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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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right now at 6:00, it is a weather alert day, folks. keeping busy, hard at work tr k tracking a rainy snow mix, trying to pinpoint who will get rain and who will see snowfla snowflakes. a teenager takes her own life, devastating her family, her father wishing he had seen the signs. >> you don't want any other parent to have to go through this. >> now, he's trying to stop the bullying that led to his daughter's death. and chaos on the campaign
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trail. shouts from the crowd outside a donald trump rally to shut it down. good morning, friends. i'm angie gos. >> i'm david culberculbert. i came back from cuba for snow? >> i know. it's bad. it could have returned as it has in the past in the month of march. >> firefighters returned to a house in prince george's county early this morning around 1:00. riverdale fire department posted these pictures on facebook. we're looking to find out first if any was at the house at the time of this fire and, second, how it started. also, a search for a shooter after police find one man hurt and another dead in manassas. officers went to golden leaf circle around 10:00 last night and found a man shot. the actual shooting happened nearby at
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it was there they found another man dead. no word on a suspect or motive. it's 6:01. tomorrow is officially the first day of spring. guess what? your coat, you will have to bring it back out of the closet. >> looking at snow, the temperature dropped. tom getting us started on this weather alert saturday morning. >> spring is a battle between winter and summer. we had almost summer-like temperatures over the last couple of weeks but winter is winning out. >> i don't trust it. we can get enough cold air and moisture. rain along the ohio valley, the leading evenly of it coming with colder air aloft in this white zone. the leading edge of that from the shenandoah valley, a few light sprinkles from winchester to
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elevations west of there in the gray zone, a few wet snowflakes trying to reach the ground, tracking off to the east and the leading edge of light rain in the washington metro area around 10:00 this morning. we're in the 40s around the region. the hour by hour timing and snowfalls expected in a few minutes. >> thank you. trust issues with march. the mayor will again deploy the d.c. snow team. that will happen around 9:00 this evening. more than 100 plows and trucks will hit the streets, give them space. they won't be able to pretreat the roads because of the rain coming through along with the white snow. the cherry blossoms are about to park. the national park service say this peek bloom will happen wednesday and thursday. with the temperature above average last week it was
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this week's cooling has narrowed the peak dates. the metro will cut back on track work this weekend. it is reduced for the 2016 cherry blossom season. ri ridership typically doubles during festival time. met row ro may schedule track t when it is extremely light. it is scheduled for this weekend. a plane carrying 61 people in russia. the flydubai jet went down about 70 miles from the ukrainian border. researchers spent hours sear searching for survivors. no word how many people may have lost their lives in the crash and the cause of the crash still under investigation. boeing issued a statement saying their thoughts and prayers are with those
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friends and families. just officials hoping the arrest of a most wanted terror fugitive could help in the fight against isis. belgium authorities took salah abdeslam into custody friday accused of taking part in the terror attacks and then escaping and think he may have information to help thwart future terrorist attacks. they say his interrogation can also help us understand how isis directs and coordinator its attacks on the west. you're looking at video on the takedown and they stormed an attack in the neighborhood where the terrorist lived before the terrorist attacks. witnesses heard a dozen gunshots and police shouting into a megaphone telling the man to put his hand in this air and you can see abdeslam, whom they arres d
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crowded outs candidate don't trump's rally in salt lake city saturd inside fright. it started peacefully with them holding up signs but the clash quickly escalated and led to police restraining the crowd. no word on arrests yet. utah prirmaries for both partie are coming up tuesday. presidential hopeful, ted cruz, welcoming the backing of former gop nominee, mitt romney. he told reporters romney's decision was quote pretty darned good. it wasn't an official nomination but cruz is still happy with the mention. romney posted on his facebook page he would vote for cruz tuesday in utah's primary to help cruz keep trump from sec e securing the republican nomination before the july convention. and conu
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today, arizona, utah, idaho are all up for grabs next tuesday and all three could play a very important role moving the front runner to the nomination. donald trump will head to arizona today while the other two are spending this day in utah. bernie sanders in arizona and hillary clinton is scheduled to head there tomorrow. speaking of tomorrow, president obama and his family going to make an historic visit to cuba. he is the first sitting u.s. president to visit the island nation in almost 90 years. in december of 2014, the president began the process to re-establish diplomatic relat n relations with cuba. last summer that became realized as both countries reopened embas embassies. >> president obama wants to convey the image the united states is no longer a threat to cuba, that the united states is not the obstacle for cuba to move forwar
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society. >> while in cuba, the president is expected to deliver a historic speech laying out a vision of greater freedom and opportunities for cubans and also going to meet with cuban president raul castro as well as attend a state dinner and take in a baseball game between tampa bay rays and cuba's national team. it is 6:08 and captivated us all. we continue to be on eagle watch hoping for a chance to see eag e eagl eaglets, number two crack his little shell. looks like they are a little busy there. we will be talking to the new baby eaglet in just a few minutes. how a door trapped a rider d dragged him doanwn you can't predict the market. how a door trapped a rider d dragged him doanwn but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years.
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national cam, on eagle watch. eagle number one finally emerged from its shell yesterday and keeping a close eye on egg number two. >> it's so egg-citing. i didn't write that. we got a first glimpse yesterday. mom has been perched on top. she's moving around. the second egg could hatch any day and the reason she is sitting on it she has to keep the other egg warm. >> especially with the snow coming through. >> what are we going to name the first eaglet? >> i think d.c. two. i don't think they picked the name. >> this isn't the only eaglet hatching in our area. >> you can see a cam in the west virginia area and you can see it
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online. how cold will we get? tom has the answer just ahead. and what officials are calling unprecedented. the hard work to separate suspects, all brothers in the death of a police officer. first, man dragged down the platform. >> opened the door and shut it, the whoyour daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients.
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sup good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. watching rain showing up on the right of your screen. the leading edge of this is in the form of mostly light rain coming into the shenandoah valley and elevations in west virginia getting wet snow right now. i've got new hour by hour timing on the rain and snow as it gets into the metro area and a look at the accumulation totals expected in just a few minutes. the pain is still raw for a virginia family dealing with an unimaginable loss. last month of, 17-year-old payton freeze took her own life. her parents say she had been bullied and suffered a brain injury that may have played a role in her death. news4 darcy spencer now with a legacy payton left behind her family hopes will
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>> i will forever be a devastated person. my wife and family will always be devastated. >> that devastation is caused by the loss of his beautiful 17-year-old daughter, a battlefield high school senior, payton rose freeze. >> she always had just a wonderful smile and a great laugh. this is actually her senior picture. >> just last month, brent freeze found his daughter's body in their prince william county home. she had taken her own life. he says she had revealed to him just the day before that she was being bullied at school. >> you don't want any other parent to have to go through this. >> reporter: adding to this family's immeasurable grief, the freezes learned after payton's death. she suffered from cte, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a condition she suffered after suer
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>> it only took speaking to the doctors at nih to start reali realizing, oh, my goodness, this was -- she was suffering. >> her family believes it was the effects of that concussion, combined with the bullying that drove payton to harm herself. >> it is our words, it is our actions that cause people pain. when we see it, we need to do something to try to stop that. >> reporter: the family and community have joined together to form the freeze bullying for payton page on facebook and payton's project. they want to bring awareness. freeze and members of the group spoke at the school board meetimeet meeting wednesday night. in prince william county, darcy spencer, news4. >> if you want to learn more about payton's project for check out the freeze bullying facebook page we posted the story in our
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nbc washington app. frayed cables weren't the only dangerous thing found on wednesday. an ntsb investigator found power cables were not insulated and that would leave the cables vulnerable to moisture and debris and could cause a fire. those uninsulated cables were found next to the cables caught fire at mcpherson square monday and prompted the initial shut down. metro now responding to a rider who says he was dragged by a moving blue line train that happened just before 10:00. derek says he held his arm out to try to stop the doors from closing and says his arm got stuck and the trains started to move. >> i was trying to giddy-up with the train and now i'm getting on the side of the train and trying to get my arm off the train. it was like a run away train and now i'm tumbling. when i'm tumbling, i hit the side of the train and the train kn
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wasn't seriously hurt. a metro spokesman says he moved alongside the train about two car lengths and insists he was not dragged. metro has audio alerts that says train doors doesn't automatically open when you step in them. >> i think a lot of people think it's like an elevator. wow. glad he's okay. we have tom kiernan here and he's having a complicated relationship during the month of march. do we need to intervene? >> don't hit me. >> we knew this was a possibility. >> march, we can certainly get snow, as late as march 29th, we had almost a foot of snow in washington. that happened back in 1942. not that unusual. we won't get anywhere near that. we look at the radar, we have wet snow. there's a leading edge
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green. in the gray and white area, that's wet snow in west virginia. west of there, all rain and some light rain in the ohio valley and west virginia. the leading edge of that, coming into somewhat colder air, we're getting a little bit of wet snow, gray areas of the panhandle just west of the shenandoah valley. white and turquoise and green sprinkles onion and to harris harrisonburg and not arriving in the metro area until 9, 10:00 this morning. we are getting freezing from the mountains all the way out. and reaching 40 degrees in the panhandle of west virginia. this is our timing. this purple zone is a snow zone. we may be getting a few wet snowflakes in frederick county
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some very light rain in the washington metro area around 10, 11:00 this morning and then continues with wet snow farther to the north in the panhandle of west virginia and northern maryland and then changing to wet snow around 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. and then midnight to dawn on sunday, we'll have that. it begins to taper off and break up to our south and west, as we go to sunday morning pretty much over with. 4 to 8 inches in the winter advisory zone, highest elevations get the higher amo t amounts above 2,000 feet. a dusting in washington point south and east and rain tomorrow. and beginning next week, it may
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and friday. what do you think of that. >> just keep the allergies away. >> 6:21, get your sweat on today, and give back to two officers hurt earlier this month protecting our community. we go deep into three brothers charged in connection with
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we need women in congress. if we want to be heard, it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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a police officer ambushed and killed outside a station as they prepare to pay tribute to the victim. >> three brothers in jail facing charges. why this case presents a challenge prince george's county has never seen before. >> we knew we were going to have to keep them separate. >> reporter: with three brothers in custody charged in the sho shooting death of officer jacai collison, special attention has to be paid to how they are incarcerated. in order to preserve the integrity of the trial all three brothers have been sent to a separate facility. michael ford is held in isolation in the prince george's medical unit. his two brothers are in two separate
6:26 am
>> with inmates with a high profile case like this unprecede unprecedented, we have to make sure not only they are well mentally but physically. that requires our medical staff. we have one medical unit. it would be nearly impossible to keep them sight and sound separate all the time in the medical unit. >> reporter: since assisafety i concern and all the coverage they will most likely not be placed in population but remain in isolation. >> they are like any other inmate. we have to protect them and provide them with services we provide any else. that has to be our focus. outside prince george's headquarters. >> it's bad for everybody. >> reporter: the chief visited the memorial on norring officer collison as the department prepared for a vigil sunday. >> not only when
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concern amongst our community. tracee wilkins with that report there. she mentioned the community vigil is being held at prince george's county police headquarters in the district 3 parking lot on barl lowe road i landover tomorrow. we are getting you ready for not so spring-like weather. your snowy rainy forecast ahead at 6:30. we take a deeper look why this storm is giving forecasters along the east coast such a hard time. later, think you're cold? try being stuck in a submarine way up in the
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remember these? yeah. plows going back it a today as we try to pinpoint who will see rain and who will see snow. screams and shouts outside another donald trump rally. decision 2016 campaigns out west today ahead of primaries in places like arizona and utah on tuesday. and the sounds of gunfire as police in europe make a key
6:31 am
isis. counter-terrorism officials want to know how salah abdeslam hid out so long and the tasks coordinated. dividend culver is making his way towards our weather center. he's with our tom fikierein. this left as much as 6 inches of snow in the state park of maryland. we see that video of snow. it's a little unnerving seeing that much but tracking it, what do you see? >> just about to come in the shenandoah valley, you can see this developing area of low pressuren
6:32 am
has moisture with it of it in t zone, a few snowflakes, panhandle of west virginia, east of there, this green zone, that is sprinkles of light rain onion south of martinsburg, winchester, stevens city, la ray, harrisonburg getting light rain and temperatures are generally in the mid to upper 40s. reagan national. above 2,000 feet, they could get 4 to 8 inches of snow. nothing like that, a slushy inch or so. i have the hour by hour timing on that and accumulation totals. >> the start of spring tomorrow, we saw it on your map a little bit, starting in the
6:33 am
across the mid-atlantic through new england, too. >> that's a big area. we will be on top of the weather alert with frequent updates. >> meantime, nbc al roker reports on the season that's chan changing. >> here's your storm timeline. we will see the snow mixing with rain sunday morning. >> the east coast bracing for a potential nor'easter this weekend. >> we're definitely getting snow this sunday to monday. >> the forecast in boston, snow on the first day of spring. how much? that's the million dollar question. why? the models. >> the european model, new york city. 8-10 inches of snow. in new england, 12 inches or more. the american model, almost nothing. which is right? historically the european model. it predicted the track of sandy and joachim thanks to a superior super computer. just outside london at the
6:34 am
weather forecast they take a ton of data and put it through a crazed super computer one of the fastest in the "world one" of the gold study models, the european model. >> we are adjusting the whole pra jec tory every 12 hours using observation. it's a more continuous model of the observations. >> reporter: back at the national weather service, they're doing their part to close the gap, urgent efforts to insure more accurate forecast, they have two super computers of their own. >> you need the world's fastest computers because we are talking a complex formulation of the atmosphere. we were lacking significantly in the computing power. >> al roker with that report there and be sure to download our nbc washington app. there you will get the latest alerts on this forecast. today, you can take part in a workout fit for heroes. the
6:35 am
association with honor fallen police officer ashley shot and killed to a domestic disturbs call in wood bridge and two other officers were shot and wounded and money will help support the officers until they can return to work. the hero workout take s off at 0 10:00 this morning on nobel pond way in woodbridge. if you can't get to that event today, the capitol area foundation will help those officers hurt. this will take place at at 3:00 p.m. and nina brekelmans is one of two people killed in june in a house fire in northwest d.c. all proceeds raised from the
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brekelmans endowment fund at georgetown university it's happening starting at 8:00 this morning. march madne nesness continus weekend, the show down between kentucky and indian. the winner of that game will get either number 1 seed, north carolina or number 9, providence and the winner advances to the sweet 16 next week. so many upsets in the tournament yesterday. maryland able to push out a win against south dakota state and a an over to at the last minute with the other top seeds that lost the first round in the rocky ncaa tournament. the terps won 79-74, a collective sigh of relief across the area for sure. >> close one right there. you always look at the social media feed as soon as it comes through. folks reacted. >> there
6:37 am
friday. i saw the tail end of the middle tennessee against michigan state. wow. a lot of brackets already messed up. >> it continues on, the march m madness. 6:37 your time now. eight of our sailors airlifted to a virginia hospital were learning what went wrong on an aircraft just off the coast of virginia beach. >> i remember looking at my husband saying, my gosh, how are we going to do this? >> 662 days later a little girl finally goes home from the hospital. this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list "can't be right?" looks like a list full of "can't be right's." seriously? at giant, prices are down. savings are up. my giant.
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is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. i'm melissa mollet with great news for you riders this weekend. there is more traffic this weekend because of the 2016 cherry blossom season. they see almost double the ri ridership and it will be busy a
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only at glenmont station, they are working regular intervals and after 10:00 p.m. when ri ridership is really light. go and enjoy them. i'm sure they're beautiful. take lots of pictures. see you monday morning for "news4 today." temperatures will dip down into the 30s later today. if you think that's cold, you have to check out this video right here. what you're looking at is what the u.s. navy took part in, an arctic exercise this week, to test submarines in cold arctic conditions. that's the top of the sub right there. the video shows the sub rising through a floating ice sheet about 200 miles north of election.
6:41 am
a e navy has conducted under ice operations in the arctic more than five decades. you can hear some of the ice cracking there, incredible. >> so fascinating. check it out. this is a live look at storm team 4 radar. that massive storm is moving our way. we have the forecast that will get you prepared. plus, ever been waiting for something great in the mail only to have someone snatch it off your doorstep? it is happeni inng
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. we have the "today" show up next on nbc4. lace see what they're working on. >> joining us live from new york, good morning. >> just ahead on a saturday morning on today we have the latest for you following breaking news of a plane crash in russia, killing everyone on board and live for you on that. a victory for hulk hogan on his sex tape from gawker, reaction from both sides. adam laroche speaking out about retiring over the team about a dispute of the time his son was spending in the clubhouse. march madness, as you know, is in full swing. there's an unusual matchup on the court today. yale versu
6:45 am
calling the battle of the nerds. which do you have? >> i probably have duke in this one. i have to look at my bracket. >> if it's a sport, you have to take duke over yale. >> those stories and more when we get started on a saturday morning. it doesn't matter because my bracket is probably not even a bracket. >> after all the upsets yesterday, right? forget it. >> yeah. >> that tournament was missing george mason. >> i know. espn did a really nice thing on it. 10 years. can you believe it was 10 years? let's head outside to tom c kierein. m you're indoors. >> it's mostly rain on the right of
6:46 am
valley. but the form of in the gray zone and white zone just west of winchester into the highlands of west virginia over towards elkins, they are getting a little bit of wet snow right now but coming into warmer air. when that moisture arrives in the metro area, it will start off in the form of rain but cold enough to go to snow overnight. a look at the timing in just a couple minutes. >> standing by. and liftoff. >> and with that, an astronaut and two russian cosmonauts launched into space friday he headed to the international space station and russian rocket. they replaced one earlier this month and docked earlier this morning for their six month mission. several sailors injured during a training accident on board the u.s. dwight eisenhower saying eight sailors
6:47 am
friday. they said they all suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. one of the crimes you tell us about the most, packages stolen right off your doorstep. turns out parts of the district have it worse than just about anywhere on the east coast. news4, jackie bensen, has some steps the delivery companies are taking to stop it. >> if you're waiting for that ipad to be delivered. this guy got it first. he was eventually caught but there are many more. d.c. police say that in just one section of the capitol hill neighborhood, there have been 78 package thefts reported so far this year compared to 36 last year. >> these are crimes of opportunities unfortunately. we can prevent these. >> if you ever have any issues, you let me know. >> reporter: u.p.s. confirm eed service area south of d.c. and north t
6:48 am
packageh allows people to sign up for my choice to have your package delivered to a u.p.s. store to be held for pickup. he also confirmed the company is testing lockers already found at some apartment buildings that could soon show up on residential streets. >> our scanners gps pinpoint to a latitude longitude to see where the driver initiated the stop, either got a signature, released the stop or closed the stop out, movedton his next stop. >> reporter: a representative of the u.s. postal service says renting even a small post office box might work for some. >> we will still be holding your package behind the counter and you will get a slip instead of something in your box. >> reporter: some have gone as far as to install a camera above the front doorstep may or may not resolve package theft but resulted in a number of arrests. march is women's history month and the
6:49 am
our lives, my mom,s and angie goff, of course. some of our anchors and meteorologists put together a great special you have to see has to do with women who had an impact on their lives. the program is the women we love, later this morning at 10:00, you will find it right here on nbc4. >> that will be real nice. >> that will be sweet. >> what do you love about yours? >> her selflessness. >> i've met her. she is quite wonderful. >> i want to make a shout-out she was willing to do the cuba trip despite all the emotions and being on tv she never wants to be. >> it was. what a wonderful experience that was. >> very cool. >> tom kierein with us now, switching gears. >> look at that rain. >> the sun is coming up about a half hour from now and clouds closing in from the west, they are producing a little bit of light rain and snow. c
6:50 am
is in the form of some wet snow in the panhandle of west virginia, just west of the shenandoah valley, that green zone, that is all light rain falling from just south of martinsburg down 81 all the way to harrisonburg, very light rain there, coming into warmer air, temperatures well above freezing in the low 40s shenandoah valley. mid-40s metro area around the bay and winter advisory in effect until noontime sunday. elevations above 2,000 feet could get 4-8 inches of snow. here's the hour by hour timing. by noontime today we might be in this wet snow of shenandoah valley. green zone is a rain zone in the metro area between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m., we see a changeover of wet snow and wet snow continues in the metro area, most of virginia and mar
6:51 am
lingering, west snow shower, shenandoah valley, northern virginia, all around to dawn sunday and the rest of sunday will dry out. maybe a dusting on grassy areas in washington point south but an inch northern suburbs and grassy areas. could get 2-6 inches in higher elevations north and west of us. the impact will be moderate tonight if you're going up. could be an inch of wet snow in grassy areas mainly the d.c. metro area but higher amounts. light rain sunday afternoon and highs near 40 tomorrow. near 50 tomorrow but into the 70s wednesday and friday and friday might get some rain. >> thank you, tom. time right now, 6:51. here are the four things you need to know today. >> plows hitting the district at 9:00 p.m. tonight. more than 100 trucks will be out to keep whatever snow we see off the ro
6:52 am
circle around 10:00 last night and found a man shot and the body of the man was blocks away, no word on suspects or motives. we're working to find out what caused a house fire in prince george's county. no word if any was in the house at the time of that fire. the cherry blossom festival takes off tomorrow. the peak bloom time was moved to this weekend. cooler temperatures coming later moved the national park service saying the peak bloom this year will happen wednesday and thursday instead. up next, the story of a little girl's recovery and the people who stood by her side the entire
6:53 am
it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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6:55 am
. can you imagine spending two years in the hospital, difficult at any age. >> a little girl surviving a fire and recovery that lasted longer than any imagined. >> reporter: this has been a familiar scene at john hopkins, little reece holding court with her medical team. it's a special day. reece turns 9 on sunday. she has been at hopkins since she wa
6:56 am
their grandparents like they have done numerous times before, it was memorial day morning. there had been a fire. >> reporter: it was a complicated burn case over a large percent of her body and they had to place her on a lung bypass system. that was the beginning of a l g longer journey than any ever imagi imagined. >> 622 days. >> they said you will be here one to two weeks, i remember looking at my husband and s saying, my gosh, how will we do this? the second doctor said you will probably be here two months and she'll have 20 surgeries. we really looked at each other, wow, how are we going to do this? >> reporter: they found a way. the medical team for a way to save her life and for reece's family a way to stay a family from two hours away, even bringing her cow to visit one
6:57 am
reece had a lot everyone. >> she has surprised me in so many ways about perseverance and strength and hope and grace and bravery, forever, i am a part of her life. >> reece went home to her dogs and her cow, her little sister all together again. a longer journey than any ever thought but the day they feared might never come has. reece burdette is going home. >> i love you. >> donna hamilton with that report right there. >> what a fighter. that's going to do it for
6:58 am
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good morning. breaking overnight. deadly plane crash in russia. all 62 people on board killed when the jetliner slammed into the ground when it tried to land in bad weather. hulking win. a jury awards hulk hogan $115 millionfter the web site gawker posted a video of him having sex. >> this is not only his victory today, but also anyone also who has been victimized by tabloid journalism. >> gawker vowing the case is far from over. what this means for the tabloids and celebrities. and so much for spring. a nor'easter set to roar up the east coast tomorrow on the first day of spring. a foot of s


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