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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. now at 11, protesting donald trump. a group outside the verizon center sounding off tonight about the front-runner for the gop presidential nomination. >> tonight why they're taking issue with trump and what he said inside the arena. plus, the federal government
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metro. the answers they're looking for after that historic system shutdown. we saw a chilly day across the area. and it's going to be a very cold start to your day tomorrow. but then some spring-like warmth just in time for those cherry blossoms. i've got your forecast. >> but we start at the live desk with some breaking news that could affect anyone with an iphone. a mysterious outside party may be showing the fbi how to hack it without any help from apple. the justice department was scheduled to go to court tomorrow trying to force apple to unlike syed farook's encrypted iphone. he used it up until he and his wife went on a shooting spree in southern california. they think it may show contacts with terrorist organizations overseas. but tonight a federal judge delayed that hearing. the prosecutors said an outside party has come forward to show investigators a way to unlock the phone. melanie
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test the method to make sure didn't destroy the data on the phone. but we main cautiously optimistic. they're not saying who hacked the phone or to the fbi, whether it was an intelligence agency or private contractor. apple maintains it cannot help without potentially violating the privacy of millions of customers. jim, doreen? >> chris, thank you. today the federal government began what it calls a safety blitz on metro. checking on three major concerns in the system. >> one of them, the track problems that led to that historic shutdown by metro last week. news4's jackie benson is live with more on what inspectors hope to find. jackie? >> reporter: well, doreen, we heard about the track problems and red signal overruns. but not so much about the third area, vehicles rolling away. less than a week after the unprecedented safety shutdown of the metrorail system comes the federal transit administration's safety blitz.
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riders we spoke to at shaw station northwest gave an enthusiastic bring it. >> i'm a guy that rides the train every day. so the shutdown was an inconvenience. but it was in our best interests for metro to shut down. and i actually appreciate it. >> i don't like catching metro. but now that i see that they're trying to get better or trying to improve the metrorail system, it's kind of making me feel at ease with metro. >> the transit administration says the safety blitz will be conducted by its metro safety overnight office and will focus on track integrity, the reason for last week's shutdown, red signal overruns, on the increase in the last two years. and there is a third concern called rail vehicle securement. the transit administration says it has confirmed several instances where, quote, employees in monorail yards are not following the transit agency's own rules on this issue, with a rail that vehicles have rolled away, striking other
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the final report is due by early summer and could lead to some new safety directives. live in northwest, jackie benson, news4. >> jackie, thank you. we have new video tonight from chopper 4 and showing the aftermath of a house fire here in damascus. check it out. three people were home at the time when this house on primrose view court caught fire. they all managed to get out safely. montgomery county fire just tweeted a picture showing just how intense these flames were, and just a moment ago, they told us this fire was started by smoking materials that weren't disposed of properly. donald trump says he is a new comer to politics, but not to backing israel. he spoke this afternoon at verizon center for the apac, for the first time trump read prepared remarks from a teleprompter. he criticized the iran nuclear deal. trump also called president obama, quote, maybe the worst
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he promised to make the u.s.-israel partnership stronger than ever. >> we will send a clear signal that there is no daylight between america and our most reliable ally, the state of israel. >> if he is elected, trump promised to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. >> that was just the end of a very busy day for trump here in washington. he met with gop lawmakers up on capitol hill and toured his soon to open hotel on pennsylvania avenue. but not everyone was happy to see him in town. news4's shomari stone live now with reaction from the protesters who followed trump to apac. shomari? >> reporter: indeed, jim, there are some people who were outraged that trump is in town. you look behind me, you can see d.c. police have blocked off f street outside the verizon center. there were mainly two groups of protesters. those who are opposed to apac and what th
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anti-trump protesters. those who say he is a symbol of bullying, sexism, racism, and bigotry. >> republican presidential candidate mr. donald j. trump. >> when donald trump took center stage at the apac conference inside the verizon center -- ♪ >> peaceful protesters marched in opposition to the republican presidential candidate's appearance. ethan miller helped organize the protest. >> we're here because right now at apac at the conference, they are warmly embracing donald trump, who we have seen is spewing hateful rhetoric. >> stand up against godless trump. >> reporter: accused of admiring dictators. trump denied the allegation. these folks say he is racist in regard to muslims and mex cap, and trump again says that's not
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can see this gentleman dressed like donald trump, representing, wealth and greed. >> i'm latino. and i'm very disturbed that a presidential candidate is stirring up xenophobia. >> i think all of the things that he has said about muslims, about immigrants, about refugees, about protester, about women are beyond the pale. they're deeply offensive to me as a human being and as a jew. >> now, in all fairness, hillary clinton, ted cruz, and john kasich spoke at the apac conference behind me, the pro israel lobbying group. we did not find any protests against them. live in northwest d.c., i'm shomari stone, news4. >> thanks. the emergency room at howard university hospital will operate normally tomorrow after a water pipe broke in the basement. flooding forced the er to close this morning and emergency services were redirected to other hospitals. eight patients from a critical care area needed
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and some non-emergency appointments had to be rescheduled. police at george mason university are still trying to figure out why students had materials that could be used to make a bomb in their dorm room. university police say they arrested three students at the school after receiving calls about why fire coming out a dorm window last week. police say they found a tool box in that dorm room found with match books, lighter fluid, hand sanitizer and candles. they also found pvc pipe. investigator says the materials could be used to make a firebomb. a tow truck driver is in lice custody tonight, accused of stealing things out of the cars he picked up. he is 35-year-old philip pierce from advanced towing company out of arlington that has a history of complaints about aggressive towing of cars and private parking lots. well, in this case, it was someone from advance who sounded the alarm on pierce after seeing him take things from his tow truck to his personal car. that employee got suspicious,
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found stolen valuables, but burglary tools as well. >> it's unacceptable, obviously. it's something he should be fired for. >> that's horrible. i can't believe that would happen. >> it's upsetting to see anybody stealing from someone, let alone someone charged with taking care of o cars. >> so far police have located three victims. they believe there could be more. president obama met face-to-face on cuban soil with 84-year-old president raul castro. their first meeting since diplomatic ties were reestablished between their two countries. afterwards what turned out to be an awkward give and take with the media. jay jay gray reports from havana. >> reporter: president obama sat down with cuban leader raul castro for the second time tonight. the leaders joined by their families for a state dinner celebrating this historic visit here. ♪ earlier the men ended a silence between their nations that had
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but old issues remain. castro continuing his strong criticism of the u.s. trade embargo and social policies. >> translator: we find it inconceivable that a government would defend and ensure the right to health care, education, equal pay. >> the president pushing back. >> in the absence of that, i think it will continue to be a very powerful irritant. >> reporter: the topic dominated questions from reporters. >> translator: give me a name? >> and ultimately, it brought an abrupt end to the cuban president's rare question-and-answer session with the media. but not the historic meeting between these leaders. jay gray, nbc news, havana, cuba. still to come at 11:00, throwing insults back at donald trump. why senator elizabeth warren took to social media today to call trump a loser. plus, have you heard what the director of a
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>> they ride on the coattails of the men. they don't make any decision, and they're lucky. they're very, very lucky. >> well, you think serena williams might have something to say than? she does. you'll hear it next. oh, and temperatures today only in the 40s and 50s across our region. but tomorrow we're back closer to 60 and 70. not too far off. see you in a minute. i'm aaron gilchrist. are you a fan of "the voice"? i know a lot of us are. you'll want to join us tomorrow morning. we'll have a preview with our exclusive interview with owen danoff. he is a singer/songwriter and he is going to compete in the battle rounds. everybody is counting down to the cherry blossom bloom.
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a life look right now at flagstaff, arizona, where bernie sanders is holding a campaign rally at this moment. arizona voters will head to the polls tomorrow in both democratic and republican primaries. arizona is just one of the states voting on an another big primary tuesday. there are also contests in utah for both parties, and for democrats in idaho. on the republican side, ted cruz is counting on utah. he's got big endorsements from mitt romney and governor gary herbert. even if he win, cruz would need to get more than 50% of the vote to deny donald trump any delegates in that state. meanwhile, sanders says he still sees a path to victory, despite
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clinton in delegates. he did pick up four delegates today from the thousands of u.s. democrats living overseas. she says he is a loser and a wanna-be tyrant. democratic senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts unleashing a barrage of tweets tonight on donald trump. this is just one sample of the 11 tweets that came down today. warren started by saying let's be honest. donald trump is a loser. end quote. she went on to say many of history's worst authoritarians started as losers, and donald trump is a serious threat. she encouraged democrats to keep him out of the white house, saying we cannot elect wanna-be tyrants. so far no response from the trump campaign. heading into their ninth season at nationals park, the nats may be ready to cash in on naming their home stadium. news4 confirmed tonight the team is working with advisory form korn ferry to find a naming right partner. only about a third
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league baseball teams play in stadiums not named after a corporate sponsor. the division rival new york mets have the richest stadium name deal in baseball at 20 years and $400 million for the name citi field. tonight there is a war of words and of the sexes in the world of professional tennis. it's after comments made by a tournament director raymond moore out at indian wells in california that female players are just along for the ride in a sport that is carried by men. the comments have drawn the best players in the world to weigh in. >> they ride on the coattails of the men. they don't make any decisions and they're lucky. they're very, very lucky. if i was a lady player, i would get down on my knees and thank god that roger federer and rafael nadal were born. because they carry the sport. they really have. >> there is only one way to interpret that. get on your niece, which i
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and thank a man, which is not we as women have come a long way. and we shouldn't have to drop to our knees at any point. >> world number one serena williams. moore later apologized in a written statement saying, quote, i made comments about the wta that are inextremely poor taste and erroneous. it's that time of year again. at least two black bears have been spotted in virginia. fairfax county police say a cub and bear were seen near wolf trap stream and park in virginia. the bears didn't pose a problem but it did stay on the property for about an hour. if you come close to a bear this spring, police say back off and give it space, if it's safe. you should bring your pet inside and remove all possible food source, including trash. report any sightings to the virginia wildlife conflict help line. we have a number on don't mess around with bears. >> don't rush up
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unless it's a little panda cub. >> right. i think that's a sign. >> that's on your feed. >> doug, our cherry blossoms survived the weekend cold and wind and everything else. >> no problems. >> they're going to be fine? >> and it didn't even move them back a day. they're still predicted to come out wednesday, thursday. peak bloom. 70% of the blossoms that are going to be out. wednesday, thursday, most likely the best two days of the week. let's take a look outside right now. pretty nice shot. taking a look at a wide view across our region. 44 degrees. you walk outside. it's a little bit on the chilly side. winds out of the west at 3 miles per hour. so not much wind. and because winds are calm and skies are clear, we're really already clearing. 32 in frederick. 32 at dulles. manassas, all coming in at 32 degrees. already freezing in some areas. it's going to be a cold start to our tuesday. get ready for that. make sure you the coat. now, as far as radar, no rain. no
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maybe the end of the snow. but we said that before. all right. there it goes. up towards the north and east that is a storm that did bring us the rain and the snow. no real accumulation around the d.c. metro area from that. but we did see some closer to the blueridge. not much in the way of any systems coming our way. tomorrow chilly to start. temperatures around 43 degrees. a cold start at the bus stop. 3:00 to four income the afternoon. breezy. temperatures around 61 degrees. i think a very nice afternoon, especially a march afternoon. temperatures a little bit above average tomorrow. 61, d.c. 57 gaithersburg. 57 back towards winchester. fredericksburg the warm spot coming in around 63 degrees. a little southwesterly wind, we'll even get close to 60. 61 pawtuxent river. so stepping out the front door tomorrow, a cool start if you're exercising. we've got you in green. but make sure you wear the layers. lunch outdoors, still a little chilly. it will be nice. a as long as you're in the sunshine, it will be fine. any time you're walking through the shade, maybe downtown throughe
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that's why i got you in the yellow. around downtown, just the jackets. that's all you're going to need. the impact forecast tomorrow, it's going about the on the low side. it's going to be fairly low just about all week. less wind tomorrow. a little bit warmer than it was today. temperatures above average during the day tomorrow. but way above average on wednesday. look at these numbers. the upper 60s to low 70s on wednesday. plenty of sunshine. 75 degrees on thursday. 30% chance of some late-day showers. maybe some late-day rain. by late-day, i really think most of this will come after the evening rush. that's good. you'll be able to get home before the rain starts i believe. friday a high temperature of 65. we do cool. this is a cold front coming through. but right now cold, or cool means 60 for saturday. 60? that's still pretty good with sunshine. and right now easter looking pretty good too with a high temperature right around 63 degrees. next chance of rain coming on monday with a high of 66. so you do not see this anywhere with highs in the 40s. no days with highs in the 50s. and no snow. >> al
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weekend. >> can't beat that. >> thank you, doug. coming up, maryland dealt some unexpected march sadness. >> sports is up next. first, though, here is jimmy fallon. >> hey, guys, jake gyllenhaal is my guest tonight. plus paul
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for most live sports. >> boy, we like to see wizards play again tonight. >> how
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don't look now, folks, but the wizards putting together a nice streak heading down the stretch. washington had won four straight, and began playing a game and a half out of the eighth and final play-off spot. and atlanta facing the hottest team in the nba. winner of five in a row and eight of ten. wizards hoping their hot streak can continue down in atlanta. second quarter, wizards down two. john wall kicks out to jared dudley. misses. but otto for the huge follow-up slam. porter dunk, ties the game at 46. everybody can do that, right? to the fourth quarter, wizards up six. check out the pass and dudley to a cutting bradley beal. he throws it down. 25 points for beal. wizards up eight. later in the corner, later in the quarter, hawks sticking around. wall, crosscourt pass to porter. he knocks down the three. 16 point, 10 boards in the game for otto. very next possession, porter steals the inbounds. bounce pass to wall. he comes up with the crazy
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wall. wizards win their fifth straight, 117-102. to xfinity center. maryland men punching their sweet 16 tickets, hoping the women can do the same against washington. fourth quarter. huskies up five. shot clock winding down. so kelsey plum pulls up from deep and hits. washington up eighth. 17 for her. terps within three. washington wastes no time with an answer. no jump needed here. the unexaminational triple. and then plum putting this one away. great pass. plum on the drive. bucket and one. she had 32. seventh seed washington knocks off the second seeded terps, 74-65, breaking maryland's streak of four straight sweet 16 trips. an extremely difficult end to their careers for the senior class. >> it's not how we wanted it toned. but i'm glad i got the opportunity to play
11:27 pm
and we're marylanders for four years and be a lot of special moments. >> this is hard. but i know i have left everything in this place. so, you know, i don't want to it end like, this but i know i can walk away knowing i left my heart in this place. >> i couldn't be more proud. they all walk out of here as winners. when you talk about all the work they invested, they left their mark. i can't say enough in terms of everything they have meant to our program. to the nit. alex mattola at the buzzer beater to on the o to face month mote. over to tyler cavanaugh for the triple. he finishes a game high 22. later in the half, gw up five. joe mcdonald, some trouble in the corner. he puts it up and hits. 16 for him. gw beats monmouth. on to the third round which will be on wednesday nights. >> the florida gators. >> yeah. >> the who?
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you don't get to be known as spider-man by laying low. today alan robert lived up to his nickname by climbing yet another skyscraper. would you logistic at this? he scaled all 600 feet of the paris total tower. he is 53 years old. he has climbed more than 100 buildings, including the "new york times" building in new york city. people gerted outside to watch him try to reach the top today. he made it, of course, and as usual, he was greeted by police when he got up there.
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oh my goodness. >> he didn't even have to take a selfie. he has cameras all around. >> he has the gopro. >> on the video. that's scary to look at. >> it is. >> yellow spider-man pants. that's part of the total package. >> that's going to do it for us. the tonight showed heing your way next. >> we'll see you tomorrow. good night.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jake gyllenhaal, paul reubens,


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