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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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still, no arrests tonight. family and friends prayed and cried together this evening for 26-year-old nashante davis. she was about to leave for work this morning when someone shot her and her young daughter, chloe, killing them both outside their apartment in ft. washington. live with new reaction from davis' family. shomari 12 shomari? >> reporter: good evening. this is a very raw emotion-filled vigil.
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many people walked out of the church, out of the front door, into the parking lot, crying, wailing, trying to understand who would kill a 2-year-old and why. well, they remembered davis and her daughter, chloe as a loving mother and daughter. >> reporter: carolyn is filled with sadness, she has out lived her daughter and her granddaughter. >> i'm going to miss her and chloe. >> tonight, family and friends pay tribute at the community temple bible. they were found with gunshot wounds in a parking lot at their home in ft. washington this morning. melanie parker has been her friend for over a decade. >> i actually walked into my
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office this morning during the breaking news story seeing the mother and i knew that was the area she was in. it's just a shock. >> her body was found next to her car. chloe was found in the car. >> who would do something like this to a two-year-old chiemd. >> i've been asking this all day who recollects can shoot a child? i've been asking that all day, how can you look a child in the face and shoot a child. i don't understand. >> while police search for motives, heartbroken relatives demand answers. >> reporter: tonight, we tried reaching out to chloe's father. we actually drove to his apartment complex and the security guard walked up and
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asked us to leave. shomari stone, news 4. >> new video showing this massive tornado. check it out. one of several that swept through mississippi and alabama today. no one was reported injured, but several homes and buildings including a college, a church and a federal prison were damaged. the twisters were spun off by the same system that's burying the great plains under a blizzard today, hitting some cities with a foot and a half of snow. >> and it's the same system that's about to bring rain and possible flooding to our area. >> i think we're going to see some real travel delays around the area tomorrow. it's a high impact for tomorrow.
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this is the same system that brought snow to iowa, still is right now. to areas of the midwest. you can see the rain coming through the ohio valley. the first showers there for the morning rush. but, because of the possibility of some river flooding, there is your flood watch. it starts tomorrow afternoon. i'll take you hour by hour showing you the heaviest rain tomorrow and when we can see most of those delays. >> swift water rescue teams in fair fax county getting ready for the flood threat tomorrow. they checked their equipment today, ran the engines on their boats and drove around low-lying roadways looking for possible trouble spots. tonight, highway crews are clearing storm drains along roadways. >> businesses have their sandbags ready.
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>>. >> nicole lovell was active on twitter and in a face book forum called teen dating and flirting. she reportedly showed friends' messages from an 18-year-old that she received on the messaging app, kik. nicole was a very lovable person. >> both suspects are now charged with murder. police say natalie keefers not only helped david eisenhower get rid of the body but was involved before she died. >> just hours after learning the results in iowa, the presidential candidate stormed new hampshire today. donald trump back on the attack tonight after a second place finish in iowa while ted cruz is trying to down play marcorubio's
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close, but third place finish. bernie sanders has already raked in a million dollars in donations. experts say iowa has changed the landscape of this race. >> donald trump and bernie sanders have had double digit leads in new hampshire for weeks. now, they have to win here. that's the big change here. >> and you can see sanders live on the today's show tomorrow morning right after news 4 today. >> he just joined a maryland congressional race last week. today, david trone has fired three campaign staffers. he tells news 4 that two of his staffs posed as volunteers for the campaign as two of his opponents. he says he called both of those
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candidates to apologize, and he released a statement that says, in part, after investigating the incident, i terminated those two employees and their supervisor. effective immediately. everyone in my campaign understands that they are expected to meet the highest standard of behavior when kt aing on my behalf. >> tonight, a d.c. public schoolteacher acquitted of charges he sexually abused a 9-year-old student is trying to clear his name now. it was about a year ago that allegations surfaced. well, tonight, after all he's been there, i asked what he would say to a young college garage water interested in teaching in inner public schools. very sadly, he said i'd have to tell them don't do it.
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>> i was also a d.c. public school student. and i happened to be in special ed as well, up until 6th grade. but i got out because they saw my potential. >> one year ago, teaching at minor elementary in the capital hill area when he was told police wanted to speak to him. what followed was an arrest and prostitution publicly played out because of his position. >> i didn't believe it at first. i was trying to figure out which student it was. >> last week, in a nonjury trial, the judge found not guilty of misdemeanor sex assault and misdemeanor sex abuse.
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>> a howard university graduate says his future with d.c. public schools is uncertain. as an openly gay man, he remains troubled by what he described as extensive homophobia. >> i didn't see that at first. other people had to tell me, hey, your orientation isn't correct here. it's not about what happened. or what's alleged to happen. >> ware says the legal process has been both financially and emotionally draining for him. live in northeast washington, jackie benson, news 4. >> we're learning the name of a man killed by police after he took out a bee-bee gun. they tried to stop the 36 year. officers say they got into a struggle who took out what appear today be a real gun.
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they later found out that the gun was not real. >> a game-changer. >> the only criminal case against bill cosby facing a big hurdle in court. >> another big name to music just added to a packed superbowl roster. >> first 4 traffic tonight, some road work happening. the left lane has only been getting by until 8:00 tomozica
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before but they have been rare. >> the white house wants to spend money, big money, to battle the nation's growing heroin epidemic. the obama administration will ask congress for $1 billion. it will also seek an additional $90 billion for states to improve. there is bipart san interest to address the heroin epidemic. back to our weather now, we are in weather alert mode, folks, here, at news floor. >> it really is for streams and rivers. we're expecting anywhere from minor to moderate flooding. right now, that flood watch is for the northern most counties and into eastern west virgin sp
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hearted ways with the little guys that come naturally. >> it's like playing home with my son and my daughter. i'm at home. this is what i do every day all day. so i'm a professional at it. >> what alexander cannot do is go to the superbowl. two years now, he's played host from afar. last year, with arizona. this yr with the raiders. >> a free agent this spring, alexander is certain he has at least one good year left in him.
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