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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  March 15, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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a pastor's wife was there and the pastor's young are brother shot him three times in the church office. today the pastor's brother is expected to appear in a courtroom on murder charges. the public defender says his client had a history of mental illness. he stayed at the scene waiting to be arrested in his brother's death. in "news 4 your health" this morning, americans are spending more for prescription drugs. spending went up 5% last year according to a report by the largest prescription claims processor. brand name drugs are also costing more with the average price increasing more than 16%. the report projects spending to continue to rise through 2018. making way for the silver line near dulles going to get a little loud this week. all this week you will be hearing explosions along route 606 near the horse penn river. crews are clearing rocks out of the way. the
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2:00 and 2:30 in the afternoon. i'm angie goff with this developing story out of syria where the first russian planes just flew out of the country after the president ordered a withdrawal. take a look at some video that was taken earlier here. shows that equipment and car go being loaded on to the planes before leaving afternoon air base this morning. the kremlin also releasing a statement saying take vladimir putin had a phone call with president obama over efforts to fight terrorists in the war-torn country. back to you. well, good morning on this tuesday morning. i'm adam tuss in for aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we want to check the forecast with chuck bell. still a little chilly and dreary out there, dhuk. >> not a pretty way to get the day started at all. clouds are thick and in place for everybody. and there are pockets of light rain around the region, as well. nothing all that heavy, but be
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the door. this scoop of moisture should be clearing the area by about lunchtime today. so the second half of the day is looking considerably nicer than the first. but the first part is not pretty. 43 now in gaithersburg, 46 manassas, 47 in arlington. next 24 hours cloudy and wet here this morning in the mid-40s. by 5:00 this afternoon, a little bit of sunshine, temperatures in the low 60s this afternoon. and back to near 50 by early tomorrow morning. we'll be dry from at least noon today through at least tomorrow afternoon. we'll time out the next chance for rain after that coming up. for now traffic time. so right now 270 south at 80 have a brand new problem there. just somebody changing a tire, but we are slowing things just a bit here, disabled car on the right shoulder this morning. inner loop at central avenue, this is where the debris was reported. they say that is now out of the way. that has cleared. so you don't have anymore worries there this morning. 95 north at center point parkway, center line blocked with a disabled vehicle headed north out of
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area. see you back here in ten minutes with anymore issues. metro trains just started rolling out and riders are hoping for a much smoother commute than yesterday. there were major delays all damon because of a fire in a tunnel. >> that's right. crews have been working all might to fix the problem. and restore complete service. molette green is live at the mcpherson square station with an update for us this morning. what are they saying? >> reporter: we saw several metro workers come out of the mcpherson square station about 30 minutesing a go and many of their work trucks, a couple of them, are in the area. some driving around. i asked one of those workers if we would be back in business in time for 5:00 a.m. and he said i don't know yet. it's been an all night wait and see. we have not gotten any official word from metro on what is happening. we can tell you that last night they suspended service at 9:00 p.m. between
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federal triangle to give workers that time and the space to repair the track based power cables that burned during an electrical fire that happened in the tunnel west of the station. we saw very crowded plat for, heard complaints from the long lines, the long delays on the orange, blue and silver lines on monday. and this problem involves the same kind of power cables that were involved in that deadly smoke incident that happened last january. now, commuters have been urged to consider alternate travel options and even allow a lot of extra time for their travel today. still waiting to see what the deal is this morning. and just got word that there is normal service just moments ago in my ear, normal service on metro this morning after this all night work. oh, i can see workers raising the gate here at the mcpherson square station. so another sign right here on site that
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back to normal. back to you. chicago's mayor says the city's thoughts and prayers are with there's police officers and their families. those officers are recovering after they were all shot overnight. chicago police say the officers confront the a man after responding to a drug call. suspect was eventually shot and killed by police. all of the officers are expected to survive. >> a suspect suicide by police mission ends with the family of a prince george's county officer planning a funeral and the suspect alive. fellow officers stood by the parents of officer jacai colson as the police chief detailed the events that led to their son's death. colson died after being accidentally shot by another officer if in a shoot-out with michael ford on sunday. chief stawinski says the ford brothers recorded the shooting. >> that image
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ford brothers standing by, taking no action, on a video recording device taping this, his brother, shooting at prince george's county police officers. >> michael ford was also shot during the incident and is still in the hospital. coming up, meagan fitzgerald will have a live report on when the brothers could appear in court on murder charges. a well liked well respected young man, that is how many people are describing officer colson this morning. he followed in his grandfather's foot steps and went into law enforcement. his family says they are having a hard time believing he's really gone. >> my wife cream iscreaming, sc. he was a great kid. >> did he it the way we want our students to do things. graduated from high school, went to college. he did everything the right way. >> officer colson grew up in philadelphia and went to college in virginia. he just celebrated four years with the department and would
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week. the police chief says he died a hero drawing fire when the shooting began so other officers could get in position and stop the shooter. happening today, the man charged in connection with the deadly shooting on an american university grad will be in court. christopher proctor is one of three men charged in matthew schlonsky's death. schlonsky was shot outside shaw howard university metro station in northeast last august. prosecutors said proctor was on court supervised release at the time of the shooting. he's charged with second-degree murder. we're getting new details this morning into what convicted musher jesse matthew was doing when he went on the run. unsealed federal court documents reveal that matthew's aunt told him to talk to detectives so they could find hannah graham. she was the university of virginia student who disappeared in 2014. but matthew fled to texas instead. police traced a phone call he made to his father and a as
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who saw his picture on tv. matthew is in prison for life for killing graham, virginiagar and trying to kill a fairfax woman. to decision 2016. voters in five states head to the polls this morning. missouri, illinois, ohio, north carolina and florida. and for the first time, second place won't matter in two of them. whoever gets the majority of votes in florida and ohio will get all of the state's delegates. winner take all. now, florida voters control 99 gop delegates. the most of the republican contest today. and the most recent polls put senator marco rubio in a distant second place to donald trump. if senator rubio loses his home state, we could see the end of his campaign. similar stakes for governor john kasich. he's leading trump in the buckeye state, but not by a lot. and remember, we'll be having live updating
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primaries in our nbc washington app tonight to make sure you have downloaded that. and turning to the democrats now, both attacking gop frontrunner donald trump in separate town hall meetings last night. senator bernie sanders said trump was nothing less than encouraging his supporters to beat people up while clinton called trump's actions both offensive and dangerous. she says every politician deals with protesters and trump's response to this weekend's violence comes short of presidential. >> you try to deal with it calmly and peacefully and don't tell people, hey, do something to him, take him out, beat him up. and that's what leadership requires. >> when he says that he's prepared to pay the legal fees for somebody who sucker punches somebody, what he's really essentially saying is go do it, supporters, go beat up people. >> senator sanders trails clinton in all of today's primary contests. it's unclear whether
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continue it his campaign if clinton sweeps up all of today's delegates. we'll take a closer look at the delegate count and how today could shape up in the course of this election when tracie potts joins us at 5:30. take a look at storm team 4 radar. where you can see the rain coming down in some spots. there is that green. but will it impact your drive to work? tom kierein is back with your commuter contest. and what it uber driver says is to blame for his actions. and st. theresa, the new information about mother teresa's saint hood oig just coming in thorn.
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damp and chilly on this tuesday morning. good morning, i'm tom kierein out on the storm team 4 weather deck here in tenially up to under a cloudy sky. we don't have any rain here right now, but
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showers coming up near fredericksburg just coming into spotsylvania and advancing off to the north and east. a few sprinkles around potomac. we'll be hovering near 50 degrees this morning and then sun breaks out this afternoon, and maybe mid-60s and back town to near 60 when you're heading back home. we're cleared up on metro.d to near 60 when you're heading back home. we're cleared up on metro. everything back on schedule after the big mess from yesterday. so right now we are okay and on time. we'll keep you updated of course. inbound suitland parkway at forestville road, a crash reported this morning. 270 south at 80, dised car on the right shoulder. 66 at waples mill, no problems there. and 95 northt
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right shoulder. 5:15. stay with us. news 4 today is coming right back with more on the zika virus and how it is affec
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we need women in congress. if we want to be heard, it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business
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i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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don't take a picture. don't take a picture. >> public property, sir. >> fairfax county father yells at reporters and photographers and sprays them with a hose after learning that his son was captured in iraq and accused of fighting alongside isis. 26-year-old mohamed jamal khweis surrendered to kurdish fighters as an isis deserter. his family thought he was on a
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a kurdish news agency reported khweis crossed the turkish border and joined isis. he was carrying cash, cellphones and multiple i.d.s. khweis' maybes in northern virginia says isis gives iz lac islam a bad reputation. >> isis is nothing more than a group of thugs that hijacked the religion. >> a u.s. law enforcement official tells nbc news khweis was not in a database of suspected isis members. new details this morning about the michigan uber driver accused of killing six people during a shooting spree last month. you can see deputies in this dash cam video approached jason dalton. a report just released says he told investigators that the uber app was controlling him.
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pocket during the arrest. the youngest survivor of that mass shooting is defying odds. 14-year-old abigail was declared dead last month and now she's recovering. a bullet pierced her brain. her grandmother and three family friends were killed in the same shooting at a restaurant parking lot and weeks later her mom says abby is talking. >> s she loved us yesterday. it was breathtaking. it's overwhelming when your daughter hear you say that when you don't position you will ever hear her voice. >> abby's parents say that she is a fighter. she was one of two people injured. six others lost their lives in that shooting. neighbors in northwest washington are angry over a new plan to add homeless shelters on their street. mayor muriel bowser plans to close d.c. general in two years and set up new short time shelters in each d.c. ward. homeowners worry t
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might impact their community. >> i don't think they have any plans to deal for even if it were not a building involving the homeless, even if it were just the regular building, it's too many people in too small a space. and they have no plans for that. >> the d.c. council is having a hearing on thursday to look at other options. mayor bowser has indicated it is not likely the locations will change. new this morning, the catholic church is making it official, this morning pope francis expected to sign the decree saying mother teresa will become a saint. last december the vet can said it would credit a second miracle to mother teresa. you need two for saint hood. the canonization ceremony likely won't happen until later this year. >> i feel like she's -- >> first ballot saint. >> i feel like there is no argument there. a lot of peoex
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the cherry blossoms. >> and a lot of you don't want to deal with the big crowds. so we put together a few quieter options for you. you can see they're all over the map. in virginia, you can see them along wiehle avenue. did you know could you go to reston to see the cherry blossoms. head toe lark botanical gardens. see, they will be mad at us. he neighbors in ken wood are like don't tell anyone. and so i've been to kenwood and it is beautiful. i think the neighbors have become used to people parking along the side of the street. but try to be respectful. these are people who live there. >> just like in your neighborhood take a picture and say we were at the tidal basin. >> it is worth going to the tidal basin. >> especially if you can be there during the sunrise. >> news you can use. 5:22. let's get
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and traffic together. chuck bell here talking some showers. >> absolutely right. it is a very cloudy start this morning. pockets of light rain around the region, as well. take a look on our city camera. all cloudy skies here this morning. this thereare the cherry trees right there, but too dark to see them. what to expect. showers not a whole lot of crazy amounts of rain this morning. just showers around this morning. turning dry by later on this afternoon. and there is a chance for more showers not really so much tonight, but as we get into thursday. so storm team 4 radar this morning, a couple sprinkles moving into parts of fredericksburg and stafford and spotsylvania, also showers along 270 here in montgomery county, a little bit of light rain down along the lower parts of the bay. here you can see the clump of showers from gaithersburg to rockville, westbound out toward great falls and whites ferry. so not the prettiest start to the morning. current temperatures mid to upper 40s, so it's cool,
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and wet outside. on the whole, though, weather impact on your plans today, low to maybe a little bit moderate here this morning. but low impact by later on this afternoon. rain chance early this morning. hit and miss light showers around. by 8:00, a few showers right the through the metro and beltway and 270. but by lunchtime, all this rain will be gone and with any luck, we should be able to get at least a little clearing in our skies after about 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon. highs today generally speaking depending on where you live upper 50s on low and mid-60s. a lot warmer manassas out towards culpeper and rappahannock. the sunshine will appear there first. so what about the weekend? kind of a 50/50 weekend. saturday looks good, but both days it weekend, noticeably chillier away. the school weather may help to protect the blossoms a little bit, but we don't want rain or wind. so we'll try to tweak those raindrops out of the sunday forecast.
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270 looking okay, but, yes, you can see the big look of slime here this morning, that is the rain falling along 270. looks like a big thing of slime, doesn't it? the kind you used to throw and stick on the wall. inner loop and outer loop looking fine. inbound suitland parkway at forestville road, a crash reported. and 95 at fairfax county parkway, normal volume. 5:25. today there will be a neighborhood meet to go educate you about the zika virus. the meeting is tonight at 6:30 on georgia avenue. officials say while there is no zika threat in d.c. right now, that could change. many people already know the risk factors included with traveling to areas with the zika virus, but the advisory neighborhood commission also says you need to be aware the mosquitos here at home could also be
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>> mosquitos do carry other diseases, encephalitis, for example, to be aware of where mosquitos breed and how to discoverage that breeding about temperature. >> in our app, we have a list of the countries with warnings and what you need to do. florida a proposal to rename a prince william county school to for a black community leader has promoted dangerous reactions. the school board member who proposed the idea found a confederate flag scrolled with a racial slur stuck in the family's mail box. school board chairman says they will not be intimidated. police are looking for whoever put the flag in the mail box. earlier this month the school board voted to change the school's name. concerns this morning about what is in your cosmetics from lip gloss to nail polish. the new study shows that some ingredients when tested o
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animals can cause tumors and even alzheimer's. but the fda says they are fine to use. health experts say it's not uncommon to find pore mal today hide and sulfates in a lot of products. the levels of potentially damaging ingredients are low. dermatologists say there are products that are sulfate-free, so you have to shop around. calling all picky eaters. prince william county is trying out new foods for its school menu next year. students, parents and staff will get to decide what will be added and they will taste test about 35 different foods at the food show and then score each of them. the foods are the highest score will make the grade or in this case the menu for the lunches. the 26th annual food show is happening at patriot high school. there are two session, 6:00 to 7:00 and 7:00 to 8:00 tonight. >> just make the pizza and chicken
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welcomes new baby eagles. we've been waiting for the eggs to hatch for a long time. mr. president and the first lady are the two wild eagles nesting there. you can see them live on the d.c. eagle cam. you can try to guess the exact day and time that the eggs will hatch using #d.c. eagle cam. we're off to another wet start to the day. how long will the rain stick around? chuck bell is back with four things to know about your forecast. and call them pivotal primaries, how today's political contests could make or break some campaigns.
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it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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>> good morning. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm adam it tuss in for aaron gilchrist. the candidate field in 2016 could narrow in just a matter of hours. what some candidates must do in order to stay in the race. and it's something that keeps her up at night, but tonight a medical technician may finally get a good night's sleep. how her mission to help in the flint water crisis is getting a boost today. and something metro hopes will make your commute a little easier. the new app that will let you know when the bus will show up. but first, it is 5:31 on a tuesday morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck will bell. another wet start to the day today. cloudy skies an hit and miss
5:32 am
nothing heavy, but enough to get you wet. turning dry and milder by later on this afternoon. so there is good news. and hip hip hooray for hump day. tomorrow looks amazing. but a keecooler weekend pattern coming up. for now, a few showers south of warrington, southern fauquier county down toward stafford and spotsylvania moving across the northern neck. those are all headed into southern maryland here in the next hour or so. rain is over with before lunchtime today and by later today, maybe breaks of sunshine. should help a little bit. highs today really depends on where you live. upper 50s along the pennsylvania border. low 60s around the metro, but you get out across parts of northern and central virginia, sunshine will get there first. harrisonburg in the receive70s. so a big range of possibilities depending on when you get the sunshine. taking a look 2
5:33 am
disabled car on the right shoulder. still hanging around. slow as you're headed southbound right out of frederick and then a little slow again as you're passing 109 southbound there on 270. 95 north at center point parkway, lanes open, but you can see some delays still remain. a look at metro coming up. voters could have more of an impact today an all 13 super tuesday states. people in five states go to the polls. ohio and florida are the first winner take all primaries of this election season. meaning the winning candidate takes all of the state's delegates. a quick update on the count, first among the democrats, hillary clinton leads senator bernie sanders 1193 to 569. candidates need nearly 2400 delegates to qualify
5:34 am
nomination. to the republicans now, donald trump has 459 delegates, right behind him is senator ted cruz with 364. then marco rubio with 153 and governor john kasich with 54. gop candidates need more than 1200 delegates to qualify for their party's nomination. tracie potts is live with us now from washington. trac tracie, good more than. so rubio and kasich are behind in the delegate count. so even if they win their home states, can they stay competitive? >> reporter: basically what held to if they win is slow down donald trump. let's take a look at the delegates at stake today for the republicans. florida and ohio as you see have the biggest prizes. but when you add up illinois, missouri, north carolina together, they actually have more. that's why today is such a big rise. 1100 in all. most of them going to democrats, but as you see here, republicans getting a lot of these delegates. donald trump hoping to
5:35 am
these states today. but if he can be slowed down in ohio and florida, it will be a very interesting race. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. it's 5:35. a community wants to know that they're safe after an 83-year-old was shot at his fairfax county home. j johan de leede was shot in his chest and found at the backyard and died at the hospital p. will his neighbors will sit down with police tonight on get an update on the case. de leede's death has been ruled a homicide. police haven't released any other details about that case. he broke into a house and killed a man in prince george's county and today miles finds out if he will spend the rest of his life in prison. he shot a 23-year-old during a home robbery in march last year. miles and a group of armed burglars broke in. miles will be sentenced this morning for burglary and armed robbery. families from flint w
5:36 am
their city's water crisis. the city's former emergency manager darnell early will test by about the decision to switch the city's water fly to the flint river. the you've exposed thousands to high lead levels. in prepared testimony just released, early says he relied on experts to advise him. water donations from our area will be headed to flint today. prince george's county fire department will put cases of water on a train bound for michigan. the idea began when a volunteer medical technician wanted to help families there. donations were collected across the country. alan gross will speak out about his time behind bars in cuba today. gross spent five years behind bars there. this comes just days before the united states is expected to announce that it will ease travel and trade restrictions in cuba. we expect to learn more about those restrictions on thursday. gross will speak at the national press club in northeast. something new is about to go up
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hopes to build a new child development center. there will be a ground breaking ceremony today for the new center. it's on 4th street in southeast. 32 new jobs will be created at the center which will offer early childhood education and assistance to families in need. john wild of the wizards donated $400,000 for the building of the center. a new app from metro may make it easier for you to catch the bus on time. it's called bus eta and it will eventually replace next bus. bus eta debuts next month. you can see real time bus information updated every 30 seconds. it will show the next three buses at each stop. a local celebrity chef is set to pay thousands to settle an overtime lawsuit. brian and his business partner will pay about $3500 in total to three workers, plus about $16,000 in legal guys. three line cooks say they were required to show up early
5:38 am
actual start time. the restaurant owners have denied any wrong doing in the case. a judge still needs to sign off on the settlement. they haven't nested in d.c. for more than 100 years. but now the ravens are back. take a look at these amazing pictures of the birds fly along the potomac river. we're learning that they found a nesting spot in the district. a local biologist spoke to news 4 about why the ravens may have ventured so so close to the city. >> traditionally they would be in these preistine forests and they weren't big on human disturbance. and they're kind of adapting to that. >> baby ravens are expected to arrive in three weeks. we've agreed got to say exactly where the nest is because wildlife experts say they need their privacy. time is 5:38. depending on where you are this morning, you could see some hit or miss showers. will the kids need an
5:39 am
tom kierein has that answer at 5:41. and we're honoring some of the women in our community who helped make it great. we met heather at dupont circle where she told us why she believes confidence comes with age and experience. older you get, you figure out you don't really care what anyone else thinks. and you can slet your flags apply a little bit. if you know a woman you think we should highlight in our women of washington series, e-mail us@tips
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tom kierein here on the weather deck. got my umbrella just in case. no rain falling here yet. you can track rain getting closer to us with the nbc washington app. we are seeing some of this rain advancing to the north coming up 95. right how out of stafford and spotsylvania counties, coming into prince william county and southern fauquier county. school day forecast, have the umbrella handy. it will be in the 40s. during the afternoon, much of the area will just be cloudy and then by late afternoon, we should be climbing into the low maybe mid-60s with sunshine returning. melissa is looking at improving news with metro. very happy to tell you we are still on time here after yesterday's big mess on
5:43 am
schedule this morning. we'll keep you updated here and on twitter. travel types 270 south to the spur, you're on time. same thing top of the beltway. 66 inbound looks good. fairfax county parkway to the beltway, also nine minutes. and quantico to the beltway, into to go take you 22. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. it was a crime and trial that captivated a country and now it is a captivating tv show. this morning one of the victim's families is speaking out. what ronald goldman's family has to say about dealing with the death of their loved one. people living near an area airport can expect to hear explosions during the next several days. but officials say don't worry, we'll tell you what the blasts ar actually going to do.e
5:44 am
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right rain across much of montgomery county and also just down to the south of metro from manassas to woodbridge and quantico. let's hope they don't mess up the traffic. let's hope. 270 north at 80, disabled vehicle. you can see slowdowns southbound as well. and marc penn south 407 is canceled for today. with service back to normal, metrorail riders should have a much easier commute. safety is a major concern as riders dealt with a tunnel fire and major delays on monday. >> and now the focus is preventing future problems. molette green is live at the mcpherson square station. how is it looking this morning? >> reporter: passengers coming and going here at the mcpherson square station. a big sigh of rel
5:48 am
passengers and of course metro rail operations. normal service between foggy bottom and federal triangle after workers spent the entire night making rehe pairhpairs af service was suspended at 9:00 p.m. last night to fix the power cables that burned during an electrical fire that happened in a tunnel near here. and the fire and damage left the monday commute filled with crowded platforms and frustrated passengers on the orange, blue and silver lines. no problems water hearing this morning. normal service happening on the rail lines. and that is good news for the passengers who use this system. that's the latest live. back to you. happening today, the man charged in connection with the deadly shooting of an american university graduate will be in court. christopher proctor is one of three men charged with murder in matthew schlonsky's death. schlonsky was shot outside
5:49 am
station in northeast last august. it is now 5:49. and we are getting new details this morning into what convicted murderer jesse matthew jr. was doing when he went on the run. unsealed federal court documents reveal that matthew's aunt told him to talk to detectives so they could find than mahannah g the student who disappeared in 2014, but matthew fled to texas instead. police traced a phone call he made to his father and he was eventually spotted by someone who saw his picture on tv. matthew is in prison for life for killing graham, morgan harg top and trying to kill a fairfax com. more than 18 months after the death of michael brown, the city of ferguson, missouri is finally set to make changes to its police force and court system. you may remember the officer-involved shooting of brown in august 2014 sparked an investigation in the department of justice and promed
5:50 am
movement. ferguson city leaders initially rejected the justice department's reform plan calling it too expensive. in response, the justice department sued ferguson. now after months of negotiation, the city leaders are expected to pass a plan tonight to improve racial bias that includes new monitoring and training. a developing story this morning, the commissioner of the nfl could soon be losing some power. league officials and the players union are close to a deal which would involve commissioner roonlger good he will giving up control by hour players are disciplined off the field. goodell faced heavy criticism for his handling of cases involving adrian peterson and ray rice. happening today, john kerry will launch a global effort to empower girls. he will make an announcement this morning at the state department. the strategy will bring together multiple agencies including the peace corps to tackle iss
5:51 am
including health, safevfety and education. he's taken broadway by storm and now the star of the hit show hamilton is taking over the white house with a free style rap fit for a president, of course. >> i want to see if we can get over to mars and rap more bars and leave a carbon foot print on and lower my emissions. >> that is hamilton, writer and showing off for president obama in the rose garden yesterday. now, the president held cue cards for miles per hour ran take to rap off of. he was backed up by the drummer. the president is hope thagt video goes viral and something tells me it's on its way. >> he did not see those cads ahead of time. so he was just free style rapping. he'd see a word and just incorporate it. that is insane. >> and h
5:52 am
seen it a couple times? >> yeah, we have to find tickets. >> knowing me won't do you any good. a couple of us dealing with raindrops first thing this morning. nothing all that heavy, but it is a cloudy and ugly start to the day. once again the view from tower looking past the national cathedral. top of the monument is obscured by clouds. so the clouds are below the top of the tower. outside this morning, low clouds have reduced visibility a bit. four miles in martinsburg, winchester, so there are areas of fog to deal where. lower your beams and your speeds a little bit. no heavy rain, but there are light showers montgomery county headed north into howard county. so rain here across southern fauquier county down towards fredericksburg. this will come up the i-95 corridor and also graze across southern maryland. i
5:53 am
widespread area of rain, just hit and miss showers now and this last little up impulse should swing in here before lunch time. so this afternoon, eventually clearing in our skies will help the p temperatures. we're stuck in the mid to upper 40s right now. here is future weather. rain hit and miss this morning. 8:00, 9:00, lights rain pulling through. last of the showers between 10:00 and and noon and then clearing skies. you should at least see a little sunshine before the day is done. 7 day forecast, how about a 63 coming up for today. 73 for tomorrow. a little risk of a few passing showers on your thursday. friday and saturday look good, but notice a cooling trend as we finish the week and head into the weekend. saturday will be the better day this weekend and hopefully the cherry blossoms will be peeking out, as well. >> whenever they come, they will be gorgeous. do have an issue
5:54 am
penn south, we have train 407 as canceled. that's what they're tweeting out here this morning. so check before you head out. orange, blue, silver lines once again we're so schedule here this morning. i know folks may be a little worried after a nasty day yesterday on metro. 270 north at 80, still have the right side blocks with a disabled vehicle. southbound through that same area, we're slow, as well, from an earlier disabled vehicle. 59 north at center point parkway, the crash is block being the right lane with a crash response. and it is slow. powerful emotions from a family impacted by the o.j. simple son trial. simpson was acquitted of killing goldman and nicole brown in the trial more than 20 years ago and now the
5:55 am
tv show about the trial is making them relive some painful memories. >> it's everywhere all over again and people are, oh, the acting is riveting and i'm thinking this is murder. it's very confuse ppg. >> the gold mans spoke to steve harvey and you can see their interview on his show today. it airs right here on nbc 4 at 2:00. the fallout today from a gut wrenching scene at a church right at the end of sunday services. police in ohio say a pastor's wife was there when the pastor's younger brother shot him three times killing him in the church office. today the pastor's brother is expected to appear in a courtroom in dayton on murder charges. the 68-year-old public defender says his client has a history of mental illness. he stayed at the scene waiting to be arrested in his brother's death. an nfl and former university of maryland player has been found guilty of assaulting a pizza delivery driver. today quell jackson will be sentenced early next he mo
5:56 am
prosecutors say he attacked the drive foreblocking his spot in an alley. jackson is currently a linebacker for the colts. he could face up to 180 days in jail and $1,000 fine. 5:56 now. news 4 your health, americans are spending more for prescription drugs. up 5% according to a report by the largest u.s. prescription claims processor. buying brand name drugs is costing more with the average price increasing more than 16%. the report proceed skrekts projects prices continuing to rise. and answering questions about self driving cars. expected to say self driving cars will make transportation easier and cheaper and make it a lot less of a hassle to park. earlier this year president obama supported a plan to spend billions of dollars on self driving car projects. making way for the silver line near dull recent will get a litl
5:57 am
all this week you will hear explosions along route 606 on old ox road near the horse penn river in sterling. crews are clearing rocks from that area to make way for rail yard facilities. the blast will happen between 2:00 and 2:30 in the afternoon. >> reporter: police say it's three brothers responsible for the death of an undercover narcotics officer. coming up being we're learning more about the suspects, the charges they face and how soon they could appear in court. i'll have a live report coming up.
5:58 am
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you'll be dealing with the drops again first thing morning and it's which will l chilly ou. i'll let you know how warm and how dry we'll be coming up. and we're learning more about the final moments of a prince george's county officer's life and the plans that went into that attack. plus a make or break day in the race for the white house. why a second place finish today could prove costly for candidates. but first chuck bell has your out the door forecast. good
6:00 am
manassas to quantico lifting northbound coming over the northern neck into charles and st. mary's county and also up the i-95 corridor. so friends and neighbors inside the beltway, rain coming in in about the next hour or so. also light rain from damascus to gaithersburg, that is headed up into parts of howard county right now to i-70 west of columbia will be a wet ride. not everyone is getting wet, but everyone has wet roads to deal with this morning. the next 24 hours this way, we start to clear out by 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon, a little bit of sunshine. noticeably mild. we go from the mid and upper 40s now, to the hoe 6low 60s later and nice dry start tomorrow. penn south train 407, 5:50 departure is canceled. next bon one is scheduled to be time. 270 southbound here, you can see throu


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