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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  March 24, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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we know everyone is accounted for and the fire is under control. four town home units destroyed. know lmolette green is on her w there and will have the latest. right off the top here, the latest after the terror attacks in brussels. counterterrorism agents are in the middle of a manhunt for at least one more suspect this the attacks that killed at least 31 and hurt hundreds on tuesday. evidence building that these attacks are connected to the terrorist bombings in paris last fall. intelligence officials also say one of the suicide bombers this week made the bombs used in november's paris attacks. we'll have a live report from brussels in about two minutes. first, though, at 5:00 a.m., let's get you up to speed on your weather headlines. >> right now 60 degrees outside of our studios here. we'll fall a few more degrees in the earlier morning hours and then warm back up around the midday hours. so 7:00 a.m., 54. still nice. by
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highs today, 20 degrees above normal. more on this afternoon coming up, but right now, a problem on 95? >> problem on 95 southbound, ramp to eastbound dale boulevard here, the ramp is shut down because of a crash. so we'll keep you updated as that develops throughout the morning. westbound southeast/southwest freeway before the 3rd street tunnel, left lane getting by that crash. and this brandywine because of that fire, chads ford drive at 301, that section blocked off because of the fire aprparatus there. our coverage of the terror this brussels takes us live to belgium now. just an hour ago, we learned of another possible suspect in tuesday's attacks. steve handelsman is in downtown brussels right now where there is a manhunt going on for suspects. steve, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, good morning to you from the central square here in brussels, the city that many consider the cal
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europe. it's late rush hour here. there is mourning, these are some of the impromptu memorials that have sprung up here to remember the 31 people killed in the attack on tuesday at two locations in this capital of belgium and the 270 plus people, some numbers are over 300 of people who were injured here. there is resolve here not to give into terrorism, but there is also concern. there is fear of another attack because law enforcement here failed to pick up this week's plot and to prevent it. and police admit they are still unable to locate at least one suspect maybe more from those isis oriented terror teams that hit the airport and the so-called metro train station. there is the mysterious man in white seen in that three person surveillance shot along with known suspects who are suspected -- who are named by police as those who blew themselves up in the attacks.
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here particularly for who is still out there in this city and who police height not even though about like they didn't know about these guys and this plot this week. aaron. >> steve handels m del delsman in brussels. thank you. and suspected terrorist attack mastermind salah abdeslam is expected in court today. november's attack killed more than 130 people. u.s. intelligence officials say abdeslam escaped paris and was in brussels planning future attacks and trying to revive an isis cell in that city. officials also say abdeslam's arrest friday may have pushed the terrorists in brussels to attack sooner than planned out of fear that authorities were closing in on them. i'm kristen wright at the live desk where we're trying to find out everything we can about a tense barricade situation. police all night in springfie
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so far. they were serving a wasrrant whn a vehicle came at an officer and hit one of their cruisers. police say two people in the car had been shot. meagan fitzgerald is headed there and will tell us exactly what happened and what is happening now in a little while. another breaking story right now, this time in prince george's county. police found a man dead near the intersection of iverson street and 28th avenue last night. this is just off branch avenue in hillcrest heights. officers tell us someone shot the victim, they're asking for tips and they're offering a reward for help solving the case. reports of possible sex assaults at george mason university have students on edge there this morning. two of the incidents reportedly happened in campus residence halls last week. one female student says she was raped, she may have unknowingly been drugged before the assault. and she says she also knew her attacker. meanwhile another student says
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met through and online dating app. students we spoke with are pleased with the university's response. >> i am very impressed about the university's response. you constantly hear about universities covering stuff like this up. but george mason is very forward. >> police are still investigating the alleged sexual assaults. th anybody with information is asked to call the george mason police department. brush fires along the mark tracks may cause some robs for your commute this morning. melissa has been telling us about this. service on the camden line is very limited, three trains will be running. marc recommends commuters at that time penn litake the penn metro instead. you can see some of the flames between the laurel and dorsi stations. and fire crews rushed to a southwest airlines plane at reagan national after al
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in smoke in the cockpit. everyone got off the plane safely. the fire crews checked everything out and it's unclear right now whether they found anything wrong with that plane. if you have dinner plans tonight, you might want to call and see if they're offering outdoor seating. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal back with a look at what you can expect today. could what happened in flint, michigan happen here? why montgomery county is taking
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ong them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern. but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message. welcome back at 5:09. is there a led problem in montgomery county's water? today wssc will brief officials on a potential issue. we're told although the pipes don't show traces of lead, some counter users may have lead feeder pipes on their property. wssc will talk about what areas could be at risk and how the situation compares to the water crisis in flint
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you can watch that presentation online, find the link in our nbc washington app. as we approach weather and traffic on the 1s, going to be another beautiful day to be in the city. >> weather having a low impact on your data. temperatures running well above normal. we'll have a nice breeze with us during the afternoon hours. highs today warm into the mid to upper 70s. 77 for a high in the district. 75 in gaithersburg. 77 in manassas. dining out tonight, it doesn't get any better than this. we'll have a nice breeze, it will be mild. temperatures will range from the mid-60s to mid-70s so you don't even need to worry about a jackets. but the sun potentially having an impact, melissa? >> the glare of course will be nasty once the sun rises. do have something to pass along, orange line delays to vienna, that just popped up. 270 at father hurley boulevard, no problems. 95 south the ramp to eastbound dale ev
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ramp closed because of that accident. westbound southeast/southwest freeway before the 3rd street tunnel, the left lane still getting by that crash. and again in brandywine, we still have the fire activity blocking chads ford drive. we'll talk about marc coming up. breaking news this morning out of fairfax county where a barricade situation justagan fi an update. women on the edge this northern virginia, the attempted abduction that has people
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breaking news in fairfax county. police trying to figure out what happened after two people were found with gunshot wounds in springfield. in meagan fitzgerald is at the scene. what is going on over there? >> reporter: well, this is still a very active
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investigation. but what we know at this point is that this all started at around midnight, it was about 11:55, police kcame to this are because they were trying to serve a warrant. as police were arriving, two vehicles were driving towards them, one struck a police cruiser and police ended up finding two people who were inside suffering there gfrom gu wounds. this is video as it was all unfo unfolding. you can see the area was taped off with crime scene police and police on scene. after the vehicle was struck and they found those two suspects or the individuals, rather, we don't want to call them suspects because it's still unclear, but we know they were taken to the hospital suffering from gunshot wounds to the upper body and lower body. now, while all this was unfolding, detectives say that they called in their major crimes unit, they were on scene here investigat
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sort of a standoff situation, as well, but they were eventually able to take a person into custody. so again, we're working to understand right now if the person they took into custody was the person that they were trying to serve the warrant to. so a very active investigation out here unfolding. but as you can see, the scene has cleared. police just left the scene about an hour ago and as we learn more, we'll certainly bring to you in a live report. family and friends will begin to pay their final respects to police officer killed in prince george's county. detective jacai colson was accidentally shot by a fellow officer after someone opened fire at a prince george's county police station. today awake will be headed in be beltsville. and tomorrow his funeral will be held at 1:00 in the morning at first baptist church in glenarden. all servicear
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started shooting at a passing police cruiser last night on mellon street. the suspect was tracked town. b a suspect. police say the attack was unprovok a suspect. police say the attack was unprovoked. a third party ambulance service is about to hit the streets. a special order from the fire chief outlines his expect tags.s in the letter, chief dean says they will provide of course more training for individuals operating those ambulances, also allow more preventive maintenance. the agency has recently come under fire for delayed response times and other issues. about 35 private ambulances will hit the streets on monday. it has taken almost two years of negotiations and several rejon
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$6.8 billion merger from pepco and exelon will move ahead. the d.c. public service commission gave the deal its blessing yesterday. the agreement between the two companies makes the utility the largest in the country. d.c. mayor muriel bowser blasted the commission's decision and said residents could face rate hikes as soon as this summer. but pepco ex-con says the merger will mean lower rates for consumers. colon cancer usually happens to those over 50, but doctors are seeing more cases in people in hair defense or 30s. austin thomas was diagnosed at 27. >> the doctor was holding my mom's hand and said we weren't able to complete the colonoscopy, we found a pretty significant tumor. >> screening is usually done
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procedure isn't recommended until the age of 50 and older for most people. some doctors think that should change, though. you can see more of austin's story in the nbc washington app. happening today, runners will be racing to their computers to get one of those coveted spots for the 41st marine corps marathon. this year's marathon will take place sunday, october 30. the competitive lottery opens today at moon. you have seven days to get your name in for a possible spot. starting march 31st, organizers will notify runners. good luck, everybody. >> so it really takes a little bit of the anxiety out of our runners. still the anxiety because they all want to be on the start line, and it's spring and they're motivated. >> about 30,000 runners will be chosen to run in this year's marath marathon. if you're headed out for a run this morning, your weather
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expect outside. amelia segal in the storm team 4 "weather center." >> really nice out there this morning. i was down at the tidal basin yesterday morning. so many joggers and runners down that way. i'm sure it will be packed this morning. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. we're the 54 degrees in the district, so we have fallen a few degrees. coming in at 56 in reston and rockville, as well. mainly clear skies right now throughout the day, we'll be mostly sunny. by noon, we're already around 70 degrees. so a great day to have your lunch outdoors. by 4:00, we'll hit our high of 77 and we'll notice a bit of a breeze for the afternoon and evening hours. in fact it will stay breezy right on through the overnight hours. and the day tomorrow. 7:00 this evening, really nice with a temperature around 71. this is not normal this time of year. usually our high is about 58, 59 degrees. because of the dry air and the breezy conditions later today, a red flag warning will be in effect for most of the area. this will run until 8:00 tonight. what this means as we see brush
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fires develop like marc has been having to deal with, they can spread easily and difficult to put out. future weather, tomorrow have the umbrella handy. we will be tracking some rain during the midday and morning hours. so 5:00 a.m., already tracking light showers across the area. 8:00 a.m., continuing to track areas of rain. maybe a rumble of thunder. and notice by 10:00, 11:00, most of the area is dry and then limited sunshine. for the most part afternoon and evening hours on our friday will be dry. but the rain is with a cold front and that will cool us down. 71 tomorrow, 60 on saturday. mostly to partly sunny skies. clouds increase throughout the day on easter and it will be a chilly morning saturday and sunday morning. but beautiful for easter sunday afternoon with a high of 68. problems on the orange line? do have problems on the orange line. so delays on the orange line to vienna because of track repairs happening at new carrollton. talking about the rails again, cam w
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845, 851 and 846. there is the owill which is the union station because of the brush fires. penn line station, you can use your camden tickets. full camden line service expected to resume tonight. 95 north at 123, crash reported there. also still have the fire activity and lanes blocked chadds ford drive at 301 in brandywine. we'll take a look at 270 coming up. right now it's a mess in parts of colorado where a blizzard dumped more than a foot of snow on the ground. sdrern was o denver was one of the worth hit areas. check out the cars stranded. the airport was closed for a while. they had to shut down several interstates. a friend of mine sent me video from his front porch. it was awful out there. this morning leaders in several mid western states are warning peop
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for ice on the roads. world leaders now talking about another claim from north korea, that country now saying it can launch rockets with solid engine fuel -- solid fuel engines which means it can launch them on short notice. north korea made the announcement today. the country facing stepped up sanctions from the u.n. following multiple missile launches and tests. the germanwings air crash -- this will be the scene today as family members lost will gather to mark the first anniversary of the disaster. the names of the victims will be read out loud followed by a minute of silence. ceremonies were held at barcelona airport where the plane originally took off as well as in the city of its intended destination. investigators believe co-pilot andreas lubitz
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crashed the flight. when dennis hastert is sentenced next month in his hush money case, an alleged sex abuse victim might take the stand. according to a court transcript, the alleged victim was revealed when prosecutors asked the judge to change hastert's sentencing day. he was indicted on charge that's made illegal bank withdrawals for an unidentified person. sources say the modern was used to hide sexual allegations by hastert. we're working for you to help you figure out the confusing tax rules. one miss that can catch you is if you tifile for an extension, does that also mean an extension to pay? the answer sadly no. an extension to file still means that you have to pay all or at least some of what you owe by the deadline. most parents know they can claim for their children, but did you know that you may also be able to claim your grandparents? >> they can't make over $4,000
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not have to live with you and you have to provide over half of their support. >> you get three extra day this is year here in the district because of emancipation day which is normally celebrated on april 16th. but since that is a saturday, that will be celebrated on april 15th, bumping tax day to april 18th. just over 16 hours until maryland plays its sweet 16 game tonight. ♪ the band getting ready. terps taking on the jayhawks at 9:40 p.m. our time. kansas considered one of the best teams in the tournament and even if maryland wins, they will have several other great teams to beats. however, player tell us they're not thinking about all that. >> we feel that we're a really good team. we have fantastic players, really good coaching staff and we feel that we can win any game that we play in. from
5:26 am
from. >> game in louisville at 9:40. want to show you a live picture outside. beautiful out there. >> 61 degrees outside our studios here in tenleytown. but just how warm will it get? amelisegal has four thinga s
5:27 am
5:28 am
breaking news in prince george's county where fire crews are on the scene of a massive townhouse fire in brandy wipe. wine. >> a three-alarm fire. molette green is there live with the
5:29 am
destroyed, two of them damaged. take a look behind me at the scene here. the fire is now out. but this was a massive fire. luckily no injuries involved. i'm standing here with the fire chief. tell me what we're dealing with. this was major in terms of the amount of fire and damage. >> absolutely. first units confronted by fire showing from the the ground to the roof, which is very unusual. we're very fortunate that none of the residents were injured p. the fire didn't take too long, about 20 minutes to get control of the fire. not too bad especially now with no one injured about sf. >> a lot of people in the home. >> we're fortunate that that we don't have unfortunate statistics to talk about. we've accounted for all residents. 15 adults, three children and three pets will be cared for by red cross. >> investigators have just
5:30 am
happened. what are they going to do? >> right now they have begun doing their canvas around the scene. they will be talking to the neighbors, they are inside now trying to determine a point of origin and cause. i can tell you these are sprinkler up to homes. spring sprinklers are running. we have no information to indicate there was, but that's part of the story. >> fire chief, thank you so much. the fire is out. sprinklers are running. the investigation just beginning to see what caused this. back to you. molette green, thank you very much. coming up on 5:31. time for your death an weather twrask on the 1st. and balmy conditions today, highs in the mid to upper 70s. some rain in the forecast tomorrow, that will set us up for a keerl bcooler but nice we. sunday will be the warmer of the two weekend days with highs in the upper 60s. and more rain in the forecast on monday. maybe even a few rumbles of
5:31 am
temperature s will stay in the 60s. latest allergy report, trees continue to come in at high. the main culprits being oak and pine. now, as we talk about dining out tonight, looking spectacular. breezy, really nice. on friday, it will be cooler, but temperatures in the 60s. so tomorrow night still not too bad. and then on saturday, it will be chilly. temperatures in the 50s. so saturday may not be the best night too dine out. but again, tonight, that lisa, i hope you have plans out doors. maybe push the bedtime because we are looking at really, really nice conditions. >> we got outside last night, so again tonight might be a good idea. >> looking great. taking a look at marc issue this morning, again camden here we have only trains 845, 851 and 846 running. those are the only camden trains running because of the brush fires here from last night. orange line delays to
5:32 am
95 north at 123, a crash still reported there. starting to see some low downs. cascades parkway at palisade parkway, still the right lane blocked. and remember chadds ford drive at 301 because of the fire activity. some road closures in that area, as well. travel times in ten minutes. at 5:32, four things to know about the investigation today into the terror in brussels. right now authorities searching to at least one more suspect in tuesday's attacks. overnight we learned there may be a second militant involved in the bombing on the belgian subway system. tuesday's attacks killed 31, hurt nearly 300 others. evidence is building that the atrocities are connected to last fall's terror attacks in paris. a man who spent years with children in northern virginia should learn his sentence today on child pornography charges. done woulded a essex is a former little league umpire. fbi agents say they arrested
5:33 am
essex after he contacted an undercover officer soliciting him for sex thinking he was talking with a 9-year-old girl. he pleaded guilty to child porn possession last year. a double shooting in waldorf has turned in to a homicide investigation. this happened last night on giddings court. only one of the men shot died, the second victim is expected to survive. police are still looking for a suspect this morning. police in arlington are looking for two men accused of attacking a woman. this happened on north columbus street tuesday night as the victim was taking a walk. she for the close to the park and is he noticed two men were following her. one of the men put something over her head while the other put his happened over her mouth to muffle her screams. she fought back and managed to get away. now maybes in that area say they don't feel safe. >> i one be wawon't be walking dark. >> does it make
5:34 am
habits. >> yeah. i felt pretty safe until this. >> anyone with information is asked to call police. happening today, vice president joe biden will push for the confirmation of supreme court justice nominee merrick garland. biden will be speaking at geo e georgetown law school. he says it's vitally important that garland receives the consideration. and we're learning that judge merrick gar and recused himself in a complaint against a federal judge, against richard roberts. roberts is accused of sexually assaulting a utah woman decades ago. according to our news partner wtop, garland and be roberts but long time colleagues. both worked at the justice department and as federal prosecutors before being named as judges. garland recused himself five days before he was selected for
5:35 am
roberts retired the same day garland was nominated. 5:35. it seems like a lot of you are excited about this announcement. the grocery store publix says it's ready to open in northern virginia. publix is pretty popular in florida, other parts of the south. it's based in florida. last month it says hoping a few stores in the richmond area. and now the washington business journal reports publix plans to open stores in our area, too. at this point it's for tnot ther where they will go. bae bae's dad is taking a little bit of a bubble bath. aaron and i were saying that we just love the fact that they put music to this video. makes it even better. national zoo tweeted the video yesterday. the giant pan take splashing in the water. the zoo tweeted the bubble bath was of course not toxic. >> heha
5:36 am
there. >> does he really? >> i'm joking. >> he seems to be having a good time. but can we get the man a bigger bath. >> i think i enjoyed that too much. 5:36 our time. still to come this morning, some new information about the man suspected of trying to abduct a child at a local museum. who police want you to be on lookout for. ♪ he's begun forgetting words. forgetting where he lives. but when the day comes when he forgets who i am, i'll still know who he is. the first time we said i love you we didn't use words. we simply held each other's hands. we still are. i lost my dad to alzheimer's. preventing alzheimer's is within our grasp. let's double the budget of nih and get it done.
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witnesses call an sdiincide at a d.c. library horrifying. a police officer threatened to arrest a woman at the shaw library yesterday after she refused his request to take off her head scarf. the woman left after saying she wasn't bothering anyone. the library says it's taking this seriously and has removed the officer while it investigates. a bumpy lands in oklahoma city.the american airlines plane was fighting with cross winds as it tried to land. you can see it swaying across the run way. had to be nerve-racking for passengers on board. but despite the strong winds,
5:40 am
let's see what you can expect expect, your weather and traffic on the 1s. well, temperatures right now across the area generally in the 50s. i know you're seeing 60 in the bottom of your screen. that's the temperature outside of our studios here. highs today in the mid to upper 70s. 77 in the district. so a touch warmer than yesterday. and we'll notice breezy conditions for the afternoon and evening hours. and in fact it stays breezy throughout the day tomorrow because of the breeze and the really dry air over the region. red flag warning for just about everybody until 8:00 tonight. we're seeing some brush fires impacting marc this morning. that's right. so on the camden line, we only have three trains running. 845, 851, 846. that is the union station departure, 846. the only camden trains running here this morning. you can take metro instead of course. orange line delays to vienna because of track repairs at new carrollton.
5:41 am
avenue, a crash left side of the roadway. no major problems there. travel times, 270 from germantown to the spur is fine, 95 to 270, no problems there. 66 a 66 and 95 in virginia no big worries. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. a former government official official arrested in a prostitution sting. who police say they nabbed. and is a fix in the works? what volkswagen is set
5:42 am
glenn:threateningicans: gofederal workers;ns over 60 votes to repeal obamacare. now they're refusing to even consider president obama's nominee for the supreme court. it disrespects the president and all of us -- and we won't put up with it. in congress, i'll protect president obama's legacy, defend obamacare, and stand up for social security and medicare.
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i'll take on republicans - for all of us.
5:44 am
i'm kristen wright at the live desk with this just in out of brussels. the chief suspect in that last year's deadly paris terror attacks is at a hearing right
5:45 am
be fighting extradition to france. salah abdeslam appearing in court right now saying that he will not in fact fight extradition back to france where he is expected to face potential terrorism charges for his involvement in the november paris attacks. you remember at the rock concert, stadium cafes in which 130 people were killed. depend, salah abdeslam not fighting extradition to france. that hearing right now in brussels. other doichevelopments in t brussels attacks, officials reporting there may be a second suspect involved in the attacks on the subway system. >> we'll talk about that plus growing concerns about another possible attack as intelligence officials suggest belgium missed tips about tuesday's attackers. that's ahead. fwl and temperatures right now in the 40s and 50s. we warm taoday to around 77, bu rain tomorrow
5:46 am
for the weekend. and camden 845, 851 and 846 the only rains running. you can drive to a penn line station, you can take metro. they are expecting full service by this evening. and police found a man dead near iverson street off branch avenue. officers tell us someone shot the victim. they're asking for tips and offering a reward for help solving the case. we've shown you this video of two people u.s. park police call persons of interest. police identified one and issued a warrant for his arrest. they say bettrnard dry ride to walk away with an a elementary student. an alert chaperone stopped him. >> in today's world, you just never know. with the volume of i'm coming in and out of d.c
5:47 am
daily, it's important for all of us to keep our eyes open. >> investigators believe dry has left the country at this point. homeland security now involved. park police say they are still looking for the second man walking out of the museum. developing out of texas, officials say a body found if in mexico matches the description of a san antonio teen who went missing. 18-year-old justin kerr ir wby there on spring break. the body was found along a beach. fe finger prints are being taken. north carolina gay rights leaders plan to rally after an ordinance was set to take effect but the republican led general assembly stepped in and blocked it. >> we're not participating in this effort. it reverse 4s 40 plus years of progress of
5:48 am
>> public schools must require bathrooms or locker rooms be designated for use by people based on their biological sex. president obama is in arr t argentina this afternoon. it's the president's first time on an official visit to argentina. in the joint news conference yesterday, president obama offered the country's support both he and argentina's president also condemned tuesday's terror attacks in brussels. let's turn to a me i can't sa me i can't segal. >> you can leave the jacket at home. short leavsleeves will be tine. very dry air over the region. 39 is the due point temperature. it's all about humidity. we see the number 65 or higher, with very try air in place and breezy conditions, there will be the concern for
5:49 am
to start easily. so heads up there. this is impacting marc this morning. but first, the cherry blossoms peak bloom is now. head down to the tidal basin and check them out. and if you do, share your pictures with me. they're coming out just a little bit earlier than formal. we will have temperatures of course well above normal today, but then after that, we cool down with some rain tomorrow. only some rain, not a lot. all in all on average the blooms last about 4 to 10 days. so they will certainly stick around through our easter weekend. tomorrow you do want the umbrella for the more than and midday hours. showers moving through the area. maybe an isolated rumble of thunder especially southern maryland and northern neck. notice at 8:00 a.m., rain may be slowing the morning commute. once we work our way toward the midday hour, we do start to dry out and for the afternoon and evening hour, most of the area mainly dry. only about a 20% chance of a lingering shower at that point. but your friday night
5:50 am
definitely be dry just cooler than tonight. tomorrow a high temperature of 71 degrees. tomorrow during the evening hour, you can anticipate temperatures in the 50s and 60s. for the weekend on saturday, it's the cooler of the two days with a high around 60. but that's normal now for this time of year. sunday a high temperature of 68 for easter. it's 5:50. we turn to the race for the white house. campaign attacks thousand targeting candidates' families. tracie potts on capitol hill for us. campaigns out west, the drama on social media. >> reporter: exactly. overnight another tweet this one a retweet by donald trump comparing his wife melania to heidi cruz. ted cruz and heidi commenting that the attacks are gutter politics. this all started with an ad that didn't even come from the cruz campaign, it came from an anti-trump super pac that showed melania naked anddc
5:51 am
a photo shoot. trump out that was unfair. he blamed cruz, said he would, quote, spill the beans on heidi cruz and then this latest one overnight. the democrats are focused on the west coast, bernie sanders was there last might night. he thinks if he can do well in california and win washington state, he can remain go difference. tonight hillary clinton will be in l.a. 5:51. we'll get a check of your roads this morning with melissa mollett. >> starting out talking about this marc situation. camden line remember we only have trains 845, 851 and 846 running today. 846 is the one out of union station. that is because of the brush fires in the laurel area last night. orange line delays to vienna due to track repairs. 270 south at west montgomery and 28 there, a crash in the left lane. not slowing anything. looks like that should be out of the way this just a little bit. as we take a big kind of back k
5:52 am
loop and outer loop overall everything is pretty good there another beltway this morning. you should be on time as well 0066 and 95. slow spot through wood bridge, very normal for this time of morning. it's 5:52. and neighbors are stunned they say by a bizarre murder in a quiet section of district heights. they woke up to find a man's body on the front lawn yesterday morning. police say that he had been shot and then set on fire. this happened on hill mar drive. the shooting was first reported around midnight, but police didn't find the body until morning. >> body was set on fire and i put it out. he didn't have any clothes on because tehis way all burnt. >> it's still under investigation. the victim did not live at the home where he was found. three people are home safe after a scary situation on the potomac. their sailboat capsized. alexandria fire pulled
5:53 am
boat frers ters from the water the boat back to shore. the fire department is also warning anybody that is going out there on the river that the water can change very quickly so please be safe. it will be a little longer before two former virginia tech students go to court in the killing of a 13-year-old girl. 18-year-old david eisenhower and 19-year-old natalie keepers face charge this is connection with nicole lovell's death. investigators found lovell stabbed to death back this january. the teens were supposed to be in court monday, but defense attorneys asked for more time. prosecutors say they have not received a final medical examiner's report. a former frederick county maryland xhigts they now facing prostitution charges. court documents say blaine young met an undercover officer at a hotel and offered her money for sex. his attorney says he will plead not guilty. young is
5:54 am
new this morning, volkswagen set to tell customers where they stand on bringing nearly 600,000 cars in to compliance with clean air laws. the automaker has been in talks with regulators about a solution for the vehicles that is acceptable to the ep a. their plan in january was rejected. you may soon be getting a little money back if you use metro. riders will be given a 15 minute window to leave without paying when there are massive delays. that proposal is part of a broader refund strategy for the transit system. metro's general manager paul wiedefeld says he wants the system to step up its game so he doesn't have to think about giving refunds. >> we have to do a much better job, then we never get to that stage. so what did we learn, how do we modify it. >> the change wouldn't take effect until july
5:55 am
metro leader wants the word to waive fares when there are emergency cravings. if you have a food craving, there is an app for that. it's called uber. they launched a new app that lets you order from about 100 different restaurants. it will cost you a $5 flat delivery fee. so far items only in d.c., but they plan to roll out the same program in maryland and northern virginia, as well. good morning. i landon do ywdy. apple will make apple pay compatible with mobile websites. the system will be available to shoppers who have touch i.d. technology on their phones or ipad. the feature should be ready before the start of the holiday shopping season. with this cnbc morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. >> fire investigators are going in now to see what started this massive fire that destroyed four homes
5:56 am
new details coming up at 6:00. we have a live look at the memorial in brussels right now. we're following new developments this morning out of belgium involving another suspect that is linked to the deadly terror attacks. what we're learning next on "news 4 today."
5:57 am
5:58 am
breaking news out of prince george's county. four homes destroyed in a massive fire there. fire crews called to a three alarm blaze around 4:00 a.m. molette green is live in brandywine with the latest. you have some new information. >> reporter: yeah, right now investigators are inside looking for details to see -- looking if clues to see what caused the massive fire. 25 people out of their home. no injuries. four hopes destroyed including the davis family. they got out just in time before their home went up in flames. what woke you up? >> the pop and cracking from the units
5:59 am
but it's okay. everybody has been talking and we're just happy that everybody is okay, everybody has a lot of insurance. >> reporter: now, the davis family just moved into this last home here that you see destroyed where the firefighter is pulling materials out. they just moved they're three months ago, down sizing from a larger home, but luckily they tell me they have insurance to cover the damage. that is the latest live here from the scene in brandywine. no injuries luckily. back to you. melissa mollett has the latest in traffic. so again because of this problem, we do have a bit of a closure in the area. cha chadds ford drive at 301, the area blocked off. outer loop at allentown road, brand new crash reported there. and remember we still have the problem on marc,
6:00 am
845, 851, 846. that's the one out of union station. chopper 4 over greenbelt, not seeing too much action there on marc. orange line delays to vienna with track repairs there at new carrollton. overall, no other major issues right how. but i got to tell you, everybody very happy with you and the nice mild weather that we'll see, a amelia. >> another gorgeous day in store today. the weather having a pretty low impact on your day. we will notice a nice breeze and temperatures running about 20 graes above normal. highs today in the mid to upper 70s. so for the morning hours, around 7:00 a.m., temperature of about 54 degrees. so confidentbmfortably cool for early morning jog or bike ride. around the midday hours, temperatures already into the mid-60s. now, there is some rain in the forecast for tomorrow, i'll have more on the timing coming up.


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