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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  February 1, 2016 5:00am-5:57am EST

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shooting on 300 clay terrace northeast. live in northeast, derrick ward, news 4. and good morning to you, i'm eun yang. >> and i'm david culver. >> and good amomorning, i'm aar gilchrist in des moines where it is caucus day here. thousands across this city and across the state of iowa for that matter will be heading out to caucus later on tonight to choose the person they want to be the nominee to become president of the united states. much more from here in just a moment. meantime, more school delays today. fairfax county and loudoun county schools opening two hours late. fauquier county on a one hour delay. berkeley, jefferson and morgan county schools all on a two hour delay. >> and two schools are closed in spotsylvania county. chancellor middle and high schools have power outages.
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more delays scrolling at the bottom of your screen. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. chuck bell, what do the kids need to get ready for? >> have your umbrella ready for later on today. raindrops likely before you come back home from work and school. we're dry for now, temperatures are in the mild 40s already. but raindrops out across central west virginia are about 7 hours away. that puts them in here right about lunch team or sooner there after. nothing to worry about here immediately. so if you have things to do now and you're home before 11:00 or 12:00, you'll probably be already. temperatures upper 40s to near 50. average high this type of year is 44. so already in plus territory. here's the way the next 24 hours look. cloudy, 49 at 7:00 a.m. rain likely about lunchtime through about 7:00 tonight. turning a little cooler for tomorrow. wake -up it ups tomorrow around
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40. here is melissa mollett now with the traffic update. in silver spring, molette green on the scene to keep us updated. university between carroll avenue and piney branch, shut down because of a water main break. take new hampshire or flower. big look at the bell wtway and n routes, we're looking quite good. a live picture on 95 at powder mill, rolling along just fine. we'll get a look at 66 coming up. hello des moines! >> we're going to win. >> if we stand together, we will win. >> thank you all very much. >> we are hours away from the
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iowa caucuses. the first real kindicator of wh is ahead in the race for the white house. aaron gilchrist is live in des moines for us. aaron, good morning to you. >> eun, good morning. yeah, this is the day when things really get real. we will see caucuses happening tonight 1600 plus precincts around the state of iowa. and we'll find hundreds of people in some cases going into these caucus sites to try to get a decision who they want to be the nominee for their parties this fall. we can tell that you this weekend saw all the candidates crisscrossing the state of iowa, making that last push trying to convince people not only to caucus, but to caucus for them in particular. they want that particular vote when folks get together this evening to talk about what they want to have happen. and it really is going to be a conversation in all these different caucus sites a we'll see happen. maybe some arguing, too. and this is really serious business. that's what he with found to be the case as we talked to people here in des moines. iowans take the caucuses very seriously and they take their first in the nation status to
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begin the nnominating process v seriously, as well. a student from georgetown and his parents talked about why they take it also seriously. >> people are trying to steal the caucuses and i think it's something that i want to help protect. and so part of that is. >> and that really is the case with a lot of iowans. we understand this is something that they have a lot of pride in, this caucus process. and so tonight at about 7:00, local time here when they head into those caucus sites, we'll see the republican folks just write their name on a pballot after they listen to surrogates. the democratic process is a little more involved. we'll talk about that later on this morning. >> thank you, aaron. and one more note in our coverage of decision 2016. msnbc going to host an additional democratic debate this thursday, 9:00 in the
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evening. chucked to and rachel maddow will be the moderatomoderators. in leesburg, the first homicide of the year there. police say it involves two stepbrothers. it happened right across from the police station on plaza street. officers say a woman ran into the lobby just after midnight saying a man had been stabbed. he died at the hospital. police say the two stepbrothers had been fighting. the victim's name is not being released. another deadly stabbing to tell you about, would this one in d.c. we learned in the last half hour a man was killed in the 1700 block of l street northwest, a few blocks from fair gat square. police investigation is focused around the club bar code near that location. a second man was also stabbed and he's in the hospital right now. we're expecting significant new information about the annual track derailment in philadelphia last year. the ntsb releasing its preliminary report today nearly nine months since that crash. we could find out why investigators think the train
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was going more than 100 miles an hour when it hit a curve and jumped the track. eight people died. again this is only a preliminary report. a final report from the ntsb likely months away. it is now 5:06. today you may want to avoid the 3rd street tunnel. ddot is starting a new phase of the tunnel project. crews will install heavy steel beams and shore up the tunnel decking. that requires detours on i-395, new york avenue and the surrounding streets. the construction will happen between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. and will last for seven months. following breaking news at this hour about northeast d.c. where police are on the scene of an officer involved oig shooting. details are slim, but at derrick ward mentioned, the officer is okay and the other person shot is in the hospital. we're working to learn more inf
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take a look at this scene
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here. a car slammed into a home on bellaire drive this bowie. an suv driver had a medical emergency, lost control, and hit the red car which then slammed in to the bellaire drive home. the driver was taken to the hospital, no one inside the home was injured. you may have seen a video our on facebook page. we now know that the streak of light over falls church was really a fireball. you can see it up there in the center of the screen. the american meteorological society confirmed it last night. you can see the fireball cross the sky right there. according to nasa, a fireball is an extra bright meteor, it usually burns out before it reaches the ground. pretty cool. it's time for weather and traffic on the 1s. we want to check in with chuck bell to find out if we'll have more melting. still big piles of snow everywhere. >> huge mountains of snow all over the place. fortunately it's off most of the roads at this place, but a lot
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of corners still covered up. you'll need your light jacket for a little bit of a morning chill, temperatures already above our average high. and at that time umbrella with you, as well. rain likely before you come home. so for your commute then, mild and dry in the upper 40s to near 50 on the way out this morning. showers likely on the way bag home. temperatures in the mid-50s. there is an even heavier amount of rain coming our way later on in the week p. i'll let you know when that will be coming up. how about 66 on a monday morning? 66 right now looking good. no major problems on 66 as my computer tries to load here for us. so right now 66 is good. no major issues. remember, we do have one situation we're dealing with this morning. in silver spring -- now we'll go back to 66. fairfax county to the beltway, no problems will. listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car this morning. this is what i was trying to show you. university boulevard between
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carroll and piney branch, have the water main break, no doubt going to see the closures through the next couple hours at least. we'll keep you updated. i'll be back in ten minutes. and asth melissa mentioned, crews are on the scene of a water main break in silver spring. and wait until he see tyou see of the roadway that has collapsed. and also what police are learning about the relationship between the teen and the man accused of killing her.
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crews are work to go get university boulevard back open, it is shut down because of a water main break. let check in with molette green. >> reporter: good morning. i want you to take a look at
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what they're dealing with out here. look at the hole in the ground. now, wssc crews working to fix the broken water main and damage to the road at the same time. the break is actually on the eastbound side as we take a look here at the work that is going on throughout the morning. wssc trying to get westbound lanes reopen and at least one of the eastbound lanes by the latter part of the morning rush. but fingers crossed. there is a break to a 12 inch main that they're dealing with, installed 88 years ago when calvin coolidge was president. the good news is that no water customers are without service this morning. but the work goes on and as the university boulevard of course still closed between piney branch and carroll avenue. melissa mollett in first 4 traffic continues to keep us
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posted on the getaround as we follow this scene. back to you from silver springs. ♪ a community coming together in blacksburg, virginia mourning the lot of a 13-year-old girl abducted and murdered. two virginia tech students facing charges in the death of nicole lovell. she's been missing since wednesday from her home in blacksburg, virginia. her body was found saturday along a highway in surry county, north carolina. david eisenhauer faces kidnapping and murder. 19-year-old natalie keeper faces charges for helping eisenhauer dispose of the girl's body. keepers is from laurel. >> he raised his daughters to be like everybody would want to raise their daughter to be and like i'm just shocked. like i'm just totally shocked. >> police are following up on hundreds of leads in this case. they searched the pond on virginia tech campus, it was
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yesterday. eisenhauer is being held without bond and is expected to be arraigned later this morning. firefighters are thankful this morning that snow was cleared from a silver spring fire hydrant. crews were able to get to water to put out this fire. a dryer in the basement caught fire. twoed a actuals and a child escaped the home after snow detectors went off. oned a tut w ed adult was taken hospital but expected to be okay. deadline day for high school students. each student can apply to up to 12 schools for the my school d.c. lottery. the deadline for pre-k through 8 is march 1. today mayor muriel bowser is empowering the new male high school opening next year. it will be the first all male public high school in the district. this is the start of education week. d.c. residents have until tomorrow at midnight to sign up for health care under the affordable care act. the deadline was extended because of the blizzard.
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if you sign up, your coverage will begin march 1. d.c. health link will have people at mhk skrr oig memorial library today and tomorrow. maryland sign up has been extended until friday. many are still digging out from the blizzard and now the warm weather is helping to melt the snow. not soon enough, though, with people for mobility or health issues. >> the down side for people like myself is the hazards. >> many people are having an issue with the snow piles created by the plow trucks. snow is being did dumped on to property and residents are responsible for clearing that up. and if you didn't get the chance to take advantage of d.c. restaurant puig, there is still time. because 6 last weekend's snow, most restaurants are extending deals through wednesday, maybe even next sunday. you can check out the full list on the nbc washingtushington ap search restaurant week. 5:19. now a check of the forecast with
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chuck bell. >> good morning. hope you enjoyed your weekend. certainly turned out to be nice and mild especially yesterday afternoon making it well into the 50s. we'll be in the fifth again today, but unlike yesterday, which had plenty of sunshine, today we will have plenty of clouds and an increasing chance for rain. so on your way out the door on a monday morning, getting that resolution run or jog are or walk in first thing, temperatures are in the mild mid and upper 40s already. you won't need the umbrella for now, but you will need it for later on today. the warm gear not really, temperatures running well above average today, rains likely to move in here right around the time you go out to lunch or this afternoon. rain drops now in central or western parts of west virginia making slow but steady progress in our direction about 12:00, 12:30 this afternoon. shenandoah valley a little earlier than that. here is our high resolution commuter model and it times out the rain pretty effect liveivel
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here. by 10:00, 11:00 this morning, skies going partly to mostly cloudy. here is 2:45 in the afternoon. there is that band of moderate rain moving in to montgomery and loudo loudoun, western fairfax. by 4:00, 5:00, that rain right through the metro. so it could be a rainy ride home from work and school. that could slow things down a little bit on the afternoon commute. rain chances moving down into so you were maryland with time. it will be a mild one, though. temperatures today mid to upper 50s. might even get 60 or better town towards stafford and fredericksburg. 56 in laplata for a high today, 52 thin gaithersburg. going out for dip nner and a moe tonight, rain ending 8:00 to 10:00. and all eyes focused on the weekend. saturday, mostly sunny, temperatures in the mid-40s. sunday looks like better of the
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two days. mid to upper 40s. a chance of heavy vein mid week, we'll talk about that in ten minutes. good morning. want to start with a big look at things. all the main routes, we don't have any major issues. a couple of things happening that we've been talking about throughout the morning. university boulevard between carroll avenue and piney branch road, a water main break. we're trying to get more information. but it's a huge hole in the middle of university boulevard. your alternate, new hampshire avenue, flower avenue. either can get you around this mess. no doubt it will cause some jams here this morning. 395 southbound after seminary road, two left lanes getting by that work zone until about 8:00 this morning. i'll see you in ten minutes. 5:22. the death toll in syria has risk to more than 70 following a series of explosions there. the bombings happened in a
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district that is home to the country's homiliest shrines. isis claiming responsibility for the car bomb and two suicide bombers who set off the blasts. syrian human rights says a military bus carrying shia militia were the targets. montgomery county troubled department of liquor control is looking for a new person to lead the agency. director george griffin has resigned. off the last year and a half, the iteam has investigated botched deliveries, missing inventories and allegations of internal theft. the agency controls all sales of alcohol in montgomery county. a spokesperson tells us the county is searching nationwide for griffin's replacement. in oregon, the latest on the group occupying the state wildlife refuge. memorial marks the place where police shot and killed the group's spokesperson last week. four armed holdouts are still there despite requests from their leader that they stand
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down. the group is protesting federal land policies. members took over the refuge nearly a month ago. new video showing two escaped inmates in handcuffs on their way back to jail. we can show you that you video. california deputies say they captured the two over the weekend in a stolen van. a passerby recognized the vehicle and called police. both men are accused of violent felonies. they broke out of jail more than a puweek ago. news 4 your health now on this first day of february. we are thinking about our hearts. it is heart month which recognizes the nation's number one killer, heart disease. we all know exercise reduces the risk, but a new survey shows that 40% of people are not doing the minimum amount of exercise. all you need is 30 minutes of exercise i've days a week, and it can include anything from walking to lifting weights.
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broncos and panthers are in california. they're getting readied for super bowl 50. broncos touched down first in san jose. their plane had the team's logo and flew a flag on the front window. carolina arrived shortly after. and you can see them there some cam newton's pants. look closely. >> flashy. >> zebra stripes. they got so much attention, they reportedly sold out online immediately. >> they're fun. >> kate middleton effect. carol malone any is there all week reading up leading up to t bowl. kickoff is at 6:30 on sunday. look for her reports on news 4 later today. 5:25 your time right now. and it is the first real look at when which way the country is leaning when it comes to choosing our next president and voter turnout here in iowa could
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really be key. who could do better if more people show up. frgrab your umbrella. it's dry out there now, but that is about to change. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. breaking news. a blast in kabul, afghanistan. we just confirmed that a suicide bomber blew himself up right outside a police station.
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there were several civilians waiting in line. no thunumber gciven by official far as those killed. more details expected. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm david culver as aaron is out in iowa. we'll check in with him, but first we start out with chuck bell and a immediate emilder st week. >> yes, aaron out there in iowa waiting on the snow flakes and we all know how much aaron loves cold weather and snow. for us early on a monday morning, it is a mild start. we're already in the upper 40s and low 50s. keep in mind average high temperature this time of year is only 44. so we're in plus territory now. it's a dry start this morning, but there are raindrops coming your way for later on today. so keep that in mind. it is an umbrella day here in the nation's capital. four things to know, a mild monday meltdown around the area, but again, umbrellas needed. staying well above freezing even
5:30 am
with rain crop drops coming in will start and stay raindrops. and aprillike showers coming our way on wednesday. so not any real cold air in sight just yet. >> i'm just happy for the melting. let's take a look at the problem in silver spring. the water main break, live picture from where molette green is here for us. again, this is something that will be shut down likely through the morning commute. university boulevard between carroll avenue and piney branch road. alternate, new hampshire avenue or flower avenue to make your way away this one. downtown still have l street shut down because of police activity and 300 block of clay street in northeast. and that is where derrick ward is for us this morning. back in ten minutes with travel times. the count dokouncountdown t caucuses. today candidates will make last minute pitches. they will host a series of valleys in the hours ahead.
5:31 am
who they persuade to come out tonight could shape the future 6 of their campaign. voter turnout is especially important for two candidates. aaron gilchrist has more live in des moines. >> good morning. and you're right, that turnout factor will be so key particularly for the frontrunners as we talk about them. we think about first time caucusers and we think about young caucusers. whether they show up this big numbers could have a huge impact on the campaign or whether there is a win for donald trump today or a win for bernie sanders. for those two candidates in particular. and what we've seen and what we've heard is that we don't expect there to be a huge influx of caucusers goingelectorate ha to predict. i want to explain a little how the causes canning happens. the democrats, there is a three step process. take a listen to what the first step looks like. >> all the folks in their
5:32 am
precinct, they will come and then they will form preference groups based off the candidates that they want to support. and then as soon as those preference groups are formed, then we do what is called viability. >> so this idea of viability is are there enough people in a preference group for that group to survive. if not, there is realignment. and at the pd of tend of the ni we'll arrive at a point where they're able to say this candidate has enough people to assign some delegates and then they you've on to the next step. ultimately we will hear tonight a percentage, a number of people or delegate who will be going to the one particular candidate on the gmic side. the republican process much easier, theyry down the candidate they want and then they count. so we should get some numbers from the republican cause you cans earlier than we do from the democratic caucuses in most places around the state here. >> seems simple enough. but you are there in iowa. what is your impression of what the caucusers really care about
5:33 am
before tonight? >> it's an interesting point as we talk to people here, they are really studied on the issues. they pay attention obviously to the glut of commercials that you'll see on tv, but they're well read about the candidates, about the issues that they care about, the same things we've pa been hearing about throughout the whole campaign season. and tonight they will be listening to their neighbors. that's the cool thing about the process, neighbors getting together literally sitting down to talk about, try to change mind, convince people to favor one candidate over another. and at the end of the night, we'll have some nominees in here in iowa. >> aaron gilchrist live in des moines for us. thank you. happening today, we're expecting to hear how snow removal efforts are going in montgomery county. council president talks about the efforts throughout the area. it will be at 11:00 this morning. she will also talk about the potential of the impact of the state budget on the county.
5:34 am
co school bells are ringing for the first time in over a week in montgomery county. they aren't been to class since the snow started falling last friday. we asked why it took so long for tell to reopen. >> with 202 schools, 27 facilities and 1200 buses to dig out of three feet he snow or more, it's been a challenge. >> according their website, if schools are closed for five days, the cool year will be extended by one day to june 20th. there has been no official announcement on a possible extension. also in montgomery county, education leaders in education and public safety are meet to go talk about the school's truancy prevention program. the rate 1.35%, higher than 19 of the 24 other cool districts in the state. the committees will also discuss school crossing guards and the
5:35 am
possibility of future fire and rescue facilities. world health organization having an emergency meeting on the zika virus deciding whether to declare it as an international health emgency. colombia is reporting more than 20,000 cases, including 2100 pregnant women. w.h.o. was widely criticized for its slow reaction to the ebola outbreak last year. senator chuck schumer is calling for the federal government to take action to control the zika virus. >> we stopped yellow fever and malaria from being problems here in the u.s. those are mosquito-born. so with a little evidenffort, w do it. >> the mosquitos that transmit zika live in south america, but the tiger mosquito lives in the u.s. and has been known to kaert
5:36 am
disease. a vaccination could be possible the end of this year. opioid overdoses are an increasing problem in virginia especially mopping older adults. today virginia senator tim kaine will hear testimony about the issue at a hearing in leesburg. doctors and the attorney general will be among the people testifying. senator kaine recently introduced legislation that would can get doctors to co-prescribe a drug to reverse the effects. changes could be on the horizon for the chesapeake bay bridge. maryland lawmakers considering building a third crossing or widening route 50 on either side. in order to secure federal money for the project, the maryland transportation authority must conduct an environmental study first, that will likely cost more than $1 million. as you get ready for your workweek, we want to let you know how much you will be paying at the pump. gas prices staying relatively low in our area. we start in maryland, gas there averaging $1.80 a gallon. that same amount this d.c. going to cost you $2.04 on average.
5:37 am
in virginia, a gallon is averaging $1.66. that's the cheapest in our area. and gas in west virginia going to cost $1.83. it was a test of endurance and perhaps a bit luck at the washington auto show. how about that. this man william holmes picked the lucky key to start his new hyundai. but he's not keeping it it. he turned the keys over to his mother, margaret. that is love right there. he was one of five people who kept their hands on the suv for six days and five nights straight. dedication. the hands-on contest is an annual tradition. holmes always planned to give the car to his mom. >> i'm so excited and proud of my son just for thinking enough of me to even try to win this car for me. >> when you have a goal that you
5:38 am
want, and i seen high mom come up here every single day and the rest of my family, it gives you the extra boost. >> margaret holmes plans to use the car to help with her community outreach efforts. so she is then in turn giving back from the winnings from her son. how amazing is that. >> it's an awesome story. >> the bar is now set this high. wonderful. 5:38 is your time. a lot of kids, guess what, time to go back to school for the first time in more than a week. the blizzard break is over. but they might not need the heavy coats. we'll check in with chuck bell at 5:41. protecting rape victims in d.c. what the sfridistrict is expecto this week that could change how many victims actually come forward. your time is 5:39. ♪
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you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot.
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d.c. will take one step forward in protecting young victims of rape. a "washington post" report says the task force will recommend additional services for victims 12 to 17. it will also try to place an independent advocate inside police interviews to help support the victims. the goal is to encourage sex assault victims to come forward and report crimes. 5:41 is your time.
5:42 am
weather and traffic on the 1s. chuck, some adjustments for students who have to get back to school. >> after a solid week of winter vacation with all the snow in the world you could play and sled in, now it's back to reality. temperatures are well above freezing. there are raindrops, not snowflakes, raindrops in your future. so don't stray too far from the umbrel umbrella. rain likely by about lunchtime today. so bus stop weather, mild. on the way home you will need the umbrellas. temperatures mid to upper 50s. a look at the "7-day forecast" that you includes rain and cooler temperatures in ten minutes. still have water main break in silver spring, very likely going to last through the morning commute. this is a live picture from the scene right now. it's university boulevard right near piney branch. your alternate, new hampshire avenue or flower avenue. but you can see it's purple on
5:43 am
my map. that means the system is not seeing any traffic at all. that's because it's shut down here this morning. right now travel times 270 looking good. 95 over to 270, rolling along just fine. 66 and 95 in virginia also just fine. i'll see you in a couple minutes. 5:43. a startling development in the flint water crisis. why some folks there are looking closely at the youngest possible victims. and a scare at the white house, what caused authorities to put it on lockdown.
5:44 am
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5:46 am
this just in, the college of william and mary confirms a student contracted zika virus while visiting central america. the student is expected to recover and does not have symptoms. the college consulted the cdc and their open health professionals and there is believed to be no health risk to anyone on campus.
5:47 am
it is a mosquito-born virus linked to severe birth defects. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. skies going from partly to mostly cloudy. and we'll time out when the rain moves in and back out. and some serious sloedowns expected in silver spring. we'll get in to the full details of what you need to avoid. we're following a developing story in northeast washington. right now investigators are piecing together a police-involved shooting. officers have closed off the area near clay terrace. news 4's derrick ward is live on the scene with more. >> reporter: 53rd street is now closed between dicks and blaine as the investigation continues into this police involved oig shooting that happened earlier this morning.
5:48 am
police say about 2:09, they responded to the 5300 block of clay street northeast for a police-involved the shooting. person shot was taken to a hospital. we don't have much information about that person's condition. the officer was not injured. we do know the person who was shot was a male. we don't know the circumstances of what brought police to the scene at first, but it is still a crime scene. 53rd street between dicks and blaine remains closed as the investigation continues. and police have expanded the crime scene somewhat maybe to another block or so as they canvas the area. folks waking up here on their way here to work are finding out that they are waking up right in the middle of a crime scene. this investigation continues here in northeast. derrick ward, news 4. u.s. department of just disinvestigating the san francisco police department, this after the shooting death of a young african american man back in december. five police officers involved, only one involved is white. federal officials say they will release more on this
5:49 am
investigation later this afternoon. now to the changes to the use of force policies in cleveland. a federal judge says the city police department will have no guidelines in place and all of its officers trained on it by the end of the year. the requirement is pat of rt of agreement reached last year. an investigation showed cleveland police officers had shown a pattern of excessive force. we're counting down to the iowa caucuses this morning. let's talk a little bit more about how this process works. now, residents will exceptionally hold a series of neighborhood meetings where they will push for the candidate they feel can best lead the country. but there are some differences between the democratic and republican processes. republicans select their candidates through a simple secret balance hot vote. each caucus awards delegates based on the percentage of the vote each candidate receives. now the democratic process a little bit more complicated. supporters of the same candidate will literally stand together in
5:50 am
clusters. each candidate must have at least 15% of caucusgoers to you've on. if it the candidate does not receive that 15%, the supporters have had to move to another cluster. they will try to persuade their neighbors. aaron fill crigilchrist will ha ahead on how residents feel ahead of the big decision. chuck todd will also join us. it's all ahead at 6:00. >> and let's stick with decision 2016 right now. we're expecting an official announcement out of wyoming, liz cheney, dick cheney's daughter, is set to make a rub for the seat in the house of representatives. today you may want to avoidt in the house of representatives. today you may want to avoid
5:51 am
3ed street tunnel. they be installing beams and shoring up the decking which will require detours. construction happens between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. and will last for acceseven months. sploo. starting out in the 60s this morning. a nice change are the frigid temperatu temperatures. >> is this what we should expect for a long time, chuck? >> we get to keep the relatively mild air for today for sure. and wednesday for sure. tomorrow, a little cooler than take, but still no arctic air in sight. but the weather will be impacting your plans came. make sure that you make note of it. this morning nothing to worry about, quite mild, no heavy coats needed early this morning, so no problems if you're heading out there early morning jog or bike ride by afternoon, that's when need the umbrellas ready to go. rain moving in away lunround lu. ending after the evening commute.
5:52 am
radar this morning, all dry this washington. already wet outside west of elkins, west virginia. these raindrops should be arriving here between 12:00 and 1:00 or so in the immediate metro area. we'll time it out. this is the very latest computer guidance. by 11:00, cloudy sky. by about 2:00, 3:00 today, a band of what could be briefly moderate periods of rain coming into the area, so just as the afternoon commute home from school and work begins, that is when the rain is likely to be the heaviest. pushing out of here about 7:00 or 8:00 this evening. so plan out your morning, cloudy, 46 now. and we will be on the mild side here for the remainder of the morning with temperatures climbing into the mid and upper 50s. this afternoon, though, have your umbrella ready to go. rain moving this after about 1:00, rain very likely from 5:00
5:53 am
to 3:00, 4:00, to about 7:00 this evening. and the whole "7-day forecast," rain today, cloudy and dry for your groundhog day celebrations tomorrow. and then wednesday will be the warmest and the rainiest day of the week. coming up at 6:01, i'll let you know when i think the heavy rain will be here on wednesday. and then this weekend, sunshine, dry and temperatures just about average. >> looks good to me. brand new crash not looking hot in manassas, wellington road, a three are car crash in the intersection here. so warning for you there. big look at the beltway, all the main routes in and out of town right now no other major issues on the main routes. 270 at montrose road, northbound, southbound, you can see the normal volume. university boulevard just heard from hmolette green we have one eastbound lane open. alternate there, new hampshire or flower avenue. again, the purchase people here on my map shows that we have
5:54 am
just nothing coming true, though we did just get a couple of cars headed eastbound on university. see you in ten minutes. we're following the developing lead water crisis in flint, michigan. this morning we're focusing on the most vulnerable victims, children. flint has nearly 9,000 children under the age of six. for more than a year, they were exposed to lead-tainted water. for mothers like tiana, this crisis is just a night mayor. her daughter spent the first year of her young life drinking baby formula with con testimony natu contaminated water. >> are they start enough to do things they just were doing or did the lead level cause their intelligence to fall off a bit. >> every single one of the children exposed to lead must be monitored throughout their entire childhood. lead poisoning symptoms could take months or years to show up. staying in flint for a
5:55 am
moment, plumbers spent the weekend helping out the neighbors. 300 volunteer plumbers started replacing faucets and installing water filters. plumbers say the homes received state issued filters, but home openers should still have their water regularly tested for lead. all clear at the white house after police say a man started throwing papers over the fence. the white house was put on lockdown just after 1:00 yesterday afternoon. the man was immediately arrested and taken into custody by d.c. police. the secret service says papers were harmless. we use our phones all the time. and emergency responders say there is something important you should do with yours right now. input your emergency medical information. p it could help medics save your life in an emergency because it tells them about you even if your phone is locked. >> if you have strokes, if you're a diabetic, all of those major medical situations that
5:56 am
could actually determine the outcome of why you're having a medical emergency. >>an iphone, touch the heart icon. if you own an android, you can download a free app to do the same. winter weather may be to blame for a 29 vehicle crash, more than two dozen cars and four tractor trailers collided last night near the california new mexico border. no serious injury, but farther south, a deadly incident in san diego. high winds knocking down a tree that fell across four lanes, crushed a small a csedan and kid the driver. winds were gusting 115 miles per hour outside of san diego. just incredible there. it was the surprise of a lifetime for a prince william county teacher recovering from a coma. kelly powell got a front row seat to watch david


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