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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 9, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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what kyle odom did today as he challenged his extradition to idaho. standing before the judge wearing gym shorts, a t-shirt, and shackles, kyle odom declined to be extradited back to idaho and requested a hearing before the d.c. superior court's chief judge. the judge granted his request and ordered him held without bond until that hearing next month saying not only does odom pose a threat to the community, but he also poses an extreme risk of flight. kyle odom was arrested tuesday night by secret service agents after he was seen throwing objects over the white house fence. police say it was a manifesto as well as a computer thumb drive. >> there's a number of people that were listed in the manifesto. there's a number of u.s. senators and house of representatives people, israeli government officials. it was extensive and it was disturbing to us. >> reporter: odom became the prime suspect in a shooting sunday outside this church in idaho. the pastor of that
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remington, remains in serious condition after being shot six times. police say odom was able to board a commercial flight from boise to d.c. despite being a suspect in that shooting. this morning secret service conducted a search of the white house grounds. also in court today, an fbi agent expecting odom to be transferred back to idaho. now, odom will appear before d.c.'s chief judge of the superior court on april 6th. at that hearing the only issue will be is the idaho warrant valid and is he, in fact, kyle odom? between now and then he is likely to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. in court today no discussion of his motive, of his manifesto, or how he was able to board a commercial airline flight given he was a wanted man. tim remington has regained consciousness and is talking with his family.
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doing better, but that he still faces a long road to recovery. after odom was arrested last night, the family released a statement saying they were happy that the suspected shooter is in custody. a surprise on the campaign trail today. former presidential candidate carly fiorina declared her support for a former gop rival, senator ted cruz. >> and i walked into the ballot bock and i looked at the ballot and i saw my own name on the ballot. it was kind of a thrill. but then i checked the box for ted cruz and i'm here to tell you why. >> the endorsement comes as cruz makes a late but determined effort to force senator marco rubio to defend his home turf of florida. the strategy is widely seen as an effort to force rubio out of the race so cruz can compete head to head with donald trump. meanwhile, the republican national committee filed two hillary clinton-related lawsuits
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to produce electronic messages sent or received by clinton and her top aides during her tenure as secretary of state. rnc lawyers say they filed requests for the material last year under the freedom of information act and have yet to receive the documents. state department officials said today they don't comment on ongoing litigation. it is a long slog, and he's a formidable opponent. that's what bill clinton said tonight about his wife's loss to bernie sanders in that michigan primary last night, but the former president also told nbc news that if hillary clinton wins ohio next week, no one will remember the michigan upset. for now all eyes are on the sunshine state where clinton and sanders will debate in about three hours. jay gray is live in miami with a closer look now. jay? >> reporter: hey, yeah, and you're absolutely right, jim. ohio, florida, the big prizes next week. right now the focus is here along the coast where they're bracing for a poc
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the republicans tomorrow night. then rallies and stump speeches through those important primaries next tuesday. the focus of the presidential campaign now shifts to florida. with both parties and all six candidates looking to draw a political line in the sand. for the democrats that begins at miami-dade community college where hillary clinton and bernie sanders will debate in just a few hours. sanders coming into the showdown with a wave of momentum after a surprise primary win last night in michigan. >> we have now won i guess nine states and a lot more are yet to come. >> reporter: clinton still has a substantial lead in the delegate count and needs florida to help seal the deal as she now begins to turn her attention to the general election and the gop. >> we have our differences, which you can see when we debate, but i'll tell you what, those differences pale in comparison to what is happening on the republican side. >> reporter: front-runner donald trump,
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primaries last night, is calling on the gop establishment to embrace his campaign now. >> what i say to the republicans is, embrace it. we will win the election easily. >> reporter: john kasich is trying to hold on through next tuesday's primary in his home state of ohio, while ted cruz is looking for traction after a win overnight in idaho and an endorsement today from carly fiorina. >> it always comes down to florida, doesn't it? >> reporter: and most agree marco rubio must win his home state to keep the florida sun from setting on his campaign. that's right, again, the democrats on stage here tonight. tomorrow it's the republicans debating at the university of miami. that's the latest live here in miami. i'm jay gray, news4. jim, back to you. >> thanks, jay. a dead heat in the maryland senate race. chris van hollen and donna edwards will face-off in the democratic primary to fill the seat being vacated by barbara mccloskey. a new poll from gonzalez research shows a statistical tie right now between the
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it is the third poll this year to show the candidates basically tied. but if it's broken down by counties that are currently served in congress by those representatives, then there's a different story. edwards leads in prince george's county with 69% of the vote. van hollen leads in montgomery county with 65% of the vote. primary day in maryland is april 26th. early voting begins on april 14th. we stand today. >> people on both sides of the gun debate demonstrating in annapolis today as lawmakers there consider some tougher gun laws. there are 16 new bills concerning guns moving through the maryland legislature. chris gordon is talking to victims of gun violence who made the trip to annapolis today. >> reporter: maryland has some of the toughest gun laws in the country, but
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today heard that there are loopholes that need to be closed to protect the public. >> if you're someone who is on the terrorist watch list, you can't buy a gun. we've been trying to pass this legislation at the federal level. i have been trying for years to get this common sense measure through. >> reporter: these demonstrators want to keep guns from people who are mentally ill, require registration of long guns, and confiscate weapons illegally owned by domestic offenders. the leader of this rally is a victim of gun violence. it happened in cheverly, maryland, in 2008. it happened right across the street from yesterday's double murder. >> i was carjacked. i was nine months pregnant leaving the grocery store one night, and i was carjacked at gunpoint. >> reporter: and where did that leave you? how did that leave you? >> what it did for me is it showed me it's way too easy for dangerous people to get their hands on guns. >> reporter: this counter demonstration was held by gun owners who say they have a
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second amendment right to bear arms. they say the laws on the books are not the problem. >> we agree wholeheartedly that guns should be kept out of the hands of criminals, and i would contend that none of these laws they're talking about today would have any effect upon doing that. >> it's not the gun laws that are our problem. it's the way the criminal laws we already have on the books are not being enforced. >> are this has happened before and once again maryland gun laws are dividing people who have strongly held beliefs on both sides. reporting from annapolis, chris gordon, news4. tonight mourners are paying their final respects to former first lady nancy reagan. she will be buried alongside her husband friday. for many today was a day to reflect on her life, her love, and how she changed the white house. nbc's brian mooar has the story. >> reporter: for years these secret service agents were sworn to protect the life of former first lady nancy reagan, and today they offered a token of their enduring respect, helping to escort her to her final
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as a hearse made its way to the reagan presidential library, people lined the roadway. some carried signs, others waved flags. a few expressed profound sadness. >> absolutely heart broken. >> reporter: when she died at age 94 she had been largely out of the public eye but far from forgotten as the wife, partner, protector, and love of the late president ronald reagan. she was celebrated for her impeccable sense of style, the services choreographed my mrs. reagan herself were understated and dignified. a simple casket laid at the entrance for a brief service for family members. over the next day she'll lie in repose here so the public can say farewell. then a private service on friday attended by first ladies from rosalynn carter to hillary clinton and michelle obama. for many the reflections of this first lady begin and end with an unbreakable bond. >> i think i respect that so much, that besides anythin
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that they were one. >> reporter: nancy and ronald reagan, inseparable in life, soon to be reunited. brian mooar, nbc news. sadness tonight about the nation's first uterus transplant. the woman who received a transplant at the cleveland clinic experienced a sudden complication yesterday. the uterus had to be removed. doctors say the 26-year-old woman is recovering well. they are still exploring what went wrong, but they say they plan to move forward with clinical trials that will include more transplants. a teenage boy charged with murder after apparently trying to protect his mother from an abusive boyfriend. coming up, we've got new information about what happened in the moments right before that shooting. and we'll report the new numbers that show how americans feel about filling the vacant seat on the supreme court. plus excitement over the revised peak period for our c
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without a pitfall. why driving in that area could get a whole lot worse now that it's been moved. record warmth today, and now we could be even higher tomorrow. 80 to 85 degrees. who could top out that high tomorrow and when we could see some changes. i'll have it all coming
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we just can't get enough of it. today's weather makes it feel like spring came a bit early this year. it also got to our famous cherry blossoms. the peak bloom dates have been moved up as you know because of these warm temperatures, and so have all the things that come with the cherry blossoms, like traffic. derrick ward has our story. >> reporter: it's a local right of spring, the cherry blossom festival. it will go on as planned this year from march 20th to april 17th, but the blossoms themselves, this year they couldn't wait. they will bloom early. the peak bloom period starts march 18th instead of march 31st. >> this is actually the earliest i have experienced in 16 years, and probably i might think it's the earliest in history. >> reporter: it would also mean earlier crowds over the course of the festival period. more than a million people typically converge on the tidal basin and even fans of the flowers don't look forward to that. >> yeah, that's not my favorite part of it, just the crowds and everything. >> reporter: with
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cherry blossom traffic could be a blooming nightmare. >> it's great for the city to have all the people come down here. >> it could be very positive for the city that they're blooming during the time of spring break. >> reporter: positive, indeed. revenue expectations usually hover around $150 million in cherry blossom related spending but locals can factor in longer commute times if the commutes carry them through this part of town and what little close-in parking there is won't be there either but that shouldn't keep folks away. >> if more people come, obviously it's better. >> reporter: so remember now, the new peak bloom period is between march 18th and the 23rd. the actual festival starts march 20th and runs through april 17th, and the d.c. circulator will start its summer hours on march 20th. it may help alleviate traffic. there's always metro. derrick ward, news4. attorney general loretta lynch, a federal judge in miami. the
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all three have told president obama they do not want to be considered for the opening on the nation's highest court. steve handelsman is outside the supreme court right now with the new poll that suggests most americans want that job filled. steve? >> reporter: right, jim. you can see why some people, maybe not those three, might shy away, because texas senator, conservative texas senator, john cornyn is warning potential obama picks that they would be beaten up like pinatas, have their reputations damaged, and then still be rejected by senate republicans. even though today's poll might encourage the president to actually make a pick. it might not help him, but president obama is backed now by most americans in the supreme court fight. 55% in today's nbc news/"wall street journal" poll disapprove of the senate not considering a nominee. 48% say vote this year, up from
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republicans claim most americans want the next president to fill the court's vacancy. >> my constituents back in texas and i think my sense is people at large don't want this lame duck president tilting the ideological balance of the supreme court. >> reporter: and in the senate judiciary committee today -- >> we have a right to determine -- >> reporter: the republican chair said no hearing and no vote despite democrats demanding them. >> the senate's consideration of the next supreme court nomination shouldn't be a question of politics or electoral map. >> reporter: in this election year, the white house is leaking that mr. obama is interviewing relative moderates, possibly including appeals court judges merit garland, srsrinivasan but high court expert amy howe says it will not sway republicans. >> they are trying to set it up so it will be hard for them to seem like they are turning down a nominee,
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without a hearing, but i think that's the path that we're on right now. >> reporter: so it still looks like eight justices will be deciding the cases here at the high court into 2017 even if today's poll indicates that's not what the nation wants. live from the supreme court, steve handelsman, news4. jim and jim, back to you. >> steve, thank you. taylor force was a west point graduate. he served combat tours in iraq and afghanistan. he was murdered in tel aviv, israel, last night by a palestinian man who stabbed more than ten other people during a 20-minute rampage. that attack happened just as vice president biden and his family arrived in the region to meet with israeli and palestinian leaders. >> my wife and my two grandchildren and granddaughter are having dinner on the beach not very far from where that happened. >> anybody that's met taylor would know your
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improved getting to know him. >> taylor force was from texas. he left the army in 2014 and was working toward his mba at vanderbilt university. he was in israel on a school-sponsored trip. a trial got under way today against two men accused of helping in the 2013 murder of a hotel bar manager. jessie chavez was shot and killed after he tried to stop a man from robbing the clarion hotel in oxon hill. police say kimfrey williams drove a getaway car. a man named rinaldo washington was the lookout. deandre weems seen in this video pulled the trigger. weems was convicted last year and is serving a life sentence. the effort to redevelop tysons picks up steam. still ahead, the next major step in the change in that city and why you might be happy about it even if you don't live there. and new recommendations tonight that
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patients. the new questions you will hear the next time you go to the
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but cigna is there for you. health isn't easy. literally. just download our free coach by cigna app. for personalized programs from a team of health coaches to help you achieve your wellness goals. cigna. together, all the way. yesterday i said my, oh, my, today i say, lord have mercy. >> can it get any better? >> lord have mercy, let's do it again, right? >> yes, indeed.
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will do all over again tomorrow. i just said mm-mmm, mm-mmm, mm-mmm, wasn't that nice? it sure because. late may, early june temperatures across the area. some 25 to 30 degrees above average, just incredible warmth to come so early here during mid-march. let's talk about the temperatures across the area today. you can see we did top ought 84 degrees. shirts off, flip-flops on, short pants. let's stay outside all day and bathe
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international, the old record had been held sings 1964. we shattered it today and records are in jeopardy again tomorrow. forecasting 80 droutegrees. the old record 78 held in 2006. and while tomorrow will be a warm day, up to 80 degrees, we will see the temperatures come down. giving you the yellow bars, but the white line is our average, 53. we're still going to stay above that the next seven days, and i think even beyond that. as far as rain chances, we have our best rain chance coming up early part of next week. so it's going to be a while. sunday maybe a little rain, maybe even a little passing brief shower that you blink you might miss it on saturday. so the pollen count is going to stay up. it's running high over the last 24 hours. out there this evening, we drop to the mid-60s. it will be dry and quiet. tomorrow 59 degrees with temperatures rising
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going out for a game of tennis, we will go from the mid-60s at 9:00 a.m. jumping five, six, seven degrees each hour. our warm spot will be around fredericksburg and laplata. 84, 83 degrees. yep, mid-80s we're forecasting in neighborhoods tomorrow. then cooler for friday. we'll talk about the weekend impact with that little bit of rain that we could have coming our way this weekend and daylight saving time begins. >> we love it. thanks, veronica. two officers now facing charges after video of one of them smacking a student went viral. tonight, we've got details about what spurred that assault. the teenager sees his mother attacked. he gets a gun. now that man is dead. the story coming up. news4. a few days after a woman and her half sister were killed at the hands of her ex-boyfriend inside this cheverly apartment, a domestic violence survivor is
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right now a man is dead. his girlfriend's son accused of pulling the trigger. the teenager says he was just defending his mother. >> this is a tragedy for everyone involved. growing concerns over domestic violence after the murders of two
6:29 pm
tonight a survivor shares her story. >> i said i must do this. this is the right thing. water bills two, three, even four times higher than usual. >> i think the first one was for 500 and some dollars. the next one was for $1,700. >> news4 working with residents to get answers after that spike. transforming tysons. more big changes are on the way. >> more urban environment. >> how it impacts you even if you don't live or work in the area. first at 6:30, a 15-year-old boy has been charged with second-degree murder. he's accused of killing his mother's bro ae's boyfriend. >> that teen apparently shot the man when a fight broke out and it had deadly consequences. it up folded inside a home in towles mill road in spotsylvania. pat collins is here with reaction from people that live in that area. pat? >> reporter:
6:30 pm
15-year-old is charged with second-degree murder in connection with this case, but those charges could all go away. they were a couple, boyfriend/girlfriend. why, they just had this house built on a secluded road in spotsylvania county. in that house yesterday afternoon police say there was an argument. they say it got physical. that the man went after the woman. the woman's 15-year-old son, he sees what's going on. he grabs a gun. his mother's gun, and then he opened fire. shot and killed, 37-year-old john connery, jr. police say he and the woman had been together for some time. it's front page news here, and this is what people are saying about it. >> that's your mom, you have to protect her. you know, you go off your instincts, you know. i mean, for a teenage boy to have to make that decision, i can't even imagine what that would be like. >> i think he probably did
6:31 pm
right thing trying to protect his mom. >> i think the whole situation is horrible. i mean, i feel sorry for the kid. i feel sorry for everyone involved. >> reporter: now, that 15-year-old teenage boy has been charged with second-degree murder, but police say that's a standard charge they bring in every homicide case. they say that charge could change. >> as the investigation progresses by the law enforcement agency and the information is made available to the commonwealth attorney, they can then make the decision whether the case is raised to a more severe level, is reduced to a lesser severity, or is dism s dismissed altogether. >> reporter: now, there's a court hearing scheduled in this case later this month. jim, back to you. >> thanks, pat. escaping a domestic violence situation could be tough. that seems to be a factor in a double murder of two women in cheverly, maryland. meagan fitzgerald learns us w
6:32 pm
meagan? >> reporter: according to court documents, the suspect, kevin reynolds, was physically abusive to his ex-girlfriend tarekka jones. it even says he pulled a gun on her in this parking lot. he was arrested but she posted his bond and a week later he was back here where he opened fire inside that third floor apartment behind us, now a domestic violence survivor is speaking out trying to help others. family members say there was a long history of domestic violence between tarekka jones and her ex-boyfriend, kevin reynolds. the two had a child together and according to court documents in february when reynolds dropped off their daughter at the cheverly station apartments, he threw jones to the ground, dragged her around the parking lot, and later returned with a gun. he was charged with assault and arrested at the beginning of march. the prince george's county state's attorney angela alsobrooks says jones didn't press charges and asked a judge for bond. >> she wanted his nd
6:33 pm
so she could make that bond and so she could get him out of jail, and that's exactly unfortunately what happened. >> reporter: one week later he returned to the apartment where he shot and killed jones along with her half sister, jalisa walls-harris. it's a story that's all too familiar for prince george's county precedent pamela tally. >> there was anger. there was verbal abuse. >> reporter: tally is a domestic violence survivor. she says her ex husband was abusive for years until last year when he punched her and their young daughter called 911. >> the police officer asked me to open my mouth up and i had a laceration. >> reporter: tally says she was scared to press charges but realized there might not be another chance if she didn't act quickly. >> i looked in the eyes of my daughter and i said i must do this, this is the right thing. and i want back to the police officer and asked him to press charges. >> reporter: she was able to escape her abuser around warns other women to seek help and leave before it's too late. >> the fear of
6:34 pm
probably going to be greater than the fear of leaving. >> reporter: now, if you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, there are several resources and numbers available. we have listed all of that on our website,, or you can also go to our nbc washington app and search domestic violence. back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald, thanks so much. seven people wound up in the hospital this morning after a fire truck collided with a van here. this happened near 11th street and maryland avenue in northeast d.c. we're told the fire truck was responding to a call at the time. two people had serious injuries. but everyone is expected to survive. well, it happened again. for the second time in two months, a car crashed into a gelato shop in northeast d.c. and as before, the front glass of the building on penn state was shattered. it happened this time this morning. a few people were inside at the time. nobody was injured. one of the owners
6:35 pm
still making repairs from the first crash two months ago today. he said he plans to reopen again. doctors are joining the front lines in the fight against childhood poverty. the american academy of pediatrics says 1 in 5 children in the u.s. lives in poverty and it can have significant mental and physical impacts on children. the group issued a new action plan tonight to help identify children at risk and ways to connect them to resources they desperately need. >> we're not just asking the questions and then, you know, feeling like we can't do anything about it. quite the contrary. now we have these tools given by the academy that can really help us to make those community connections. >> to identify the kids in need, pediatricians have a list of questions pertaining to housing, transportation, and access to food. nine firefighters sent to a hospital after an explosion, a massive explosion. coming up, we'll
6:36 pm
i'm tom sherwood in northwest washington next to a city reservoir. what do you do if your monthly bill of $80 suddenly spikes to $300. dozens of families in this neighborhood want to know why theirs did. i'll have the story coming up. a little hot today, right? well, some of you said that. more unseasonably warm conditions and not any rain until we get into the weekend. storm team4 tracking that. i'll show you our best chances coming up after the break.
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6:38 pm
as many as 36 businesses suffered some kind of damage after a huge gas explosion in seattle that happened this morning. firefighters got the call for what was a possible gas leak they say about 1:00 a.m. the blast happened shortly after they arrived. nine firefighters were
6:39 pm
three businesses there were reduced to rubble. plenty of neighbors were rocked out of their sleep. >> it started shaking, and then it stopped, and i started hearing sirens and i looked out the window and my neighborhood exploded. >> right now the local gas company is trying to figure out where that gas leak started. fire investigators say they do not expect a -- they do not suspect foul play. about 800 cases of water have now been donated to a local effort to help residents of flint, michigan. prince george's county states attorney angela alsobrooks dropped off ten cases today. four fire stations and a police station are accepting the donations. you can find the complete list on the nbc washington app. just search donate water. they hope to fill a tractor-trailer in just the next few weeks. so one month your
6:40 pm
then all of a sudden it's $180 or even higher. tom sherwood reports two dozen families in northwest d.c. are fighting a big spike in their bills that amounts to thousands of dollars. >> reporter: normally quiet american university park. it's used all sort of street and utility work. >> they did a lot of work right on that intersection right there for months they were there. >> reporter: but recent work by d.c. water crews has dozens of residents here certain something is wrong. normal water bills from about $80 to $100 a month have spiked. >> i have had an exaggerated water bill since october going $250, $300, $400 and not normal bills for us. >> reporter: homeowner alyssa free. >> in october they put in a new water meter. after that we started to receive very high bills. i think the first one was for 500 and some dollars. the next one was for $1,700. they are asking for payment
6:41 pm
>> reporter: the homeowner at 45th street northwest wasn't available, but she confirmed to news4 she's installed her own private water meter to test the outrageously high bill from the one used by the city. d.c. water told news4 recent work may have affected the meter billing. we are currently conducting field investigations to ensure the meters are programs properly. if they are not, we will reprogram the meters and make the appropriate adjustments to the customer accounts. >> it's just two of us living here and we haven't changed our water usage. >> reporter: the homeowners await d.c. water's results. in the district, tom sherwood, news4. charges today against two baltimore city police officers captured on video slapping a teen. coming up, the surprising details we're learning now about their past. lots of huge changes here in tysons corner, but
6:42 pm
happy about it if you live in, say, d.c. or marynd? i'm adlaam
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
court records show that two baltimore school police officers charged in an attack on a teenager have been accused of violent behavior before. officers anthony spence and saverna bias are facing assault charges. an officer filed for a protective order against spence. in 2011 bias was
6:45 pm
throwing a bottle of alcohol at a man with whom she was breaking up. that man did not press charges. today the head of the baltimore schools reacted to that attack last week on the teenager. >> i was appalled, i was disappointed. really cut right to who i am as a person. i'm charged to take care of our children, and here we have certainly some folks that are doing things that were inappropriate. so every emotion went through me. everything from outrage to disappointment. >> the student told his lawyers that the officers thought he was trespassing at the school. baltimore school district has its own police force separate from the city's police force. if you think our roads are crowded now, get ready. the washington region is expected to grow by more than a million people in the next 30 years. the district, arlington, and alexandria can expect a combined growth of 42%. that's according to a new study by the metropolitan council of governments which says its report shows the region has to plan better for t
6:46 pm
tysons corner, you know constriction cranes, they've become part of the skyline. it's all part of an unprecedented building boom in the area, and it's only going to get busier. transportation reporter adam tuss live for us tonight with a look at the latest development plans and how it could affect people in d.c. and maryland. adam? >> reporter: that's right, jim. you know, a lot of development going on here, and so often with these big projects they get territorial, whether you be in d.c., maryland, or virginia, but now urban leaders are saying forget about the boundaries. what's good for one part of the region is good for all of us. tysons right now. >> things are definitely getting busier. >> reporter: it is not the tysons of just a couple years ago. >> a little bit more urban environment. >> reporter: and things continue to change her fast. so why does all the development here, the office buildings, the high rise condos, the retail, why does it all matter? well, experts say it matters for the loe
6:47 pm
region. lisa rother is the executive director of the urban land institute. >> i moved her 40 years ago and it was a really sleepy southern town. now it's a very vibrant competitive place, and we need to make sure that our economy continues to expand and grow. >> reporter: here in tysons, this is what's coming next, a huge development called the borough around one of the new and under utilized metro stations here. it's on the scale of the city center project in downtown d.c. and this development is expected to include the largest whole foods on the east coast complete with its own brewery. for workers like frank ross, it just may be enough to keep him here long term. >> very cool depending who you are and your lifestyle. >> got to make sense for you. >> got to make sense for you, yeah. >> reporter: experts say the whole region should support the changes. one of the other changes transportation leaders say needs to happen here in tysons corner, the car needs to no longer be the focus. reporting live in tysons, adam tuss, news4.
6:48 pm
v.j. joins us now. veronica, are people just nicer to you this week? >> they are actually -- >> do they smile more at you? >> not just today but i have seen this trend over the years. years that i have been in the business. people are nicer to me on days like today. >> people smiling. >> i'm nice all the time. >> that's true. my good colleagues here. >> thank you. >> we've got one more 80-degree say. we were just talking saying we wish we could have reversed this and gotten the really nice weather on the weekend but the weekend will be cooler. evening now, here is what we're looking at. it will be very nice. our temperatures coming down into the low and mid-60s under a mostly clear sky. so it's going to be nice and starry. early part of the day tomorrow, more sunshine. get your sunglasses back out. get the fingerprints off of them. 80 the high temperature for tomorrow afternoon. there even could be a few locations topping out at 84, maybe even 85 degrees. waldorf, laplata, fredericksburg, even stafford, culpeper maybe 84 for
6:49 pm
temperature tomorrow with sunshine across the area. just a few high clouds. then as we get into the weekend, it is going to be cooler. there's a weather front that comes through. those are showers that you see there. very light but i think our best chance of that light passing shower is after lunchtime on saturday. rock and roll marathon goes on 9:00 a.m. perfect for running. it is going to be pretty nice conditions as far as temperatures go this weekend, but sunday a better chance of a shower. sun sets today at 6:10. the other thing for sunday, daylight saving time begins at 2:00 p.m. the sun sets at 7:14. look at your high temperature. there is your rain for early part of next week, the best chance. >> thanks, veronica. we got sports coming up. nfl free agency starting up today, and jason tells us there's one signing that could have major effect on d.c. sports. [000:49:53;00]
6:50 pm
hello jim and jim. our cameras go inside e the firefighters left battered. how did a man wanted for attempted murder end up on a flight and outside the white house? and a warping aboning about tahh... yeah! ahh... you probably say it a million times a day. ahh... ahh! ahh... ahh! but at cigna, we want to help everyone say it once a year. say "ahh". >>ahh... cigna medical plans cover one hundred percent of your in-network annual checkup. so america, let's go. know. ahh! and take control of your health.
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cigna. together, all the way. this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> free agency, and jason has some interesting news. >> a lot of big news coming out of free agency. before i start, let me just say, chase daniel, former redskins quarterback undrafted free agent rookie, he signed for three years, $21 million, $7 million a year to the philadelphia eagles. he's completed 50 passes his entire career. 50 passes. $7 million a year. >> good for him. great for him. >> way to go. >> come nfl free agency, all it takes is for one big domino to fall and everything else plays off that. for example, brock osweiler leaving the broncos for the texans today in free agency. that move affects a number of people, most notably kirk
6:54 pm
cousins and robert griffin iii. most expected osweiler to take denver but he's headed to houston for a monster four-year deal. $37 million is guaranteed. not bad for a guy who started just seven nfl games. his contract affecting the d.c. sports landscape as well. with osweiler in denver, the defending super bowl champions in desperate need for a quarterback. enter robert griffin iii. many thinking the broncos could be the team for griffin. super bowl winning defense, talented wide receiving group could suit rg3 very well. espn reporting the broncos have him on their list of possible replacements. cousins who started all 16 games led the redskins to the playoffs. he signed a franchise tag worth over $19 million for 2016, but now with osweiler making $18 million a year, the price tag
6:55 pm
for kirk may have gone four seasons with the red skings. a much more polished resume than osweiler and the redskins can negotiate a long-term deal with cousins up until july 15th. red skips re-signing colt mccoy. he became a huge priority after they released rg3. colt has appeared in seven games in the last two seasons. also they re-signed kedric golston, defensive lineman. also linebacker mason foster. he played in 13 games and recorded 37 tackles and then safety duke ihenacho. he missed 15 games due to a broken wrist in the season opener. osweiler, you like the contract? are you surprised by the move? i thought he would stay in
6:56 pm
denver but if you're getting $72 million, i think that makes sense. among other things we have to keep in mind, those guys only have a few years. he might not get another payday. >> and also skiskirk cousins, pe saying he's not worth $19 million. is osweiler worth $18 million? if he is, kirk is definitely worth $19 million. >> i hope he gets it. >> kirk? >> yeah. hey, not my money. >> not my money either. college basketball, a couple teams in our area need to have great performances in their conference tournaments to make it to the big dance. george washington is one of those teams. despite winning 22 games and knocking off fourth-ranked virginia earlier this season, g.w. is currently on the outside looking in. >> i think our guys know they have blown some golden opportunities, but the good thing now is, you know, we have a tournament. all the games are winnable and
6:57 pm
we have a new start. so i think they'll be reall off to a good start so we'll keep our confidence level high. >> if you start thinking about results and games, everything is going to get into your head. just stay calm and transmit that energy to your teammates knowing that we're fine if we play hard, we can win. that's the mentality we have right now. a new rule, you cannot go to sleep when d.c. teams are on the west coast. late last night the wizards in a good game with the blazers. seconds left john wall knocking down a huge three to give them the lead. but the blazers did come back to tie the ball game thanks to c.j. mccollum and for the second night a d.c. team went to overtime out west. damian lillard was just too good last night or early this morning i should say. add monster game. 41 points, 11 assists. the wizards lose 116-109. next up they will take on the jazz on friday. the caps also in action tonight. they're visiting the kings.
6:58 pm
also george mason taking on st. louis right now in the a-10 georgetown, they're also in action tonight as well. >> madness about to begin. >> it is.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
>> here we go. >> "nightly news" is coming breaking news tonight, a deadly flood emergency. tens of millions in tonight, a deadly flood emergency. tens of millions in the path. evacuations under way right now. tonight high water rescues and the national guard has been deployed. going for a knockout. donald trump says he's looking to take out his rivals once and for all as pressure mounts on marco rubio. what he's telling us exclusively. plus, the bernie sanders shocker. high anxiety. how was a man wanted for attempted murder able to fly across the country, taken down by secret service at the white house. tax scam alert, thousands being fooled by callers claiming to be the irs and demanding money. wait until you see what happens when we called back. and the fifth


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