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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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yesterday, anything but peaceful, anything but happy. >> no matter how this case works out, this is a tragedy for everyone involved. obviously the victim lost his life. his family members have lost a son, friends. the female that was assaulted is traumatiz traumatized. her son is traumatized. there is no winner in a case like this. >> reporter: inside that house yesterday afternoon a 36-year-old woman and her 37-year-old boyfriend. police say there was an argument. they say that argument went on for hours and then it got physical. they say the boyfriend went after the woman and that the woman's 15-year-old son saw what was going on and that he went and got a gun. he went and got his mother's gun, and then he opened fire. shot and killed 37-year-old john conroy, jr. police say he was hit a number
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teenager's mother have been living together for some time. they say there was no stay away order against rconroy, and polie say they haven't been called to the house before for any complaints of domestic disturbance. the mother was treated at the scene. her teenage son was charged with second-degree murder, but that may only be temporary. i'll have more about that at 6:00. live in spotsylvania county, pat collins, news4. i'm meagan fitzgerald in prince george's county following up on yet another domestic violence case that turned deadly for two women. the question tonight is why the suspect with a lengthy criminal history was out on bond in the first place. we'll have details coming up in our next half hour. the family of freddie gray is one step closer tonight to receiving a more than $6 million
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police custody. the city's mayor is set to approve a smaller payment for the law firm representing baltimore in the justice department investigation into police. that payment would be $1.2 million. "the baltimore sun" reports that the city council could consider bills authorizing both the payment to the law firm and the payment to the gray family as early as monday. three people are recovering tonight from an accident on landover road here in largo this afternoon. two women and a child were taken to the hospital with serious but nonlife-threatening injuries. one of the adults had to be cut from this crushed vehicle there. the crash happened here near st. joseph drive. and seven people are recovering after a d.c. fire truck collides with a van in northeast d.c. we're told the truck was responding to a call at the time. it was this morning and this was near 11th street and maryland avenue. among the injured, four firefighters. two pe
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to survive. okay, folks. it is hard to believe it is early march. we are being treated to some spectacular warm weather this week. >> it's having a drastic impact on our cherry blossoms, and festival organizers are making some changes to accommodate the early bloom. derrick ward got the enviable assignment of being told to go stand this afternoon along the tidal basin. derrick? >> reporter: yeah, you know, i just ripped off my tie in grief over all that. soon this will all be covered in pink. i'll be surrounded by a garland of pink flowers and that's what everybody looks forward to, but it's going to happy earlier than planned. originally the peak blooming period, which is easy to say, was going to be march 31st through april 3rd, but now they've moved it up from march 18th to the 23rd.
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earlier and people are worried about the revenue. a lot of people might have planned their vacations to be down leer for the peak period but the organizers are taking a rosy outlook when it comes to revenue associated with the cherry blossoms. this cherry blossom season will be unique thanks to these balmy temperatures that have prompted festival organizers to move up the peak bloom period. >> this is actually the earliest i have experienced it in 16 years, and probably i might think it's the earliest in history. >> reporter: the welcome center that's set up at the tidal center will open sooner and there are hundreds of performers who will have to be rescheduled to an earlier date. >> the stage will be changed but other than that everything is as scheduled. >> reporter: while the buds are just starting to puff up a little, people still come here to walk along the river and be beneath the trees. for some it's a job that starts in january, but theirs is a labor of love. still some people come from out of town and they're surprised to hear that peak bloom date is being moved up. >> really? oh, my goodness.
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that's not too far away. >> reporter: alas, still too far away for this disappointed utah resident. >> i have to see the cherry blossoms. we just came just a little too early. >> reporter: but organizers say that the earlier bloom would just mean more time to spend with washington's favorite flora. >> it could be very positive for the city that they're blooming during the time of spring break so lots of people have more flexibility. >> reporter: time won't be the only thing spent. the expects 1.5 million people who come spend money. the folks at destination d.c. who promote the city still think the revenue impact this year will be on par with last year and organizers say missing the peak doesn't mean you missed the beauty. >> peak means 0% of t70% of the blossoms. >> reporter: typically the festival brings more than $150 million in revenue to town. now, the revised date does at least partially coincide with the actual festival itself with all of those activities. a lot of t
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from here. that's from march 20th through april 17th. they haven't changed that but coming up on news4 later, let's see what it might mean for some of the traffic that always accompanies the cherry blossoms down here around the tidal basin. in the meantime, just enjoy the weather. live in the tidal basin, derrick ward, news4. >> indeed. thank you, derrick. we set some new record high temperatures today. >> boy, did we. v.j., how about a repeat performance tomorrow? >> okay, sure. that will be easy to do. in fact, i think that some areas could be some five degrees higher than they were today. so we're talking about maybe topping out at 85. by the way, amelia segal looking back there at some some of the records. march 15th in 1990 was the earliest for starting peak bloom at the tidal basin. look at the temperatures today. manassas 84 the high temperature for today. yes, new record at dulles. it had been held on this date since 2000. and 81 bwi airport. it haden
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now we're forecasting another 8 80-degree day tomorrow. and then we're talking about some rain. we're tracking that coming up in just a few minutes. guys? all right, veronica, thank you. in the race for the white house now, jeb bush is set to meet with all the republican candidates whose last name is not trump. and ted cruz picked up a new endorsement today from the former rival. nbc news confirmed this afternoon bush will meet with cruz, marco rubio, and john kasich. rubio is set to appear in a town hall tonight with chuck todd, but his campaign appears to be on life support after a disappointing tuesday night. he finished third or fourth in all four contests and failed to pick up a single delegate. meanwhile, ted cruz, who won idaho by a double digit margin, earned the support of former gop hopeful carly fiorina. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are two sides
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same coin. they're not going to reform the system. they are the system. when the establishment says ted cruz is too conservative, he's too much of a fighter, he won't get along, i say you go, ted. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders scored an upset win last night, a big one, narrowly defeating hillary clinton last night in michigan. clinton also had a landslide win in mississippi. clinton also maintains a wide lead when it comes to the delegates, and donald trump appears to have the edge ahead of winner-take-all contest next tuesday in ohio and the big state of florida. but last night's wins in michigan, mississippi, and hawaii, trump now has more than a third of the delegates needed to clench the nomination. cruz trails him by fewer than a hundred. rubio and kasich are farther in their home
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ohio and florida. factoring in superdelegates, clinton is more than halfway to securing the democratic nomination with more than twice sanders' support. and developing tonight, sad news for a 26-year-old woman and a setback for many more hoping for a break through that would allow them to give birth. the first uterus transplant in the united states has now failed. the cleveland clinic just held a press conference monday to discuss what was believed to be a successful transplant in a patient named lindsey. doctors say lindsey developed a serious complication yesterday and the uterus was removed. it's now being studied to find out what went wrong. this evening the man suspected of shooting a prominent idaho pastor after a ted cruz rally is in custody here in washington. secret service took kyle odom into custody last night after a three-day manhunt. it appears e dom
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a flight in boise and fly to the district. officers took him into custody after they found him throwing documents over the white house fence. about two dozen secret service officers searched the white house grounds today focusing on a grassy area near 17th street and state place. news4's mark segraves just got out of court and joins us live in northwest washington with details on this case that is developing. >> reporter: kyle odom made his first appearance before a judge just moments ago, this after being arrested out of the white house last night. the judge ordered that he be held without bond. he'll be staying in washington, d.c., until next month. now, odom was arrested outside the white house last night after he was seen throwing documents, house fence. today in court he said good afternoon to the judge and waited and listened as prosecutors said he should be held without bail. they also said idaho has a
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warrant for his arrest for attempted murder. he's not facing any charges for the incident at the white house. simply a tuge tiff warrant for his return to idaho. typically defendants will waive their rights to an extradition hearing but that's not what happened today. in an unusual move, odom told the judge he wants to be heard before the chief judge here in d.c. superior court. the only issue at that hearing will be whether or not this is a valid warrant out of idaho and whether or not, in fact, he is kyle odom. now, that hearing has been scheduled for april 6th. i can tell you there were fbi agents as well as federal prosecutors expecting him to be released to their custody so he could be extradited back to idaho but that's not what happened today. there was a bench conference. it is expected that while odom is in custody here for the remainder of this month, he will undergo a mental evaluation. that's the very latest from d.c. superior court. jim, back to you. >>
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you may have seen this video. now we're hearing new allegations about with this officer was caught kicking and slapping a teen. now metro is proposing to give back to riders when there are significant delays. this is chris gordon in annapolis. maryland lawmakers are considering tough new gun laws. how they are trying to protect remen and childn from domestic
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i'm pat lawson muse at the live desk. right now doctors are working to try to save an apartment who was pulled from an apartment fire in southeast washington. the fire started just before 4:00 this afternoon on minnesota avenue. firefighters say when they got there, they found flames coming from three floors of an apartment building and they rescued a person from the third floor. that person is listed in critical condition. several firefighters, two, in fact, were also treated for minor injuries. d.c. police say several school resource officers ran into that building and that they rescued a dog and several people before firefighters even got there. we don't know where those resource officers came from, but we do know that anacostia high sc i
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we'll continue to follow this story. we'll have updates on the nbc washington app. back to you. pat, thank you. maryland has some of the toughest gun laws in the kcounty and some of them could be changing. 16 pieces of gun legislation is being considered in annapolis. >> one of them is designed to protect women from domestic violence. chris gordon went to annapolis where there are demonstrations from both on both sides of the debate. >> for all the victims of gun violence -- >> we stand today. >> reporter: this was organized by the group moms demand action for gun sense in america. they want to close the loopholes in maryland gun laws. for example, they say, it's illegal for domestic offenders to have a gun, but maryland lacks the power to require them to surrender their firearms. >> all the studies show that in a house where there's domestic violence, the chances of a woman or a child being killed go up 500% when there's a firm.
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>> reporter: one example being given is the murder of a mother and her 2-year-old daughter in prince george's county last month. allegedly shot by the child's father who was angry about support payments. >> her partner came right up to her car and just killed her, and so we need to put some real laws in place to prohibit all of this killing that's going on, especially for women. >> reporter: this counter demonstration was held by gun owners on the street in front of the state house. your sign says self-defense is a second amendment right. >> correct. i would like my second amendment is to own and carry a firearm and i cannot in the state of maryland and that's why i'm out here. >> cdc study has just come out recently saying that an increase in guns correlates to a decrease in crime. and it makes sense because criminals will not go where there's danger. >> reporter: gun owners say that maryland already has some of the toughest laws in the country. ahead, we'll hear what some vms
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say about that. reporting from annapolis, chris gordon, news4. metro is now proposing a way to give back to riders when there are significant delays. general manager paul wiedefeld is recommending that riders be allowed to leave a station within 15 minutes and not be charged anything. right now riders are charged even if they leave the same station they just entered. riders have complained that after they enter a station and see significant delays, they still have to pay if they chose to leave. the change would be part of metro's operating budget which takes effect in july. parents in frederick, maryland, are being asked to monitor their kids' activities on social media. this came after a high school student called in a bomb threat at oakdale high last tuesday. the sheriff's office and the school administrators traced that call to a student at catoctin high school and the student told them he did it as a prank. he's now facing a number ever charges, including thre
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and d.c. police are trying to catch a pick pocket. they're hoping this surveillance video will help. it happened three weeks ago at a restaurant in wisconsin avenue in friendship heights. you can see her reach in the coat pocket of someone seated behind her. she took out the wallet putting the contents in her purse. she tries to put the items back in the coat. she picks it up, hands it to the victim, and leaves the store. i'm jason pugh. nfl free agency kicked off today at 4:00 p.m. we've already seen plenty of owners throwing around big time contracts. the redskins however haven't been major players in free agency thus far but they have made a few moves in house re-signing some of their own guys. they bring back colt mccoy as the backup quarterback. he became a huge priority after the team released rg3. colt, he has appeared in seven games the last two
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olston. he's the longest tenured player on the team. also line maccer mason foster who came along big last season. he played in 13 games, recorded 37 technicals. duke ihenacho he missed 15 games because of a broken wrist. he's only plays in four games over two seasons. elsewhere the denver broncos, they're in search for a quarterback after brock osweiler signed with the houston texans today. peyton manning officially retired earlier this week. those two decisions could play a major part in robert griffin iii becoming a bronco. he's on denver's list of replacement quarterbacks. brock osweiler signed for four years, $72 million with the texans. coming up on news4 at 6:00, we'll break down what that means for kirk cousins and his contract negotiations with the redskins. and home
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some money. we'll tell you about a deal after that data breach that could put some money back in the possibilities of their customers. plus, honoring a former first lady. thousands pay tribute today to nancy reagan and reflect how she changed the white house here in washington. and we've been asking you on social media how you feel about the 80-degree temperatures in early march. veronica's full forecast will reveal if this is going to stick around until september. and don't forget to follow nbc washington snapchat. we were out in the warm weather today enjoying it with everyone else, and here are some of the snaps from our intern sofia.
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and now your storm team4 forecast. >> another day to walk around in flip-flops and short pants. our may/june-type air continues in mid-march. a lot of folks still smiling at that. we are going to be going through some changes at the end of the workweek and the weekend, so i wanted to show you those bars. those, of course, representing some of our warmest temperatures. we give you the red bar for tomorrow. we're back up to around 80. and notice we're still above the white line. that's your average. so moving through mid-march into latter part of march, i really think we'll continue to see our
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temperatures above average, not quite as hot as it was today. some folks calling today hot. but still running, again, above average. with that, that means the higher pollen count. yes, i know some of have you been taking your allergy medicine for the elm, cedar, juniper, the 24-hour count high now and it's likely to be high for tomorrow. and i think you'll still continue to need to take it even though we're going to see the cooler temperatures. our temperatures will be going back up next week. for this evening, 71 at 7:00. mid-60s by 9:00. not too bad at all. still pretty mild out there, even tomorrow morning. higher temperatures coming your way from 51 degrees in some of the cooler pockets early tomorrow morning to 59 in d.c. that's how we start your outdoor impact forecast for tomorrow. maybe you can get out and play a game of golf or a little bit of tennis. 59 degrees at 7:00 a.m. into the mid-60s already by 9:00 a.m. and we'll jump very quickly again. mid-70s at 1:00. i think 80 to maybe 85 degrees the high temperature for
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80 around gaithersburg, germantown only 85. stafford, quantico, too. 84 laplata and greenbelt getting up to 83 around college park. late tomorrow some clouds come in. we have a chance for a little bit in the way of a shower. that's the green you're seeing, western maryland, do you agree the evening hours tomorrow. but as the front drops south and east, just clouds here and i really think our chances will be drying up, maybe a little sprinkle early friday morning. that's it. for saturday clouds to start. there's your 61 at 1:00 for a high temperature. it will be cooler this upcoming weekend, but our temperatures will hold steady i think in the upper 50s as we get into saturday night. if you have plans to go out, it's not looking too bad at all. let's look at the storm team4 four-day forecast. 80 tomorrow, one more day. then friday around 70 degrees. it gets a little breezy. your weekend, rain chances. again, we're springing forward. daylight saving time begins.
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2:00 a.m. remember to change the batteries in that smoke defector. >> v.j., thanks. a wild day at the ice cream shop, and this is the video to prove it. a driver crashes right into this store and they've had a string of bad luck there before. find out why it was already under repair. plus, the man who is accused of shooting a pastor in idaho arrested at the white house. we told but his court appearance in washington. well, now nbc's pete williams kill will explain what led up to this interesting arrest in d.c. >> reporter: you may not even recognize this parted of our area anymore, but is it enough to get you to move here? i'm
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advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management team.
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a violent past comes to light tonight involving that man who killed two women in cheverly. >> news4's meagan fitzgerald joins us live from the murder site with what she's learned so far. meagan? >> reporter: well, jim, family members say the suspect, kevin reynolds, had been physically abusive to that arekka jones. investigators say he attacked her in this parking lot and was arrested but she posted his bond. now the prince george's county state's attorney's office is
5:31 pm
investigated to understand why bond was an option in the first place. court documents paint an alarming history between 30-year-old kevin reynolds and his ex-girlfriend tarekka jones. family members say jones was a single mother of three who had a child with reynolds. according to police, in february when he dropped off their young child at the cheverly station apartments, he threw jones to the ground, dragging her around the parking lot and later returned with a gun. he was charged with assault and arrested at the beginning of march. >> he was in a no-bond status which is what we originally requested. >> reporter: prince george's county state's attorney angela alsobrooke said with reynolds' lengthy criminal past, he should have never been out of jail but jones changed her story in court defending her abuser. she wanted the bond reduced so she could make the bond. >> reporter: one week later reynolds returned to the apartment shooting and killing jones and her half sister, jalisa walls-harris, about ever
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alsobrooks said prosecutors should have objected when the judge set a bond for reynolds which is why she said the encase is under review. >> when someone dice, we have to go back and look at what we did. >> reporter: never the also, also brook and her team say they're committed to protecting domestic violence victim right's before it's too late. >> we have to do more and do better so we can protect these women but they have to work with us, trust us, and allow us to help. >> reporter: the state's attorney has been very active in trying to crack down on the domestic violence cases here in the county, even meeting with many religious leaders, telling them about the warning signs, and how to help victims before it's too late. coming up at 6:30, hear from a domestic violence survivor. she explains how she was able to escape her abuser. back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald. thank you, meagan. we don't our cover oge and the arrest
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of shoofting an idaho pastor. >> he appeared in court today and nbc's justice correspondent pete williams joins us with what he's learned about aislekyle odd i guess the question on everybody's mind is how was he able to get here after the shooting? >> you flew here. he boarded a plane in boise, idaho. this was on monday morning. the shooting was sunday. now, he was put on a watch list or on a be on the lookout. but remember that the tsa system is set up to prevent terrorists from boarding airports. it's intended to prevent threats to aviation. there is a way for those people who check your driver's license when you go to the airport to be briefed in the morning on high priority fugitives and, by the way, on children who are on the amber alert lists. but it's not clear that that warning came early enough, and in any event, that's a system that's sort of stapled onto the tsa system. it's not wht
5:34 pm
it doesn't always work perfectly. it's an attempt to try to do something about it, but the tsa system was never intended to prevent fugitives from traveling. >> does this man have a history of mental health issues and was he ever tracked for that? >> no, not that we know of. his family says he has a history of mental problems. the secret service says he was arrested after he tossed some things over the white house fence, some papers and a thumb drive. they haven't said what it is, but it's very likely the same thing he sent to the news media in the coeur d'alene, idaho, area, which is a 30-page note about why -- this is secret service today searching the area of the grounds where that material was thrown over. he says that he thinks america is in danger of being taken over by martians, space aliens. he also says that the pastor that police accuse him of shooting on sunday was basically one of them. >> okay. so that tells us a lot right there. >> serious mental problem
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a luxury hotel with a primo location in d.c.'s woodley park neighborhood is facing tens of thousands of dollars in fines. news4's pat lawson muse is working this story. health and safety allegations against this popular spot. >> we're talking about the wardman park marriott hotel on connecticut avenue. the occupational safety and health administration, osha, has slapped the hotel with nearly $77,000 in citations. those include a dozen violations that osha considers to be very serious violations. among the issues listed by osha, no written program for the way employees should handle and maintain hazardous materials. failure to set up a written plan for how housekeeping should handle guest laundry contaminated with blood or other potentially infectious materials, and a damaged chute conveyor in a grease collecting room that was covered in lint. that presents a potential fire hazard. in a state
5:36 pm
us it is committed to a safe environment and it says, quote, we've already addressed most of the items identified by osha and continue to cooperate with them. marriott also says it's also using this opportunity to reinforce its safety and security procedures. wendy? >> all right. pat muse. well, today marks the first of three days set up for the public to pay its aren'ts to former first lady nancy reagan. let's take a live look inside the reagan presidential library. the secret service transported her casket to simi valley from santa monica earlier today. mrs. reagan made all the arrangements before her death, including the details about the flowers she wanted and the music. her body will lie in repose for a second day tomorrow before her funeral service which is private on friday. mrs. reagan will be buried on a hillside tomb alongside her
5:37 pm
husband. she died last sunday from congestive heart failure. she was 94 years old. back close to home some scary moments at a gelato and coffee shop in the district today after a car careens through the front glass window. check it out. the shop is still recovering from the last time this happened. this is the second time in two months that a driver has crashed into this factory gelato story. it's on penn street in northeast d.c. the shop is still under repair and operates as a production and training facility now for employees. fortunately, no one was injured. today's crash happened two months to the day after that previous crash. and there is a push to pass a law in maryland to protect drivers, but one mother whose daughter was killed in a car crash ys thisas
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this week's wednesday's child was a little shy when we first met him, but it didn't take long for 11-year-old deon to loosen up. >> barbara harrison spent some time with him at a place called art jams where he had a chance to explore his artistic side. >> reporter: deon told us he loves trying his hand at all kinds of creative endeavors. >> i'm going to introduce you to sean. he will be your art teacher today. >> reporter: with a blank canvas ready he asked deon -- >> what do you want to paint? >> a man. >> the whole body? in action? >> the mask. >> reporter: he decided on an ironman mask. his social worker says deon is a
5:41 pm
at whatever he does. she says he really wants to do well in school. what's your favorite subject at school? >> science and math. >> he's doing really well in school. he just moved schools back in act and he transitioned wonderfully. >> reporter: he took some time out from painting to tell me a few of his favorite riddles. >> what do you call a bear with no teeth? >> reporter: he said that's one of his best riddles and it's one most people can't answer. >> a gummy bear. >> he has a great sense of humor with an even better smile. >> reporter: deon says he wants to study engineering in college and where would he like to go? those who know deon say he tries hard to be perfect in everything he does. >> he's a perfectionist. he wants to make sure he is giving you his very best work. >> reporter: deon is hopeful an adoptive family will come along for him. >> fantastic. >> reporter: as for the iron mask, everyone agreed deon did a great job and they had some gifts for him to take along including a
5:42 pm
barbara harrison, news4 for wednesday's child. >> and if you have room in your home and your heart for deon or another child who is waiting, call our special adoption hotline 1-88-to-adopt me. you can't drive by tysons without noticing all the changes. time to count the cranes. find out what is changing the landscape there and whether it's expected to be a success. and there are new allegations against a school officer who was caught on video punching and kicking a teenager. find out what witnesses say may be the
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a maryland mother whose daughter's death has been blamed on a key ignition switch defect is pushing for a car safety law. >> news4 consumer reporter susan hogan recently sat down with the mother and joins us with her story. susan? >> well, the bill namentd in honor of amber rose goes before a senate hearing tomorrow. her birth mother says had this bill been in effect when she died in 2005, her daughter would be alive today. >> it was about 3:00 or 3:30 in the morning. >> reporter: laura christian remembers july 29th, 2005, like it was yesterday. >> i picked up the phone,
5:46 pm
she told me that amber had been in a car accident and that she didn't make it. and all i could do is scream. at the funeral a police officer came up to us and told us that her air bags didn't deploy. we didn't understand truly what that meant at that time. >> reporter: until nine years later when general motors notified nhtsa it was recalling more than 2 million vehicles because of defective ignition switch that can effect the safe operation of air bag systems. a federal investigation found amber's ignition switch was in the accessory position. according to nhtsa, if the key is not in the run position, the air bags may not deploy if the vehicle is involved in a crash. by the time of the recall, there were already more than a dozen deaths linked to the defect, including amber's, and since then the number of people killed has climbed. the legislation, amber's
5:47 pm
asks to improve public access to key safety and warranty information. the bill's sponsors point to this, a report by the national highway traffic and safety administration that shows as early as may 2005, gm issued its first service advisory to dealers about possible issues with ignition switches saying, the driver may inadvertently turn off ignition. but the information was never passed along to customers. of two months later amber's 2005 chevy cobalt crashed. >> it took gm ten years to announce a recall, and how many people had to die? yet dealers had that information. >> reporter: the bill's sponsors say the legislation is about safety and transparency for all maryland drivers. >> so if you came in with a brake problem or another service issue and the dealership knew that there might be a very serious problem with your ignition switch that could put you at is
5:48 pm
supposed to share that information with you. we think that's an outrage and that's what we're trying to stop with this bill. >> reporter: news4 reached out to the alliance for auto manufacturers who is against this bill. in a statement it said in part this proposal would allow a car dealer to independently issue what appears to be a vehicle recall and direct repair work needed or not to his or her dealership. the potential for waste, fraud, deception, and abuse is enormous. laura doesn't see it that way, and that's why she's now testifying before maryland's lawmakers to keep amber's memory alive. >> i know she's very, very proud of me. i know that she's looking down from heaven and she's cheering me on. >> now, the ealliance of automobile manufacturers argue the consumer already have access to information dealers get from
5:49 pm
washington app and click on safe for you. if you lost money due to that data breach at home depot, you could get some cash back. they have agreed to pay to compensate people harmed by the 2014 breach. that money will help reimburse shoppers for out of pocket losses and provide identity loss protection. the settlement still needs court approval. a first for the state's attorney from prince george's county. angela alsobrooks was awarded the first women in business development award. other honorees were jennifer freeman and charlene dukes. news4's shomari stone was the emcee for this morning's event. congratulations to all. >> yeah. and a beautiful day. my goodness. we jumped all the way to june. >> oh, my gosh, it's fabulous out there. we're 30 degrees above normal and we get one more day of this
5:50 pm
80-degree weather, and then we do start to cool off, but temperatures still will be okay as we head on into the weekend. so here are the weather headlines. record warmth in the forecast again tomorrow. bwi marshall dulles hit record highs. i think all three major airports will hit a record high tomorrow. it will be cooler for the weekend, temperatures in the 60s, but that's 5 to 10 degrees above normal. rain chances increase as we work into the weekend and monday. more on that in a moment. tomorrow the weather having a low impact on your day. more clouds but you will still want the sunglasses as you go to and from work with partly sunny skies. exercise, go out early. it will be beautiful tomorrow morning. just heading out and about to run errands,t shirt and shorts will be just fine once again. currently temperatures coming in in the mid to upper 70s. 77 in manassas. 76 degrees in washington. 79 up in frederick. and we are forecast to have a beautiful sunset this evening, so if that does happen, make sure you take snapshots and share them with me on twitter.
5:51 pm
tomorrow. 7:00 a.m., temperature already near 60 degrees. that's why you need to go for a run or bicycle ride early. have your lunch outdoors. temps in the mid-70s at noon. by 4:00 we hit our high of 80 and that will be a new record high. 7:00 p.m., still mild. temperature around 72. so if you can eat outdoors tonight, you can fire up the grill or dine out tomorrow evening. as we look to the weekend, probably not the best idea to get the car washed. there are showers in the forecast, especially on monday. but you can start to clean out the garden. outdoor exercise for the most part. nice temperatures, only an isolated shower chance on saturday. so here is a look at the next seven days. tomorrow high temperature around 80. we are cooler on friday. a cold front tries to move through thursday night into early friday. that could touch off an isolated shower but it cools us down to near 70. a bit breezy throughout the day on friday. saturday plenty of clouds, maybe a spotty shower later in the day. high around 6
5:52 pm
best chance of an eye lated shower or two looks to be later in the day on sunday. some rain looking likely on monday. we hop back up to 70 on tuesday. 75 on wednesday. also daylight saving time begins this weekend, guys. >> that's right. we lose on hour. >> yes. the development boom in our area may soon hit a level we have not seen before. this year tysons corner will undergo massive change. it will start with an entirely new neighborhood built on what is basically a bunch of parking lots. our transportation reporter adam tuss is live now in tysons tonight. adam, these changes could have a big impact on the way we get around. >> reporter: absolutely, jim. and you look around here and it's not hard to see the changes day after day here in tysons corner, but here is the question. would you consider ditching the car and the drive here into seassig tysons and simply living here? food trucks, people lining the streets, murals being painted, new
5:53 pm
>> yeah, i'm definitely seeing, you know, the environment changing a little bit more. a little bit more urban variety. >> reporter: tysons is fast on the move and this is what's coming next, a huge development called the borough around one of the unity utilized metro station. it expected to house one of the largest whole foods complete with its own brewery. is it enough to get to you move here? >> i don't know. i like living in the city. >> reporter: there is a plan. >> i see an amazing potential when i look at tysons. >> reporter: lisa is the executive director of the urban land institute. she says tysons has a way to go. >> the most important part will be that connectivity, creating that ability for people to live there, work there, socialize there, have events, and be able to get around that area. >> reporter: the getting around part is still a challenge in this area where the car still es
5:54 pm
are giving way to major changes. certainly a lot of buzz here. coming up at 6:00, let's say you live in maryland or live in the district. should you be happy about everything that's happening here in the tysons corner area? i'll tell what you experts are saying about that, wendy. >> all right. adam tuss. well, now two police officers with the baltimore schools have been charged after cell phone video surfaces showing one of them slapping and kicking a teenager. what the other officer is
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
two police officers assigned to the baltimore schools are out on bond after they were charged with assault and misconduct. one of the officers seen here allegedly slapping a student is also charged with child abuse. tim toten has new details on this criminal investigation. >> this certainly pierced the trust that actually existed in that particular school. >> reporter: it's trust the city school's ceo says was compromised when officers anthony spence and saverna bias approached a 16-year-old student on the east baltimore campus, an encounter where officer spence is seen on cell phone video kicking and slapping the teen. spence has been charged with second-degree child abuse, second-degree assault, and misconduct in office. >> his status has changed from administrative leave with pay to admira
5:58 pm
pursuant to law enforcement officer bill of rights. >> reporter: school officer saverna bias has been charged with second-degree assault and misconduct in office. even show bias watched the incident, whats she said that may have gotten her in trouble. in charging documents she tells officer spence, you need to smack him because he's got too much mouth. >> that is partially why i'm not going to go too much further into the evidence other than what you have in the -- what you have seen in the probable cause statement. i'd rather let state's attorney's office comment on any specifics. >> reporter: the district had very little to say about its police chief mar shill goodwin who remained on administrative leave with pay in connection with that assault. >> chief goodwin is on administrative leave and presently he will remain until a decision is made regarding next steps for him.fzv >> can you say any more about what his role may have been? >> not at this point
5:59 pm
>> the public integrity unit of baltimore state's attorney's office is investigating this criminal case and the school's police department is conducting its own internal investigation. we begin tonight with a developing story. the man arrested at the white house after allegedly shooting a pastor in idaho was in court this afternoon. >> kyle odom was picked up by the secret service last night after investigators tell us he threw items over the white house fence. this was the scene today. there were about two dozen secret service officers who carried out a search of the white house grounds looking for anything odom may have tossed or left behind. news4's mark segraves was in the court for odom's first appearance and joins us live in northwest d.c. with more on what he had to say today. mark? >> reporter: hey, good evening, jim. unexpected turn of events here in court. i have sat in on hundreds of extradition hearings in d.c. superior court over the years. i have never seen a defendant q
6:00 pm
what kyle odom did today as he challenged his extradition to idaho. standing before the judge wearing gym shorts, a t-shirt, and shackles, kyle odom declined to be extradited back to idaho and requested a hearing before the d.c. superior court's chief judge. the judge granted his request and ordered him held without bond until that hearing next month saying not only does odom pose a threat to the community, but he also poses an extreme risk of flight. kyle odom was arrested tuesday night by secret service agents after he was seen throwing objects over the white house fence. police say it was a manifesto as well as a computer thumb drive. >> there's a number of people that were listed in the manifesto. there's a number of u.s. senators and house of representatives people, israeli government officials. it was extensive and it was disturbing to us. >> reporter: odom became the prime suspect in a shooting sunday outside this church in idaho. the pastor of that


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