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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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time, but we now have additional lanes open both southbound and looking across to the north bound side, it looks like we may have three lanes open in the northbound direction, as well p but this has been a problem throughout the early morning rush hour. we had a tractor trailer headed southbound. it got into an accident with a car, went off the roadway into the median and then the front part, the cab section of the truck, went into the left hand lane in the northbound direction. there was a debris field, so they had to clean all of that up. tremendous progress being made this morning here. still an issue in terms of traffic because it was blocked up here for a while. but we are starting to see things improve. so that's good news. give it a little while longer, though, before we see thing go back to normal. now over to melissa mollett. >> so we have chopper 4 over you here this morning. white lights, southbound 95. a 3 mile backup there. and about a 1 mile backup headed northbound there near
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scaggsville road because of this crash. you'll want to consider bw parkway this morning if you're headed southbound or northbound. outer loop at the american legion bridge, you can see we have a problem on the left side of the roadway. we are seeing some backups starting to stack up by the spur temperature taking a look outer loop by the american legion bridge, lanes are blocked. that should be red right there. it was red just a moment ago. top of the beltway here, remember westbound veirs mill at connecticut, right line getting by the water main break. friday morning, finally friday, everybody, another week of crazy ups and downs in the weather and we're wiabout to ha a downward trend in temperatures. and a quick coating of snow this evening as the leading edge ever the arctic air arrives. could leave half an inch to a quick inch in spots. 5:00 to 10:00 p.m. and then in to the deep freeze we go for the weekend. out the door temra
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14 rockville, 17 reston, 17 in prince george's county. but not as windy as it was last night when you went to bed. temperatures this afternoon, we'll claim into the upper 20s and low 30s with increasing numbers p clouds. and again that chance for snow that is in the ohio valley now, that is the snow chances coming in on us for this evening. so as you're going out tonight, may have to deal with a coating of snow on the ground. 6:02 is your time. right now firefighters are on the scene of a huge fire in rockville. take a look at this video here. a barn at woodmont country club caught fire. these are the flames you can see shooting out across the building. a massive scene there. according to fire and ems, the barn was destroyed. no one was hurt. firefighters have posted watches because the fire has been burning all night. >> fe
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safety, we're worried about that. we go to work hoping that everything is safe. and we don't feel any safety right now. parents demanding aballedge. parents packed the school last night wanting an explanation of how 22-year-old deonte carraway could abuse at least a dozen victims and go undetected. some of the abuse allegedly took place on school property. >> unfortunately, the more we keep looking, the more we keep finding and the broader the whole matter seems to be getting. >> the mother of an 11-year-old victim has filed a new civil lawsuit. prince george's county schools taking several steps to try to keep it from happening again. in addition to public meetings, the district put together a task force to review its current policies. next week principals are
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go over abuse training and reporting. counselors are also meeting with students about appropriate contact in the classroom. developing this morning, metro is getting a new deputy gm of operations. second top ranking official has announced his resignation. rob troup started with metro in 2010. most recently, he held that post but says he's leaving the job. troup was in charge of several large infrastructure projects and was responsible for bringing in the new 7,000 series railcars. but there have been also many problems during his tenure. metro's assistant gm of transit infrastructure will replace him. and this morning the medical director of d.c. fire and ems is officially out. she turned in a brutally frank four page resignation letter earlier this week. the resignation gfg go resignat to today. she told news 4 there is a lack
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improving medical services from d.c. fire and ems. happening today, montgomery county police chief plans to talk about the crash that killed one of his officers after the man charged appears in court. luis will head to court on charges in the death of police officer noah liota. he's charged with manslaughter and failing to pull over for an emergency vehicle. the officer was killed in december when he stopped to check a driver for dwi. he was hit while outside his car in rockville. the kind of criticism that we've heard there senatfrom sens about our president i expect from republicans. >> that is a low blow. the united states in fact should join the rest of the industrialize
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guarantee health care. >> the numbers don't add up. once i'm in the white house -- >> secretary clinton, you're not in the white house yet. substantive disagreement. hillary clinton and bernie sanders scaquaring off last nig. unlike in the new hampshire debate, the candidates didn't quite come out swinging last night.pbs news hour debate being described as spirited but civil. on race relations, clinton promised transparency saying the country needed to have an honest conversation about where to go next. sanders said that he would tax wall treat to improve the lives of minority voters and young people. >> what we will do is say instead of giving tax breaks for billionaires, we will create millions of jobs for low income kids so they're not happening out on street corners. we'll make slure that those kid stay this school, are able to get a college education. >> after
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is iowa and new hampshire, sanders faces more pressure now to outline specific plans to back up his ideology. we'll talk about that and fact check the candidates when tracie potts joins us. republicans have another day of campaigning before their first debate in south carolina. at 9:00 tomorrow night, they will face off in a cbs debate in greenville. donald trump, ted cruz and marco rubio top the polls in that order. trump is leading by an average of 16 points. you may remember ohio governor john kasich finished second in the new hampshire primary. in south carolina, he is polling at an average of just 2%. we're watching new developments this morning involving the zika virus. what we're learning about another local case and when the world health organization thinks we'll see a vaccine. and when we could finally see the long delayed d.c. street car begin service. and breaking news here on the roads. we have one three heil backup on 95,
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition,
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and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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breaking news on the roads. two big problems right now. one 95 at 216 scaggsville road, we have a three mile backup headed southbound. one mile headed northbound because of that semi crash. outer loop at the american legion bridge, a 3 mile backup there. crash off the left side of the roadway. does not look like that will clear anytime soon, so allow extra time. as far as travel times, germantown to the spur, you're fine. just after that is a bit nasty. 95 to 270, no problems before 66 and 95 in virginia also looking okay. right now pope francis is on his way to central america. the pope will start his seven day trip in cuba where he hayes a historic meeting with the head of the russian orthodox church. te
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where he will celebrate has with thousands of people in mexico city's main square. after missed deadlines and years of delays, we may be finally weeks away from having street cars here in the district. a letter set the target date for february 26. "washington post" reports final safety walk throughs and paperwork still have to be completed. final review is pending on the street car system along the h street corridor. in morning. traveling conditions for today and your commute thorks probl, . but by the second half of the evening commute, chance of some snow showers which could leave half an inch to maybe an inch of snow out there. on so your commuter forecast then 18 this morning with the sunshine, 30 on the way home with a chance again for some light snow. more about how low we go temperature-wise this weekend in ten minutes. gearing up
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valentine's day weekend. how one local flower shop is getting you ready to handle your business. also ahead, avoiding an expensive mistake as the temperatures fall. what you need to know to keep your pipes from freezing.
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16 after the hour. it will be at least 18 months before you can get a vaccine for the zika virus, that's the latest from the world health organization. as many as 15 companies are looking to develop vaccines. right now the vaccine is nearly a year and a half away from large scale trials. and the zika virus is now deadly in venezuela. that country's president said thursday that at least three people have died due to complications from the mosquito born illness. 68 others are in the hospital fighting the zika virus. more than 5,000 suspected cases since last november. local health organizations say the real number is likely much
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6:17 now. morning we're learning about matter's first official case of zika virus. it looks like the person did travel to a country in central america where mosquitos carry the virus. they say this person has recovered and poses no danger to the community. >> this is really not cause for alarm or panic. >> maryland has delivered 17 zika test kits for analysis. one returned positive, two have been returned negative. as funeral services begin for those two fallen sheriff deputies this maryland, their colleagues are honoring their lives. both were killed after a gunman shot them on wednesday. patrick dailey was a 30 year veteran, mark logsdon served with the office for 16 years. both were military veterans and decorated deputies who left behind families.
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panera, logsdon shot in the parking lot. the sheriff now says david evans targeted the deputies. >> it is belief that because he knew there was a warrant out for his arrest and what the ultimate outcome of that encounter was going to be would have been his arrest, that's why he took the action against the police officer. we don't believe he laid in waiting to ambush. >> evans was kill in a shoot-out with police. he had a long history of violence cles of includes allegations that he may have shot his ex-wife in 1997. he was they ever caught. that ex-wife was the one who saw him inside the restaurant and called police. we now know when services will take place for one of the officers killed there. visitation for pat dailey will be held at the mountain christian church on monday and tuesday 2:00 to 9:00. funeral services will also happen at mountain christian church next wednesday
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a baltimore court refuses to postpone the trials of three officers charged in freddie gray's death, but uncertainty surrounding the case remains this morning. maryland's court of appeals has been asked to review the cases of five officers whose trials could hinge on whether a sixth officer can be forced to testify against them. a circuit court judge has ruled that officer william porter must te testify against two other officers. freddie gray's death caused violent protests and riots throughout baltimore. we want fto take you live t hillsborough, new jersey where a warehouse fire is still raging out of control. this actually started yesterday afternoon and firefighters working against freezing temperatures and high winds have not been able to contain this. we're
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square feet of warehouse space in that area, major roadways still shut down. again, this fire has been raging since yesterday afternoon and firefighters having a very difficult time getting all of that under control. we'll bring you more as we get it. 6:20. dangerous problem prompting nearly 6,000 baby high chairs to be recalled, it involves eight models. the arm bar can bend or detach. nuna has gotten 50 reports of incidents including four children who were hurt. if you have one, contact the company to get a free new arm bar. a lot of you are sharing if new music video. it's so much fun. take a look. ♪ how cool is that. the song is called upside down and inside out.
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show what they mean by going zero gravity in an airplane. >> that's how astronauts train. nasa even tweeted about this with their own picture. >> don't you think if that nasa tweets, you're legitimate? >> every time it goes viral. no about exception obviously. it's been watched more than 22 million times. >> wow. >> that is a little free advertising. >> and a lot of their videos are really fun. so check it out. >> also really fun -- >> chuck bell? >> i really want to ride in that zero gravity plane. they typhoon the plane down so that the plane is diving faster than you would normally fall, so that creates the zero gravity in the plane and the nickname for it in the military is the vomit comet. >> never mind. i thought i was going to be -- >> sorry
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i'd give anything for a ride in that plane. so if you know anybody, let's me know. impact on your friday from the weather department is going to be moderate. thking clouds, staying cold. evening snow showers a possibility today as the leading edge of the arctic air comes our way. there is the snow now. still about 12, 14 hours away. that puts it in here between 6:00 and 8:00. so right at the tail end ever the evening rush. so i'm a little concerned about that just because of the timing. here is future weather. skies will be clear this morning. bright and sunny to start the day. clouding over about lunchtime. b by 1:00, 2:00, light snow on i-81. and then by 5:00, 6:00, coming right here into the heart of the metro. showing up green here. i promise you, it will be below freezing, take will be snowflakes. so be ready for that. won't be lot of snow, it's the timing and the fact that the ground is frozen take ha
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me concerned. teens outside ride now tght now. so layer up, everybody. at least the wind laid down and it won't come back until this morning. so 15 now. we'll be in the low 20s by 9:00, mid-20s by lunchtime. afternoon temperatures up into the low 30s as the clouds come in, but again light snow possible after about 5:00 or 6:00 here in the metro. could leave a quick coating to maybe a half an inch to an inch at the most. so not looking for a lot of snow. but none the less that will be impactful. and then tomorrow, temperatures staying in the teens and 20s tomorrow with windchills near zero all day tomorrow. so that will be a cold day for sure. another cold one coming up on valentine's day. down near 9 degrees. that won't be a record, but it will be close. and then we'll talk more about the chance for accumulating snow on monday in ten minutes. # here is melissa mollett. still the problem on 95 and then another issue there on the beltway. as to starting with 95, chopper 4off the issue. right now southbound lanes actually looking pretty good.
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getting by that sort of continues to change this morning. southbound a three mile backup, northbound 1 1/2 hemile backup. outer loop at the american legion bridge, this is a 3 mile backup. crash causing interest problems here coming southbound from the spur. water main break here just north of the beltway, we've been talking about this one. west bupd veirs mill at connecticut avenue, have the right lane only thing getting by that water main break. megan mcgrath on her way to that problem. it's 6:24. you can watch president obama make an appearance on the ellen show today. last time he was on the show, he was a candidate for president back in 2007. president obama taped the show while he was in california for several fundraisers. you can watch that appearance tonight -- or today at 3:00 here on nbc 4. >> i wonder if he will play truth or dare. your time is running out if you haven't picked out
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valentine's day gift. at bethesda florist, it's all hands on deck. the entire crew has been packing up flowers and roads, making them perfect. the shop's owner says they're doing ten times the amount of orders for this weekend. >> a lot of deliveries to go out, a lot of sweethearts. not everybody has a loved one, but they have somebody special they want to send something to. and it's got a it on arris got weekend. >> if you haven't ordered your flowers yet, you still have a little time. you might have to pay up, though. >> is that a note for me? >> yes. you've seen the video, now you can learn about what happened when the sinkhole opened up and swallowed eight corvettes. ouch, that is a car owner's worst nightmare. the museum where it happened is opening up a new
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the sinkhole has been fixed since, but the cars are still being restored. this morning d.c. public schools dealing with a major data mistake. private information for about 12,000 students was accidently uploaded to a publicly accessible drop box site. the information included each student's i.d. number, race, age, school, disabilities and any services he or she received. the district thousand lonow loo the person who uploaded that information. it was taken down several hours later. >> today at the lincoln memorial, national park service will mark the 207th anniversary with a wreath laying. it happens at foon and tnoon an guard and musical program. >> that program is free and open to the public. it's not as bad as it was yesterday at this time, but you'll still need your warmest winter gear this morning. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell shows you how much colder it will be for your wed.
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temperatures comes problems inside your home. what you need to know to make sure you're not calling an emergency plumber this weekend. breaking news on the roads. a
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we're staying on top of breaking news causing a mess of traffic on 95 in maryland. a car and truck cashed. scaggsville road in laurel is the scene. the driver of the car was taken to the spital. it's not clear how badly they were hurt. crews have been on the scene here cleaning up for the last few hours. let's go to melissa mollett with how this is impacting the friday commute. >> no matter which way you're coming, it is slow here. southbound a 3 mile backup, northbound looking worse than it was. now a 2 mile backup headed authority there on 95. still have some crews there on the scene slowing things down. and again, kind of moving things throughout the morning here. outer loop at the american legion bridge, not sure what is in front of the camera, but you
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can see everyone trying to get that problem on the left side. a 3 heil backmile backup. no major problems in prince george's county. and top of the beltway, westbound veirs mill, water main break at connecticut avenue, just the right lane getting by. chuck. have to get the water mains fixed before we dive into the team freeze. four things you need to know about the weather, snow showers coming our way for this evening could leave a quick coating of snow on the ground between about 6:00 and 10:00. shiver me timbers all weekend long. at that time cold seriously. limit outdoor exposure, check on your friend and thabneighbors. and monday snow chance on the increase, as well. skies mostly clear, pre-dawn glow out there early this morning. temperature 18 on your way out the door this morning. we'll be in the upper 20s to low 30s for highs today. and again snow shower chances come back in on us foris
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evening. and another chance for some accumulating snow coming our way as we get into monday. we'll track that all weekend long. we're tracking the bitter cold temperatures out there this morning, as well. the bad news is as chuck said, it's only getting colder. molette green is live now with how you can keep your pipes safe during this deep freeze. we know this can be a big problem if they freeze. >> reporter: i know, it's big problem this time of year working on that in your home. here is the big culprit, see this? it's the dirty air filter. that is the source of all of your problems, a lot of them, during this time of year. pat nugent, hold up the clean one. tell me why this is the source of so many problems with the pipes and your house. >> can't move the air through the house, the house isn't going to stay warm. maybe turn the thermostat up a little bit higher, clean the air filter and you might make it through the harsh weather. >> that's it.
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clean. and ladies and gentleman, if you're anything like my husband, check the air fail ter. my husband forgets all time. so take a look at your tv screen. you have to keep the pipes insulated. open up the cabinet doors in the kitchen and the bathroom. those are some of the things that you need it on do to make sure this weekend and these cold days don't make your house a disaster. and you have to call nugent and sons. their crews are coming in right now. we're live in sterling at the warehouse. back to you. 6:33 now. as chuck mentioned, it's a weather alert weekend with extra cold temperatures outside. be careful when you're heating up. they say misusing space heaters and similar equipment
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number one reason people die in fires this time of the year. make sure you keep anything that can burn at least three feet away from heaters and fireplaces and make sure that you turn them off when you're leaving a room or going to bed. and as it grows colder, nbc 4 is working for you in our community to help the homeless. we've compiled several rear sous in the nbc washington app and links to organizations dedicated to ending homelessness. just search homelessness in our app. would you mind a homeless shelter in your neighborhood? the debate over d.c. mayor muriel bowser's plan to create neighborhood based homeless shelters is raging on. last night people in all eight city wards head to talk about that proposal. d.c. general would close down and those homeless families would move will into smaller units across the city. the plan is getting mixed reviews. >> those who live right near there are the ones that will be bearing the
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decades. sdl one thi s >> one thing that i like about the community is that we're inclusive. >> mayor bowser dismissed concerns that the small family shelters will increase crime. a disturbing case of suspected child abuse involving zip tie, plastic wrap and a belt heads to court today. police say those are the items craig and nicole williams used to abuse their 7-year-old son. both were arrested in december in clarksburg. the boy was treated for multiple cuts and bruises. a hearing is in a few hour. later today we may find out where the sheen in the potomac river came from. it tested positive for petroleum fuel. additional samples are being processed and they will give an update
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there is a vote on a new bill in virginia today targeting parents who smoke. you could get $100 fine if you're caught smoking with children in the car. republican delegate todd pillpr. if passed, you can't get pled over for just smoking, but if they pull you over for something else, they could fine you for the smoking, as well. we asked you what you think about the bill and it look like you are overwhelmingly this support of it. 86& of you said it's a good idea, 14% says they think it goes too far. the latest high ranking executive to leave metro and how they're moving forward without them. and laying out their action plan. the steps prince george's county public schools is taking to keep your kids safe. and breaking new, still following two major problems on two major roadways. nd
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breaking news. a 5 mile backup on the beltway outer loop at the american legion bridge is where the problem is. coming off 270, it's getting nasty near honest tromontrose r that 95 at scaggsville, backups growing quite rapidly. 270 and 95, top of the beltway, everything is okay there. 66 and 95 overall again no major issues on those routes headed in. 6:40 now. new this morning, a fire killed more than into dozen chickens in potomac. no people were hurt. they tweeted these photos. firefighters say a chicken coop went completely up in flames. a car was
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getting the kids ready for friday at the bus stop this morning, it is a cold one for sure. temperatures out there are right around 18 degrees. a little hint of a windchill left. coming home from school this afternoon between 3:00 and 4:00, mostly cloudy, temperatures low 30s. so the kids will need their heavy coat and mittens and wolf scar wool scarves today. won't need the umbrella. we'll be weather alert all weekend because of the dangerous levels of windchills. right now we're watching and ongoing situation in montgomery county after a late night fire did big time damage to a building at a country club. why firefighters are still on the scene this morning. the american people -- >> plus laying off the attack in their latest debate. the issues hillary clinton and bernie sanders tried to handler home to their viewers of their latest debate.
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services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern.
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problem on the beltway, problem on 95. here is the beltway issue, outer loop at the american legion bridge, 5 mile backup. and chopper still over this issue, 95 at scaggsville road, backup 3 miles northbound and 6 miles southbound. anot
6:45 am
arrives this this evening with a chance of show showers tonight. date night conditions saturday night and sunday night for valentine's weekend, perfect for hugs and hand holding, but blue brutally cold outside. and firefighters keeping watch over a major fire burning in montgomery county. you take a look at the scene of the woodmont country club in rockville. the barn there caught fire. not clear why. we do know it had fertilizer inside. the barn collapsed as you might imagine as you look at the flames. firefighters still trying to make sure there isn't any environmental danger here. the tifire has been contained. i'm surprised how long it took for something to be done. >> frustrated parents take their message to prince george's county schools demanding to know why students were allowed to be sexually abused. another student has come toward and mo
6:46 am
filed involving the sex abuse. parents packed the school wanting apan explanation of how t deonte carraway could go undetected. so far they have located 12 victims. in unfortunately, the more we keep looking, the more we keep finding. sglo >> the mother of an 11-year-old victim also filed a new civil lawsuit. leaders at the schools are taking action to try to prevent tut abuse. in addition to public meetings, the district put together a task force to review its current policies. next week principals are having mandatory meetings with staff to go over abuse training and reporting. counselors are also meeting with students about appropriate contact in the classrooms. happening toda
6:47 am
county police chief plans to talk about the crash that killed one of his officers after the man charged appears in court for the first time today. a grand jury indicted him in the death of officer noah liota. he was killed in december when he stopped to check a driver to dwi and was out of his car there this in rockville. we're following breaking news in wheaton, maryland. crews have spent the last few hours trying to plug a water main break at veirs mill road. >> this is causing some traffic problems. h megan megan mcgrath just got to the scene. >> reporter: and we still have water coming from the broken water main. they're having difficulty shutting down the valve. this actually broke yesterday afternoon, but tha
6:48 am
water in the area and this of course is causing a traffic impact. we're talking about veirs mill road this t in the westbound direct just after connecticut avenue. the two left lanes are closed, there is just one lane getting by the right. and considering how cold it is out here, you can see that we do have some slushy conditions. obviously they have treated the area somewhat because where the water is running, it is water, it is not frozen, but as you start to come out of the area, that is when things are starting to get a little slushy there along the sides. so certainly bring your speeds down as you travel through this area. veirs mill road just after connecticut avenue. not sure how long this will be an issue for us. they have to shut the water down before they can make the repairs. so if you travel through this area, take it easy and just be aware that you will travel through some water and then some slush until you get by this trouble spot. back to you. 6:49 now. developing this morning, met
6:49 am
operations. rob troup handed this his resignation as the second top ranking official. he was in charge of several large infrastructure projects and brought the new 7,000 series railcars in. but there have been many problems during his tenure, as well. metro's z assistant gm of transit infrastructure will replace him. and medical director of d.c. fire ems is officially out this morning. she turned in a four page resignation letter early on tuesday and it goes in to effect today. in that let's ter eter she says are dying needlessly and it's not making the news. a faceoff tomorrow night this decision 02016, this time the republicans on the debate stage in greenville, south carolina. donald trump is leading in the polls. ohio governor john kasich who
6:50 am
state is only polling at 2% in south carolina. cbs is hosting saturday's debate, it starts at 9:00. to the democrats now, hillary clinton will have a new campaign ad running in south carolina this weekend. we have a sneak peek of it for you. it is narrated by a man who lost his wife this last year's shooting at a church in charleston. >> we need to make some changes. hillary is making sure that guns don't get this to the wrong hands. stronger gun law so is no family ever has to go through anything like this again. >> you may remember investigators say the charleston massacre was racially motivated. race relations did come up in last night's debate about that here are a look at some of the other big moments from hill because k milwaukee. >> senator bernie sanders of vermont. >> former secretary of state, hillary clinton.
6:51 am
>> the american people are tired of establishment politics. >> i'm not asking people to support me because i'm a woman. once i'm in the house -- >> secretary clinton, you're for the not in the white house yet. >> a change in tone on the debate stage in milwaukee. hillary clinton and bernie sanders stuck to it their platforms without the attacks we saw during the new hampshire debate. tracie potts is on capitol hill thousand and some of the analysts are saying that will debate was civil but candidates specifically sanders missed some opportunities. >> reporter: there were a few times when secretary clinton wpt after him on things for example the free college and free health care that she says he can't afford. she also says would grow government by 40%. now, this is the argument we often hear from republicans about big government, but she was appealing to the less liberal end of her party saying government will get a lot bigger if he tries to get this done.
6:52 am
of push back on that. the other thing she really didn't have to deal with her e-mail controversy. which we understand now we're going to be getting more of her e-mails before the next debate happens. but she didn't have to deal with that a lot. and there were a number of area where is it looked like they decided to be civil or the moderators decided in a number of cases to shut it down and move on to another topic. >> let's talk about what seemed to an clear appeal to minority voters last night. big issue going forward. >> reporter: no question. how many times did you hear both of them sort of tick off a long list of people they were trying to appeal to. latinos, immigrants, working class families, african-americans. both were asked it they thought they could do a better job with race relations than president obama did and while secretary clinton gave sort of a tepid yes saying there are areas where they can move ford,
6:53 am
no doubt i can do a better job than the first ofafrican-americ president did. there were a number of times throughout this two hour debate where they both specifically tried to appeal to african-americans and you can guess why. big african-american population coming up in the south carolina primary. >> tracie potts on capitol hill for us. thank you. breaking news on the bet y beltway. outer loop at the american legion bridge, a 5 mile backup. because of a crash blocking the left lane. chopper 4 still over this issue as the sun coming up, a little easier to see. looks like most of the debris and all of that is gone now. but we still have a 3 mile backup northbound and 6 miles southbound. 95 at scaggsville road. now, taking a big look at things, you can see the backup there on the beltway and then the one here on 95. 295, bw parkway, also a little slow. a lot of folks probably using
6:54 am
i don't blame you. westbound veirs mill road at connecticut avenue, the water main break this morning. chuck. outside over the weekend it will be very, very cold. it will feel like it's in the 20s today. but most of the day tomorrow it will feel like it's down in the single numbers above or below zero. staying cold on sunday. and then recovering a bit as we get into monday. we will be close to record low temperatures on sunday morning. records are 4 this washington, d.c. record low at national itself in the last 70 years is 7. but both dulles and bwi, well below zero. so we'll be within a whisper temperature right now this morning it is 12 this gaithersburg, 16 manassas, 20 st. mary's county. beautiful sky out there this morning. clouds increasing during the day. temperatures climbing to around 32, 33 for a high. but then snow shower chances for the second part of the evening commute. future wear
6:55 am
in the shenandoah valley. by 5:00, this is going to be a little line of light snow showers coming in. and by 6:00, 7:00, could be enough to leave a coating of snow on the ground not looking for much, maybe a quick quarter to half an inch, maybe an inch west. planning out tomorrow, plan to be frozen solid all day. temperatures hovering they're 20 degrees in the morning. and fall manage to the teens. so going out for date night saturday night, windchills below zero and another cold one coming up on sunday. but the wind won't be as much of an issue on valentine's day itself. another chance for accumulating snow on monday afternoon and monday night. it will start as snow, it will end as rain. we're watching out for the possibility of some iciness there in the transition early tuesday morning. and right now pope francis on his way to an historic meeting with the head of the russian
6:56 am
after his visit cuba, pope francis will travel to mexico for five days. 6:56. there is another shakeup at metro. it now has a new deputy gm of operations after rob troup handed in his resignation. metro's assistant gm of transit infrastructure is stepping in. as we noted, a different tone in the first debate since the new hampshire primary p we did not see the attacks we saw in previous debates. >> a major fire contained but still burning at woodmont country club. it destroyed a barn. crews working on clear up a crack on 95 in maryland near scaggsville road. one driver was taken to the hospital. aside from that we also have this problem outer loop at the american legion bridge, a 5 mile backup headed southbound on 270 across the spur from the college park avenue. it is very slow here this morning. so again, a 5 mile backup there. and what eun was
6:57 am
3 miles northbound, 6 miles southbound. no issues 66, 95 in virginia or prince george's county. outside today, watching out if a quick half an inch to an inch of snow second half of the evening rush tonight. could be very slippery. brutally windy and cold all weekend, everybody. happy valentine's day. >> indeed. all right. thank you, chuck. that is the broadcast this morning. >> the "today" show is next.
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good morning. cuddle up. valentine's day weekend off to a bone-chilling start. 19 in d.c. 16 in new york. 8 in boston. if you think that's cold, al says, just wait. standing by herrma man. hillary clinton comes to the president's defense during the debate. >> the kind of criticism we've heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans, i do not expect from someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed president obama. >> madame secretary, that is a low blow. >> will that strategy help or hurt her? machete attack. a man storms into an ohio restaurant and


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