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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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due to the elevator breaking down. hundreds of thousands of people, let's roll video, of people are in town to see the d.c. attractions. it happened around 3:30, and the elevator broke down for some unknown reason. some tourists were on the elevator, i'm sure you can understand when things like that happen, it's kind of scary, especially when you're in the washington monument. 40 people had to walk down at least 20 stories. we talked to a family from new york, dad, mom, two kids, they all had to come down. let's hear what they had to say. >> how far did you have to walk down? >> we had to walk down about 500 feet. we have three kids. they were kind of determined and did it, were great. we're just happy to get out of there as quickly as we were able to. >> looking at a live picture of the washington monument on this beautiful day. elevator technicians are looking at it i trooing to figure out why this continues to
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we have counted at least eight times since may of 2015, that the washington monument elevator has malfunctioned. i've stood out here approximately four times reporting on this over and over again. hopefully technicians can figure out what exactly is going on. so when all of these tourists come to town and the group comes to check this thing out they can go up, have a great time and come down on the elevator. live in northwest d.c., i'm shomari stone, back to you. >> thank you. teenager is in police custody this evening, charged as an adult with murder. >> he's accused of killing another teen on a metro platform as the victim's family watched it all happen. news4's pat collins live at d.c. superior court where the suspect made his first appearance. pat? >> wendy, they didn't know each other. they had no history. so what's the mote i have been for this murder? you won't believe the
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when they led maurice bellamy into the courtroom, he was shackled, under heavy guard. when they led maurice bellamy into the courtroom, there was a wail of tears. the mother of the victim cried out "that's the man! that's the man who shot my baby." the police chief moved by this case of murder. >> the loss of a 15-year-old under any circumstances is tragic. but certainly in this case, even more so. as it appears that there's just no reason for it. >> 17-year-old maurice bellamy. charged as an adult with the murder of davonte washington. it happened last saturday afternoon on the platform of the deanwood metro station. davonte washington, an athlete, a member of the junior rotc. on his way to get a haircut for easter sund
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according to the family, davonte is sitting inside one of those plexiglass passenger shelters on platform. he's with his mother and two little sisters. a guy comes up and taps on the window. davonte gets up, walks outside and the guy says, what are you looking at me for? you know me from somewhere? davonte says what? at that point they say the guy pulls out a gun and shoots davonte not once, but twice. shoots him and kills him in front of his mother and his two little sisters. >> we have to talk to my granddaughters every day. we have to hold them and calm them down every day, because they're reliving it. >> coming up at 6:00, a somber family reunion here at superior court. i'll see you then. chris, back to you. right now in fairfax county, crews on the scene of a large house fire in the winds that we've been watching outside have been helping it to spread fairly quickly. chopper 4 was over the scene this afternoon ang
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fire crews found flames and smoke shooting out of a roof and chimney when they got there. no reports of injuries. at the live desk we've learned that a d.c. fire captain is facing theft charges, accused of stealing a book from a home where he was fighting a fire. it happened last night during a two-alarm fire on gate road in northwest. police say a fellow firefighter told them he saw captain allen nazneski take a book from the home and put it in a black jacket and put it in a fire engine. the book he's accused of taking is an airline visual identity, 1945-1975, and is known as a source book for airline graphic design it sells on amazon for about $270. the captain is now on leave. tle said they apprehended the guy, we feel pretty safe. >> feel safe when i get out.
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down. >> we feel good, we walked out, we feel like security is here. >> with all the tourism that's still going on. we figured it was a safe place to be. look at all the law enforcement around here keeping us safe. >> tourists back on the capitol today, a day after a police shot and injured a man at the visitors center. officers still on high alert, news4's darcy spencer live on the hill with the latest and a security scare that occurred this morning. >> the suspect remains in the hospital, at this hour, at last check still in critical condition. the capitol visitors center did reopen first thing this morning, a lot of people came out. there was that security scare with, a couple of backpacks, but everything is back to normal. we start the story tonight with one woman who says she was supposed to be there yesterday when the shots rang out. ? we're just feeling really blessed. >> that's because valerie hernandez and h
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have been there when u.s. capital police shot and wounded a man who aimed a gun at officers at the cath toll visitors center monday afternoon. >> our original tour was scheduled during the time that the shooting happened yesterday. but our flight was delayed from california. >> not long after it opened for the first time since monday's chaos, one of the screening areas was temporarily shut down. police investigated two unattended backpacks in the area, both were deemed safe. >> it's just another day. i feel safe when i get out. i don't let fear keep me locked down. >> larry dawson is the man charged in connection with the gun incident. he's a tennessee minister and turns out he was carrying a real-looking pellet gun. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. >> i think that it's sad that the guy was from tennessee because we're from tennessee. so that's kind of embarrassing. >> dawson is listed as a pastor of a church in antioch, tennessee. >> i'm larry
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>> nbc news learned in 2014 he was turned down for a funeral director's license in tennessee. state officials say he had violated a protective order after he said god told him he was supposed to sleep with a teenaged girl. last october he was ordered to stay away from the capitol following his arrest for an outburst in the gallery of the house of representatives. he said he was a prophet of god. >> we're just hoping that everything is okay and safe and that security, that they're just taking proper precautions. >> coming up, why so many are praising the actions of u.s. capitol police yesterday and why one lawmaker said the incident goes to show why we need to keep strong gun control laws on the books here in washington. wendy, back to you. >> thanks, darcy. we now know that the prince george's county man who was hit and killed by a train in lanham is suspected in three shootings, they include two victims at a truck stop in howard county and a woman just outside of greenbelt.
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wilkins live in lanham with what police believe led to all of this. >> domestic violence is something that the prince george's county police department and the state's attorney are all focused on. we have seen women lose their lives, we have seen children lose their lives. and this incident, three people were shot, two of them innocent men, who had nothing to do with this. >> they were shot, yes. it was hard. >> neighbors in this apartment building heard a shooting rampage as it came to an end. and the 8600 block of greenbelt road. >> it was a mixture of voices and sounds. yelling and hitting and everything. >> police say 52-year-old justin del prado shot a woman he had a relationship with on sunday. she survived. del prado arrived here hours after shooting two men at a truck stop in maryland.
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howard county police believe del parado shot and killed 44-year-old chad daniel of florida. and shot and injured 57-year-old warren weedon of baltimore. both member were truckers who did not know one another or del prado. police believe it was a case of mistaken identity and that del prado may have been looking to shoot someone else. monday morning he commits suicide by throwing himself in front of a train in lanham in this bizarre case, innocent lives were pulled into what police believe started as some kind of a domestic dispute. >> the woman is in stable condition and expected to be okay. police tell thaus they have no history of domestic violence, any reports of problems happening inside of that home. howard county police say that their investigation even with the suspect dead, will continue, because they want answers to find out exactly why all of this unfolded the way it did. and why those two men were shot. reporting live in lanham, i'm tracee wilkins, back
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this evening we're hearing about a little girl in montgomery county who emergency officials say made the right call. when she found her dad in need of medical help, she dialed 911. >> how old are you, honey? >> i'm seven years old. >> okay, is your mommy or daddy there? >> my dad is on the floor and he's on the ground sleeping. is. >> is there anybody else there with you? >> no, it's only me, my mom is at work and my grandpa's at work. >> i mean you can also hear the patience of that dispatcher. treating the little girl very, very gently. well tomorrow, the little girl and her parents will get a chance to meet that 911 operator. and get a tour of the emergency call center. well did you feel it? the u.s. geological survey says this weekend we had an earth quake. a little tiny earthquake. 2.3. it happened in louisa county,
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virginia, a short distance from the town of mineral, virginia. which was put on the map back in 2011 when we had our bigger east coast earthquake. >> we're nearly past peak bloom but if you haven't gone down to the tidal basin yet, you're not necessarily out of luck. we found plenty of cherry trees that still have their blossoms, the national park service said the blossoms do pop, they can remain for up to ten days. >> but it's a howling wind out there amelia, it's startling how much it's blowing. >> we'll continue to track breezy to windy conditions right on through sunday. it is bringing some of the beautiful flowers down. the national park service declared that friday started the day of peak bloom and the winds not helping. this picture was sent to me yesterday. you can see the petals down in the tidal basin. with the wind it's going to continue to pull the flowers off of the trees. if
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tidal basin you'll want at least a light jacket. when the wind comes off of the water, you'll feel the chill. 60 degrees right now, it will be breezy until about 7:00, 7:30. after that the winds diminish and remain clear and cold. tomorrow we start off with temperatures in the 30s, more on what you can expect throughout the day and the latest on the winds into the weekend in my full forecast. donald trump defending his campaign manager, corey lewandowski after police in jupiter, florida, charged him with simple battery for grabbing the arm of a reporter. surveillance video appears to show lewandowski grabbing or pushing former breitbart reporter michelle fields out of the way at a campaign event. fields says she has bruising from that incident. in a statement, trump says lewandowski is innocent. and believe he is will be exonerated. computers have been hacked at medstar health hoa
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doctors' offices. if it is ransom ware, should they pay the hackers' demands? we'll hear from a local threat intelligence expert. ahead. after the death of a local man, fairfax county police changing the rules about the way they use force. and along with the blossoms, a true sign spring has arrived here in washington, food, beer, parking changes, we've got everything you need toknow be fo wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards,
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one of the biggest hospital systems in our area is recovering from a malware attack that sent it back a few decades. >> medstar, doctors and nurses have been forced to use paper for record-keeping and patient information for the last two days. well today some computer systems are starting to come back online. >> news4's chris gordon is live at washington hospital center where i imagine patients are a little concerned. >> you're about to hear from a woman who is downright worried. her husband needs daily radiation treatment and he is not getting them because of this computer problem. medstar says its top priorities are the safety of patients and the quality of care. medstar tells me they are
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restoring their clinical i.t. systems. their computer network was attacked by malware monday morning. they reported it to the fbi, which is investigating. are not confirming whether the computer virus is ransom ware. when cybercriminals demand ransom payable in untraceable bitcoins to restore computer access. adam vincent runs threat connect. a cybersecurity firm in arlington, virginia. >> if they do find that it is ransom ware and i imagine they do know that already, they could pay the ransom and therefore get all their computers back immediately. or they could start the process of rebuilding their networks and their computers, which could take weeks, if not months. >> down time caused by a cyberattack is dangerous for a hospital this woman says her husband's cancer radiation treatment was canceled yesterday, and today. >> he needs a treatment as do many, many others tha
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there. so we're worried, but i have faith that they'll have it fixed. i'm praying by tomorrow. >> just last month, hollywood presbyterian medical center in california paid ransom of $17,000 to restore normal computer operations after its computers were frozen. but local security specialist threat connect recommends against paying ransom. >> the only message we send by paying them, is that other organizations will pay them as well. again, we want to stress that medstar is not saying this was or was not a ransom ware attack. now coming up on news4 at 6:00, tips from cyberexperts, how to protect your computer at home and at work. that's the latest, live in northwest washington. chris, back to you. >> thanks, chris. a lot of kids face extended stays in the hospital. but now they're getting something to take their minds off their illnesses.
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kerrigan. the washington redskins linebacker visited innova hospital to establish kerrigan's corner. stuffed with laptops and entertainment systems. the nats are playing two exhibition games here at home this weekend. the regular season starts next week. news4's tom sherwood takes a look at the nats ballpark and some changes you can expect this season. >> there are touch-ups here and touch-ups there. and a multimillion-dollar makeover of the high-end diamond club behind home plate. the nats ballpark in southeast is starting its ninth season along the fast-changing anacostia river waterfront. and again this year, women and virginia residents make up a lot of the fan base. >> the 42% of our ticket-buy
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we're constantly looking at ways to improve the experience. >> a 75% of the fans come with another family member? >> we have a number of fans, we a majority from virginia and of course from maryland and the district. >> in addition to the stadium spruce-up and maintenance, the ballpark is diversifying food offerings even more to appeal to wider audiences and taste and give-aways like this star bryce harper bobblehead. a 25,000 promotion giveaway on may 11th. >> 25,000 encourages fans to come out early and enjoy the park. >> you've been warned, tom sherwood, news4. in just a few minutes, folks in loudoun county will be meeting about a change in scenery. coming their way. dominion, virginia power has plans to build some transmission lines. the exact route is still being decided. we know it would be right along route 50. initially people opposed the orin
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came one two more choices and folks seem to be embracing those. >> we are coming together as a community, to try to work with dominion power to reallocate the power lines not on route 50, but an alternative route. >> a public hearing on the new route kicks off at 6:00 at freedom high school in south riding. the county says the new routes make better use of land and lessen the negative impact of the project. the fbi didn't need apple after all. a new twist in the fight over the locked phone belonging to a terrorist and why this controversy still isn't over. and a fight over women's rights and health care. virginia's gove r
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy,
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"has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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> >> a breezy day out there today. and it will be breezy to windy at times right on through sunday so find the windbreaker, keep it handy for the remainder of the week. not a lot of rain in the forecast. some rain later thursday on into friday. about you what you're going to be noticing are the winds. so tomorrow we'll have breezy conditions, especially during the afternoon. thursday, we're windy. friday, we're breezy. both saturday andd
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i think saturday will be a little bit better than sunday, because temperatures will be warmer. right now, 60 degrees, winds out of the northwest at about 15 miles per hour. gusts around 20. beautiful sunshine. but with clear skies and dry air over us, it's going to be a cold start tomorrow. despite that the weather having a low impact on your day. winds not as strong as they were today. here's what you can anticipate tomorrow morning. low temperatures will start off in the 30s. maybe even some 20s in areas like frederick. washington, a low temperature of 37 degrees. working towards noon, temperatures warm into the mid 50s with plenty of sunshine a high tomorrow of 62. we'll hit it at 4:00 in the yoong. by 7:00, a temperature of 58 degrees, so still pretty nice. talking about the allergy report and i'm going to blame my voice issues on that, all the seasonal allergy sufferers out there, i feel you with
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continuing to come in with pollen, maple and box elders, weeds, grasses and mold coming in at low. dining out tonight. a little chilly or even firing up the grill. it will feel like temperatures are in the upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow i would recommend eating outdoors, cool but nice. and then on thursday, rain potentially impacting the outdoor plans. let me show you the timing on thursday, high of 70. most of the day is looking dry, not too bad with mild conditions. but remember it will be breezy to windy throughout the day. by 2:00, notice how we're dry, only limited sunshine. early evening hours, future weather still dry. as we start to move into the later evening and overnight hours, there's the chance of rain impacting the area. a high likelihood of some rain on friday. a high of 74. we'll have more on the weekend coming up in a little bit. >> thank hang in there, amelia. the bill
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it may not impact a new exhibit here in washington. >> the smithsonian continues to its plan to put some of his prize possessions on display. a medical breakthrough that could impact a quarter million veterans. but at $1,000 a pill, who's going to pay for the prescription? news4 i-team investigation just ahead. new training under way for fairfax county police officers, as the department reengineers its use of force tactics and
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"a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message.
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scott mcfarlane, at the live desk. police and firefighters in virginia have evacuated people from some of the baggage carousels and ticket counters at dulles international airport. we're told that a suspicious eye testimony was found by a canine on site. it evacuated people from carousels 3-8 in the baggage claim area and some of the main terminal's arrival and departure areas. the airport roadways are open. can you still go to and from dulles, for the current period of time, baggage claims are evacuated there. keep you posted at the live desk as more information comes in. for now, chris, back to you. >> overseas, belgians are marking a week since the deadly terror attacks in brussels, now we're learning 32 people were killed in the attacks, which is
5:31 pm
what officials said yesterday. but 90 other people are still in the hospital and nbc's keir simmons has more. >> officials are correcting the number of people they say were killed in the attack. they initially said that 35 people have been killed, not including the three suicide bombers. now they say the number is 32. it comes after they had to release a man they had charged with terrorist assassination or terrorist murder. a man that the belgian media has said police believed was the man in white, seen in security footage, at the airport. walking with two of the suicide bombers, moments before they detonated their explosives. meanwhile, we hear that there are now 44 people in the hospital still suffering from injuries after the attacks. those injured people come from 20 different nations. back to you. >> well, it wasn't terror, it was personal. that word today from officials in egypt.
5:32 pm
man who was wearing fake explosives. he ordered the plane to land in cyprus. where he let most of the passengers go. police say he was demanding to speak to his ex-wife. this hijacking did end peacefully after several hours. and video released today shows the man being screened at the airport. but the incident is raising new concerns about security. last october, 224 people were killed when a russian airliner crashed over the sinai desert. russia claims that plane was brought down by a home-made bomb. retraining is under way tonight in fairfax county, where police want to make sure officers understand the new use of force policy. >> our bureau chief julie carey reports from the criminal justice academy in chantilly, where she got to see dramatic training firsthand. >> the police shooting death of an unarmed john gere in 2013 put fairfax
5:33 pm
force in a harsh spotlight. but the chief said when he took over the month before that incident, one of his first goals was to review and retool the department's use of force policy. the new approach now being taught in these realistic drills, take cover. take time. deescalate. >> when you can, where is the opportunity to take that deep breath, step back and slow it down. >> these virtual reality videos challenge the officers with dramatic scenarios. here police are called to deal with a man menacing others with chainsaw. >> sir, put the chainsaw down or i'm going to taze you. >> the officers keep their distance, communicate clearly, threat ton use the tazer, but don't end up needing to deploy this less than lethal force. this 20-year veteran says it's the way he's always approached policing. but adds the refresher course can help. >> it was alwaysb
5:34 pm
deescalation, because no officer wants the physical confrontation, i don't want to have to draw my service weapon, i don't want to have a fight. i would much rather have peaceful compliance. that's always been our goal. >> and this officer, new to the force in december says the realistic practice is valuable. >> it's getting more tools on your toolbelt that are less lethal. you have the pepper spray, which is very effective. the tazer is also very effective. and it's getting more comfortable with those tools that you don't have to go to deadly force unless absolutely needed. >> julie carey, news4. a legal standoff between the government and apple. now over. >> all because the fbi found another way to hack the iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. >> nbc's justice correspondent pete williams joins us, outside the supreme court with more on the implications. do we know if they have found anything in that phone yet? >> they have found something in the phone. but it's encrypted, so it's going to take them a while to unscramble it. at the end of the da
5:35 pm
his day-to-day business as a health inspector, a restaurant inspector in san bernardino. whether it's going to contain anything beyond his business, we don't know yet. the fbi doesn't know. it will take some time to descramble it. >> pete, since the fbi was able to crack this on their own, i mean is apple still concerned about the threats to their customer security, privacy? >> yes, and a big question here is will the fbi tell apple how it did it? now the general policy is, when the federal government discovers some sort of a vulnerability in hardware or software, it generally tells the manufacturers so they can fix it for the sake of consumers. but the fbi probably wants some time to look at this to see for example will this work with other phones that the nation's police departments have that are locked that they believe contain critical evidence? or is this just good for one ride only? was it only good on an iphone 5 c running the particular version of ios that syed farook ha
5:36 pm
and see what the implications of this are before they tell apple. assuming they can tell apple. it is possible, we don't know whether this is the case or not. but sometimes when the government works these things out, it has a nondisclosure agreement with whoever came forward with the idea. saying they will never reveal it. so the fbi has not said who did this or how. whether they will eventually tell apple, we don't know. >> another topic, pete, the supreme court nominee, merritt garland. he his first meeting today with a republican senator, illinois's matt kirk. should we read anything into this? >> mark kirk is a home state senator, remember, merritt garland is from chicago. mark kirk said before the break that he thought his senate republican colleagues should as he put it, man up and vote for garland this was a foregone conclusion that he was going to meet wi
5:37 pm
it doesn't indicate the dam breaking on merritt garland. 15 republicans in the senate, including him, have said they're willing to meet with merritt garland. but only two of them have said that garland deserves a full up senate floor vote. so that's mark kirk and also susan collins of maine. so that's not exactly what, what it's going to take to get him confirmed. the leadership continues to say there should be no vote. that it should be up to the next president. >> still an uphill battle on that front. thanks so much, pete. there was a plan under way to defund planned parenthood. but now virginia's governor is stepping in. >> after vice president joe biden watched his son, bo. lose his fight against cancer,
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
big announcement from the world's largest soup maker. campbell's says it will complete a switch to cans that do not use the chemical bpa. it could happen by the middle of next year. bpa is used to protect foods from directly coming in contact with the surface of a metal can. but bpa has been linked to increased risks of cancer. brain damage and hormonal problems. the fda maintains that bpa is safe in the levels that are being used in these cans.
5:41 pm
mcauliffe said he would be a brick wall against efforts to block women's health care and today the governor says he's fulfilling his promise by vetoing a bill that tried to block state funding of planned parenthood. >> the decisions about individual women's health care decisions, should be between a woman and their doctor. >> virginia's legislature is one of several that have tried to limit public funding of planned parenthood because it performs abortions. president obama has vetoed a federal effort to defund the group as well. >> by april 15th, a lot of people going to be writing checks to the irs. find out what you need to do right now to avoid any costly penalties. and a medical breakthrough that could impact a quarter million veterans, at $1,000 a pill who's going to pay for the
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stronger is blasting without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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tonight a news4 i-team investigation into a billion-dollar prescription problem. the cost of treating veterans for one type of illness. is now exploding and that goes for hundreds of the military vets here in the d.c. area. the government ha
5:45 pm
that treats hepatitis c. but as your scott mcfarlane and the i-team found out, the government has to find a way to continue paying for it. >> bernard krosky doesn't like to talk about 1968. an army sergeant fighting in vietnam. >> i got shot four different times. twice in two weeks. >> wounded in the head and neck. but that's not all. >> you got hepatitis c, also? >> yes. >> in the four decades since, hepatitis c began destroying his liver. doctors at the va caught it and advise he try a new pill. >> he said you need to get on this program. >> doctors say harvoni and another new medicine are cutting edge, highly effective and there's universal agreement that's deserved and earned the treatment free of charge. the problem is, bernard kroskey he took for 16 weeks cost
5:46 pm
each. treating just one veteran can cause the va and ultimately taxpayers an estimated $40,000. the drug maker says the pills cost less than previous treatments used to fight hepp c because it offer as cure. but the company is nevertheless under new scrutiny in congress for the cost of these pills. >> the chair of the u.s. house committee says veterans deserve the pills at the same price available in developing countries where the medicine can cost $400 a bottle. at the martinsberg va center they began dispensing the new medication about a year ago. chris goldswing and his brother from maryland were both treated. said they had to qualify first. >> they're checking you to see how you're going to do on it so they don't waste the medicine. >> they want to make sure you're disciplined. >> that's correct. >> that you don't drink alcohol. that you have enough acuity to take your pill when you're supposed to take it. >> how many of these patients are they seeing here in martinsburg? our review of agency records found about 20as
5:47 pm
our review also found a similar number and perhaps more importantly a fast-rising number at the medical centers in d.c., maryland and virginia. more than 1,000 veterans total in our region. the price tag for all those pills for d.c.-area veterans alone, more than $64 million last year, according to the records obtained by the i-team. nationwide it will cost the agency and taxpayers more than $1 billion this year alone. despite a 50% discount the drug maker offers to the va and the agency will soon expand distribution of the pills to quote many more veterans. didn't specify how many of the estimated quarter of a million vets with the disease that will be added this year. back at the martinsburg medical center this doctor says the two medications are are more than 90% effective. better than the weaker treatments he used to administer. >> years ago the treatment was very complicated and many side effects. the patients feel ill during the treatment. >> the manufacturer
5:48 pm
and soldali said it offers discounts on the drug to most people who pay for it the largest the company says goes to the va. but for now, in the u.s., these small pills will remain at least a $1 billion billa year for taxpayers. >> i like living, i said if this is going to help me live, i'm going to be committed to taking this medication. >> keeping veterans like bernard croskey alive. scott mcfarlane. you can see the i-team's full coverage on this issue has impacted local veterans at local va medical centers. the redskins boast the most famous offensive line in nfl history. but one former member of the hogs is in legal trouble in the district. a police report obtained by news4 shows george stark was arrested last night for an incident of domestic violence, officials say stark was staying at the w
5:49 pm
argument that turned physical. the victim said he hit her in the face and she ran into the bathroom and called 911. we've had a blustery day, i saw people trying to eat lunch outside. you had to tether your sandwich down and hide. put up a wind block. i'm guessing one of the sunshine. >> when you didn't have the wind. if you had something to block the wind, the sun was lovely and warm. >> we'll have the sunshine, but without the wind. >> they're dying down a little bit. they're going to be a little breezy. but not quite as gusty as today and they were gusty last night. gusting up to 40, 50 miles per hour. today in, 25-30-mile-per-hour range. tomorrow we'll have wind speeds sustained at about 10 miles per hour. so still a little breezy. but not all that gusty out there. but as we go through the weekend, the winds are going to come up. they're going to come down. that's march for you. we're going into april by the time we get into next
5:50 pm
think april 1 is friday. but the winds are going to stay with us. now again they will die down after 7:00, 8:00 and pick up again on thursday, thursday, we have a warm-up. the winds coming from the south. so temperatures warming up into the 70s, how does that sound? we do have some rain possible on thursday night into friday. it looks like it's trending a little later. temperatures around the 60-degree mark. we did in d.c. make it out to the 60s, winds are still kicking out there. dying down after about 7:00, 8:00 tonight. winds are going light. the sun goes down about 7:30, that's when we'll get fairly cold. temperatures are going to drop quickly. we will fall into the 30s tonight. it's not the growing season. the national weather service is not going to issue a frost or freeze advisory. because it's not the growing season. that doesn't mean we're the not going to see any. you might want to bring the potted plants in or cover up the sensitive vegetation. very cold and sunny as we go through your morning. when you're walking to w i
5:51 pm
cold tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 30s. will warm up to around 60. with plenty of sunshine. here's a look at your hourly forecast. right around 60 degrees, a little wind. tomorrow, much nicer than today. and future weather we are looking at some rain moving in by the time we get into thursday. now it's trending a little bit later, but it looks like we could have rain by thursday night. cherry blossoms is out there. coming down. and with the winds, they will continue to come down. so take your jacket out there for the next four days, temperatures warming up and we're cooling down for the weekend. at the live desk we've learned a person is died in a partial structural collapse in manassas, firefighters say they found the body in reinhardt food service warehouse. two people airlifted. three more taken to the hospital. but not hurt seriously. firefighters say part of a 50,000 square-foot refrigerator system at the warehouse collapsed on those people. the
5:52 pm
half the building. more as it comes in on our nbc washington app. well, if you owe the irs money but you can't pay all of your taxes by the due date, don't panic. consumer reporter susan hogan joins us with important information on what you should do to avoid the costly penalties. >> whether you owe the irs hundreds or thousands of dollars, the worst that you can do is ignore filing your return. so here are four tax tips to save you from paying a penalty for filing late. file on time. pay as much as you can. get a loan or use a credit card to pay your tax. the interest and fees charged by a bank or credit card may be less than the irs interest and penalties. use the online payment agreement tool. you don't need to wait for the irs to send you a bill, before you ask for a payment plan. you can set up an installment plan to help lesson the blow. and even set up a direct debit agreement. most importantly, don't ignore the tax bill if you get one.
5:53 pm
the irs may take collection action if you do. if you're suffering financial hardships, the irs says it will try to work with you. no matter what, file on time, even if you owe, this year's tax deadline is april 18th. for more information, to get on a payment plan go to our nbc washington app and search tax time. back to you. >> thank you susan. now today hollywood is remembering legendary actress patty duke. she passed away this morning at the age of 69. but boy, duke was best known for playing identical cousins on the "patty duke show" back in the 1960s. remember patty and her cousin, kathy? >> it was a role as helen keller at the age of 16 in "the miracle worker" which earned her an academy award. duke was diagnosed with bipolar disorder back in the '80s and was a tireless advocate for mental health. her agent says her intestine ruptured and she died if a
5:54 pm
infection that set in. she survived by her husband and three sons, including actor sean astin. well the key to finding a cure for cancer, it may be inside the patient. johns hopkins is getting big financial hel to speedp p wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are.
5:55 pm
le for the content of this advertising. they say character is what you do when no one is watching. david trone banned the box so people who've paid their debt to society could have a chance. and fought so hard for criminal justice reform, they named a center after him. and because education was his way out david offered it free to employees. and over 14 years ago began offering them partner benefits. evening the playing field has always been david's mission. in congress it'll be his job. it's not how you run, it's how you live.
5:56 pm
and i approve this message. the smithsonian's new african history museum will display two items related to bi
5:57 pm
tv shows along with a comedy album. they'll be displayed as part of an entertainment exhibit and a spokesperson says the labels for these items will not currently address the allegations against cosby. but that could change. vice president joe biden has been an advocate for cancer research ever since his son beau died from brain cancer last may. today the fight to find a cure just got a major boost. >> former mayor michael bloomberg and others are donating big money to create a cancer-fighting institute at johns hopkins university in baltimore. the idea is to change the way doctors fight this disease. >> as part of his moon shot call to kill cancer, vice president joe biden here in baltimore to announce a huge $125 million gift to start an immunotherapy cancer center here at johns hopkins. the vice president feels it has the
5:58 pm
of cancer in the future. >> this is personal for so many of us that are in this hall. and the millions of americans who face that dreaded phrase "i'm afraid you have cancer." >> for vice president joe biden, it hits close to the vest. his son, beau, died last may from brain cancer. now he's leading the white house effort to find a cure as soon as possible. >> the progress that we are going to make over the next ten years will eclipse everything that's happened over the previous 50 years, maybe longer. >> former new york city mayor, michael bloomberg and philanthropist, sidney kooimer, donated the lion's share of $125 million monday to start an immunotherapy center at hopkins to push biden's agenda. >> like the effort to put a human on the moon, ending cancer is a dream that
5:59 pm
technology, it is within our reach for the very first time and if we succeed, it will really be another great leap forward for mankind. >> immunotherapy uses patient's immune systems to destroy cancer cells, done by uncloaking cancer cells to be seen by cancer-killing immune cells, the process has had some success, with all types of cancer patients, and the funding they say will make it even better. well it's a very sad development. and this is the consequence of the culture of the trump campaign. >> right now at 6:00, the republican front-runner is defending his campaign manager who has been arrested and charge with the battery today. after allegedly grabbing a reporter. >> that aide says he's innocent. some say this video is proof. an arrest in the murder of that 15-y
6:00 pm
metro station. the suspect, another teen. the motive? wait until you hear the motive. >> one day after chaos at the capitol, new details about the man who was shot and wounded by police inside the capitol visitors center. >> and why congress may have already been preparing for something like this to happen. >> now the most turbulent presidential campaign seen in modern memory. today police charged donald trump's campaign manager with simple battery. >> his name? corey lewandowski. a reporter accused him of yanking her arm hard enough to leave bruises. tonight we're getting our first close look at surveillance video that appears to back up her allegations. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with the trump campaign's response. hi, steve. >> doreen, donald trump not backing down. he knows this plays into his opponent's nrr


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