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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 31, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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>> yeah, storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal to tell us about some 60s. >> yes, we'll have a lot of melting snow. now, came temps warm into the 50s. we will be warming than yesterday but we trade the warmer temperatures for more cloud cover which i'm sure you're already noticing. nonetheless, still going to be a pretty nice weekend day. a nice sunday for you to enjoy. and the last day of january. currently we have a wide range of temperature its, but most of us are ins 30s and 40s. 40 in the district and annapolis down to 33 for those of you in culpep culpeper. your midday planner as we work our way toward the noontime hour, temperatures will really start to warm up. 50 at noon. by 2:00, a temperature around 53. skycast 4 bringing in a mix of clouds and sun. well, developing this morning, a man is recovering after getting shot in the face with a pellet gun. this happened just before midnight in silver spring on new
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hampshire avenue. police say for some unknown reason, a person shot at the car with a pellet gun. it hit the driver in the face. he was taken to the hospital, but is effected to be okay. police are investigating that shooting right now. also developing, the 13-year-old kidnapped girl is dead. she went missing wednesday night and investigators found her remains yesterday in north carolina. 18-year-old david arkscolumbia, charged with her mother. virginia tech freshman was arrested yesterday. with just one day until the iowa caucuses, presidential candidates are out in actual force this weekend. both hillary clinton and donald trump lead their parties in the polls. steve handelsman has more on what the candidates are doing in hopes of that one last push to get caucusers out to vote tomorrow night.
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>> if we can win here, if we win in iowa, everyone is talking about it, we can run the table for the first time ever. >> reporter: he means win every republican contest and it's possible. trump's polls have a five point iowa lead. >> on february 1, you have to get out and caucus. >> reporter: even in a blizzard, he said, or a storm. >> if your wife leaves you for another man, if you leave your wife because you don't like her, i don't care what it is, if you're sick, if you -- you got to get out. >> reporter: ted cruz urged his backers and insisted to me he's winning back the iowa frontrunner spot that he once held. what do you say to the trump backers who used to back you but now back him? >> well, they're backing me once again. >> reporter: marco rubio's push will be partly digital. >> we'll bombard with e-mails. >> reporter: hillary clinton's lead last slipped to three points. but long time supporters look likely to caucus.
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>> for those of you who have already decided to support me on monday night, thank you so much. >> reporter: bernie sanders is relying on first time caucusers. >> we will win the caucus on monday night if there is a large voter turnout. >> reporter: and predicting the turnout in iowa monday, say experts, is impossible. they say a big turnout helps trump and sanders. and a small turnout helps cruz and clinton. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, at iowa caucus headquarters, des moines. stay with news 4 for complete team coverage of decision 2016. steve and aaron gilchrist are in iowa right now. they will be there tomorrow for the big vote. and of course meet the press moderator chuck todd also in iowa, he's hosting the show from there this morning. he will talk to senators ted cruz, marco rubio and bernie sanders ahead of tomorrow's caucuses.
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d.c. police need your help finding a missing child. 11-year-old destiny haney has been gone since thursday night. she was last seen on alabama avenue, this is near 15th place in southeast. she was wearing an orange shirt and camouflage pants. and a dark and light blue jacket. if you have seen her, call police. for many tonight is the deadline for 2016 health insurance enrollment under the affordable care act. folks until 11:59 tonight to derrick ward is live in the district with what you need to know. >> reporter: good morning. well, you you know, there is a marathon effort now as the deadline approaches to get people to sign up. it actually began on november 1. that is the open enrollment period. and since then, efforts have been you said wunder way to mak
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people are indeed signed up. and we understand here in the district of columbia, they are nearing a pretty substantial goal. joining me now is linda boyd with d.c. health link. what are you doing to make sure people get signed p? >> as we approach the deadline, we launched yesterday our 24 hour plus enrollment marathon that began at 9:00 a.m. yesterday and running through to 8:00 p.m. tonight. we're here at the first baptist church in northwest washington and we have enrollment centers all day today here. we also will be on the east side of the city at the union temple, minnesota unity health care centers. and also at mary's center, martin luther king library. so we're urging everybody too get out and get involved. the deadline is tonight by 11:59 tonight you have to be enrolled. and we're encouraging everybody to do that. we're wanting everybody that if you don't have health insurance,
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there is the possibility that the irs will fine you this year. so when you file your taxes for 2016, we don't want that to happen. we want even to just get enrolled and if you're already enrolled, you know somebody who is not, a family member, a cousin, a neighbor, colleague, friend, we want to get everyone enroll enrolled. >> and you're saying d.c. has done an impressive job in getting people enrolled. >> we're the second lowest uninsured jurisdiction in the country and that's good to d.c., but we want to be the first state in the union to have universal health insurance coverage. >> reporter: excellent. thank you. so you have a few more houses and plenty of places do it. derrick ward, news 4. 9:06. family demanding change. the call for action. what loved ones want. and the blizzard caused some major damage. now how a prince george's county county business is trying to make repairs and save a big tou ♪
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the family of a man who died just feet from a d.c. fire station wants to make sure no one suffers the same fate as their father. 77-year-old medrick mills jr. died two years ago this month on rhode island avenue. firefighters refused help from hills. they said 911 needed to be called before they could respond. mills family says similar incidents are still happening to this day and that needs to stop. >> how many time does hthis hav to happen? obviously the changes of chief didn't change the culture. >> the mills are suing the district, although it's not clear whether the suit will stand because a d.c. law doesn't allow residents to sue the city for negligence by their employees. repairs are under way at a
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prince george's county business that got damaged a lot by last week's blizzard. a pipe burst monday at the curling club creating a giant hole in the ice. and this happened in the middle of their curling season forcing the club to close. it will be a labor intensive and costly cleanup effort. they are trying to get it all done before a big tournament that happens later this week. please stand down. this was never meant to be an armed standoff. >> that was the leader of the oregon wildlife refuge occupation. in a call from jail, ammon bundy called for the remaining to stand down and go home. bundy and ten others were arrested after a month long standoff at a wildlife refuge there. we're in the middle of a big temperature swing. amelia is updating her forecast and possible flooding. and did you see this last night? the big spark that lit up the sky for a few seconds. going to let you know what it was.
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wow. where in the world is wendy? how about rio. they're sending me for the olympics here in august, so i thought i'd come and get a preview. and if you are on the fence at all about going to the olympics,
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call your travel agent now. this place is amazing. and i'm coming back with a whole bunch of stories. oh, umm. i'll see you soon. or maybe not. >> she's serious. >> yeah. she said she's coming back with a whole bunch of stories. that's true. and a lot to drink. >> we can watch it all unravel. >> here's what we can tell you about wendy. she's theie funniest person. exactly the right person to send to rio. >> what you see is what you get. >> and she will come back with plenty to tell us. >> i love it. this friday marks exactly six months until the 2016 rio olympics. >> and you can look for her reports here on new 4/s 4 as wet
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closer. olympics start friday, august 5. a big win for m.i.t. student engineers this weekend. they won the hyper loop pod competition. the contest hosted by spacex to see who could actually stein the best hyper loop pod. it's actually similar to a train in a low pressure tube. some smart people out there. over 1,000 students from 20 different countries participated. the top teams will wild their pods and test them at the world's first hyper loop test track being built adjacent to spacex's california headquarters. >> do you know what you just did to me? right over my head. >> smart things building our future. there you go. an oklahoma university is using a new tool to fight the freshman 15. they are requiring all incoming students to oral roberts university to wear fitbits. all freshmen must wear the watch and the data will be tracked by the school and it will impact their grades.
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students will be required to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. it is unclear how much of an impact the fitness tracker will have on the student's grades. montgomery county, a few bar and restaurant owners were left without alcohol over the holiday season because they didn't get deliveries on time. according to our news partner, the head of the department of liquor control is out of a job. george griffin is moving on after 21 years of service to the county. you may have seen a brilliant fireball in the sky last night. >> we'll show you what it looked like. take a rook for yourself. there you go. it's coming. boom. gone just like that. we got the video from our news partner wtop. you can see the fireball shooting across the sky last night. and people all over the northeast saw that. we slowed down the video to show
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you a closer look. the fireball is actually a very bright meteor. p. >> how do we know it wasn't a ufo or the aliens? how do we know? the answer to many of these and many other questions. >> well, you know why we know. because we have experts on hand like amelia segal. and amelia, after seeing that video, a lot of people writing us saying we have to get a dash cam to capture moments like that. >> that gentleman was in the right place at the right time. he was tweeting me this morning saying how lucky he was that he just happened to capture that moment. now, the difference between a meteor and a fireball, i think you said this in the story, but if you didn't, it's just really all about the brightness. and kind of talking with folks on social media, a lot of people keying in that it was a fireball which is bright arer than a met.
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nonetheless a beautiful sight. today we will be noticing more cloud cover. and temperatures about ten degrees warmer today. currently 40 in washington. 44 in reston. and 34 in leesburg. 40 for those of you in rockville. and temperatures continue to warm here with skycast 4. it's forecasting what the sky cover will look like. we go from the 40s for the rest of the morning into the 50s during the afternoon hours. low to mid-50s for highs today fors most of us. south of town, fredericksburg, you could hit the low 60s. by 6:00 p.m., the clouds are actually beneficial. it will keep temperatures up. we won't gets a cool as we could be if we were looking at clear skies. so a lot of us resume or normal routine tomorrow, that will be very helpful. the concern for black ice just won't be there. so your weather impacts for tomorrow, travel generally looking good aside from the snow
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that is still already out there reducing lane size, but nonetheless just travel overall looking okay. some wet roads due to afternoon showers, but that will have a pretty minor impact on the area. if you do go outside during the afternoon, you'll want to have the rain gear and just heading out and about as long as you have the small umbrella handle and rain boots or snow boot, you'll be just fine. so here is your planner as we work our way throughout the day tomorrow. notice we're warmer. a high near 60. we start off chilly, but not frigid. 46 at 7:00 a.m., so pretty mice at the bus so that retop for th day of february. during the afternoon, we flirt with 60. and by 7:00, a temperature around 50. best chance for showers in the metro area looks to be during the afternoon hours. so tomorrow have the umbrella and jacket handy and you'll be just fine. now, future weather pretty a
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the anemic on sso i'll skip true. tuesday, ground hog's day, 50. wednesday a day we'll keep a close on with the rain and potential flooding. and near record warmth. >> loving that. lawmakers said it would put criminals behind bars, so why is it going away? a highly touted gun program. and we're here in chilly today plodes moines. we have two fascinating contests before our eyes. >> the road show yet again here in iowa. it's a tight race on both sides. the latest polls show donald trump pulling ahead of ted cruz. and bernie sanders with that
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three points of hillary clinton. but here is the thing. it's a cliché, but we'll say it over and over again, in eye wargs iowa, it all comes down to turnout. >> there is an extra turnout, it benefits bernie sanders and donald trump. but if you end up having a normal usual turnout, all of a sudden that helps hillary clinton and ted cruz. >> and the winner will really make a big difference as far as momentum going forward to new hamp
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a maryland gun law is quietly going away. >> it passed 16 years ago with great fanfare creating a bullet d database to help solve crimes. but as scott mcfarland report, per la maryland is throwing in the towel saying it did not work. >> reporter: they heard the police sirens. >> it occurred just around the corner from my mom's home. >> reporter: shot and killed in a restaurant parking lot in 2004. >> a piece of me was taken away instantly. it really, really hurt. >> reporter: the accused shooter, 21-year-old robert garner, faced a jury. >> you're dealing with 12 members who have to make a decision. >> reporter: one of the pieces of evidence shown during the trial, a shell casing recovered from the scene.
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>> they had a look of wow on their face. like this is it. that's all i needed. >> reporter: investigators have compared the bullet casing to the database. a law requires gun manufacturers to fire a round from every gun sold in the state and send the casing to maryland state police who would bar code and file each one for future evidence. but police said braxton's case was one of only a few in which the evidence was ever used. and even so, it didn't help find the actual gun. >> the database never worked as it was intended to work. >> reporter: they say not once did any of the hundreds of thousands of shell casings specifically solve a crime.
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>> i think it's frustrating from officials from the legislative side and from the technicians who put a lot of time and effort into establishing the program and doing their best to see that it worked. >> reporter: news 4 iteam cameras were allowed inside an old fallout shelter where the casings are stored, each kept in an envelope. maryland has closed down the program. they aren't tossing out the old ones just in case an old gun is used in a future crime. the braxtons are grateful for the program. and said if her brother's murder case ends up being one of the few helped by the bullet database, it was worth the trouble. >> it costs $1 million to help set up the database and a quarter million dollars a year to operate it.
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let's take a look outside looking over union station. it will be a warmer sunday and and even warmer start to the week. wait until you hear what forecast amelia has and also some flooding concerns. more than a week later, schools are still impacted from the storm. the district already planning a late start tomorrow. and crisis control in flint, michigan. what parents are spotting in kids as they
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here are the to p stories we're following. a man recovering after being shot in the face with a pellet gun in silver spring on new hampshire avenue. police don't know who is responsible for the shooting p. the 13-year-old have a are a girl kidnapped earlier this week is dead. investigators found nicole lovell's body yesterday. david eisenhauer now charged with her murder. >> donald trump and ted cruz are heading in to the iowa caucuses on top of the polls. ted cruz is a close second just five points below donald trump and bernie sanders is just three points behind clinton. we're looking at 9:30.
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good morning, everybody. today is the pick of the weekend. >> we'll take it given the week that we just went through. let's check in with amelia segal with the 60s coming up. >> a lot to look forward to this week. the only down side to the warmer temperatures will be all the snow melt combined with rain chances especially on wednesday. could lead to some flooding concerns. more on that in a moment. but right now i'm looking outside, just beautiful out there with some kind of hazy cloud, temperatures warming up nicely. we're now at 40 degrees in the district. already at 46 in parts of southern maryland, includes pa zuks apawtaxent river. great day to hit the slopes and also to get the car wash. light showers tomorrow later in the day and rain on monday. highs today range from around 50 in frederick to 55 in washington. and then up to 62 in
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fredericksburg. we'll talk tomorrow in ten minutes. developing right now, d.c. police are searching for this missing 14-year-old. she disappeared last night in columbia heights. if you've seen her, call police. more than a week after the blizzard and we're still seeing the impacts. loudoun county couschools will start two hours late tomorrow. administrative offices will open on time. many prouds roads in loudoun coe down just to one lane because of the snow and sis. police say a man was shot to death saturday app near addison road metro station. a citizen flagged down a nearby officer and took them to the victim. most of the investigation happened in a wooded area behind the boarded up home. still no suspects or motive in the case this morning. new this morning, former salvadoran president francisco
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flores has died. the 56-year-old slipped into a coma last week after undergoing emergency surgery. flores was president from 1999 to 2004 and at the time of his death, he was facing embezzlement charges accused of diverting more than $15 million meant to help earthquake victims. the u.s. continues to dismantle el chapo's drug organization. i.c.e. agents arrested more than two dozen members of the sinaloa cartel during a sting. they were operating in a small mexican town on the border with arizona. i.c.e. says the cartel members had assault type weapons and hundreds of pounds of drug. a fight broke out at a motorcycle expo this denver. one person is dead. three people were hurt. police say they're interviewing witnesses and believe there was more than one shooter. the expo will continue today,
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but most events have been canceled. in the week ahead, this could have a huge impact on your commute. ddot will begin a new phase of the 3rd street tunnel project. northbound lanes of 395 will close from new york avenue to e street. some southbound traffic will be detoured to fourth street northwest. let's go back to the race for the white house now. the entire nation is talking about the iowa caucuses of course. but not everyone in iowa will actually take part. >> i'm not available to go out and sit at the caucus. >> and she's not alone. here's how it works there. iowans must attend public meetings in places like school gyms, art centers and churches. in the close to 1700 precincts to vote for a candidate there, the process is much larger. it can take several hours. only about 20% of iowans actually participate.
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back at home, a meeting to discuss canceling a required party affiliation statement for the march 1 xwgop primary in virginia is on hold. the gop state central committee decided it didn't want to require voters to sign the oath. the emergency meeting has been postpon postponed. a major health concern. what brazil is doing to fight the zika virus. th new connection medical th new connection medical official
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you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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brazil is mobilizing troops to fight the zika virus.
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microcephaly causes blai brain and a big problem is standing water. >> hard to reduce the population of mosquito and the number of cases of microcephaly. >> they have seen more than 4,000 new worns born with the defect in the past four months. >> it's not ideal to grow up in a foster care system even in the best of circumstances. foster hopes are considered territory an often kids have to move around quite a bit before this week's wednesday's child is thinking about her future. >> red door spa as a bright and beautiful new look. >> we'll have fun today. hi, marissa. >> hi, how are you? >> i want you to meet brianna. >> 16-year-old brie anna is
9:39 am
interested in the beauty business and would like to be a massage therapist some day. marissa showed us the quiet area where clients can relax. >> this is beautiful. so this is where people lounge around and wait for their sched beauty treatments. >> brianna has been in care since late 2012, so a little over three years. >> reporter: first on the list, nails. next, makeup. she was getting the favorite star. do you have a favorite star? how about beyonce? she likes her, but wouldn't want to be her. >> i'd rather be myself. >> reporter: that's a great answer. brianna is a really fun and
9:40 am
funny girl. it takes her a while to open up. but she's very, very funny and she can be charismatic and she's funny without realizing it. >> reporter: she says brianna needs a permanent family. >> it he will tell me about the would like to have. >> i would like a mom and dad that is understanding and supportive, that will always be there, doesn't give up. >> she's a child that has been in different homes. so it's important to be clear and say we will stick it out, we're here with you. >> give good advice. always support my needs. if i do one mistake, they're not quick to give me back. >> trusting doesn't come easy when you've had a lot of
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disappointed. her beautiful smile showed off her fabulous makeover, but makeup is temporary. a family is forever. barbara harrison, news 4, for wednesday's child. if you have room in your home and haueart for plebrianna another child, call 18-882 adopt me. you will will are you ready for the snow to get out of here? the sun is out and that will help melt the snow. amelia is tracking the temperatures. and it is the most watched story on our website. a long time hotel worker says she was fired because she could not get to work during the blizzard. the new support she's now getting. p this is something we're talking about on our facebook live feed. go to the nbc washington facebook page and chime in.
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i could have been anywhere, but i chose to be here today. and it's about choices. >> snoop dogg one of many celebrities visiting flint, michigan to see how they can help with the water crisis there. meanwhile the attention is focusing now on the children dealing with the crisis. many were just two years old when they began drinking that tainted water. stephanie gosk has what is being done to help.
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>> reporter: these preschoolers were just two when the water source was switched to save money. for more than a year, they were exposed to lead. there are nearly 9,000 children in this city under the age of 6. the most vulnerable population. >> it breaks my heart because they already have a struggle. everything is a struggle for them already. >> reporter: this pre-school director watches with a careful eye and wonders if she is already seeing signs of lead exposure. >> i've noticed the speech, the articulation and i've noticed behaviors of anger. >> reporter: flint is getting a lot of attention and right now these kids are getting a lot of attention, but this is the insidious part. the symptoms may not show in the weeks to come or even the months to come. it could take years. and every single one of these children will have to be tracked their entire childhood. a good education, a healthy
9:46 am
diet, and stable home are all ways to lessen the effects. but the building blocks that this single mother was already struggling to give her girls. >> i'm watching them all the time. are they still doing the things that they were doing or did the lead level cause their intelligence to fall off a bit. >> reporter: this child's blood contained an elevated lead level. and they see cases like this every day. >> when a mom comes to see me, the anxiety in their eyes is palpable. so we need to provide the health care services, the educational services and nutrition services for these children now. >> reporter: the governor has asked the federal government to expand medicaid for the children in flint and the state's health department is developing a long term plan to monitor health problems. and then there is the grit of
9:47 am
this industrial town. >> most of us, we're strong. we'll get through. >> reporter: the children of flint are depending on it. stephanie gosk, flint. lots of you have been watching this story. a leesburg woman says the hotel she worked at suddenly fired her for not getting to work during the blizzard. >> she said she was told to be on standby, but she was snowed in. lopez says that the hotel promised to pick her up, but the truck never came. her son finally called the hotel on sunday. >> she told my son i'm sorry, but she's left without a job now. >> lopez says that she worked at the hotel for 12 years and never missed a day of work there. some good news, one company reached out to offer her a job. we called the hotel and they
9:48 am
declined to comment. an interesting one. and we all went through the blizzard together. it was tough. >> and a lot of people stuck in similar predicaments. we promise to you let you know how things turn out. >> and we also promise to get the snow out of here. >> you better make promises you can keep. >> the weather will do what can do. >> great way to put it. as we track snow melt, there is also going to be the potential for flooding as rain moves through on wednesday. the good news, as the computer models continue to update, it looks like we'll have less and less rainfall. but still snow pack could cause blocked storm drains and that is a concern in and of itself.
9:49 am
so warmer temperatures today. by a good ten degrees. lots of melting take and the majority of your workweek. however you see the exclamation point, wednesday may be a weather alert day with the potential for flooding. 45 at reston and warrington right now. you can see a mix of clouds and sunshine out there. as we move into the afternoon hour, temperatures will warm into the fif50s. a mix of clouds and sun. so your pour hourly planner, at 4:00, 55, at 6:00, 52. so not too bad outside. a comfortable jacket.#:00 4:00, 55, at 6:00, 52.
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so not too bad outside. a comfortable jacket.:00 4:00, 55, at 6:00, 52. so not too bad outside. a comfortable jacket.00 4:00, 55, at 6:00, 52. so not too bad outside. a comfortable jacket. 4:00, 55, at 6:00, 52. so not too bad outside. a comfortable jacket. 4:00, 55, at 6:00, 52. so not too bad outside. a comfortable jacket. still partly cloudy skies. tonight partly to mostly cloudy skies, but that's a good thing because the clouds at night act as a blanket and keep the temperatures warmer than they would be if skies were mainly clear. so that means we dip in to the 40s. not a single location on this map falls to freezing. so black ice not a concern thankfully tomorrow morning. 46 for a temperature tomorrow morning. kids at the bus stop. 42 monassas and leesburg and winchester. highs tomorrow will range from the 50s to near 60. and 65 in areas like fredericksburg. skies become cloudy throughout the day. and by the time dismissal rolls around, showers possible. so you might want to send the kids to school with their waterproof jacket. there could be some fog around tomorrow morning.
9:51 am
giving recess an a just because we're talking about temperatures in the low 50s and dry conditions out there. but we will have plenty of clouds. still not too bad for the kids to enjoy fresh air. tuesday ground hog kay, a high of 50. but we'll still melt the snow. wednesday a high of 63. hi high percent chance of rain. so might be a good idea to clear the storm drains so wednesday's rain can drape. drain. and another big factor on flooding potential is how much melting we get before wednesday. thursday, friday, saturday, we will keep it dry but cooler. he'll see his shadow. a big update 2 week on the
9:52 am
deadly beingamtrak
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we have breaking news. d.c. police have arrested a doctor for allegedly sexually abusing a patient. on thursday, he was arrested. assault happened back in 2014 during a medical procedure.
9:55 am
no demotion for david petraeus. petraeus pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge for mishandling classified information. this was an incident stemming from an affair with his biographer. when initially questioned, petraeus denied giving his biographer classified information. two escaped inmates are headed back to a southern california jail. three men broke out and someone recognized one of them in the golden gate park and called police. nayeri is the suspected mastermind of the jail break. police caught up with him and arrested him. police found the second fugitive hiding in a van nearby. the third inmate turned himself in on friday. a jail worker is also behind bars accused of helping the trio break out.
9:56 am
four people were killed in a 70-car pile up in western slovenia. the accident happened on a key highway connecting the capital of the country with the adriatic coast. thick nog is fog is likely the. coming up, we could learn what caused the annumtrak trains involved in a derailment. the train reached 106 miles per hour just before the engineer activated the emergency brake and the train should hahave bee slowing so 50 miles per hour.
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this week president obama will travel to baltimore to meet with muslim community leaders. he will visit a mosque. this will be his first visit to an american mosque during his presidency. last month the white house held a meeting with muslim and sikh americans over tensions with their communities. islamic leaders asked the president to visit a mosque. we're are going to get back up to the 60s this week. amelia is tracking the weather. and a kidnapped teenage girl dead. what we're finding out about the
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right now on "news 4 today," shot in the face. the man recovers as police piece together a late night incident. what we're fining out. kidnapped and found dead, a 13-year-old girl. why police are holding a virginia tech student. and tracking the warm-up and showers that could cause trouble in the week ahead. i'll take the snow out. >> come over to my neighborhood and grab a shovel. still a lot lingering around. >> but we're talking warmer temperatus.


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