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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> so far, they have seized a nail-packed bomb. chemicals and an isis flag during those raids. here in washington, security is heightened while flags are lowered at the balance jump embassy in the northwest. news4's chris gordon is there where nervous families are trying to check on their loved ones overseas. chris? >> wendy, the belgium embassy is trying to carry on its diplomatic mission here in washington. on a day of great sadness. this family came to the embassy today for visas. they want to take their aunt to belgium for the first time in her life to visit relatives there. >> any fear about traveling to belgium now? >> well yeah. it's scary. it is really scary. so, but everything is in the hand of god. so -- >> so you're going? >> i'm positive i want to go. >> belgium's ambassador to
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united states, johan verbeke today told reporters here at the embassy that brussels has been bracing for some kind of retaliation. last week it captured the suspect in the paris attacks last fall. brussels has been on the highest alert, with visible military presence. despite all of that, terrorists today were able to avoid detection and detonate bombs at metro downtown and at the airport. >> i came from brussels, yesterday. and i took a plane to washington yesterday. a lot of military people were around. not withstanding these precautionary measures, something dramatic took place. >> within the past hours, secret service police swept the embassy grounds in preparation for a courtesy call from you united states secretary of homeland security jeh johnson. he along with ambassadors and international dignitaries are coming to express their condolences for the killings caused by the terrorist bombings. the secretary of
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ago. and ahead at 6:00, we'll see how ordinary washington citizens are stopping by to share their condolences and messages of sympathy here at the belgian embassy in northwest washington. that's the latest live. back to you. >> chris gordon. president obama is getting updates tonight on the situation in brussels. while on his historic visit in cuba. speaking in havana this morning, the president said there must be a united global front in the efforts to defeat terrorism. >> the thoughts and the prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium. and we stand in solidarity with them. in condemning these outrageous attacks against innocent people. we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally, belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible. this is yet another reminder that the world must unite, we must be together. regardless of
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race or faith. in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. we can and we will defeat those who threaten the safety and security of people all around the world. >> just about an hour ago, president obama departed from cuba, he's now on his way to argentina. a lot of metro riders are seeing more officers on the trains, on the buses at the stations. metro says there's no credible threat against our system. but local transit agencies are stepping up security. and patrols in light of the events overseas. our team coverage continues with transportation reporter adam tuss, live at the l'enfant station with more on the response. >> it's been business as usual here at the l'enfant metro station. we've got another busy rush hour under way tonight as people come and go. but brussels definitely on the minds of a lot of metro riders. >> as riders maketh
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they're under the watchful eye of transit police. >> i do see a presence. a police presence. >> extra police is been on hand today. metro says shifts are now overlapping and transit police officers are on overtime. comforting to some, yes. but others like lynnette johnson say if something swun wants to do something bad, there's only so much police can do. >> it's too much to cover. too much, you have to secure in order for us to be safe quote-unquote. the attack in brussels shows, anyone can walk in at any given point and have what they have on them, unfortunately. >> some have said they did not see a larger police presence today. metro says there are lots of plainclothes and federal officers who are riding with you that you don't even know about. metro transit police have had multiple conference calls with other large u.s. transit agencies today and they say there's no specific threat anywhere in the country. other riders saying they can't let what happened in brussels control their life here in d.c. >> i don't think that i can
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here. it's just, i believe they know what the risks are and they're doing the best they can. >> right now, another terror attack and another security response here in the nation's capital. back here now live now, some people have called metro's police force into question. the size of that force. coming up at 6:00, i'll tell you how their force got a lot bigger on this day. reporting live at l'enfant plaza, adam tuss, news4. i'm david culver at dulles airport where the pictures show it all. we can show you how increased security is looking here at the airport terminal from curbside check-in on the outside, you see marked police vehicles and armored police vehicles. on the inside you can see almost military-like police officers walking through the terminal. some of them carrying rifles, canine units out. are searching everything from the baggage to the trash cans to even our own
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coming up at 5:30, we're going to tell you what one security expert suggests is to be done when it comes to airports. you know what security is like already. it's pretty intense once you go past the tsa section. but before that what do you do? he's got some suggestions, we'll share it ahead on news4 at 5:30. we're learning a little more about the american who is were wounded at the brussels airport. three are mormon missionaries from utah. richard norby, and jason wells, norby, emty and wells were escorting a colleague to the airport the fourth victim is fanny claim, from france, had just left the others and passed through security when the blast happened. church officials say she suffered minor injuries, they saw all these missionaries currently, all the missionaries th c
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apartments. jim? >> thank you, chris. d.c. police chief said she got a call about the brussels attacks before she had a chance to think about the potential broader implication. she said we should go about our business as usual. adding there's no apparent threat here in the district. >> we don't let our guard down here. we do change the tactics and the deployment based on what the different levels or different threats are that we face daily. you will see an increased visibility. both uniform officers and cars and other equipment out. but there's a lot of things that we do that are not visible to the public. and are intended to not be public. >> it has been a frightening day for one american university student who is spending this semester abroad in brussels. news4's pat lawson muse is here with his story. >> max okabayashi is a 20-year-old
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student has been studying and working in the city of alma. he commute to and from school on the same metro line. hit by an explosion this morning. he heard about the airport explosion while eating breakfast. then he hopped on board an above-ground tram to try to get to the office where he works as an intern. i talked to him via skib. >> when i went into the office, they told me to go home. because, because of the attacks and because of the location of our office building. there are always armed guards out front but they just weren't sure what was going on and they figured it was safer for us to be out of the building than to go home. i got on to the tram line to go home. but they shut it down partway and luckily one of my friends in my study abroad group, sam. she took me in. >> now, the university's program administrators just poste
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following on the au abroad facebook page. it reads, all au abroad undergraduate students who are currently studying abroad in brussels are safe and accounted for. our thoughts are with those in belgium and those who have been impacted by today's tragic events. coming up in our next hour, okabayashi describe as close call for some of his friends. we invite you to stay with news4 and nbc news for the latest on the situation in brussels. we're also sending out any major developments through our nbc washington app. to some breaking news back here in our area this evening a man is in the hospital after a shooting that involved a fredericksburg police officer. weaver told the shooting began here with some kind of traffic stop and pursuit. these pictures from chopper 4, we're told that the name of this happened near kenlock and brayhead drives in fredericksburg. the wounded man is said to have a serious injury. virginia state police tell us
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now we're talking about some nice warm temperatures over the next couple of days. much more like spring. the next seven days all predicted to be above average. the murder of a second grade teacher in prince george's county prompts the state to get involved in ending domestic violence, i'm tracee wilkins, coming up on news4, we're in annapolis for the hearing. i'm tom sherwood on the national mall. we're at the height of the spring tourist season in the nation's capital. there are thousands of tourists all over town. what are they thinking about terrorism in the wake of the brussels attacks? i'll have the story, coming up. we continue to follow the latest developments out of brussels. we'll have more team coverage of the aftermath of these attacks that hit the heart of that city. plus we'll be sharing tributes throughout the hour from across our region and across the globe. right here on news4 at 5:00.
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there are still many questions tonight surrounding the attacks in brussels. >> and among them, the weapons that were used by the attackers in both the airport and metro. it appears that the terrorists used
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nbc's justice correspondent pete williams explains. >> one circle that we're trying to square here is the dispute between what isis is claiming and what authorities are teing us. the claim from isis says that these were attackers wearing explosive belts is the way they put it. not suicide vests, that's the term they used. nonetheless, several officials have told nbc news that they believe the bombs at both the airport and in the subway train were in suitcases. some estimates are that the suitcases may have contained at least 20-40 pounds of explosives, just a rough guess. two of the suitcases were detonated they believe in the airport. a third super kaitcase did not . we saw the picture earlier of the suspects th
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brussels, they were pushing what looked like luggage carts, one thing that authorities are looking at is whether those in fact were the very suitcases that contained the bombs that they were carrying or pushing along on those carts. in any event, despite whether they were actually on the carts or not, authorities tell us several different sources, that they believe that the explosives were in suitcases, not suicide vests. the brussels attack comes in the middle of a spirited political campaign in this country. the presidential candidates weighed in on what they would do to prevent future attacks. republican front-runner donald trump says it starts with keeping terrorists out of the country. >> i would exclude the people coming in from syria that don't have documentation coming in from the migration line. frankly, the waterboarding if it was up to me, the waterboarding would be fine and if they could expand the laws, i would do a lot more than
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>> democratic candidate hillary clinton agreed that security does need to be tightened. but she says closing the borders is not the answer. >> we have to do a much better job in coordination with the europeans on tracking and following anyone who has any connection with terrorist activity or terrorism. >> we need to forge a coalition of the muslim countries in the region. >> with the support of the united states and other major powers to finally destroy this barbaric organization. >> today's attacks overshadow a big day on the campaign trail there are primaries in three states, both parties have contests in arizona and utah. and there's a democratic primary in idaho today. there are 149 delegates up for grabs for democrats, 98 delegates for the republicans. polls open until 10:00 p.m. eastern. we'll have coverage of all the results on the n
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11:00 tonight. she was a teacher at an elementary school. her daughter, two years old. both murdered. over child care payments. they are two of the most recent domestic-related deaths in prince george's county. our bureau chief, tracee wilkins, is in annapolis where lawmakers are talking about how to reverse this disturbing trend. >> neshante wasn't just my sister she was my best friend. >> noshonna turner is trying to find a way to honor the memory of her sister and niece. the second grade teacher and 2-year-old daughter were both killed at the hands of the girl's father. according to police. >> it's attorney me apart but i know i have to go on and do something to make them proud. >> that's what's brought neshanna and her family to annapolis, to testify on behalf of a
5:18 pm
bearing her sister's name. >> maryland state senator anthony muse is sponsoring the legislation, targeted at finding ways to prevent domest iic violence. he said neshante and chloe's funeral that inspired him. >> it was seeing a mother kradal child in the coffin and knowing that this did not happen to half. >> darren boswell johnson confessed to the murders. he didn't want to pay child support. there have been seven homicides due to domestic violence in prince george's this year alone. >> there's a need. there's a dire need. and that dire need is education. we need to be educated on the appropriate things to do. >> coming up on news4 at 6:00, there's a reason that this domestic violence task force originated with a prince george's county senator. we'll explain just how devastating the numbers are. in annapolis, i'm tracee wilkins. news4.
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about the stabbing in the district that involved two young teenagers, both girls. and it has just turned deadly. plus security has been visibly increased in the nation's capital after the terror attacks in brussels. how it has impacted the thousands of people in our town for the cherry blossom festival. we still have more coverage as we learn new details about the raids under way in belgium. after those deadly bombings today. more team coverage just minutes away. the chair asks that the house now observe a moment of silence in memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks in brussels.
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that forecast on the warm side for sure. right now, plenty of sunshine across the area. temperatures right around average for this time of year. a lot of you on my facebook page talking about the cool air outside. tomorrow much warmer. take a look at the numbers. all that sunshine continues across our region. a few high-level clouds. cirrus clouds moving overhead.
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61 degrees, winds out of the south at 16 miles per hour. southerly, helping to warm things up. it will continue to do so right through the next couple of days. 59 fret rick, 63 in leesburg. 64 fredericksburg. waldorf and huntingtown and dunkirk, low 60s. storm team radar not showing any rain or snow. note you can say good-bye to we do have a couple of things going on. we've go a warm front to the west. storm system well back to the west. you can see it's trying to bring clouds. tomorrow we'll get into this air where temperatures are in the upper 60s to low 70s. adding to the bus stop tomorrow morning, a lot warm ir. 50 degrees in the city. most of the sburs into the low 40s, tomorrow afternoon, hello 70s, 71 in the
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day tomorrow. great to get down for the cherry blossoms if you're thinking about going down to the tidal basin. 71 la plata. 73 towards fredericksburg. plenty of sunshine, a few more clouds, but nice and mild. if that's not warm enough fof you, we've got a warmer day. if you're thinking about exercising, perfect. lunch outdoors, beautiful. we talked about today's lunch outdoors, being a little cool. tomorrow, no problem. around town, enjoy it we're green, so no problems at all. the only impact, maybe the sunshine. that's it. take the sunglasses, nice and mild. feeling much more like may than march. so some nice weather for sure and it gets even better, a high of 75 on your thursday, plenty of sunshine. again clouds on the increase late thursday. 75 degrees, we will see a frontal boundary move through. that front will push winds upwards of 20-30 miles per hour on thursday.
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breezy. that brings in a chance for some shower activity late thursday night into very early friday morning. we've got a 30% chance of a.m. showers. most of those done by 8:00, 9:00. think the morning rush should be okay. you may run into some wet roads. but friday afternoon, no problem. with a high of 68, 60 degrees on saturday. a little bit cooler heading into the weekend. but veronica will talk more about the easter forecast for the rest of the holiday coming up. we can wait and we will indeed. doug, thanks a lot. now at 5:00, a d.c. sensation taking the voice by storm. tonight he's poised to take the spotlight in the battle rounds of nbc's hit show "the voice." we sat down with him to find out where this local kid got his inspiration. and i'm consumer reporter susan hogan. the terror attacks have disrupted travel worldwide, what you need to know if you're traveling in the near future coming up. security at the airport. what we should all be doing right now to help w
5:26 pm
safety efforts during this heightened concern about terror attacks. and we continue to get in more video from the aftermath of the terror attacks in brussels. people had to be evacuated from the metro there. after one of the bombs went off nearby. we have team coverage and it's coming your way next on news4 at 5:00.
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a memorial is growing in the heart of the belgian capital tonight. vigils breaking out across our country and the world to honor the people killed in the aterror attack. the attacks in brussels. >> thanks for staying with us at 5:30. we're following every development of these attacks. >> i've got the headlines from the live desk. belgian police are searching for a terror suspect they believe is still alive after this morning's attacks at brussels airport. and inside that subway station. prosecutors say they're conducting raids acss
5:30 pm
they believe he's one of the men seen in the video from the airport. investigators believe he got away because his suicide belt did not go off. during one of the raids investigators say they found an explosive device. it contained nails. they also found chemicals and an isis flag. 31 people were killed in this morning's attacks. many more were injured by shrapnel. here's an x-ray from one of the victims at the hospital. it shows a nail in this person's chest. right now we know that three american missionaries from utah were among those injured. they are said to be in critical condition. in reaction, security is incredibly obvious at the airports in our country. our northern virginia bureau reporter david culver is live at dulles to tell us what the scene is like there. >> hi there, wendy. a lot of the folks arriving here at the departures terminal, many of them are going to be boarding flights,er
5:31 pm
for europe. if you're one of them, one thing you're going to notice for sure is the high level of intense security. >> from curbside check-in you'll notice it, not only marked police cruisers, but armored police trucks. inside a military-like presence, police wearing tactical gear. thick vests, face masks, others working in groups holding tight to their rifles. it seems even a stepped-up number of canine units, a variety of breeds, checking trash cans. passengers' luggage. and yes, even our own camera. just to be safe. after today's attacks in brussels, we asked an aviation security expert if an airport-secured border should expand beyond that tsa line. >> frankly the terrorists and the adversaries are going it go after large groups of people. you can push things out to the curb or the parking lot or beyond that even, and they would still find a way to go after those
5:32 pm
>> brendan spent the last 28 years advising airports on their security. he said instead of searching people at check-in. it would be more effective to train law enforcement and airport staff who interact with the passengers. >> it's something we call behavioral detention, something that originated out of israel a few years back. looking at how people are acting and moving around in the airport. walking together and then splitting up suddenly. going in different directions? are they sweating? are they nervous, stammering? not able to answer questions. >> i've covered several stories here from dulles airport in the past and to go live we're able to park right up here by the main terminal. today, though, was a first, we had security coming up to us, asking us for our credentials, they're taking no chances out here. coming up at 6:00, we get some passengers' reaction to this intense security. what one security expert said the role you should be playing in order to keep some air travel
5:33 pm
>> david culver, thank you. this is the height of the spring tourist season in the nation's capital. while the city is packed with all sorts of school trips and other visitors, the tourists are taking this threat of terrorism here in stride. news4's tom sherwood has our story. >> the buss are here, there, everywhere. portable toilets, another sign the big spring tourist season is in full swing. >> we took a lot of pictures because it's beautiful right now. >> people on the national mall are aware of the attacks in europe, but they're not trying to be worried about it. so what did the chaperones tell these young people. >> don't do anything that will draw undue attention to you and your behavior. because the city is very safe and it's very secure. >> i think the people here know that they're relatively safe.
5:34 pm
look, there's you know secret service police and i'm sure there's probably undercover people, too. >> up and down the mall, there was little sign of increased police presence or nervousness. >> did anybody ask you about worries about security because of what happened in belgium and all that stuff? >> not really. >> park service volunteer ken diesel cohen of mount vernon seemed to have it about right. >> i don't think you can watch the news this morning and not have that be in your mind. but i think for the most part, people are enjoying the beauty. >> and dodging the buses. in the district, tom sherwood, news4. today attacks are aking travel plans around the world we go to news4's consumer reporter susan hogan with advice for travelers. susan. >> that's right, today is a difficult day for many. and for people who plan to tr
5:35 pm
rightfully worried. let's start with travel insurance, generally speaking, the insurance information institute says if you want to change your travel plans because you're afraid to travel, you will not be covered. unless you purchased a very expensive insurance policy that allows you to cancel for any reason. it is important to read your policy and understand what it includes and what it does not cover. now today american, delta and united all said they either canceled or diverted all of their flights to and from brussels. and the ceo of the brussels airport says it will remain closed through wednesday. now if you have plans to travel where there is heightened security such as europe. now is the time to check with your airline, because you may qualify for a free or a ticket change instead of paying the normal fee. the waive in fees can apply to your destination or changeover to another
5:36 pm
carriers for those of you trying to stay in touch with your loved ones in brussels, sprint and at&t have waived long distance calls and texts to belgium and verizon and t-mobile tell us they're allowing free calls and texts to belgium and turkey. at this point in the attacks in brussels, we have not, they have not yet been connected to last year's terror attacks in paris. but the bombings did reignite terror concerns only days after police captured the most wanted suspect. but there are signs of solidarity in paris as the eiffel tow's lightser
5:37 pm
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we have chopper 4 live over some breaking news, police on the scene of a very serious crash on in prince william county. this is near the intersection of franklin street and west long view drive in woodbridge. this crash involves two suvs. two people seriously injured. we'll continue to watch the story, bring you any new information here on the nbc washington app. police still trying to figure out whether today's attacks in brussels are connected to the attacks in paris. they come just days after police arrested the accused paris ringleader, salah abdeslam. and police say they are now looking for this
5:40 pm
accomplice, whose dna was found during a terrorism raid. investigators are still questioning abdeslam, who is fighting extradition back to france. don't be alarmed if you hear a lot of airplanes flying around, starting at midnight tonight. it is just a drill. several air defense teams are involved in an exercise until 2:30 a.m. these training flights are designed to test, intercept and identification operations along with a warning system used for homeland security. and the developing story in prince george's county. a current and former police officer indicted for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in unearned salary. state's attorney angela alsobrook says officer jennifer simms filed fraudulent time sheets from 2012-2014. prosecutors say she took in more than $200,000 of unearned overtime and comp time. her husband, harold simms, is a retired police officer. investigators also charged him. saying he knew what
5:41 pm
doing. >> well already this month we've been up to 80 degrees, but now i'm tracking some very warm air. i'll show you how warm and even a few showers we're keeping an eye on. ♪ ♪ ♪ his mesmerizing voice made "the voice" coaches turn around and a local singer is on his way to becoming a national sensation now. tonight, we take to you the place where it all began. a stabbing death at this bus stop on benning road. the victim, 18-year-old woman. the suspect, a 16-year-old teenaged girl. an eye witness account coming up. news4. and prayers for peace at georgetown university this afternoon. as students come together on the campus to mourn and remember the
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nbc's tom costello is very familiar with brussels, his wife is belgian, his children were born in brussels. to
5:45 pm
country's culture of tolerance may have allowed it to become a terrorist hotbed. the critics within the country have said listen, there's too much of a social safety net for individuals, in other words if you show up, you've given a stipend and maybe not enough tracking of individuals who may or may not have some other ulterior mote i have been. we don't know if these individual suspects were born in brussels, or belgium. if they were from some other country. we don't know. but it feeds into this dialogue that's been part of the political landscape for the last two decades. and growing. especially following the paris attacks about whether there needs to be more police presence. and more of a, of a sharp eye on individuals who may have ulterior motives. there's a sizeable muslim population within belgium. and they are generally very much welcomed and they are very great contributors to the
5:46 pm
so you can see this constant pull of trying to figure out how this country adopts to all of this. that has been going on for the last 20 years. >> that's nbc's tom costello. >> stay with nbc, coming up on "nightly news" with lester holt, we'll present a special one-hour extended coverage edition on the brussels investigation that begins at 7:00 after news4 at 6:00. in our area, a teenager is dead after a stabbing at a bus stop in the district and the suspect in this case? a teenaged girl. let's get to news4's pat collins on benning road with the latest on this. pat? >> an 18-year-old and a 16-year-old, two young women from the same neighborhood. tonight the 18-year-old is dead, the 16-year-old facing charges. after a bloody encounter at that bus stop. we begin with an eye witness. >> a t
5:47 pm
stabbed her here, here, here. the thigh. and here. >> that's claretta young. she says she was here when it happened. she says she saw it all. the scene this bus stop at benning road and f street southeast. it was about 9:30 this morning. and 18-year-old woman, a 16-year-old teenaged girl. words exchanged. it gets physical. and then, and then the 16-year-old stabs the 18-year-old, a number of times. >> did the woman who did the stabbing -- did she stay on the scene? >> yeah. >> when the cops got here? >> yeah, the cops got her. they got her. she didn't run. >> what do you make of this thing? >> it's a shame about this country. they killing brothers and sisters, they can't get along. i mean this country is getting
5:48 pm
16-year-old suspect is pregnant. and because of her age, it's possible this will be handled as a juvenile matter. in southeast, i'm pat collins, news4. >> you ain't seen nothing, the rest of the week it gets better and better. >> it does get better and better. i was looking back at the calendar, we have three days this month we're up close to 80. >> and then it got cool again this past weekend. roller coaster ride, that's the month of mark. take a look at temperatures, the average high, 58 degrees, we stay plenty warm, especially the next three days, in jim and wendy, what does it mean for the pollen count? the pollen count has been moderate. really think it's going to be getting high, we're moving into the high region with the higher temperatures. along with that, it's breezy at the end of the week. thatoi
5:49 pm
pollen around. the elm, cedar, juniper, blowing in the wind and it's breezy out there right now. it's chilly late, we're at 60 degrees. we're drop to the mid 50s by 9:00. beautiful skies, the moon coming up. it's march, latter part. 50 degrees in d.c. 48 culpepper. that's mild for the overnight period. so a mild start to the day tomorrow. and a warm finish for us, a few clouds for the kids. going to the bus stop and getting off the bus, too, it's going to be a nice day. even for playing tennis, why not? it's the tennis and a golf kind of day for tomorrow. 60 degrees by lunchtime. having your lunch outside tomorrow will be terrific. the weather tomorrow, having a low impact on our day. this weekend, even though we're talking about changes, i still think this weekend we're in the low to moderate region this weekend. thursday we'll pick up clouds,
5:50 pm
work week. 75 degrees by 3:00, late, some showers, but look, it's around 10:00, 11:00, even midnight the showers will meet moving in. for the weekend, 60-63, clouds move through. late-evening showers for your easter sunday. for everything that's going to be going on this weekend. taking pictures outside of the little kids, the easter egg hunt, mild, we've got the green light for everything, including going to church. as we take a look at next week after the cooler weekend, but still above average, where it's 69 degrees on monday, 63 on tuesday with a little bit of rain back on monday. we'll take another look at the rain that's going to come into our area for the friday morning rush in a few minutes. a local singer-songwriter has made it to the battle rounds on nbc's "the voice." owen dannof grew up in a miss cal factory in the district. >> -- musical family. we caught up with the singer and his grammy-winning father. they talkab
5:51 pm
were for his nationally televised audition. ♪ ♪ >> back in the home where he learned to play guitar, there's no pressure. when owen dannof and his father, bill dannof sit down to play. ♪ i gave her my heart ♪ but she wanted my soul >> but playing on national tv, for the first time, was a different story. >> from the moment i found out i was auditioning until those red stage doors opened and i walked on stage i was a nervous wreck. >> it was far from the first time the singer-songwriter had performed in public. he's been a working musician for years. ♪ try to make me change my mind and stay ♪ ♪ >> he was an artist in residence at the strarthmore arts center and studied at the berkeley school of music. this was his first time
5:52 pm
>> what would happen if nobody turned around and nobody want immediate on their team. >> but those nerves quickly disappeared. >> the second the doors opened all the preparation came flooding in to me and everything and it was the one part that i was familiar with. ♪ ain't no use to sit and wonder why ♪ >> dannof's father knows a little bit about the music business. winning two grammys in the '70s. as a member of the starland vocal band and a songwriter for john denver. >> you couldn't pay for this training and experience, vocal coaching. knowing how to be on a television show. >> while the days of a contestant on "the voice" are long and there's lots of pressure, dannof says it's been worth it. >> this kind of high-pressure situation i think yields invaluable experience and knowledge. that you can carry with you forever. >> the 26-year-old singer-songwriter says even if tonight is his last night on the
5:53 pm
not only for the experience, but the friends he's made with the other contestants. >> everyone is incredibly supportive of one another and encouraging, and being close at this point. ♪ just trying to waste my precious, precious time ♪ >> one thing seems certain from meeting him, no matter how "the voice" turns out or where his music takes him, the d.c. native will never be far from home. mark segraves, news4. >> we're going to hear more from owen on news4 at 11:00 after "the voice." we've been telling you this evening about the local impact on the terror attacks in brussels, but security has been stepped up. along the east coast. we'll take a look at the impact next. and the #prayforbrussels is being used across social media we've captured some of the tributes, you can see more any ti
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
another horrific multiple terror attack here in europe. this time in brussels at the very heart of the european union. with dozens dead in triple bombing at the airport and at the metro station. isis says it detonated the three devices. but the big question is, is this the last act of the terror cell that attacked paris? or the first in a knew wave of attacks? i'm bill neily, i'll be trying to answer that and other questions coming up on "nightly news" tonight. >> u.s. intelligence says there are no credible terror threats to any u.s. cities in the wake of those belgian attacks. >> still here in washington and all over the country, police ramped up security and made their presence known. here's a look at some of the changes up and down the east coast.
5:58 pm
>> i'm brian thompson at newark liberty international airport in new jersey. security tight here. ratcheted up at the last minute, as soon as they heard about what was happening in brussels, people saying they've never seen security, armed men at the doors of the aircraft as people got off. people saying they were asked questions if they have never been asked before. police showing no tolerance, zero tolerance for motorists waiting to pick up folks. >> i'm michael rosenfield here in logan airport in boston. here at terminal e, the international terminal, it's business as usual. for passengers heading overseas today. massachusetts state police telling us they are monitoring today's terror attacks, patrols have been directed to increase their presence in areas near transportation centers in the state. and their security measures are constan
5:59 pm
so far there's no connection between today's attacks and massachusetts. passengers here telling us while they may be more nervous flying out today, they're not changing their plans. the latest from boston, massachusetts, i'm michael rosenfield, now back to you. tonight a new wave of raids as police are hunting for is a suspect in today's deadly bombings. >> the first explosion hit and i felt the shock wave kind of hit me. basically you kind of turn and a lot of debris just comes flying at you. >> from the victims to the eye witness accounts. >> everyone is crying at the first time i saw such a thing in my life. >> the impact all this is having on security in our area. >> we must be together regardless of nationality. or race or faith. in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. >> news4 has team coverage as the breaking story continues to unfold. >> tonight the people of
6:00 pm
today's terror attacks. this is a live look at a growing memorial in central brussels. flowers and candles being left there in honor of the victims. been jal officials call today's attacks a black moment for their country. >> new developments continue to unfold on this story. the death toll now stands at 31. hundreds more were injured after coordinated bombings at an airport and a subway station. >> right now investigators are carrying out raids across belgium. they've already recovered an explosive device and an isis flag at one home. isis claimed responsibility for today's bombings. official says these three men are responsible for the attack at the airport. authorities think the guy on the right survived and is on the run. a third bomb was found at the airport, itvp >> we begin with nbc's mark barger, who has the latest on the investigation. >>


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