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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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man they have in custody used physical violence, shoving and punching to intimidate his victims. >> between early january and last week a series of robberies involving the same individuals that spread not only over the course of 2 1/2 months back and forth between prince george's county and the district, right now and we're still counting, at least 14 robbery cases in the district and 7 or so so far in prince george's county. >> reporter: and as you heard chief lanier say there, police are still looking for additional suspects. live in northeast, jackie bensen, news4. back to you. >> thank you, jackie. now to a story reported first on news4, another metro train running past a red signal, and now that train operator could be out of a job. >> and this train was carrying passengers at the time. this latest incident happened outside of the silver spring station. transpta
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tuss broke this story today. he's in silver spring with metro's response to this. adam? >> reporter: that's right, wendy. you know, this is the second time in a month that metro has been dealing with a red signal violation. you may remember that other incident at smithsonian where two trains actually came face-to-face, but take a look. here at the silver spring station, the issue was a mixture of human error and a problem with metro's automatic train operation. a metro train is never, ever supposed to go past a red signal unless it has explicit permission. this train did not have that permission. >> when it got to the red light it overshot it by three feet. >> reporter: as the train was entering what's known as a pocket track or a middle track, it went past the red signal. here is where it gets a little bit technical. longer eight-car metro trains are only supposed to enter that pocket trackin
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controlled manual mode. this train was in a computer controlled automatic mode, and the automatic mode told the train to go past the signal. that's a big problem for a transit agency that's trying to return all of its trains to a fully automatic mode of operation. metro has now made an engineering change to its technology to prevent this from happening again. is it still troubling though that an operator made a mistake? he was supposed to switch back to a different mode? >> of course it is, but, again, think of the millions of times that we're doing some of this stuff and these operators do this. you know, and so, yes, it happened. you know, again, one is too many, but, you know, the fact that we've come up with with solution that serves the operator is good. >> reporter: in this case the operator who ran the red signal could be fired. now, the passengers on board that train had to be offloaded. metro says they were never in any sort of danger, but coming up at 6:00, new general manager paul wiedefeld said
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employees simply have to be accountable. we're going to ask him if he thinks his employees are actually afraid of him. >> adam, thank you. a restaurant in gaithersburg badly damaged after a car came crashing through the front window. check it out. chopper4 over the scene today around 3:45 this afternoon. the car wound up partially inside this restaurant. emts rushed one person to the hospital but they will be okay. a building inspector has been called out to determine if this structure is safe now. an alert tonight in fairfax county. police warning neighbors after a teenage girl said she was approached by a suspicious man three times in the past seven months. the first instance in august or september of last year on great falls road in mclean. there was a second incident in october, a third this past wednesday. police say each time the guy stopped the girl he asked for directions. police say no crime has been
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new developments in just the last hour in a series of bank robberies in montgomery county. a man robbed not one, not two, but three banks in a four-mile stretch in just 15 minutes this morning. our pat collins live now in wheaten with the new details for us. pat? >> reporter: sources say the speed bank robbing suspect has been arrested, arrested a short time ago by prince george's county police. he was taken into custody without incident. bingo, bango, bongo. three bank robbery in 15 minutes. this guy went through montgomery county faster than the red line. three bank robs in montgomery county. three bank robs in 15 minutes. 11:20 a.m., the suntrust bank in chevy chase. 11:29 a.m., the capitol one bank in kento
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11:35 a.m., the bb&t bank in wheaton. do you know if he got money at each one of these banks? >> that's also something we're still looking into and we're not able to confirm if he obtained any proceeds from the bank yet. >> reporter: but wait, before he went to work here in montgomery county, he robbed a bank in prince george's county. this td bank in new carrollton hit at 10:39 this morning. then he gets in his car and drives all the way to montgomery county passing all sorts of banks along the way to begin his robbery spree here. why did he do that? in montgomery county detectives were racing from bank to bank to bank to process the scenes and look for evidence. in the meantime, customers trying to do business at the banks turned away. it left them talking. >> that's all i need, you know.
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i'm worrying about my security, and i come to a bank that's being robbed. >> unbelievable. i come to make a deposit and pick up my checks. >> reporter: not happening now, is it? >> i can see that's not happening. >> i hope that he slips up and leaves some clues and they catch him. >> reporter: well, apparently he slipped up because a short time ago sources say that suspect was arrested in maryland. live in montgomery county, i'm pat collins, news4. i'm pat lawson muse at the live desk. community leaders are making an emotional plea for action in ward 8 after a woman was shot and killed across the street from the spot where a reporter was gunned down. ivy smith was killed sunday while sitting at a bus stop on alabama avenue in southeast. the shots came from a church van. this happened across the street from the very spot with reporter char niece milton was killed last may while walking to a b
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stop. her father was at a press conference today asking the community to bring justice in the case of the unsolved murders. >> we've been promised community policing, and there are no community tips that lead to the resolution of the crime. so what is my wife to do but to weep because another one dies, another young woman dies sitting at a bus stop just waiting to go home. >> milton's father says there are more than 200 unsolved murders in ward 8 alone. wendy? >> pat muse. well, there was more violence in southeast this morning and two people are now recovering from a shooting. it happened just before 1:00 a.m. on benning road right next to a school. police found two men seriously injured. they believe the shooting happened behind an apartment complex. bullets pierced that building and damaged several cars, but police are not releasing any information about who may be responsible. for a second year in a row the number of murders in montgomery county is up. police officials tell us
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2015. that's up from 19 the year before and just 8 in 2013. well, police chief tom manger says tonight in nearly all of the cases the victim and suspect knew each other. >> we've not seen an increase in random-type homicides, but we have seen an increase in gang-related homicides and this actually accounts for most of the increase in the county at least in the past year. >> now, the chief says they're addressing the gang issues with additional police resources as well as gang intervention strategies. prince george's county executive rushern baker just released his budget proposal for next fiscal year and he says it's the best budget he's had in five years. he credits the improving economy. this plan calls for no tax increases and no layoffs. but there is a merit pay increase for county employees. the budget projects a 5.7% increase in county
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to an increase in home values and prices and the planned opening of that mgm casino this december. the budget also includes a $1 million investment in a program to prevent domestic violence. news4's darcy spencer has that part of the story. >> reporter: chanel mobley says she was the victim of a violent relationship and finally had the strength to walk away when she ended up in the hospital with a rib and shoulder injury. >> i was just abused and i was put in the hospital, talked to like i was nothing, and i'm just now finding my self-worth. >> reporter: she supports the idea of setting up a new program to reach out to women in prince george's county who may be in dangerous relationships. services would be offered at apartment complexes like the ones where three women were killed in domestic-related murders just this week. >> certain females are going to be skeptical about things, but it's -- females need to feel that supporto
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violence program is part of county executive rushern baker's budget proposal. it would invest $1 million in preventing women from becoming victims by offering services at apartment complexes. women would have easier access to help. and there's outreach to men as well. >> get other men to work with men to let them know this is just not acceptable and that they're not only ruining their lives, but the lives of their children. >> reporter: arlene joel is the head of cafy, community advocates for family and youth. >> people are changing their lives and you need to understand what that path and what that journey is going to be like so it can be successful. >> reporter: the county will begin implementing this new t m program sometime in july. it will start out as a pilot at one or two apartment complexes. in upper marlboro, darcy spencer, news4. another day for
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books. beautiful, warm, unseasonably warm weather out there. >> but, v.j., our allergies are killing us, right? >> yes, indeed. >> i really think that count, it's been high the last two days. we will start to see it come down because of the cooler temperatures. more clouds and even some rain starting to come our way. we have clouds right now in the storm team4 outside, but no rain. we're not expecting that this evening. check out the record high temperatures from today. we hit it there at dulles at bwi, even at reagan national. 79, 80 degrees across the area, and right now with the clouds, the wind starting to pick up, it doesn't feel quite as warm but that wind is blowing around the pollen. so the wind never helps conditions. i think we'll see the levels start to come down to more moderate levels as our temperatures too will be coming down over the next couple days. yes, indeed, even though the temperatures will drop, you will still like it. our sunglasses though, guys, not quite as much of a workout as what we've seen over the last couple days. by the way, april, our
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thanks for sending me outside. i get to soak up one last bit of the 70s for a while. >> sweet. thanks, v.j. a plan to keep suspected drunk drivers off the road in maryland has been watered down. that's according to supporters, and the tribute to a montgomery county officer is on the line. and it is tax time, and you may be one of the people who have millions of dollars coming to you. how you can get your hands on some of that unclaimed cash. plus, a leading muslim civil rights group is calling on gop presidential front-runner donald trump to apologize. >> we will not accept bigotry and racism to rule our country. we should not make america
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here is the latest face-off between the republican party's four remaining candidates, donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, and john kasich. they're all in miami where later tonight they will hold their last debate before critical votes are placed march 15th. people in five states go to the polls on that day, and the most important contests are in ohio and florida where winner takes all. those will go a long way towards determining whether front-runner donald trump puts the race away or whether the
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force a contested convention come july. right now the nbc news delegate tracker shows trump leading ted cruz with less than 100 delegates. on the democratic side, hillary clinton twice as many delegates as bernie sanders. florida also one of the biggest prizes in that race, and both clinton and sanders are in the sunshine state today. clinton drew is crowd in tampa. sanders in gainesville. besides florida, ohio and illinois are the biggest delegate prizes remaining for this month of march. virginia democratic senator tim kaine today condemned what he called racial rhetoric by republicans on the presidential campaign trail. kaine who is being mentioned as as potential running mate with hillary clinton spoke to hispanic publishers in washington. tom sherwood has our story. >> reporter: virginia senator tim kaine at the national press clubas
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english. it was the first joint meeting in 20 years of the national association of hispanic publications and the african-american national newspapers publishers association. >> together you have the trution of your readers. >> reporter: he is a former city council member, mayor, lieutenant governor and governor. >> we are in a country that demographically is changing very, very quickly. >> reporter: kaine is mentioned as a potential vice presidential candidate if hillary clinton is the nominee. he criticized donald trump without naming him for richelac divisive rhetoric. >> this hateful rhetoric which i condemn and abhor, it is the death spasm of a feeling thatqv people have about losing control. >> reporter: hispanic publishers say kaine understand the changing america. >> he speaks spanish, he's been in central america, so he has that
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community and understands the issues we are challenged with. >> reporter: he turned aside any questions from news4 about being vice president. tom sherwood, news4. nearly $1 billion, that's not pocket change. real money that the irs says is owed to taxpayers in unclaimed refunds. consumer reporter susan hogan is in our newsroom to tell you how to get what might be owed you. >> it is a lot of money. and it includes tens of thousands of dollars owed to d.c., maryland, and virginia residents. now, the government said today it has a total of $950 million that belongs to an estimated 1 million people across the country who did not file a federal income tax return for the year 2012. the irs says for d.c. it has more than $3 million in potential refunds due to taxpayers, maryland, more than $21 million can still be collected, and in virginia more
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but there is a looming deadline to collect the money. these taxpayers must file a 2012 tax return with the irs no later than this year's tax deadline which is april 18th. in cases like this one, the law provides most taxpayers with a three-year window to claim their refund. now, the government says students and other people who did not earn much may be entitled to this money. remember, there is no penalty to file a late return if you're due a refund. we have a lot more information for you on our nbc washington app including where you can find the forms you need. just search tax refunds. in the newsroom, susan hogan, news4. >> susan, thank you. a $25,000 reward is now being offered for information about the death of more than a dozen bald eagles in maryland. those birds were discovered on a farm in fredericksburg -- if federalsburg rather. today officials with the department of natural resources said they did not die of natural causes or
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and that the investigation is now turning to human causes and finding suspects. bald eagles are a protected species. it is illegal to kill them. there are a lot of drivers who aren't paying their tickets in the district, and we aren't alone. also, rising waters in the deep south, and things could get worse. veronica's forecast explains if this is going to impact us. and a butler's secrets. the man who helped serve the reagans at the wte house tellshi
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new drone footage shows us just how bad the flooding is in parts of louisiana. entire neighborhoods are under water after heavy rain on wednesday. this morning more than 3,000 homes were evacuated in bossier. the bayou is approaching the top of its levee. the national guard rescued hundreds of people. another foot of rain is expected over the next few days. and things are not much better in neighboring texas. heavy rainfall there is also causing major flooding in and around houston, and some neighborhoods saw nearly 12 inches of rain. horses and goats, other farm animals, they were trapped after a creek overran its banks and volunteers had to rescue and were able to rescue all of them.
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close down, and one person in texas drowned earlier this week. and now your storm team4 forecast. >> oh, our third day in a row upper 70s to around 80 degrees. finally folks said, okay, i have got the idea. i'm going to get outside and do something. take a look, the national zoo. wow, it was packed today. crowds, yes, so early here during the midpart of march. it was crowded. take a look, even the panda said, hey, i'm going to do something today. and the buffalo and even the elephants too. everybody out and about today. hopefully you got a chance to get out and enjoy the weather. now not quite as pretty. our temperatures in the mid to upper 70s so we're starting to see the temperatures drop. 76 culpeper, currently with cloud cover across the area. there's rain in pennsylvania and ohio and that blue line, that is the cold front that's off to the west producing that rai
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we just showed you the flooding that's taken place, historic flooding around areas of eastern texas, louisiana, all part of the same system that's going to nudge its way into our area early part of the day tomorrow and then kind of meander around for the next couple days. it will be providing us with some unsettled conditions now. clouds, not quite as warm conditions. 66 to 70 for your evening. dry for your evening. it is going to be mild. we'll start the day off in the 50s with temperatures that will still be up. i think this time really tomorrow morning when the kids are at the bus stop long sleeves will be in order for tomorrow with the cooler temperatures coming our way because we're going to stay in the 60s. not going to get in the 70s foam. may maybe even a light jacket tomorrow. clouds for the early morning. here is the weather system coming in 3:00 a.m. green showers touching into d.c., frederick, maryland, baltimore, hagerstown. very, very light. we're not going to get much and
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rain. it's going to be very scattered coming through early part of the day. probably exiting southern maryland around 6:00, 7:00 a.m. a brief light shower after midnight, early part of the day tomorrow. then look behind me. the clouds are even gone by 3:00 a.m. a lot of them at least. i think tomorrow afternoon we'll be partly sunny. let's take a look at the sky cast. there it is. the clouds in the early part of the day. temperatures will be in the 60s and holding steady. close to 70 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. so your weekend outlook good for gardening and getting out to exercise this weekend. our clocks go forward one hour, 2:00 a.m., daylight saving time with a weekend that will feel like april. those temperatures, some april showers. we'll talk more about that and the trend for next week too in a few minutes. >> thank you. right now at 5:00, he's a d.c. firefighter, dad, and, yes, hero, and he's still in the hospital. we have new images coming in and new details on how he
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others. plus a scary moment for a virginia driver who says he was cut off by another car, but it was what happened next that got the police involved. this is chris gordon in annapolis. how the family of a montgomery county police officer killed by a drunk driver is fighting for
5:28 pm
to old town, alexandria to ask folks some questions about the area. let's go. what common snack was first grown right here
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you're watching news4 at 5:00. >> and welcome back at 5:30. i'm jim handly. >> and i'm wendy rieger. right now in arlington, police are looking for the suspect in city's second road rage case in less than a week. >> this latest incident happened yesterday afternoon just past four mile run drive where news4's meagan fitzgerald joins us live as police look for that suspect. meagan? >> reporter: and, jim, this all happened at this intersection just behind us here. police say it was the suspect that cut off the victim and then got mad when the guy honked at him. then the next thing you know this, guy had a shattered window. we had an opportunity to speak with that victim with the help of a translator.
5:31 pm
the commute usually looks like this at around 2:00. so jose didn't anticipate having any issues when trying to get home from work. that was until he says a driver cut in front of him as he was approaching four mile run drive. >> translator: all he did was horng his horn. he said they almost lit me. >> reporter: that's when he said the driver and the passenger got out of the vehicle and started walking towards him. >> translator: they got out of the car and got bats out of the trunk and they started hitting his car. he said they did go for him once. >> reporter: jose showed us the scratches on his arm, the dents to his car, and the koord board he has to use until he can get his window fixed. >> translator: he said of course i was scared. two guys start beating up my car with bats. >> reporter: it was certainly scary, but jose says he realizes things could have been worse. now, police say the suspect was driving a gray or
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toyota avalon. it was a 2000 model. they're asking anyone with information about this incident to contact the arlington police department. coming up at 6:30, hear from a man who saw the entire incident moments after the suspect took off. wendy? well, they stood outside the state house in annapolis holding photos of loved ones who have been killed by drunk drivers. as chris gordon reports, it's a show of sfor fupport for noah's. >> reporter: police from across maryland gathered with the families of victims killed by repeat drunk drivers. they're here in annapolis supporting noah's law. it would be require convicted drunk drivers to utise ignition interlocking devices which will not allow them to drive if they have alcohol on their breath. >> listen, you can still go to the grocery store, you can pick your kids up from school and do all the things you need to do. you just can't do it drunk. >> reporter: noah's law is named for officer noah leotta killed by a drunk driver in december.
5:33 pm
the family's grief. >> i miss him every day. there's not a day that goes by that i'm not thinking about him. >> reporter: his father displ displayed this letter of support from maryland governor larry hogan but ott that is concerned that the requirements and penalties of noah's law have been watered down by the house judiciary committee. >> right now they've neutered it and we need to restore back those provisions that would make it actually save lives. >> reporter: the families of victims of drunk drivers came to annapolis to show their support for noah's law. i'm here for may daughter janet and in 2003 a repeat offender took her life. >> this is my daughter amend ma grace, january 3rd, 2008, i lost her and my fiance brian as well. third time. had the drunk survived it would have been his third dwi. >> reporter: ahead we'll hear how a maryland mother whose 5-month-old daughter was di aged in a crash with a
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founded a nationwide organization 35 years ago and is in annapolis fiting for a tougher noah's law. a lot of drivers are not paying parking tickets in the district and it's a trend happening across the district. drivers owe the district more than $84 million in tickets from last year. that's low compared to other cities. new york city drivers owe more than $750 million in unpaid tickets. get this, chicago, it's more than $1 billion right now. a virginia businessman will serve three years in prison for embezzling millions of dollars from a fairfax county company. victory de'anthony pled getty last year to embezzling nearly $3 billion. he was the company's president at the time. he admitted he used company money to pay his home mortgage, make a personal purchase, and give himself a raise.
5:35 pm
the live desk. the country's leading muslim civil rights group is calling on republican front-runner donald trump to apologize after the candidate claimed that islam hates the west. we're going to play for you trump's original comments and then show you reaction from the council on american islamic relations. >> i think islam hates us. there's something there that is a tremendous hatred there. there's a tremendous hatred. we have to get to the bottom of it. >> we will not accept bigotry and racism to rule our country. we should not make america racist again. that was the past. we should make america greater again by working together, by not offending the very fabric of america itself. as you know, this isn't the first time trump has said something controversial about islam. in december he called for a complete ban on muslims entering this country. wendy? >> pat muse, thank you.
5:36 pm
out the red carpet for canada's prime minister at the white house today. the visit by justin trudeau marks the first time a canadian leader has been to this country in almost 20 years. today the two leaders celebrated agreements on climate change and trade and engaged in some light-hearted banter. >> there's some things we will probably never agree on. whose beer is better. who is better at hockey. >> we've made tremendous progress on many issues. unfortunately, i will leave town with my beloved expos still here in washington. you can't have everything. >> trudeau's visit will include a state dinner tonight. he's the first canadian leader granted that honor since 1997. tonight a frederick man is sharing memories of nancy reagan. alan deval lair yo was a butler at the white house during the reagan years. he talked about the former first lady's class and the impact she had on world fa
5:37 pm
be remembered for her activism and as i said, when you elect a president, you elect a first lady too, and i think she had a lot of influence. >> when asked to describe nancy reagan in one word, deval lair yo said gracious. buying and selling a house in this market competitive, but one propeck tiff buyer got away with a steal in virginia. plus a brawl on a flight from bwi. find out who stepped in to stop e violence whenth w
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
the acc tournament heating up down at the verizon center. >> and familiar face will be patrolling the sidelines tonight for miami. it's former george mason head coach. >> we love this guy. ten years after his patriots made the cinderella run to the final four, he returned to mason. jason pugh has more. >> jim has been a successful head coach to matter the program, but his time at george mason was truly special for a number of reasons. recently i had a chance to catch up with jim and he talked to me about that historical final four run with the patriots nearly a decade ago. since 2006 a lot has changed for the george mason basketball program. jim now walks the arena as
5:41 pm
visitor, but his imprint is all over eagle bank arena. >> when you're able to overcome the odds and do something that no one thought you were capable of doing, it's really special. you take great pride in that. >> reporter: that improperable run forever changed college basketball. some march no big-time program wants to get george mason. >> when someone breaks a barrier like we did by getting a midmajor to the final four that other coaches and other players from the midmajor levels start to think, well, if they can do it, so can we. >> reporter: the patriots overcame plenty of adversities on their way to the final four. the team was underdogs in every game they played making their bond to this day unbreakable. >> they text me, call me. some of them have gotten into coaching. some of them are still playing. >> reporter: now he has a new team. no longer in the category of
5:42 pm
tournament run. however, it's the patriots that will always have a special place in his heart. >> i'm so grateful that i had this experience of coming here and to experience the final four, of leading the george mason team in 2006 and enjoying that magic carpet ride. >> reporter: just like he did putting the george mason basketball program on the map, jim lehrer nay ga is doing the same thing at the university of miami. they start their acc tournament run tonight against virginia tech. that game tips off at 9:00. i'm jason pugh, news4 sports. prayers continue for a d.c. firefighter who gave up his air mask to help get people out of a burning building. >> for the first time we're hearing from the other firefighters on the front lines. >> you couldn't really see your hand in front of your face. we had to get as low as possible to the ground. pretty much fight our way
5:43 pm
advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management team.
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it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. i heard a man beetiating one front door saying, open the door, let me in. if god hadn't sent them, i wouldn't be here. >> the smoke hit
5:46 pm
when a fire breaks out inside an apartment building and traps people inside. and then one firefighter removed his air mask and gave it to one of the people he was rescuing, a woman. news4's mark segraves spoke to two of the firefighters who also helped that woman get to safety. he's live at the washington hospital center. mark? >> reporter: good evening, wendy. you know, this was truly a team effort. one team that went up the ladder to the outside of the window, the other team went into the building and through the fire. tonight here at washington medical center, both the firefighter who took off his mask and the victim are in icu but both are expected to be okay. >> we had a three-story apartment building with heavy smoke coming out of the third floor and a person out a window. >> reporter: four d.c. police officers were first on the scene and helped to evacuate the building. but 65-year-old phyllis terrell was trapped in her top floor apartment. >> you couldn't really
5:47 pm
we had to get as low as possible to the ground. pretty much fight our way through whatever was in the way. >> reporter: as firefighters dan white and joshua eli went inside the building, d.c. firefighter danny lovato went up the ladder outside of the building to the window where terrell was yelling for help. >> if it wasn't for him, she wouldn't be here. she keeps saying he's her hero. that's all she says. he didn't have to do that. >> reporter: he removed his face mask so he could share his air with terrell until the firefighters could get to her. >> he was in an area where the smoke was really pushing in his face and doing the best trading it back and forth so they could both stay there until we were able to get to her. >> terrell and lovato suffered heavy smoke inhalation. both are in the intensive care unit. >> firefighter danny lovato is in fair cti
5:48 pm
care unit and phyllis terrell is still in serious condition but doing much better. >> reporter: d.c. police say tonight they believe the fire started on the top floor of that apartment building in a utility room. here at med star hospital, upstairs there, both terrell and firefighter lovato are on the same floor but the elderly woman says she hasn't had a chance to thank in person the men who saved her. coming up at 6:00, you're going to hear the dramatic steps she was about to take if firefighters hadn't arrived when they did. jim, back to you. >> nothing short of heroic. mark, thank you. a virginia man is charged tonight with burglary after police tell us he went to several open houses in the gainesville area prevending to be a potential buyer and stole more than $15,000 worth of items. eric johnson of ashburn was arrested after investigators searched his home. they say he's been giving false information since august touri
5:49 pm
prescription meds, and electronics. he later tried to pawn the items at various stores throughout loudoun county. developing right now, five people are dead, thousands of homes evacuated after widespread flooding swamps parts of the south. the weather channel's dave malkoff is in northern louisiana where the national guard is getting people to safety. >> reporter: this is still an ongoing deadly disaster that is happening in this part of the northern louisiana. all these homes in this neighborhood alone, we're talking about 100 homes that are under water. there is a mandatory evacuation at this point. the governor of louisiana has declared that, bringing out the louisiana national guard to help out with that mandatory evacuation. that means coming in with boats with the sheriff's department and the troops to get people out of their homes. you see the water has receded quite a bit but the high water line you can still see that right about here. i
5:50 pm
when they were doing those evacuations in this neighborhood. i know of one home that took a long time to get those folks out of there because the door simply wouldn't open. the water was just too much pressure pushing on there. right now it's the recovery. people are coming back to their homes trying to take out whatever they can as they try to put the pieces back together, but the rain may start again. jim and wendy? >> wow. so is any of that system coming up here? >> we're going to get the weaker part of system. that's what's going to be sitting around our area for a couple days but we won't get anything like that. they could get another 8 to 10 inches or so over the next couple of days down there. really has been acting like a tropical system. for us, yes, a rain chance. we're going to start with that because we've got some cloud cover across the area right now. a lot of folks asking if we're going to get rain for the evening. not for the evening, but after midnight, early part of the day tomorrow there is a slight chance and then a chance too for s
5:51 pm
so as you watch my forecast you can make your plans. early part of next week too. probably our best chance of seeing rain move through will be on monday, maybe even monday night. here is a look at the evening impact forecast. as i said, dry. temperatur temperatures falling out of the 70s. it's so sad. but for early tomorrow morning, 62 with a chance of a shower early up until 7:00 a.m. reach a high tomorrow close to 70 degrees. and i think tomorrow afternoon we could get a little bit of sunshine during the latter part of the day. it's going to get a little breezy too. 69 d.c. 71 fredericksburg, and around stafford. 69 in herndon. fairfax and falls church. your weekend i'd say hold off on watching the car because of the rain chances early part of next week but for gardening, just fine, it's going to be comfortable. still running some ten degrees above average. and that means pretty good running too for the
5:52 pm
roll marathon if you plan on participating. our best chance of seeing a shower come through will be after lunchtime. so most of the race, of course, over by around lunchtime. nice for running. 54 at 9:00 a.m. we'll start out though with cool temperatures in the mid to upper 40s across the area. look at sunday. a lot of clouds to start. sunday is the day when the temperatures will be a little higher but with a lot of clouds around. upper 50s to mid-60s by 1:00. that 69 temperature holds and then we come down to the mid-60s by o'clock. your best chance of showers during the evening hours on sunday. so a look at your storm team4 four-day forecast. we spring forward over the weekend. 40% chance of a shower mainly during the evening hours on sunday. of course, you turn your clocks ahead. daylight saving time begins, we lose that hour of sleep. don't forget to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and get ready for next week because we're back to warm conditions. not 80 but back into the 70s with a little more rain coming next wednesday. we'll h m
5:53 pm
impact, your friday too. news4 at 6:00. well, it is one thing to have a wet basement after a storm. >> but imagine raw sewage flooding your home. >> consumer reporter susan hogan is here with a problem maryland residents say they have been dealing with for decades. >> that's right. we heard from several homeowners with the same problem, and they are all fed up with the cleanup and the damage. they dounted their frustrations with video as you're about to see. it's disgusting. homeowners say sewage packup into their homes like this happens over and over again, especially when it rains hard. there you see it. aging pipes have been blamed. homeowners want a permanent fix. >> it's really gross. it's -- i mean it comes out of the toilet. it's flooding our basement. it's where we
5:54 pm
the history of sewage backup problems. tonight at 11:00, you will hear from the utility, plus find out how much money they budgeted to fix the problem this year. sewage backups only on news4 tonight at 11:00. >> we'll see you at 11:00. susan, thank you. fists were flying. a midair brawl that broke out on a bwi flight. up next, hear from the man who caught it all on tape and stepped in to help when even a flight attendant got decked. and i'm scott macfarlane. a news4 i-team investigation. coming up at 6:00, a secret scandal involving a former fairfax county public schools teacher. what happened on an overseas trip to kids. why did it lead to his resignation and the revocation of his teaching license and why were police unable to open an
5:55 pm
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new numbers out tonight show just how many of you and your neighbors are riding the new d.c. streetcar. according to @dcstreetcar on twitter nearly 30,000 riders climbed on board. it's been rolling down h street in northeast for just two weeks now. an unbelievable scene on board a plane as five women get into a fight during landing. the flight took off from baltimore yesterday. by the time it was touching down in l.a. five hours later,
5:58 pm
got physical. pat lawson muse has our report. >> reporter: it was an all-out brawl caught on camera. several women exchanging blows on a spirit airlines flight wednesday morning as a plane filled with passengers looked on. >> that's the last thing you want to see happen on a plane. >> reporter: the fight broke out just minutes after the plane from baltimore to los angeles landed. >> they were throwing serious bunches. the ladies, you know, they were serious. you know, to be honest, i felt like alcohol was definitely involved in the fight. >> reporter: emerson silva and his friends captured the video on their cell phones. >> a lot of people were, you know, stop, you know, but nobody actually did anything at the point. i saw the ladies, they were swinging on each other, punching each other. the stewardess even got punched and me and my friend jazz, we speped in and broke the fight. i went over to calm the situation, sat the ladies down. somebody has to step in at that point before, you know, somebody seriously gets
5:59 pm
prompted the altercation. according to several reports, the fight broke out between a group of younger and older women after an argument over loud music. police quickly responded boarding the plane and taking several of the women away, but authorities say no one was arrested or charged. first at 6:00, a secret scandal at a fairfax county high school. >> a teacher resigned from his job, had his teaching license revoked because of allegations of what happened on a summer trip to germany. scott? >> wendy, the teacher was a long time german and debate instructor named chris rademac hrve rademacher. we spent weeks trying to reach him. he didn't just teach classes inside langley high school, his students say he organized and supervised trips overseas i
6:00 pm
month-long summer trips to germany. and helping bring german students to langley. until he abruptly quit his job in september 2014. virginia board of education disciplinary records obtained by the news4 i-team reveal why. the records say he quit weeks after fairfax county schools investigated him for what happened on the 2014 summer trip to germany. there were accusations the teacher, quote, supplied alcohol to the students, encouraged the students to drink to the point of intoxication. instructed students to strip naked and drink together and instructed two students to engage in sex acts while he watched and participated. the records say school investigators spoke to stuments who confirmed the allegations about drinking and the report the teens were encouraged to strip naked. the report notes he refused to cooperate with the investigation and provided no statement about what happened. the state revoked his license and he has since been unreachable by phone or e-mail. >> i know that he would go and


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