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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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afar. >> i'm very worried for children. now at 6:00, the pope, the hot topic on the campaign trail. why he's suggesting donald trump is not christian. it's been a nerve-racking month for 7-elevens across the dmv. the man police say may be tied to several robberies. and we're on pothole patrol. what's being done to make your drive home safer and perhaps even smoother. we begin with presidential politics. another injection of drama in the presidential race the likes of which we have not seen. today pope francis was asked about donald trump. the pope said a person who would build walls and not bridges is not a christian. as you might expect, trump fired back a couple times, in fact. steve handelsman on capitol hill with the latest. >> thanks. pope francis showed last september he's willing to get involved in u.s. politics when he came up here to the hill and urged congress to do more to fight poverty and global warming. but this i
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>> great people. >> reporter: in south carolina donald trump sounded surprised when he learned pope francis had questioned his faith. >> the pope? what did the pope say? i like the pope. >> reporter: asked about trump, francis said -- a person who thinks only about building walls and not building bridges is not christian. the pontiff had gone to the u.s./mexican border to support migrants fleeing poverty and chaos. trump fired back. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian. >> reporter: and trump slammed mexican leaders who oppose a wall. >> they're using the pope as a pawn and they should be ashamed of themselves. >> reporter: francis' condemnation could apply to the rest of the republicans who will wall back a wall. jeb bush a roman catholic. >> that's not an unchristian thing to do, to make sure people don't come across our border illegall
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>> vat kin city controls who comes in, when they come in and how they come in. and as a result the united states has the right to do that as well. >> reporter: burakovsky, wernie courted civil rights leaders in washington. the immigration fight again put a spotlight on donald trump. could this affect the outcome of the race? well, about one-fourth of u.s. voters are catholics. they tend to be swing voters supporting democrats or republicans and about three-quarters of them in a recent poll said they admire pope francis. now to the words that spring to virginia voters' minds when top presidential candidates are mentioned. a poll was released showing hillary clinton and donald trump leading to the have iowa primaries. the center released word clouds that show how virginia voters described each candidate. the larger the word in the image, the more times it was mentioned. the people polled,
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see, describe trump as crazy and a businessman. among other things. the words that voters used to describe hillary clinton include liar and experienced. we've blocked out some of the more offensive terms in both of these word clouds. a new hint about who president obama will nominate to fill the supreme court vacancy. in a radio interview today, vice president joe biden said the president will nominate someone who has enjoyed republican support in the past. the public is invited to pay final respects to justice scalia tomorrow. his body will lie in repose in the great hall of the supreme court from 10:30 in the morning until 8:00 in the evening. president obama will pay his respects tomorrow. vice president biden will attend the funeral on saturday. news4 has learned that the homily will be given by justice scalia's son, father paul scalia. breaking news out of
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tonight. we're working to learn more about this tourist helicopter which crashed near the arizona memorial and pearl harbor. you can see it dropped from the sky and into the water right near land. five people were on board and we've learned one of them is in critical condition. chris lawrence is working on this story from the live desk and he'll bring us any new information through the newscast. there is a search in the district tonight for the person who shot and killed two men. >> it happened just before 1:00 this afternoon on 58th street nest n northeast not far from the d.c./maryland line. one man has found dead inside, the other died a short time later at the hospital. police do not have a description of a person of interest. a live look from our storm team4 x 4. it's out on pothole patrol. we're kicking off a new campaign today to help you avoid and to report potholes. you can tweet us @4potholefix. and then follow along to see where other drives ar
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into trouble. tom sherwood is joining us now. >> along with pothole repairs on beach drive there's still a lot more work to come, right? >> reporter: yes, there is, jim and doreen. right here there are hundreds of potholes like that one on beach drive. this two-lane road was never intended for heavy commuter traffic. now it needs another big resurfacing. this is beach drive, a 6 1/2 mile winding road through rock creek park that hasn't been resurfaced in 25 years. park service crews are out every day now trying to keep up with hundreds of potholes. temporary work that could go on for week. that's annoying, but it will get worse before it gets better. >> later this year we're embarking on a three-year overhaul to completely reconstruct beach drive. it will be a much nicer ride for those driving and those out driving and
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weekends. >> reporter: the potholes are bad closing parts of the road for grers to come brings its own trouble. >> sort of my only route across. >> reporter: they're closing whole sections of it. >> when are they starting that? >> reporter: late they are year. >> for three years. >> reporter: for three years. pothole repair or major reas far asing, the park service wants you to be prepared. >> this will impact their commute every day for a couple years. the whole thing won't be closed at once but there will be detour for three years. we'll make sure to keep the public informed and get information out regularly throughout the project. >> reporter: pothole crews are expected to be out here for several more weeks. in rock creek park, tom sherwood, news4. it's been kind of a
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yesterday high temperatures close to 50 in the city. today we barely reached the upper 30s. take a look at the high. 39 degrees, d.c. only 35 in hagerstown and 37 around the baltimore area. so, yeah, it's been on the cool side for sure. as we move through the next couple days, take a look at this map. if that doesn't make you happy, i don't know what will. look back to the west. 76 in wichita. it is 90, 90 in western portions of kansas an that's the warm air making its way our way. obviously we're not going to get that warm but 68 in memphis. we'll get into the 60s as we move through the next couple days. tomorrow on the cool side again. another cool day tomorrow, but then a beautiful, beautiful weekend with temperatures into the 60s both saturday and sunday. sunday a chance of a shower. we'll explain which part of the day has that chance and the latest on our storm next week. where will it go? what will it do? a lot of questions out there. i have some answers, some, coming up in the full forecast. >> thanks,
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a marine being beaten up and robbed outside a mcdonald's restaurant in d.c. it happened last friday night on e street northwest. surveillance cameras caught part of the attack. you can see a couple guys walking by and kicking the kikt. others going through his pockets, taking his belongings. nobody has been arrested in this. police are hoping that this video might help them track down some suspects. d.c. police have arrested two men in a barbershop shooting. they're looking still for a third man. the three suspects shot and injuried a man and his 14-month-old son who was sitting on his lap last friday afternoon. terrance atchinson and barry bloomfield have been arrested and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. are looking f anthony chambers. coming up president obama about to make some history. >> what he plans to do when he visits cuba next month. and doreen and vance, the president is not the only one making a hi
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planning to go this weekend. what they hope to see change that could mean a direct flight from here to havana. rivals united. who is helping apple in its legal battle with the fbi over digital privacy and national security?
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barack obama. >> he will soon become the first sitting american president to visit cuba in nearly 90 years. in a tweet today the president revealed he will be making the trip to ha vvana in march. the president is hoping to open a diplomatic door that can't be closed. >> our objective here is to do as much as we can with the time we have remaining to headache this an irreversible policy. gee needs to push on human rights and this is a great opportunity to do that. >> i don't know if him actually going to cuba is going to fix anything. >> earlier this week the u.s. and cuba agreed to restore regular air service. however, general tourism to cuba is still banned, and the trade embargo will remain in place until congress decides to lift it. a decision of local leaders packing their bags for a historic trip to cuba planned for this weekend. >> they include muriel bowser, ike
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and also david culver. he will be making a return trip to cover the historic visit. >> david joins us with why some are disappointed about the trip. >> since relations between the u.s. and cuba were officially re-established last summer, these type of delegation visits are becoming increasingly common. terry mcauliffe went just last month. this trip combines all of our region, d.c., maryland, and virginia, and those going tell me it's all about networking. it's scenic, majestic, just beautiful. for five decades cuba's tempting american tourists flocked by the u.s. embargo. as we've shown you, some cubans are preparing for the day that changes and with relations re-establi re-established, local businesses want in. >> tourism is the lifeblood in the greater washington region. it's a remarkable opportunity to explore opportunities to bring more people here, more of those flights direct noop
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forth. >> reporter: jim dinegar is joining the chamber of commerce on the upcoming trip. he wants to see direct flights from d.c. to havana. >> this will move quickly. the private enterprise of the airlines is moving quickly to make this happen and it will mean there will be infrastructure improvements in the airports down in cuba, the airports certainly to accommodate those flights here. >> anybody that has had a family who has fled cuba has so many story that is mirror my family's story, and it stays with you your whole life. >> but the thought of doing business with castro's cuba troubling for cuban-american lawmaker jason myades. >> he need to not forget those people. please don't forget those people. give a voice to the voiceless. >> reporter: the delegation acknowledges the painful past and stresses no formal deals will be made while there. >> but what we can do is be sensitive to it and be sti
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have. be sensitive to it in the meetings we have. >> reporter: the delegate says president obama's trip further ignores those struggling in cuba. meantime, the delegation will leave this saturday and as we mentioned, we'll be joining them for the five-day trip. i will keep you posted on facebook, twitter, and instagram. we will also bring you live reports from havana that begins next week on news4. vance? >> thanks, david. david last june visited cuba with his mother and grandmother. their first time back to the island nation in 54 years. you can watch his special report. we call it rediscovering cuba. it's in our nbc washington app. just hope it up and search rediscovering cuba. right now there are new concerns that isis may get its hands on radioactive material that vanished from southern iraq. the highly dangerous material iridium 192 was stolen from a storage facility in november. it's used by the oilus
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check for leaks in pipes. officials are concerned isis fighters might get ahold of it and build a dirty bomb. the state department says there is no evidence isis pulled off that theft. apple has found an unlikely ally in the fight against the fbi. they are asking them to help them hack a phone used by one of the shooters in the san bernardino attacks. ma mark barger has developments. >> reporter: apple is finding help from one of its fiercest rivals goggle. >> i think what apple is suggesting is that this little key that the government is offering -- or asking for creates a slippery slope that could potentially be made vulnerabilities for the millions of phones that are deployed around the world. >> reporter: the fbi wants apple to create new ftsorewa to bypass a security feature thatr eesas all data after ten wng
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the government says the help is only needed on this one device. >> the slippery slope, that technology would exist and how do you stop people from asking for it? >> reporter: apple says they have been assisting the fbi but the latest request goes too far. ceo tim cook says, creating a, quote, backdoor to bypass enjimption is something he says they do not have and something we consider too dangerous to create. the manhattan district attorney di agrees saying it's critical for prosecutors to gain access to data stored on phones. >> this is a decision where to draw the line between public safety and privacy that needs to be made by independent players, the legislature and the courts. >> reporter: the fbi says it's running out of options as it tries to recover potential evidence stored on the shooter's phone. mark barger, nbc news. new at 6:00, congress weighed in on the zika virus urging president obama to use leftover ebola funds to fight it. earlier this month the president asked for
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emergency funding to fight zika. senior house republicans told the white house today that more than $2.5 billion remains unobligated ebola funds. to date there are at least 52 cases of zika in this country from travelers who have returned to the u.s. with the virus. if you own a drone and you use it for rek nation, you have until tomorrow to get it registered. more than 342,000 people have already gone to the federal aviation administration website to register. the fee is 5 bucks and the registration is valid for three years. failure to register can result in a criminal fine of up to $250,000 and three years in prison. new tonight, two people have been arrested in the killing of a virginia man who conned several banks into lending him tens of millions of dollars. and we're talking about child abuse violations in school tonight. this comes after 17 victims were recently reported in prin
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we'll report what power the school board has to make any changes and how long could it take to implement any changes. all that and more coming up at 6:00. and a real weather roller coaster. cool tomorrow and then very warm and then we come crashing right back down. could see a winter storm next week. we'll talk much more about it. that's a nice shot
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and now your storm team4 forecast. >> we're looking at the forecast over the next couple days. ups and downs. we have some great weather, some nasty weather. we've got it all over the next few days. right now it's not too bad. temperatures into the mid to upper 30s today. right now we're down to 36 degrees under clear skies. winds out of the north at about 15 miles per hour. that northerly component to the wind always going to give us a cool wind. windchills in the 20s. so it's chilly. already down below freezing, gaithersburg, urbana. around 34 towards fredericksburg. king george, around 38 there. temperatures are going to fall tonight. we'll get below freezing once again. so we will see some slick spots as we've seen the last couple days, the last couple mornings but not a huge deal. storm team4 radar all clear. no rain, no snow to talk about. actually going to be pretty tranquil, pretty quiet as we move through the next couple days. i am watching a frontal boundary. this time a warm front is moving in.
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the region. here are the clouds from that warm front. it's going to move like this across the area. behind it it's not just warm, it's downright hot. kansas today just shattering records. up to 90 degrees in parts of the area toward western kansas and that's the kind of warm air we have moving into our area. by this time on saturday, temperatures will be some 25 degrees warmer than they are out there right now. so some very good numbers. now overnight tonight it will be quite cool. down to 26 in the city. 20 back to hagerstown and 23 in leesburg. waking up to friday on a cold note. it will be rather chilly all day even though temperatures may be a little warmer than they were today. it will feel cool because of the cloud cover. 27 degrees tomorrow morning but then a lot of clouds during the afternoon. temperature around 42 degrees. most areas upper 30s to right around 40. as we move on through the day tomorrow, the impact still on the low side. no significant weather to talk about other than the fact that we are going to just be feeling on the cool side. so that forecast is low for that
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impact forecast and really we don't get into moderate or high until next week. this weekend is looking great. this weekend is also looking warm. and that sets the stage for our next storm system. still watching next week. this is the pattern the next few days. that warm air comes to the mid-atlantic, down to the south. very, very warm air, but tracking the jet stream here, we've got the northern branch. the southern bramnch, it producs a little piece of energy down to the south. two branches come together down to the south. now, where do they come together? how strong is it? where does our storm go? is it too warm? is the storm inland, out to sea? there's so many questions with this storm, tough to create a good forecast for this far out but the pattern is right for a storm. rain or snow will be likely. stay with storm team4 over the next couple days. we will continue to refine this forecast. should have a much better idea by saturday night into sunday. look at that weekend forecast though. 63 saturday, 60 degrees
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a chance of a shower late sunday but that's about it. the weekend looking great. more on the storm at 6:45. we want to take you back to our breaking news at the live deck. we just learned the ntsb is sending a team to investigate this chopper crash in hawaii. it was a tourist chopper that went down to the last few hours. it was 10:00 in the morning there in hawaii. five people were on board. all of them were pulled from the water by good samaritans and one of them just spoke with our affiliate there. >> i seen the helicopter started sputtering about 500 feet and the pilot did what i would say would be-amazing job. as it was sputtering and coming down he put it just off the shore where everybody was. as soon as it hit the water, splashed down, the blades stopped. two people popped out. i jumped in. >> now, one of the survivors is 16 years old and in critical condition. witnesses say they saw smoke
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shortly before it wept down. doreen? >> chris lawrence, thank you. some major track work on metro to impact your ride home next week. on monday and tuesday nights crews will be replacing a 400-foot section of rail on a sharp curve between the smithsonian and federal center. it will start at 8:00 both nights. that means there will be single tracking between these two stations with delays of about 15 minutes expected. the silver line trains will only run between ballston and wiehle-reston east. coming up next, a crime growing in frequency in the district. >> cell phone ransom. we talked to one woman who was robbed not once, but twice when she tried to get her phone back. and if you're tired of being forced to rent a set top box from your cable company, the fbi is on your side. a
6:27 pm
sexual abuse and child pornography. now the prince george's county school board is reviewing some of its policies. coming up on news4 at 6:00, how
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you're watching news4 at 6:00. right now a local elementary school has been rocked by allegations of child porn.
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that could be coming to schools to keep your children safe. coming up, a story about a woman and her iphone in penn quarter. robbed and then robbed again. the fcc has approved a big change today. it changes how much you would spend on your cable bill. and demolition day in the district. major project getting under way for two of d.c.'s sports teams. the prince george's county school board is meeting tonight to discuss proposals to better protect children at school from sex abuse. >> as our county bureau chief tracee wilkins reports now, there are questions about just how far the board can go. >> reporter: that's the big question. how far can they go, jim, and how fast can they act? >> i know for a fact tonight a large part of the discussion will be training and expectations. >> reporter: tonight the prince george's county school board is planning to do its
6:31 pm
ensure students are safe. this after deon tai carraway, a volunteer and former teacher aide was allegedly able to molest and videotape multiple students on school grounds. 17 victims have been identified so far. >> there are a lot of areas i have kerns. >> reporter: ed borroughs moved the board to review their policies. >> to figure out if there are any gaps in our our current policies and procedures. >> reporter: parents we spoke with at judge sylvania woods elementary say the review is a step in the right direction, but it's just a step. >> a background check is not going to bring out what type of person you are at heart. that is nothing but paper. >> that's the right thing to do. they have to do it because of the kids and i feel sorry for e
6:32 pm
>> reporter: while changing school policies can normally take several months, burroughs is hoping this process will move faster. >> because we have students' lives in our hands we have to move promptly. i'm hoping we can get a comprehensive review and immediately following today's meeting we'll begin to act. >> reporter: they're expected to review the policies in the next few minutes. the meeting is already under way. we talked with burroughs about what he would like to see changed. he said he's looking forward to a number of amendments that he wants to change. reporting live, i'm tracee wilkins. the police in prince george's county believe that a man convicted of a scam, a man who lived in loudoun county, was killed in prince george's as part of a robbery. two people are facing charges in the murder
6:33 pm
el atari was found shot and killed in a truck in upper marlboro on saturday. he had been reported missing days earlier. two men, eric garris, and taqwa muhammad were arrested yesterday. they are being held without bond. one of the items stolen was a rolex watch. police say witnesses helping them with the investigation. >> he had intimate knowledge of the scene itself, of the crime scene. >> police say that el atari used to own a restaurant in northern virginia. he was convicted in 2010 for scamming banks out of more than $50 million. he got out of prison after just four years for testifying in two high-profile cases. we've reported about cell phone thefts in our area but one woman said she became the victim of a back-to-back crime. >> pat collins at the penn quarter area right now downtown d.c. with more on this story.
6:34 pm
her iphone, then it was her money. a woman victimized twice here in penn quarter. she says it was almost like she paid the thief to rob her. >> i like to think of myself as like a worldly, independent person who travels alone and i hate feeling vulnerable and like i'm not that person. >> reporter: that's lauren. she was ripped off and then, well, ripped off again. it was tuesday night in penn quarter. she was going to meet some friends. she was looking at a map on her iphone to help her find her way when all of a sudden she encounters a group of teenagers. a teenage girl steals her phone and then runs off. >> i'm holding the phone in my hand staring at it, and out of nowhere this girl runs from behind me, snatches it out of my hand, and books it across the street. the l
6:35 pm
i couldn't run and catch hefer. she's laughing. i'm screaming. >> reporter: moments later a teenage boy comes up. he says he can get her phone back for a price. he wants $60. lauren offers him a down payment. >> eventually i gave him $20 and i said i'll give you the rest when you come back. obviously he never came back and that was it. i paid him to rob me. >> reporter: police say they're concerned about this double theft. >> unfortunate that, one, her cell phone was taken and then moments later when she thought she could entrust somebody to retrieve that item, that they ultimately were there just to rob her. so we are -- >> reporter: these cell phones are hot items. >> very hot items. >> reporter: police say be careful. watch your phones. watch your money. watch your back. jim and doreen? >> pat collins, thank you, pat. the unews4 i-team is takinga
6:36 pm
closer look at a growing crime, phone ransoms. >> scott macfarlane and the i-team went undercover and found out why it's so difficult to get your phones back. >> we found a fast growing cases like the one you just saw from local college campuses to the grounds of the u.s. capitol in which people are demanding payment before returning lost or stolen cell phones. at least one man was arrested for doing so by metro transit police. thousands of you have been watching the surveillance video on our nbc washington facebook page. it shows people boarding the train and then bolting after stealing a phone. the crooks even threw rock salt in the women's face. weeks later someone got ahold of the phone and got ahold of the woman from whom it was stolen, demanded hundreds of dollars before returning it. transit police say they are tracking down on that and this type of growing crime. >> and the person who stole it called the victim back and said i'll sell you your phone back and create a ruse, i foun
6:37 pm
something of that nature. the victim calls us and we will coordinate the buy back. >> on news4 at 11:00, the i-team is under cover. we find out what happens when we place our phones it places around the d.c. area. government regulators took a step that could save you money on your cable bill. >> in a 3-2 vote, fcc commissioners adopted a policy that will open up the market for set-top boxes. the proposed rule change will give cable and satellite customers more choice in whether to use their service provider's set-top box and pay a rental fee or choose a device from a competing company. american families spend an average of more than $200 a year on box rentals from cable companies. >> those competitive options will do what competition
6:38 pm
does, which is drive better services, drive down costs, and create opportunities. >> a coalition of cable companies, including comcast, which owns this station, by the way, have argued that the rule change may raise prices for consumers because of the cost of implementing a new system. comcast is nbc 4's parent company. it now enters a comment period where businesses and customers can weigh in. hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands of visitors. that's why the bowser administration is bearing down these buildings in d.c. we'll tell you what is going up here when the delicious is complete. i'm julie carey in arlington where convenience store clerks have been on edge after a series of robberies over the past month. coming up, i'll tell what you an
6:39 pm
arlington police officer did that may bring the robberies to an end. >> we're talking about a great weekend. beautiful up there towards the ski resorts. liberty mountain 100% open. back towards wisp and snowshoe, some good skiing this weekend, but, yeah, warm. we'll talk about that and the chance for our next
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what happens when an all-encompassing brain scan is followed up with an all-embracing hug? what happens when the world's latest surgical technology is combined with caring for the world's newest mother? what happens when you match cutting-edge clinical trials with a gentle touch? you get extraordinary medicine and remarkable care. novant health and uva health system are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient.
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arlington county detectives are working to find out whether a man just charged with robbing a 7-eleven store this week could be tied to more crimes. >> he was caught earlier this morning thanks to an alert officer near a convenience store on washington boulevard. julie carey is at that 7-eleven now where they think the guy was about to target when he was caught. julie? >> reporter: well, it was just after midnight when it appears police thwarted the latest 7-eleven robbery. there have been five stores in arlingt
6:42 pm
month, and this one it looks like almost became number six. suspicious activity near this 7-eleven on washington boulevard caught the eye of an arlington officer around midnight. it was a certain vehicle that drew his attention. >> observed a vehicle circling the area, eventually that vehicle turned their lights off and that really piqued the officer's interest. >> reporter: a man then got out of the car and approached this 7-eleven. but suddenly a customer walked up and the suspect ran back to the waiting car. that's when the officer moved in. >> the officer was able to perform a traffic stop and they searched the suspect and did locate a ski mask on the subject. >> reporter: the same kind of ski mask worn by a guy who robbed this 7-eleven on carlin springs just two days earlier. only that incident happened in the middle of the afternoon. 2 is-year-o 21-year-old cameron richardson has been charged with the february 16th robbery and he faces
6:43 pm
for the incident this morning. it's not the first time there's been a series of 7-eleven robberies. last fall the fbi created two posters seeking information about groups of men responsible for ten robberies across the dmv. now, arlington detectiving will try to determine if cameron richardson is connected to any other robberies in articleton or elsewhere. >> that will be part of the investigation. our detectives do work with their regional partners to solve cases that expand beyond arlington county. >> reporter: now, with so many robberies in this short space of time, you can imagine how on edge the 7-eleven store leshcle have been. i talked to the manager that had been robbed earlier. he said his clerk was thrown to the floor and he was physically assaulted by the robber as he got him to open the cash drawer. in that robbery no gun was seen either. i'm julie carey, news4. coming up on news4, the mayor makes way for aew
6:44 pm
silt. i'm mark segraves. pee what hap
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6:46 pm
a big step forward today for another project in the district. demolition began on the campus of st. elizabeth's in southeast today. >> a new sports arena for the wizards and the mystics is being built there. homes, retail, and restaurants and office buildings also in store. but not everybody is happy about that development. mark segraves has our report. >> don't touch me. >> reporter: protesters stood in the way as mayor muriel bowser led the demolition of the old
6:47 pm
st. elizabeth's east campus. >> our government and our mayor are spending tax dollars on things like a mystic stadium and a streetcar to nobody and do not help people who are being displaced. doesn't help public housing from being torn down. wore being pushed out of this city. >> nobody lives her so nobody is being displaced. >> reporter: for years the washington wizards owner has been looking for a location to build a state of the art training facility for his team. he reached a deal to build a 5,000 seat arena. mayor bowser hailed the deal as a huge economic boost for the southeast community. today bowser helped to tear down the old mental health facility known as building 119. >> some way scream and some may shout, but i'll be back.
6:48 pm
i'm going to invest. i'm going to keep our promises, and it won't just be today. it will be every day. thank you, ward 8. let's get to work! let's get to work! >> reporter: news got an exclusive look inside of building 119 before today's demolition. the project is to be completed by 2018. from building 119 on the st. elizabeth's campus, mark segrav segraves, news4. doug is back with another report on the lovely weather that's coming our way this weekend. >> are you looking forward to the 60s or the potential snow next week? >> the 60s. >> the 60s, doug. >> just checking. >> we're planning a picnic it's going to be so lovely. >> i didn't get the invite. >> it's in the mail. >> it's coming. >> won't get there. in any way, let's show you what's happening out there. sunset was at 5:48. the sun will set after 6:00 in the next week or so.
6:49 pm
30 degrees by 11:00. so it's going to be quite cold tonight. yeah, we're going to see a refreeze but not a lot of snow left in most areas. already down to 28 in gaithersburg. 34 camp springs. around the dunkirk area around 4. it's on the cool side for sure. going to be a cold night but no rain or snow to talk about tonight. now, what we're watching tomorrow is a warm front that's going to be making its way in. we have mostly cloudy skies all day. starting off cold, up to 35 degrees by 11:00. 42 by 3:00. it will be a chill y 42. if it was all sun with no wind, that would be a nice afternoon, but it will be cloudy and see a little bit of a breeze. by 7:00 we're down to 39 degrees. what about next tuesday/wednesday? well, we know a storm is likely and that's still the case. a storm definitely likely during this time frame, but there's some big questions here. the
6:50 pm
the amount of cold air on the front side and the back side of the storm. still a lot of questions out there. we know we're going to see some rain and we know we're going to see some snow in parts of the area, but the amount of each still way too early to even put out there. so this is something we're going to be watching for the next couple days. lots of uncertainty and that's what we're really going to be looking at over the course of the next few days. when will we have a better idea? well, the area of low pressure does not even come on shore until saturday night into sunday. so, again, we're going to be watching this one very closely. 63 on saturday. 60 degrees on sunday. chance of a late shower on sunday but most of the day dry. there's the next storm. next tuesday and wednesday, temperatures upper 30s to around 40 degrees. much more on this storm over the next few days. guys? >> thank you, doug. sports coming up. stay tuned.
6:51 pm
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. trade deadline always interesting no matter what the sport, especially when they're going into the second half. >> i wasn't expecting a lot of news for the wizards because they're saving up for the off-season, but there was a lot of excitement moments before the 3:00 p.m. deadline. they got a big player and there's all a if with the trade but with markieff morris the if seems tbe
6:54 pm
act together he could make a big impact. jason pugh standing by at verizon center with the latest. how is this news being received? >> reporter: it's split right down the middle. a lot of people know morris has been playing the game of basketball and will be a good addition to the team but some people concerned about the baggage off the basketball court that he brings to the nation's capital. let's get into some of that right now. just a few moments ago or a couple weeks ago actually morris he got into this altercation with a teammate on the bench and last season he even got into it with his former head coach. but despite the headaches he may bring, he can play the game, averaging 20 points and 7 rebounds in the month of february. morris actually talked to the media briefly on his hover board. >> my time here was great and i thank the organization for giving me a chance to play here and draft me and i'm ready
6:55 pm
this move to washington. it is what it is. it's a part of the league and it happens. >> reporter: now, the wizards will need all the help they can get, including whatever morris can bring to the table. three games in three days for this wizards squad starting tonight here at the verizon center. the utah jazz in town. this is a makeup game from the blizzard weekend this year. tip-off tonight is set for 7:00 p.m. over on comcast sports net plus. carol, right now the wizards are not in the playoffs if they started today. these next three games over the next three nights will be critical for this team jump starting the second half of the season to see if they can make a playoff run. we'll see how it work out for then tonight here at the verizon center. >> jason pugh live. thank you so much. we are excited about this. the terrapins look to continue the trend of following up a loss with a big win. tonight the terps are in minnesota, only five regular season games left.
6:56 pm
team it is time to really start bringing it. >> after every loss there's always room where we can make improvements. even when we win we go back and constantly looking at ways we can get better. everyone hates losing and i think that's why every time we have a loss everyone just dials in and refocuses. >> it's getting late. it's time for us to start picking it up a little bit. we're 22-4 and not many teams have won 22 games, but hopefully playing the right way and getting better down the stretch. >> the terps tip at 8:00 on big ten network. the caps in action tonight visiting the new york islanders. 6-2 in the month of february and basically the best team in the nhl. many things going right for barry trotz's group. depth to cover up a couple injuries, secondary scoring, and the ability to play hard the entire game. >> some teams can hang with us for 30 minutes or 40 minutes or something, but i find our team is hard tong
6:57 pm
full 60. that being said, you still want to have a better start. i think that's something we can address, be better at, but i like the way we play for 60 minutes. >> the caps, they have never given up the lead in the third period. they have 41 wins in 55 games. best in franchise history. >> that's what it takes, holding onto your lead. when you get one. >> tell the wizards that. >> you love a guy who says a lot of guys can hang with us for a little while but you can't hang with us for the whole game. you need the wiz to do more than make the playoffs because if they just scrape in, they start, if i'm not mistaken, against the pacers, right? you don't want to do that. >> wouldn't be happy with scraping in? >> no! scraping your way in and then -- >> don't get greedy. >> going against the patzers -- >> i want to know more about the athlete hang o
tv-commercial tv-commercial
6:58 pm
boards. >> jim is like what's a hover board? >> i never saw that before. >> a self-balancing scooter with nothing to hang on and it liter literally -- i can't believe professiona athletesl a
6:59 pm
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