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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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students just returned from spring break. search warrant said flames shooting from the window caught their attention to she search ad first floor dorm room in this building, jefferson hall. >> it surprised me. i never heard problems like that. >> reporter: this freshman lives on the second floor. >> the fact that it was there and no one else floorn was able to catch on it was there it's concerning. >> reporter: we showed her what police found a tool box found with several thing including multiple match books, lighter fluid, hand sanitizer, candles. they found a pvc. i in the room. >> the fire alarm never went off. this is the first time i'm hearing about anything. >> reporter: you didn't gate notice or an earn mail. >> unless i missed to when. >> reporter: living in this area surprise you >> yeah. it actually does. nothing like this happens at the organize mason. >> reporter: details of the case
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freshman. >> no not in this day and age. people do a lot of crazy things in the region of being unsafe. for the most part here on campus i feel very safe. >> reporter: university police telling us tonight they had arrested three students in all. two of them have been charged with drug and alcohol related crimes. and a third student was charged with possession of bomb making material. now coming up all new at 6:00 you'll hear from one student who lives across the hall from the dorm room where all of this went down. we are watching some breaking news right now in the district where protests are growing against donald trump. outside the aipac convention at the verizon center. we want to go live to shomari stone with their message. >> reporter: right now we're in the center of this thing. we're outside of the verizon center and donald trump is expected to speak any moment. walk with me right here. you can see these people protesters, they are s
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outside, the verizon center. donald trump will be speaking. many of them oppose donald trump's speaking here. if you move a little to the left you can just see all these folks about to go inside the verizon center. let's roll some video right now. these protesters marched approximately a block from 5th and g and they tell me that they don't feel that donald trump has disavowed white supremacists, they say donald trump threatens violence against protesters, they also allege that donald trump is a racist against mexicans and muslims and they say he has admiration for dictators abroad such as putin. now in all fairness donald trump says that's not true. i've looked around looking for hillary clinton, ted cruz, bernie sanders, kasich protesters. identify not come across any in fairness of journalismism. all i have is these folks here holding signs saying i support freedom and dignity for all. we'll c
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updates for us and you can follow us on our nbc washington app and on twitter @nbcwashington. i'm shomari stone, news4. before those protesters, trump paid a visit to the old post office down. it's the site of his new hotel now under construction. tom sherwood is live for us on pennsylvania avenue. hi, tom. >> reporter: trump wanted to talk about the hotel. but the reporters here wanted to talk about the campaign. and one person here wanted to ask for a job. this new $200 million trump international hotel is still quite the construction site but trump lost no time talk about the great people he's hiring and what a great hotel his company will have when it opens this september. >> this was considered one of the great buildings of washington, one of the great buildings in the cry
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highest level. well beyond from when it was built. and it's going something really special. i think when it's completed it will be truly one of the great hotels of the world. >> reporter: the crowd of political reporters ignored the hotel and asked trump about his campaign for president. one person with a media badge surprised everyone asking trump for a job. >> we need good people. so what's your experience in front of the world? >> well, i design. i do all types of decorations. >> you like this building. >> yes. >> reporter: trump explained his impromptu decision. >> i looked at her she asked a question and it was a very positive question. she looks like she's got a great look. look at that with the tears. how nice. she's just a good -- she seemed like a good person to me. >> reporter: later she identified herself as
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watkins from gaithersburg. >> i have mild spinal cord injury that i've been suffering with. employment has been difficult. >> reporter: will she vote for trump? >> anyone who has done what he did for me today really, really gets my vote. >> reporter: trump says she would be interviewed for a job but he said he wouldn't guarantee her a job. downtown washington, tom sherwood, back to you. thank you. v state trooper is on unpaid leave tonight charged with animal cruelty. police tell us christopher gamble shot and killed a pit bull earlier this month. happened in manassas park a few blocks away from where campbell lives. investigators have not revealed any details about a possible motive in the shooting. campbell has been a trooper since 2012. we're following a developing story chopper 4 flying over a serious crash in montgomery county this afternoon after a tractor-trailer collides with two pickup trucks on ridge
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damascus. at last check that road still closed in both directions while police are investigating. the semi had a small fuel leak after the crash. that's been clean up. the driver of one of the pick ups was airlifted because he possibly had life threatening injuries. the emergencyñ university hospitalñiñi will be
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our people better. the future of cuba will be decided by cubans, not by anybody else. >> president castro told nbc's andrea mitchell he doesn't believe the issue of human rights should be politicized. later the president and first lady will attend a state dinner and tomorrow president obama plans to meet with cuban dissidents. >> a maryland woman who is in custody, charged in connection with the disappearance of her two small kids has tried to escape on eight separate occasions. catherine hogle's lawyers said she's tried to escape
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effort to see her children. she's been in a maximum security facility since 2014 when her children sara and jacob disappeared. the children have never been found and won't say where they are but she did say she left the children with a friend but didn't elaborate. she's due in court next month. things are finally starting to look like spring downtown with the peak bloom for our cherry blossoms a couple of days out. the national park service tells us it does not expect the chilly weekend weather we had to impact their new peak bloom prediction of wednesday. peak bloom is when 70% of the trees have blossoms and once they pop, they can remain on the trees up to ten days. that's a good year. >> we have peak blooms, easter weekend, clob festival, big doings coming up. >> nothing that says spring like this week right here in d.c. of course you need springtime weather. i'm hoping to be down there along
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wednesday. i asked the bosses. let's see if they sends me. let's show you what's happening. not exactly spring like today. yes we have sunshine. look at the temperatures all across the mid-atlantic here. very cool conditions for this time of year. now coming up in the next couple of days very chilly tonight. back to spring weather. just in time for that peak on wednesday and thursday and then we're talking about a chance for some showers. spring like showers. i got much more on this forecast in just a minute. now at 5:00 they say they are stranded. people living without an elevator in an apartment in virginia. we'll hear how the management company responded when news4 asked questions. it was going to be months. we're waiting on parts. nothing we can do. even made comments to residents where if you don't like it you can move out. >> a firefighter falls through the roof and is rescued by fellow firefighters who are
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when you build one of the biggest retail businesses in america, you spend a lot of time working closely with elected officials. from secretaries to presidents you learn what works in government and what doesn't. and if you're david trone you take those lessons all the way to congress. you pledge to take nothing from pacs or corporations because the only special interest a congressman should have is you and he'll promise to work with anyone if it'll get things done. after all he's spent 30 years working both sides of the aisle. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
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this woman showed us how she now has to walk down 70 stairs to the basement to do laundry. then she walks up while it's washing, back down to put the clothes in the dryer and makes a third trip to carry the laundry upstairs. she has lupus which she says makes her lungs inflamed. this past week she got sick after doing laundry. >> i came up here. i throw the laundry basket on the floor and i went into the bathroom to throw up. >> she was notified as of february 1st there would be no elevator ic
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apartments in alexandria. when she told her son who lives in north carolina he told her to go to the office. >> i talked to them already it is going to be months. we're waiting on parts. they even made comments to residents where if you don't like it you guys can move out. >> reporter: i went to the office of the woodmont park apartments asking them when elevator service would be restored. >> they declined to comment. >> reporter: ahead we'll talk to some of the other tenants here and find out how they deal with no elevator service. that's the latest in alexandria, virginia. chris gordon, news4. a moment of routine police work is getting a huge response with more than 125,000 likes and reactions on facebook. this is from the charles county sheriff's office. they say a woman called 911 after her mother who suffers from dementia wandered off. officers found her in t
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held her hand and walked her back home. when they returned the woman told the office terrifies key to a long healthy life eat good and stay active. newing tonight we now know the name of the man found dead in a fire in prince william county. ayla dan mohamed was found dead in a town home here on thursday a day after flames ripped through the woodbridge home. the cause of the fire is still one investigation. a special day for two firefighters recognized for actions they took to help a comrade who was in trouble. our prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins shows how they were honored. >> reporter: fire was burning quickly at a house in upper marlboro. firefighters take to the roof. >> i saw the facial expression of the other firefighter on the roof. and i knew something was wrong. >> reporter: a firefighter fell through the rof.
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action. >> her shoulders and head was sticking out of the room. >> gone down into the attic area of the house. >> reporter: for captain fletcher an opportunity to save a fellow firefighter's life. >> i found a railing and grabbed it down and hung there for a little bit, pulled myself about three quarters out of the way and asiftd by other firefighters. >> reporter: he said he could imagine how this firefighter felt because he knew how it was for him. >> you think it's mass chaos it's not. you revert back on your training and the only thing on my mine was survival. >> not every day i get the opportunity to thank 0-folks for the good things they do. >> reporter: today several firefighters were honored for
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res -- risking their lives to save one of their own. captain fletcher had only been on the months for a couple of months when he made this rescue. all of the firefighters involved are back on the job and doing just fine. in forestville i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >> some people who ride metro are putting themselves in danger. some are dodging traffic to catch their trains. we have new details on a project that's supposed to make your commute better. remember this? the pope riding around in that fiat during his visit to washington? now you can get an up close look at that memorable ride. >> hillary clinton targets trump. >> we need steady hands. not a president who says he's neutral on monday, pro israel on tuesday and who knows what
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we need women in congress. if we want to be heard, it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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. if you've been wanting a meal with a view this week may be a great opportunity. folks it's restaurant week under way right now at national harbor from now through friday you can enjoy $20 two course lunches, or a $38 three course dinner. >> let's go every night. >> more than a dozen restaurants are taking part. many on the waterfront. i love that ferris wheel. after that take
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a discount ride on the capital wheel. >> have you been on the ferris wheel. >> no. i want to go at night. >> we need to go on it. >> how will the weather be. >> i've been on it. took my family on it. that thing is awesome. >> all right. >> you get such great views when you go around. you go around enough times you get the view more than just once. you get that 360-degree panoramic view. looking good as we look at a different vantage points at the cathedral towards the washington monument. you can see it's right over here, that's where the capital wheel is just off the screen. 52 degrees. winds out of the west april 17 miles per hour gusting to 25. it's bean fairly cool day. for this time of year this is definitely a little bit on the chilly side. 48 gaithersburg, 46 winchester, down towards fredericksburg 53 degrees and wall over to 50, 49 in
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storm team 4 radar is clear. i want will stay that way. i'm not predicting any chance of showers until thursday night. even then a couple of nice days in between. here's the storm system that brought us rain/snow mix during the day yesterday and has helped to bring in that cool air. you can see the flow coming out of canada across the lakes. look at the lake-effect snow showers coming in to pennsylvania and parts of new york. for us just the cooler air that continues to make its way on in here. tomorrow a very cool start but not a bad afternoon. temperatures right around or a little bit above average tomorrow. 61 degrees in d.c. 63 fredericksburg. 59 in leesburg. 58 in frederick area. a little bit on the breezy side but not that bad. tomorrow morning a very cool start so if you're exercising you need the layer u-need the sweat shirt with thood. lunch outdoors chilly but nice. temperatures in the mid-50s by that point. thinking about eating outdoors, i got you in the yellow area. can you do it as long as you're dressed correctly around town
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just the jacket. nice and green for that part. mentioned the jacket. you won't need the heavy coat, umbrella, scarf or hat. only the jacket as you step outside during the day tomorrow. what will we see the next couple of days? some much nicer weather. the weather impact this entire week, tomorrow, but really the entire week is very low. we don't have much in the way of any storms systems moving our way. warmer during the day. thursday night is the night i'm watching for chance of some storms, shower activity. not expecting a lot of rain. it did october course it would be most likely after sunset after 7:00, 8:00 on thursday night. you can see temperatures ahead of that front 71 on wednesday, 75 ahead of that front on thursday, breezy on thursday and behind that front the rain moves out. dry by friday high temperatures back in the mid-60s and weekend forecast right now looking pretty good. got some weekend plans veronica johnson has your easter weekend plans coming
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>> we'll set our watches for that. >> we're making reservations on the ferris wheel. now at 5:00 you can lose your internet connection on your amazon kindle. we'll explain why and how you can prevent that. plus eagles found dead happened in maryland and happened again. new details on the investigation that is widening. a new u.s. capital police chief takes over today. i'm scott macfarlane. we found the number and type of
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it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. right now water is back on at howard university hospital. hours after a broken pipe flooded the lower level, several critical patient-to be moved. >> even though repairs were done things are still not quite back to al
5:31 pm
outside the hospital in northwest with the new developments. >> reporter: well that's right. this is howard university hospital right here behind me. you can see the emergency department, it remains shut down at this hour. but we're told walk in patients will begin to be accepted 7:00 this evening. yolanda mcpherson came to howard university hospital with her husband for a doctor's appointment. >> make sure you need to do what you need to do here today due to flooding in the basement. >> reporter: they went only to be turned away. at 3:30 this morning there was a water main break in the basement of the building. that's the critical care area. it forced the er to close, ambulances to avoid the hospital and surgeries to be cancelled. eight patients had to be taken to higher floors. >> i was totally in shock because if i had an appointment somebody should have called me
5:32 pm
cancelled. >> reporter: late this afternoon pipe was repaired, water fully restored but the disruptions continue. ambulances are still not bringing patients to the hospital. >> patients got big priority. that's what they got to do. >> reporter: surgery and radiation oncology services remain unavailable and being redirect snooped we're lower income people. we only have so many hospitals. howard is one of the closest hospitals. people don't have water, doctors can't operate. it's really depending on people's lives. >> reporter: howard is one of the busiest hospitals in the city trying to get things back to normal. patients tell us there was a lot of confusion. if you have an appointment here at the hospital with a doctor you are encouraged to call ahead to make sure that that appointment is going to happen. coming up on "news 4 at 6:00" if
5:33 pm
here, where are they going and how did all of that work out today? back to you. there is a new chief now heading up the u.s. capitol police. he was officially sworn in this afternoon. heading the agency is charged with protecting the capitol from attacks. and he's taking over at a pivotal time. as scott macfarlane and the news4 iteam has discovered there's been a rising number of threats at for near the grounds. >> reporter: the new capitol police chief taking over, congress considering giving the agency more dollars and dozens more officer. series of security threats playing out in plain sight. a man with a giro cosmopolitaner landing near the capital. a man with a gun shooting himself on the grounds. a pressure cooker in a
5:34 pm
car. they have seen a series of unconventional threats. >> we like to look as those aberrations but every one took place and it's our job to either prevent and respond and take action in every one of those we did. >> reporter: this afternoon he retired handing over control to the assistant. both men sat down with the news4 iteam. >> what's the biggest challenge you're facing? >> i think the biggest challenge is always, you know, maintaining safety and security in an environment where we're welcoming everyone to come to the people's house. >> reporter: last year the news4 iteam showed how the capitol police responded to 2,500 calls for suspicious packages, items and substances on ground. >> whether it's an organized effort or individual we have to be cognizant of the threat environment. >> reporter: the u.s. senate appropriations commit i
5:35 pm
million to the police department's budget to hire 70 new officers to add to the force. the iteam's review found a rising number of cases of people stopped trying to take guns some loaded into the buildings. decision is expected by ten of this year. we need steady hands not a president who says he's neutral on monday, pro israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday because everything is negotiable. >> democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton slams donald trump today in a speech before the american israel public affairs committee also known as aipac. democratic rival bernie sanders is skipping the
5:36 pm
he's the only candidate from either side not appearing. he says he wanted to address aipac by conference video, but the group rejected that offer. sanders did make a public appearance on the campaign trail. he's trying to rally support in idaho ahead of tomorrow's caucuses there. votes will also be cast in utah and arizona. in total there are 149 delegates up for gabs on the democratic side. the republicans have primaries in arizona and utah, 98 delegates at stake there. polls will be open until 10:00 p.m. eastern time and, of course, we'll have coverage of all the results tomorrow night right here on news4 at 11:00. >> a mega merger in the hotel industry. marriott based in bethesda is buying the starwood hotel and resort. starwood operates the sheraton, the westin, w hotels among others. these two companies signed a deal last night worth $13 billion. the merger
5:37 pm
largest hotel chain. you still have time to see the pope's cool ride. find out where the holy father's fiat is on display. apple's new product upstaged. here thennouncement that a
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about a new wave of violence after the arrest of the prime suspect in last year's paris terror attacks. new footage released today shows the police raid where officers in brussels took saleh abdelslam into custody. that video shows a gun battle, a man wounded and limping and another man making a run for it. it's not clear which man is abdelslam. meanwhile nbc has learned he told investigators he was plotting more violence. police have also launched a manhunt for a newly identified suspect in those attacks. this doesn't make sense on this day. fiat heard around the world. it's the one that the pope was in in washington. right now you can have a chance to see it firsthand at the cathedral of saint matthew apostle in dupont circle. it's on display until 7:30. the vatican donated two fiats to standard. they will be used for service
5:41 pm
engagement. >> fiats can be noisy with they are not fixed. >> especially when they are not working. the customer gets noisy. >> huge honor for a young artist in d.c. today. google announced akila johnson as the national winner of the latest doodle for google contest. her rendering of the tech company's logo which you'll see on google day long celebrates her upbringing in the district. johnson is a senior at eastern senior high school in northeast d.c. johnson said she hopes her artwork turns heads and some souls. if you own a kindle stick around for a story that's coming up from our consumer reporter. what you have to do by midnight tonight. and we're keeping a close eye on the pro israel aipac conference. john kasich is on hand and front-runner donald trump is expected to speak within the next few
5:42 pm
throughout our next hour right here on news45:00. >> can we get some higher temperatures around here? today was one of our coolest days in about two weeks. how about a little weather that will feel like may. and we'll give you and early eaok at ster in just a few kathleen matthews: if we want to be heard, we need women in congress. it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity,
5:43 pm
and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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update. >> we have details what you have to do dynasty right now. >> reporter: this is a critical update that affects kindle sold in 2012 and earlier. amazon says the update must be installed by tomorrow march 22nd otherwise services such as downloading books, accession the kindle store and other internet dependent tasks won't work. missing the deadline means you have to manually download the update by using a usb connection april a lot of those steps can be avoid by downloading the upgrade before midnight tonight. for more information on what devices require this updating get on
5:46 pm
in the newsroom, susan hogan, news4. there was a more serious tone at apple's big new product launch. ceo tim cook showed off a smaller iphone se. he introduced a new ipad and watch. but most of his comments was about the ongoing privacy battle. he said he would not help the government unlock the phone. >> this is an issue that impacts all of us. and we will not shrink from this responsibility. >> apple heads to federal court tomorrow in california to make its case to a judge. well we've been asking this question to you on facebook all day which team do you think will go farther in the men's ncaa tournament? the dance. virginia or maryland? well the results so far, about 56% are picking virginia.
5:47 pm
for the first time in 13 years the terps are heading to the sweet 16. george wallace is here to tell us all about maryland's march. >> on to louisville for the fifth seed maryland terrapins after dismissing the hawaiians. a match-up with kansas jayhawks which happens to be the alma mater of mark turgen. terrapins heading back to the sweet 16 for the first time since 2003. they made a 1400 against hawaii to put this one way. for a team with a lot of pressure on them this season they are taking the time to enjoy this moment. >> unbelievable expectations. hasn't ever been good enough. for them to have this locker room, this win makes all the stuff we went through down late worth it. we still got work to do.
5:48 pm
moving forward but i'm happy for the guys. >> after going through what we went through last year it feels good. that's the most fun i've ever had on the court. >> and the maryland team just arriving back in college park. we'll have that coming up on "news 4 at 6:00". well spring is on hold in parts of the northeast. this is a look from drone video from falmouth, massachusetts shot this morning. that snow won't be around for long. temperatures will climb above freezing tomorrow. >> you don't want to go out in that stuff. >> why do you want to do that? for us, wound up being a conversational nuisance event. now we're going to see milder conditions once again. a roller coaster ride. back in the mid-70s mid-week. today was quite chilly because of the wind and our temperatures had
5:49 pm
degrees. little bit of coolness for us and look at the cold. one more night in the 30s. this is our coldest night out of the next seven also. we drop to 33 in manassas and herndon and warrenton and leesburg around freezing and frederick. a little bit of a frosty start for early tomorrow morning which is why we tell you to wait to plant the average last freeze is april 10 toth 20th in the green. so d.c. areas through prince william county, warrenton down towards fredericksburg as late as april 10th to 20th. wait a little while longer. prep the ground if you will. tomorrow morning chilly start. 36 degrees. you'll need the jacket early in the day but by the afternoon might be able to lose it especially if you have long sleeves. get up to 61 degrees for a high temperature. little breezy again not quite as strong that wind as today but i think you'll notice the arrangement for tomorrow. again, the weather having low impact on our day
5:50 pm
60s tomorrow. then we're talking 70s by mid-week. and holding the 70s too for another afternoon even on thursday. but that is again the change that you'll notice is that warmth with southwesterly breezes this time coming in. upper 60s at 1:00, we got sunshine throughout the day on wednesday. we hit 70 degrees at 3:00. i think we'll even be in the 70s late. keep in mind the sun sets later now so i think by 5:00, 6:00, upper 60s to 70 degrees. everybody is wondering about easter weekend. coming up mild sunshine for saturday. dry. high temperature 60 degrees. little bit better on sun. throw mid-60s expected on sunday. so we got the green light for everything heading to chump, looking terrific. for telegraph hunt looking dry right now and mild again in the mid-60s. even for taking photos. some sunshine right now with a chance of rain that's going to come in very lay it
5:51 pm
on sunday. now sunday evening. next couple of days pretty good. higher temperatures wednesday, thursday, some late day rain also on thursday during the evening hours and while we'll be cooling down this easter weekend to the low and mid-60s still above average. so one more cold morning, guys in the 30s and then we warm up this week and this weekend is looking dry. we got another look, those at a rain chance for thursday coming up on "news 4 at 6:00". this is a job that could impact your commute in unexpected ways. escalators will be replaced. this is happening at the station's georgia avenue petworth, denwood and glenmont and last for months. derrick ward explains why you need to pay attention even if you don't use the train. >> reporter: we're at the glenmont station off georgia avenue in virtually spring. and as you can see here on the east side of this station there's an eal
5:52 pm
work. but the challenge will be on the west side. that's where the escalators will be out for nine months. for repairs. the challenge will not only be for metro riders, there's an open elevator but with an opening in the fence and elevators only hold so many people folks will attempt to jay walk and that means you have to be extra careful. that's six lanes of traffic not much of a median in between. >> it's not a safe thing to do. not so bad in the morning when there's not very many of us but during the rush when there's a lot, i don't know what they expect people to do. >> reporter: once this work is finished here at the petworth and deanwood station metro stays these escalateors will be more reliable and when they break down parts will be easier to come by. the escalator replacement is part of a big push by metro. they are investing $150 mill thrown replace 130
5:53 pm
since the project began they installed 40 new case late jobs nearly 20 are scheduled to be installed this year. first it happened in maryland now in delaware. >> we have new details on the deas ofth
5:55 pm
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. fairfax county police are trying to figure out if reports of loud noises over the weekend could have been gun shots? those reports came in the area of river drive in lorton. that's where investigators are investigating the murder of a man who was shot and killed earlier this month. no arrest in that case and police are not clear if those calls could be related. we're getting and keeping a close eye on the two new he'lllhe'l he'll -- eaglelets, the president and the first lady.
5:57 pm
saturdon friday and then second came on saturday. soon you'll be asked to help name this newest pair. >> in delaware three bald eagles are being treated by wildlife officials after they were found sick in a field. >> at least four others have died. now investigators are trying to figure out who and what is responsible. >> reporter: it's a farming community. that's why the birds are here. neighbors say the bald eagles are part of their piney neck community. >> this farm out here, back here, they hustle between here. they go to these large trees. >> reporter: he has kept a companies watch on the bald eagles since he moved in 20 years ago. but he's not crying foul play. >> i don't think anybody is doing it. i think they are eating something that's benton ground. i'm not blaming it on the
5:58 pm
being put out there. >> that many bald eagles dead and there weren't any other animals dead. >> reporter: josh owns a landscaping company. he says he knows what gets put into the ground and says it wouldn't kill an eagle. >> farmers, and landscapers and we all, you know, use products that treat for weed and it's not supposed to harm animals and for particular birds somehow just die like that, i would think there was some other circumstance. >> reporter: residents speculate what happened to their neighbors in the sky, and u.s. fish and wildlife service will conduct a thorough investigation. >> hopefully we'll get to the bottom of this and whether this was something caused naturally or man had a hand in it. >> reporter: four bald eagles in total have passed. two additional remain one care at the
5:59 pm
newark. >> tests have been performed on the birds and the results should be back in just a few days. >> if you do ever find any dead or injured bald eagles don't touch them and don't try to capture them yourself. now at 6:00, campaign trail beating four presidential candidates to our nation's capital. they are speaking at a prominence pro israel conference. >> preotests are growing outsid of the verizon center as trump gets ready to take the stage. >> reporter: this verizon center the aipac conference the pro israel lobbying group. they are often pro palestinian demonstrations. this is not mostly a pro palestinian group. these are anti-donald trump demonstrators brought hef
6:00 pm
come by donald trump who has made a relatively rare visit to nation's capital. he'll go when he takes his turn basically head-to-head with hillary clinton in a very public venue while earlier today dealing with the trouble in his party. he was behind closed doors. donald trump went to a private session near the u.s. capitol to try to rebuild relations with republican insiders. last time trump tried was september. since then he's won the most primaries and delegates by savaging republican leaders. with trump today were his few congressional supporters, former lawmaker newt gingrich and bob livingston. >> gets behind donald trump and let's have a victory this time around. >> reporter: trump later said the same thing warning his party's establishment. >> if people want to be smart they should embrace this movement. if they don't want to be smart, they should do what they are doing now and the republicans are going to go down to a


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