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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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accused of the unthinkable. but some new developments just in in the race for the white house. within the last hour, republican candidate carly fiorina announced she's suspending her campaign. also later today new jersey governor chris christie is expected to drop out of the race after he finished a disappointing sixth last night. trump won the primary and ohio governor john kasich surged to second place. on the democratic side, bernie sanders beat hillary clinton by 22%. he was in lar hem this morning meeting with the reverend al sharpton. clinton congratulated sanders and said she's ready to take her campaign to the rest of the country. breaking news now about a deadly shootout at a maryland mall. a man opened fire inside a crowded restaurant at lunchtime and wounded a sheriff's deputy. the first deputy was responding
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in abingdon. the man went outside but witnesses told a second deputy what he looked like and which way he was headed. that deputy tracked him down and got into a shootout with him. the deputy was wounded but managed to shoot and kill the man. >> the deputy -- a second deputy was hit by gunfire. the suspect in the investigation was shot by harford county sheriff's office deputies and is deceased, and right now that is as much as i have to share. >> investigators haven't said why the suspect opened fire. the deputies were seriously wounded but they are expected to survive. also breaking right now, maryland natural resources police have pulled two bodies out of the severn river. they have identified the mens a earling stephen lamp and matthew davis. according to my eastern shore, those two men went
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they were hunting. turning now to storm team4 and some seriously chilly changes heading our way. let's get to storm team4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer in the storm center. so how low is the mercury going to go, doug? >> pat, we're talking the coldest air of the season by far. we've had a couple cold snaps here but this one is going to be one of the ones that we talk about for a while. windchills getting down below zero as we move into the weekend and really overnight tonight it really starts. temperatures on the cold side. 29 in martinsburg. 36 in d.c. that's cold but not frigid for this time of year, but look just back to the west. these are temperatures, not windchills. 19 in morgantown, 17 in elkins, west virginia. 19 in columbus, and that cold air is moving in across the region. that will move in overnight into the day tomorrow so your headlines tonight, turning cold. we know that for sure. windchills will be in the single digits early tomorrow morning. but it gets even colder. windchills in the single digits tomorrow but we get
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just in time for that valentine's day weekend. i'm going to have the complete forecast, show you just how cold things get and how long that cold air sticks around coming up in my full forecast. >> thanks, doug. we're expected to find out more information today about the child pornography investigation that has rocked an elementary school in prince george's county. a news conference is planned for later tonight and we're going to be carrying that live on the nbc washington app. meanwhile, we're also learning the principal of the school has been placed on administrative leave. meagan fitzgerald has the latest. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for the prince george's county public schools says they don't know how long principal michelle williams will be on administrative leave, but this all comes after police and fbi agents conduct an extensive investigation into a former teacher's aide who is accused of sexually abusing children during school hours. school was back in session at judge sylvania woods elementary school. parents picked upheir students as they always do but things are vdi
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many parents say they're worried about their children's safety after 22-year-old deonte carraway was arrested for making pornographic videos and sexually abusing students during school hours. >> i'm still shocked. i just can't believe it. >> reporter: coming up at 5:00, we'll have reaction from parents as they hear for the first time that the principal of the school was placed onned a minute va at this leave. reporting in prince george's county, meagan fitzgerald, news4. now a disturbing developing story. d.c. police are investigating the death of an infant. apparently the baby was one of six young children that emergency crews found home alone this morning. they'd been called to a house on van buren street northwest year north capitol street near the d.c./maryland line. news4's mark segraves joins us live now. mark, what yhave you learned about this case so far? >> reporter: still a lot of questions unanswered, but here is what we do know that police will confirm for us so far. this is an
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investigation. about 7:00 one of the children, one of the siblings of the dying young boy, called 911 for help. when paramedics arrived they rushed that boy to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. police were then contacted. they came back to the house and this is where they found five young children, the oldest of which was 10 years old. those children have been taken into the care of d.c. child and family services who has also launched their own independent investigation to find out why these children were here alone and whether or not they should be returned to any family members. the last word we got from police is they are still trying to locate any adult or guardian who was supposed to be here this morning with these children. that's the very latest live in northwest. mark segraves, news4. >> thanks, mark. well, if you commute on i-66 or if you use the highway to run your errands, you will want to hear about this. virginia governor terry mcauliffe announced a deal today that makes way for huge changes for
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running eastbound to be completed by 2020. it will run from the dulles connector to ballston or the fairfax drive exit. late next year tolling is set to start. the governor said it will only impact those solo drives who want to drive 66 inside the beltway during rush hour. it does not affect car poolers. >> northern virginia is one of the most congested regions in the entire nation, and we are now fixing the most congested road in the most congested region in the nation. >> now, while there is support from both sides for these changes, news4's david culver is just back from richmond where transportation experts told him it's not enough. david's live report coming up in the next hour. we want to know if you think the plan for i-66 is a good idea. it's our nbc washington flash survey. call or text the number on your screen to vote. you can also cast your vote on
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twitter pages. we're waiting to hear if prosecutors will file charges against the man accused of firing a gun at the reston hospital center this morning. police say he arrived at the hospital this morning with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the doors were locked and he shot out the door around walked in. police say he fired another shot as the nurses rushed over to help him. he didn't hit anyone. staff convinced the man to put his gun down. first at 4, something in the water. the dramatic and loud steps crews are taking to make sure more animals aren't harmed by that oil that has spilled into the potomac. first at 4, a permanent tribute to a local officer who was hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver. and for the first time his father talks publicly about his
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and now your storm team4 forecast. >> it's cold and breezy out there this evening. i already saw a few folks walking around with scarfs over their face. nothing like the kind of cold we're going to see coming up for the end of the week and the weekend. windchill temperatures in the teens to upper 20s across the area right now. yes, they're going to drop. the other thing we're going to see this evening are some scattered flurries but no impacts on area roads. let me show you on storm team4 radar where the flurries are right now. some very light ones around woodbridge, quantico, marshall to warrenton. just passing through the area, and there could be a bit more prior to midnight. with weak wave coming through areas of west virginia. scattered flurries prior to
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your temperatures drop below freezing. those windchill temperatures even lower. so very cold start to the day tomorrow, but nothing like the dangerously low windchill temperatures that we'll have coming up this weekend. doug has more on that in a few. i'm darcy spencer in annapolis where the parents of montgomery county police officer noah liotta who was struck and killed allegedly by a drunken driver are pushing for tougher dui laws here in the state of maryland. they joined mothers against drunk drivers at a press conference to call for every convicted drunken driver to have an ignition interlock placed in their car. they would have to pass a breath test before the engine would start. leotta parents say if this law had been in place, their son might still be here today. the man suspected of running him over had faced charges again. >> i'm just a distraught, heart broken father who is representing a devastated
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at 5:00, how leotta's dad says this has changed his life forever. darcyspencer news4. the u.s. coast guard is using a noise making device to keep birds away from waterfowl sanctua sanctuary. the device will be used this week allowing time for the remaining oil sheen to dissipate. about 30 geese were covered in the oil last week. one of them died. the coast guard is still trying to find out what the source of that spill was. so-called toxic culture. the dramatic words from an outgoing fire official about those who save lives for a living. first at 4, mayor bowser weighs in on it. plus, battling the outbreak of the zika virus. what's going on here in washington today that could get doctors one step closer to preventing it.
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breaking news. just into the live desk, we've learned the family who told police about possible sex abuse by a prince george's county elementary school volunteer is now suing the school district and the suspect, deonte carraway. the 9-year-old boy was told by carraway he was part of a club and carraway had children openly perform sex acts in various parts of the school where the abuse should have been obvious. the complaint also says parents
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principal, michelle williams, about the abuse last thursday and were told to come back the next day for a meeting. instead of doing that, the parents called police, and carraway last friday. the suit says while police have identified ten victims, there could be as many as 30. we'll be looking through the lawsuit and bring you anything else we find back here at the live desk. chris, back to you. >> thanks. that story doesn't get any easier to hear. >> how disturbing. now we want to turn to the latest fallout involving a woman brought in to fix the ambulance issues in the district. >> city's fire and ems medical director is resigning with a damning letter accusing the department of moving too slowly. >> yeah. let's get right to news4's pat collins. he's live outside the wilson building. what are you picking up, pat? >> reporter: well, chris, when the medical director of the ambulance service says she can't attest to the competency of her medics, her medics that work the streets o
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cause for concern. and that's just one of the allegations in that fiery resignation letter. man, this thing is so hot, by fingers are starting to burn. dr. jullette saussy, she's the medical director for the fire department and ambulance service in our city. she's the medical director, and she says she can't attest to the competency of the medics who serve the people in the city of washington. she says people are dying needlessly because we move too slowly to fix the problems in the ambulance service. these allegations come in a fiery letter of resignation sent to mayor muriel bowser. it took a lot of people by surprise, including the fire chief. this letter is explosive. did you see this train coming down the track? >> i did not. >> reporter: dr. saussy was hired seven months ago to fix
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service. she says she's not been able to do her job. >> the reform efforts were just lacking. i mean, there are things that we could do tomorrow that would change the way we respond. >> reporter: the mayor had this to say about that. >> well, pat, we have said from the outset that the problems that fire and ems are serious and immense, and none of us thought that it could be turned around in seven months. >> reporter: now, there are also allegations of a toxic culture in the ambulance service. i'll have more on that coming up at 5:00. live in northwest, pat collins, news4. >> all right. thank you, pat. well, get ready to dive into the deep freeze. >> yeah, because when doug says it's brutally cold, he's not playing around because the man has seen his share of cold before. >> yeah. you know, guys, the interesting thing about this is i started
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how long has it been since we were this cold? it was only last february but you probably remember that. we even had some school closures because of how cold it was. this time it's coming during the weekend, so i don't think we'll have the same closures for delays, but, man, is it going to get cold across our region. out there right now it's chilly but not all that bad. current temperatures at 36 degrees under partly to mostly cloudy skies. windchill at 28 degrees. that's a cold afternoon for the month of february. our average high is now up to 46 degrees. so we're ten degrees below average. look back to the west, 28 degrees in hagerstown, 28 in winchester. you add in the winds, windchills 20 in leesburg. 25 in culpepper and 27 in camp springs. this is nothing compared to where we're going over the next couple days and it really starts with tomorrow. first off though, something else to look at, some snow showers, yeah, some snow shower activity. we talked about this yesterday. not going to be much, maybe a flurry or two. snow showers across the area. this is kind
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towards the east, so may clip d.c. and areas to the south. we may see a few more. not going to amount to anything. what will though is the cold. we've got this deep trough of low pressure and that allows that cold air from canada to come right on down across our region, and this weekend it gets reinforced. do you remember the term the polar vortex? that's exactly what's coming our way. it will move all the way down into the mid-atlantic, and that's why we're talking about this extreme cold. so the coldest air of the season, blustery winds, temperatures on saturday will start off around 28. that's cold. they'll fall during the day into the low 20s by the afternoon, and windchills by late saturday night into sunday morning will be below zero across the area. so once again, this is really dangerous cold. a couple things to think about. think about your car. check your car battery. make sure you have antifreeze in there. you don't want water for your windshield wipers. ink about the pipes in your house. you might want to let them drip overnight because we could see
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check on the elderly and as always bring in your pets. it's going to be too cold to leave your pets outdoors the next couple days. 30 tomorrow, 34 on your friday. here is the real cold. 22 for our temperature during the afternoon on saturday. 23 on sunday after a morning low of 9 degrees. again, the windchill could get as low as 10 below zero early sunday morning. veronica and i will have much more on this as we move throughout the hour, but the cold is coming. get ready. >> there's no mistaking that the cold is bad for your car, bad for your pipes and your pets, but it could also be bad for you. the sometimes unusual things you need to watch out for.
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. taking a live look outside at the national mall. it's time to brace yourselves. the extreme cold about to set in. doug and v.j. are tracking how cold it's going to be all evening here on news4 and on the nbc washington app. and as we enter the dangerous stretch of cold days and nights, the dangerously cold weather, for most of us it just means bundling up to ward off the chill, but to others extreme cold triggers allergies. yeah, there are lots of folks out there who are allergic to the cold. dr. jackie is here to explain. one of the main
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see is hives. >> yeah, that's right. in act, i have seen lots of kids, especially after the blizzard, they were outside playing with snow angels, and they ended up getting hives and where they got the hives is wherever the snow touched them. it looks just like an allergy. there are lots of people concerned about it and they're right, you can be allergic to the cold. >> how do you treat that? >> it depends. the first thing always is avoidance. just stay away from the cold. be careful about if you immerse yourself, meaning if you jump into the potomac river, that's going to be a problem. mild cases treat with an antihistamine but more severe cases, treat with an epipen. >> we know if you suffer from asthma, for example, you have to be careful breathing really cold air, but even people who don't consider themselves to be asthmatic wind up wheezing when it's really cold. why? >> well, that's because they can have something called cold induced bronco spasm. you need to be sure youge
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because they're going to have cough, wheeze, and great difficulty breathing. >> do the rest of us have inh e inhalers. >> if you haves a mass, you already have access to those things. >> what do you suggest to the diehards who want to get outside and exercise? >> well, first thing is stay warm because you can really expose yourself for hypothermia, but don't get too warm that you get sweaty, so be careful with that because the sweat can end up freezing and then you can end up even colder. >> now, are these the folks who are most likely to get what doctors call blue fingers? >> well, it's not necessarily just those that exercise. it can happen to a lot of people, but what's happening here is something called renown phenomena and it happens to your fingers and toes and they turn blow because you're having a va sow spasm. it happens because of cold and stress. >> i assume the antidote is heat? >> the antidote is heat, yes, and just know that it's happening. >> and i also understand th
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from that then minuten. >> yes. the age 206 a and up and more f people in cold climates. >> a lot of us are suffering from runny noses and red eyes because we have allergies. do we need to take different medications in cold weather than we take when it's warm? >> let's talk about the symptoms and then we'll talk about what you should take. the symptoms are with the nose is you get that runny nose. i mean, it's pouring, it's dripping all of the time. it feels just like allergy but it's not. it's called vaso motor rhinitis. and with the eyes, it seems like allergy, that you get this red stinging, sometimes even itchy eyes. it's not allergy. it's dry eyes. be careful what you take. for the nose there is a particular prescription medication, something called atrivent and for the eyes you do not want to use that
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medication. you can make things worst with the antihistamines. use rewetting drops. this is a great example of you really got to know if it's an allergy or not because you could end up doing much more harmhan good. >> all right. i would say bring on spring but that will bring on more allergies. >> then we'll be really talking about allergies. >> thank you, dr. jackie. >> sure. it is a big election year, but there's a controversy brewing about who should be allowed to vote in one part of our area. and, boy, if you think it's cold now, some big changes coming down the pike. storm team4 is tracking that frigid air
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more breaking news at the live desk this afternoon. details of an apparent stabbing in springfield. the investigation happening on loftboro lane off the franconia springfield parkway not far from northern virginia community college's medical campus. fairfax county police say the victim has serious injuries and officers are searching for two suspects who they say are possibly driving a blue honda or toyota, and police say this was not a random attack. more details here and on the nbc washington app as soon as we learn them. cold,brutal cold for everyone coming up. we'll start with future weather, showing you where those flurries may scatter this evening. around areas ofre
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leonardtown. this is around 5:00 this evening. they'll continue to push east toward cambridge and salisbury. scattered up until about 9:00 to 10:00 this evening. our skies partly cloudy but look at the windchill temperatures right now. 20 in gaithersburg. 29 in fredericksburg. by early tomorrow morning, what it will feel like when you step out the door, 5 to 10 degrees. 15 to 20 midday to the afternoon hours. we'll go from brutally cold conditions thursday and friday. because of the wind and the lowest temperatures we've seen this hour, by the time we get to this weekend, dangerously cold conditions expected again with wind. we'll talk about the temperatures, we'll take you hour by hour and show you what you can expect saturday and sunday night if you have plans to go out. for carly fiorina the end came on facebook. out of money and momentum, she suspended her campaign about an hour ago. last night's poor showing in new hampshire in the primary helped end her quest for the white house,
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and she may not be the only one. steve handelsman is live in manchester. steve? >> reporter: hi, pat. thanks. good evening. remember fiorina did not qualify for the republican debate here in new hampshire, and chris christie just found out that he doesn't qualify for the next republican debate. he's reported to be considering his options today. let's switch over to the big winner here in new hampshire, democrat bernie sanders. he started the race in this state next door to his home state of vermont with an awful lot of strength. that is not the case for sanders now in south carolina where the next race takes place. he's particularly weak among african-american democrats and that's what he worked on today. bernie sanders went to harlem for a photo-on-with activist al sharpton, who wants african-american democrats in south carolina to take a fresh look at sanders. and after his more than 20-point win last night. >> people want real change.
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>> reporter: sanders will get a soapbox, attention from democrats, says a south carolinian. >> i don't know if they'll vote for him. he starts way behind but people will give him a hearing. >> reporter: hillary clinton leads by 30 points in south carolina polling but she was stunned last night when young new hampshire democrats and women rejected her for sanders. >> i know i have some work to do, particularly with young people. >> reporter: on the republican side, donald trump's 20-point win powers him to the next contest. >> it feels great. the people are fantastic from new hampshire and i think south carolina, frankly, is going to be very similar to this. >> reporter: trump has a 16-point polling lead. new hampshire gop runner up, ohio governor john kasich, rushed to south carolina. >> i'm starting to really think we're onto something. >> reporter: carly fiorina today quit the race. chris christie is reassessing, but jeb bush and ted cruz and marco rubio moved on to south carolina, which could help the front-runner. >> the more candidates in this race, it makes it possible for
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with 33%, 34% of the vote. >> reporter: like donald trump plans in south carolina. it's two different primaries in south carolina, the republican scrum comes first. it's a week from saturday. then a week after that it's clinton versus sanders. live from manchester, steve handelsman, news4. pat, back to you. >> all right, steve. trump's new hampshire victory sets up his campaign as a force to be reckoned with not just for his rivals but for the republican establishment. we just posted an analysis of that part of the race. you can read it by opening the nbc washington app and searching trump and establishment. just in time for this year's election, thousands of ex-convicts have regained their right to vote in maryland. whur's troy johnson is here with today's "talk aroundto town." this week the senate druk
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down the governor's veto. what are your listeners saying about it. >> listeners are happy about this situation because they feel like a lot of people have been disenfranchised in the past and there's a stigma that people were telling me they feel like is attached with people who are ex felons. they want to know if people feel these folks are supposed to make their way back into society, be a responsible contributor to society, then this is a way to start to lay that foundation for them to be really just an active supporter. >> i had an opportunity to talk to trina from mt. rainier. she said people who served their time definitely should have the right and opportunity to vote. >> i think that it's a part of them becoming a whole citizen, re-entering into society. if you hinder that opportunity, that is discouraging, but if we're really going to give people the opportunity to be upstanding citizens, that some of the rules, some of the
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be released to help that person become a whole citizen again. >> a lot of people echoed her thoughts, and one person said there is a reason for the ex in front of ex-felon. >> another issue related to maryland's primary, the list of candidates is so long, election officials have decided to use paper ballots instead of touch-screen machines. why are your listeners concerned about this? >> they're not happy about that because the hope was that, as you see, folks being in line for a long, significant amount of time, known wants to see that kind of situation. are we not trusting technology that makes voting simpler, headaches it easier, makes it quicker for us? we're going back to a scenario that was what we last used in 2002 in maryland. so folks are hoping not only is it going to be easy for me to vote, the line is not going to be long, abobut they dowa
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if you think back to florida and the chads and all those things. they don't want to see any of niece kin those kinds of situations. >> thank you. pat? >> why your twitter time line is about to undergo a transition. and why was an actor barred from getting on board a flight
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and now, your storm team4 forecast.
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>> and the word for this forecast is just going to be cold across the area. also we do have a couple snow showers out there, but the cold is going to be the real story. i mean, it really is going to be just brutally cold across the region, frigid, arctic air making its way in here. here are the feel-like temperatures through the weekend. on thursday, tomorrow, we'll see windchills in the teens all day. so tomorrow is going to be a very cold day. friday a little bit better. windchills in the mid-20s. i think friday will be a day just like today for the most part, but then here comes the really cold air. single digits, below zero single digits. we're talking about late saturday night into early sunday, and by sunday afternoon we're still only around 10 degrees for windchills. once again, dangerously cold air. veronica has more on that in a few minutes. twitter is tweaking its time line. it lets you catch up on the best tweets from the folks you follow. after turning the feature on, the tweets you're most likely to care about will appear at the top of your time line. they will still be in recent and
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over the weekend the twitter sphere lit up after reports that twitter was changing its feed to look a little more like facebook's news feed. a big controversy on a college campus. why the departure of two professors is igniting big debate at a college not far from here. also why washington is weighing in on the role of animals
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a few flurries this evening and then brutal cold for everyone over the next few days. we'll talk about your out-the-door impact forecast in a few minutes. controversy is growing over a maryland university president after two professors are fired and another is demoted. the terminated staff at mt. saint mary's university opposed a new academic policy. the president made comments about weeding out struggling freshmen. the article published in the students' newspaper said neuman compared those struggling students to, quote, bunnies who need to be drowned, unquote. one of those fired was the faculty adviser to the paper. >> i'm shocked. i'm saddened. mount st. mary's a place i have loved almost all my life. my father went here. i was a student at mount st. mary's. >>
4:46 pm
university haven't commented. today an i-team investigation is revealing a growing threat to firefighters' safety. scott mcfarlane is in the newsroom with more. >> we're finishing work on this story for news4 at 5:00. we found a fast-rising number of fires in the homes of so-called hoarding victims. our review of fire department records caught us by surprise. so too did the troubles firefighters are encountering trying to rescue these victims. >> every time you try to move something out of the way to get the next foot forward, something else falls down on top of you. >> among those killed in such fires recently, that man's mother. her son said she died of smoke inhalation before firefighters could get through all the clutter in her house. her story and the one piece of advice firefighters have for families. part of our investigation tonight on news4 at 5:00. pat? >> thanks, scott. well, as it gets colder, news4 is working
4:47 pm
community to help the homeless. we've compiled a number of resources on the nbc washington facebook page. there you will find numbers to call to get help for someone who is homeless, and you will find links to organizations dedicated to ending homelessness. right now families in indiana are dealing with more than a half a foot of heavy snow. this is video from south bend near the university of notre dame. most schools in that area are closed because of the weather. neighbors spent most of the day clearing sidewalks and driveways and lake-effect snow is still creating problems for anyone driving. and now your storm team4 forecast. >> yeah, there you saw the snow in indiana. temperatures there now in the teens. some of the cold air that's going to be moving this way for us by early tomorrow morning. we're at 36 degrees right now. if you're going to be heading out by early tomorrow morning, our temperature here drops to 25 degrees. and look at haggers town, 20. 18 in winchester. 24by
4:48 pm
fredericksburg. it is going to be a cold one early tomorrow morning. stepping out the door, keep in mind not only the low temperatures but it's also going to be windy, so you will need the coat, the gloves, the hat, a cover-up kind of day. just throw a scarf over the nose and mouth there to keep the wind from hitting -- from hitting you throughout the day. cold and windy. our windchills tomorrow afternoon in the teens. so the weather will have a low to moderate impact on us with sunshine at least across the area for tomorrow. not expecting any flurries. we've got a few coming through the area right now. 30 degrees the high temperature in d.c. 30 manassas, falls church. 31 in waldorf. 29 degrees over in olney. the next change comes late friday night/early saturday morning. temperatures will start to fall and throughout the day on saturday we'll also see falling temperatures. from 28 degrees at 5:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m. the temperature 24. so also with windy conditions. those windchills will be
4:49 pm
lowering from five to ten degrees early 7:00 a.m. is what it will feel like saturday morning. so windy conditions we've got going for us. if you're planning to go out saturday night, the windchill readings 0 to 5 with windy conditions. sunday night, breezy, it will feel like 10 to 15. it will be brutal to dangerous as far as windchill temperatures this upcoming weekend. keep that in mind if you have plans to go out. exercising, for exercising outside, brutal. i would exercise inside. skiing, yes, it's going to be cold but a lot of people already bundled up enough. as far as the evening out, just cover up well if you have plans to go out. here is a look at your storm team4 four-day forecast. 22 the high on saturday, 23 on sunday. as we get into the early part of next week, we're at 35 the high on monday. a new system could come in late monday into early tuesday. may have a little bit of snow and rain mixed with it but look at the temperature tuesday/wednesday of next week. 50 to 52
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could get a lot of it on tuesday. we've got more on that coming up in news4 at 5:00. >> thanks, v.j. right now things are quieting down in the french quarter after another successful mardi gras. new orleans police pushed the revelers off the street at midnight. about 600 workers spent the day picking up all that trash and those beads and then pressure washed the pavement. pope francis put ashes on the foreheads of the faithful today. he celebrated mass on ash wednesday to mark the beginning of lent and starting a 40-day countdown to easter. the actual ashes symbolize mortality. lent is a time when catholics and a lot of other christians practice self-sacrifice. during the mass pope francis focused on the theme of mercy and said we should practice being more sensitive to others. he also says those who commit evil need to experience forgiveness. a visual display on capitol hill today as a group of lawmakers along with peta pushed congr
4:51 pm
animals in military trauma training. medical experts showed off a simulator that talks, breathes, and bleeds. they want it to be used instead of animals when military doctors do their training. congress is considering a bill that could do that. the executive producer of "homeland" who is a former paratrooper was there to lend his support to the cause. >> i know these outdated training methods are cruel, unhelpful, and that there are alternatives that are cheaper that would make our lives safer in the military. >> we reached out to the department of defense. officials say they have phased out the use of animals in some training but they aren't ready to make the switch entirely until the dod is sure the simulator technology meets its standard. you have to adjust to new
4:52 pm
will start at 7 clm to a half hour after sunset. and on weekdays at 8:00 a.m. to a half hour after sunset. it accommodates the new noise ordinance and effts all the dog parts. we are working several developing stories in the newsroom right now. for years they've helped pets find loving homes throughout the area but changes are coming for two popular organizations. it's a little confusing, but he's doing something no one else has done. the big accomplishment for one elected official from our area and what he says he'll do differently. and he's making a name for himself in hollywood, but for now he's stuck south of the border. why a rising actor says his religion kept him from boarding a plane. and how that airline is responding this afternoon. this is news4 at 4:00.
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for years i have warned viewers never to give out personal information to anyone who randomly calls or e-mails them no matter how sweet the deal is. however, a maryland couple's skepticism almost cost them a windfall worth thousands. bob and cheryl rudd recently received a call from a company informing them that cheryl was part of a class action settlement and was awarded substantial amount of money. they contacted smus news4 to he them investigate. >> this can't be real.
4:56 pm
give money. the government does not give money and especially five years later. >> coming up on news4 at 11:00, we'll reveal the jut cooutcome e ru rudds. i'm susan hogan, news4. >> thanks, susan. some people are still tweeting how skeptical they are about what may have happened in new york. one of the image that is lit up social media last night appears to show the world trade center on fire. the fire department says it was just an optical illusion and what appears to be smoke is actually just steam coming out of an hvac unit. firefighters say the steam combined with lights made it look like a fire. a sikh american actor said he wasn't allowed on a plane because he refused to remove his turban. the man wants airline employees to undergo sensitivity training. >> it's not a great feeling.
4:57 pm
in fact, i'm a proud patriotic american citizen. >> reporter: on monday this man says he was not allowed to aboard an air row mexico flight home to america because of his faith and his turban. >> they said take off your turban just like take off your shoes. it would be out of respect to do it in privacy. >> reporter: he spoke to us via facetime from mexico city where he said as a sikh, the turban is a symbol of faith. he said he asked for a private room to remove his turban. >> they then talked to us and came back to me and said you won't be flying aero mexico. you can book yourself on an airlines. >> reporter: the airlines said in part, we apologize to mr. ahluwalia for the unfortunate experience he had with one of our security guards. this incident inspires to make sure we strengthen the customer service protocols. >> veryen
4:58 pm
think that, on the other hand, because of what's going on in the world today, the sikhs should be a little bit sensitive to the fact that we all have to do things that we're not necessarily going to like. >> there's got to be another way to achieve the same level of security while giving him his right to express himself in the way he wants to. >> reporter: as of right now there is no set date as to when he will return to new york. he said he wants to be part of the sensitivity training with the airline and he's in touch with the airline daily. he hopes no one else has to go through what he went through. reporting from columbus circle, news4 new york. >> he has accepted the airline's apology and calls it a victory for tolerance. the airline has promised to improve screening. news4 at 5:00 begins with breaking news. those brand new developments coming in right now in the arrest of that
4:59 pm
volunteer on child pornography charges and abuse charges. >> we just learned about a lawsuit filed in connection with this case. that suit brought by the same family that reported the alleged abuse at the judge sylvania woods elementary school. >> it comes amid other big developments tonight. the principal of that school is now on paid administrative leave. there are allegations other people knew about this. county leaders and the fbi are planning a big news conference late they are evening. news4's meagan fitzgerald will be covering that event. she's also read through this e lawsuit and meagan, what are you hearing now? >> reporter: i can tell you that lawsuit alleges both parents and teachers expressed concern over what they called 22-year-old deonte carraway's predatory behavior toward children. they expressed this concern to school principle michelle williams and it says she didn't do anything about it citing a lack of proof. now, it also says that last week
5:00 pm
the youngest victims in this case, the uncle went to the school principal after he found obscene images on the child's cell phone, showed school principal michelle williams. she told him according to the lawsuit, that they need to have a meeting the next day but before that meeting could happen, the lawsuit says that the uncle called police. this investigation started. carraway got arrested, and as of today we are learning that school principal michelle williams is on paid administrative leave. it's been a challenging week to say the least for many parents and students at judge sylvania woods elementary school. >> i was shocked. i'm still shocked, you know. i just can't believe it. >> reporter: disbelief after parents were told 22-year-old deonte carraway was arrested after investigators say he sexually abused children as young as 9. court documents saying he produced pornographic videos by directing children to perform sex acts on each other all during school


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