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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  March 21, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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label the products for just one state so customers will again seeing them over the next several weeks. today apple is expected to show off new products. many suspect it will be the next generation of apipad and new smaller iphone. apple just up vamnveiled an iph six months ago. and also wondering whether they will address the fight with the government. >> certainly it is an elephant in the room at this event. >> apple will face off against the government in court tomorrow over the iphone break. four russian track and field athletes test positive for banned drugs. details just coming in as the head of russia's athletic federation just announced the banned drug found in their systems meldonium found in that are systems. it is the latest blow to
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tries to overturn a ban in time for the olympic games. at least 16 russian sports men and women including tennis star maria sharapova have been caught using this drug. that's the latest. back to you. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff. sure feels like winter. >> 37 degrees outside. tom kierein in with the weather headlines. >> spring is a battle between winter and summer and winter is winning out this morning. still feeling wintry cold. we have a lot of clouds hanging in overhead. weather headlines, a cold morning, blustery afternoon. winds may be gusting to 30 miles per hour. but then turning much warmer mid week. it will feel like spring again as we get into wednesday and thursday. but right now, it's feeling like winter especially on the eastern shore. they're getting wet snow there. that is tracking off to the
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our pavement still a little bit damp, eastern suburbs now, but it is gradually melissa checking on the roads and metro. >> metro running on time. and as far as the roads go as tom has been saying, a little damp off to the east, but in general looking quite good here at 95 northbound/southbound at lorton, no problems. and a lot of the earlier road work, it was light, is now gone. don't have any big worries. beltway looking good. everything rolling along nicely. we are nice and green with no major worries. northbound bw parkway at 198, that earlier problem again out of the way. want to remind you there. and 270 southbound frederick to the spur, going to take you 27 minutes as it should. 5:02. and president obama continues his historic visit cuba today. top of theed a jen tod ed agend with raul castro. he was not meet with fidel
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the first family arriving yesterday and spending the day as tourists in that van that. today the president will lay a wreath at the memorial of a national hero for his influential poetry. coming up, jay gray will explain how guantanamo bay will likely come up during the sitdown today. today two men trusted with thousands of children will be in court over child porn charges. in maryland, head swim coach at st. mary's college faces a judge. it's arrest delay bar bins first court appearance. he shared sx poliexplicit pictu with a 12-year-old girl and solicited sex with her knowing how young she was. during his arrest, state police say barbins admitted to accessing the girl through a social media network last fall. and to d.c. where a former little league umpire should learn his sentence today. donald essex pleaded guilty to chil
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fbi agents say he contacted an undercover officer so he l soliciting him for sex positioning he was talk to a 9-year-old girl. montgomery county mother suspected in the disappearance of her two children has tried to break out of a psychiatric hospital several times. this morning kathericatherine h lawyer explains why his client is trying to get out. the "washington post" first reported hoggle has tried say the eight times to get out of the that hospital. her attorney says she was trying to see her kids sarah and jag on. >> she's made several statements that the reason she wants to get out is to see her children that she's done everything she can to protect and love her children. >> sarah and jacob hoggle disappeared in 2014, they were last seen with their mother. affidavits sworn out by family members sugge
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faking her illness to avoid prosecution. kat cath are nkatherincatherine hog court next month. the senate is expected to vote on tougher truck driver legislation. noah's law would put devices in the cars of convicted drunk drivers. it is named for officer noah leotta who was killed in december by a suspected drunk driver. if it passes, the law would take effect in october. police in loudoun county tell us that a man should be okay this after being hit by a driver of a car near route 7. you can see right here on the ground to the left of your screen the bicycle nearby as pair med diramedics work to get into an ambulance. police say the driver involved stayed on the scene. metro changes to tell but this morning. it will affect your commute from three stations. you will see escalator
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at the glenmont, georgia avenue petworth and deem wood stations. derrick ward is live at glenmont station with what we need to know.wood stations. derrick ward is live at glenmont station with what we need to know. >> reporter: we are indeed at the glenmont station on georgia avenue. and what you see behind me is the escalator on the east side of this station. this will be the only escalator in and out of here for quite some time now. why is that is this because of what is going on over here on the west side, on the other side of georgia avenue, that escalator will be repaired, going to be closed for 35 weeks. now, there will be elevator access to the trains from that side of the street. elevators c many people. and also at the deamwood, they will replace the escalators, have one going -- it will be stationery, essentially a big stairway, and the other under repair. and this is going to
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metro's effort to replace 20 escalators this year. this has been a problem that has dogged metro quite some time. these escalators haven't been dealt with for at least five or six years, so it's long overdue and they say this will lead to more reliability. and it will mean a little adversity, so what you want to watch out for if you drive through this area, more people will be crossing the streets here when those elevators get crowded. hopefully they will do it at either intersection here where there are lights and crosswalks. so you won't have that issue to deal with, as well. we're live at glenmont, derrick ward, news 4. now to march madness. the next big match-up for the maryland terrapins take on the jayhawks this thursday. their first in more than a dozen years. players are looking ahead after a win last night against hawaii.
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last year was in the same position. we fell short. now we'll go and want to come out tomorrow morning and more business to take care of. >> a big time win for the terps. and shout out to the university of virginia also heading to the sweet 16, the top seeded take on in chicago friday night. sorry about cvu. >> first year for the new coach. so to get to the tournament is huge. vcu the only virginia school with six straight appearances in this tournament. >> something to be proud of. >> absolutely. >> been ten years since george mason. 5:08 your time. make sure of your sunglasses with you. it might be cold, but tom kierein says it will at least be sunny take. your closer look at the commuter forecast in your next weather and traffic on the 1s. and the effort to dump trump
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where you could run in peopleto
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today every presidential hopeful will be in washington except for senator bernie sanders. the candidates will speak at the aipac policy conference in northwest d.c. that conference focuses on rowe israeli policy. protesters promising to be there targeting donald trump. meagan fitzgerald and tracy pots will have all the anxious goal s covered for you. loudoun county is considering a plan that wouldpo will have all the anxious angels covered for you. loudoun county is considering a plan that would concentrate children into two schools. they want to keep the stuchbden closer to home. it includes moving schools to tug husband and leesburg elementary. it would make the former schools we
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the time is 5:12. >> let's get you up to speed on the forecast. tom kierein keeping an eye on what we can expect during the commute. >> things are drying out after the overnight rain and wet snow. temperatures so cold in the hid 30s, need to have a heat other in the car. but when you're heading back on, it will be around 50, because wind will be blowing you around. could have gusts to around 30 miles per hour with sunshine and a partly cloudy sky. maybe some flight delays new york, providence, boston, they're getting snow there right now. the southern edge of that snow is on the eastern shore from lewis, delaware down but tracking off to the north and east. got new accident in silver string. what's going on with that? >> brand new problem silver spring. this is georgia avenue at wayne avenue. again have a crash there could stick around for just a little bit longer. and then we expect it to be out of the way. southbound bw parkway after powder mill road, have a
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right lane. doesn't really seem to be slowing anything right now aboubut it did pop up. 66 and 95, everything looking good. prince george's county, no complaints there. we'll take a live look at 270 coming up. we're following new developments in the tensions building between north korea and the u.s. what the communist country claims it did again overnight. >> for the first time in almost a century, an american president is waking up on cuban soil and that's not the only history being made. we're live from havana with what is on president ama's agenda.ob life's morning multitasking for a growing family,
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5:17. historic visit, president obama is in cuba. calvin coolidge was the last sitting u.s. president to visit that's land nation in 1928. there has been little contact between the u.s. and could you with
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today in the capital havana, president obama will sit down with raul castro. jay gray is live in cuba with more on what the two leaders will discuss today. >> reporter: good morning to you from havana. yeah, that trip for calvin coolidge took three days by battleship. president obama said he got here for about three hours. he toured yesterday and today will turn to politics. he says he won't hesitate to bring up problems, concerns that they have with the cuban government especially when it comes to human rights issues here. the president will then take part in a state dinner later this evening where the leaders will get a chance to chat. tomorrow he will take in a baseball game, first ever major league contest played here on cuban soil. preseason game of course.
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one that many of the cuban people say is the first step toward easing restrictions and relations between the two countries. that's the latest live here. jay gray, news 4. developing this morning, north korea fires several missiles into the sea. this latest round includes a missile launch and several short range projectiles being sent into the waters off the east coast of that country. south korea's news agency reports this is just three days after the north fired medium range missile. ongoing joint military drills between the u.s. and south korea have outraged the communist country. officer killed in the line of duty is remembered in prince george's county. there was a moment of silence to honor detective jacai colson last night in palmer park. one week ago, a man opened fire at a county police station and a tell low officer shot at colson because he thought he was a suspect. colson was not in uniform at the time. colson's grandmother is now making peace
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>> he was a fantastic grandson. he was what i call my man. he's in a better place and he's at peace with all of us. >> the calling hours and funeral set for the end of this week. there are three brothers facing charges in the attack. three people are dead after a hold up at a toll plaza on the pennsylvania turn pike. police say a retired state robbed the toll booth at the fort little torlittleton toll p. briggs then got into a shoot-out with state police and died. he had retired from the force in 2012. a tragedy for south carolina fire department after a conway city firefighter is killed by a truck that was backing up. officials say he was hit after falling off the back of that fire truck at a scene. he had worked for this city for
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it's officially spring, but not for everyone. here is a look at the scene in hartford, connecticut. just moments ago in fact. folks in the northeast are in for a very messy commute as a spring storm moves in. forecasters are predicting 4 to 8 inches of heavy wet snow in massachusetts. and rhode island today. up to 10 inches are expected in other places. >> we put away most of our clothes and we put away all the sleds and stuff. >> well, they shouldn't need those sleds and coats for too much longer. the snow should stop there by this afternoon, so spring can officially make its way in. most of us dodged any really significant snow over the weekend. >> that was nice. by the time it hit the ground, most of it melted. taking a look at some big changes the next week. >> moody march, up and down we go. we're down in the 30s this morning. starting off a little bit of
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wind blowing, too, so you will need your warm winter coat. forget the umbrella and rain boots. you need sunglasses later this morning. we'll get the sunshine breaking out. temperatures right now are in the 30s. so everything is still liquid. wind hardly flapping the flag by union station. clearing skies by 10:00 should be they're 0 degrnear 40 degree. and this afternoon winds may be gusting to around 30 miles per hour with temperatures hovering around 50 degrees. but it will feel like the 30s with the wind. and then the winds will be calming by 6:00 p.m. with mostly clear and in the upper 40s by then. snow hitting thunk now. boston has had 1 to 2 inches and they could gets a you mention $4 to 8 inches in new england. southern end of that is snow. it's snowing from lewis, delaware down for ocean city. that is pulling off to the north and east. light accumulation on grassy areas there.
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this afternoon, high near 50 with a partly cloudy sky. clear tonight, then a few clouds tomorrow morning. not quite as cold as this morning, but still cold in the upper 30s. afternoon highs rebounding nicely tomorrow up around 60 degrees. which is a little above the average high of 58. partly sunny tomorrow with a lighter wind. much milder wednesday and thursday. feast your eyes, highs reaching low to mid-70s both of those days p. maybe showers thursday afternoon and evening. and thp cleen clearing out on f. over the weekend saturday low 60s and sunny and sunday could get more rain with highs in the upper 50s. update on a crash. update northbound georgia avenue at wayne avenue, so again there in silver spring, a little bit of a slow down northbound. hoping that is out of the way soon. 270 northbound/southbound at 118, germantown road, these folks headed southbound, typical volume headed s
5:24 am
66 from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, 9 minutes so on time here. inbound and outbound looking nice and green there on 66. 95 northbound and southbound also rolling along just fine. and then up here top of the beltway, bw parkway route 129 here, 95, everything is looking good here, as well. had earlier issues on 295, one with a disabled vehicle southbound at powder mill, the other one northbound near 198, both now out of the way. 5:24 now. more signs of violence in a lorton neighborhood has people on edge. several people reported hearing gunshots sunday morning near river drive. police responded but didn't find thinking. that's the same street where an 83-year-old was found ted last week. officers found de leede next to a broken window outside his home. no arrests have
5:25 am
this morning aviation sxermts are hesxermt s a experts are helping examine the black boxes from the crash on saturday. it could take a month to decode them. the flydubai airlines flight nose typhoondived and exploded trying to land in strong winds. all on board were killed. the istanbul suicide bomber is a militant with links to isis. he told reporters sunday that the bomber had been identified as a turkish citizen who was born in 1992. he says five other suspects have been detained in that investigation. five people including two americans were killed saturday in an explosion that rocked a popular shopping district in istanbul. an indiana gas station is out of service after a massive
5:26 am
fire. this inter-knf inferno erupted night. will is in indianapolis. no injuries reported here. damage estimated at millions of dollars. the time is 5:26. and we want to take a live look at d.c.'s eagle cam. it's going to be a busy monday for the president and first lady nesting bald eagles. they now have two mouths to feed. the second eaglet hatched its way into the world early yesterday morning. it was all the rage. we were so excited. we were working and then there was four. both eaglets look healthy. if you want to take a look -- hanging out for the first time, doing a little bonding. open our thnbc washington app f a link to the eagle cam.
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weeks and they will try to fly. >> just push them out of the nets? >> that's how they do it in the cartoons. >> this has captivated people. 5:27. might be the first full day of spring, doesn't feel like it, hoe. tom kierein says big changes are on the way. four things to know about the forecast at 5:31. and frightening moments for participants in maryland. how their kids ended 45 feet upbe kathleen matthews: if we want to be heard, we need women in congress. it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage
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in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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5:30. and tom kierein has four things we need to know. >> i don't know if you want to know them. we're feeling like wintertime this morning. but i do have good news on the way. big changes coming. we'll get sunshine coming out, a breezy chilly afternoon. and then much warmer. that's the good news. that will be moving if on wednesday. next chance of rain looks to be on thursday. right now it's cold, we're just in the 30s all around the region, but above freezing. so anything still a little wet is a little liquid on the road. it's drying out, though. still getting wet snow on the eastern shore moving
5:31 am
east. there are some flight delays likely rof deprovidence, bostone morning city because it is snowing there now. they have had over an inch to two inches in boston. more on the way. so travel delays there. maybe take the train or you're flying up there, there could be some problems getting up toward the northeast corridor. here no problems really. >> no problems. looking quite good. a little issue here that should be out of the way quite soon. northbound georgia at wayne avenue if silver spring. you can see police still on the left side of the road kind getting things cleared up for us. big look here at beltway and all of the main routes in and out of town, overall looking pretty good. i am seeing a little bit of a slowdown in prince george's county. we'll talk about that in one second. so 66 just fine, 95 north starting to get the slow. totally typical. in prince george's county, southbound 210, near livingston, a little slow. perhaps late clearing road work hain
5:32 am
speech at the aipac conference which advocates for pro israeli policies. now, you can bet that he will be greeted by many protesters, many folks pushing bag against some of trump's positions and this of course is not anything foreign. we want to show you some video from over the weekend. trump was holding rallies in both utah and arizona, at times things escalated into violent
5:33 am
altercations where protesters and supporters were arrested. video captured a supporter being sucker punched by -- rather a protester being sucker punched by a protester. and that man has since been charged. and again trump campaign manager made headlines after a report that he grabbed a protester by the collar if an effort to escort him out of the rally. now, in addition speaking at the aipac conference, we know that trump will be meeting with on that gop lawmakers. we're told by some sources that he will hold some of those meetings on capitol hill and throughout his time here in washington he will have availability to speak at the trump international hotel, which is the old post office here in washington, d.c. back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald live for us. thank you. many came out this weekend to support officers in need. two fundraisers
5:34 am
the prince william county officers who survived a shooting at a domestic call in woodbridge last month. proceeds will benefit officer hempen and david mccown as well as the family of officer ashley begin did n guindon who was killed. the helicopter crew who flew guindon to the hospital also paid a special tribute. one of the officers hurt was ath bottom events. >> two days in a row, huge numbers of people coming out to show support for myself and dave and ashley's family, ite's it'sn special. >> and we've posted information how you can donate in our nbc washington app. there will not be a world police and fire games next year. you might remember the games were last held in our area in fairfax county last year. several police and firefighter unions said that they plan to boycott the games in montreal next year due to the ongoing police labor dispute with that city. the city of montreal decided to cancel the games because of the boycott threats. a scary moment for
5:35 am
firefighters rushed to pull two 11-year-olds in this hole in the ground. they were laying when the hole opened up. and the boys fell down 30 feet. one boy was able to climb out, but it took half an hour for firefighters to pull the other boy out. he was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. delaware officials want to know why four bald eagles died in success sex counssex county. is this more than a month after 13 dead eagles were found about 30 miles away. poison may have killed the eagles in maryland. delaware officials say one bird was found dead in dags borrow and three others in a field miles away. the supreme court will hear arguments in two cases. first concerns over racial gerrymandering in virginia district three. boundaries are drown to include pockets around rich a
5:36 am
some say an every to clump african-american voters in to one district. second a case that has serious implications for corporate liability in the u.s. justices will consider whether a company can face action in u.s. courts for tnks crimes outside of u.s. borders. how would you like a great meal with a beautiful view this week? you're in luck. it is national harbor restaurant week as we take a live look at the wheel. the restaurants on the water front are featuring prefixed menus. we're talking two course lunches are $20, and three course continue remembers $38. we'll post a link where you can check out the menus on the nbc washington app. take a look at current temperatures around here. a lot of you waking up in the 30s and 40s this morning. mostly 30s it looks like. but will your kids teed hneed h gloves at the bus stop in tom kierein has the answer. and just as the u.s. and cuba relax travel restrictions, a new warning. what health officials want
5:37 am
traveling to the country anytime soon. and a crook takes police and a cement truck on a wild chase. wait until you hear who officer say was beshi
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can.
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over 60 votes to repeal obamacare. now they're refusing to even consider president obama's nominee for the supreme court. it disrespects the president and all of us -- and we won't put up with it. in congress, i'll protect president obama's legacy, defend obamacare, and stand up for social security and medicare. i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on republicans - for all of us. soon. there is a kid behind the wheel of that cement truck out for a joy ride. police were led by that 11-yr-
5:40 am
an hour outside rochester new york. apparently he stole the truck from an area contractor, side swiped an officer while cutting through somebody's yard. nobody was hurt here. the child was taken to a juvenile detention facility. in the middle of the president's trip, the center for disease control issued a zika travel warning for cuba. the cdc says that it is monitoring the virus transition this cuba. the zika virus is carried by mosquitos and causes deadly birth affects in pregnant women. coming up on 5:41. weather and traffic on the 1s. almost time to send kids out to the bus stop. >> and today they will need a pretty decent coat about. >> and waiting at the metro, too, wear your winter coat on this first full day of spring. march 21st. it's in the mid-30s now. we'll stay this way between 7:00 and 8:00. a little sun breaking out. and then the wind will be picking up and then during the afternoon, the blustery wind with
5:41 am
degrees so you'll still be happy you have a warm coat. right now it's above freezing, mid and upper 30s shenandoah valley all the way to the bay. reagan national at 38 degrees. a little bit of wet snow on the shore pulling off to the north and east. brand new problem in montgomery county. actually two issues there. take a look behind me, river road at goldsboro road. somebody zooming in on the actual camera, but again river at goldsboro, a big issue at that intersection and you can see they're putting sand down because of a fuel spill. georgia avenue at wayne avenue, that has cleared out of the way. 270 germantown to the spur, on time. top of the beltway 95 over to 270, also on time this morning. 66 inbound 95 northbound looking quite good. remember to listen to wtop 103.5
5:42 am
>> news 4 iteam staying on top of a big story happening in a matter of hours. coming up, a look at the swearing this happin happening . fwloo and we're standing by as apple gets ready to unveil new products. rumored products we could expec later todtay
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when you build one of the biggest retail businesses in america, you spend a lot of time working closely with elected officials. from secretaries to presidents you learn what works in government and what doesn't. and if you're david trone you take those lessons all the way to congress. you pledge to take nothing from pacs or corporations because the only special interest a congressman should have is you and he'll promise to work with anyone if it'll get things done. after all he's spent 30 years working both sides of the aisle. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
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i'm molette green at the live desk. alexandria police are looking for suspects after two men were assaulted this morning in the 100 block of bragg street just off duke. we understand that the men will be okay. there is still police activity in the area as they investigate what happened and look for a suspect. back to you. >> reporter: coming up this morning on "today," an all new ross p repo
5:46 am
a new report says tens of thousands of america's bridges are in complete disrepair. so how dangerous is it for you and your family? this morning as you can see, we have rare access inside of a bridge to show you. this concrete is actually olding up a roadway right above and this is a pretty major brenlg here in the washington, d.c. area. and this is the beam that holds the roadway up. look how rusted away it is. and look at this, right over here, this is paper thin, not supposed to be this way. so what is the government doing about it? we're going straight to the secretary of transportation in a rare interview, all coming up this morning right here on "today." and i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein, traffic flowing on drying pavements. clearing skies. your hour by hour forecast. by 10:00, near 40. upper 40s near 50 during the afternoon with a blustery wind and some sunshine. taking a look at this in bethesda, river at goldsboro, big crash in the intersection. two vehicles pretty sh
5:47 am
here this morning. we'll keep an eye on that for you. also report of a brand new crash outer loop at bw parkway. developing this morning, a plot for another european terror attack may have been in the works. they say salah abdeslam planned to, quote, restart something from brussels. abdeslam is the only living member of the terror cell that carried out the deadly attacks in paris last november. police describe him as the logistics guy who could hold a lot of answers about how the group planned the attack. abdeslam was arrested in belgium last friday after being on the run for four months. 4:47 your time. and happening today, lawmakers are expected to vote in the maryland senate on a strict drunk driving law. know a know a's law is named after officer noah leotta who was killed by a suspected drunk driver in december. if
5:48 am
said he will sign the bill. today we're working to find out more about a crash they're route 7 in potomac falls. loudoun county police telling us that a man should be okay after he was hit by a car. you can see a bicycle as paramedics worked to get the man into an ambulance. police say the driver involved did stay on the scene. federal investigators could soon get involved to get rid of lead found this water in newark, new jersey schools. the school district says it found elevated lead levels in nearly half of its schools. the newark district quickly shut off sinks and foupntaifountains. officials have been testing the water for unsafe lead levels since 2003. that is why the school superintendent says the feds need to get involved. >> i think we are going to see and
5:49 am
level intervention to find appropriate funds to remediate the causes. >> speaking on the water issues, new jersey governor chris christie says this was no where near the crisis level and the lead is not at dangerous levels. a remarkable story of survival coming out of indiana. >> prayers have been answered obviously. we're all walking and talking which matters. >> the high school basketball team rejoicing after surviving what looked like a tragic bus crash. take a look at some of these images here. a car had slammed into the bus as they were headed to a big state tournament. a driver had spilled her drink and lost control of her car and swerved into the path of that bus. tomorrow people in three states weigh in on decision 2016. arizona offering the most
5:50 am
all primary for republican presidential hopeful. candidates spent the weekend campaigning out west and it was if arizona that donald trump a rally there for him got out of hand. more on that coming up in our 6:00 hour. first, though, tracie potts has some new information about what to expect here in washington today. >> reporter: good morning. so out of the candidates that are left, all but one bernie sanders will be here in ds today for the aipac conference. the pro israel conference happening here in the nation's capital. bernie sanders says he had a scheduling issue, but he is giving a major foreign policy speech today in utah. now, also happening here today, donald trump before speaking to that conference tonight has a heating with what we're told is nearly two dozen republican leaders. some lawmakers and others about party unity, trying to figure out a plan to get behind donald trump if in fact he does get this nomination. no word yet on specifically what
5:51 am
man may be. >> traceie potts on the hill ths morning. thank you. another threat to the trump father. a let ae letter was sent to tru sister and they are working to investigate it. berry sits on the u.s. circuit court of appeals in philadelphia. you might remember just a few days ago someone sent trump's son eric a threatening letter that had some white substance inside of it. a preliminary test found that the material was harmless. 5:51 your time. off to a chilly start. top, about if we can stick it out, it will be a pretty decent week. >> time is on our side eventually. but over the next 24 hours, it is going to be feeling more like winter than spring. we are off to a cold start this morning. so dress accordingly. you got to haul out your winter coat. you will need that. you won't need the umbrella or the rain boots. you will need
5:52 am
sunshine breaking out. but right now, it's in the mid to upper 30s shenandoah valley all the way to the bay. so everything is above breezing after we did get overnight rain and wet snow in washington, eastern southern suburbs. that is pulling off east of the bay. left just a little bit of a dusting on grassy areas in southern maryland on the eastern shore, but it's affecting travel from new york city to providence, boston, portland, maine. now it is snowing there. so likely some flight delays all of those locations through the morning as they could pick up 4 to 8 inches of snow in parts of new england. so by 10:00 this morning, our skies will be clearing. we'll be near 40. a blustery wind during the afternoon. by 6:00, the winds will be calming after we may see gusts to around 30 miles an hour during middle part of the afternoon with the sunshine breaking out. post your pictures like this one i saw on my twitter page from
5:53 am
yesterday. you can see snow there. this is the northern end about 2100 feet. you can see the snow level all wa way down to about 1500 feet. below that, mostly wet snowflakes that melted over the weekend. post your pics. love seeing them. and as we get into tomorrow, a little bit warmer after a chilly start up they're 60, and then mild air moves in wednesday, thursday in low and mid-70s. drying out after that. might get rain thursday afternoon and again on sunday. big problems in bethesda. what's going on, melissa? this is river road at goldsboro. right now it looks like from this camera angle outbound river is being diverted here right now. it is blocked. so right there in that intersection, rifsh ver at goldsboro, we have the crash. inner loop at bw parkway, report of a crash. and another one outer loop at ve
5:54 am
problems there on the beltway. don't really seem to be slowing things down, though, too much. you can see the beltway is looking here pretty green thois morning. 66 in and out of town, looking good. normal slowdowns in normal spots. see you back here in ten. >> reporter: good morning. i'm scott macfarlane. today at 11:30, a new u.s. capitol police chief will be sworn in. coming in at a very important time for the agency. congress considering a multimillion-dollar increase in money to the agency and an increase in officers deployed. a recent news 4 iteam investigation found thousands of calls on capitol ground positive success bispicious packages and. there was a pipe bomb threat and famously last year a gyrocopter flown on to the grounds. the incoming capitol poli
5:55 am
mission for the agency because the capitol grounds must and will remain open to the public. >> i think it's the challenge that we face throughout the country the unknown threat and whether it's an organized effort or whether it's the individual. we always have to be cognizant of the threat environment. >> reporter: congressional committees are considering a multimillion-dollar budget increase and potentially adding 40 new officers to the force. a final decision on that expected by the end of the year. in northeast, scott macfarlane, news 4. don't expect gas prices to drop any time soon. prices are on the rise and expected to continue rising for some time. the national average for a gallon of regular is now $1.99. in our region, expect to pay an average of $2 this maryland. $1.83 in virginia, $2.01 in washington, d.c. and $1.93 in west virginia. analysts say prices at the pump will keep going up as
5:56 am
work to make summer grade gasoline available by the beginning of may. it could be an emotional day for vice president joe biden. he plans to speak about president obama's $1 billion effort tohasten a cure for cancer. you may remember his son died of brain cancer last year. the president doubled down on his commitment to find a cure for cancer in his final state of the union address back in january. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc. amazon is warning kindle users if your device is gathering dust, you better update it by tuesday or else. owners who haven't updated their kindle in a while will lose their internet connection meaning you won't be able to get online and download books anymore. if you use your kindle on a regular basis or have one from after 2012, you're fine as those devices update automatically via wi-fi. today apple expected to show off new
5:57 am
ceo will unveil the next generation of the ipad and new smaller iphone. apple just unveiled a new iphone six months ago. a lot of peel oof people wonder cook will address the controversy over the san bernardino terrorist phone. >> a long song and dance, but certainly an elephant in the room at this event. >> apple will faceoff against the government in court tomorrow over the iphone break. we're watching your commute as a new round of metro repairs could mean changes you need to watch out for. you're being looking live at the glenmont metro station. this is where escalator replacement is set to begin. how the work will impact riders. and also ahead, an attempt at hugh momor or child endanger? the investigation now under way.
5:58 am
5:59 am
we're watching history unfold in cuba and we're live in havana with more on the president's visit. caught trying to break out on a number of occasions. why the attorney for maryland mother accused in the
6:00 am
said she's trying to escape from a psychiatric hospital. plus new round of work that could impact your commute. a live look at glenmont metro, within of three stations where escalator replacements are expected to begin today. what you need to know. good morning. moody march, feels moore like winter. low clouds and a cold morning. and then blustery winds during the afternoon. your monday headlines, we can look forward to this, turning much warmer by mid week. starting off, though, cold in the mid and upper 30s from the mountains all the way to the bay. above freezing, so after we did get the overnight mix of rain and snow in washington, eastern suburbs, still a few lingering flurries will. the pavement is still damp and wet there, but it is drying out. not frozen up this morning because our temperatures are above freezing. i have your commuter forecast coming up at


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