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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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breaking news, right now at 6:00, hillary clinton is the projected winner of the nevada caucus, a full report on that race and the south carolina republican primary is moments away. a time farewell for antonin scalia, family and friends gather at a funeral mass to say good-bye. we set you a breaking news alert about hillary clinton's projected win in the nevada caucus but we're still waiting for the first results from the gop primary in south carolina. steve handlesman is in columbia with how the races are shaping up. >> reporter: for hillary clinton, a huge relief as nevada democrats gathered to vote in their caucuses
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threatening to win again. but nbc news projected clinton to win nevada. and south carolina republicans cast their balance lots. >> voted for trump. >> reporter: the gop front-runner looked poised for a win despite the conflict with the pope and trump last night finally relating an unproven 100-year-old tough guy legend about a u.s. general killing 49 muslim extremists in the philippines with bullets dipped in pig blood. >> he said you go back to your people and you tell them what happened. and for 25 years there wasn't a problem. >> jeb bush said today his party's problem is its front-runner. >> trump can't win. plain and simple. this isn't about appealing to people. >> ted cruz on fox news's hannity last night. >> people of south carolina
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a conservative. >> reporter: he was five polling points behind trump but it's marco rubio appealing to many anti-trump voters. >> i did vote for marco rubio as did my wife -- >> reporter: after you looked at kasich and bush? >> correct. >> once you get the race down to two or three or four people, you'll have a much clearer traditional campaign. >> reporter: which is what the democratic race may have become today. the combatant swap venues next week, republicans in nevada for their caucuses and democrats here for their primary in the state where hillary clinton was already strong and looks likely to be stronger still after her win today out west. steve handlesman, nbc news, columbia, south carolina. live pictures to show you now from las vegas where hillary clinton is expected to give a victory speech at any moment. we're going to be listening in on the presidential candidate speeches throughout the night. when we learn
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south carolina primary, we'll send you a breaking news alert from the nbc washington app. thousands paid respect to justice antonin scalia as news 4's tom sherwood reports, dignitaries joined loves ones to honor his life and faith. >> reporter: the body of justice antonin scalia arriving at the basilica just before noon. vice president joseph biden represented the united states for the two-hour service, attended by the eight other members of the high court. ♪ >> reporter: the basilica which holds more than 2500 was nearly full for the funeral mass. >> and since he hoped and believed in you grant that he may be led -- >> reporter: a mass led by scalia's son, reverend paul scalia of
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father scalia acknowledged his mother and eight siblings and dozens of grandchildren attending. and made only a slight reference to his father's appeal in rejection across the political spectrum. >> a man loved by many, scorned by others. >> reporter: clarence thomas read a brief religious text in a service that put aside politics to honor scalia's life. >> cleanse him of his sins and grant him the fullness of redemption through christ our lord. >> reporter: a burial service for family and friends was to be private. tom sherwood, news 4. and tomorrow not a spectacular as today we're tracking rain at times and updates to that timing. it looks like showers move in during the morning hours. here we are at 8:00 a.m., cloudy but dry. notice by 10:00 ak, se
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montgomery and fairfax counties and then continue to push eastward, raining at noon. you can see lots of dry time. when it's dry we'll have plenty of clouds around and cooler temperatures but you'll want to have the umbrella handy throughout the day tomorrow. rain moves out tomorrow evening and tracking another system for the middle part of the week. i'll have more on that in my full forecast. a bomb threat caused all sorts of problems this afternoon. somebody made the threat to spots vein ya before 2:00. the mall was evacuated as a precaution and caused huge backups on route 3 and i-95. investigators have not found a bomb at the mall. there are no credible suspects. the mall reopened around 4:30 this afternoon. d.c. police trying to figure out who killed a young man last night in northeast. somebody called them to report a shooting near 18th street and benning road.
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hospital where he later died. police have not released any information on any potential suspects. an effort to overturn a policy that protects transgender students has been dismissed in fairfax county. a circuit court judge made the ruling yesterday, the policy bans discrimination based on gender identity. traditional values, coalition head filed the suit. she says it makes it too easy for boys to use the girls restroom and vice-versa. after he told the "washington post" she plans to appeal the decision. new concerns about the reliability of metro access in prince georges county. county executive baker met with 100 transit riders with disabilities today. metro access workers and faith leaders were also in attendance. baker says there's been a growing outcry that scheduling procedure procedures and fare collection for disabled riders is dangerous. some were also concerned about the metro access sick leave policy. >> part of our
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problem is. i know a lot about people with disability trying to get back and forth and so it's a big concern of mine as it is with our representative on the board. >> executive baker also listened to riders concern about regular metro rail service as well. winds approaching 180 miles an hour sweep through the country of fiji, how the government is trying to keep people safe in the cyclone's aftermath. an incredible reunion more than 40 years in the making. a woman meets the person who helped care for her
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there's nationwide curfew in fiji as a powerful tropical cyclone battered the chain of islands today. somebody managed to take video of the cyclone which packed 177-mile-per-hour winds. the government is declaring a month-long state of disaster, opening evacuation shelters and telling people not to venture out. a local newspaper is reporting that five people managed to swim to safety after a boat they were in capsized. some residents of a wood bridge neighborhood too scared to turn on the gas after an explosion badly damaged a home ten days ago, since then washington gas has found seven more leaks on the neighborhood on franklin street. the family got out minutes before the
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talk to the gas company and the fire department officials during a town hall called by virginia state senator. >> if we turn on the stove or get hot water and don't think about the pipes underground feeding that gas to us. all it takes is that little break in the ground to cause an issue like we saw with the house explosion. this is what we're hear to here on how they are checking lines and when they are replacing these old, old lines. >> washington gas is helping the family with housing while repairs to their home are being made. crews are doing an extensive check of the pipe network in the neighborhood. for those of us with cabin fever this winter, today was the day to get out. the enjoyment is short lived with rain in the forecast tomorrow and amelia tracking another system for the workweek. one woman witnessed her mother's murder. another cared for her after the tragedy and after more than 40 years, find out how a facebook post
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a special reunion, a woman got to thank her rescuer who comforted her on the hard estd day of her life. she was 3 years old when her mother was killed. derrick ward brings us the emotional reunion. >> it was september 1973, we were riveted to the coverage of the watergate hearings. while our attention was
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a few miles in northwest, there was a murder. sims was found dead in an apartment she shared with her boyfriend and young daughter. she found the daughter wandering outside after the mother. >> 7:00 in the morning, tweety bird. what are you doing up? where's your mother? she says, upstairs on the floor dead. >> sims' boyfriend was convicted of murder. sylvia more son lost track of a child and she was anxious. >> what kind of car are you driving? >> reporter: after 43 years she would reunite with the girl they called tweety bird and have coffee. before there was coffee, there would be tears. >> look at you. >> but she's never forgotten the woman who rescued her and comforted her on the hardest day of her life. >> this woman is like an angel. >> morrison, a writer and comedian posted an excerpt of the book she wrote abou
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life on facebook, about uponing upon her murdered friend's child. she saw it and knew right away she had been that child. >> i saw her face and last i seen her i was three years old but i remembered that face. i said that is my mom and that was the woman that took care of me. >> all she has is a blurred black and white photograph. her mother holding her as an infant. >> can't even see her face or eyes or anything. >> reporter: now she has someone who will talk to her about the mother she never really got to know. >> you look just like regina. >> they start to heal, two friends talking over coffee. derrick ward, news 4. do you have a ton of those old vhs tapes or pictures with priceless family memories on them. now the d.c. public library is helping you bring all of the keep stakes into the 21st century. there's a memory lab at the martin luther king jr. library of the scanners and vcrs and other equipment to help you
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thinking about a trip to the bahamas or going on an african safari, head to are the d.c. travel and adventure show, culture and cuisine from hundreds of destinations across the globe. you'll have a chance to win trips this weekend. the travel show continues tomorrow from 11:00 to 4:00 and nbc 4 is a proud sponsor of that show. >> and now, your storm team 4 forecast. >> after a beautiful day today, we'll be tracking rain at times throughout the day. that's going to be the first weather headline. as we look to the middle part of the week, wednesday and thursday, rain, not snow is in the forecast. some of us kind of breathing a sigh of relief. cold air returns friday on into saturday and in fact friday will be windy and feels like temperatures are in the 20s for the majority of the day. the impact forecast for tomorrow, i'm going to say the weather is having a moderate impact on your day because at the time was so lovely. a lot of people out and about in
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tomorrow back indoors if you are heading out, need the umbrella and rain boots, cooler temperatures as well, probably a fleece or warm jacket will be a good idea for your sunday. look at the temperatures right now. spectacular, you could have the windows open getting fresh air inside. 61 degrees in gaugers burg. coming in at 55 in the district and 63 in winchester. overnight temperatures will fall into the 40s for lows and that's where we'll start off tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., 47 degrees, maybe limited sunshine but the clouds win out tomorrow. showers move in around 10:00 a.m. at that point a temperature of 53 and once the rain moves in we don't warm up a lot more after that. by 4:00, temperature around 55, that will be the high for the day and tracking areas of rain. rain still likely at 7:00 p.m. as temperatures dip into the 40s at that point. maybe you're going to hit the slopes tomorrow, know it will be soggy with rain at times, liberty and white tail as well. spring cleaning, not a bad day
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heading unite out and about, with an umbrella, you'll be fine. on monday, a chilly start, temperatures around 43 degrees. as the kids e qugetting home, mix of clouds and sun on monday and cool with a temperature of 51. that's about the normal high for this time of year. on tuesday, notice a high temperature around 50 degrees once again. there's about a 30% chance that some rain moves into the area later. here's one scenario. this is that rain moving into the area later in the day. another scenario would be rain holding off until late tuesday or wednesday morning. what i want to show you this, look what happens back around the i-81 corridor. the pink here stopping at 5:00, tuesday evening commute potentially impacted by rain and maybe a wintry mix back around the i-81 corridor. something we're going to continue to track. high likelihood of rain on wednesday. heavier rain is possible later in the day. for thursday, the chance of
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the morning showers, otherwise limited sun, high of 56 on thursday. and then much cooler for friday and saturday but we'll keep it dry with more sunshine. high temperatures friday and saturday in the low to mid-40s. >> breaking news for you now, hillary clinton speaking live in las vegas, nevada after her win there in the nevada caucus. our coverage on decision 2016 continues on nbc's nightly news and tonight right here on news 4 at 11:00. next in sports, the georgetown making history today put
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chris miles here in the csn studios with losses in five of the last six games, georgetown desperately needed a win. it would not come easy this afternoon against an eighth ranked xavier team looking for revenge. that game in january was the first home loss xavier on the a
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history, finished with 18 points. close game coming out of halftime. xavier changes that quickly. freshman sumener, 13-0 run to start the half. can't connect and keeps it alive and easy layup. 88-70. virginia tech trying to get 500 hosting florida state. seminoles in control most of the game but the hokies rally late. justin robinson gives tech the four-point lead. down the stretch seth allen, huge for the hokies, drills another open three, 23 points for the former terp. one of five hokies in double figures, tech wins it 83-73. navy winners five straight over army. time winding down.
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a big one sends the game to overtime. navy missed a chance to win it in the first ot with five seconds left in the second, kevin ferguson, right place right time. army with the buzzer beater snapping a streak 80-78 the final. william and mary, two games out of first place in the caa hosting drexel. midway through the second, dragons up one, make it four. allen scored a team high 20 points. drex elup as many as ten in the half. pulled within a score last chance, birchfield off the mark from downtown. drexel all smiles, 74-69. the wizards will play the third game in three nights this evening. they'll become the first nba team to do so since the pacers in 2013. just like that pacers team, the wizards can win all
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three points. starts with a little r and r during the all-star break. >> that's all i talked to them during the break as i talked to them of get rest, we're going to take advantage of this. three in a row. we're going to be well rested and be able to come out and do things that we want to do without having to worry about being tired. so far they've done that. >> the caps are also on a strike against losing. they've had winning streaks of three games or more four times this year. another win tonight will make it five. host the devils in the phone book this evening in the first of four straight at home. washington has been dominant at home and against teams in the metro division, dominant numbers there, puck drops at 7:00 tonight on csn. you can catch the whole broadcast. >> a lot of people i think say how do you keep it up?
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at it is a great opportunity to get better. if we can get better from where we are right now, it will serve us well when the playoffs come around. >> college lacrosse, fourth ranked maryland opening the season hosting high point, second quarter, three goals, career high, seven points, terps down two at the half though. maryland comes out with new effort in the second, matt rambo, nice move to the front terps score 11 times in the second. win their 23rd straight opener, 15-12. johns hopkins visiting eighth ranked loyola, gray hounds up one and zach, his third goal of the game, loyola up two. few minutes later, more from loyola. brian sherlock and greyhounds win it 9-8 the final. d.c. united three days from the
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start of the season. not a good start all right down three zip in the first new comer, nice cross and the finish. that was as close as it get. they get one more, not a great way to win the preseason. united starts the season on tuesday. back to you. >> chris miles, thank you so much. all right, that is the news for now. "nightly news" is coming up. we'll see you again for news 4 at 11:00. have a good one, everybody.
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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on this saturday night, high stakes. a big night in politics. the results on a critical test for the democrats in nevada. a republican showdown in south carolina. some on this night fighting for survival. final farewell. the large outpouring and powerful tribute at the funeral of supremeourt justice antonin scalia. thousands of students at public universities worried about htheir futures. caught in the middle of politics. you want olympic gold. "nightly news" begins right now. >> dec


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