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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  February 10, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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right now at the view from tom kierein's advance attavantage p, is this from the storm team 4 by 4. you can see the roads covered there. a little snow fell overnight. really what we're worrying about are the slick spots because of freezing. temperatures below freezing. we're working to get you minute to minute, the minute you're up on this weather alert day. this is all the temperatures you're seeing really across the entire region this morning. we also want to gift up to the minute on school delays. many waiting to make that call. at this hour, only washington county schools have said they're starting late. they're on a two of had hour delay. the federal government is open and operating normally right now. good morning, once again, everybody, coming up on 4:31. what do you need to know about the weather for today. as we finish out the weekend ahead into the weekend. today will be a day filled with flurries this morning. and another round of flurries coming our way this afternoon.
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a cold north wind sets up shop during the day today. we're headed into the deep, deep, deep freeze over the weekend. subzero chills are coming. by sunday morning, windchills could be as much as 10 to 20 below zero. early this morning, there's snow flurries around the bay. that's all that's left. as it came through an hour or two ago, there was fresh snow. just know there's slippery roads and sidewalks. temperatures well above freezing today. this may be one of the few day that is above freezing, melissa mollet. >> that is not good. right now, overall, if it's a main road, if it's been treated, it's not going to be slick. some of those side streets may be slippery coming out of your house this morning. your sidewalk, your roads.
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>> we have the left lane getting by a downed tree may slow you down a bit. 66, 95, overall, no problem. you can see nothing falling over this area right now. i'm seeing, of course, my radar over the roads here. aaron and eun. >> melissa, thank you. it's 4:32, we continue our team coverage. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein keeping eye on the roads in rockville, tom. >> yeah, this morning, we are seeing some patchy snow on some of the side streets just off of route 28 here in the storm team 4 by 4. and most of the main roads that have been treat ed and some of these side streets are wet to dry in some areas. but we're also seeing, as you see in this live vushiew, as we traveling down route 3, we have a few areas of passing snow showers in the past couple hours came through and only lasted 15, 20 minutes that put down a fresh
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coating. you that can see here on this side street here near downtown rockville, just off of route 28. all of the cars are coated with a dusting and sidewalks as well. many on the front steps as well. covered with this very light dusting. it's sweepable. you can get the broom out and sweep it off which is a good idea to do. we are below freezing. 28 degrees in rockville. what did fall did stick on any untreated surface. going to stay below freezing all the way to the next several hours. we do have patchy snow here and there on many of the side streets throughout the entire region. we're here in montgomery county. we'll be cruising all over the county, the next couple of hours, all the latest road conditions and the neighborhood where is you live. stay with us. back to you. i'm angie goff at the live desk with an update on a shooting in northwest d.c. we learned three things.
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just in now, we learned that the man who was shot last night has died. m street closed in both directions at north capitol street as the investigation continues. and third, police are still looking for the shooter. we're working on getting more information that led up to all of this. we'll also update you when we learn when m street reopens, eun. in loudoun county, sheriff's deputies are looking for two men who nearly taxied a teenage girl. the sheriff's office says this sketch shows one of those men. the girl told them the men grabbed her backpack walking home from school last week. if you have any information call the loudoun county sheriff's office. big problems for metro. more of you are walking or using the bus, instead of metro trains. a new report from transit agency shows december marked the fifth consecutive month for low rail ridership.
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the trend is impacting just about every station in every time period. and costing metro tens of millions of dollars. one rider told news4 that most days it's quicker to walk than to use the unpredictable service. >> it's just easier for me to walk or get off and take the bus than it is for me to sit here 45 minutes. it will take about 15, 20 minutes. >> now, according to the latest report, ridership numbers are the lowest they've been since 2004. it seems the numbers can't be blamed on one particular event or recent weather impacts. 4:35 now. the parents of a fallen officer in montgomery county are hoping new legislation can help save lives. officer noah liotta went to maryland and hope to repeal a law. he was killed by a repeat drunken driver during a crackdown.
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the initial device is like a breathalyzer falled in the vehicle. the driver must blow into that device. if the driver is over the alcohol limit the car will not start. 25 states have passed a law also calls for a law to be passed in the district. 4:36. today, catholics here in the district and across the world are marking ash wednesday. the city showed last year's services in this area, ash wednesday, marks the start of lent, a season of fasting and prayers. cardinal donald wuerl will offer a special service. the mass begins at 12:10. ashes to go from your car happening between 6:00 and 7:00 this morning and noon and 1:00 this afternoon. parishioners in the district can receive ashes in thewññn cars. the church is one of the few if not the only african-american baptist church in the washington, d.c. area to
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distribute ashes curbside. well, it is the super bowl commercial that got everybody talking here in d.c. a local commercial with a national celebrity. >> that's mike tyson! >> we did a double take when we saw that commercial, that mike tyson? you're right. sam cross is the local boxer known as the vanilla gorilla who was knocked out by mike tyson in that commercial. you can imagine a nickname like that. he hit the floor not once but ten times during the filming of the commercial. i hope he was paid decently. while the punch was faked, it still hurt a little bit. >> grazed my lip. he pulled up right at the last second, but he made contact with it. >> did it hurt at all? >> it hurt a little, honestly. >> he makes a living as a d.c. bartender fights in the
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cruiserweight class. he said he has no problem taking on mike tyson for freelreal. fighting words. we'll let you know it's a storm team 4 weather alert day. take a look at radar. >> you see that white there falling across our region? it could make for a mess on the roads this morning, especially with the fre
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you might have a hirer than normal water bill this month, and if you do, you can blame the boulevard of 2016. i'm going to blame everything on that boulevard. wssc said it was unable to reach the meter because of the storm. that means 100,000 customers will receive an estimated bill. also the billing cycle will include an extra ten days wssc says you still need to pay the bill, the utility will do the actual reading during the next cycle, hoping to even things out. good morning, everybody. 4:41 now on a wednesday morning. still lighting snow here. this is on the western shore of the chesapeake bay in parts of prince george's county, as well as anne arundel county over the bay. we're already dry across most of northern virginia, out over the
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panhandle of west virginia. bus stop conditions for the kids, a couple of flurries around. several no big deal. just watch out for that fresh coating of snow. temperatures in the upper 20s by later this afternoon. another round of flurries coming in around 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon. otherwise, a partly sunny and mostly cloudy and breezy day. temperatures above freezing. that will not be the case tomorrow. 4:51. here's melissa with trouble on the roads. >> trouble on the roads, storm team 4 out there. you can see with the roads treatmented like perhaps this one, a little slushy, a little covering, i guess i should say on the side streets here this morning. but the main roads all looking quite good as tom kierein has been telling us driving around. silver hill road at st. barnabas, left lane blocked there box of cray rash. outerbound sooutland. 270 northbound at old hundred, that crash out of the way.
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let's take another live look at the roads this morning. this is a shot from our storm team 4 by 4. >> storm team meteorologist tom kierein is just off in the rockville area. we're going to check back with hi
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right now at 4:45, we are getting you ready on the storm team 4 weather alert day. >> we have crews spread out across the region today. we just found out frederick county schools in maryland are opening two hours late today because of the weather. now, decision 2016, full steam into south carolina after game changing results in new hampshire. south carolina's primary happens february 20th for the
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republicans. and february 27th for democrats. >> and 50 delegates are up for grabs there. we're going to check in with nbc's tracie potts who is live in manchester, new hampshire tracie, good morning. >> hey, good morning. yeah, these were huge wins, for both the republicans and democrats. for trump, it was a very crowded field. he took 35% of the vote. more than a third. then this battle for second behind him. on the other side, it was just a landslide. bernie sanders came away with 60% of the vote here. he plans to remain competitive with hillary clinton. this morning, he's headed into harlem, new york, picking up african-american endorsements before he saids to south carolina where they have a very large african-american electorate. >> tracie potts in new hampshire for us, tracie, thank you.
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storm team 4 weather alert day, right now, we have crews throughout the region. checking on road conditions for you. >> molette green is in takoma park in what you can expect in that part of prince george's county. what are you seeing out there? >> reporter: a, aaron, good morning. my phone kel tells me it's 28 degrees in takoma park. a homeowner just came out, warmed up his car, snow cover on it. that's about the worst that we've seen. you're just going to have to scrape a little bit off the car this morning. warm up the vehicle and get out here on the roads. i haven't seen any icy spots in our drive throughout the county, those areas that we've seen. there is some salt and sand down. there's some treatment down on the roadways. but no tricky spots on the major roads. right here where i'm standing there is a little shiny area. it's a little slushy. a little slippery in some spots.
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but that's the worst that we've seen here. that is the latest live from takoma park. back to you. with the storm team 4 radar, with the nbc washington app, the light snow that we had overnight has now moved off to the east. but here in the storm team 4 by 4, we're in a neighborhood just off of montrose road in southern montgomery county. that little bit of snow from overnight stuck to the sidewalks, because temperatures are below freezing. 28 degrees here in montgomery county. you can see this road is covered in a light coating of snow. and especially in this neighborhood which is a little bit hilly. this is going to be a little tricky coming downhill or trying to stop when you come to a four-way stop. all the sidewalks are covered in snow. the front steps also covered in snow.
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as this area of snow did come on through. it only lasted 20 minute, 30 minutes or so, it was enough to put down maybe a quarter of an inch, covering all of the cars, the streets, the sidewalks in this neighborhood in southern montgomery county. just about every street that's untreated we've seen is covered with that light coating of snow. in the next report, we're going to be heading a little farther north, where we also have that area of snow come on through over the last couple of hours but now it's exited. but this is going to stick around. we'll stay below freezing here for the next several hours. back to you. >> thank you, tom. your time right now is 4:49. happening today, d.c. mayor muriel bowser will attend a ribbon cutting for a new homeless shelter for women. the patricia handy place for women is son fifth street northwest. it was recently renovated to provide emergency and transitional housing for 200 women. it's all part of the mayor's plan to end homelessness in d.c.
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she announced yesterday the district will open up a new shelter in each ward. the montgomery county board of education adopted a $2.5 million budget. the budget including millions of dollars in new spending. the new budget shows an interest to reinvest in students after years of budget cuts. the district is dealing with an extra 2,500 students and plans to use the money to reduce class side and increase the number of teachers. a bid to wipe out a fee for concealed handgun permits in prince george's county has failed. he told activists he didn't think gun owners should have to pay a fee to exercise their second amendment rights but after debate at a board meeting the waiver failed on a vote. it is now 4:51. time for weather and traffic on the 1s on the weather alert day.
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>> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here with us. i think -- i think -- >> no, i'm definitely here. >> he's definitely here with us. >> no doubt about that. >> well, we're looking at the big swirl there on the screen for the moment. cloudy skies outside have left a little coating of snow early this morning. not going to be a big impact. there you see on tom's view from the storm team 4 by 4, my old home on the road there. a bit of a coating on the roads there this morning. temperatures have dropped well below freezing. as a result, you should expect to have patchy icy spots around this morning. temperature change over the last 24 hours it's gotten noticeably colder. this time yesterday morning we were well up into the 30s. even with the snow coming down. temperatures around this morning are about 5 to 10 degrees colder than they were yesterday morning. storm team 4 radar, snow showers, light snow. route 50 and the bay bridge right there. south the bridge, arundel
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county, shadyside, deal and sunderland. leonardtown, st. george's island getting the snow flurries out here. there's another area of flurries near charleston, west virginia, that's expected to make its way through as we get through later this afternoon. this flurry chance will not be the last chance. >> 30 in frederick, maryland. 30 in manassas, virginia. inthe high resolution model by 9:30 this morning. that first round of flurries has moved out. we should have a fair amount of sunshine around lunchtime. afternoon. that area is showing up as green. temperatures will in upper 30s. in all likelihood that's coming down in the form of snow flurries because it's so cold aloft. that snow shower activity could continue through the heart of the evening commute as well. this should be a relatively low
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impact event on the commute. only a few tenths of an inch of snow. just an opportunity for a dheegt is just about it. snowfall forecast, that was for yesterday's map. seven-day forecast, 39 today with a 40% chance of another round of snow flurries coming in on us this afternoon. tomorrow is when you really start to notice how much colder it's going to be for the coming days. 29 tomorrow. with windchills down in the teens all day. another cold day coming up on friday. a mix of clouds and sunshine. it will be above freezing for probably only two or three hours on friday afternoon. that's it. otherwise, we'll be below freezing from wake-up time tomorrow until monday afternoon with that lone exception of a few hours there on friday afternoon. and the weekend looks really cold. sunday morning, valentine morning, temperatures will be in the single numbers and windchills 10 to 20 below. >> a live look at prince
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george's county, beltway at branch avenue. no problems on the innerlooper or outerloop of the beltway. no major issues in that area here this morning. there you go. beltway at branch avenue and loop. just fine. silver hill road at st. barnabas. two left lanes there, again, still blocked there. that is road work. 395 south at seminary road, two left lanes gets by. that work is in there probably for the mex hour and a half, two hours. north capitol street at m street. again, a police investigation there. would last a couple hours. that is blocked until further notice. and the storm team 4 by 4 headed to montgomery county. you can see a little bit of that snow. the roads have been treated, they just look wet. be careful, could have slick spots. aaron. >> let's take a look outside again on this weather alert day.
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>> here's a look from the storm team 4x4 where things don't look too bad. even know the roads are wet. you might see black ice
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kathleen matthews: too many nights,
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. well, parents including monique gannett are taking extra
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precautions this morning after the arrest of a former teachers aide on child pornography charges. schooler leaders in prince george's county are considering changes in school policy. police say 22-year-old beyonce taraway sexually abused children. it wasn't found when caraway underwent a background check before he started working in 2014. but school officials say that administrators are discussing current school policy and procedure. police right now are looking for more victims. and law enforcement officials say that it's possible that sexual abuse took place at the teresa bank center where caraway started and directed a choir for young children. today, president obama turns to where his political career started. springfield, illinois. president obama was there in
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2007, when he announced he would run for president. springfield is also where he served in the state senate for nearly eight years. during today's visit, the president will call for less divisive politics, where he addresses the illinois general assembly. >> if the weather cooperates today you may see low flying aircraft in the other, norad have planned training flights in the d.c. area. those flights are expected to last until 2:00 this marriage. the i-team, a growing risk of local firefighters and possibly your neighbor. >> i-team found a rising number of local fires fueled by hoarding. people storing too much in their homes. a number of them have been deadly over the past three years. >> tonight, prince george's firefighters will take us into their special training to show us why hording is so dangerous when they're trying to combat those fires.
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>> the i-team sat down with the family of one victim the big piece of advice for anyone concerned for a loved one at risk. >> stay with us now, "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. >> announcer: is this a storm team 4 weather alert. all right. get ready for what could be a slippery, slick commute. we're looking live at the roads in rockville this morning. and tom kierein has been in the storm team 4x4 telling us about conditions. we're here to get you up to the minute the minute you're up. >> it's 5 a.m. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. >> let's start things off with chuck bell off in the storm team 4 weather center. >> good morning, aaron, and eun. it's a cold day. snow flurries headed over the bay and over the eastern shore. but as they came through the metro two or three hours


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