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tv   News4 at 11  WRC  March 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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switch to better. switch to fios now at 11:00, one suspect caught the other on the loose. a home invasion and what police tell us the men left behind that led investigators to them. volunteer firefighters back from suspension. why one of them says his
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rushed a little girl to the hospital rather than wait for an ambulance. and the first reaction we're getting from erin andrews tonight to that $55 million judgment in her civil trial. >> "news4 at 11" starts now. >> first at 11:00, an arrest in a terrifying home invasion that involves a homeowner's children getting tied up in a garage while the thieves searched the house for cash. good evening. i'm wendy reiger in for doreen tonight. >> and i'm jim handly. right now there is still a second suspect on the loose. news4's jackie bensen live in germantown, maryland where this all unfolded. jackie, this sounded like this house was targeted. >> reporter: that's right. they used a gps tracking device to track them to the very large home. police say 44-year-old kevin darnell carroll was one of two ski mask wearing robbers both armed with guns who ambushed a 21-year-old and a 14-year-old as
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germantown house through the garage on november 17th last year. police have revealed they now believe the robbers were led along winding residential streets to the large home by a gps tracking device that they had somehow managed to plant in one of the family's vehicles beforehand. police say carroll and a partner for whom police are still searching demanded to know where the money was, then tied up the two with zip ties and robbed the house before leaving. the 21-year-old and the 14-year-old did manage to free themselves and call 911. live in germantown, jackie bensen, news4. one of the volunteer firefighters who was placed on leave after taking a child to the hospital in a fire engine rather than waiting for the ambulance. is back at work tonight in stafford county. the fire chief reinstated both men after a review, and after public outcry. tonight shomari stone caught up with one firefighter as he went back to work. as he told sh
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isn't over. >> i'm pretty stoked. i'm excited. >> reporter: captain james kelly is relieved to resume serving stafford county. he and fellow falmouth volunteer firefighter virgil bloom are back on the job. >> it's all good to be back on the fire truck. i appreciate all the support from the citizens. >> reporter: both were reinstated today after kelley and his partner transported a sick toddler on a fire truck to a hospital nearly a week ago. they had a choice to mate. wait 10 to 15 minutes for an ambulance to arrive, or rush the child to the hospital. the little girl's father called 911 after he noticed his daughter having a seizure in their car seat. >> we did, however, find that department medical protocol for this type of patient was not followed. >> reporter: the community was outraged when kelley and bloom were effectively suspended. what was your reaction when you were put on leave? >> it took me byj÷pñ surprise. yeah, i didn't think anything was ever going to come out of it, honestly. >> reporter: did you think it was fair?
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>> reporter: kelley gave the toddler oxygen and she started to recover on the way to the hospital. tonight she is okay. today stafford's fire chief says a review of the incident revealed two violations. transporting the girl in the fire truck and captain kelley not being a certified emt in virginia. he is registered nationally. the virginia ems office is doing a review of its own. kelley won't comment about the ongoing review. if you had to do it again, would you? >> 100%. >> reporter: and tonight the girl's parents say that these two firefighters are heroes. in stafford county, i'm shomari stone, news4. some virginia lawmakers don't want a lack of lethal injection drugs to keep inmates on death row from being executed. so now the house and senate have both passed a bill that says when lethal injection drugs are not available, the electric chair must be used. virginia is one of only eight states that still allows electrocutions. but inmates are given a choice. since 1995,
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have chosen the chair. with execution drugs so hard to obtain in recent years, the commonwealth is looking for alternatives. governor terry mcauliffe has not said whether he'll sign the measure. a federal judge has sided with the district in an ongoing dispute over the city's strict gun laws. d.c. can continue to enforce its gun permitting system, which requires that applicants show good reason before they obtain permits to carry a concealed gun in public. this ruling follows a lengthy back and forth with gun rights activists who have been fighting the system since it was put into place in 2014. new tonight, less than 24 hours after a homicide in landover, word of an arrest in the case. police tell us 23-year-old daniel west admitted to stabbing his girlfriend, santa lizama, at the overlook apartment complex this morning. investigators say he also stabbed another woman, but she is expected to be okay. west is charged with murder a
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attempted murder. he is being held without bond. this is the sixth domestic-related homicide in prince george's already this year. and tonight, d.c. police say they have the stolen van used in a deadly drive-by shooting at a bus stop. now they're looking for whoever was behind the wheel. one person was killed. two others injured in the shooting yesterday in southeast d.c. this happened just steps away from where a local reporter charnise milton was gunned down back in may. right now police say that's just a coincidence. and new tonight, we are learning that first lady michelle obama will be among those in california later this week to attend nancy reagan's funeral. the former first lady will be buried alongside her husband, president ronald reagan at the reagan library in simi valley. the funeral will be held friday and will be closed to the public. on wednesday and thursday, however, mrs. reagan will be lying in repose at the library. and the public can pay its respects then.
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and today flags at the capitol and at the white house and across the country were lowered to half-staff in honor of the former first lady. the white house visitors center also put out a condolences book so people could sign it. well, the next week could reshape the race for the white house. and it all begins tomorrow with what will be a critical primary on the democratic side. voters in four states, four states head to the polls on tuesday. democrats will cast ballots into michigan and mississippi. republicans in those two states. plus hawaii and idaho along with it. michigan could be huge for the democrats. with 147 delegates up for grabs. now if hillary clinton wins by a comfortable margin, it will be very tough for bernie sanders to catch up. now most republican candidates are already looking ahead to critical votes a week from now. florida in particular will be important for donald trump, ted cruz, and marco rubio. it is winner take
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and trump has an eight-point edge over rubio in the latest poll. if trump win, it could be the end of the rubio campaign. if rubio wins his home state, all three could be fighting it out until the convention this summer. something neither party has to worry about now is a potential third party run by former new york city mayor michael bloomberg. bloomberg said today entering the race would fracture the democratic party and likely lead to a trump presidency. a first 4 traffic alert inside the beltway. you will not be able to use the i-395 hov lanes for the next few overnights. v-dot is closing northbound hovs from 9:30 at night to 4:30 in the morning starting tonight and goes through thursday. the closures go from the d.c. line all the way to edsel road. and they're needed forbe overnight pavement work as crews get ready to extend the 395 express lanes. the hov lanes will be open in the northbound direction during the morning commute.
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a last-ditch effort by pepco and exelon to save their merger. the companies formally asked the commission to reconsider the conditions it put on the merger last month. failure to act could mean the whole thing gets derailed. some civic groups and city leaders say it's a bad deal. at this point, it's not clear when or if the deal will go through. it is all about getting back to basics. that's the message from metro's gm paul wiedefeld as he tries to fix the troubled agency. and that includes giving the public as much information as possible about what's going on. wiedefeld didn't mince words as he outlined his plans today. he said metro is in worse shape than he thought when he took the job. he says long-term closures on the rails could be needed to stop the cycle of band-aid repairs. and he says metro launched an online tool so you can see what the crews are working on.
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>> this is going to be traffic to the public. in two months we're going to have this done, in one year and we can judge you? >> yes. that's what we started on our website today. a customer report accounting system, basically. >> metro play mai also put tote boards outside stations to let you know how trains are running before you commit to getting on board. you can also take a look at the gm's complete letter to riders on the nbc washington app. just search "metro." we're just getting started on "news4 at 11." we saw the emotion in court today, erin andrews wiping away tears as a jury awarded her $55 million for living through a nightmare. still to come tonight, her response and what we're learning about a possible appeal. also, you know, he is not your neighbor bruce. but technically, he is not a criminal either. police want you to know about this guy who they say is going door to door, scamming people out of money. and snow? just kidding
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soaring over the next couple of days. we're going see highs close to 80 degrees. well could set some records going way up. now for the weekend. i'll explain in a minute. hi, everyone. i'm eun yang. we've been enjoying low gas prices throughout our region. but prices are slowly starting to creep up. i don't know if you noticed. but we're going to try to find the cheapest prices for you
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well, after two weeks of grueling testimony, it took the juror just seven hours to reach a verdict in the erin andrews stalking lawsuit. >>y
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million of the $75 million she had asked for in damages. and it wasn't just her stalker who was held responsible. >> reporter: sportscaster erin andrews won a judgment against the owner of a nashville hotel and the stalker who secretly recorded nude videos of her through a peephole. >> what amount of damages for you or erin and drew, $55 million, correct? >> reporter: the sportscaster and tv personality wept as she listened to the verdict. andrews later tweeted a statement thanking the court and jury for their service, and also said she was honored by the support she has received from victims all over the world. during the trial andrews testified she felt shame and humiliation and that she felt depression. >> it will always be there. it will always be a reminder every single day. >> reporter: andrews' attorney says the hotel should have kept
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andrew barrett from finding out their client's room number. what happened to andrews was terrible, but insisted the convicted stalker was solely to blame. the jury didn't see it that way. holding the hotel owner responsible for 49% of the damages. >> we are disappointed with the result. we're going to look at the outcome at the proof what occurred during the trial with respect to any issues that may exist and make a decision at that point in time after consultation with our client whether there will be appeal. >> michael barrett previously pleaded guilty to criminal charges of stalking andrews and was sentenced to two and a half years in prison. in news4 your health tonight, more and more women with early stage cancer in one breast are choosing to have double mastectomies to reduce their risk of cancer in the other. that's according to the journal of clinical psychology. but are those women happier after that surgery?
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institute say no. the surgery does not necessarily improve quality of life. a lot of those women in recent years, including actress angelina jolie have chosen to undergo this surgery based on advice from their doctors, genetic factors, fear of recurrence, or just a desire for symmetry. meanwhile, a revolutionary procedure could turn dreams of pregnancy into reality for tens of thousands of women who have been told they'll never be biological mothers. that's what 26-year-old lindsey was told more than ten years ago. and today she is the nation's first recipient of a uterine transplant. doctors at the cleveland clinic gave her a uterus from a doaner who had recently died. now lindsey will have to undergo a year of anti-rejection drugs after this transplant before starting in vitro fertilization. the uterus will be removed when she is done having children. >> they have provided me with a gift that i will never be able to repay.
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>> while the risk of her body rejecting the uterus is high, doctors say there is some hope. in sweden, nine transplants have led to c-section births of five babies. he says he is your neighbor. then he asks you for money. tonight d.c. police are warning residents about a guy scamming people in several parts of the city. the latest incident happened just this weekend here in the navy yard area. a well-dressed man in a suit and tie knocks on your door, says he is your neighbor bruce. he tells you he is locked out with his keys and wallet at home. then asks you for money. so he can catch a cab or take metro. >> he knocked on my door yesterday. and i just didn't come down. but he did knock on my neighbor's door. >> it's sad that somebody would take advantage of good hearted people. >> well we have this picture of bruce. we blurred his face because police say he hasn't committed any crime. but they do want to get the word out and urge you not to give him money.
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this is your weatherman doug. and you cannot believe him. or can we? >> he cleans up well. >> i might even give you money. that. >> is the weirdest interview i have ever had in my many years doing. this you mentioned earlier, you said to me, do you still get paid for a week like? >> what kind of work are you doing? >> yes. i'm not going to be doing much there is nothing going on in the weather center this week. trust me, if you want a tour, call me. what we're going to be dealing with, take a look outside right now. dealing with great weather. s a matter of fact, we're talking 70s. the only thing about this, handley asked this earlier, allergy season? yeah. allergies are coming up in just a bit. look at the numbers. 51 right now. our average high is 53. so if we're at 51 at 11:00 at night, you know we're talking about warm air. winds out of the south at 7 miles per hour. temperatures 47 in martinsburg. 46 in manassas. down towards for example at 59. very nice. very mild tomorrow morning
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pretty nice conditions. 49 degrees at that time. tomorrow afternoon, around 72 degrees. it is going to be spectacular again tomorrow with some sunshine. the mid to high-level clouds. but a very warm day for the kids out of the bus stop. if you're going to be out and about too, great day future lunch outdoors. no rain, no snow to talk about. we'll take a look at a wider picture. mid to high-level clouds coming in. but the sun can penetrate those. we're look agent a couple of storms back to the west. even a tornado warning around dallas. but this is the system that is going to really help to bring us the warm air. the reason is, it is right now over portions of california, bringing them all kinds of rain. that system dives all the way down into mexico. this is very rare, especially for this time of year, diving all the way down there. and that does is bring that warm air right over across all of the east coast. we're talking about temperatures that are near record breaking highs. so the warmest of the year for sure. plenty of sunshine through thursday. and we've declared winter is over.
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the forecast. i know everybody is happy about that. so some good news there. you know, if you're spring lovers, this is for you. 72 tomorrow. leesburg at 72 degrees. a little cooler to the west. still quite nice. tomorrow starting 49. climbing quickly. around lunch time, looking really good. temperatures already in the 60s at this time. so get out and enjoy your day, all in all. the next couple of day, we get even warmer. high temperature on wednesday of 76 degrees. some of you will be even hotter than that with a lot of sun. we're seeing hot. 20 degrees above average. and on thursday, we're 25 degrees above average. 78 degrees on thursday that would tie a record set back in 2006. we do get cool their weekend. but we're still well above average. 69 on friday as the cold front moves through. saturday, 64. better chance of rain coming up on sunday with a high of 63. and that's right. spring forward saturday night into sunday. we lose an hour on sunday morning.
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sunday night at 7:14. >> wow. >> so it's going to be very nice. this is going to be such a great time of year when we get to spring with nice weather. that's what we got coming up. >> we just booked you four brownie troops from reston at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> reston, my hometown. >> you're excited, aren't you? >> which numbers? >> 402 -- >> they're bringing cookies. the best part. coming up, rg3 on his way out in d.c.? one of his teammates talked
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> well, it's official. he is out of here, carol. >> let's just call it what it is. a release. one of the most dramatic and disappointing sports stories in this city's history. it has ended today in a move that surprised no one. the fins officially released robert griffin iii. he would have been owed $16 million. so it was a predictable move even before the season kicked off. when he was promoted to third string, only dressing for one game this season. the 2012 rookie of the year, he wasn't the same since his knee injury in the seattle play-off game. but he leave was giant chip on his shoulder and a vote of confidence from at least one former teammate. >> he will definitely be a star somewhere. the opportunity, he is going to have to wait for the opportunity to come. but he is going to prepare for that opportunity. because now
11:26 pm
league for four years. he knows what to expect, knows the ropes, he knows what to do. the opportunity is going to come. he just have to take advantage of it. >> more moves for redskins today. also not running darrel young, who spent seven seasons with the skins. today he said he would love to finish his career with the redskins. some other players leaving town, terrance pot roast knighton, golston and a lot of talent on that board. huge news today. peyton manning announcng his retirement with the colts and broncos. manning put together a historic career. the all-time leading in passing and touchdowns. hanging it up. and for number 18, 18 seasons is goodnough. >> there is just something about 18 years. 18 is a good number. and today i retire from pro football. i revere football. i love the game.
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i'll miss it. absolutely. absolutely i will. omaha. >> i still don't know what omaha means. is it a pass play or a run play? the washington capitals in action right now out west. the only thing cringe worthy about this team at all is they seem to give up the first goal a lot. they kept that trend going tonight. alex ovechkin and the caps are out west to visit their old buddy, bruce boudreaux and his ducks. hello, bruce. less than a minute into is the game, a delay penalty on washington. look at that. and it's ryan getzlaf. he gets the last laugh. holtby not laughing, thank you, just a minute. in it's 1-0 the ducks. right now in the second period. it is the same score. and to the hardwood. a familiar face back in a familiar place. jim back at george mason, practicing with the team on the same floor where ten years ago his patriots made that
11:28 pm
improbable run to the final four. miami in town for the acc tournament. coach ll. relishing his time spent at george mason. >> i spent 14 glorious years here. and the people could not have been nicer to me and my family. i'm so grateful that i had this experience of coming here and to experience the final four of leading the george mason team in 2006 and enjoying that magic carpet ride. >> he is the -- yeah, we miss him. >> he was solid guy. a
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we're planning vacations now. >> yeah, we are. >> thanks for joining us. have a good one tomorrow. it's going to be beautiful.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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