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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  February 4, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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pedestrian was not in the crosswalk. a d.c. firefighter is recovering after being hurt in in a fire on m street. take a look at the scene. you can see the flames shooting out of the window. no word on what sparked the fire. one firefighter was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. 4:30 your time. democratic hopefuls have their first chance since iowa to go head to head. msnbc is hosting a debate that starts at 9:00 tonight. it's only been three days since hillary clinton's razor thin defeat of bernie sanders. cnn hosted a town hall discussion last night where the attacks got tough arer and more personal. >> i don't know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. >> i was somewhat amused today that senator sanders has set himself up to be the gatekeeper on who is a progressive. >> chuck todd and rachel maddow
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will moderate tonight's debate. and you won't have to wait long for the next republican forum either. there is a debate planned for saturday night. in the next 15 minutes, the different tactics candidates will use to try to win new hampshire and plus how iowa changed the race for the white house. rac tracie potts will join us. former mayor gray will announce a run for city council. we'll send you an alert through the nbc washington app if that happens. sources tell tom sherwood that gray will run against yvette alexander in ward 7. al alexander says she'll be ready. >> i'm going to continue to do the things that i do know matter who runs. >> prosecutors ended a five year probe of gray's scandal-plagued mayoral run in 2010. gray was never charged. good morning. i'm meet fwteorologist chuck be.
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thick fog out there this morning. between now and about 7:00, 9:00 this morning. the advisory goes until 7:00. may take a little longer than that to rear aclear all the fog. there are still some places that have minor flood stage. a risk of a few light snowflakes tonight down into part of southern maryland. a bit of a refreeze issue, as well. fortunately, one of the things you need to know, it will be quieter weather by the weekend. outside this morning, there are those visibilities again. done below a mile in many locations. so that could slow things down on the roads early this morning. speaking of the roads, here is melissa mollett. you can see the sheen on the roadway and coming down 270 this morning, a lot of fog especially right near the spur. and complaints of fog in the fred rerick county area, as wel.
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66 and 95, no big problems right now. outer loop at allentown road, broken down tractor trailer blocking the left side of the roadway. so you have to crowd to the right to get around it. the tow truck is on the scene. and speaking of 270, no problems northbound or southbound. but again, be aware of that fog. why did you kill that little girl? can you say anything to her family? >> prince george's county police arrested 25-year-old daron boswell-johnson for the murder of his daughter and her mother. court documents say he confessed to waiting for neshante davis outside of her town home tuesday morning. he sought davis and hair 2-year-old daughter chloe several times. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins talked to neshante's mother after the arrest. >> did they catch him? >> yes, he's in custody.
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>> he didn't have to do it. he could have just left her alone. >> court documents say that johnson was upset that davis refused to drop a petition that would require him to pay $600 a month in child support. he's expected to be held without bond. zip ties, plastic wrap and a belt, those are the items police say a couple used to abuse their 7-year-old son. neighbors in clarksburg community say they saw no mistreatment of any of the six children who lived with craig and nicole williams. the couple was arrested in december and are now facing child abuse charges. according to court documents, the boy was frequently restrained with zip ties by his father. the boy's stepmother also says she helped wrap her stepson in plastic wrap. an attorney representing craig williams says, quote, i don't believe police looked as deeply as they could or should have into the back story of this case. coming up on 4:35. right now you may not be able to
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jump-start on filing your taxes. the irs says a hardware failure hit several of its computer systems yesterday. while the problem could affect how soon you receive your tax refund, the agency does not ske expect major disruptions. right now you can't submit your forms until the system is up and running again. we'll let you know when the problem is resolved. >> the district is facing criticism of its 911 call center. a new report in the "post" says dispatchers are answering calls more quickly. 95% are picked up within five seconds. however, call takers often work 12 hour shifts because of arising number of calls. the paper says they also don't always get the call right including one time when they sent a fire truck to the wrong address 25 blocks away. it is just about 4:36. a virginia mother is speaking out after becoming the first nope case of the zika virus in the commonwealth. heather barringer has spent her life doing mission work
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overseas. over the last 16 months, the wife and mother of three took four trips to guatemala. in november, she started to feel strangely and headed to the doctor and it wasn't until last week that doctors made it if i recall that she had come down with the zika virus. >> began with just a swollen lymph node and produced to body aches and weird rash and joint pain. >> baker is taking precautions around her family and friends by not sharing her food and dreink, but she will continue her mission work. today you can be part of largest annual prayer gathering in the nation. this morning president obama will address the gathering. paul ryan will also speak there. organizers expect about 3200 people from more than 140 countries to attend. prince george's county interim police chief will be appointed to the permanent job today. he took over in december after
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the chief retired. mcgau now serves as public safety director. and also today the public safety committee for the county council will appoint wittington as director of homeland security. sdl you might want to dress your kids in bright colors this morning because of the dense fog. chuck bell is putting together his school day forecast. a man on fire sucked out of an airplane. the new details coming in about the sho
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we're learning more about the story from somalia about an apparent explosion in an airplane cabin. officials say two people were hurt and one person died. witnesses said a man was sucked out through the hole. take a look at that gaping hole. that was right through the clouds outside. somalia officials and the airline are working to find out what caused this to happen. the somalian civil aviation authority says it found no evidence of a criminal cause. police in virginia say a man hired an uber car to take him to the scene of a crime. steve casper was arrested in arlington on sunday in connection with an assault. casper took the uber to an ex-girlfriend's house, let himself in and attacked her new boyfriend. he's charged with assault and battery.
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coming up on 4:41. most of us are dry this morning, but there are a few little pockets of light rain here extending from southern fairfax county out through the southeastern part of the district. prince george's county out toward the bay bridge. nothing heavy, just an occasional raindrop out there and rain chances remain very, very low for the remainder of the morning hour. another little chance coming up this evening. a huge range of temperatures, 20 degree spread. 41 in hagerstown, but 60 in st. mary's county. so bus stop temperatures are all over the map. we'll even it out with 50 with the fog and clouds this morning and then 48 p its will trend downward with time today. that could lead to a little chance for some snow by early tomorrow morning. more about that in ten minutes. here is melissa. >> brand new slowdown p street ramp
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allentown road, broken down tractor trailer in the left lane. construction coming up in a few minutes. clinton versus sanders. trump versus krooucruz. the flugloves are coming off. what we can expect to hear from the camps. and the countdown to rio is on with just more than six months to go. athletes are gearing up for the games and this morning we are games and this morning we are hearing
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no break for the presidential hopefuls. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are gearing up for a debate tonight. republican candidates have a series of occutown hall meeting ahead of their debate on saturday. tracie potts is on capitol hill. first tonight's democratic dough bait, the tone really changing going into this. >> reporter: exactly. we heard it in the town hall tonight and likely in the debate later tonight. new hampshire is a very different animal from iowa. we were just there, we saw what was going on in iowa. but in new hampshire, for the testimonies, bernie sanders has this huge double digit lead. he calls himself underdog, but really it's hillary clinton when you take a look at thes. and bernie sanders is going after her questioning whether she's a true progressive or a more moderate member of the party. questioning the money that she's taken from wall street, the paid
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speeches, the six figure speeches. and she didn't have a very strong reaction to that last night when asked about that, she says, well, look, that's what they're offering and that's what other secretaries of state have done in the past. but he seems interestingly he's got this huge lead, you know, possibly winning new hampshire. we certainly don't know as we saw in iowa until the voters have spokens but he is just going after hillary clinton with everything he's got. >> let's talk about the republicans now. senator ted cruz unleashing probably his harshest critique yesterday of donald trump's campaign. >> reporter: and trump is now saying that he should have won iowa if it weren't for those rumors that ted cruz people pushed forward that ben carson was dropping out. he was not dropping out. and carson has responded to that. but trump is saying that they confused a lot of voters and trump thinks he would have gotten a few more votes, a few more points and won iowa if not for that and that questionable
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mailer that some are now questioning as voter fraud that was sent out by ted cruz. ted cruz pushing back saying, look, and this is exactly what he said, donald trump is losing it. he's tweeting all the time, i'm laughing at his tweets. so those two are really going at it. and ted cruz is also looking behind him because marco rubio is running essentially neck and neck with him in new hampshire right now and rubio is going after him as well saying cruz will do or say anything to win this election. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. and remember you can watch clinton and sanders debate tonight at 9:00 on msnbc. count on a full debrief tomorrow morning if you can't stay up late tonight. hillary clinton's campaign is calling for a day of action across northern virginia. you can participate in a series of events geared toward building support ahead of super tuesday. if interested, you can volunteer at the woutwo phone banks tonig.
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check our nbc washington app for details. a vicious attack on the campaign trail. a secret service agent protecting clinton is recovering from a pit bull attack. he says the dog bit him not far from an elementary school. he was off tut walking his dog when he says a woman across the street lost control of her pit bull and it charged. you can see the markshead, as w. >> i stuck my hand down its throat and punched it for a good three or four minutes in the head and it was like i was scratching its ears. >> wow. neighbors say someone had to grab a snow shovel and hit the pit bull with to stop the attack. animal control is not commenting on the incident. take a man charged in a home invasion and sex assault on capitol hill heads to court. antoine pitt are will appear in the district in a few hours in connection with two stints back inning on the in october.
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he's also accused in a second home invasion in the same month. he was arrested wild on probation fwhile on probation for an armed robbery. we have new details this morning on a heartbreaking story we told you about in prince george's county. the murder of 2-year-old chloe and her mother knee shanty knee neshante davis. he wanted davis to drop a petition that would require him to pay $600 a month in child support. refugees will be in focus in montgomery county today. the county council will discuss the thousands of refugees who settled in maryland between 2010 and 2014. more than half moved to montgomery county with smaller percentages in prince george's county and baltimore.
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and remember this video? a group of people beating a man at a gallery place metro station last week. the attack was caught on vi surveillance video. six d.c. public school tupt students have been charged. ed the victim was kicked and beaten. the countdown to the summer olympics is on. tomorrow marks six months to the start of the games in rio. some of our star u.s. athletes who are heading to rio are speaking now. michael phelps says that he has a passion to get back in the water and he has some unfinished business, too. >> when he's not going to basketball games. >> exactly. but he'll wear a speedo anyway. gabby douglas says expectations are how. so how do the athletes deal with being so far away from home? >> you can sometimes feel really far away from home and whenever
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you get a message or e-mail from somebody back home, it kind of reminds you of everybody back home cheering for you and rooting for you. >> that's our golden child. >> i love katie ledecky so much. >> nbc of course is your home for the summer olympics. rio just an hour ahead of us in the eastern time zone, so many of the even events will be shown live across the nbc networks. good morning. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. weather alert to keep you ahead of any potential problems this morning that may come up due to some very thick fog morning. be ready for that dramatically reduced visibilities in some spots. worst of it now parts of northern maryland and out into parts of northern virginia, as well. but there is an improving pattern here. an hour or two ago, visibilities were much closer to zero, but drier air is trying to work its way in. that should help eat up the fog. the advisory go until 7:00 a.m.
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thickest is in annapolis and culpeper. 3 mile visibility there. as far as rain chances, a little sliver of showers here drifting its way through prince george's county going through bowie, down in brandywine and rosaryville and eventually into charles county and st. mary's county. not a lot of rain, but that's the leading edge of the drier air. so fog thickest along and ahead of it, drier air back out here to the north and west, that will be an improving weather picture it by later on. but not entirely done with rain chances. this plume of moisture riding right up over the lower bay, so there will remain a small cans for some light rain today especially south and east of i-95. so southern maryland, a much better chance of some light rain today as opposed to the panhandle of west virginia where you will remain dry. big change in temperatures, as well. only 41 in hagerstown and 40 in smithsburg. all the way up to 60 still in fredericksburg and st. mary's county. so a big range in temperatures.
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planning out the forecast for tomorrow, could also have a little bit of ice to deal with early tomorrow morning. here is future weather. here is the lingering shower chance this afternoon into parts of southern maryland and overnight tonight, as well. that may end with a little chance of a flurry or two, not a lot of snow, but maybe a tenth to half an inch of snow maybe as much on parts of the eastern shore, maybe half an inch to an inch. but just don't want you to be surprised by any snowflakes tomorrow. so fog and chances for light rain an and sprinkles. quiet for the weekend. construction delays? >> have road work hanging around still this morning. the same construction we've been seeing for the past month or so. 395 south at seminary road, remember the two left lanes only hinge getting by that work zone until about 8:00 in the morning this morning. and that's something again we've seen for quite some time. p street, the ramp to northbound rock creek parkway, the ramp
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blocked because of police activity. so a warning for you there if you're headed out in northwest anytime soon. beltway at st. barnabas, you can see a little bit of the fog lingering across different areas right now. getting some real complaints also in frederick and then down the upper part of 270 this morning. i came down 270 and it was prettying for fwi there foggy there. toe on the scene at outer loop at allentown road. live look at 66 coming up. which would you rather have, lower gas prices or fewer options to get around on the bus? why some say one is causing the other in prince william county. florida and t >> and a lot of you might be thinking about spring break, so when is the right time to book your trip? tips you'll want to hear. and a new milestone for bei bei. that's high panda. what the panda could you be is doing now as well as a behind the scenes look from the
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. it is another storm team 4 weather alert day. it's kind of hard to tell in in live picture, but trust us, it's foggy outside. visibility is low. you can see some of the clouds in the background. we have several crews working for you this morning. we'll check in with chuck bell in just a few minutes for a closer look at when the fog will
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burn off. commuters beware, popular bus routes in prince william county may see higher fares or cuts to service. nine routes on the omni ride and metro direct are on the chopping block right now. falling gas prices are hurting the bottom line. it has proposed reducing friday service and hiking fares by an average of 5%. >> as gas prices have precipitously declined, so has tax revenue. >> some commuters worry that a service cut could mean longer wait time or more road congestion. public hearing being set up and local leaders are working on solutions behind the scenes. a statue at the maryland statehouse in annapolis could be moved away. a new bill in the house of delegates would take away the roger tanney statue and have it destroyed. that's according to the fr frederick news post. he wrote a majority opinion
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saying black people did that have citizenship rights. his statue was put up nearly 150 years ago. some tips to help you save money if you're planning a trip, the major piece of advice, book early. the longer you wait, the higher the prices will be and harder it will be to get a refund, too. if you want the chance to get your money back, it may be better to book directly through an airline or travel agent instead of one of those third party sites. once you arrive, try lots of apps an discount sites to get a good deal on food and activities. giant panda could you be bu growing up fast and eating solids now. they eat bamboo leaves. zookeeper tell us they also like sweet potato and with a name that means precious treasure, he's melting our hearts of course and also helping scientists. >> are they active, are they
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sleeping, so they're looking at individual behaviors for each animal. but they're also be looking at how they interact. >> they're just so cute. remember when they almost broke the internet? 55 million views. but look, his baby bi, he's like taking all the glory right now. super duper cute. in his own little eraser cap there. >> you go into the store, you can get a panda themed thinking at the national zoo right now. >> good for them. >> adorable.


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