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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 5, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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tries to clear up confusion as new questions come to light. good morning, everyone. i'm angie goff. we have a chilly start to our first weekend in march. but don't worry. no panicking, okay. this is not going to last much longer. >> that's right. i'm adam tuss. soon temperatures will be back up in the 60s and 70s. but first we have to get through this weekend. lauryn ricketts is here to tell us all about it. >> hey, guys. yeah, 60s and 70s. i can't wait for that. we will have to wait a few more days up fortunately. at least we will have dry weather. it's a chilly start. temperatures in the 30s. shenandoah valley, in the 30s. we will eventually warm up. but only into the mid to upper 40s
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that's it. cloud sticking with us throughout the day. limited sunshine. enjoy it and soak it up. especially if you're out and about today. you don't have to worry about taking the umbrella. if you're out tonight, headed out for a night on the town this saturday night, a i few spotty showers. don't be surprised to see a few wet snowflakes mixed in. we could have them out there with a pretty weak system. none of that is hitting the ground. it's evaporating before it even gets to the surface. this will come through. bring us rain showers and showers. we'll time it out for you in just a couple minutes. thank you, lauryn. happening today, crystal hamilton will be laid to rest in charleston, south carolina, one week after she was shot and killed in her home in woodbridge. ronald hamilton admitted to killing her. police officer ashley guindon was also shot and killed. she was is
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call. ronald hamilton is in jail charged with capital murder. relatives are taking care of the couple's 11-year-old son. and a fundraiser is set today to help the other two police officers hurt in last week's shooting. they are still recovering from their injuries. ashley guindon was killed on her first day on the job. supporter are holding a fund raiser called pork at the pub. it is going to raise money for the injured officers fund. and first responders can eat for free. >> we wanted to put something together for first responders so that they can come and get a good meal out of it. and also have an opportunity for the public to come and show their support. >> manassas city police organization will be at the old towne sports pub. it gets under way at 11:00 a.m. this morning.
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residents will will rally for affordable housing. derrick ward is live in northwest d.c. with the call to action. derrick, how is the crowd looking so far? >> good morning. the rally actually starts at 10:00. it will be here at the foundry united methodist church on 16th. if you look around you can see there is a booming housing market in d.c. this area and other parts of town. below that, there is a need to sustain affordable housing, sustainable housing. that is all against a back drop of trying to eradicate homelessness. those things are all coming together for this rally. joining me is steve glade, executive director for the coalition for economic housing. tell me what the rally is about. >> it is to
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ending homelessness in the district of columbia. >> this is a good time to get elected leaders's attention. >> the mayor is developing her budget to submit to the council. the mayor will be here today hopefully to express her commitment to put $100 million in their affordable housing trust fund again this year. and council members will be here. so they will hear that commitment. and also build their own will to support affordable housing in the district of columbia. >> excellent. this is a cause that will have to go on much beyond this weekend's rally. this is where it is going to happen in about an hour. derrick, thanks so much. 9:04 right now. neighbors in the district are weighing in on where to put a short-term shelter. it is being held on calvert street northwest, set to begin at 1:00 p.m. >> get him out of here. >> oh, yes, security was quick
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donald trump's friday night rally in new orleans. at times there were confrontations between supporters and protesters. it turned violent with shoving and even biting. people from the black lives matter movement were among the people in the crowd. louisiana is one of the five states that will hold a primary today in the presidential contest. more primaries on the republican and democratic side will take place by next tuesday. candidates are eager to collect as many delegates as possible. democrats are competing for 156 delegates in four states. on live facebook feed right now, a lot of you are still talking about the gop debate from earlier this week. feel free to jump in on our conversation and join the discussion as we move forward. republicans will be courting the conservative base at cpac under way at national harbor. republican supporters will fill a
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convention center. they will hear senator marco rubio speak this morning. donald trump canceled his appearance and will hold a rally in kansas instead today. mitt romney calling on someone other than trump to be the nominee. so what do gop voters think about all of this? >> i think you should let the voters decide. so i don't think the brokered convention is a good idea. >> i think trump is the source of the mudslinging. eventually i think it will tear our party apart. >> dr. ben carson using the stage on friday to officially end his run for the white house. oes taking a new job leading a christian voting group. sunday hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off in their next debate in flint, michigan. the city is undergoing a water crisis after lead contamination in the water there. both have been campaigning in michigan ahead of the debate. trade and the economy are expected to be talking points in that auto centric state. >>mi
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governor mitt romney will join chuck todd live to talk about his attack on donald trump. and kevin spacey who plays fictional president on "house of card" will talk about how the new season mirrors today's politics. a chase leads d.c. police across a busy stretch of the district. what we are finding out about the driver who just wouldn't stop. the case that captured the
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welcome back. d.c. police investigators trying to figure out
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them on a chase is a murder suspect. take a look. this is what the end of the pursuit looked like after police say the driver of this suv ran away and started on suitland parkway and stretched into northwest parkway. when the driver wouldn't pull over, police chased him across the district. eventually he was found hiding under a porch and he was charged with assault on a police officer. we are working to find out the name of the man killed in d.c.'s latest homicide. a man and woman showed up at united medical center with gunshot wounds. the man died from injuries. they think both were shot a few blocks from the hospital on 23rd street is southeast. donations are coming into local firestations collecting water for families in flint, michigan. when we had spoken to her, they had only
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after our story aired, you responded. dozens of cases dropped off. four firestations are now accepting donations. we are putting the entire list on nbc washington app. search donate water. they hope to fill a tractor trailer in the next few weeks. >> i bet you they will get it. >> absolutely. if they keep going at that rate. you might need an umbrella before you head out. lauryn is tracking showers that could affect your weekend plans. took it to lapd in terms of calling them and saying, do you want me to bring it to you. >> the murder weapon was never found. now there is a knife and a lot of questions. how an attorney check out the fresh new look on mcdonald's mcpick 2 menu! try a flaky filet-o-fish made with sustainably sourced fish, a big mac made with 100% beef, chicken mcnuggets made with white meat, or a quarter pounder with cheese seared on the grill. pick any 2 for $5 bucks. ♪ bada ba ba ba when it comes to the fithings you love,.
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the egg mcmuffin. made with a fresh cracked egg and real butter. only at mcdonald's. i'm lovin it. the trial of the century is back in more ways than one. on the heels of the shell fx film the people versus o.j. simpson a knife was found buried on his estate. >> the double murder rocked the country back in 1994. the officer that found that knife says he tried to turn it in years ago. >> he took it to lapd in terms of calling them and saying, hey, what do you want me to do with this? do you want me to bring it to you? >> the attorney for the retired officer said 15 years the west division of the lapd said don't bring in the knife. the case is closed.
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>> it was horrible. physically painful. >> a verdict still haunting some. >> i thought of ron and nicole. i thought this is wrong. this is so wrong. >> the knife used to kill them never recovered. >> five-inch buck knife, brown handle, really dirty, really muddy. didn't look like it had been used in a grisly murder. >> is the mystery solved? >> that is pure fantasy. i would rather be talking about the easter bunny instead. >> skepticism understood. we have been down this road before. >> in all probability this is probably in fact, the murder weapon. >> as for this new find -- >> they are going to study it and examine it before all forensics. >> even if there is a connection, o.j. simpson, in a jl
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case closed. >> now, this latest revelation comes before a dateline special, the people versus o.j. simpson. what the jury never heard. dateline spoke with prosecutor marcia clark describes the moment she heard the jury's decision. >> i felt horrible. it was physically painful. it was not justice. >> do you blame yourself for this? >> you know, i always do. i do. >> you can see it tomorrow night at 9:00, followed by news 4 at 11:00. it will be totally up to president obama who he decides he wants to meet with when he visits cuba. he is heading there for history making trip there later this month. press secretary josh earnest saying the guest list will be determined solely by the white house. ernest was responding to reports that secretary of state john kerry is no longer making a solo visit to cuba before the president. the president has set
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with pro democracy activists as a condition for the trip. kerry now plans to travel to cuba with the president >> that trip to cuba you have been planning may get a little easier. flights between d.c. and havana out of dulles are being considered for approval by the department of transportation. the u.s. and cuba agreed to allow commercial airline service is for the first time in more than half a century. >> it's 9:57. there's no snow on the ground this morning. or not a lot of it at least. but president obama has declared our region a major disaster. the declaration comes six weeks after a blizzard buried our region. >> yeah. >> hard to forget. d.c. and maryland are included. it will free up federal funding to pay for the response. d.c. spent $50 million after that storm. it budgeted 6 million for snow removal. frederick county spent $1.8 million alone.
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new hampshire fire crews jumping into action to pull a pup out of the water after the dog fell through thin ice there you can see the chilly dog on your left in front of the boat. the firefighters tried to reach for him. they got him. they were able to get close enough to get him to shore. the dog was taken to the vet and is doing okay. >> thank goodness. you see the puppy trying to get in real quick. >> and tries to get out on land real quick after that. new hampshire too. >> oh, boy. >> that gives me goosebumps. thanks goodness we're going to warm up, though. >> yes, we are. we talked bit. we just have to push through the weekend, through the clouds and rain. >> a little bit of rain. maybe even wet snow. we are not going out of that yet. winter is still on us for right now. it definitely feels that
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we will warm up to the 70s in that seven-day forecast for you. we have to deal with the cloud cover today. unfortunately it's going to stay with us throughout the day today. i know there is a lot of st. patrick's day celebrations going on around town. if you are out and about, you will not need that umbrella until later on. the wind is starting to kick up just a little bit. it's not going to be all in all that bad. we will be cool and cloudy. showers move in after 6:00 p.m. tonight. they will move in through the evening. a few wet snowflakes mixed in at times. don't be surprised if you see a few snow showers. this is what we are talking about. the big warmup headed our way in time for mid week. right now temperatures at 36 here in d.c. we have cloud cover. the sun is coming up now. limited sunshine as we continue through the day today. as temperatures top out in the mid to upper 40s. that's below normal. we should be in the low 50s
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30s across the board. it is slow to come up, at least for today. look at this as we head through monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. slip a little bit on friday. but temperatures will be above normal starting on monday. so here's a look at your satellite and radar. not seeing much. seeing the cloud cover. check the observations out in the shenandoah valley. a few wet snowflakes trying to move on. a lot are evaporating before they hit the ground. it will move through later on tonight. it is just a weak one. we could have a few light rain showers. the threat after 6:00 p.m. until day break tomorrow morning. impact fairly low. 40% chance. bring the umbrella, especially if you're headed out. 7:00 p.m., temperatures will be above freezing. we're looking at rain. a little bit of snow in some places. no accumulation.
9:21 am
to tomorrow morning. sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. 50 for tomorrow. and then by monday, temperatures warming up to right around 60 degrees. all in all not going to be that bad, especially mid next week. if you're headed out tonight, bring the umbrella. if you want to get the car washed, i would do it tomorrow after about lunchtime. that's when we will get some sunshine. i will show you the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. coming up, stealing from the girl scouts. say what? the crooks who swiped hard earned cash from a 12-year-old and how cops caught up with the thieves. >> pancakes for a purpose. you're invited to help the group ellie's hats raise money. it has been under way an hour and a half so far i think they're going until 11:00, adam. chocola
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a crowd in turkey screaming at police, using water cannons on them as they try to force their way into the country's top selling newspaper. the raid happened in istanbul. after a court order to confiscate the newspaper. the crowd was protesting the ruling amid concern over the government's attempt to stifle media there.
9:25 am
and battery. he is accused of allegedly touching a 16-year-old student in an inappropriate manner. the student was not hurt. the teacher has been placed on administrative leave. a former school aide accused of filming child porn with students pleads not guilty. carraway faces 15 counts of is sexually exploiting children. he is asking for a jury trial and will remain in custody. he made videos of children having sex with him and each other at the elementary school and other locations. he used his authority to threaten the kids who tried to resist him. the next story is pretty unbelievable. so if you are going to steal from a girl scout, expect to get caught. take a look at the video. she was selling cookies outside walmart in florida.
9:26 am
girl's cash box. surveillance helped to track down the thieves. this is low. torture. that's what el chapo guzman's lawyer says is happening to their client in mexico. his lawyer suppressed concern for his health and accused authorities of violating u.n. guidelines on torture. one of the lawyers has begun a hunger strike outside the prison. he has apparently complained about the amount of communication he's allowed with his family, being cooped up and it is too cold. 9:26 right now. it is a chilly start to our saturday. soon you'll be able to say good-bye to the cold. how much warmer you can expect it to get and when er
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the time right now 9:30. these are the top stories we're following. family and friends will gather in charleston, south carolina, to remember crystal hamilton
9:30 am
she is being laid to rest in charleston, south carolina. this just one week after she was shot and killed inside her woodridge home. >> a fund-raiser is set for today to help the other two prince william county police officers injured in last week's shooting. they are still recovering from their injuries. the manassas city police association is organizing the event at the old towne sports pub. it gets under way at 11:00 this morning >> five states are holding primaries. candidates are eager to get as many delegates as possible. 178 are up for grabs for republicans. democrats competing for 156 in four states. #:30 on the dot. >> it is starting to warm up and we want to keep it that way. how is it l
9:31 am
>> it's not that bad. it is really calm right now. the sun is trying to peek through. it is really going to be sunshine out there today. for most of the day we will remain dry. showers and a few snowflakes built in but not until 6:00. get out and run your errands today. just dress warmly. temperatures starting in the 30s right now. we will only warm up in the mid to upper 40s. why should you head out the door today? a winter coat, warm hat and umbrella for tonight. you won't need it until after 6:00 tonight. cool today. we have to get through today. by the time we get to tomorrow, temperatures will warm up to 50 degrees. looking forward to that, lauryn. thank you. it is 9:31. family and friends of t
9:32 am
murdered fairfax county man will gather today. a memorial service will be held. he was found dead inside his apartment last week. fairfax county police released video of the two suspects they believe were involved in his death. he died of an apparent gunshot wound. he was found in the skyline towers apartment in falls church. police do not belief his death was random. >> d.c.'s former mayor is officially getting back into politics. vince gray is set to launch his run for d.c. council. he will represent ward 7 in that attempt. a kickoff event at 1:00 this afternoon in northeast d.c. row becalls were sent out friday afternoon. none were credible. but still trying to find out if the local calls are connected to similar ones received by schools in new jersey. a local education safety expert
9:33 am
10 like this every day in schools. we are continually evacuating. it becomes a very frustrating experience. >> school officials said the messages were brief and not specific. police told the schools they did not need to evacuate. i'm melissa mollet. we have some issues we want to pass along for the rails this weekend. weekend track work. every 12 to 24 minutes. silver, every 10. same thing on the orange line. green and yellow line, we will talk about those more in depth. bigger changes there. red line, single tracking between friendship heights and grovener. orange and blue single tracking between eastern market and stadium armory. silver, every 10 minutes between boston and only west and east. regular service between
9:34 am
huntington and mt. vernon square. green, buses replace trains between navy yard and congress heights. have a wonderful weekend. see you next week for news 4 today. >> thank you, melissa. another heads-up if you're about to ride metro. starting tomorrow, you won't be able to use paper farecards. only now they will start taking smartrip cars. you'll have the until the end of june to transfer those. metrobuses stopped accepting them five years ago. the attorney for an engineer who fell asleep at the controls of a new york city commuter train has retired with a disability pension. william rockefeller was awarded that pension after investigators determined he was not capable of returning to work as a train engineer. the accident happened back in 2013 as he went around a curve in the bronx at 82 miles per hour.
9:35 am
9:34. people around the world are mourning the death of author pat conroy. he wrote the prince of tides, the great san teeny. when he announced he had pancreatic cancer. in alaska, crews are preparing the streets tore the ceremonial start of the iditarod. race fans had reasons to worry. anchorage had unseasonably warm weather, which melted all the snow there. the race organizers had it delivered. today's start is similar to race fans. the race begins tomorrow. amazon is scrapping a feature that protects your taught. why the company is
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a new study just released provides some of the strongest evidence that links zika virus to birth defects. doctors from the ucla area there collaborated with physicians in brazil to follow pregnant women. all were healthy and had no other risk factors that would lead to abnormal pregnancy. more studies are expected there on the zika virus. a shoe company is putting warnings inside their high heels that could be mistaken for a gun. the s
9:39 am
stopped at marshall airport. they don't want replicas carried through check points. this is seven inches -- you're traveling on seven inches? center not in those. you're not going through the airport. >> all right. the shoe company says it will replace the heels the woman left behind. but they are pretty creative. more talk about the purple line this morning. we have some insight into a new proposed contract between the state of maryland and the team of private companies that would operate the line. trips from new carrollton to bethesda will take an hour. a single day of dismal service, get this, would lead to a $25,000 fine. we know this project has been years in the making. the next step is for the purple line to be approved by the board of public works next month. it is 9:39. it's been running
9:40 am
we will learn some lessons that the d.c. street car can find from atlanta's street car system. well, are you excited for temperatures back into the '60s and 70s? you're pretty excited, right? >> flip-flops all the time. >> w have toe yeah, i was just talking uhabout yourico?... emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night, geico's emergency roadside service is there for you.
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your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my giant.
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the newly redesigned s.a.t. exam debuts today. it is already getting good reviews from students who took it early this week. and the new college entrance test focuses less on obscure vocabulary word and more on real world analysis and learning. students are no longer penalized for guessing. the essay is now optional. >> they shot my child. i don't know why they did it, but they d. my son had a big let hole in his back. >> well, a high school basketball star is hoping to get back on the court tomorrow as police continue to search for his shooter. h.d. woodson student was shot and injure around 11:30 thursday night. his mom tells news 4 he and his basketball team had just beat gonzaga in a playoff game at the verizon center in double over time. on the way home he was arguing witme
9:44 am
high school. that is when the person pulled out a gun and shot him in the back. he hopes to still be able to play in the championship game tomorrow. what a trooper. absolutely. a federal appeals court will re-hear a case involving the 2013 ban on semiautomatic high capacity assault weapons. that announcement came down on friday. according to the "washington post", last month's 2-1 decision would have sent the law back to a lower court for review. will unlocking the iphone, angie, of the san bernardino lead? >> i can take it from there. what will it lead to an answer about whether there was a third assailant. the county's district attorney's office says information inside that encrypted phone could help. the d.a. filed a brief that shows two 911 reports that there were three people involved in the actual ac
9:45 am
are in a fight under unlocking that phone, the phone used by farouk. amazon removed the ability to encrypt your data stored on its new fire tablets. customers were not using the service so they got rid of it. the encryption helps protect user data by scrambling it and only allowing access with a password. a rabies warning. the county animal control has responded to three animals biting people. a man was bitten by raccoon. and a physicals bit a runner running along the trail. they don't know if the animals do have rabies but go to the hospital if you are bitten. >> i have seen both, foxes and
9:46 am
raccoons. someone in potomac spotted an eagles limping in the wood. he was hurt and could not fly. she is resting at the owl moon raptor center. it is against the law to disturb bald eagles. so the neighbor did the right thing by calling police. after a series of thefts in one d.c. nation ear, the people who live there are taking matters into their own hands. at least one neighbor in the blooming detail neighborhood started to record package thieves. their packages started to disappear in the last several months. these cases are hard to solve if there are no witnesses. >> it was taken from our stoop. >> the company show it was delivered. of course no package for me. the assumption is that it was stolen. >> well, d.c. police say they have seen similar crimes in other parts of the city. they are encouraging people to file police reports if it happens to them. well, it only took
9:47 am
a spacex unmanned rocket launched into space. it launched in florida friday night. the company is delivering a commercial satellite for a european communications company. spacex was not able to land the discarded rocket on a barge at sea. they had hoped to do that. d.c.'s new streetcars have been out a week now. leaders here can learn lessons from another recent launch of a street car program in atlanta. we went down to there to check it out. for the d.c. region, atlanta offers cautionary tales. >> the first year was full of a lot of missteps for the atlanta street car. >> no adequate police force for security. even issues with the homeless, who decided the free atlanta street car was a great place to take shelter. andrea simmons is the transportation reporter for the atlanta journal constitution. >> some
9:48 am
the mayor likened it to scraping your knee. >> while d.c. system is free to ride right now, atlanta recently started charging a buck to ride. and ridership has dropped. >> it should be free. it's not worth it. >> it's a waste of time. they're too slow. it is like riding a turtle. >> here's the really interesting thing. atlanta isn't looking to have fares pay for their system. they are interested in the tax refuse view development spurred along the corridor. >> we don't have a specific number to achieve. >> development a big part in d.c. as well. but the question is still being asked, does all of this make sense. for now at least d.c. in atlanta, the answer will probably only be revealed by time. >> it is still very much up in the air whether this could be called acc
9:49 am
it will be free to ride for the next six months. all right. we want to encourage everybody this month to go blue. and i know you're going to tomorrow. it is national colon cancer awareness month. they are doing a lot in our area to make a difference. >> so important. >> really want to encourage you to get your screenings. and switching on over to weather. >> yeah. >> you're tracking a lot of stuff. >> bring the warmth, lauryn. >> i'm trying. i'm trying. you go ahead and take a vacation today. i'll deliver the news that we're going to have 70-degree weather. absolutely. i first want to deliver news that yesterday i took my travels out to my hometown, winchester, virginia. did a whole burch of school visits. one thing we like to do whether it's doug, veronica, tom, myself, love to get out in the community. this is one thing i have the pleasure of doing, going back to
9:50 am
i did three school visit ises there yesterday. and i can't thank the folks out there enough. i also visited virginia avenue elementary school, which was my old school and my great grandfather's old elementary school. a lot of stuff in winchester. thanks for having me. if you want to connect with us, do it on twitter, instagram. we are all on facebook. angie is live right now. we are all over the place. all right. what's all over the place are the temperatures for the next seven days. we are in the 30s. plenty of clouds out there. really we'll start to see the clouds stick around but the rain moving in after 6:00 p.m. tonight. temperatures in the 30s right now. we will eventually warm up as we go throughout the day today. spotty showers. maybe even a few
9:51 am
after about 6:00 or 7:00. you can see the cloud cover upon us. some of the old sunshine, if we do see anything. there's the disturbance. i'm going to keep a few showers for the overnight as well. as temperatures drop, a few wet snowflakes mixing in. shenandoah, you can see rain moving in, maybe a little bit of snow. not expecting any accumulation. we can have snow by day break tomorrow. but then we'll get sunshine by tomorrow afternoon and warm up to right around 50 degrees. we take the temperatures up and up from there. by monday, we'll be around 60 degrees. by tuesday, 70 degrees. 10-degree increments each day until monday and tuesday. then we'll kind of stay right there. if you want to go skiing, this is one of the last weekends to do it. if you're headed out tonight, grab there
9:52 am
by 9:00 a.m., you're looking good. or just out and about. temperature will be a touch warmer than today. afternoon sun by sunday. and our next change will be monday. that's when we will warm up. by noon on monday, we're going to be in the mid-50s. by the afternoon, we'll be in the low 60s. looking dry as well. we're dry tuesday, wednesday, and most of thursday. our next chaps of rain late thursday night. look at these temperatures, topping out in the 70s. make plans to get outside this week. >> we will, we will. we got your permission. >> big clap. >> thank you, lauryn. family and friends will gather in charleston, south carolina to remember crystal hamilton. this one week after she was shot and killed in her woodbridge home. ronald hamilton admitted to killing her and shooting police officer ashley guindon to death
9:53 am
>> a total of nine primaries across the country. the next big prize is michigan which holds its primary tuesday. d.c.'s former mayor is officially getting back into politics. vince gray is set to launch his run for d.c. council representing ward 7. a knife apparently found buried on o.j. simpson's former estate is now being tested to see if it is possibly connected to the 1994 double murder of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. the retired officer that found the knife said he tried to return it years ago. it is an emergency for a 2-year-old but usually not for the police. the adorab way ale
9:54 am
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when is a wardrobe malfunction a full-blown 911 emergency. here's what happened in greenville, south carolina got a desperate call for from the this 2-year-old. after the deputy helped the little girl, she asked for a hug. she said that was the best part of her shift. >> oh, my gosh.
9:57 am
to call 911 in an emergency. anybody who has young kids, when they can't get their shoe on, it is a crisis. this is a fashion crisis. >> yeah. when i can't find anything to wear, i'm going through my closet, throwing out clothes going i'm not going anywhere. >> you know better than to call 911. call a sister. help you out. >> nice day to be outside? >> yeah. it will be not too bad. it will be cloudy, cool. and 70s next week. >> all right. thanks for joining us, everyby. have a godre
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