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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  March 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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out 13 raids and arrested nine people. this morning at taliban splipte group is claiming responsibility for a bombing on sunday in pakistan. the bomber targeted christians celebrating the easter holiday at a park. officials say the bombs went off near the children's rides. horn 300 people were hurt.the government has declared three days of mourning following that attack. today if you have an emergency, d.c. e in ms crews may not be the ones taking you to the hospital. a third party ambulance service will start taking calls today in the district. amr ambulance company will deal with calls that are nonlife threatening and not time sensitive. that will increase the number of d.c. ambulances available for critical calls. 35 amr ambulances will be used for the calls. the fire chief says the new ambulances will provide more time for training and for preventive maintenance on d.c. ambulances.
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rescue department is also working on improving its response times. the department will enact a new set of policies, this comes after two firefighters were suspended last month for taking a child to the hospital in a fire truck. . the policies include having all ems workers certified in virginia. one of the firefighters in that incident was not virginia certified. all ems first responders must be approved by the department's medical director. and happening today, the last easter egg roll of the obama administration. some 35,000 kids from across the country will join the first family on the south lawn. you're be looking at video from last year. the theme this year, let's celebrate. meagan fitzgerald will be at the white house at 5:00 this morning and will have a look at how the rain may change things today. p. and time for weather and traffic on the 1s. chuck bell, will plans be ruined? >> check out the radar here this morning. all covered i
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now from hagerstown to winchester to luray to charlottesville, i-95, 270, 66 corridors. so do plan on raindrops this morning. if you could delay the easter egg roll until the afternoon, everything would be be just fine. but if they have to do it before lunch or else, it will be or else because it will be raining out there. temperatures are in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees right now. here is the way the day is planning out. moderate rain through at least 7:00, 8:00 here this morning. tapering back to showers by about lunchtime and after about 1:00, 2:00, we should be back into some sunshine. on the breezy side, that's not necessarily good news for the cherry blossoms. so four things you need to know, a rain thooe start, blustery but mild finish, the blos systsoms d hang on another day or two. we'll talk about the extended forecast coming up. so we have a couple of little items hanging around. again, not a lot of road work because we were off of road work for the
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270 northbound before 109, old hundred, left lane blocked by the crash, but we are not slowing down because of that. all of the green here of course is all of the rain falling. so going to have to be using the windshield wipers out here through the morning commute. bw parkway, 95, 29, route 1, everything here looking just fine. prince george's county, also looking good. but again, covered by rain right now. 66 at fairfax county parkway, eastbound, westbound, no problems. a live look at 95 coming up. it's 4:33 now. prince george's county detective jacai colson will be laid to rest this afternoon. his burial is set to take place about 30 minutes outside philadelphia where he grew up. thousands attended his funeral on friday in glenarden including law enforcement officers from across the country. colson was killed on march 13 by friendly fire during a shoot-out at a county police station. we've learned the teen shot
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station this weekend was a ninth grader at largo high school. devtodadevoevontavonte washingt way with his family to get a haircut when a gunman walked up, asked him a question and shot him. his taem says metro needs more security and police. >> there was no police officer in the station nowhere. my daughter says she's running looking for help and there is no one in sight. >> metro's board chairman and d.c. councilman jack evans scissors he's confident they will contact the suspect. >> our surveillance is among the best in the country. so i think it's little known fact that if you commit a crime in or around metro, we have a good record of catching everybody. >> in the meantime, grief counselors will be on hand at largo high school today to help students and staff deal with davonte's death. a woman is recovering from a shooting that happened last night on greenbelt road. police are offering a reward
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out who shot that woman. and happening today, the national institutes of health will work to fight the zika virus. it's hosting a scientific workshop. scientists from academia, government and pharmaceutical companies will get together today, trying to find out what is not known about the virus and what can be be done to speed up the development of vaccines. the cdc and the fda are also sponsoring the workshop. it is 4:35. to the campaign trail where three new wins has senator bernie sanders thinking he can at that ti take the democratic nomination. alaska, he got 82% over hillary clinton. also in washington state and hawaii. on the other side, ohio governor john kasich says republican voters should forget donald trump and ted cruz. especially after the latest tabloid reports about cruz. what candidates have to do before the next big primary when
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this morning the final four is set. villanova, oklahoma, north carolina and syracuse will play this coming weekend. their victories meant tough sometimes surprising losses for everybody else, notably virginia. the cavs were leading after the first half over syracuse last night only to be outscored by 20 points in the second half. now the team is headed home. >> happy because i've done so many great things with this team. i have brothers for life now. sad because it's over and angry because we blew that lead. and that's just the way it goes. >> the final four is in houston this saturday. national championship game is one week from tonight. >> so many brackets busted. >> forget about it. >> i did have oklahoma and north carolina in my pipe four, the problem is i had michigan state. >> and uva, poor guys. >>
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almost ended in tragedy. what was going on just at this roof collapsed. give you another live look outside this morning. what you can expect to see from this shot -- or what you can't see from this shot is rain that is coming down. but you can see the fog of course creeping in to our area. chuck bell back with more on that. . and an update on the bald eagle hes messing at a d.c. training academy. who the presidentand first lady
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take a look. one person was srs areally hurt after this porch roof collapsed during a party in maryland. reportedly hundreds of people, a lot of college students there. police were breaking up the party when the roof broke off the house. in addition to the person who was seriously hurt, who others are recovering. radar all lit up. >> and this morning is all but lost to the raindrop, but by later this afternoon, sunshine should be making a comeback. but i-95 is wet, it's raining from frederick, leesburg, ashburn, chantilly. this cold front will turn t
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it's just coming through charleston, west virginia. it's about seven hours from making the i-95 corridor. you can't really turn away thec lunchtime. so waiting on the bus, temperatures near 50 in the rain this morning, have your umbrella ready to go. 65 clearing up but turning awfully blustery this afternoon with those westerly winds. could be 30 miles an hour and higher. that could have a little bit of a bumpy impact for high profile vehicles. i heard the rain falling in montgomery county. you can see it over the beltway. so pretty much everything is getting some sort of moisture at this point. if you have to go to work today, you may see roads that may have slick spots to them here and there. going to have to use the wind sheemd wipe ertz. 270 north before old hundred, left lane blocked by a crash there. 95 south at 104 and exit 98, two
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95 at pohick road, no problems. the race for the white house got a little more narrow this weekend. senator bernie sanders swept the democratic contests. so what is hillary clinton going to do to maintain her lead and what will the gop candidate s d to beat her? and why narrator: all that political mail might be overwhelming. let's simplify. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy.
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and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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a maryland truck stop turned into a crime scene on sunday after two men were shot, one did not survive. this happened about 1:00 at the truck stop near washington boulevard in jessup, maryland. when police arrived, officers found one man dead
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the gunman nowhere in sight. a witness who did not want his face shown on camera tells us he heard some sort of scuffle and then three gunshots. >> a senseless murder on easter. nobody has any idea that you would wake up and this would happen. >> the surviving victim is from baltimore, we're told he's in stable condition. police investigators believe this is an isolated incident, but they're still looking for a suspect. charles county sheriff's deputies are looking in to what caused a fatal crash in brandywine that killed a 71-year-old woman. they are now releasing information about the crash that happened in brandywine. the driver of a car lost control and hit a tree on woodville road. the woman, mary proctor, was from brandywine and died on the scene. the driver and another passenger were treated for nonlife threatening injuries. no one expects to have a car slammed through their apartment wall. but that is what happened on sunday when a car crashed
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an annandale apartment building. fairfax county police were called to donnybrook court. one person was taken to the hospital, but police tell us the person is expected to be okay. turning to developments today in the fight to fill the empty seat on the u.s. supreme court. nominee make merrick garland will met with two on the hill. republicans have said they may sit down with him, but they insist there will be no hearing and no vote. supreme court justices will hear arguments in two cases today. first a fight over whether the equal employment commission has to pay nearly $5 million in attorney's fees after a court found in favor of a company the agency had sued. later on a constitutional question, does a person's right to a speedy trial also apply to the sentencing phase. the question comes after a took a man 14
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and now back to decision 2016. tracie potts is joinings now with bernie sanders' wins over the weekend. so sanders wants another debate now with his hmomentum. >> reporter: he's trying to get hillary clinton to take him on in her home state in new york, that will be his big focus after wisconsin. wisconsin has 96 delegates for the democrats and then new york where sanders thinks with the more progressive lector the rat, he may be able do well on hillary clinton's home turf. he certainly did well over the weekend with three big wins, washington state, alaska and hawaii. and huge margins. 70% to 80% in all of those states. >> what about the republicans? what should we be expecting ahead of tomorrow night's town hall? >> reporter: the next contest for them is wisconsin next week. they have the town hall coming up where we may see donald trump focus more on foreign policy. he seemed to try to pivot toward that over the weekend. ted cr
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obviously tried to take him on aggressively to stop him or slow him down from getting that nomination. and we're getting a lot of backlash on the personal attacks between the two, including the latest tabloid article on ted cruz, donald trump says it's disgraceful that cruz would accuse him of that. >> tracie potts, thank you. today president obama will be the keynote speaker at the awards celebration for the syracuse university toner prize for excellence in political journalism. it's part of the toner program and political reporting at syracuse. it honors the life and work of the late walden toner for the "new york times." leaders from dozens of countries are coming to d.c. this week. the nuclear security summit starts on thursday. today d.c. police and the secret service are will tell us what impact they expect if you live or work here in our area every day.
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traffic of course. this is just a fraction of the road closures. parts of mass avenue and this morning avenue northwest will be shut down. k-street, m street, parts of 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th will also be closed and metro trains will stop running through the convention area can during the security summit. this applies to sidewalks and bike lanes, too. the entire list is on the nbc washington app. end of an era for a jazz club as the last notes were played inside bohemian taverns on u street. we caught up with one of the final groups to play in the historic venue. the venue has played host to dozens of legendary jazz artists for 90 years. musicians tell us they're honored to grace the same stage. >> all the greats that have played here, duke ellington,
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shirley horn, ramsey lewis. the list goes on in terms of who has played here, who has played inside these walls. >> what a list it was. about ten years ago, omara brown and his brother bought the club but they decided this was the year to call it quits. >> great little spot. a lot of up and coming artists come through there, too. well, we are on eagle watch once again. p you take a look at the eagle cam at the d.c. police academy in southeast. still waiting for one more egg to hatch. right now it's sleeping the eagle you see. which you had expect at 5:00 it in the morning. it's not a rooster, eait's an eagle. because the radios it ter ooste early, chuck. >> oh, i know. >> some video of feeding time for you here. this is our third eaglet born in
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our area this month. two ha two hatched earlier. >> nothing like the regurgitating food that the mama feeds the eaglets. >> we're supposed to go from regurgitation to the weather? welcome back. we're all back together again after our little vacation. and now what we would really like is to have left the raindrops out of the forecast because cherry blossoms are at peak. did the fly-in on friday afternoon, unfortunately we were coming back up the river so we didn't get the great view of the basin. but did my time out there over the weekend. lots and lots of people this town taking advantage of it. and now though raindrops have moved back into our life and that will put quite a ding on the blossoms. cold front still just thousand coming through charleston, west virginia. there had been early morning rumbles t
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mountains of west virginia. mostly just light to moderate rain. a little break in the action along parts of the shenandoah valley, but i can't give you the all dry forecast until about lunchtime today. but now light to moderate rain soak all of the news 4 nation for you this morning. so the weather and how it will impact your plans, red lights this morning, lots of rain. if you can put off your outdoor plans until the afternoon, everything will be nice. later this afternoon, turning blustery, but nice side. and tomorrow another great day to be outside. what to expect, plenty evof rai early this morning. tapering off around lunchtime. should be in the upper 60s today. so far march has been 7 degrees warmer than average. the cooler pattern settling in later on in the week. p so highs today generally speaking up into the mid and upper 60s depending on where you live. and extended forecast here, 67 today a
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drying out. tuesday and wednesday look nice, but with a blustery wind around tonight into tomorrow. peak of the blossoms probably happened saturday and sunday in the rearview mirror. what is left of the blossoms will be taken down for sure late thursday night into friday and cooler weather settles in for the weekend. but weekend both days so far looking dry. eastbound southeast/southwest freeway just before potomac park, brand new report of a disabled vehicle there. left lane blocked there. 95 at scaggsville road, that does not want to -- there we go. you can see we don't have any big issues there as far as any slowdowns. 270, you can see the rain coming down, a little bit of lightning there. from 70 to the spur there, going to take you 28 minutes. so again, no major plays on all
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delays from the overnight work. 95 at exit 104 and 98, two different crashes but not slowing things too much. it's hard enough to lose a loved one. but planning the funeral can be even tougher. how one man hopes to make a hard time even easier. and how chicago hopes to turn things around when it comes to
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but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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come take a look at your screen. storm team 4 radar is lit up this morning. all that green throughout our region. chuck spell is keeping an eye on when the rain will end and we'll have a closer look at the timing of the rain at 5:01. and will that rain cancel the white house easter egg roll? we'll find out when meagan fitzgerald joins us in a few minutes. the eternal word television network mother angelica has passed away. ewtn is the world's largest catholic satellite network. just last month she received a video message from pope francis asking her to pray for him. no word on her cause of death. she was 92 years old. family and trefriends gathe ared to pay respects to tray
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he died after a dirt bike accident. walker grew up in miami. several ravens players and coaches were at saturday's tune r funeral. walker was just 23. national and local activists are planning to sue in north carolina to stop the state from enforcing anti-lgbt legislation. protests have been erupting after the governor signed a law that would prevent local governments from casting their own anti-discrimination rules for gays and lesbians. the american civil liberties union and other activist groups are planning to announce the lawsuit today in the state capital. the law comes a month after the city of charlotte passed a measure to protect those in the lgbt community from business discrimination. happening today, chicago mayor rahm emanuel is set to introduce new interim super s superintendent to the police department. eddie johnson is being
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gary mccarthy was fired after a video showed a white officer shooting a black team 16 times. johnson's appointment after emanuel recommended three finalists recommended for the permanent position. now to a consumer watch. it happens in a split second. imagine driving when the sun roof of your car suddenly shatters. . happened to a virginia family. angela took this cellphone video after the sun roof of their suv came crashing down. she says it happened while driving along loudoun county parkway. her husband was at the wheel and she and her three-year-old daughter were seated in the back. >> it was a poof, almost like an explosion. and for a second we were just silent. and the glass just came down on to my husband who was driving. >> news 4 has learned the shattering sun roof is not an isolated incident. in fact hundreds of
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the country. tonight a look at this problem and how eas a certain type of glass used in making sun roofs can break. watch shattering sun roof, only on news 4 tonight at 11:00. well, it's something you may not have thought about. how much your funeral could cost. some surveys say as low as 15 25 $00 and as high as $14,000. now comparing prices is as easy as checking out a website. the man created a website after trying to arrange his grandmother's funeral. >> whin wei realized the informn line was hard to find. >>nd website covers even the most remote towns. just enter your zip code and the website will generate prices. it gives customers the option to see an itemized list of funeral


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