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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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hisó[sr message as he meets wit cuba's leader. first some breaking news. i-95 south in virginia is closed right now. this isq just before you get to lorton due to añi serious2xñcra. a car hitko a person work on t the helicopter here as you can see is live on the scene waiting vq= take a person to e1hospitaq i-95 south through fairfax county might bexdxd backed upñi little while during the evening rush houv÷ information throughout our newscast. sel critical patients out of the hospital anz( a lotñr much peop with appointments had to reschedule. darcy spencer isjf live with sop newçóçó xddevelopments. >> reporter: we just got word8( from howard university
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that these repairs have just been completedçó but there's st( a lotq of impact here at theçó hospital. the emergency room remains shut down and ambulances are still being rerouted away from the hospital at this hour. now the water main break f#k"t$. that's in the basement level here step hospital of northwest washington where critical care services are located. eight patient-to be moved and surgeries cancelled for the day. d.c. water shut off the valve but then private contractors have been working on thatjñp rr all ñrday. thoset( repairs have been comple and some patients say they were inconvenien#qb today. >> prior tofá comingcn they tel you the office is open but when you get toi] thet(jfñ open the sqnays they are not open becaus >> reporter: we91r now ha6@"xd timeline for when things will begin to get back normal
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m%qe hospital. that's coming up.+ the white houset( nearly all of the presidential candidates here gathered for the annualóom aipa conference. bernie sanders is the only oneb% skipping the conference. hillary clinton told the committee to question the language and ideas of thec trum campaign. >> yes, we needlp steady lphand. not a president who says he'sjf neutral on monday,fá pro israeln tuesday and who knows what on wednesday because everything is negotiatable. >> over the next
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that he is building in downtown. tom sherwood is live on pennsylvania avenueq where trum just took a tour of the site. >> reporter: guys, you justw3 missed by seconw there's ae1 trump motorcade,lp he's leaving here on pennsylvania on 12th going over to the verizon center. traffic is backedt( upxd behind. dulles toll road is in the midst brag about turning this oldxd pt office into his latestt( luxury hotel. it's quitexd the construction se inside still but trump says it will openxd in september. >> this was considered oneçó ñc great buildings one of the aggravate buildings restored to the highestw3 level. well beyond from when it was çó built, and it's going to be something really special. i think when it's completedñiw3 will trulyokñi be one of the gr hotels of the world.
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remarks about immigrants and there are lawsuits ,!ithat. comingxd up at 5:00 there was a reporter here at the press conference who started to ask questions butxd ended up asking trump for a job and he fmpi'll have that storys7lpçó onñiñiw3i] "news 4 at 5:00".xd >>jf ae1 semitractor-trailer collided with two pickupñ)çpt( on ridge road near woodfield road in7oo damascus. at last check the road is still closed in both directions while thexd police are there c semi had a small fuel leak. montgomery police tell us they athletening ñit(injuries. president obama continues history make being trip in qcub. here's a livejf l
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in havana. a meetingt( focused on building business opportunities for cubans. more ways toñr=/% improve lives people living in the communist country came up during thejf fit of its kind meeting in nearly oet jfjfi]years. president obama said he had a frank discussion with cuban president raul castro about the very seriousw3 differences betwn our countries especially regarding democracyi] and human rights. >> i madee.ajeñ clear that the united states will continue to speak up on+ behalf of w3democ, including the right of the cuban people to decide their own future. we'll speake1 out on behalff:: universal human rights including and religion.q >> we'll have more on the trio that president obama said would previously have been unimag r' a live report from havanac in our next half hour. if you're driving through prince george'sú startingw3 at 8:00ñr crews will close a
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route 5çó tweet auth way and au road. they will be posting warnings. inñi vienna folks are talking about two bearsq neighbors saw near difficult run st$q9ñ on sunday a blackxd bearq and c roamed around xdñxisomebody's property for about ane1 hour.çó bearsjf normally avoid residentl areas. likely they were looking forr food. we saw another cool day across ourfá region a very chil weekend, kind of a nastyñi drea snow. saturday and sunday. today sunshine but high temperatures soñi far only in t 40s and 50s. look at the numbers. all across the mid-atlantic. pennsylvania. 42 in hagerstown.çó
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wind chills out there this afternoonju(rr&ly night ahead. a shower chance coming up. we'll talk about ourh&0ower chance as we head towards the end of the weekend.q weekend. i got much more coming up. when pope francis visited washington a lot of folks were talking about that car he was riding in. first atok 4 the unique opportunities for you to see it newest ga oqá but by now you
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recover his refund from 2014. thieves made off with his money. he didn't know and he was victim un
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it was kind of confusing in terms of what to do. how to get a police report completed. had to sign a affidavit i'm the person that did file. >> the irs has a taxpayer guide to identity theft on its website. there's identity theft insurance available that pays the expense of restoring your identity. a fiat 500 l will be on display tonight. two fiats were donated to the archdiocese a couple of months ago. one is at the cathedral. the church will use the cars to focus on ministry and public service. it could either play with your commute. which
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when the 2016 nuclear summit gets under way in washington next week could it affect your commute. >> police are closing the mount vernon square metro station for security reasons which means no access for nearly three days. the station will be closed wednesday march 30 d at 8:00 through late friday night april 1st. all green and yellow trains will pass through without stopping. starting today, metro is installing three new escalators. it means some entrances will be closed for several months. at the florida avenue station the east entrance will be closed during repairs. at the glenmont station the west side ence
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at deanwood all entrances will be open. this is all part of a systemwide effort to replace worn out escalators. >> david culver here. we're here in president's park, mostly freshman house. behind me jefferson hall. new details laid out in this search warrant we just pulled showed police responded here last wednesday and when they got here they went into one of the dorm rooms where they found several different pieces of materials that combined they say could make a fire bomb or some sort of explosive device. pretty disturbing especially for some of the students we spoke with. you'll hear from them plus what led police to this dorm room initially. that detail ahead on
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5:00". >> hottest new attractions in our area both doing fine. take a live look at the national are arb arborretum. both baby eagles appear to be healthy. the parents are called mr. president and first lady. this successfully raised one eagle last year and sometime soon you'll be asked to help name this newest pair. >> it may be spring, good time for baby eaglelets to be born. this drone video was shot this morning in massachusetts north of martha's vineyard. snow fell there overnight. it won't be around for long. well above freezing tomorrow and even warmer by the weekend. i guess that cold blast they got, obviously i think it was the same one thatme
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obviously they took a much bigger hit than we did. >> doug, is it just about over? >> yeah. the cold is, if you're waiting for that spring like warmth to come back in, much warmer air making its way our way. 70s for you pat. >> i love it. >> i know you love that. out there still on the good side even with sunshine. temperatures well below average. high temperature so far upper 40s to low 50s across region. currently sitting at 52 degrees out of the airport. it's been rather breezy too. winds gusting up to 25 mile-per-hour. that's given us a wind chill factor. 50 in gaithersburg, 51 culpeper, luray 46 degrees. it's been cool but no rain, no snow. we had quite a bit of it this weekend, just made it dreerry kind of nasty weekend but nothing out there right now. storm system that came through way up towards maine going towards newfoundland. for us colder air. se
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right off the lake. lake-effect snows as close as pennsylvania. for us no problems. gnome afternoon no worries. a cool start tomorrow but get out there and get some exercise in. lurch outdoors i got you in the yellow. the reason why? it's still chilly around lunch time. temperatures in the mid-50s. little bit of a breeze. still nice. prepare and wear a jacket. shouldn't be all that bad across our region. high temperatures tomorrow upper 50s to low 60s. not a bad looking tuesday across our region as we make our way through the day. what to wear tomorrow? not the heavy coats. don't need the umbrellas or hats or scarves, just the jackets as you make your way out on tuesday. wednesday, no jackets needed. 72 degrees. plenty of sunshine. here comes the warmer air. 75 on thursday. now 30% chance of a storm late. most of thursday looking nice as well. temperatures well above average. back downn
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say 65. 65 degrees coming up on friday. temperatures will cool behind the cold front but not that cool. towards the weekend, of course all eyes on the cherry blossoms and cherry blossom festival coming up starting wednesday and thursday. our peak day. cold fortunately did not have too much of an effect. warmer air we hope will. bring them on out. guys? thousands of students are getting ready to shelter in place. tomorrow is virginia's stayed wide tornado drill. you can participate from home. doug said we're in for another chilly start tomorrow. we'll tell you what that means for d.c.'s famous blossoms. >> a barefoot woman runs out of a busy airport. it's a bizarre story that ended
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big day for the cherry blossoms won't be changing despite the cold we had over the weekend and what we're going get tonight. park service is still saying peak bloom will happen starting on wednesday. when at least 70% of the trees around the tidal basin will be blooming. blossoms are likely to stay on the trees for four to ten days if the weather cooperates. openingr
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national cherry blossom festival takes place on saturday at the warner theater. it's known for it's advanced encryption preventing attackers and government getting into user's phones. team of researches from johns hopkins found a bug that could make it easier to hack those phones. "the washington post" reports that some students are getting ready to publish a paper how they discovered it but won't be released until after apple launches its new operating system 9.3 on monday april than apparently will not have the bug. chronicle break up, make ones, nasty celebrity feuds. twitter celebrates it's tenth birthday. 300 million people use it referee day blasting out 600,000 tweets a second. there's been a lot of tweets but nothing like president obama's first victory tweet back 7008. hit more than 800,000 retweets the most ev
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the election in 2012 broke another record with nearly 32 million political tweets. we have compiled the end of the most akonic tweets of the past ten years. and we post this on my facebook page and just tweeted it from our nbc washington account. police and federal agents are searching now for a woman who was spotted bolting barefoot from the airport in los angeles. >> she's a flight attendant accused of smuggling 60 pounds of cocaine. >> here are some of the drugs police took into evidence. they say it was inside two carry on bags belong to a flight worked i]for. tsa agents chose her for a random screening just before a flight to new york on friday. of t(fácourse, happ!vaq= employees. investigators tell
4:26 pm
ditched home run luggagefá and shoes and ranñr outlprof the çói airport. >>lpt(e1 apple's newc gadget is longer a secret. don't let the sunshine fool you. it's breezy and cool out there to start our week and tomorrow morning we're in for another brisk start.ñ storm team 4 is track the mercury and tell
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it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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developing right now first at 4:00 traffic appears to be i-95 jx9a beforeq lorton. a car hit a person as they were working on their carton side of the highway. >> earlier police had to close the road so a medevac helicopter could land in the middle of the highway.  4. we will continue to watch the story here and bring you any new information and developments
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throughout the evening. >> well aftert( months of speculation apple unveiled its newest iphone and it's a lot >> after years of getting bigger and bigger the company is embracing the small. >> ñiagain. news4 consumer reporter susavñb hogan is h%q÷ showing us four of the most importantñr announcemes o8q of the launch. >> you guys are tech geeks. >> mine is the old 4. >> this is really cool because it's the 5, right. i'll tell yousy apple ceo real they said t;eí3are listeningñi what the customer wants and it's customers they want smaller screens, smaller prices and better choices but theyñiñi don expect anything less when» comes to quality. the first innovationfá apple introduced today a recy}gok robot. it takes apartçó devices, separatyn actually be ñii]recycled and repurposed the. the new iphone se s has a four inch screen but unlikeq the iphone 5
4:31 pm
pictures. it released a new operating system the ñiios 9.3 has a feate called midnight. it changes theq color scheme on your device fromñiñi cooler sha to warmer shades at sundown to this is neat. the apple watch lovers, they have more openings when it comei to colors. the biggest news might be a price dropt(çó the apple watch starts att( aboutq $300. apple also revealed a smaller inches as well. iñi super cool and canvas too. night. atdtqi th'4e people have about their phones at night.
4:32 pm
>> i'm glad they are listening to people about thec battery life. bell and whistles are cool but can i get a phone that içó don' have to charge twice to make it through the day. let's go back to a live look atçó havana, cuba right now whe history continues tonb ñiunfolh president obama's visit there. jay gray joins usxd live from havana with a closer look at jay? >> reporter: good evening, pat. president obama said there were no topics left off the table during talks here. heçó pressed the cubanq leader p castro onym human rights issue ko relations and social servings in the u.s. during what both men described as a productive meeting. ♪ president obama's first full day in cubañi began in revolutionw3 square as he laid
4:33 pm
statuefá?; of jose martin. following the brief ceremony the president waved off hislp limousine walking three blocks from the material to thew3 revolutionary palace where he was welcomed byçóñi the presideó
4:34 pm
now says should change. >> the sanctions we have on cuba are stricter than anything anywhere in the world. >> amazing or incredible, words you hear quite a bit during this historic visit. now there's a state incident they are evening and tomorrow morning president obama will address the cuban people during a speech broadcast live on state-run television here. live in had a va narcotics i'm jay gray. for a gallery of photos of this historic visit open the nbc washington app and search cuba. >> it's still breezy
4:35 pm
>> nice warm jacket is what you need today to stay warm. mid-40s our temperatures by 8:00. the wind will settle gradually, enough wind by 8:00 where it will feel like we're in the upper 30s late and of course with the setting of the sun you are showing a bit more. taste of may coming back our way. temperature here today by the time we get to mid-week way up here around 70 degrees and higher. now for tomorrow if you're planning out your day your outdoor impact forecast low 40s by 9:00. yes that's a kite you see there. higher temperatures still breezy, good day for flying a kite. take a look at what else you can do this week as we get ready to warm up. >> thanks. sure you probably notice gas price on the way up. they made a significant jump over the past month. the average price jumped 25 cents over the past four weeks to 2:02 a gallon.
4:36 pm
industry analysts says the hike is due to growing demand nationwide for gas and higher crude prices. prices are expected to go up through material day. >> have you goggled today? if you did you notice something different? how the special message around th world comese f
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welcome back to "news4 at 4:00". a lot of you are talking about march madness. we want to know which local team you think will go farther. uva or umd. call or text the number on your screen or go the nbc washington facebook page. dangerous drug combinations are becoming more common among our country's elderly. researchers at the university of illinois and chicago identified 15 potentially life threatening mixtures of commonly used
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among older adults. 15% regularly used these combinations. experts say doctors need be very aware of these potentially fatal combinations and they need to be sure to ask patients what they are taking. oklahoma is challenging the pot law in colorado. justices dismissed the state's lawsuit. colorado allows recreational but nebraska and oklahoma argues it conflicts with federal anti-drug laws and legalizing pot is spilling over into their states. google searches you do today will start with artwork and thanks to a very talented local high school student. akila johnson is the recent winner in doodle for google contest.
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high school in northeast d.c. and she and the school both come out winners. the school gets a $5,000 educati -- $50,000 education grant and johnson a scholarship. >> not what parents expected to see when they brought their children to see the easter bunny. why a group of high school students could soon make walking
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storm team 4 tracking a nice warm up and a little bit of rain for this week. we'll take a detailed look at easter sunday in just a few minutes. you just can't make this stuff up. everybody has been talking about the easter bunny brawl. we're learning a lot more about the guy inside the bunny suit. to
4:45 pm
presidential candidates from both parties in washington today. hillary clinton has already delivered her speech to a pro israel organization. john kasich, donald trump and ted cruz will speak. steve handelsman is live at the verizon center with more. >> reporter: down here at verizon center at the aipac meeting trump versus clinton in public today. trump, the republican front-runner strategized about his broken party and what to do it today behind closed doors. donald trump went to a private session near the u.s. capital to try to rebuild relations with reinsiders. last time trump tried was september. since then he won the most primaries and delegates by savaging republican leaders. with trump todaye
4:46 pm
gingrich and bob livingston. >> get behind donald trump and let's have a victory. >> reporter: trump said the same thing warning his party's establishment. >> if people want to be smart they should embrace this movement. if they don't want to be smart they should do what they are doing now and the republicans are going to go down to a massive loss. >> reporter: he speaks at aipac where there's worry about trump's demeanor. his call to ban muslims calling mexicans criminals. >> in those nine months all i've heard is hatred. and i don't want to listen my more. >> reporter: this rabbi with others plan to walk out. at aipac this morning hillary clinton slammed trump for waffling on israel. >> yes we need steady hands not a president who says he's neutral on monday, pro israel on tuesday and who knows what
4:47 pm
negotiatable. >> reporter: sounding like a preview of the fall campaign. that's a big issue. maybe the biggest issue for the many republicans still concerned about trump whether he can beat clinton in a fight in the fall. live from the verizon center aipac meeting, i'm steve handelsman. >> there's been another threat to trump's family and this time targeting his sister. the fbi says it's aware of a letter that was sent to mary ann and working with the secret service and u.s. marshal service. few days ago somebody sent trump's son eric a letter with a white substance inside. it was harmless. but promised to send another one soon. well, we didn't have our temperatures stuck in the 40s as
4:48 pm
but when you saw we got up to 50 degrees and stayed so breezy, gusty, our wind chills were in the 40s. how about that? we still were very much on the chilly side today. as we take a look during the overnight period another night where we dip down into the 30s. 34 gaithersburg. frederick and mount airy dropping to 32 by tomorrow morning. stack of 33s. leesburg out towards manassas, herndon area, fairfax, 36. la plata 35 to start early tomorrow morning. that's chilly. we could see frost which is why we say wait to plan. wait until we get at least the mid-part of april the average day of the last freeze is april 10th to 20th. april 20th to 30 for winchester, leesburg and luray. prep the ground. something you can do now. kids off of school a
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one is solar powered. >> our class created a safety alert system for the washington old dominion trail or any remote trail. at the police station we have this master mode. on the trail if you press the button it would indicate to police you need help. >> now the final design more closely resembles the aesthetics of the trail. you can help loudoun valley students win by voting on instagram and twitter once a day through the 31st of this vote. you have to use
4:52 pm
and #samsungsolvelvhs. >> this is chris gordon in alexandria, virginia. a viewer sent us an e-mail today saying his mother lives on the fifth floor of this apartment building and has not had elevator service since february 1st. he says she lives like a prisoner up there, having to walk the stairs every day despite having a medical condition. >> it's exhaustive. very tiring. i need to catch up my breath. >> ahead how the management company responds when we ask when the elevator service will be restored here. back to you. thanks, chris. this next video amazing that anybody walked away it from. a school bus full of high school students veers off
4:53 pm
rolls off and lands on this roof and why this could have been so
4:54 pm
stronger is blasting without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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>> we couldn't stop him. believe it or not one of the most popular stories on our nbc washington app. easter bunny throwing punches at a shopping mall in new jersey. while in that mall police say it all started when the costumed man was taking picture with a 1-year-old. the child apparently fell off the rabbit's lap. the father got angry and attacked the bunny. security guards had to break it up. >> not setting a good example for kids in line there. but this is a story of a different story. crisis of gratitude coming from a high school after a basketball team survived this wreck. >> the bus flipped over on a highway in indiana. here's the lst
4:57 pm
the crash and the team's recovery. >> reporter: many players attended the service in their honor, some are still recovering from their injuries but all are that you feel to be alive. >> everybody that came to support us because this means the world to us. ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: at a park in griffith, indiana a community came together in support of a basketball team who had been involved in an accident that could have claimed lives. >> we thank you lord jesus because we know had it not been for you we would be preparing for funerals. >> reporter: on saturday 26 members of the griffith high school basketball team and their coaches had been heading to a state semi-final game in lafayette when a car side swiped their bus. >> when it started spinning, flipping, our bodies, we had to ricochet off the thing or by god's hands stay in the seat. i ricochetted off the top and
4:58 pm
>> reporter: it ended up rolling off the road with all the players and coaches inside. >> we flipped over. i opened my eyes. i yelled at my teammate to get up. we got out of the back. i looked at the bus and started crying. >> reporter: you couldn't believe it. >> reporter: some players walked away without any injuries. other players and coaches had to be hospitalized. no one suffered any serious injuries. the community celebrated that fact and also prayed for this team. >> 47 years in coaching i never seen anything like this. you know, last year we went through some adversity and the community got behind us. >> reporter: one of the coaches still remains in the hospital. he had a punctured lung and cracked ribs but coach hayes says he should make a full recovery. now at 5:00 a dorm room discovery. police make a find of explosive materials inside a student's room.
4:59 pm
at howard university hospital where the er had to be shut down and why some patient-to be mo d moved. >> reporter: i'm cal cal in arlington. what happened when one tow truck driver got lukd up. >> first up at 5:00 tonight a disturbing discovery inside a local university dormitory. good evening. i david culver live on the fairfax campus of george mason university where police found explosive materials inside a student's room. david? >> reporter: that's right. justin past hour police here on george mason university campus put out a statement. the chief wanting to stress that there is no threat to the greater campus community. but the search warrant that we pulled earlier today, it reveals the disturbing evidence that police seized. george mason university police made the
5:00 pm
students just returned from spring break. search warrant said flames shooting from the window caught their attention to she search ad first floor dorm room in this building, jefferson hall. >> it surprised me. i never heard problems like that. >> reporter: this freshman lives on the second floor. >> the fact that it was there and no one else floorn was able to catch on it was there it's concerning. >> reporter: we showed her what police found a tool box found with several thing including multiple match books, lighter fluid, hand sanitizer, candles. they found a pvc. i in the room. >> the fire alarm never went off. this is the first time i'm hearing about anything. >> reporter: you didn't gate notice or an earn mail. >> unless i missed to when. >> reporter: living in this area surprise you >> yeah. it actually does. nothing like this happens at the organize mason. >> reporter: details of the case


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