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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 9, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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though. show you that right now. take a look at the radar, you see what's going on here. nothing around the d.c. metro area. the last of the little snowflakes came through an hour ago. notice around hagerstown. around martinsburg. along 70, 81, still seeing snow. down south this is an area that's been developing around fredericksburg, spotsylvania county. locustdale and culpepper and rain around the northern neck. areas of snow around i-95. most of it is getting out. and you can see most of the snow has been north and west of i-95. where the bull's eye would be. in through parts of maryland, montgomery county, frederick county around the loudoun county area. and that's where we saw the most snow. a picture out of leesburg earlier today. some snow more than others. where downtown didn't see any. look what happened in jermantown. up towards montgomery county and how about mount airy, one of the areas that always picks up a lot of snow. they picked up three to five inches in toward that region we did see the snow coming down.
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roads in the district. it gets just brutally cold. something that nobody is looking forward to. vance says bring it on. but not this time. i don't want to see anything this cold. i got that story for you coming up. thank you, doug. one place that may see the ice tonight is northern montgomery county. while neighbors to the south saw a mix coming down, the northern part of the county had snow for most of the day. chris gordon continues our team coverage from jermantown. hi, chris. >> hi, doreen. we're live along 355 tonight for you, and we thought we would give you an idea of what road conditions may be like tonight by starting with a professional driver. >> john cook spent all day on the road. >> i think it will be worse if temperatures drop. not too bad around here. although the snow has been,
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snowing since i got in. but it doesn't seem to be accumulating too bad on the street as of yet. just on cars and in the parking lot a little bit. but the roads aren't too bad. >> roger toro wipes snow from his windshield after working his shift at clarksburg. >> it was actually pretty busy. i thought the snow would slow it down, but it didn't. >> today's snow caused montgomery county schools to open two hours late that created a hardship on some families. >> i almost slipped on the way to the bus stop. and mom had to go to work. so she'll have to stay longer because of the weather so it's pretty bad. >> by the time clarksburg high school let out at 2:30 this afternoon, some parents were frustrated. >> i think it was ridiculous. they should have canceled school today because there was way too much problems with traffic and you know, still snowing out right now. >> the northern part of montgomery county got more snow than areas to the south. >> think we had about six inches.
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>> you shovelled? >> yeah. >> a lot of people in our viewing area didn't see enough to shovel. >> well i, i raised my garage door there was all it was, my wife goes, well you don't leave until that driveway is completed. >> driving snow was a problem today, driving on icy roadways may be a danger tonight. that's the latest live in germantown. jim, back to you. thanks, chris. we're waiting to hear from loudoun county schools about their status for tomorrow. they canceled classes today because of the snow. it is their seventh snow day this year. but we're told the county builds in about 15 extra days each year. several other school districts as we noted did open two hours later today. police are investigating weather had anything to do with a school bus crash in montgomery county late in afternoon. you can see from the traffic camera, the bus ended up in the front yard of a house on randolph road near connecticut avenue in wheaton. the bus did not hit the house,
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the driver something checked out by paramedics. no students on the bus at the time of the crash. now to politics, the people of new hampshire have been playing host to presidential prospects for more than year now. the nation's first presidential primary is well under way now. here's a look at voters in manchester. the candidates have made 997 campaign stops in new hampshire. all of them geared toward this moment. they call new hampshire the graveyard of pollsters. more than 40% of the electorate there refuses to align with either party. and they famously make up their minds at the last minute. but tonight, we should know once and for all how the results may shape the presidential race. steve handelsman is tracking the race from manchester, new hampshire and he is ready with the latest. hi there, steve. >> hi, doreen. exit polling, which tends to be a whole heck of a lot more accurate than prevote polling. here at nbc from here at nbc election night headquarters in
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manchester, new hampshire. we won't be able to report any wrong numbers, any projected winners or losers until 8:00 eastern. but we do have some results to report to you from the exit polling. which finds that among republican voters today, in this voluntary survey of voters leaving the polls, republicans said, almost half of them said they didn't decide who they were going to vote for until the last week or less. democrats said they have been sure for a lot longer than that. but so much was on the line here in new hampshire today. the turn-out has been at near record or record pace. >> you could see the big turnout at ward 3 in manchester. >> it's steady, very good. >> some nam shrits made up their minds today. >> i totally decided once i heard ted cruz speak himself. that's who i voted for. >> i believe in what bernie stands for and i felt that i need to go with my beliefs.
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>> donald trump. he, he's a businessman. he tells it like it is. >> in new hampshire, i feel very good. >> trump could score his first-ever election win. after repeating a vulgarity last night he promised today that kind of thing stops if he keeps winning. >> when you get to be president or just before you get to be president, the altitude would change very much. >> chris christie. marco rubio. john kasich. ted cruz. and jeb bush hope to be trumps runner-up today. >> i'm the only guy standing up to the guy. >> democrat hillary clinton is hoping to get within sing the digits today of bernie sanders. >> we're going to keep working, literally until the last vote is cast. >> sanders was confident enough to relax. >> usually i like to take nice, quiet walks. apparently not today. >> if the vermont socialist senator wins big, he will rock the democratic establishment.
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>> back live now in manchester, this is a live shot of continuing voting south of here in hudson, new hampshire. new hampshire is a swing state. and an awful lot of november presidential elections. so there's a lot of attention being paid today, using the exit polls on what the huge number of independent voters here in new hampshire are doing today. 44% of them are undeclared. the numbers seem to indicate that at this point anyway, they're splitting their rote roughly 50/50 here in this state. democrats and republicans. live from manchester, steve handelsman, news4, jim, back to you. more now from donald trump about his choice of language. here is some of his conversation today with nbc's lester holt. ? wondering to myself, would you say that as president of the united states? >> no. >> with that seal on the podium? >> much different, much different. >> are you going to be a different guy as president than the one we see here? >> i went to the best school.
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i was a good student. i have an uncle who was one of the top professors at m.i.t. there's good gene pool right there. i have to do what i have to do. >> so -- >> it's not an act. last night we had thousands of people. we had a great time. it wasn't my word, it was a word that a woman kept shouting. she was shouting it and i only repeated the word. and the place was wild. it standing ovation, everybody -- >> that doesn't mean it was in good taste. >> but i'll tell what you, when you're president or about to be president, you would act differently. >> you can see more of lester holt's interview with donald trump on "nbc nightly news." it follows immediately after this broadcast. meantime, a local veterans organization is expecting a check from donald trump's campaign. trump skipped the final iowa presidential debate after a dispute with fox news, he organized a rally to raise money for veterans. the va medical center in d.c. tells news4 it got a call from trump's campaign in the hours
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after the rally. a spokeswoman says the campaign plans to make a donation to the fisher house. a rockville-based group that helps veterans. no word on how much is being donated. students in spotsylvania county schools will get an unexpected day off on march 1st. also known as super tuesday. virginia is one of 15 states where territories that will hold a primary or caucus that day. county election officials are expecting a big turn-out. so they've asked the school board to close schools to students that day. the request was approved last night. to make up for the student holiday, two upcoming halfdays on march 11th and april 22nd, those are going to be full days. >> talking about changes in prince george's county after the arrest of former teachers aide on charges of child pornography. now we're learning that the fbi is joining that investigation. our megan fitzgerald spoke with a parent who knew the suspect. >> he was just always around children, at the playground,
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walking to and from school with them. a lot of kids. >> monique gant said she and her son know 22 deonte carraway, the former teacher's aide and volunteer who police say sexually abused and created pornographic videos of children during school hours. gant says when she found out monday night, she panicked. he volunteered in my son's classroom. he didn't go to school today, i was too upset. >> the school district says nothing criminal was found when carraway underwent a background check before he started working for the school in november 2014. but a district spokesperson says this morning faculty members and administrators at judge sylvania woods elementary discussed current school policy and procedure. we're told it's possible changes could soon be made after court documents paint a horrifying picture of what happened while school was in session. >> at this point, we know there are at least ten victims. our concern is that number could grow. it would grow by a large amount.
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>> law enforcement officials saying it's possible sexual abuse took place at the theresa banks memorial aquatic center and at the glenarden municipal center where carraway started and directed a choir for young children. so now parents are forced to talk to their kids about something that should never happen. >> because he knows good touch, bad touch. he knows all that stuff. >> now just within the last few hours the fbi released a tip line for victims, guardians of victims or anyone with information about this case. they're asking folks to call 1-800-call-fbi. jim? >> thanks, megan. right now, crews are using containment booms to keep a fuel spill from spreading in the potomac river. and they're hoping to minimize the impact on the environment. but tonight it is still unclear where that spill came from. somebody first spotted the oil slick eight days ago in the waters north of national
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airport. it traveled several miles south to the wilson bridge more recently. at least one goose has died from being soaked in that oil. washington gas says two nearby leaks caused an explosion that seriously damaged a house in woodbridge. we showed you the damage to the house on franklin street yesterday. somebody called 911 after smelling gas. firefighters evacuated the family just seconds before the explosion. washington gas says it repaired the leaks in the area a now safe. company is also providing money for the families' lodging and repairs. up next, the high-tech tool that helped police track down a missing girl in northern virginia. they're back -- tide thieves, liquid gold. and here on 8th street, they made a clean getaway. the story coming up. metro's ridership and
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revenue are down. i'm adam tough and here's the thing, metro
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german police say a commuter train crash could have been much worse if so many adults and school children hadn't taken the day off to celebrate carnival. 10 people were killed and 80
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injured, the trains slammed into each other as they rounded a curve in bavaria. both drivers are believed to have been killed. germany's transport minister said it believes an automatic braking system failed. too early to know for sure. thermal and night vision from the sky helped police find a fairfax county teenage another wound up in a frigid lake in the neighborhood. this is what it looked like from the fairfax county county police headquarter as they searched for a 17-year-old girl in lake barcroff last week, in the falls church area. it was about 8:30 last night when an officer found the teenager. we're told she is expected to be okay. metro has a big problem -- new numbers show train ridership is down. people choosing to walk or drive or use the bus instead. that means less revenue coming in for the already cash-strapped agency. all new at 6:00, transportation reporter adam tuss takes a deeper look at the issue as
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metro tries to lure riders back. >> push is finally coming to shove. for a lot of metro riders. >> we don't know if we're going to get there on time. >> that is a powerful statement from rider hannah goodman. metro in her mind has become completely unpredictable. and she tells you why that matters. >> sometimes easier for me to just walk or even get off and take the bus than it is for me to sit for 45 minutes. if it was on time it would take me 15, 20 minutes. >> a new report from the transit agency shows december marked the fifth consecutive month of low rail ridership. the trend is impacting just about every station and every time period and it's costing metro tens of millions of dollars. >> now here's an even bigger problem. when you start looking at the ridership numbers, you see that there's they're the lowest they've been since 2004. and there's not one particular event or weather to explain why the decrease. >> you can't blame the recent
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blizzard because of these numbers, they're all preblizzard in an interview with news4, metro general manager paul weedfield candidly summed it up. >> we've got to make sure that customer is on board with us. you know, and right now i don't think they are. >> take a look at the tweets sent my way today when i mentioned this report. people are expressing their comments by walking away. i bought a car so i didn't have to take wmata any more. driving over metro has increased my quality of life. there are many who say>> i've b it's been working for me. >> at least right now frustration has boiled over. along the orange line, adam tuss, news4. >> looking at weather, turning our attention from snow and rain to the potential for freezing. >> and really cold temperatures, doug and veronica are monitoring the conditions. let's start with doug in the storm system.
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>> some locations picked up more than a few inches. upwards of three to six inches in north and west of d.c. in downtown proper, a couple of hours of snow, but no accumulation to speak of. at least downtown. take a look outside. not much going on around the d.c. metro area. you can see what's happening down to the south. this has been developing over the last hour around the culpepper area, locustdale, fredericksburg. we are still dealing with snow around fredericksburg and spotsylvania, along 95, this has been going on for the last half hour to an hour. rain over towards king george county. we still have the rain/snow line across the area. earlier today, it was all snow to the north and west and all rain to the south and east. these were the areas that saw the most snow. montgomery county, howard county, around frederick county, northern portions of loudoun county an we're still seeing snow up towards hagerstown, that will continue for the next one or two hours. moving on back down towards frederick county. we're not quite done with this
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just yet. the cold air is really here. you can see that very well by this picture. the satellite or the radar is showing the snow all the way down into central portions of georgia and south carolina. that's how far this goes down. that's how much cold air is along the east and the cold air tonight could pose some problems. veronica johnson outside with more on how cold things get tonight and what that means for your morning commute. >> our temperatures in the 30s across the area now. a few areas as doug mentioned north around frederick and thurmont. we'll be dip together low 30s, we've got puddles out here news4. some are big, some small. all of them will freeze up late tonight. let's look at the storm team 4 x 4, out in bethesda, a live image. roads pretty much fine. but it's around 10:00 around the d.c. metro area that i expect the temperatures to really start dropping well below freezing.
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10:00, we're at 26 degrees around d.c. by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, we're at 27 and below freezing, it's going to be icy. up until 9:00, 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and it's plain old slushy as wet as temperatures start to rise by 11:00 a.m. to noon tomorrow. could be looking at two-hour delays, especially around gaithersburg, leesburg and frederick to mount airy, the freezing line will lift northward. and the wind and colder air. doug? >> colder air to say the least. what you've got on will not be sufficient for what's coming over the next couple of days. you're going to need not just the heavy coats, but the gloves, hats, everything you got. the cold air really moving in across the region. the coldest air so far this season. blustery winds, wind chills below zero, saturday night, into the day on sunday. of course sunday we're talking about valentine's day, and on thursday, a very cold day. a high temperature of 30. look at the wind chills on thursday, with winds gusting
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upwards of 15-20 miles per hour. between 5 and 10, 10 to 15 degrees around noon. a very cold thursday, a bit better friday. but then the bitterly cold air moves in for saturday and the rest of the weekend. we've got that and the potential for another storm next week coming up. high anxiety on the high sea, the angry response from passengers after a cruise ship ventured into the middle of a powerful storm. coming up on news4, the mayor's new plan to put family homeless facilities in every ward of the district. i'm mark segraves, you'll hear from residents who aren't happy where some facilities will be located. two high-profile crimes now linked to a popular messaging app. tell you why those apps are so appealing to young kids and to appealing to young kids and to sexual predators.
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one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud.
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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. mixed reaction as the district looks it close its aging and overcrowded homeless shelter. mayor muir yul bowser wants eight new shelters, one in each ward. our mark segraves broke the story on our app and has this report. >> we do want to help, we already have six shelters in the area including a day shelter. so what we're looking at is the over-saturation of that. >> i think that would be great. i think we need more shelters in the area. >> d.c. mayor muir yul bowser has pledged to close the d.c.
6:26 pm
general homeless shelter saying it's no longer suitable for families. today she presented council members with her plan that includes building eight new housing facilities for homeless families and single women. there will be one facility in each ward. >> we've worked hard over the last several months to make sure we have smaller, dignified facilities all over washington, d.c. where families can have a safe place to move toward permanent housing. >> there will be one women's only facility in ward 2 that will have 213 bieds. the other seven facilities will be smaller with about 50 units each. as to what will cost the d.c. taxpayers. >> we're talking about $22 million annually. and that compares to $17 million to operate d.c. general. >> while the new housing will allow d.c. general to close, the district has 1,000 families
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living in hotels. the mayor was asked today if she could say when the district would no longer need to pay for hotel rooms for homeless families. >> no, i can't. >> the first facility, the women's only shelter in ward 2 that will have 213 beds is set to open tomorrow. the rest won't open until 2018. in the district, mark segraves, news4. coming up, new clues tonight about the days leading up to the murder of a young girl. we'll report what the victim told friends about the man who is now been charged in her death and disappearance. they call it liquid gold. why stealing laundry detergent has become so popular with thieves. i'm julie carey in northern virginia, folks in some areas had to deal with new snowfall today. meantime. we found someone still battling last month's snow. last month's snow. coming up, an e
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you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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caught in the act, two men raid the shelves at a local drug store. why laundry detergent has become such a popular target for thieves. growing concerns about a messaging app that's popular with kids. >> i really can't stress to you enough that you need to remove this app from your child's phone. >> and battling the zika virus. we've got new details on a vaccine that's being developed in our own back yard. >> we have to get answers and we have to get countermeasures as
6:31 pm
quickly as possible. first, rain and snow have moved out. but boy, cold air is coming our way. >> the conditions could lead to icy on the roads and sidewalks overnight. our storm team 4 x 4 has been across the region to show us what things look like now as we track the potential for challenges during tomorrow morning's commute. >> once again, loudoun county experiencing the biggest impact from this morning's snow. bureau chief julie carey checked out conditions in fairfax, loudoun and even clark county. and is in leesburg. >> out in loudoun county this afternoon, a couple of hours of sun melted off some of that morning snow. and you can see out there. the roads have dried out. there is still plenty of old snow from last month. we've discovered one family that's still sort of snowed in. >> the new snow added a fresh layer of white to the loudoun county landscape. in some spots you could actually see the dividing line, where
6:32 pm
colder temperatures in the mountain top held the snow, but below it melted into the trees. in downtown leesburg there was just enough to require the most conscientious to break out the shovel again. this man was clearing a path for an older neighbor. >> it's going to get colder. we need to get did off before it gets icy. easy as that. >> how are you feeling about another snow? >> i don't want any. i'm done. done for the year. >> farther west in clark county down a winding country road no new snow. but peggy martin and her husband still haven't fully dug out from the first big one. for 17 days now, they've been confined to their property because of this. the plows dumped a huge pile of snow clear across peggy's driveway. it was over her head. >> the first ten days of the snow we couldn't even get out here. initially i just said we'll let our driveway melt. we don't shovel it we don't have anywhere to go. >> but peggy used her snow shoes to get out and feed the birds, but the driveway barricade
6:33 pm
didn't melt fast enough. yesterday when she had to cancel her husband's planned outpatient sgery she called v-dot to help clear the snow. >> initially they said we don't clear people's driveways. but i said you don't understand, it's on their right of way. >> we contacted v-dot. and it wasn't long before this is what peggy found in her driveway. v-dot sent heavy equipment to open it up. >> and we are, we are glad to see peggy is free tonight. i'm guessing her first stop was probably the grocery store. v-dot tells me they're still at the ready, they warn drivers that the chemicals they put on the roads this morning have probably washed away by now. so they will be on duty tonight. to add salt if any areas ice up. back to you in the studio. >> way to go, julie. helping that lady out. now the attention is turning to roads for all of us, doug is
6:34 pm
monitoring the temperatures with a look at what we can expect overnight. into tomorrow. could get slippery. >> think it will in some spots. i'm not anticipating any widespread big-time problem early tomorrow morning, but give yourself extra time in the areas that saw the snow. we're at 36 in d.c. look back to the west, 21 in elkins. 23 in morgantown, the colder air filtering in. so we'll see freezing overnight. nothing around d.c. now. but we have some snow around martinsburg. up towards hagerstown. down around fredericksburg dealing with snow. it's been snowing for the last half hour. last hour to an hour and a half. this is slowly creeping up to the north. you may see it around quantico, and in portions of southern maryland. it's going to be the cold over the next couple of days. the coldest air we've seen so far this season. we'll see how cold things get and how long it stays cold.
6:35 pm
that's the big story, too. it's been happening all over the area. now drug store on the 8th street corridor in d.c. is the latest target for what people are calling the liquid gold thieves. surveillance video shows them stuffing their bags with bottles of laundry detergent. pat collins has reaction from people who live and work in that area. >> oh my god. >> when people saw the surveillance video of what happened here -- well -- >> i'll let them speak for themselves. >> they're taking everything, man. >> they're sharping. it's crazy. >> the scene, the cvs store on 8th street northeast. january 27th. about 9:00 in the morning. two guys go inside, and go right to the detergent aisle. aisle number 9. aisle number 9, attention, major shoplifting job on aisle number
6:36 pm
9. >> man. that's totally wrong. >> watch these two guys at work. they pull out gigantic shopping bags and start filling them up with bottle after bottle after bottle of laundry detergent. they focus on the tide, but they also took some gain, too. >> that's terrible. they need security in this store. >> they called tide liquid gold. it's a thief's favorite. it has no serial numbers, everybody likes it. and it's easy to sell on the down low. >> a lot of people hurting. economy is tough. tide does sell well on the black market. >> at this store, they even have alarm locks on the bottles to cut down on the theft. but it didn't seem to slow down these two guys. nor did they pay much attention to the clerk at the door who tried to keep them from running off with that liquid gold.
6:37 pm
>> i pray to god they get caught. >> on 8th street northeast, pat collins. news4. up next, how our region is leading the way in the effort to stop the spread of the zika virus. >> new concern over a certain social networking app. what makes them so appealing to teenagers and what parents n
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the father of a 13-year-old virginia girl who was murdered said she had gotten into trouble for chatting with older men online. nicole lovell's father taped an interview for the dr. phil show set to air tomorrow. he said he took nicole's phone away from her after christmas after finding out about those inappropriate conversations. she later got it back. a friend tells the "washington post" that nicole often talked to older men online. the friend says nicole told her that 18-year-old david eisenhower was her boyfriend and that she wanted to run away with him. eisenhower and fellow virginia tech student natalie keepers
6:40 pm
have been charged with level's murder. other friends have said that nicole lovell met eisenhower on the app called kik. we have seen two high-profile cases linked to that anonymous app. yesterday, we learned that a nude picture shared on kik led to the arrest of a school aide in prince george's county. his name is deonte carraway. he's been charged with producing child pornography. chris lawrence is here with what you need to know about this app called kik. >> chris? >> it's free, it doesn't cost anything to download and it's anonymous. you never really know who's on the other end. kik started as a a way for people to communicate without using up their cell phone's data limit. you don't need a phone number or email address. users communicate in private chat rooms. the company claims 40% of american kids and teenagers use their app to send free unlimited text photos and videos.
6:41 pm
but that anonymity started attracting sexual predators and cyberbullies and police are seeing more cases where predators are pretending to be kids to get to their vils. investigators are so concerned about kik that a a district attorney recently posted this on facebook. >> i am begging you to take your child's phone and delete the kik app, there's nothing good that's going to come from it and it can be veriors, very dangerous to your child. >> internet safety experts say parents need to know which apps their kids are using. and we have a parent's guide to anonymous apps go to our app and search k-i-k, that's kik. doreen? >> thank you, chris lawrence. the zika virus story has been developing rapidly. up next, my interview with dr. tony fauci from nih as local researchers work to develop a vaccine for zika. a rough ride at sea, we hear from passengers who were holed up in their cabin for hours as
6:42 pm
the cruise kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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more on the growing concern about the zika outbreak. the olympic committee in the african nation of kenya is playing down the suggestion that its athletes may skip the summer games in rio. because of that virus. the committee officials there now say it's too early to make such a decision. the state of florida is stepping up efforts to get rid of mosquitos that may carry the disease. florida has identified 16 zika cases so far. a public health emergency has been declared in seven counties
6:45 pm
there. and the centers for disease control and prevention is now at its highest level of alert. president obama is asking congress for nearly $2 billion to fight zika at home and abroad. dr. anthony fauci is the head of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases. he's the top guy and when it comes to infectious diseases at nih. well the emphasis on tackling zika is on public health there are also far-reaching consequences to this virus. i sat down with dr. fauci earlier today. >> i can't remember covering something like this where there was so many radiating consequences. the economic, people not traveling. what could happen in rio. >> there's no doubt that the situation with zika has multidimensional implications. it's triggered and the focus of the intention is on it is this issue of the likely connection
6:46 pm
between infection of pregnant women and serious birth defects like micrcephaly in a baby. if you extracted that and there was not a problem with that, and twas just zika in a vacuum, you wouldn't be seeing anything like this. because zika generally is a mild infection, self-limited. virtually no mortality associated with it. people recover. and it has been in the pact, minor somewhat inconsequential infection. >> faste esest scenario for a vaccine? >> i think if you want to say a vaccine where all the eyes are dotted and ts crossed, it will be probably be a few years. if you want to talk about something you could implement in an emergency use way, that could be within a year, year and a half. >> that's significant what dr. fauci just said. normal time to develop a vaccine like this, three to five years. he's talking about a year to a year and a half.
6:47 pm
zika falls into the same category of virus as dengue fever or yellow fever which researchers have developed vaccines for. so that base could help them develop zika vaccine more quickly. we asked you whether the government is doing enough to stop the spread of the zika virus and a majority of people who responded to our poll say no. you don't think it is. >> the royal caribbean cruise ship "anthem of the seas" is expected to be back in port in new jersey tomorrow night. some of the passengers, though, say they may have taken their very last cruise. their seven-day trip to the bahamas turned into a terrifying ordeal on sunday. that ship sailed into a terrible storm. winds over 150 miles per hour. 30-foot waves. the captain ordered the passengers to return and stay in their cabins.
6:48 pm
they say they were stuck in those cabins for ten hours. >> we're seeing outside of our window these 30-foot waves. you know and we're told we're at this timing at about 30-degree tilt. it wasn't safe. >> i was hanging on because you would roll out of bed if you didn't hang on. >> i realized it was really serious at the point when i was sitting on the chair in the bar and the four legs came up and i was on two and i fell off the chair essentially. >> royal caribbean told nbc news the storm was worse than the forecast. but the national weather service says it issued an alert four days in advance for storm with hurricane-force winds. >> and 30-foot seas. they talked about the 30-foot seas, they have their own meteorologists on that ship. they meet every single morning. if they didn't see that briefing, that's on them 100%. you guys know how i feel about it. >> they need you on that ship,
6:49 pm
doug. >> you know how i feel about this. meteorologists on a cruise ship. not a bad gig. but in that sense they did not listen to the forecast. i'm sure everybody else did around our area. we talked about the snow across our region. how we would not expect to see much at all in the d.c. area. and we said hey we might snow for a couple of hours, but you're not going to see any accumulation inside the city and that's what happened. 36 degrees the current temperatures, temperatures dropping the next few hours, down to around freezing in the city by around 11:00. most of you are getting down there a little bit faster. that's going to cause the refreeze tonight. 32 in gaithersburg. an area that saw three to four inches of snow. you will see refreeze on some area roadways. 33 in reston, not much going on around the d.c. metro area. we've got two little areas of snow, one around hagerstown and martinsburg. another one towards fredericksburg. this one moving east and a little bit north of east here
6:50 pm
that will come into parts of southern maryland as rain and possibly change over to snow, culpepper toward fredericksburg, around stafford reporting snow there. the wider picture showing the cold air that continues to move in. we'll see the colder air over next couple of days. tomorrow, chilly but not too bad. a high temperature of 32 to start, breezy and cold tomorrow. 38 degrees, wind chills tomorrow afternoon will in the 20s all day long. nothing compared to thursday. thursday, a high temperature of 30 degrees, but the wind chill on thursday between 5:00 and 10:00 in the morning, 5 and 10 temperaturewise at 7:00 a.m., and 10-15 by noon. saturday and sunday look at the highs, 22 for a high on sunday, that's close to record cold day here across our region. that's valentine's day, a low of 9. many areas could be near zero. wind chills between 10 and 15 below zero early on sunday
6:51 pm
morning. that's some cold air. in behind it, we might get some snow coming up on monday and then into tuesday. we'll talk much more about this system coming up over the next couple of days. vance you say bring it all the time. you don't want that. >> not this time. >> not even on valentine's day. >> not at all. keep it away, thanks, doug. we have sports coming up, caps and wizards on the road and cam newton explains why he's a sore loser, those are hi
6:52 pm
6:54 pm
this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. we've said this before, we'll say it again, thank goodness for the caps. we do have one winner here. >> we have the best team in hockey in our back yard. playing good hockey. the best team the rest of the nhl they might want to watch out, because the capitals are finally starting to get healthy. tonight marcus johansson will be back in the lineup as the caps take on the predators. this morning head coach barry trott said that brooks orpik could return as well. he's missed 38 games this season. alex ovechkin of the capitals have the most wins, the best power play and the hottest goaltend nert nhl. despite their loss after the all-star break, the caps have won three straight. trotz wants to see his players
6:55 pm
keep their foot on the gas this time of year. >> everybody is in playoff mode, we're going to nashville. fortunately with our record we've got some separation, some money in the bank. but at the same time we can't take that for granted. that's when we don't play well, that's when you get hurt, get frustrated. if teams are in playoff mode and we're not, we're going to get it handed to us. but if we have that mindset that we're in playoff mode, too, then it will be a good contest every night and we have a chance to win every night. >> capitals and predators will the puck drops at 8:00 from nashville. from the best team in hockey to one of the worst teams in the nba, the wizards, not having a good season this year. the last time we saw the wizards they were blowing a 19-point lead. in a loss to charlotte on saturday. tonight, they'll try to turn things around at madison square garden against the knicks. new york's first game since firing their head coach derrick fisher. advantage? i don't know. both teams are petty bad. the wizards also seem to play very well at the world's most
6:56 pm
famous arena. they've won four straight games in madison square garden. in big part due to john wall, and bradley diehl. wall averaging 18.5 points a game and diehl even better, 22 points a game in his last three in new york. so can the wiz make it five in a row? >> we have do play a lot better. they're a team that's improved since last year. they're going through ups and downs, firing their coach. you got to come out to play and compete if we come out and compete and play defense, we're fine. if we play defense and rebound the ball, we're fine. >> let's go out, for four quarters, please. out to denver, super bowl mvp vonn miller front and center in the parade with the vince lombardi trophy. miles the broncos mascot was cruising around in a recliner. peyton manning working off no sleep. he was there for the parade of blast. there is in denver, a great day for all their fans.
6:57 pm
first super bowl parade since 1999. so yesterday we talked a lot about cam newton and a ton of people were upset how he ended his post-game press conference after super bowl 50. well newton walked out. he briefly answered a few questions in that post-game press conference. today, he explained to the media why he acted in that manner. >> i mean, i've been on record saying i'm a sore loser. who likes to lose? you show me a good loser, and i'm going to show you a loser. i'm not here to, it's not a popularity contest. you know what i'm saying? i'm here to win football games. i have a mentality, i have a standard that i set for myself. and i'm not going to bend nor break. >> no one saying you should be a good loser, but answering questions post-game press conference, don't walk out. you got to stay there and take that. >> what are you supposed to do? >> i don't think his comments made it any better. >> not at all. >> thanks, jason. >> sticking to his guns. >> man up, bro. >> "nightly news" coming up
6:58 pm
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breaking news tonight. a dramatic fight to the finish. crowded polls in new hampshire. can donald trump score a big victory? our interview and a sign you haven't seen. why he says he'd act differently as president. also, the rest of the gop crowd, rubio, kasich, cruz, and bush. are we headed for a surprise? is bernie sanders headed for his first victory against hillary clinton? olympic fears. tonight the american star who says right now she wouldn't go to rio because of concerns over zika. lessen your bills and saving you big money. the brothers who made their entire business just that, now sharing how they do it with amazing results. and tom brokaw joins us to talk about something important that suddenly has gone missing. "nightly news" begins right now.


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