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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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was offloading passengers. first tonight though, a community coming together to remember a dedicated teacher and her young lawyer. >> pink balloons surround a large crowd outside bradbury elementary school right now in capitol heights. this group paying tribute to neshante davis and her 2-year-old daughter, chloe. both were found shot to death earlier this week. our bureau chief tracee wilkins is live with how they're being remembered tonight. tracee? >> reporter: just a few seconds ago, miss davis' second graders said the words that they thought of when they thought of their teacher. they said nice, they said pretty, they said very cool. this is how second graders are comprehending the loss of their teacher. behind me there are parents here, staff, the principal, the davis family is here as well, and the pastor who helped to raise neshante davis. everyone here is in search of something. most importantly, healing.
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>> the children that she taught, they loved her so much, you know, and it's a terrible loss. >> reporter: all week parents have been coaching their children through the senseless murder of a beloved teacher. tonight they're looking for healing. >> i just hope eventually people will have peace with it, but it's not going to bring them back. it's just giving you peace. >> reporter: on tuesday even before the principal and staff of bradbury heights elementary received confirmation that second grade teacher neshante davis and her 2-year-old daughter chloe had been shot and killed, her fellow second grade teachers knew something was wrong. >> i felt like my heart was in my stomach because we knew something wasn't right, that we had tried to contact her and we hadn't heard from her in a while. >> reporter: the prince george's county school system and the principal quickly formed a plan for informing staff and students. it was especially difficult for dr. lynnette walker who hired her. >> when her resume came across my desk i contacted a colleague
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and they said tell me about neshante davis. she said if you can get her, get her, she's good. >> we discussed her relationship with her students. >> because she was a mother, then she has that mothering spirit, so her students are under her wings just like baby birds. >> reporter: those 7 and 8-year-olds have been dealing with her tragic loss all week. >> they're getting there. each day i think is a struggle. >> reporter: the hope is tonight will help to move everyone beyond that struggle. >> this vigil is to celebrate her life. >> reporter: there are people here who are crying. there are people here who are filled with emotion, but the purpose of this candlelight vigil is to try and find some peace for those who have lost this teacher and her daughter so tragically. reporting live from capitol heights, i'm tracee wilkins. back to you all in the studio. now to presidential politics. just four days now from the new
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hampshire primary. a new nbc news/"wall street journa journal"/marist poll shows a shake-up on the republican side. marco rubio has vaulted to second place after a strong showing in iowa and coming off last night's debate, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are showcasing their fight for women's rights. steve handelsman is in snowy new hampshire with the latest. hi, steve. >> reporter: hi, doreen, and a filt for women's votes that may in this state matter more at least in the short term. it is cold, it is pretty in manchester, new hampshire, tonight after this morning's substantial snowstorm. but it is the political climate here now that's chilling hillary clinton who has found out she's got to fight now for the support of the majority of democratic women in this state. >> every one of the women on this stage is someone who i deeply admire. >> reporter: hillary clinton in
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manchester presented herself today with prominent women who support her, but more new hampshire women backed bernie sanders in the latest nbc/"wall street journal"/marist poll. at last night's debate, she made gender an issue. >> senator sanders is the only person who i think would characterize me, a woman running to be the first woman president, as exemplifying the establishment, and i have got to tell you that -- >> reporter: at the market basket in manchester today, some women supported clinton. >> i'm voting for hillary because she's a woman and she has a lot of the same beliefs i do. >> i like bernie. i trust him. i don't trust any of the other ones. >> reporter: and you don't trust hillary clinton? >> no. >> reporter: clinton is reaching out. >> i want to say a word to the extraordinary people, particularly young people who are supporting senator sanders. i know you may not be for me now, but i am for you. >> reporter: bernie sanders today appealed to women slamming republicans who oppose abortion
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rights. >> they are saying to every woman in this room, every woman in this state, every woman in this country that you do not have the right to control your own body. i disagree. >> reporter: on the gop side, jeb bush had his mother come in. >> vote for jeb. >> reporter: tough and beloved, former first lady barbara bush is a role model to some new hampshire women. the snowstorm kept donald trump from immediately flying here to new hampshire, but it won't matter much. for tonight and at least during the day tomorrow, for the republicans trump, rubio, and the rest, the job is not so much campaigning as it is preparing for tomorrow night's big gop debate here. live in manchester, steve handelsman, news4. >> all right. hang in there, steve. thanks so much. exciting days up there. well that snowstorm that department donald trump out of new hampshire is having an impact all over new england. more than 20,000 homes and
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businesses in massachusetts have lost power. nearly 16,000 people in connecticut are in the dark. smaller outages are reported in rhode island and new hampshire. there was also snow in our region this morning. southern maryland saw the most as doug predicted with some slushy conditions during the morning commuted. some school districts delayed or canceled classes today. that system has moved out, but doug says there could be more winter weather headed our way next week. doug? >> yeah. i'll tell what you, for sure we're talking about winter weather heading our way. what form is that going to take? we'll talk about that coming up. take a look at the storm system from earlier this morning. most of it was out of here by the 11:00 hour. look at all the snow up towards new york, all the snow towards boston. this was boston's biggest snow of the season. they did not get in on the big blizzard that we saw here. that system moving out right now. nothing to worry about across our region. we are high and dry. however, we're on the cold side.
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if you're heading out tonight, cold and breezy, windchills 25 to 30 degrees. so make sure you bundle up for sure. heading out during the evening, again, a chilly evening tonight, but a graet weekend. we'll talk about the weekend and then we'll talk about tracking our next chance for snow. we're talking about the potential, at least the potential, for some significant snow. >> we'll stay tuned. thank you. d.c.'s police chief often says a small group of people are responsible for a significant amount of the crime in the district. case in point, this man who investigators say is tied now to at least six robberies in our area. he's in jail tonight along with several other suspects. meagan fitzgerald is in northwest to tell us how police were able to close nearly two dozen robbery cases. >> reporter: you know, they tell us it's a combination of things. it's good detective work mixed with community involvement, and with 13 arrests in the last week, including three suspects who robbed a guy in his petworth neighborhood, it's a combination that proves to be effective.
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>> chief, there -- >> reporter: metropolitan police chief cathy lanier said 13 brazen robbery suspects are off the streets. >> what is significant about these closures is kind of what we've been saying all along. we have a small number of people that commit an awful lot of crime. >> reporter: police say one of those suspects is 54-year-old michael williams who robbed six businesses in less than a month. one of them was have cvs in northeast. cameras were rolling when police say he entered the store and demanded money from the clerk. weeks later he was back again robbing the same employee. we spoke with the woman's co-worker who didn't want to be on camera. >> he walked up and demanded money from her. she just felt that her safety was compromised. >> reporter: also in january and in northeast was this robbery happening on 8th street. investigators say this video shows one of two robberies where 22-year-old rondell mccloud and another man used a gun to demand
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money. mccloud and williams now part of the 13 suspects arrested in the last week. >> some cases we get help from the public and some cases it's good to detective work. the detectives work a lot of different angles to try to pull evidence together to make these arrests. >> reporter: whatever the tactics, many residents and employees say they're thankful that these suspects are behind bars. now, chief lanier says her detectives also worked with fbi agents to close some of those 19 cases. jim? >> all right, meagan. thanks so much. the federal transit administration is investigating a close call on metro this week. two trains came dangerously close to one another head on. it happened mere near the smithsonian station along the orange line just after midnight on wednesday. take a look. transportation reporter adam tuss broke this story. metro confirms trains came there within 150 feet of each other. this happened after one train reportedly ran a red signal on the tracks. a metro operator had to stop the
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train remotely from the transit system's control center. no one was hurt. final preparations are under way now for super bowl 50 in california'bay area, and security teams are working around the clock from the air, the water, and the ground to make sure safety measures are in place to protect everyone. with just 48 hours until kickoff, the fbi says there are still no arrests in a set of mysterious crimes near levi's stadium. news4's scott mcfarlane broke the story about concerns on attacks near fiberoptic cables near the stadium. but the feds have new confidence the crimes are no longary threat to the game. >> 48 hours, the memo said criminals had been deliberately attacking underground fiberoptic lines throughout the bay area of california and that, quote, those attacks raised a concern individualings may be using these incidents to test and prod network durability in conjunction with a more complex plot against the super bowl in
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santa clara, california. the fbi tells us it has not made arrests or solved this case yet, but a california security official tells news4 their investigation shows no connection to terrorism and they've since concluded it's most likely the work of thieves searching for copper wire. >> some were done really by individuals looking for copper, and some were done possibly by disgruntled employees, but, you know, there's been a big concern that this has been a terrorist act, and we don't see any evidence of that. >> but the internal memo from the feds details other potential security risks. the crowds outside the stadium it says are more vulnerable than those inside where security is tighter. and much as they were in the recent isis attacks in the soccer stadium in paris, and the feds say there's a risk drones could get close to the stadium and pose a danger to the fans or to the security. but the feds also say there is
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no known credible threat to the game, at least not yet. jim. >> scott mcfarlane, thank you. coming up later in sports, the redskins descending on super bowl 50. our carol maloney will have a live report from san fran in our next half hour. also still ahead a crane collapses onto a new york city street. what we're learning about the man who was killed and the precautions being taken in the moments before the accident. fighting the zika virus. the new guidelines for men and women as doctors try to keep this virus from spreading. coming up on news4, federal, state, and local officials have banded together to clean up the oil spill on the potomac river. i'm mark segraves and we'll show you what's being done to save the wildlife here. [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi. melanie. maggie.
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a crane that collapsed in new york city today had just been inspected yesterday. it was being secured because of high winds this morning when it came crashing down. david wichs was walking on the sidewalk below and was killed. his family describes him as brilliant. he was a harvard educated immigrant from prague who worked on wall street. nbc's mark barger has more on the collapse. >> reporter: a terrifying sight in new york city. >> oh. >> it's falling. >> reporter: tons of steel crashing down to the street. >> it was an enormous bang, like the loudest bang ever.
6:16 pm
the whole building, felt like the whole earth shook and moved. >> reporter: a crawler crane being secured because of high winds collapsed in lower manhattan. more than 100 firefighters and emergency personnel rushed to the scene. one person was killed. >> we have three individuals with injuries, two serious, one minor. none life threatening. >> reporter: authorities say no one on the construction crew was injured. >> thank god it was not worse. >> reporter: mayor bill de blasio credits that crew with saving lives on a street normally packed with rush hour traffic. >> a crew was directing people away from worth street as the crane was being lowered. >> reporter: the construction equipment owned by bay crane had passed inspection thursday morning, but with today's inclement weather in new york city, officials were taking no chances. >> whatever is the most secure position for them in a wind condition, they have all been ordered to be secured immediately. >> reporter: as the new york fire department and con ed team
6:17 pm
up to monitor for any possible gas leaks in the area, the investigation into what caused the crane to collapse is under way. mark barger, nbc news. a difficult containment and cleanup effort is under way along the potomac river tonight. an oil spill is growing and threatening dozens of geese and wildlife. this stretches from reagan national airport to the wilson bridge, possibly beyond. mark segraves joins us now live from gravelly point. mark, what's the latest? >> reporter: hey, jim. some good news and some bad news. the good news is a recent flyover just conducted by the coast guard shows that most of the oil is now contained here, gravelly point and roaches run. the bad news is wildlife, birds covered in oil, have now been found as far away as the other side of the river in d.c. and along the national mall. >> we've already seen some birds that have been compromised with oil. they've shown up in a couple places. one down by haines point.
6:18 pm
>> reporter: trying to save so many birds covered in oil is a tough job. as you can see. the geese don't want to be caught, and the sanctuary is right next to the george washington parkway, which causes even more concern. as for cleaning up the spill, which spreads at least eight miles down the potomac river, that won't be easy either because the oil has now spread out so much. >> there are limits to the recovery technology we use. absorbent materials like pads and absorbent booms can only soak up so much. if it's just a fine film, it's very difficult to pull that up. one of the most effective means is to use natural weathering processes to break it down. so wave action, sunlight. >> the cause of the spill has not been determined. dominion power acknowledged a transformer station near roaches run had a mineral oil spill on january 24th. in a statement, dominion said we have conducted an exhaustive cleanup of the spill in coordination with local, state, and federal officials.
6:19 pm
we recovered about 90% of the mineral oil as well as 200 tons of dirt around the site. >> we haven't linked those two together. we certainly are aware of it. we haven't ruled any source out at this point. >> reporter: now, very important to note that this spill in no way has impacted our drinking water for our region. the intakes are much further upriver for that and, again, reiterating what the coast guard said, they have not found the source of this spill. they're hoping for test results on what actually it is to be back within a couple days. doreen, back to you in the studio. >> okay, mark segraves, thank you. concerns are growing about the zika virus after a new alert from u.s. health officials. the centers for disease control and prevention now recommending men who have traveled to affected countries use condoms if they have sex with a pregnant woman. today brazilian health officials announced they have discovered the virus in urine and saliva samples. now they're advertising pregnant women in the region to avoid
6:20 pm
kissing or even sharing cups and utensils with others. officials in texas confirmed a case of the zika virus that was contracted through sexual contact. there are three zika virus cases in d.c. and one in virginia. all involve people who traveled to affected countries. while the threat of the zika virus looms over brazil, the country's focus is also on the olympics, which kicks off six months from today. 2 million people are expected to flock to re ceo dejannero for the summer games. the city is already home to a population of more than 6 million, many of whom took to the streets today to kick off carnival. wendy rieger was in rio last week to help us get to know the city ahead of the games. next week she'll have several stories about olympic park and some great places to see in rio. you can see more scenes from her rio trip and what to check out ahead of the games on the nbc washington app. search road to rio. $10,000 in tuition money
6:21 pm
stolen from a mother's purse. tonight the victim is deliverg a message to the woman who quwa caught on tape committing the crime. how this little dog is helping a bethesda family get through a tragedy of losing her sister, peanut. it's a rite of passage for teenagers, but one hole high teenagers, but one hole high school is scaling back on prom
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storm team4 says this is new england's most serious snowfall of the season. this is part of the same system that affected some of us this morning. this storm has knocked out power to more than 150,000 customers and threatens to cover some areas with up to a foot of snow. >> well, i'd say we got the better deal of that. now to our weather. here is doug with a look at the weekend and the potential for snow, what, early next week, right? >> we're talking about tuesday time frame. remember two weeks ago you said when is the next storm -- >> and you sort of hinted but you wouldn't -- >> i said february 8th. >> yeah. >> february 8th. february 8th. it does look like that's coming. that's what we're talking about here. february 8th is monday, february the 9th is tuesday. now, it's not going to be a lot,
6:25 pm
not nearly as much as what we saw in our blizzard, but still significant. take a look outside. this is actually the radar from earlier this morning. this is the snow that came on in across the region up towards new york, up towards boston. we just showed you worcester, mass, they got 12.5 inches of snow. yes, their biggest snowfall of the season. they did not see the blizzard in boston. for us now though, all that snow is out of here. we didn't see a whole loot to the west of i-95. this was mostly right along and east of i-95 early this morning. nothing going on right now. current temperature on the chilly side. 40 degrees, winds out of the northwest at 17 miles per hour under mostly clear skies right now. those winds giving us windchills. 26 gaithersburg, 29 in manassas, 38 towards fredericksburg, and winchester at 30. so a chilly night on a friday if you are heading out. make sure you bundle up this evening because temperatures will be dropping right on through the 30s. again, about 38 degrees by 7:00. 36 by 9:00.
6:26 pm
windchills below freezing during this time and by 11:00 we'll be around 34. the wind will start to relax a little bit but still it's going to be a little bit on the cold side for sure. we've got clear skies right now. we do have some clouds moving in from the west. you can see our next system moving in. this one will pass us to the north. passing us to the north is a good thing. that means we get on the mild side tomorrow and i think high temperatures get into the 40s. so a great time to do some skiing. if you're thinking about skiing this weekend, liberty looks great. winter green also looks great. both 100% open. back to wisp and snowshoe looking really good, too. if you're thinking about skiing this weekend, it's going to be a good one. temperatures tomorrow morning on the cold side. 30 in d.c. 24 gaithersburg, 22 martinsburg. but i think we're going to warm fairly quickly. up to 45 degrees. so tomorrow after about the noon hour, we do get pretty nice. 45 on saturday. 48 on sunday. so a great weekend. and then 43 on monday. 35 on tuesday. now, the rain would start late monday night into tuesday. again the 8th and 9th, it does
6:27 pm
look like right now we have a chance of seeing significant snowfall across the area. so we're going to most likely be calling this a weather alert. now, a lot of uncertainty with this storm. the blizzard we knew a week out what was going to be happening fairly quickly across our region, but this one is a little bit of a trickier storm system. several inches likely across the area. moderate impacts. snow, possible mix as well. that's what we'll be talking about so stay with us through the weekend. coming up a little bit later, we'll talk about winter's comeback because it's not just tuesday i'm watching. guys? i have a kid who got shot. >> chaos as shots ring out inside a school gym. here the frantic 911 call as a basketball coach jumps in to help a teen who was wounded and bleeding. she left her purse behind on a chair here at the dunkin' donuts for just a few minutes, and when she came back, it was gone. inside $10,000 of her daughter's
6:28 pm
college tuition money. coming up, you'll hear what her daughter has to say to that thief. plus, a lifeline as maryland's governor sets aside millions of dollars to address challenges to the health care
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
you're watching news4 at 6:00. first at 6:30, a college freshman whose 10 $000 in
6:31 pm
situation money was stolen wants the thief to know something. >> it was stolen after the student's mom left her purse at a dunkin' donuts in falls church. julie carey is there with the efforts the police are making to find the woman who took it. >> reporter: the victim is a family from arlington. they were headed up to penn state to take their freshman daughter up to college. they stopped off for a quick breakfast but as they drove off they realized mom's purse with $10,000 in tuition cash inside had been left behind. this video released by police shows a crime of opportunity, but the alleged thief hit the jackpot when she grabbed the purse that was left behind hanging on a chair. she scans the dunkin' donuts before putting it inside her own bag and leaving. minutes later this family came rushing back. they'd driven just a few blocks when maria estevez realized
6:32 pm
she'd forgotten her purse. she and her daughter spoke to me via facetime about that devastating realization that the money was gone. >> i could not believe what happened. of course, we were crying. we were upset. >> all the money she had worked so hard to earn that she was giving to me basically for my education. >> reporter: maria says inside her purse, the envelope containing the 10 tho,000 bucks even marked lily's tuition. maria cleans houses for a living. her husband is a painter. she said they worked hard to save the money to send daughter lily to penn state. >> i think their dream has always been to improve their child's life. >> that's money that i worked for a long time that i had been saving and it's what i'm going to use to pay the college for my daughter. >> reporter: police are released photos of this mitsubishi endeavor. they believe the alleged thief was driving it. the family still holds out hope
6:33 pm
the money might be recovered. daughter lily has this message for the thief. >> i'd like you to know she took it from a family, from a mom and dad who worked -- did hard labor. i just hope i get to see her and get to ask her why. >> reporter: by the way, after the family made their police report here, they he hadded up to penn state. i talked to lily today after her chemistry and biology classes. if you want to get a closer look at the video ant the pictures to help police, open the nbc washington app and search under stolen tuition. back to you, jim, in the studio. >> julie, thank you. new tonight we're hearing the 911 calls after two teens were shot at frederick high school during a basketball game. the frederick news post obtained the video. it turned out to be gang related, and threw that gym into chaos. a basketball coach from the visiting team took the lead in alerting police. take a listen. >> this is [ bleep ] frederick high school.
6:34 pm
i have a kid who got shot in the lobby. >> stay on the line with me, sir. sir, you said frederick high school. what is your name? >> jim. he is a freshman. 14, 15. >> get a clean cloth place it directly on the wound. do in the lift it up to look at it. hold continuous pressure on it. >> get a towel underneath. >> the shooting happened last year. the gunman brandon earl tyler is serving a 12-year sentence. new at 6:00, high school prom. it's an american rite of passage, but as news4's david culver shows us, one loudoun county high school is making some changes this year. they're throwing a party with a message. >> you think of kind of the traditional tv sort of prom. everyone this their fancy gowns and tuxedos, arriving in
6:35 pm
limousines. >> reporter: these loudoun county freedom high school students like most have built up that image. >> being with your friends, having a good time. >> the older kids are all dressed up. >> reporter: but this year some changes. >> well, i heard it just as a rumor. >> i thought it was different. >> reporter: while they're still planning for a fun party, they're scaling back a bit. >> getting a good deal. >> reporter: in exchange for giving back. and it was all their idea. >> we were just bouncing themes around and everything and we had the idea for a charity ball and it took off from there. >> reporter: they asked principal doug fulton if they could host prom in the gym. >> i said we have to get that deposit back from the hilton and the hotel was great. they gave the deposit back and that became the seed money for the first amount of money they will be able to donate. >> reporter: they found volunteers for a five-star dinner. the money saved and generated from ticket sales will go to fund pediatric cancer research. >> not just the tradition of the prom. it's something more than that. >> reporter: it's personal for mom jennifer scott.
6:36 pm
her daughter elizabeth, a freshman here, battling leukemia. too sick to even step foot in school. it's been months of hoping. >> that you'll be lucky that slael be okay. >> reporter: when elizabeth is healthy enough to get back to class, they will be welcomed by fellow pediatric san kerr survivors and she will meet that community of young people. >> i couldn't be more proud of them. >> reporter: a new generation giving prom is deeper meaning. >> i think what we're doing here right now is going to continue on for many years. >> they'll remember what their prom was about. they'll remember what they did. >> reporter: in south riding, virginia, david culver, news4. >> they sure will. do you remember where your high school prom was? >> i tell you, nothing to be proud of compared to these kids. what a generous group they are. >> they'll remember this forever. and they came up with the idea, too. >> love it. >> it's wonderful. prince george's county executive baker wants more money from the state for the county's
6:37 pm
hospital system. today maryland governor larry hogan announced $15 million in the next fiscal year for the financially troubled health care system. the plan also includes a long-term partnership with the university of maryland medical system. democrats criticized the governor for not including the funds in his initial budget proposal. hogan also announced $55 million over the next five years to help with the transition to a new medical center in largo. cold and calculated. up next tonight on news4 at 6:00, the chilling new revelations and the linger questions in the murder of a teenage girl in virginia. we're talking a nice weekend, but a return to winter. we're talking the deep freeze as well. not just the snow. i'll explain in my forecast.
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6:39 pm
the british government rejects the finding of the united nations human rights panel that concludes wikileaks founder julian assange should be
6:40 pm
allowed to walk free immediately. >> how sweet it is. this is a victory that cannot be denied. >> the u.n. panel's ruling is not binding. british and swedish authorities say assange's legal situation remains unchanged. he's been holed up in ecuador's london embassy since june of 2012 to avoid extradition to sweden to face questions about allegations of sexual assault. assange denies those accusations. two virginia tech students charged in connection with the murder of 13-year-old nicole lovell will be in court next month for a preliminary hearing. in the meantime, lovell's family and friends say they can't understand why someone would kill the seventh grader. she'd already survived lymphoma, a liver transplant, and other serious health scares. >> she fought so hard to get to this point in her life, and then you have people like that just
6:41 pm
take her innocence from her, and it's just heartbreaking. >> prosecutors say david eisenhauer and natalie keepers came up with the idea to take lovell to a remote location under the guise of a date and cut her throat. they say keepers told investigators she was excited to be part of something she called secretive and special. at a hearing yesterday, keepers testified that she has mental health issues that include suicidal thoughts. she said a semi colon tattoo behind her ear represent a promise not to do anything suicidal again. they are being held without bond. a local family takes legal action after their puppy died at a kennel. what went wrong and how they found comfort in the weeks after her death plus, some people met him, others were inspired by him. how a music legend is being remembered by people in our area.
6:42 pm
you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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a montgomery county woman cried every single day after getting hit with the devastating news that her puppy had been killed at a fancy pet hotel. she and her husband loved the dog, and the loss still stings, but as news4's chris gordon shows us, someone is stepping up to help ease some of their pain. >> reporter: this family of bethesda boarded their puppies pumpkin and his sister peanut at life of riley pet boutique in rockville. it gave the couple assurances that their little dogs would be kept separate from the big dogs boarded here. the couple flew to paris but had
6:45 pm
to return two days later. >> they let the small dogs out into the same area as the large dogs to relieve themselves, and during that time our puppy peanut was attacked and killed by a 100 pound bullmastiff. >> i was totally devastated and i couldn't eat for a week. i cried every single day. >> she still cries. >> reporter: the couple is suing the kennel for negligence asking for $17,600 in damages. the owner of the life of riley, paul abbott, didn't want to appear on camera, but when i went inside, he told me we've had an incident. i want to do everything in my power to make it right. we're dedicating our lives to the care of animals. at first yumi couldn't think about replacing peanut. then she couldn't find the right puppy. yesterday something very special happened. the breeder who heard about the loss of peanut allowed the
6:46 pm
family to adopt peanut's sister from the same litter, and they've named her pinot. >> she's a small version of peanut, but she has her character and i would like to respect and take appropriate care and give lots of love. >> reporter: in bethesda, chris gordon, news4. tonight the legacy of earth, wind, and fire founder maurice white is transcending generations. ♪ when you wish upon a dream >> check them out. the young musicians here at blair high school chorus weren't even born when white helped pen the hit song "shining star" but they know the song well along with millions of other fans mourning white's death. that includes donnie smplimpsono was a long time acquaintance of
6:47 pm
white. >> maurice's energy, his vibe, just the way he did things made the group different and cooler to me. >> white battled parkinson's disease in the years leading up to his death. he was 74 years old. we've all been humming the songs today and last night, too. >> we sure have. and ma music is timeless. as you see from the young people singing it. so doug, the weekend will be okay but then -- >> we look oat easterat early n. you have to remember, when the blizzard hit, the stores were out of sleds. they have them now. >> what are you saying? >> i'm saying there's good news all the way around. there's always a silver lining. you know i have been sick, right? some good news there, too. i lost five pounds and i grew two inches. so good news there, too. all right. sunset tonight at 5:34. 40 degrees is the current temperature out there.
6:48 pm
38 by 7:00. 36 by 9:00 and dropping to 34 degrees by 11:00. it's going to be a chilly night tonight. you know that as we move through the rest of the area. this weekend anything but chilly. actually pretty nice. it will start off cold but not a bad weekend. 32 in gaithersburg. 34 in manassas. close to 40 degrees over towards annapolis. temperatures will drop but not all that much. it will not be a frigid night, just a cold night. storm team4 radar all clear. it's just clouds and sin mun mi tomorrow. 42 to 47 degrees. after the 11:00, 12:00 hour i think we start to see a pretty good afternoon. what to wear? it's just the warm jacket tomorrow. you won't need the heavy coats, the hats with the sunshine we should be a-okay. 48 on your sunday. so the weekend looks great. 43 on monday. 35 on tuesday. now, this is a storm we do not need to go to the storm -- go to the store for. you do not need to stock up like you did last time. so that tells you right there we're not anticipating that big
6:49 pm
of a storm. chance of snow lingers into the day on wednesday and then look how cold it gets. high of only 30 on thursday. many of you in the 20s. 36 on friday. had to give you a number right now, it's going to change, maybe about 3 to 6 inches. we'll talk much more about this over the next couple days. >> we will stay tuned. thank you, doug. we want to take a moment to send some love to one of our former colleagues. margie ruttenburg worked at news4 for more than 15 years mostly producing this broadcast. she's in the white jacket in this photo. it was taken during a leukemia and lymphoma society fund-raiser that many of us attended with her back in october. our friend margie has been battling cancer for several years. last night the leukemia and lymphoma society honored her with their relentless for a cure award. well deserved, margie. we're all hoping that the cure she's fighting so hard for will come very soon. >> we are indeed. what she has done to raise awareness. coming up, sports and carol's out in san francisco.
6:50 pm
>> reporter: here at super bowl 50, kirk cousins has himself a record-breaking day. while one local high school coach brings home some nfl hardware of his own. that story coming up. and here is lester holt with a look at what's ahead on "nbc nightly news." ahead for us tonight, we'll hear from witnesses to the dramatic and deadly collapse of a massive crane on the streets of new york city. we'll have the government's new warning to couples as officials try to prevent the spread of the zika virus, and the bad practice that will send a once thriving physician to prison for killing
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> now to sports and carol maloney who is out in san francisco. today it was the nfl experience as we count down to super bowl 50. last year in phoenix i got a workout. did you do that target practice? find it, it's good. >> something tells me carol could take you. >> she might. >> reporter: i'm going to try it. i will definitely try it. nobody has had a better nfl experience this season than kirk cousins. a starting job and you like that
6:54 pm
movement, and now he's in demand in san francisco. he's just one of many redskins that were making connections that are pretty popular around town. on radio earlier we were able to see ricky john francois making the rounds. he's a d lineman who is very talkative. he went to the super bowl with the 49ers. kirk cousins having a ball in the play 60 field working with antonio brown setting a new mark for the guinness book of world records for most passes caught behind the back, 20 in one minute. his wife gave us the inside scoop on how he can go incognito. >> we haven't been stopped one time. he's very normal looking. >> reporter: no way. >> put a hat on, we're good to go. his brother looks like his twin so it throws people off. >> reporter: is it crazy to think about what you guys were doing a year ago this week. >> absolutely. we didn't even get invited to the super bowl last year, and to see how far we've come in a year
6:55 pm
it just makes you appreciate it even more. >> reporter: julie talked about her highlight so far this weekend. it was the puppy bowl. another heart-warming story today, a high school coach from loudoun county, high school football coach, he was sitting at home under three feet of snow and the phone rings. it's the nfl. he wins national high school coach of the year, and they invite him to the super bowl. crazy. >> 2016 don shula high school coach of the year award winner, michael burnett of tus ka roura high school in leesburg, virginia. >> so burnett receiving the honor here today. taking home the hardware. first a ride together, then sharing the stage and getting a trophy from don shula. burnett has helped tuscarora become a power house in northern virginia. a big-time award buts s as for
6:56 pm
what's most rewarding? >> all the former players reaching back out to me and seeing them be productive fathers and workers and friends and the great people they have become. because you have hundreds of kids over the years and games come and go, but the kids always come back and you see those rewards much later. >> reporter: what are your kids saying to you about this? are you teching them pictures? >> they want to know why they didn't get to come. jack and sam, i told them i'd give them a little shoutout and they're just sad they're not here but they're blown away by it all. >> reporter: yeah, coach burnett, his two boys sitting at home. he wants to say hello. he just walked by. i told him he could photo bomb if he comes by so be on the lookout for that. meantime, we have some more news coming from sports, of course. super bowl is the big event but the wizards play host to the sixers tonight at verizon center and we have the terps, they're in action tomorrow. maryland, they're hosting purdue. the top 20 match-up f.
6:57 pm
last time out wasn't the prettiest for the terps. escaping nebraska with a five-point win. purdue poses a new test with one of the taller teams in the big ten, but it's a test the terps look forward to. >> it's a different kind of challenge, but just like they play so good, it's good match-ups across the board. not a lot of games we play in the league where it's really good match-ups. it's tough, you know, we have to chase little guys around and this game is a game where, you know, both teams match up pretty well. >> reporter: terps and the boilermakers tip tomorrow at 4:00. we're counting down to the super bowl here at the nfl experience. handily, so what am i supposed to do tonight? what's the big thing? >> it's the passing target practice. find it. it's got to be there. we want some video on vine or instagram tonight. proof. >> we know you're an athlete, carol.
6:58 pm
we're counting on you. don't let us down. >> reporter: i know there's a 40 yard dash kid who said he bet jim last year. >> we'll take that, too. have fun for us. >> thanks for joining us, every
6:59 pm
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test developing news tonight, a powerful quake, a race to rescue hundreds reportedly trapped after a city is rocked by an earthquake strong enough to cause buildings to crumble. deadly collapse. 20-story crane caught on camera crashing to the ground. tonight neighbors say they feared this could happen. e race tightens. new polls show clinton losing ground to sanders nationally after their most fiery debate yet, while rubio continues his rise. a new zika alert. this one for men, to protect their partners. and six months from rio, an american olympic medalist worried about competing in the hot zone.


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