email and his password that he set on my phone to unlock it. >> according to the apple spokesman, the buyer accessed tommy's icloud and declared tommy's phone and laptop as stolen so he couldn't use them. >> i did a full factory reset and he still accessed my password and information. >> even if you think you fully erased a piece of information, sometimes pieces or remnants can be left behind. >> reporter: according to nyt science professor jonathan voor hes it's possible something was left behind. >> technology that makes it easier could potentially make it easier for someone else to access it as well. kate upton and jennifer lawrence were reportedly hacked and
4:52 pm
personal photos were leaked. >> apple did eventually help tommy unlock his phone and laptop and he forgot one very important thing. before wiping your phone you have to log out of your icloud account. another step you could take, wipe your phone once and download another app or picture and then wipe it again. >> it will make it progressively harder and harder as you continue to bury the original data under more layers. >> reporter: it's a lesson that tommy and his family have learned the hard way. >> i will never sell another product with any information on it again. >> because you think it's too much of a risk? >> big risk. >> paysy chang, news 4, new york. we're working stories in the newsroom including the one outside philadelphia. bill cosby's attorney was speaking moments ago and said the criminal charge against the comedian is unjustified. cosby was arraigned in a sexual assault charge and is now free on $1 million bail. prosecutors say he drugged and assaulted a former temple
4:53 pm
university employee about 12 years ago. news 4's chris gordon will have local reaction coming up in ten minutes. also at 5:00, fears of a nursing shortage. federal personnel records obtained by news 4 show one in every ten nurses have quit or retired in recent months from veterans affairs hospitals. scott macfarlane shows us what this means to veterans and their families on news 4 at 5:00. >> you request see the street we're walking along, this is actually closed for construction, but for one family in particular, it means that they're often cut off from their own home. at times they can rely on this dirt strip that's now muddy because of the weather to get to their house, but they say its impacted far more than just getting home. >> we were accepting the fact that we will suffer some inconvenience due to the construction, but we didn't expect the situation to be like this. >> coming up ahead on news 4 at
4:54 pm
5:00, you'll have to hear what the town of vienna has to say behind the delays in getting the road repaired and what the family is doing about it. in vienna, i'm david culver, news 4. an actor from the hit show "glee" has been busted for child porn. what they're revealing about the disturbing arrest.
4:55 pm
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4:57 pm
a former glee actor is facing serious legal trouble tonight. mike starling has been accused of possessing child pornography. reporter mekula medina is talking to people shocked about the allegations. >> reporter: in the middle of horse country police a hollywood star possessed more than 1,000 images of child porn found here inside his sunland ranch on computers, tablets and phones. >> i was amazed that someone can live so close to my house and be accused of all this. >> reporter: his neighbor lives down the street and he doesn't know the actor and he's astonished someone in the neighborhood would be accused of such a horrible crime. >> it always worries me when one of these guys come out of the woodwork and sometimes they're friendly people, sometimes they're not.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: george zamora used to work on the show "glee" where he starred as a troubled singer. >> and you get to know who the actors really are, but hey, a lot of actors have a lot of secrets. >> on social media, he portrayed an actor's life hanging out with fellow stars. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: singing at a bar in costa rica during vacation recently and posting this picture of himself christmas day. neighbors are still astonished. >> unbelievable and it's in such a quiet, private kind of neighborhood. news 4 at 5:00 begins with breaking news. bill cosby is free on $1 million bail. good afternoon, i'm wendy rieger and i'm jim handly. we have team coverage for you of the first criminal charge against cosby after a series of rain accusations began mounting
4:59 pm
last year. deanna duranty has more now from the pennsylvania court. >> no comment, mr. cosby? >> reporter: bill cosby arrived to court attended by two attorneys and he stumbled, and police tell us he had to drive in from massachusetts. >> these charges stem from a sexual assault that took place on an evening in early 2004 at mr. cosby's home. >> reporter: bill cosby is now charged with indecent assault. he drugged and assaulted a temple university employee, a woman who considered cosby as a mentor. >> police say cosby hit on the woman multiple times and she refused sexual advances and on that winter night police say she took pills and drank wine and was unable to fight off cosby's attack. the woman went to police back then, but charges were never filed. >> when judge robreno unsealed
5:00 pm
facts to the civil deposition and we learned about allegations from other victims under similar circumstances, reopening this case was not a question. rather, reopening this case was our duty as law enforcement officers with the sworn obligation to uphold our constitutions and to uphold the law. here at the live desk we are looking at the mounting legal trouble bill cosby is facing from other accusers. remember, up until today cosby has only faced civil lawsuits because a lot of these cases date back to the ace 60s and '70s and the statute of limitations has long since run out. there are six defamation and civil suits filed against the comedian and the largest one is on behalf of seven accusers and cosby said he is prepared to fight. he filed a counter suit calling the clams of the


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