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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  February 3, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EST

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also ahead, a heartbroken community left searching for answers this morning after the murder of an elementary school teacher and her 2-year-old daughter. and a new push to help local kids succeed. the idea that could have d.c. public school students spending more time in the classroom. but we begin with that weather alert as we watch this system pushing into the area. it is expected to bring us a whole lot of rain. >> that, plus all the snow, we still have yet to melt. all of that could lead to flooding. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here with the latest advisory. that's right. flash flood watching have been posted for the d.c. area, north of pennsylvania line and west of the panhandle of west virginia. everybody needs to be on the lookout. weather headlines, get those storm drains cleaned out early today. i cleaned mine out yesterday. a lot of stuff in the drains because of snow and inclement weather we've been having. heavy rain this afternoon, combination of that and melting snow is the reason for the flood
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watches. you can see all of the metro area now included in the flash flood watch. rainfall amounts, anywhere between half to three quarters inch in shenandoah valley to an inch or more. adding ton that the melting snow. temperatures above freezing. upper 40s or low 50s. if you're doing any exercise today, you want to stay dry, do it early. we'll be in the 60s today. could rule out a rumble or two of thunder. i'll let you know thousahow it s your plans. >> 95 northbound, is this north of prince william parkway. the headlights headed towards you are going to be headed in the northbound direction up towards the beltway and springfield interchange. we have that water main break, duke street at north jordan street in alexandria. we also have a water main break in arlington. if you're going to be on wilson boulevard at north quinn street. at this point, wilson boulevard
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is one way so it should not cause you too much of an issue. outrage and heartbreak in prince george's county after a mother and her 2-year-old daughter are murdered. someone shot and killed neshante davis and her daughter chloe yesterday. >> davis was a teacher in bradbury elementary school. the community is just devastated by the loss. such a terrible story. >> reporter: yeah, this double murder really cuts deep throughout the entire county with many asking who could do this, shoot a young mother and her 2-year-old daughter. neshante davis was a beloved passionate teacher here at bradbury heights elementary, in the middle of her first year in the classroom in the second grade. parents have told us that she cared for her students. >> miss davis was awesome. she really, really helped sam to improve a lot. >> she came to those kids like
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those were hers. i mean -- >> reporter: yeah, it's going to be a very tough day here at the elementary school today when classes start up again for the students. the faculty. the parents, the entire school community. neshante davis was found shot near her car in the parking lot of her fort washington home. and then the baby, the toddler, just 2 years old, chloe davis-green discovered shot in the car. later pronounced dead at the hospital. witnesses described hearing yelling before multiple gunshots. but police still working to find a motive and of course identify a suspect in this case. that is the latest live from capitol heights back to you. another difficult death this morning. this in virginia where a family is preparing to bury a murdered 13-year-old. nicole lovell's wake is tonight.
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her funeral is in blacksburg. her mother struggled through tears to speak at a news conference. tammy weekes said her daughter loved pandas, the color blue, dancing. nicole endured health issues during her life but she never gave up. >> we were reminded at that time that she only had a 1% chance of surviva survival. nicole beat the odds. after eight months in the hospital she was released and started to grow. >> police say natalie keepers not only helped david eisenhauer get rid of the body but was involved before with nicole. a western man charged with attacking a flight crew and a passenger heads to court. joseph sharkey is accused of veshlg verbally assaulting a passenger on a jetblue flight on sunday.
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prosecutors said he also fought with attendants and tried to open the door during the flight. we'll learn which students will be part of summer classes. mayor baxter will announce additional class. for students who need help with reading and math. it will alsoal allow students more time to explore art and music. the focus of decision 2016 now shifts from iowa to new hampshire. presidential hopefuls are in the granite state today, laying the groundwork and hoping to sway undecided voters. it looks to be a different race than iowa. nearly 40% of new hampshire voters consider themselves undecided or independents. also different, the latest poll showing double-digit leads for bernie sanders and donald trump. neither of them won in iowa. none of the candidates wasted any time. they're on the campaign trail in new hampshire. >> new hampshire is going to have to decide who can go toe to toe with the republicans.
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>> we began the political revolution not just in iowa, not just in new hampshire. >> we had a great time in iowa. and a great turnout. now, we're ready to do it here in new hampshire. >> i have very good relationships with the people of new hampshire. >> we're answering the question of the men and women of new hampshire and earning the votes one person at a time. >> some new hampshire residents say they will wait until the last minute to make up their minds. you'll hear from them later in the newscast. today, maryland residents could hear a change in stone from governor larry hogan. he's set to make the state of the state address today. check nbc washington app for an update on hogan's plans. and baker takes his concerns about excessive health care to
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the capitol. baker says he understands it was a business decision to turn laurel regional hospital into an outpatient ambulatory care facility, but he says, he's committed to making sure residents get state of the art health care. here's a scene that is all too familiar to us. heavy snow, as a blizzard hits the midwest. aaron just missed it. we'll take you live to iowa. >> it got me. >> for a first hand look for the conditions we're dealing with. >> no more snow in our future, thank god. but we're watching for the potential of flooding in our area. as that storm pushes in. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell tracking the impact on this weather work day. plus protecting you from a bad deal at the bank. new concerns being raised this morning about the product.
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6:10 now. new this morning, a new study says almost everybody uses the internet but many are underconnected. researchers at sesame street network found another% of families have a basic internet. low income though, have a single computer or can only access it on their phone. and researchers say they hit data limits on phones, too. one in five, their access is cut off. also new this morning, a consumer financial protection bureau has concern that you are getting a bad deal when it comes to your checking account. the agency says banks don't give you enough options. it also says they use inaccurate information to screen potential customers. a letter is going out to 25 of the largest retail banks today. encouraging them to sell lower risk accounts that help keep you from overdrafting.
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at the turn to the forecast at 6:11 on the storm team 4 weather alert day. chuck bell is here to tell us about the rain coming our way, chuck. >> grab the umbrella. don't be that person caught outside without the umbrella today. whether will impact your plans. a big impact on anything you want to do this afternoon into this evening, heavy rain likely during the course of the day. roads are already wet, with light rain out there this morning but by later on, heaviest beginning at 11:00 in the shenandoah valley to about 8:00 tonight. stay away from high and fast moving water. out the door in the 60s for the afternoon. seven-day forecast coming up. route 28 nears godwin drive follow police directions to get through. looking at the top side of the beltway outer loop to adam starting to fill in towards silver spring. and then running sluggish from
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college park to 270. and 270 south running fairly well. don't forget to use wtop 105 fm in your car. adding injury to insult. one local woman said she's page the price after her stolen car was found. a mother brought to tears after hearing the heartbeat of a son she lost years ago. the emotional reunion as she
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a weather alert day as we break for a day of heavy rain this is a storm that's approaching our region. look at the green and blue on the radar. when it's over, it could drop as much as an inch of rain on us. with all of that unmelted snow it's bringing flooding concerns. storm team meteorologist chuck bell is showing you where you will see rain. where we're watching rain,
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snow is falling in the midwest. weather channel's jim cantore is in sioux city, iowa. i barely got out before the storm hit there, jim. >> reporter: yeah we got touched on here. not to mention, we had winds 45 to 50 miles per hour. so, a true blizzard here in sioux city. as a matter of fact, 12.4 inches. that was the seventh highest total of all time for sioux city. still this morning, there's enough wind that the light snow is blowing an drifting around. especially on the highways. you see the plow comes by and the snow is up and out. 900 plows in the state of iowa. interstate is closed to commerce right now. interstate 80 near omaha. lincoln, nebraska, interstate 90, up across southern parts of minnesota as well. so, large areas of very heavily traveled commerce routes closed this morning because of the
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snow. anywhere from 6 to as much as 18 inches of snow falling across nebraska, iowa and parts of southern minnesota. so, this is a big storm, guys. you know what eventually that cold air makes its way to the east. i'm sure chuck has interesting weather potentially for us on the east coast he'll talk about. >> interestingly. that's right, jim cantore from the weather channel in sioux city. thank you, jim. take a look at this video of damage around the alabama and mississippi border. a storm uprooted trees and ripped roofs off of buildings there. also left power lines down across the streets. look at all of that destruction. no one was seriously injured in the storms. to fairfax county where a teacher faces additional charges this morning. michael sweeney was first caught with a teenage girl in his car last september. now, he faces charges of producing and possessing child
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pornography in addition to soliciting a minor. sweeney was fired from walt whitman middle school in alexandria. a record number of people who spent years of their lives in prison were exonerated in 2015. last year 149 people were freed after serving time for crimes they did not admit. on average, those people spent 15 years in prison before being cleared. the national registry of exoneration tallied the numbers. five of the convicts are awaiting execution. i'm angie goff with a developing story and update to one that we've been following this morning about the growing concern about the zika virus being related to cases where the virus is sexually transmitted. says that u.s. report. we're just getting word that the world health organization, w.h.o., they say that they are going to further investigate these claims of this report.
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that the zika virus is linked or can be transmitted sexually. now, until now, it was widely believed that you could only get it from the mosquito bite. in cases right now that we're talking about particularly are out in dallas. both patients are recovering. neither is pregnant. zika is believed to cause severe birth defects. a situation known as micro cephaly. >> i want to break this down more. this zika virus. four things to know about zika. this virus is not a new one. according to the cdc there have been outbreaks in tropical africa and southeast asia. the first case in zika in brazil was diagnosed last summer. it's important to note you cannot get zika more than once. one the person has been infected he or she is likely to be protected from future infection. one in five people infecked with zika will actually get sick. the virus itself is not deadly. symptoms will include fever,
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crash, joint pain. one mother's selfless gift saved another child's life. the gift she received in return was remarkable. >> that sound you just heard is the beating heart of heather clark's 7-month-old son lucas. his heart has a new home inside of 4-year-old jordan gonzalez. the two moms met for the first time. heather was able to meet the mom that her son saved. that girl gave her a bear so she can always hear her son's heart beating. i mean, it's so emotional. the selfless act and feels like her son can live on in another little girl who is so happy and bright. >> beautiful story there. i'm going to post that video. if you find time to watch it -- >> it's a cry if you watch it at
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work. the effects of blizzard 2016 still being felt in the district. d.c. mayor didn't enforce fines for residents who didn't clear their sidewalks. but businesses have to pay up, 88 businesses were found in possible violation. only 14 were fined. many of you faced your cars being towed away to allow crews to clear the snow. almost 200 cars were towed in northwest 30 in northeast. the top towing locations north west and wisconsin avenue and 9th street. >> i storm team 4 weather alert day because of the heavy rain heading our way. >> chuck bell is in the storm team 4 weather center. we need all the weather today, right? >> absolutely right. an impact for the plans later today. the weather is going to slow things down and get everybody cranky, i'm guessing. temperatures are going to be incredibly mild.
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flood watches have already been issued. heavy rain possible. around an inch. have your nbc washington app downloaded. and our weather sections favored in there. you could hear a rumble or two of thunder but not a severe threat. heavy rain, of course, the heavy rain combined with the melting snow means that flooding is our main concern. flooding impacts, no rivers and isolated issues this morning. by this evening, month widespread flooding is a possibility. we'll watch the rivers and streams all the way through tomorrow as well. as everything come downstairs to the main rivers, the shenandoah will be cresting sometime tomorrow. it's chilly and wet this morning but look at the climb in temperatures expected today. even with the heavy rain coming in, temperatures today should jump into the low and mid-60s before the rain settles in. northbound, storm team 4 radar for you this morning, light rain
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in fairfax, loudoun and prince williams county. the heavier rain is back to the west near charleston, west virginia. that's about nine hours away. that puts it here about 3:00 this afternoon. be ready for a slow commute home and this evening. high resolution computer model updated hourly, by 10:00, heavy rain moving into the western parts of the shenandoah valley. by noon, heavy rains into washington. by 2:00, here's the worst of the worst here coming through here between 1:00 and 4:00 this afternoon. could be real trouble on the road. quick check of seven-day forecast, breezy and warm, 63. and sunny and dry friday, saturday and sunday. and jim cantore alluded to it, next tuesday, could start with an accumulating snow. we'll be watching that very carefully. kim mccormick, here she is. >> we have a crash if you're in
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manassas, route 28, make sure you follow police directions. looking live at 270 southbound. you can see the headlights. a slow go from gaithersburg and towards the beltway. nothing in your way so far. if you're traveling across the key bridge from virginia into georgetown, things are moving along quite well. no significant issues that is good news across any river crossings. if you're traveling the orange line this morning, we still have residual delays because of an earlier switch problem at the west falls church metro. it's 6:25 right now. a plane had to make an emergency landing off the coast of hawaii. we now have a visual. take a look right there. the pilot had to land in the water because of a landing gear problem in the air. the pilot ended up safely landing in the water where he waited until crews could rescue him. it was overbudget and behind
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schedule. now the silver spring transit center needs another $1 million to pay legal fees. the additional money is going to be used to hire experts who can pinpoint what caused all of those construction costs to increase. the county wants to find out who's at fault. 6:26. do you think a gondola in georgetown is a good investment? $70,000 in public funding is being spent to study the proposed gondola system connecting georgetown. supporters say tens of thousands of people can be moved across the river each day relieving traffic congestion. not everyone is convinced it's a good idea. the study is to take a year. a weather alert day as we brace pofor heavy rain. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has 4 things to know about the storm. all of that rain has many taking precautions around town.
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also ahead, trapped, the flames closing in. look at that. a decision a young girl was a decision a young girl was forced to m (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan.
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we're helping to deep you prepared on this weather alert day, as we watch this system. that big one right there, push into our area this morning. we are watching the impact it will have on your plans and the threat of flooding. news4's erika gonzalez is. >> and now chuck bell. >>. it's a weather alert day, have the nbc weather app downloaded and the weather section opened up for. you heavy rain plus melting snow has led to flash flood watching being issued. heaviest rain likely between 11:00 and 8:00 this evening. so the second half of the day will be much more impacted than the first half. have the big, big umbrella ready to go. the big gust buster one. the winds will be gusting between 30 and 40 miles per
6:31 am
hour. and20+z southwesterly winds. check out your planning for the day. 40s this morning. heavy rain at 11:00 a.m. heavy rain, low 60s at 3:00. tapering back to moderate showers at 8:00. storm team 4 radar, rain coming on in. we'll have a check on the school impacts in ten minutes. here's kim. >> looking at 66, past 234, you see the roadways are a little wet and heavier and slower through the beltway towards manassas. there is a crash here goodwin drive make sure you follow police directions to get through there. into the district, inbound route 150 to new york avenue, not too bad for you so far. a little heavy southbound at d.c. 295 approaching the 11th street bridge. >> kirths thank you. we continue our storm team coverage this morning. lots of green and blue. a little yellow showing up on storm team 4 radar. that means heavy rain is headed
6:32 am
toward our area. we're still on the ground, a lot of residents and businesses in old town, alexandria, for example, are bracing for flooding. that's where we have erika gonzalez for people getting ready for the rain. >> reporter: good morning, we're live in old town, alexandria, a few sprinkles earlier but a very definite picture later this afternoon. you'll definitely want to put on the rain boots this morning. you've got the warming temperatures, about an inch of rain forecasted by the storm team 4 meteorologist. and then the snow. you've got the melting snow that could add an additional inch of water for folks to deal with as far as flooding concerns. here in this area, restaurants here in old town, alexandria, pretty accustomed to flooding. many of them have sandbags mentioned. as chris jordan was mentioning
6:33 am
last night, crews prepping for weather if possible if that scenario presents itself. here in alex sand korea, the big concern for businesses is the fact that we could have two inches of water in this area and making sure that the storm drains are clear. back to you. >> reminder, flood watch goes in effect later today across much of the metro area. you can download the nbc washington app to stay up to date on washington warnings that may affect you today. new details this morning in a deadly hit-and-run in fairfax county last year. police sent us this picture and said the white suv is the suspect's car. the 69-year-old khan was killed on that crash in franconia road in november. we now know the name of a man shot and killed by a d.c. police officer. police say 36-year-old peter john ran from officers at clay
6:34 am
terrace monday morning. officers say they struggled with john who appeared to have taken out a real gun. officers shot him and later found out that the gun was a bb gun. prosecuta judge is expected decide whether or not cosby should be back in a courtroom. prosecutors say the comedian drugged and sexually assaulted a woman in 2004. they say it happened inside his pennsylvania home. yesterday, cosby had many supporters cheering for him outside of the courthouse. this is a story you will only see on news4. a silver spring woman who had her car stolen in december. is now getting parking and speeding tickets. the car was stolen from the parking lot of her apartment complex. if that's not bad enough, the owner tells me she is now dealing with hefty fines. >> every week since then, i've gotten at least one to two ticket it's in mail. >> she also told news4 that her
6:35 am
laptop containing personal information was in the car. a couple of new bills in virginia would end up punishing you more if you're caught using your phone behind the wheel. first, you could be charged with a felony if you're texting and caused a crash that seriously hurt or killed someone. second, lawmakers want to make it illegal to type or read anything on your phone. right now, you can only be charged for reading texts or e-mails at the wheel. you'll be allowed to look at your phone's gps. a bill that could hinder tos on i-66 is a step closer to reality. bill says no one can add tolls to state highways without the approval first. they just advanced that bill according to the richard times. the paper says there's a similar bill going through congress right now. the iowa caucus in the books right now and we turn to the
6:36 am
focus on the presidential race in new hampshire. we'll get a closer look at the race and why the state's primary is so unusual and so important. also ahead, just about all of us have access to the internet. but there's still a large digital divide. report that says many are underconnected. and i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell tracking this heavy line of rain moving through charleston, west virginia. it should arrive in the metro around 2:00 this afternoon. i'll show you the progression from shenandoah valley.
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. welcome back. it's 6:39. a developing story this morning. small amounts of dna have been found after 12 marines were killed in a helicopter crash last month. the hawaii-based marines died when two helicopters crashed during nighttime training.
6:40 am
marine corps officials say the families of the identified marines have been told. >> i need a ladder. i've got a child trapped. >> scary moments. it's amazing what you can do when your life is on the line. a little girl had to leap to safety to save her own life in the fast moving fire. this is a condo complex in new jersey. the fire started in a third floor unit there. swept into the attic on the third floor balcony. they convinced her to jump her their arms. she say she was home alone. it seems she's okay. she made it out. >> i'm glad that the firefighters were able to catch her. that is incredible work there. 6:41 is our time right now. and we are waiting for the rain this time. >> just rain. >> chuck, tell us how much we're going to get.
6:41 am
>> probably on average, a half inch to an inch of rain expected during the course of the day. bus stop conditions for the kids earlier this morning. rain showers but have the rain gear. temperatures in the low 40s this morning. heavy rain likely on the way home from work and school. temperatures in the low 60s. so it's going to be breezynd mild. you'll need your raincoat, the big umbrella and galoshes. radar shows light rain into the shenandoah valley and sides of the metro. another weather alert coming in right now. i'll check that out. here's kim. >> we have heavier volume in the woodrow wilson bridge. the innerloop. no significant issues just heavy traffic. and we have speeded dropping on southbound 270 and the hot spot in the beltway. make sure you tune into wtop 105 fm for traffic updates on the 8s.
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a plan to help local kids succeed. the plan to be unveiled in d.c. public schools that could have students spend are more time in the classroom. also ahead, we're live in prince george's county where a heartbroken community is looking for answers after
6:43 am
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15 before the hour. right now, we're under a weather alert as we wait for this strong storm, that you see right here, to start dumping rain on us. before it's done we could see an inch of rain. >> it's one of the stories we're working to get to you the minute you're up. let's go to chuck bell. >> a brand-new warning, a flood warning near west virginia, on the tuckapan river. the flood warnings out in eastern west virginia. here's kim with traffic. >> we have light rain falling in the area. and you will find that things are moving along fairly well. the traffic not weighing down too much. be careful, make sure you have your windshield wipers on along with your head lights. ♪ a community just heartbroken and searching for answers now in
6:46 am
the death of an elementary school teacher and her 2-year-old little girl. somebody shot and killed neshante davis and her daughter chloe in fort washington yesterday. davis was a teacher in bradbury elementary school in capitol heights. that's where we signed molette green this morning. this is going to be a tough day for the kids this morning? >> reporter: absolutely. there are so many in mourning, in shock, over this double murder, aaron. and the school community here at bradbury heights elementary, part of that grieving process. the parents have told news4 that neshante davis just loved her first year as a second grade teacher. >> she was really, really helped him to improve a lot. >> she came to those kids like those were hers, i mean --
6:47 am
>> reporter: and this is a young mother deeply rooted in this county. lived in fort washington. educated at bowie state university. dedicated to educating children in the county schools. right now, there are no suspects or motive in this case. we're live at capitol heights. back to you. >> as we said, it's difficult for friends and family to deal with. i do have to ask you, though, do we know anything more about the police investigation? >> reporter: no new developments in this investigation. it really hasn't been a complete 24 hours, aaron. the police chief was at the scene, along with the state's attorney. the police chief describing this as a murder that shocked the conscience, the state's corner, of course. promising a vigorous investigation and prosecution in this case. you can rest assured that they will be working hard to make sure they find the person who did this. that is the latest, back to you.
6:48 am
>> molette, thank you. in virginia, a family is preparing to bury a 13-year-old girl. nicole lovell was murdered. her wake is tonight. her funeral is tonight in blackburg. her mother spoke at a press conference yesterday. tammy weekes said her daughter loved pandas, the color blue and dancing. she said nicole endured health issues during her life but never gave up. >> we were reminded at that time that she only had 1% chance of survival. nicole beat the odds there. after eight months in the hospital she was released and she started to grow. >> police have now charged two suspects in the case with murder. police say natalie keepers not only helped david eisenhauer get rid of the body but was involved before nicole was killed. investigators are also looking into how social media played a role in this case. today, a western man charged
6:49 am
with attacking a flight crew and passenger heads to court. joseph sharkey is accused of verbally assaulting a passenge passengers say he also fought with flight attendants and tried to open an exit door. we'll learn which d.c. students will be part of summer classes. mayor baxter will announce several programs. there are summer programs for students who need help with reading and math. and more with students to explore art and music. this in for the second time this week, a tunnel collapse has turned deadly in the gaza strip. hamas leaders say some died while a tunnel caved in. this is while they were digging it. seven died after being trapped after heavy rain.
6:50 am
hamas is rebuilding dozens of tunnels destroyed years ago. eun. decision 2016, candidates are spread out across new hampshire trying to sway voters. democrats and republicans have another debate before tuesday's primary vote. likely no difference as candidates try to woo the granite state. unlike i, was nearly 40% of new hampshire residents say they're undecided or consider themselves independents. many say don't wait until the last minute to make up their minds. >> they're going to make the decision on their own. not really influenced by, you know, the crowd. >> i'm not looking for a handout. i don't want anything from government. and i want my fellow neighbor to feel the same way. >> before i, was polls show donald trump with a more than 20 point lead over competitors in new hampshire they show a double digit lead for bernie sanders overillary clinton. political analysts say new hampshire is a must win for trump and clinton.
6:51 am
trump has left new hampshire and campaigning in arkansas. now, a little more on what makes the new hampshire primary so unusual and so important. that state actually controls fewer delegates than iowa. what it does influence is campaign money. new hampshire has a history of bipassing the front-runner. that can give smaller campaigns a jolt and get them through the next primary. nbc's coverage of decision 2016 is far from over. stick around for live coverage from new hampshire. "today" show starts in just a few minutes here on nbc4. in the day ahead, a lot of people are hoping for a new approach from maryland governor larry hogan. he's expected to deliver his second state of the state address at noon. lawmakers tell the washington times he was too partisan last year. a delegate from montgomery county even called his address ugly. be sure to check the washington app for an update on hogan's
6:52 am
plans for the year ahead. 6:51, our time right now. we've been talking about a weather alert. we're expecting a lot of rain coming our way. >> add that to the snow on the ground could be a big problem, chuck bell? >> absolutely. we had a lot of snow ten days ago. it's been going away slowly but steadily. warm air and wind is going to melt the snow. creeks are up near banks all right berkeley and jefferson county if you're in martinsburg stay away from high water. the flood watches have been posted. heavy rain is possible most likely between lunchtime and dinnertime. so clean out the storm drains. if you haven't done it already, get that done as heavy rains and flood threats will continue to increase. increase. most of the f
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