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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  February 8, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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billion. you're buying stuff for the kids and your mom and your aunt -- >> the dog is like what is this. all right. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. let's check in with chuck bell first. winter storm watches have been posted for parts of northern maryland and northern parts of the chesapeake bay. no advisories in the heart of the d.c. metro just yet, but i full will expect that will change. and we'll be the first to let you know about it. and you can also find out having our app fired up and ready to go. over the next 24 hours, it will start as rain late this evening, change over to snow tonight. we're still looking for some significant accumulation, but not blizzard level accumulations. so probably in that 1 to 3 inch range away town. weather today, clouds moving in
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after about 2:0 and it will start at rain. comes in between about 5:00 and 7:00 this evening. temperature-wise, we'll be in the mid-40s today. could be a little bit of a tricky go for the morning commute tomorrow as temperatures will be just above the freezing mark. more about the commute impact this ten minutes. here is melissa mollett. still have the problem 15 at 50, truck crash closing the roundabout. that is still hanging around. and just south of there, 15 closed between 50 and 234 because of heavy equipment transport. still report that it's hanging around. 95 here in virginia at rinse william parkway, no worries there. and overall prince george's county looking quite good. big look at the beltway coming
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up. here at the live desk, we're covering a developing story out of taiwan where amazing rescues are under way. we've just learned that three more survivors, actually five more survivors were just pulled from the rubble of a massive earthquake that happened over the weekend. this as the death toll rises to 33. so far 206 survivors been rescued from the collapsed building, but still more than 100 are believed to still be trapped. i'm angie goff at the live desk. thousand now back to you. and it is 5:02. developments in that potentially hazardous spill in the potomac river. the coast guard says the oil sheen is largely disappearing. a crew flew over the affected area over the weekend. the coast guard says most is contained to the area around roach's run. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the
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oily glaze in the water. prosecutors will try again to get a agility verdict against brian mayhew. he's the man tried for the murder of his uncle back in july. that trial ended in a hung jury. mayhew is accused of having his uncle murdered while he was in jail. prosecutors say the uncle was expected to testify defense mayhew in the 2011 murders of two people in capitol heights. opening arguments expected to begin at 9:30 this morning. also today a man will be sentenced for a random stabbing at a metrobus stop in rockville. a judge could sentence him to life in prison today. the united nations says new sanctions this response to north korea's latest missile launch. north korea said it was sending a satellite into space. u.n. says that is untrue. at an emergency meeting,
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countries agreed to launch another step toward north korea firing nuclear missiles. we turn to prince william county where an explosion seriously damaged a home this woodbridge, firefighters blaming a gas leak there. they say they first went to a home on franklin street to investigate an outside gas leak and realized the fumes were actually coming from the utility room. firefighters say it's important to alert authorities and get out of your house if you notice the smell of natural gas inside. plans to make over the greenbelt metrorail station are up to your review. those changes include a covered kiss and ride oig lot elected on the ground level of a residential and retail building, an eight story park and ride garage, improved pedestrian and bike facilities. the proposed changes will only occur if greenbelt is selected as a election for the fbi headquarters. you can head over to our nbc washington app for times and lotions for the public hearings. tonight is your last chance
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to tell montgomery county officials what you think the priority should be for the 2017 county budget. the last budget forum will be tonight at 7:00 p.m. at the black rock center for the arts. ike leggett says input from residents is critical in helping him determine the county budget priorities. county council approves the budget at the end of may. a lot of people talking about the commercial, of a time show and maybe peyton manning's career. >> obviously it's very special to cap it off with a super bowl championship. >> cap it off. he said it right this. tells you a lot. broncos quarterback was asked over and over if he's finished. >> i love this video. look at eli. >> he was asked over and over again if he was finished after he won his second super bowl last night. some of you talking about his brother eli now that they are tied for championships. and then there is panthers quarterback cam newton and what he did and didn't say after the
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game. >> they just played better than us. i don't know what you want me to say. >> i think he literally was pouting. >> he could have thanked his teammates for an incredible season. i mean they were the highest scoring team throughout the season and were just crushing it in the postseason until now. i can't believe he just walked off like that. a lot of people criticizing his behavior. >> and obviously people talking about the commercials. >> a lot of celebs. steven tyler. brake was my favorite. >> this one bothers me. okay. the doritos one kind of bothered me. 5:06 now. >> a bus explodes on a busy bridge in london. so why aren't authorities concerned? and a live look outside for
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you. by this time tomorrow, you could be dealing with a slushy drive to work. what about today, though. chuck bell has your commuter forecast. and why you might have to change your lunch plans if you were thinking about going to chipotle. why the restaurant isn't opening
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kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootis. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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yikes. a film crew blew up that bus as part of a stunt for a new movie staring jackie chan. this was on the central london bridge. police officers and firefighters were there to make sure everything went smoothly. some londoners said the blast really surprised them. didn't get the memo. >> you got to put up a sign or something. we are watching snow right now. not just what we're expecting to fall in our area, but a blizzard that is about to hit new england. the national weather service says parts of massachusetts
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could get as much as a foot of snow. our snow will start coming down tonight. >> tonightish. all right. chuck bell here now to tell was we can expect. chuck, just give it to us. >> okay. another chance for snow coming in tonight. it's not going to be a crippling blizzard, but we'll be fighting the rain/snow line so it will be a tricky one to deal with for sure. winter storm watches have been posted for frederick maryland, howard, anne arundel. those will be expanding. total snowfall amounts, probably 3 to 6 inch range for northern maryland. most of the metro and points south 1 to 3 range. but with the rain/snow line in play, this one will be a sloppy go. so for your commute, nothing to worry about today. dry roads morning. only light rain showers before dark tonight. weather and your plans not a big impact here. just raindrops this evening. but overnight rain changing to snow. could be very problematic for the tuesday morning commute. more about that and a look at
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the frigid weekend in ten minutes. new trouble on the roads. here is melissa with the latest. inner loop at saint barp ba saint of st. barnabas -- sorry. my microphone was off. 15 at 50, the truck accident still shutting down the round about oig. and we still have the work just south of there between 50 and 234 with heavy equipment transport. over all looking okay on bw parkway, route 1, westbound icc at 29, a crash in the right lane. more in a few minutes. open for business. and right next to a school. the new gun store in virginia that has some people upset. let's give you a live look outside vdot where preparations are under way for the potential show. what road crews are doing today
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we're get being you up to the minute the meainute you're . >> snow is back in the forecast and it could make for a nasty commute later today and tomorrow morning. but first, let's check in with molette green. >> reporter: good morning to you. we can tell you live right outside vdot salt dome here on w street in northeast, full deployment kicks in later today at noontime. we're talking about 200 plus plows at the ready to be spread out strategically all over the city, at bridges, freeway, overpasses and major routes. the city wants to make sure it gets right on top of this and
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not get caught off guard or have any kind of repeat scenario that played out several days before we had our big blizzard last month, which left the roads really icy and tricky and created a traffic nightmare. a lot of people don't even want to remember that experience that happened just weeks ago. so again, later today at noontime, full deployment kicks in where all of these plow trucks will be strategically located so that the city can be ready for what is to come tomorrow morning. that is the latest live from w street in northeast d.c. molette green, news 4. it's 5:17 right now. another officer expected to go on trial today in the death of freddie gray. sergeant alisha white is the second highest ranking baltimore police officer to face charges in this case. "baltimore sun" reports that white met the police van carrying gray last april. prosecutors argue that she tried to speak to him and when he didn't respond, she did nothing further to examine his condition and did not call for help.
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investigators say the 25-year-old died of a spinal cord injury he received in the back of the van. a call for police reform today one year after an officer-involved death of natasha mckenna. she was receiving treatment for schizophrenia and she doied aftr officers tased her multiple times. activists will hold a peaceful demonstration at noon. and a vigil later tonight. a 20-year-old stafford county man sits behind bars this morning charged with murder. police say chancellor tolly ver shot maurice scott during an altercation early sunday morning. tolly ver turned himself in and is being held without bond. we're working to find out what caused this crash right in front of nats park. take a look at the scene. there is the damage.
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this morning one of the driver involved is in critical condition. police tell us the driver collided into two other vehicles around 4:15 yesterday afternoon on south capitol street. a woman and child in one of the cars went to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. this morning police in calgary say the death of twin brothers leaves a huge void in the community. the boys were killed at the canada olympic park. they were using their personal sled after hours and hit a large gate separating two tracks. six other teens were injured there. memorials are set up around the park for those boys. >> evan was here in the morning every day. so i thought i should come and lay flowers in respect. >> right now police are trying to figure out how the group of boys got into the park about 1:30 in the morning. the park was used for the 1988 olympics and several world cup events. 5:20 your time right now. and an important deadline today
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in decision 2016. you have until midnight to register to vote in the extra have a primary. it happens next month, march 1, super tuesday. you can check your registration or hit your application to vote onripe. you can also apply in person. most voter registration offices in virginia will be open until 5:00 tonight. today chipotle is closing all of its restaurants until about 3:00. the company is holding meetings with its employees to discuss how the restaurants will rebound from a recent e. coli and neurovirus outbreaks. who were more than 500 people got the sick. researchers with the mayo clinic say they have developed a drug that could increase your life span. right now researchers have only tested it on mice. they say it increases their lfr span by up to 35% and reduces the chances of age related illnesses. >> things like the heart was able to maintain its youthful
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performance. so it was very stress resistant. >> researchers say their drug works by removing damaged cells that no longer divide. 5:21. weather and traffic on the 1s as we get you ready to deal with a little more snow. >> meteorologist chuck bell will tell us what we need to know before we get ready for this next storm. >> that's right, you've got 24 hours to get things sort of ready once again for what could be a school delay or canceling level event. for now though just a couple of clouds on our early morning sky. what to expect for today. a cold dry morning. emphasis on both, cold and dry. light rain moving in late this evening and into this evening. it will start as raindrops because temperatures today will be in the 40s. tonight rain changing to snow in most of the area. temperatures this morning, how about 19 in martinsburg. 21 in luray, 26 at national airport. so the next 24 hour, bracing for
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another snow chance. here is the rain chance, but still 40 degrees at 7:00 tonight. so that will be rain for sure. mostly snow by early tomorrow morning. here is future weather for you. by 4:30 this afternoon, clouds thickening up. changing over to snow across parts of northern maryland. and here is where it gets a little dicey. early tomorrow morning, somewhere between washington and southern maryland is where the rain/snow line is likely to be. off and on through the day tomorrow, cloudy and cold enough to support either rain or snow. and then changing to mostly snow tuesday night before coming to an end. so it won't be that easy of a forecast. winter storm watches have been posted to our north and winter weather advisories to the west. traveling today new york to boston, watch out for snow there. but our next weather maker coming in there the north and west. and it's just enough moisture to work with where we have to be worried about some problematic
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snow amounts. here is my official snow forecast then for northern montgomery county, the pennsylvania line, 3 to 6 inches. that includes leesburg and northern maryland. more like 1 to 3 from washington and points south. already thinking about the weekend? plan on it being bitter cold. sunny, but high temperatures, high temperatures, in the 20s both saturday and sunday. so we're not done with the snow or the cold just yet. see you at 6:31 with more on the timing of the next snow chance. brand new crash here 95 northbound there near 630 in stafford. sounds like it's on the right side of the roadway. a little slow in the southbound lanes because of some earlier road work. in-are loner alone at st. barna report of a crash on the right side. 15 at 50, truck accident, still have the roundabout shut down. so that is still blocked. and just south of there, 15 shut down between 50 and 234 because
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of heavy equipment transport here this morning. westbound icc at 29, a crash in the right lane. and then a big look at the beltway overall, no major issues. i'll see you at 5:31 with a live look at 270. one person is dead and six others hurt after a plant explosion in northwest georgia. police say the explosion happened early sunday morning at a feed mill on a chicken farm about 50 miles from atlanta. the cause is under investigation. a new gun store close to a school is unsettling for some residents. to ease folks concerns, the staff is asking patrons of the store to do their part. >> we'll encourage all of our customers to come in through the side door, park in the back so we won't use the front doors here. so there will be very, very limited visibility. >> the owner says the purpose of his business is to help create responsible firearms owners armed with the proper safety and
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training skills. nationals are heading south today. it's truck day at nats park which means the team is loading up thousands of pounds of equipment for spring training. ♪ take me out to the ball game on banjo. the gear will arrive sometime this wednesday. pitchers and catchers report next week. can you believe it? this could be the nats last year there. they are scheduled to play at a new training facility next year. go nats! the lunar new year today in beijing. celebrations here in d.c., alexandria and rockville are all happening this coming weekend. it looks like we're smack dab in between two systems right now. and one is going to to bring us
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mostly winter storm in the fredry, anne arundel, howard, but that will be changing as we could be ending up 3 to of inches of snow north and west of town. so for today, a cold start. but a dry start this morning. and you won't have anything to worry about for the remainder of
5:30 am
the day. just clouds increasing and light rain moving in after about 4:00, 5:00 this evening. it will start out at raindrops. the rain/snow line in play means that the forecasters will have to stay with us, have the app ready to go. we may change the forecast quite a bit over the next 24 hours. >> stay tuned especially for those kids. outer loop express lanes left side blocked because of a brand new crash. inner loop at st. barnabas, that crash now off to the right shoulder. virginia here 95 north at 630, the crash remains on the right side. and 15 at 50, truck accident still has the ramp shut down about south of there. we still have the closure because of the equipment moving. 270 at father hurley looking fine. and we're just about 24 hours away from the first primary vote in decision 2016. tracie potts is in manchester, fp in that now with what we can expect in this last full day of
5:31 am
campaigning. >> reporter: good morning. hillary clinton is back here in new hampshire today. in fact right here in manchester after having been in flint, michigan over the weekend. or actually over the last day. she is going to be back here. and bernie sanders is in new hampshire also. he's been campaigning here. both of them trying to get the voters' support. what we are hearing and based on the latest polls, she's still about 13 points behind and that is from the daily tracking poll. no now, to the republicans. marco rubio had a rally here. he's the one that a lot of people are really watching at this point. because marco rubio has seen his numbers moving forward, but after that debate over the weekend, a lot of people are
5:32 am
wondering whether or not that will continue all the way through election day. donald trump is still the leader here by double digits, but again, what the polls are showing us is that democrats more so than republicans are much more likely to stick with the candidates that they're supporting right now. eun. >> tracie potts live in manchester for us. thank you. and it's official. senator bernie sanders now has a campaign office in fairfax, virginia. staff and volunteers recently threw an opening party. the campaign believes sanders appeals to young and new voters because they think he is different from other politicians. a toddler is recovering from a shooting it northwest washington this morning. police say a bullet grazed the child during a shoot-out along georgia. another man was also struck. both should be okay. 100 feet of copper is stole
5:33 am
frn a church in northern virginia at kirkwood presbyterian on friday. the two giant down spouts stolen could cost thousands to repair. church officials say it appears the thieves used a ladder to reach the downspouts. >> it really makes you sad that someone has to resort to having to steal and not only that, but steal from a church where we're here to help the community and we want to help those people who feel that desperate. officials say thieves probably only got about $100 for the scrap metal. it is now 5:33. a sobering conversation in montgomery county about isis and how the group is recruiting young children in america to fight overseas. among the speakers was a former canadian intelligence operative who went krund covundercover to the groups operate. he said acceptance and inclusion are key ways to prevent radicalization.
5:34 am
sg happening take, today, the n president is heading to the white house to talk about areas of mutual interests including efforts to defeat isis, economic development this europe and concluding the transatlantic trade and investment partnership. also today, first lady michelle obama will celebrate black history month at the white house. she's welcoming 51 d.c. students to highlight the contributions of black women in dance. there will be a day wrolong workshop and afternoon panel. the d.c. council is now considering a bill to offer paid family leave to all district employees. kids and parents held a play date to highlight the importance of paid leave on sunday. they gathered at the petworth neighborhood library. >> i get eight weeks paid. and for our first daughter, that was extremely important. and so we really think all families deserve that right. >> the group moms rising and
5:35 am
jews united for justice organized the play date. the d.c. council is considering a proposal that provides up to 16 weeks of paid personal and family care giving leave. so you remember that huge historic powerball jackpot? one of the winners has yet to collect their big prize. it was worth about $1.5 billion before taxes. three tickets won, but lottery officials say they are still waiting for one in florida to be turned in. the winner will have about 180 days to reteam thdeem that tick. >> what a waste. >> kicking yourself if you lost that ticket. >> been 26 days so far. by this time tomorrow, there could be snow on the ground around here. but what will the kids face as they walk to the bus stop today? chuck bell will let us know at 5:41. and new developments in the explosion that ripped open a hole on a plane mid flight. whom authorities say is behind the attack and the surveillance video that they say proves it.
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- there are times when it's nice that things go up, and it's sometimes even better when things go down. novec, a not-for-profit electric cooperative, provides wholesale power to its customers at cost. any changes in that cost are passed along through an annual power cost adjustment on bills. in 2016, the average home's power bill from novec will go down by an estimated $15 a month, making down a very good direction for power bills.
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new governmedevelopments in explosion in an airplane. investigators say this video shows two men with the laptop they believe blew up last week. investigators believe a suicide
5:39 am
bomber detonated that bomb. one person died. it is time for weather and traffic. we talk about another round of snow, nothing crazy like last time, though, right? >> nothing crazy like last time. i don't think anybody will have near a foot of snow. this time around, bus stop forecast for today, kids you're going to school today and you're not getting out early today. tomorrow may be a different issue. so out the door this morning, it's cold and dry. temperatures near 32 this morning. we'll be in the low to mid-40s later today with chances for raindrops coming in after about 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon. so kiddos will need the winter coat. may want to pack the little umbrella to be on the safe side. chances of school the next day, today no problem. tomorrow, position about think
5:40 am
chance of delays or cancellat n cancellations tomorrow and a 06% chance going into wednesday. "7-day forecast" coming up at 5:51. another new crash westbound 50 here at 202 or near 202. new accident there. no word yet on what exactly is blocked. that's from a waze user this morning. 15 still shut down between 50 and 234 for the heavy equipment transport. look like the crash at the roundabout is finally out of the way. 270 germantown to the spur, no problems. top of the dealt way look going. 66 and 95 also rolling along nicely. listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. just days after a deadly crane collapse in new york, changes take effect. what must now be done with the hope of preventing a similar tragedy. and does your spouse have a bank account you don't know about? the surprising study that finds they're much more common than you would think.
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(elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security,
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we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan.
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finding the source of the sheen. what is happening today that could pinpoint the possible hazardous situation. and just days after a deadly crane collapse, what crews have do starting today. and we have winter storm watches posted for northern maryland and rain and snow coming our way after the sun goes down tonight. how long it lasts and how long the cold sticks around. >> and brand new crash westbound 50 at 202. trying to find out what is blocked. 15 closed between 50 and 234 because of that heavy equipment transport. the earlier crash there in the roundabout, looks like that is now out of the way. i'm angie goff at the live desk. in moscow, seven members of isis
5:45 am
preparing at the tacks in russia were just detained. that word from officials. they are believed to be from turkey. thi they were claiming to carry out a high profile attack using explosives that they made. more as we get it on this developing situation. it is for you 5:45. developing this morning along the potomac river, the coast guard is closely monitoring an oily sheen on the surface of the water. derrick ward joining us live with details. >> reporter: and we -- behind me you can see roach's run. and you can smell a petroleumlike odor in the air. and this is part of the issue that has been going on here since earlier last week. so what they will be doing today is they will be doing some dye
5:46 am
testing. this is a harmless dye that they're putting in to try to find the source of whatever it is that has been leaking into the potomac. some waterfowl has been affected and at the worst you could see it all the way south to the wilson bridge. they have since contained it in the area of gravelly point. but yesterday they found new sheening. so they will inject dye into the water to try to determine where this is coming from and exactly what it is. so far they have collected 11 geese -- or actually 19 geese and a duck and 11 more geese trying to track todown the capte to send it treated for oil contamination. and later today, officials with the coast guard and department of environment will have a news conference to update us on exactly what it is that has baen leaking into the river. derrick ward, news 4.
5:47 am
prosecutors will try again today to get a guilty verdict against brian mayhew. he's the prince george's county man tried for the murder of list unc uncle back in july. that trial ended in a hung jury. the uncle was expected to testify against mayhew in the 2011 murders of two people in capitol heights. opening arguments expected to begin at 9:30 this morning. today sentencing day for a man who attacked two people at a metrobus stop last year p reginald cooper was convicted of stabbing two men in rockville. now to prince william county where an explosion seriously damaged a home this woodbridge. firefighters say they first went to the home on franklin street to investigate an outside gas leak and realized that the fumes were actually coming from the utility room. firefighters says's important to alert authorities and get out of your house if you notice the sme of natural gas inside. >> a north carolina man is dead
5:48 am
after eating doughnuts wil running a race. now, he was a part of the 12th annual krispy kreme challenge. the race is organized by students at north carolina state and it raises money for charity. contestants are challenged to run five miles while eating 12 doughnuts in an hour. other runners call his death a huge shock. >> it was a shock to me. i've done a lot of races and they ever heard of anything like that happening. so a little scary. >> as we understand the man was 58 years old and stepped out of the race within the first mile reporting chest pains. it is your last chance to tell montgomery county officials what you think the priority should be for the 2017 county budget. the last budget forum will be tonight at 7:00 p.m. at the block rock center for the arts. ike leggett says input for residents is crew shuciacrucial. county council approved the rate bun operating budget at the end of
5:49 am
than. and changes to the greenbelt metro change could include a covered kiss and ride oig lot, an eight story park & ride garage with more than 3600 parking spaces, and improved pedestrian and bike facilities. the proposed changes will only occur if greenbelt is selected as the location for the new fbi headquarters. head over to our nbc washington app for times and locations for these public hearings. you have until march 19th to weigh in on new bike lanes away areas like gallery place and convention center in d.c. news 4 went to a packed meeting over the weekend on expanding the buying lanes. transportation officials are trying to gather feedback. some churches are expressing some concerns saying those new bike lanes would it take away from parking for their parishioners. it is time to check our forecast right now with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell
5:50 am
who is watching the snow that is coming our way, chuck. >> and you told us when you did the big weather thing at the beginning of the winter, you said, what, 25 ifrnches for the season? >> absolutely. and we're not quite there yet. only about 19 inch so is far. so we're getting close. and another chance for some accumulating snow arriving here within the next 24 hour. outside this morning, skies are partly to mostly cloudy already. so what to expect, a cold dry start this morning. light rain coming in this afternoon. likely to have raindrops before the sun goes down. and then tonight rain change to go snow. anytime you have to change it from one form to the other and then risk having it go back, snow forecast will be dicey at best for this event. so stay tuned. may have to change the forecast a couple times. right now it's a cold 28 degrees outside. we'll rise into the 30s between 8:00 and 9:00 this morning. into the 40s before lunchtime. and most of the afternoon will
5:51 am
be all right, too. future weather, here comes clouds in on us. raindrops moving in after about 4:00, 5:00. coming in from the west. so it will start out as raindrops, temperatures this afternoon will be in the low to mid-40s with the increase in clouds. and again the rain chance starting around 5:00. going out tonight, postally raindrops between 6:00 and 8:00. rain mixing over to wet snow between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. so before midnight tonight, we could have the snow starting. already winter storm watches for northern maryland and up to our east. winter weather advisory back to the west. here is the main shot of cold air and moisture again coming from the great lakes, so doesn't have all that much moisture to work with, but it has enough to where i think oring out maybe a. so again 10:00 tonight, the rain/snow mix setting up north of town. so with a hat to expect tomorron and snow for the morning
5:52 am
commute. accumulations are likely. and temperatures getting general i ly above the freezing mark. 3 to 6 inches northern montgomery county, northern loudoun and northward. most of the metro, 1 to 3 inch range. all the rain and snow chances tomorrow and early wednesday. and then real cold air settled in for the weekend friday, saturday, sunday high temperatures barely into the upper 20s to near 30 degrees. so that is going to be a cold one. more details on how much snow to expect where you live in ten minutes. here is melissa now. a country he he wi a couple reminders. 95 north at 630, a crash on the right side. and slowdowns, so extra time coming from south stafford headed north. taking a big look at the beltway, no major issues right now. you can see all the main routes this and out of town generally
5:53 am
speaking looking pretty good. 15 shut down between 50 and 234. that is for the heavy equipment transport. it was supposed to be out of the way at 5:00. it is still we understand hanging around here this morning. westbound icc at 29, crash in the right side of the roadway. 66 east of sudley road, no issues there. a live look at 270 in the 6:00 hour. we're learning more about one of the suspects in a blacksburg teen murder. according to the "washington post," natalie keepers stopped seeing her mental health counselor this year. keepers was apparently the victim of bullying and self harm throughout high school. she began seeing a counselor after starting at virginia tech but that ended four months in to her freshman year. keepers is dharcharged with hel to plan the murder of 13-year-old nicole lovell along with david eisenhauer. convicted domestic abusers could get their guns taken away if the new bill becomes law in maryland. senator raskin says he plans to
5:54 am
introduce the bill this year. it would require courts to order abusers to hand over their firearms to federally licensed arms dealers. more than a dozen states have recently strengthened laws to keep firearms out of the hands of domestic abusers. tight aer restrictions aftea deadly crane collapse in new york city. sfwr now he's dropping it really quick. whoa. [ bleep ]. holy [ bleep ]. >> you can just see that crane falling to the ground. that was the moment the crane crashed. one person died and at least three other people were hurt on friday. hair de blasio announced new restrictions saying cranes must go into safety mode when it gets windy. >> even if it's a frorecast in advance, we will require the cranes be put into that secure mode.
5:55 am
>> the 3 o300-ton metal crane flattened cars parked along the street. prices have dropped eight cents over the past two weeks making the national average $1.82 for regular unleaded. prices are down 37 crepts frent this time last year. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. jack dorsey is trying to throw cold water on virtual fire. twitter users are taking their outrage on line after buzzfeed reported that twitter is changing your time line tweets. prompting the #rip twitter on the web. dorsey isn't exactly disputing the report, but says the company is listening to users and the change isn't happening this week. i'm landon dowdy.
5:56 am
5:56 right now. would you be okay with your significant other having a secret bank account? recent study by credit finds 13 million americans have a bank or credit card account that they're hiding from their spouse, partner or significant other. a little just in case money. >> just in case what? >> just in case. the study also found nearly half of americans would be okay about their partner spending more than $100 without their being told about it. >> you can buy those pants. many are getting ready for a special day this sunday. we're talking about valentine's day. americans are expected to send about $20 billion on their someone special. whoever that might be. a third of money -- you can spend it on yourself. third plit between candy and dinner. which is the most preferred? >> would you like to have candy, flowers, jewelry, dinner or all
5:57 am
of the above? >> i would love to have all of the above. i'll be honest. all of the befoabove would be g. >> yes, i want it all. you laugh. one in five people say their pets will receive a valentine's day gift this year, as well. see, that's why there is so much money because you have to buy pets and kids and neighbors and co-workers. all of a sudden,it's buy a gift for everybody. all right, everybody. storm team 4 work to go keep you informed as we watch this latest line of winter weather and the impact it could have on the d.c. area. the precautions being taken this d.c. ahead of the storm and what you can expect where you live. plus new video into our newsroom as bronco fans take to the streets to celebrate their team's latest super bowl win. the problems they caused overnight next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. winter storm watches have already been posted for parts of montgomery county and frederick county in lamaryland and more advisories to come. and we're also watching the work being dwup to make sure the roads are ready for the wintry weather.
6:00 am
the precautions being taken by d.c. crews in the hours ahead. also ahead, new video just into our newsroom as the city of denver celebrates its latest super bowl title. the trouble rowdy fans caused for police. dgood morning, everybody. winter storm watches have been posted. it will start out as rain late today and then change to snow overnight. likely to have school issues for tomorrow. but we will be fighting the rain know li snow lane. so this is far from a certainty. this morning near the freezing mark. cold and dry this morning. mostly raindrops by 7:00 tonight, temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. but mostly snowflakes by early tomorrow morning. snowfall amounts on average 1 to 3 around the


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