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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  January 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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we'll talk about that. the rain chances will be on increase, too. we have a couple storm systems, one of which could affect your weekend. we'll talk about that in a second. right now veronica johnson outside. v.y v.j., the wind in a situation like this makes a difference. >> reporter: we were buttoned up, scarves, hat on. i lost the hat for right now. i'm still going with the gloves. it is cold, just not quite as windy. our windchills this morning, take a look at them, they were down below zero briefly around 5:004:00, 5:00, 6:00 a.m. the windchills are in the low 30s because we barely have any wind left hanging on. the wind is pretty calm. this evening, a calm wind, settles down to the upper 20s by 8:00, 9:00. as doug mentioned, a cold start before we see those temperatures rebound. doug, of course, you'll have more on that coming up a little later. >> yeah, that's right. we're talking about coming up at 5:25, not just one, but two areas around us that saw snow today. i've got that forecast for you
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coming up in a minute. >> thank you, doug. the cold weather is hard on a lot of people. d.c.'s hypothermia hotline got more than 400 calls last night after the city activated its cold weather emergency plan for the first time this season. we're told that vans transported more than 500 people to shelters. that's in addition to 2,100 people already in shelters or city motels. it can be tough to know what to do if you see someone who appears to be homeless in this kind of weather. we posted the hypothermia hotline numbers in our nbc washington app to help you. an emotional moment today as president obama laid out his plan for reducing gun violence. the president began to cry today as he talked about those 20 first graders killed in their school classrooms in newtown, connecticut. >> every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad. and by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. >> chris lawrence here now with more on the president's comments
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and the executive orders he issued today. chris? >> yeah, jim, i mean, the president says he does believe in the second amendment, but just like he can't yell "fire" in a crowded theater and call it free speech, people should not be able to get a gun without a background check. so he announced some new rules today. anyone in the business of selling guns has to register as a gun dealer and conduct background checks. even if they're only selling online or at gun shows. he's also calling for more funding from both the fbi and the atf so they can hire more people to monitor those sales. and he wants millions of dollars for mental health treatment. mr. obama made his announcement with victims of gun violence standing behind him and says he can't wait on congress any longer and there's an urgent need to change these laws. >> people are dying. and the constant excuses for inaction no longer do, no longer
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suffice. that's why we're here today. not to debate the last mass shooting, but to do something to try to prevent the next one. >> obviously there is a lot of opposition to the president's action. over on the hill, republicans are upset about the new rules and say they're going to use the appropriations process to block his orders and deny the funding he needs to carry them out. house speaker paul ryan issued a statement saying the president's word does not trump the second amendment, we will conduct vigilant oversight and his executive order will no doubt be challenged in the courts. the nra also released a statement which says, "the american people don't need emotional, condescending lectures completely devoid of facts." it also says president obama's proposals would not have prevented any of the who risk events that he mentioned. now the president is going to talk more about some of these executive actions on thursday. he's going to be at a town hall meeting at george mason university. right here in fairfax. doreen. >> chris lawrence, thank you. one of our area's most prominent police chiefs is
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offering swift reaction to the president's orders. montgomery county police chief tom manger says he not only thinks the president took much-needed steps but that he could have gone even further. news 24's jackie bensen continues our team coverage now from rockville with his comments. jackie? >> reporter: doreen, reaction to the president's announcement has been coming in from throughout the d.c. area. montgomery county police chief tom manger who is also president of the major cities police chiefs association praised the president's desire for more mental health initiatives. here's some of what the chief had to say. >> i've been a cop for 40 years, and i know what can be done to reduce gun violence, to reduce violence, to reduce the number of homicides in this jurisdiction. and keeping the guns o ut of the hands of criminals, and keeping the guns out of the hands of mentally ill will do just that. >> reporter: coming up on news at 6:00, we will tell you how
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the president's announcement, what effect it is having on gun shops like the one here in the park lawn area of rockville. live in rockville, jackie bensen, news 4. back to you, jim. >> jackie, thank you. it was a horrific crash. we're learning more tonight about the driver of a car who ran into six people after a new year's eve party. news 4's mark ssegraves live downtown to explain why the man's attorney says it wasn't his fault. mark? >> reporter: yeah, jim, ironically this is where it all began and this is where it all ended. on this sidewalk where police say malik lloyd drove his card onto this sidewalk hitting several pedestrians. it was after he was inside of this bar drinking that he got behind the wheel. according to police, after malik lloyd left the nightclub, he and a female companion got into her car. police say she told them that she was too drunk to drive, so lloyd got behind the wheel. they were driving down 17th street when police say he struck
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a car. witnesses tried to flag him down and get him to stop, but, again, according to police, lloyd hit the gas and sped off down 17th street trying to get away. after hitting that car on 17th street, witnesses saw lloyd turn the corner here onto "l" street. you can still see the police markings where he hopped the curb. there used to be a tree right here. police say he took that tree out and continued down the sidewalk. he continued driving down the sidewalk for more than 100 feet. it was new year's eve, remember, and there was a rope line here in front of the bar. police say he crashed through that and this is where he hit several pedestrians. the car kept on going down the sidewalk until it hit a lamp post that used to be right here. the car completely wiped out that lamp post and finally came to a rest. six pedestrians and one passenger from the car were take b to the hospital. two pedestrians had very serious
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injuries. some were hit by the car, others with flying debris. lloyd has been charged with dui and assault with a dangerous weapon among other charges. in court today lloyd's attorney argued after lloyd hit the car on 17th street, he was rendered unconscious and therefore couldn't have been acting recklessly when his car jumped the curb here and hit those pedestrians. the judge told him he wasn't buying that and he ordered lloyd held without bond until his next trial date later this month. coming up at 6:00, you'll hear about lloyd's previous criminal records that led the judge to keep him behind bars. doreen, back to you. >> mark segraves reporting, thanks, mark. a $6 million lawsuit in connection with the death of his son. he say s his son, gus, was improperly denied treatment a day before gus attacked him in 2013. gus stabbed his father 13 times before shooting himself. the commonwealth, the health
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facility, and the mental health worker who evaluated his son are all included in the lawsuit. we're getting a look this evening at a group of young people who police are calling persons of interest in an assault on a metro train. investigators tell us they want to talk to the six people in these surveillance images you see. they say someone attacked a rider on a red line train near the galudet station two weeks ago at the height of rush hour. police believe it was part of an attempted robbery. everything is getting back to normal tonight on metro after an issue on the green line today. take a look. trains had to single track on the green line for most of the day after a rail cracked near college park this morning. we're told that single tracking created delays for yellow line trains going into service. metro tweeted the trains are no longer single tracking but riders can expect some residual delays. a community calls for safety upgrades after a woman is hit
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trying to cross the street. i'm adam tuss in betesda. i'll tell you what's being proposed coming up. a fire devours a home in southern prince george's county. while the blaze is still smoldering, homeowners want to know why they didn't have a fire hydrant close by. there's a new twist in the court battle over the deposition of camille cosby in the case of sexual misconduct involving her husband, bill cosby. 8
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right now at 5:00 the neighborhood where freddie gray was killed in police custody will be demolished now. those aren't the only changes happening in the city. with the redskins and green bay packers set to kick off sunday the redskins have released game daytiming information for fans. and the armed activist takeover of that federal building stretches into its fourth day today. all those stories and the full forecast are ahead in the next 15 minute minutes. it's happened again. another serious pedestrian accident in montgomery county. this time a woman was hit by a ride on bus while crossing at the busy intersection of old georgetown road and battery lane in bethesda. transportation reporter adam tuss is there tonight and tells us bus drivers and pedestrians often talk about the dangers
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there. adam? >> reporter: dorren, you know, the woman was just trying to get across the street. she was trying to get across old georgetown road right here. but when you look at the amount of traffic here, mixing with buses and pedestrians, all it takes is one mistake and the results can be tragic. a single purse and a bag in the middle of old georgetown road. the initial investigation shows a bus making a left turn from battery lane onto old georgetown road. just before 8:00 this morning when it happened. as the woman decides she's going to cross old georgetown road here, she's coming across the road, meanwhile the bus is coming and the two meet right here on the ground. >> people are are distracted. there's all kinds of stuff going on. >> reporter: al harris is a former bus driver and says flatout the roads are a dangerous place. he thinks safety upgrades needs to be considered all across our region. >> we got a lot of people here. we got to take care of this. >> reporter: this did happen right in front of the bethesda chevy chase rescue squad.
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members inside responded. the investigation still ongoing but we do know the driver of the ride on bus has been with ride on since 2006. alan lives here on battery lane and says especially when it's dark, he won't even let his wife cross this road without some sort of safety device. >> she has a flashing dog collar she puts on her gym bag now and i've got a portable work light which i want her to carry, too, but she doesn't often do it because it's bulky. >> reporter: an extensive reconstruction took place, the bus was towed away. the driver's been taken in for drug and alcohol testing which is standard after an incident like this. now one thing we noticed standing out here on the road, the cars go screaming down this road though the speed limit is only 25 miles an hour. coming up at 6:00, this community's call to make this whole area safer. reporting live in bethesda, adam tuss, news 4. here at the live desk, we just learned bill cosby's wife, camille, will not have to give a
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deposition tomorrow. she was slated to provide test mo testimony in a defamation suit. yesterday's cosby's lawyers asked for an emergency stay so they could appeal the ruling that required camille cosby to testify and today a judge granted that stay. if and when she is required to testify, camille cosby would be forced to disclose what she knows about allegations that cosby drugged and sexually assaulted dozens of women. jim? >> chris, thank you. lawyers for a police officer charged in the death of freddie gray want a judge to avoid a subpoena requiring him to testify against another officer. william porter's trial ended with a hung jury last month as you know, but prosecutors want him to testify against cesar goodson, the officer who drove the van in which gray suffered the neck injury that later caused his death. his trial begin next week. porter's lawyer says he shouldn't be compelled to give any testimony that could be self-incriminatory. a major demolition project
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set to begin in the city of baltimore. governor larry hogan announcing today thousands of vacant buildings will be knocked down over the next four years. starting in the neighborhood where gray died. baltimore has about 17,000 vacant homes kons traconcentrate areas where rioting and looting took place after gray was arrested and fatally injured while in police custody. the redskins now just five days away from real playoff football, and that means pretty short learning curve for one player. carol maloney is in our newsroom with more on the newest member of the burgundy and cold. hi, carol. >> hi, doreen. bringing in the new guy, williams, he's a veteran quarterback, you may remember him from his days with the ravens. also a member of the seahawks this season. the redskins are going up against one of the best quarterbacks in the league, of course, they could also use the help. also remember we told you yesterday about a couple injuries in the redskins
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secondary. the new guy will provide some depth there. he signed a three-year $15 million deal with the seahawks in the offseason and was released last month. this afternoon, the redskins sending out a game-daytimeline f for sunday. parking lots for permit holders will open at noon. red zone lot permit you can get in at 11:00 a.m. stadium gates open at 2:00 p.m. fans are encouraged to be in seats by 4:15 for the pregame ceremonies which will include a flyover by the u.s. air force. coming up, an addition on offense, we just confirmed the redskins are getting a boost and kirk cousins will like it. that story coming up at 6:00. tonight, i'm going to take you to a place that has the skins' fight song on the jukebox. a picture of the last super bowl team on the wall. where i saw someone throw a hail
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mary pass with a dinner roll. it's playoff week. what d where did you expect me to take you, library? stick around. >> we're not going anywhere, pat collins. hey, we are feeling the cold out there. while folks on virginia's coast are seeing snow. doug's back with our full forecast on what we can expect here. also, there's a new change at the station that lost two journalists during a shooting on live television. i'm julie carey in fairfax county where there's a brand new kind of life-saving training under way designed to save someone from a heroin or opioid overdose. why these packets may be the key to reducing the ♪
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and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> that forecast tonight, a very cold forecast for sure. temperatures tonight down into the teens once again. many locations. a big difference tonight than last night. we're not going to be seeing that wind. out there right now, clear skies. that's going to allow temperatures to cool quickly. right now at the freezing mark. winds out of the northwest at about 3 miles an hour. again, that is a huge difference. last night at this time, the winds were at 20 to 35 miles per hour. and that was putting windchills already in the teens and low 20s at this point. we do not have that wind currently. but that will allow temperatures to fall quickly. 28 in frederick right now. 30 in manassas. 28 in culpeper. around the martinsburg area,
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around 29. again, without the wind that does allow temperatures to fall fairly quickly. that's what we're going to see tonight. no rain, no snow on the radar. i want to show you what's happening across the mid-atlantic because very good news here, it is cold enough that there's a lot of snow-making going on back toward the mountains here, back toward the blue ridge, toward liberty. got off the phone with liberty a little while ago. they will have seven slopes open or thursday, round top open tomorrow. they're going to open more terrain during the day on thursday, too. they've been all making snow with this very cold air. now, some snow from mother nature down toward norfolk. this was actually chesapeake bay-e foeffect snow. you hear about lake-effect snow toward the great lakes all the time. we had bay-effect snow around the norfolk, hampton roads area. take a look at video we have from earlier this morning. the snow was flying down there toward the hampton road area. snow flurries, snow showers,
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produced a dusting of snow in parts of the area. once again, just amazing to see it in that area down to the south. it all happens as that very cold air makes its way right over the chesapeake bay then right on down toward their region, also down toward the cape, cape hatteras reporting some snow as well around the duck area, they saw ocean-effect snow earlier today. 13 the overnight low temperature in frederick. 20 in d.c. 13 in manassas. another very cold start to the day. make sure you bundle up. make sure the kids are set as they take off toward the bus stop. overnight tonight into the day tomorrows we will warm to about 40. plenty of sunshine, lighter wind, it does look like we'll see little bit better in the way of a day tomorrow. 4 2 fredericksburg. still below the 40 degree mark to the west. at least we're warmer than we were during the day today. impact forecast tomorrow, not much on an impact at all. that impact will be on the low side. it will be moderate to start but then move to the low side as we move on through the afternoon.
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not as cold with some lighter winds. now the next couple of days high temperatures increasing. 42 on thursday. more cloud cover on thursday, but still not a bad day. 45 on friday. friday's the day to watch for because we're going to see some showers move in on friday. high temperature of 45. anything that develops will be in the form of rain. that chance of rain comes late friday afternoon into friday evening so if you're going out friday evening, you may need the umbrella. most of the day looks dry. then we get to saturday. maybe an early shower then clearing skies as far as the rain is concerned. i still think we'll see a lot of cloud cover. high temperature upper 40s to around 50 degrees. as we look over toward the next seven days here, of course, we have another storm system coming on sunday and take a look at this. yeah, 52 degrees on sunday. of course, we have the redskins game. good news for that, too. let's take a look at that. show you what's happening out there. good news, we'll see the rain early in the day but by around noon, just as they're opening some of the gates, looks like we're going to be on the drier side. 47 at noon.
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49 around 4:00. high of 52 but dropping back to the 40s. plenty of cloud cover during the afternoon, during the evening hours. hopefully around 8:00, they're leading with a win. veronica is back at 5:45 with more on the extended forecast. the group of militants occupying that federal wildlife refuge in a remote part of oregon show no signs of leaving any time soon. that group is now in their fourth day of occupation. authorities are keeping a low profile as they look for a peaceful end to the situation. the ainti-government protesters call themselves citizens for constitutional freedom. they think the government has too much control over western land. the leader of that roanoke, virginia, tv station who helped it get through the tragic fatal shootings of two employees last year is leaving his post. wdbj president and general manager jeffrey marks is moving on to work for the station's new corporate owner. back in august, reporter alison parker an cameraman adam ward
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were fatally shot by a former co-worker during a live tvme segment. saying good-bye to an old town alexandria fixture. why a popular alexandria store is closing up shop after more than 50 years in business. and a boy survives a 25-foot fall from a ski lift and his father explains the moment he saw his son slip out of sight. this was a devastating house fire in a very rural part of southern prince george's county, but that's why people choose to live here because it's so isolated. tracee wilkins, coming up on news 4, did that isolation play a
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you're watching news 4 at 5:00. >> a massive house fire in prince george's county is still smoldering tonight. a sprinkler system couldn't save the house when the fire started yesterday. that house is located on jameis way in accokeek, a remote area where no fire hydrants in that area. >> news 4's prince george's county bureau reporter tracee wilkins got an up-close look at the damage and talked to neighbors who are now concerned this might happen to them. >> reporter: yep, there's a lot of concern about this. i mean, you an see behind me that it's really starting to get dark out here, soon it's going to be pitch black because this area is so rural. they don't have street lights and don't have fire hydrants, either. something people who live here were comfortable with until they saw what happened to one of
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these homes yesterday. >> still burning. >> reporter: the fire tee apartme department has come out twice since yesterday to distinguish flare-ups after a massive fire destroyed this large accokeek home. >> when i noticed the fire when i got up in the morning, the fire had started behind this wall. >> reporter: fire investigators believe the fire may have started outside of the house. spreading before the sprinklers inside could engage. >> a large fire is going to overwhelm a sprinkler system, and as we saw yesterday, that fire was well advanced by the time we arrived. it just overwhelmed the sprinkler system and wasn't able to do its job. >> reporter: with no nearby hydrants the people who live in this development use well water and depend on their sprinklers powered by 500-gallon water pump tanks in case of fire. >> the tank for the 500 gallons of water was behind that wall. >> reporter: and with the nearest fire hydrant almost a mile away, residents are worried about what to do if their only fire fighting option fails. >> this won't save us.
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the size of the house is massive. that's not enough to put the water out. >> reporter: she is one of the neighbors in this development who now wants a hydrant near her home. >> we have a home association in this neighborhood so i think, i got an e-mail yesterday that they'll work on doing something about it. >> reporter: the hope is having another backup plan will help to keep this from happening again. >> all the neighbors in the community, they're pulling together and going to try to do something to make a change, immediate change so no one has to experience such a drastic loss. >> reporter: prince george's county fire and ems are quick to point out since the county has made it law for new homes to be built with sprinklers inside, there have been no fatalities from fire in any of those houses with sprinklers. they say this is another good example of someone being able to at least make it out of the house without death due to this fire. coming up on news 4 at 6:00, joining them to make sure they have hydrants and running water in this community is expensive and it's a complicated process. we'll explain what they're going
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to do have to do make that happen. in accokeek, tracee wilkins, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. we know the identity of a man found dead in a park in prince george's county. a police officer found him last night on hanover parkway in green belt. police identify himself as anthony cabotaje of lanham. no word yet on how he died. tonight fairfax county is stepping up its effort to battle the rise in heroin and opioid overdose deaths. anyone in the county can help out. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey sat in on one training session about a drug that reverses the effects of an overdose. >> how can you tell the difference between somebody who's high and somebody who has actually overdosed on a substance? >> reporter: it's an opening question posed to both county employees and residents who came to the community services board office to learn how to become overdose life savers.
5:33 pm
this revive kit when stocked with the medication naloxone can counter effects of a heroin or ownersh opioid overdose. he first saw the impacts as a small teen. >> i grew up in a small town in missouri. drugs are pretty rampant in that area. >> reporter: he and others in the class will be trained and if they choose equipped to step in and possibly save a life. the trainers demonstrate what to do with an unresponsive victim. first, rescue breaths, a call to 911 then a dose of naloxone. >> put half into one nostril then the rest in the other nostril. >> this is a great thing for family members. it gives them something they can do. they don't feel so helpless, something they can do to protect their loved ones. >> reporter: finding naloxone at local drugstores can sometimes be a challenge so the community services board will provide the
5:34 pm
medication from its pharmacy for those who take the class. the hope is that 2016 could be the year the escalation in overdose deaths begins to plateau or even reverse. >> we can save one life through the injection, then that's a life worth saving. >> reporter: coming up on news 4 at 6:00, i'll tell you which northern virginia county is now arming deputies with his weapon to try to prevent overdose deaths. in fairfax county, julie carey, news 4. >> to learn more about this effect from this reversing drug training to see upcoming classes, open the nbc washington app and search "revive." looking at prescription drugs by the numbers. we've seen overdose deaths more than triple in the past 30 years. and a new web md medscape survey finds there's a knowledge gap when it comes to possible risks. 88% of health care professionals polled say they prescribed opioids like hydrocodone and
5:35 pm
oxycodone to their patients and that number could explain how the volume of prescriptions has skyrocketed from 76 million in 1991 to nearly 207 million in 2013. an overwhelming majority of professionals when asked say they talk about how and when to use these drugs and the potential side effects with their patients, but a possible area of concern, disposal of these drugs. 42% of people who have taken an opioid in the past three years say they hold onto whatever is left over. well then the problem is those drugs could be shared or could end up in the hands of somebody who shouldn't have them. jim? >> doreen, thanks. d.c. businesses and homeowners in high crime areas will get help buying an installing security cameras after new legislation passed by the counsel today. it requires police to designate high-crime areas of the city. individuals, businesses and non-profits there could be eligible for up to $700 to get those cameras.
5:36 pm
both the council and d.c. mayor muriel bowser say it will help deter and solve crimes. here at the live desk we're following developments in afghanistan where one u.s. service member has been killed. two others have been injured while fighting the taliban. nbc news has learned special ops forces were conducting a counterterrorism operation when they came under attack. a helicopter that was called in to remove some of the injured also came under fire. although it's not clear if the chopper was actually hit. now, this all happened in marja, part of the helmand province. u.s.-backed forces have been fighting to beat back the taliban advance there for weeks after insurgents launched a major offensive there in december. that area is a primary source of opium that helps fund some of the taliban's operations. >> chris, thank you. she's accused of helping her son flee the country. the mother of the so-called affluenza teen appears in court
5:37 pm
to deal with her own legal troubles after a controversial dui ruling. for more than 50 years, they've sold children's toys and unique keepsakes, but now the why not store, an institution here in oldtown, is closing its doors. why th
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virginia state police tell us tonight the driver who hit a pedestrian on the beltway will not be charged. they're still working to identify the victim.
5:40 pm
he was not carrying any identification. the accident happened around 8:30 last night near exit 169 here in the springfield area. police tell us the man was walking across the southbound travel lanes when he was hit. he died at the scene. the 21-year-old driver from fredericksburg was treated at the hospital for minor injuries, but is expected to be okay. a new development tonight in the case of the so-called affluenza teen. in court in los angeles today, his mother agreed to go back to texas to face a charge of helping him flee the country. ethan couch, meanwhile, is 1,800 miles away in a mexico city detention center. that's where he met with his new attorney today. he's trying to decide whether he'll continue fighting deportation to the u.s. it's a process that could take months. after the meeting, his attorney gave no hint as to what was decided. >> everything's okay. thank you. we had a chance to confer but i'm not in liberty to disclose.
5:41 pm
>> authorities believe couch fled to mexico because prosecutors were investigating a possible parole violation. couch killed four people after driving drunk in 2013 but was only sentenced to probation after lawyers argued that growing up rich affected his ability to tell right from wrong. a vehicle test drive in houston turned into a kidnapping, robbery, and shooting drama last night. two men beat up jose martinez and threw him in the drunk of the car they were stealing in texas. the car salesman freed himself from the trunk by releasing the hatch, or the latch there, and then jumped from the moving vehicle. one of the men went after his firing gun -- went after them firing their gun. >> he was fighting. one of them had a gun and it -- he dropped it. jose picked it up and shot him. >> martinez intentionally left his cell phone in the trunk of the vehicle so police could track that stolen car. they found it, but the two
5:42 pm
suspects are still on the run tonight. a montgomery county father's fight to keep his homemade hockey rink continues. why this battle over a tribute for his daughter all comes down to his facebook page. five, five days, five days to the playoffs. so what are you going to do for the game? i've got some advice from some longtime fans coming up. news 4. the weekend will feel cool if not warm compared to today. then temperatures go way back down. we'll take a look at the numbers over the next seven days and your redskins forecast for sunday. in just a few minutes. check this out, bro. what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance. more ways to save. nice, bro-tato chip. that's not all, bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too. oh, that's a lot more.
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oh yeah, i'm all about more, teddy brosevelt. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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i looked at him and i looked -- i love you and i'm sorry. and my hands gave out. >> now at 5:00, a father's agonizing position, stranded on a ski lift clinging to his son with a 25-foot drop below them. >> and all week long, pat collins is getting us ready for the playoffs tonight. we're talking food and football. plus the powerball jackpot is still rising. my hands are freezing right now. it's very cold out here this morning. >> wear a bunch of layers. just prepare yourself to be warm. >> how you feeling? >> very cold. >> i'm actually a dialysis
5:46 pm
patient so i stay cold, anyway, so this is quite cold for me. >> bring on the snow. >> bring on the snow? >> bring on the snow. >> are you sure about that? >> my kid's ready to get the sled out. absolutely. bring on the snow. >> go ahead and bring on the snow but bring up the temperature a little bit first. >> there you go. >> thank you. please. yeah. can we ease into it instead of just, boom, like that? >> that windchill this morning was brutal. painful. >> it did not help. here's the thing i like. we have a big game coming up on sunday. i'm glad our temperatures will be much, much improved from where we are right now. glad that that cold didn't come toward the tail end of the weekend. but it's still going to be cold overnight. in fact, still seeing dangerous cold because we're still going to see the temperatures dip down into the teens, but you're probably listening, you really don't hear anything. the wind really lightened up, eased up, laid down from earlier today. the winds early today were up around 15 mile per hour gusts. right now, though, it's light and it's going to be light early tomorrow morning. still a cold start.
5:47 pm
we'll be starting out 13 to 20 degrees across the area. what to wear then heading out the door, same drill. you're going to need the koerco gloves, hat, scarf. no umbrella, umbrella doesn't come into play friday late if you have plans on going out. look at the temperatures early tomorrow morning. areas like columbia, maryland, gaithersburg, germantown, olney, reston, herndon, 13 starting out early tomorrow morning. 17 degrees around waldorf and la plata. tomorrow the weather is going it have a lower impact on our area. light wind, still cold. for traveling we got sunshine, again. exercising, still going to be, again, cold. that temperature right at 40 degrees. so for much of the day, most neighborhoods will be staying in the 30s. still more cautionary there. out and about, just coats needed. i think by the afternoon hours. really not going to want to really feel like you need to grab the scarf or the hat or zip and button all up. but nice warm coat for sure. we hit the 30-degree mark by
5:48 pm
around 11:00 a.m. to noon. we stay in the 30s most of the day. so here, areas down through fredericksburg, stafford, 42 the high for tomorrow. warmer spots, manassas, culpeper. little colder up to the north. i-95 toward baltimore, 38 the high temperature. starting tomorrow night, clouds move in. and starting tomorrow night and for the remabder of the workweek, it's going to be generally overcast. high clouds, mid-level clouds will be moving in. a snapshot of thursday, this is 2:00, 3:00, it's going to be fairly overcast across the area. not expecting any rain right now. the rain for the tail end of the weekend. we're talking showers, a temperature of 45 degrees. that's a few degrees above average, not by very much. we get a little bit of rain in here friday into early saturday morning, so take the umbrella. should be over. we'll salvage that day saturday. not going to see a lot of sunshine for day, but at 50 degrees we do like that. health and fitness expo at the washington convention center. doreen has been talking about it just for days.
5:49 pm
we have a few more days, too, to talk about it. storm team 4 will be there answering all your questions about the winter and what's to come. if you're wondering about tailgating right now for sunday's big game, tailgating right now looks as though just overcast, those showers should be ending and wrapping up by around noon when a lot of folks will be starting to fire something up. 49 to 50 degrees the high temperature at 4:00 p.m. on sunday. that's the way it's looking now. we're calling it chilly. by the time we get into the evening hours, we drop back to the 30s. we'll have more on that. a look ahead. that cold week coming on news 4 at 6:00. well, can you feel it in the air? playoff excitement is ramping up here in washington with five days before the redskins take on the packers. make that five days. >> five. we're counting them down on one hand. do you know what you'll be doing for the big game and what you'll be eating? pat collin was wearing cheese yesterday. he caught up with longtime redskins fans today and joins us
5:50 pm
now with their advice. pat? >> reporter: jim, five days until the big playoff. so what is your game plan? you need some ideas? well, check this out. ♪ a place that has the skins' fight song on the jukebox. ♪ a place with the picture of the last super bowl team on the wall. faded as it may be. a place where i saw a woman use a dinner roll to throw a hail mary pass. is soa lot of people if they wa expert opinions on final, they go to ex-coaches, they go to analysts, they be to pollsters. me, when i want to talk football, i go to the diner. memories. >> i remember the glory days. so i've always had something to hold on. i'm happy for my grandchildren
5:51 pm
who have not been able to see a good team yet. >> reporter: who's the best redskins player you can remember? >> sonny. >> reporter: number 9. >> yep. he's the best. >> reporter: do you think this kirk cousins guy could be -- >> yes. >> reporter: the playoff game plan. ready for the playoffs? >> the playoffs. ready. dance to the reggae music. >> reporter: so your strategy is this, you're going to go to fedex field -- >> yep. >> reporter: you don't have tickets. >> >> reporter: but you're going to tailgate. >> yes. >> reporter: then you're going to go home and watch it on tv? >> that's my strategy. >> reporter: what are you going to do to get ready for that game? >> get my gear on. get my beer on. and get ready for that game. i'll be ready for that game. it don't matter to me. >> reporter: the prediction. >> redskins are going to win. >> reporter: what's the score? >> 273-0. >> reporter: going to be that close? >> it's going to be that close.
5:52 pm
>> skins. >> reporter: that completes the outfit. >> thank you. it does. >> reporter: football and fish, or is it fish and football? somehow it all comes together over on 8th street northeast. i'll have more on that coming up at 6:00. jim? doreen? >> does that helmet keep you warm, pat? it's functional, too. >> reporter: yes. it's very good. it's not too good for concussion, but it's good for warmth. i don't plan to hit anybody. >> no, don't do that. >> better looking than that ugly hunk of cheese you were wearing last night. good change. thanks, pat. >> reporter: i gave that away. hey, you might start seeing lines to buy lottery tickets. the powerball jackpot up to $450 million. >> it jumps from $400 million due to a ticket-buying frenzy over the last few days. wednesday's drawing will be the biggest jackpot in about a year. if you're worried about others trying to get a piece of your jackpot, might want to buy your ticket in maryland.
5:53 pm
you can be anonymous there. check out our facebook page for a look at all the rules. he spent nearly $40,000 and 400 hours building a hockey rink behind his house in poolsville, maryland, to honor his stepdaughter who recently died. tonight, we have new information on one man's fight with mont fw montgomery county to keep it. the county asked him to bring down his facebook page and even offered to partner with him to move the ice rink. he would not agree with this. he started a gofund me campaign to pay for legal expenses. to learn more, head to our nbc washington app and search "ice rink fund-raiser." he slipped out of his hands to the snow-covered mountain below. a father watched his son survive a ski chairlift fall. up next, he
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
a camera that could change the way you take selfies is one of the hottest items at the international consumer electronic show this week. the wiggly bendable camera wraps around your wrist and can be straightened out for pictures. other new products are laser bands and special brushes that treat hair loss. the consumer electronics show officially opens actually tomorrow in vegas. and you can see some of the innovations on our nbc washington app. just open it up and search "ces." well, it's been an oldtown alexandria fixture for years and since news of the closing hit
5:57 pm
social media, customers have poured into the why not children's store to make one last purchase. news 4's david culver spoke with the owner today. she explained why it was just time to close. >> a dinosaur. >> reporter: the why not store is all about kids, always has been, even if those kids are now grown up. >> i can't think of any place more special for things like this. >> reporter: known for its colorful toys and unique children's keepsakes -- >> been here a long time and been great. it's kind of my go-to spot for my kids. >> the store has been here since i was a little girl. >> reporter: we've seen a lot of customers sad, but after 53 years it's closing. >> yeah, that's a long time, actually, in oldtown, so it has been here quite a while. which is nice. we just like to see it stay longer. >> reporter: sure it's not easy for customers but for the woman who's run this children's boutique for half a century, it's not easy for her, either. >> i know it's been a big part of everybody's lives. i'm sorry for everybody that i'm
5:58 pm
going, but i have to go. i just have to. i hope everybody understands that. it's time. it's time. >> reporter: for 48 years, kate's run the place. she started here as a senior in high school, eventually became owner. what year was this? >> '78. >> reporter: she showed us some of the early memories, old ads and clippings. in recent years, online sales have crushed her profits. she's seen it. >> i have people in here who come in, they take out their phone, they take a picture of the thing and now i bet that they order it while they're standing in my store. >> right in front of you. >> yeah. >> reporter: customers now taking photos of kate and the store they love. some hoping the space will stay local. >> we got enough corporatization of america. let's keep things small. let's keep them relatable. >> reporter: in alexandria, david culver, news 4. now at 6:00, a rare display of emotion from president obama
5:59 pm
as he unveils new steps to reduce gun violence in america. he's taking executive action to close the so-called gun show loophole by requiring licenses for sellers and background checks for all buyers. he's also asking congress for funding to hire 200 new atf agents. and he wants to invest $500 million to expand access to mental health treatment. the president wiped away tears as he talked about school shootings. >> our unalienable rights, those rights were stripped from college kids in blacksburg and santa barbara and from high schoolers at columbine. and from first graders in newtown. first graders. every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad. >> his move is getting mixed reaction. some are praising it while others call it an abuse of
6:00 pm
power. night, we have team coverage. >> jackie bensen has reaction from local police about the impact that the president's decision will have on their jobs and on public safety. but we begin with steve handelsman at the white house with more on this. >> reporter: hi, jim. thanks. here at the white house today, president obama said most americans including, he said, most republicans and most gun owners, support the kind of tougher background checks that he's decided to mandate. >> thank you. >> reporter: president obama ordering the changes was cheered by gun control activists. >> because people are dying. >> reporter: and he got emotional. wiping away tears, citing the mass shootings at columbine, at virginia tech and sandy hook elementary. >> every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad. >> reporter: he's ordering more background checks, hiring more fbi examiners to do them 24/7. and many gun shows now, no background cheng


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