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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  April 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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of thunderstorms. you can see some activity down around the charlottesville area as well. this will allow cooler air to move in tomorrow and then feeling like winter by sunday. here is the latest with future weather. notice how at 5:30 it still has some strong thunderstorms, but mainly well east of our area moving even past baltimore at that point and then a lone cell down here around the fredericksburg area. 6:00 continuing to track some isolated showers and thunderstorms impacting the area, and by 8:00 p.m., we are completely dry and will start to turn cooler. any storm that we see this afternoon on into the early evening hours has the potential to have high winds and very heavy rain and the potential for some small hail as well. we're at 81. first time we've hit 80 since early november. by 9:00 we're dry around 70. 11:00, 66. windchills in the 20s on sunday. we'll time it all out for you at 5:25. >> we'llbe
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afternoon. but first a vicious assault in the heart of old town alexandria. >> and the victim is dead. the attack happened on tuesday on south alfred street just a block from busy king street. news4's jackie bensen is there working to learn more about the victim and just what happened. jackie? >> reporter: well, we know that he was just taking an evening stroll about 9:30 tuesday night here in the 200 block of south alfred street. as you said, just south of the busy king street area. we know that he's 69 years old. police say they found the man injured but conscious. obviously something had happened to him. he was taken to the hospital and, of course, we have been informed he has now died a few days later and police tell us that they believe this was an attempted robbery of that 69-year-old man taking a walk, taking an evening stroll just about a block or so from his home. now right now police are
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may have seen something here. very busy part of old town alexandria, hoping to get some information on someone who would take advantage of someone this age just out walking at night. back to you. >> jackie bensen, thank you. new developments late today in the richmond shooting that killed a state trooper. police reveal that 17 troopers, special agents and supervisors were taking part in the training at the bus terminal. chad dermyer was new to the unit. 34 years james brown iii opened fire on the trooper. two plainclothes officers pulled their weapons shooting and killing brown. police detailed brown's criminal history. >> his history includes a variety of illegal drug charges, a variety of violent offenses, including gun violence in his history. brown's firearm was recovered alongside him in the restaurant are
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unspent ammunition. >> a 21-year-old woman was grazed by a bullet, and a 47-year-old woman was wounded in that shooting. >> the good news is that police tell us both of them are expected to precover. david culver has been following this story. you have to imagine this is having a huge impact on law enforcement. >> you're right. as we learned today the trooper's death combined with recent police tragedies making it extremely difficult for those who serve and protect. >> reporter: images becoming too routine. a flag at half-staff, a vehicle draped in bunting. the shrouded badge. michael mcsellers emotionally drained by word of another fallen officer. trooper chad dermyer's death more personal than others. >> it reminded me of my own. i was a marine. i was a marine. chad had been married to his wife 15 years. i have been married to my wife 15 years. he had a son and a daughter.
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>> reporter: as an officer and chaplain with state police, trooper mcsellers drove to richmond last night to comfort his colleagues. >> we definitely need people to pray for us, you know, and to uplift us because it can be discouraging. >> reporter: recent police tragedies including prince william county police officer ashley guindon's death. trooper mckeller's job has questioned his son. >> i don't think you should be a police officer anymore and it took me off guard a little bit. we were just eating breakfast. and i was like why son? he was like, just concerned for you. people don't like you just for the uniform you wear and my wife jumped straight in, and she's like dad's going to be okay. god got his back. >> the trooper admitted to me he himself has considered leaving at times. who motivates him and his law enforcement colleagues to stay on the
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at 6:00. >> some powerful coincidences in their stories. thank you so much, david. right now a lot of disappointment for folks visiting the national mall. the washington monument has been shut down for the second time this week, yet another elevator malfunction. this time it got stuck nearly 500 feet in the air just after it dropped off visitors at the observation deck. 86 people are up there and walked down the entire way. the elevator also got stuck tuesday and reopened wednesday morning. this time the park service says the monument will be closed all day tomorrow. the newspaper vendor wanted for stabbing someone at the addison road metro station turned himself into police today. police say daniel brown was handing out express newspapers when he stabbed a man after an argument. brown now faces attempted murder, first-degree assault, and other charges. the victim is now recovering from some serious injuries. well, tonight police in fairfax county are looking for the man who robbed a woman and then sexually assaulted her behi
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>> it happened in the 7000 block of come thers street in springfield. police have a picture of his car and it is recognizable. news4's kristin wright is live in springfield to tell us and show us more about that. >> reporter: it's so alarming to just every single person we talked to today. a woman simply out walking forced into this dumpster, robbed, and sexually assaulted, but that car, that car is a real clue. a woman forced into a dumpster, robbed, and sexually assaulted. police say she was walking behind the commerce plaza shopping center in springfield, virginia, when she was attacked by a man who still has not been caught. it happened steps away from suka sangh's restaurant. >> it's too bad. >> reporter: police put out surveillance pictures showing a distinct red car they say the man was driving. there's a big whitish/gray mark on the driver's side door. businesses are posting the
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sangh says a lot of people cut through this back area early in the morning and now he is worried for his female employees. >> so i just tell them careful. but it's like early in the morning. you see a lot of people. people are walking and going and this is -- i don't know how this happened. >> reporter: police say the man also took money from the woman. she was able to make it home after being sexually assaulted and call police. >> it's good the community comes to learn about it so that we can be careful in the evening, take friends when we walk and make sure we're vigilant. that's the most important thing. >> reporter: tonight on news4 at 6:00, what police are doing now to find this man. chris, back to you. >> thank you, kristin. talk about a statement. this one is four stories high and it was meant to send a message to the world leaders meeting at the nuclear security summit. demonstrators inflated this giant balloon shaped like a missile in mcpherson square. the group global zero is calling on all countrie
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arsenals. an estimated 15,000 warheads exist worldwide. russia and the united states possess about 90% of them. the leaders of 50 countries are huddling at the convention center trying to figure out how to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of trifererrorists. president obama said the world has measurably reduced the risk of terrorism. he particularly praised argentina, uzbekistan and switzerland for eliminating their stockpiles but he acknowledged the islamic state has already used chemical weapons and al qaeda is trying to get his hands on nuclear material. >> there is no doubt that if these mad men ever got their hands on a nuclear bomb or nuclear material, they must certainly would use it to kill as many innocent people as possible. >> president obama also met with the leaders from the six nations that helped negotiate that historic nuclear deal with iran. going to show you a live look at the white house
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now. marijuana activists are planning to gather across the street from the white house in freedom plaza tomorrow and then they're going to light up. recreational marijuana use is legal in the district, but smoking marijuana in public is not. the demonstrators say they expect to be arrested. the group that helped to get the legalization of pot on the ballot last year is behind the protest. the laws aren't uniform across the country. protesters want the president to change that before he leaves office. >> we thought we were getting change. if he wants us to come out and vote for the democratic nominee, which i'm sure he does, he needs to do this now. >> the freedom plaza demonstration starts at 2:00 tomorrow. tonight, an urgent warning from scientists. zika has the potential to spread across the country this mosquito season. doreen gents lzler is with us
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bath right here in prince george's county. i'm tracee wilkins. coming up on news4, i'm going to take you for a tour of the largest muslim center in the weern hemisphere. st
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but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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developing right now at 5:00, hundreds of doctors, scientists and mosquito experts gathering for a summit at the cdc. they're concerned about the potential for the zika virus to spread throughout the country and they are focused on pregnant women. there's growing evidence zika can cross the placenta of an infected pregnant woman invading the brain of the developing fetus causing severe birth defects. >> if we wait until we see widespread transmission in the united states, if we wait until the public is panicking because they're seeing babies born with birth defects in every state or across the country, we have waited too long. >> state and local health officials are working to identify areas to spray the insectici insecticide. they also want to educate women who may get pregnant about the best ways to avoid infections. there are 200,000 cases now of the zika virus across the americas. >> it was a local case
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news this week and doreen gentzler joins us with what doctors are learning from it. >> the woman contracted the virus while she was 11 weeks present. she was in central america. she came back home to the u.s. and developed the zika virus symptom. her pregnancy was monitored very carefully and her ultrasound at 19 weeks showed significant abnormalities. at 21 weeks she terminated the pregnancy when it was clear from the scans that the fetus' brain was developing abnormally. today i got to interview the doctor who treated her. she's the medical director of sibley memorial hospital's maternal fetal medicine division. she showed me the ash normalities and you can see them in these pictures of the ultrasound at 19 weeks. what's really surprising is all the previous ultrasound in this carefully monitored pregnancy had showed nothing wrong and that gave the mother a false
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reassurance but it gave the doctor and other researchers trying to figure out the zika virus a much better understanding of the virus. you know, we are getting new information about the zika virus every day, but there are still so many unanswered questions. consider that the doctor is one of thousands of ob/gnys across the country in the position of trying to figure out how to advise their patients of child bearing age about how long to wait before getting pregnant. there are still so many questions and more coming up on news4 at 6:00 about exactly two pretty significant new find frtion thfindings from this local case. >> they think the brain was okay and then the virus passed through the placenta and then it turned up later in the pregnancy. >> yes. but it was, i think, somewhat surprising to determine how long it took for the virus
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the damage caused by the virus to show up in that placenta. also very interesting about this case, you know, they're looking at cases in brazil, central america, the caribbean. in this case you had a very educated patient who was very interested in sharing information with the medical opportunity. so it's kind of unprecedented the amount of data that they got from this local case and how carefully they were able to study the pregnancy and also the fee muss. >> very critical and possibly very frightening information from this case. >> the more we know about it, the more we can understand how to prevent it. >> thank you, doreen. >> thanks a lot, doreen. $110 million muslim center is about to open up in prince george's county. it's located on good luck road in lanham. the facility officially opens tomorrow and today bureau chief tracee wilkins got an inside .
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or it has been operating for a couple months now, but tomorrow is the official grand opening. they're preparing for all of that. this is called a muslim center because it's much more than just a place of worship. >> it feels really good when you walk in. you seem to be transported to another world. >> reporter: the center is the largest muslim center in the western hemisphere. it's located in the predominant african-american and christian community of lanham in prince george's county. >> why not here? >> reporter: our tour guide lives just down the road. >> they spare nod expense putting this together and you probably didn't know all this was over here. >> reporter: the center goes three stories underground and includes an indoor pool, basketball court, fitness center, and then the incredible beauty of what's above ground. >> we have a mosque. we have a fellowship hall which soon will be a four-star restaurant serving turkish and
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med strainian cuisine and a turkish bath. >> the $110 million facility was built by the turkish government. tomorrow will be the official grand opening although it's been operating since april of last year. it's a muslim center that includes an auditorium, museum, and mosque for worship but the focus here is education for muslims and all faiths. >> it's certainly apropos for what we need to start on a cure for many of the maladies and sicknesses that we see in the newspaper and we read about all the time in the world today. >> the ottoman style architecture replicates centuries of turish design. this 14-year-old was born in this temple and lived in fairfax, virginia. she said this is her favorite place to worship because it's like going home again. >> i feel like it's turkish land because the turn
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by a couple engineers who were working at nasa. muslims who decided to ask the turkish government to help pay for this massive expansion that exists today. with this massive grand opening tomorrow, there are some security concerns and they talked to us a little bit about that. live in hahnhalanham, i'm trace wilkins. if you have some old bank statements or personal documents you can't wait to get rid of just sitting around and gathering dust, head to the annandale campus of northern virginia community college tomorrow for the nbc 4 all state community shred. you can take up to five boxes of your personal shredded. the event starts at 8:00 in the morning and ends at 11:00. you have to be in line on lake drive by 11:00. search shred it in the nbc washington app for more details and to get directions. well, there are persistent problemsed a medstar hospitals across our area after that hack kept some people fromce
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needed. >> what the system is doing to get its computer systems back up and running. it's a life-saving medication for those suffering from a heroin or opioid overdose but now a northern virginia activist who trained hundreds on now to news narcan said the board of pharmacy is making it tougher to get power play. and continuing to track heavy rain. otherwise temperatures are balmy in the 70s and 80s. over the weekend a massive cool down. i'll be tracking the cooldown timing coming up in my fu forecasllt.
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and now your storm team4 forecast. >> and i'm continuing to track some very heavy rain on storm team4 radar. this mainly in carroll county. here is the latest. we were under severe thunderstorm warning if you were in frederick. that's been canceled but you can still see the bright colors. not picking up on any lightning. this pitch of rain just to the south of luray is moving to the northeast. you can see if all else remains equal, it looks like it will make its way toward the district. moving 3 3
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washington by 7:00, 7:30. future weather not really picking up on that. you can see it does keep most of the area mainly dry at 6:00. limited sunshine along the mason-dixon line. after we hit 7:00, 8:00 p.m., by 8:00 p.m. the threat of rain is really out of the area and then cooler air starts to move in with the cold front. 81 in washington. our high today was 82. we haven't hit 80 degrees since early november. by 9:00 we're down to 730. midnight we're in the mid-60s. scattered thunderstorms. rain in the forecast tomorrow morning. showery light rain and we deal with windchills in the 20s during the morning hours and extremely windy conditions throughout the day. here is the rain on saturday morning at 5:00 a.m. notice showers kind of riding parallel to i-95 into southern maryland. 8:00 a.m. we continue to track
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by the afternoon you will need your sunglasses with sul sunshine and then saturday night, midnight, notice the rain. and you see some blues, that's the potential for wet flakes. a high team of 65. so much cooler than today. again, our high today was 82 degrees. a wind watch in effect for most of the area tomorrow night on into sunday morning and a freeze watch in effect for areas to the north and west of the metro. that's also going to run from saturday night to sunday morning. if you have plans outdoors, you want to bring them inside or protect them. here is what it's going to feel like sunday morning at 6:00 a.m. when you factor in the winds, feeling 23 in washington. if you're running in the cherry wlos so blossom ten-miler, heads up. 11:00 a.m. we start to track into the 30s and 40s by the afternoon. nationals game tomorrow. we'll have
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kite festival, showers early, breezy for the afternoon. good for flying a kite. cherry blossom ten-miler just brutal with windchills in the 20s. a high temperature on sunday of 52 degrees. monday some showers potentially later in the day. otherwise we'll have a mix of clouds and sun and warmer. a high temperature of 66. lauryn will have more on the shower potential this evening coming up. >> thanks, emilamelia. >> a massive recall from volkswagen. ahead, the another of shandra levy, the intern who went messing, shares the art she has create
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you're watching news4 at 5:00. susan levy is still seeking justice for her daughter chandra. >> the man convicted of killing her is getting a new trial this fall. susan levy came to rockville to exhibit some of her artwork that gives a voice to victims of violence. chris bogordon has more on that exhibit. >> mother's tears one and two. >> reporter: this is susan levy's first art exhibit. all of it was created after her daughter went missing 16 y
5:30 pm
exactly about me. it's about the war, but it is about me because grief is grief for all mothers. >> reporter: intern chandra levy went missing in the year 2000. her body was found a year later in rock creek park. in 2010 ingmar ga wan dee kay was found guilty. susan levy created this painting to say the legal system is broken. >> justice and law is so backed up and there's a lot of money that is spent. and see this? his eyes are closed. the dinosaur. sometimes justice eyes are closed. sometimes in investigation it may have not been thorough enough. >> reporter: she made this book called behold my voice
5:31 pm
containing poems she's written. >> arbitrary, nothingness, death, anger. >> there is anger in some of her art. she painted this right after 9/11. this exhibit by susan levy and other artists who are victims of crime will be on display beginning tonight through april 28th here at the artisan makers studio no rockville. ahead susan levy faces the prospect of a second trial for the man charged in the murder of her daughter chandra and she tells us how she hopes her long ordeal will finally end. chris gordon, news4. new information now about an early morning murder in capitol heights. police have released the name of the young man killed on shady glen terrace. someone shot julian mushington around 1:30. an acquaintance flagged down a police officer and he died at the hospital. police do n
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detectives are trying to figure out who is responsible. this afternoon medstar put out a progress report to let folks now they are getting back online after hackers cripple their computer system. as of this morning, they were about 90% functional and right now the electronic health record computers, outpatient records, registration, and scheduling systems are back online. monday's attack effected all ten hospitals in d.c. and maryland. doctors and nurses had to use paper records. staff were locked out of their e-mail account. despite the hack, they say no patient information was compromised. i'm david culver at the live desk. minutes ago my northern virginia bureau chief julie carey learning of a guilty plea in a murder that rocked a neighborhood in alexandria. last year this man's body wab found on the
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he had been repeatedly stabbed. a 16-year-old has pleaded guilty to destruction of evidence of murder. she will be sentenced later this month. news4 also learning an adult charged with first-degree murder in the crime, 22-year-old castro is expected to enter a guilty plea in june. a third suspect, another juvenile, also expected to be tried as an adult. a lot on this case, more to come. we'll bring it to you from the live desk. i'm david culver. pat, over to you. >> all right, david. narcan is a life-saving antidote for those who have overdosed on heroin or other opioids, but a woman who has trained hundreds on how to use it washes she's no longer allowed to dispense it. the board of pharmacy has ordered her to stop. the woman is fighting back. liz burns almost lost her son to an yomp doze in october. now she has a revive
5:34 pm
to save him herself. it reverses the deadly effects of the overdose. >> you feel so helpless and something like this actually gives you some measure of control. >> one thousand four, one thousand five. >> burns got her narcan two weeks ago from jenny atwood, a certified trainer who has led dozens of classes like that one. >> then all you do after that is you spray half -- >> reporter: but atwood cannot provide any narcan to this latest group of students. last week the virginia board of pharmacy told her to stop. the legislation only permits law enforcement to distribute narcan. >> the pharmacist and the doctor said ji law appears for trainers to distense. >> reporter: at wood lost her brother to an overdose.
5:35 pm
>> we're mobile. we're not waiting behind a pharmacy counter and hoping that people come to us. >> reporter: now at wood is appealing to the attorney general's office to see if the rules could be reinterpreted or altered. battling the opioid epidemic has been a priority for the ag's office. a spokesman says they're working to find a which to help atwood continue to get are a can to more worried families. while she's determined to continue her fight to be able to dispense that narcan, pharmacies are about to make it easier to get at the medicine counter. in loudoun county, i'm julie carey, news4. >> for more information about the groups julie mentioned, search narcan in the nbc washington app. >> she'll tell you it's all part of a job. >> we'll introduce you to an extraordinary secret service officer who stands out from the rest. and now is the time to report all those potholes. d.c.'s most
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he's begun forgetting words. forgetting where he lives. but when the day comes when he forgets who i am, i'll still know who he is. the first time we said i love you we didn't use words. we simply held each other's hands. we still are. i lost my dad to alzheimer's. preventing alzheimer's is within our grasp. let's double the budget of nih and get it done. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
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right now the district is waging a full on assault on potholes. the city's annual pat holepalooza campaign kicked off and ddot is promising to fill any pothole reported within 72 hours. while crews have some new technology to get this done more
5:39 pm
low-tech and simple addition to the process this year. >> we're not just waiting for complains to come in as well. we have inspectors in the field in neighborhoods where we historically don't get as much reporting. >> the chair of the d.c. council's transportation committee says she hopes the methods for filling potholes leads to longer lasting repairs. we're trying to help you report those potholes in your neighborhoods across the area no matter where you live. >> just hope up the nbc washington app and search potholes if you see any of them in your neighborhood. >> or feel them. >> if you hit them. hair clippers buzzing in college park this afternoon as a group of terps tried to cut out cancer. brothers at sigma alpha epsilon at the university of maryland raffled off the opportunity to
5:40 pm
they're raising money in honor of mike mandel. he was a senior diagnosed with a form. bone cancer last christmas. he just underwent an intense round of chemo but his friends say the cancer has spread. his brothers say mandel is an inspiration. >> he's a father figure. everyone would look to him for advice. he was supposed to graduate this semester. unfortunately, since he's in the hospital he has had to withdraw. anything you needed, mike was always there for anybody. so we want to be there for him. >> all proceeds will go to the university of maryland relay for life and the ullman cancer fund for young adults. if you'd like to help, open the nbc washington app and search cancer fund. and an 11-year-old girl from crofton has a new pen pal. >> he just happens to be the president of the united states. madison sent president obama a letter about criminal justice reform. her dad is in prison. he's expected to get out in august. madison wanted the president to help her dad get a job
5:41 pm
house once he's released. >> never thought he would actually read my letter. it was like really? when she told me, it was really exciting and i remember getting my letter in the mail. it was really cool. >> the president was so impressed with her he invited her to the white house thursday for a discussion on the criminal justice system. he also says he will try to help her dad through a federal program. >> good for her. are you on notification overload? a lot of us are. >> it's time to clear out all that junk on the smartphone before the summer. tips to declutter and how to get it back up the right way next. protecting the president is usually what comes to mind when you think of secret service agents, but coming up, we'll introduce you to one officer who saved three liv es
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time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen,
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy,
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"has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. well, we've got some showers and some isolated storms out there. we're going to time it out for you, but warm weather today, cold weather this weekend. a bucket full of differeki
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coming up. a secret service officer could soon get one of the highest honors awarded by the department of homeland security. >> she's saved the lives of three complete strangers but told meagan fitzgerald she still doesn't consider herself a hero. >> reporter: remember that the uniformed secret service, every day is unpredictable when patrolling the white house and monitoring the public. >> i know i'm do back to court. >> reporter: it's part of the job for officer cody hughes. >> every day is a new job. >> reporter: over the last 18 months there have been at least three scenarios that stand out. situations where officer hughes saved the lives of complete strangers. >> there was a medical energy of an elder gentleman who had collapsed and was turning blue. >> reporter: she's referring to an incident in the east wing of the white house in august of 2014. jack torres, who is also the ma
5:46 pm
hallway. because of hughes, he was brought back to life and was around to welcome his first grandson in january. >> to me i'm thankful this individual has -- can continue with his life. >> reporter: in addition to mayor torres, officer hughes saved a homeless man in lafayette park and a gentleman in leesburg who suddenly collapsed. first responders say the patients would have likely died without her help, but if you tell her she's a hero, she'll quickly remind you that she was just doing her job. >> i care about people so i like helping people. so if i see something isn't right i'm going to go and assist to see if everything is okay or if something is wrong. that way they can live to see another day as well. >> reporter: reporting in northwest, meagan fitzgerald, news4. i'm consumer reporter susan hogan live in the newsroom. volkswagen is back in the news today. it's recalling 91,000 passat cars with diesel engines. the problem?
5:47 pm
can corrode, overheat, and potentially start fires. the recall includes midsized passats model years 2012 through 2014. volkswagen says wire seals in an electrical connector were not properly assembled and could cause a short if water comes into contact with electrical terminals. volkswagen said customers will be notified of the recall beginning in june and dealers will replace the connector with new ones. in the newsroom, susan hogan, news4. another car is making headlines today. tesla's model 3 is creating quite the buzz. tesla unveiled a prototype on tuesday. the ceo says more than 100,000 people have ordered it. and the model 3 doesn't go into production until next year. it has a panoramic glass roof, an extra long hood. it seats five and has the same large touch screen dashboard as other tesla models. the starting price for
5:48 pm
3 is $35,000. >> i know we got a lot going on this weekend, but most immediately what do we need to be concerned about like tonight? >> well, we still have some isolated showers out there, isolated thunderstorms, and some of those are really strong. if you're headed out on friday night, you what tonight bring that umbrella with you at least for the next two hours, and then that threat will really die down. scattered storms tonight and then as we continue into the weekend, you know, we've got some rain tomorrow morning. we've got some rain and possibly snow late tomorrow night, and then sunday is a weather alert day because we've got winds. yes, today we were in the low 80s. tomorrow in the 60s. and then by the time we get into sunday, we're talking about windchills in the 20s. yes. whole mixed bag of weather out there. lets get down to it. we have the storms just north of baltimore on 83 right now. they continue to fly by moving at 55 miles an hour. if you are traveling up that way, again, that's what we're dealing with there. and then we're
5:49 pm
let's show you those real quick. but this is really what i'm looking at right now. this little storm now coming through luray. that just popped up a little bit. locustdale, all of these are moving to the north and east. again, they will move into the northern virginia and d.c. area in the next hour or so. they're moving pretty swiftly as well. those upper level winds are taking them, but we have a lot of upper level clouds right now even though we are warm. so hopefully that will kind of down the chances for any strong cells to really develop. amelia will continue to track that into the 6. we've been watching these for the last several hours. 81 is the temperature right there. last time we hit 80 it was november 6 of last year. and as we continue through the evening, we're only falling into the 60s, eventually into the upper 50s for overnight lows. so once this rain is out of here over the next couple hours, we will see a little bit of clearing in some of our area but then we'll also see a little bit of rain holding on
5:50 pm
system coming through is going to stall and then an area of low pressure will ride along it. so saturday 4:00 a.m. we have some rain showers in southern maryland along the eastern shore as well. those will continue to kind of fill back in as we go through the morning tomorrow. the threat will end. we'll get some sunshine by the afternoon. then we've got a cold front dropping through after about 10:00 p.m. on saturday night through about 3:00 a.m. on sunday morning. that could bring some rain and some wet snow. no accumulation but also another reinforcing shot of cold air. we have clear skies on sunday. sunday is going to be beautiful. it is just going to be chilly. when you wake up tomorrow morning there will be rain mainly south and east of i-95. the best chance is going to be from washington and again south and east of the area so if you're headed out on saturday night, even though we'll gel so the sunshine in the afternoon, grab the umbrella for the late night. after 10:00 we will have a chance for some of that precipitation to come through. then we've got a freeze watch saturday night. we've got a high wind watch also saturday night into sunday. we could have some damaging winds up to
5:51 pm
guys? i'm melissa mollet with your first 4 traffic and a look at metro for the weekend. because of the cherry blossom festival on saturday trains will be running on a regular schedule. we have very little track work through april 17th because of the festival. some track work may happen after 10:00 p.m. on some lines when the ridership is very light. here are some tips for you if you're headed down. travel at off-peak times and avoid smithsonian if you possibly can. on sunday metro opening early here at 5:00 a.m. for the credit union cherry blossom ten-mile run. you can use smithsonian then, l'enfant, to get to the starting line. see you month morning for news4 today. that fiat pope francis used during his historic trip to washington and other cities is raking in big bucks for the archdiocese of new york. the sale of the car raised
5:52 pm
$300,000 p.m. p $300,000. proceeds will benefit catholic schools, charities and relief services. is the storage on your smartphone always full? are you annoyed by the notifications that always seem to pop up? well, spring has strong and that means it may be time to declutter your digital device. here is how. >> reporter: need help with your spring cleaning? there's an app for that. but your apps may need some spring cleaning as well. >> as you get more and more apps on your phone, you're going to be alerted more and more. >> use settings to turn off app notifications you don't want, to cut down on all the dings. and you can use do not disturb on iphone to turn off alerts while you're sleeping. the average smartphone owner has 95 apps installed but we only use a few of those on a regular basis. >> so if you go into settings and look at the storage by app, yo
5:53 pm
data hogs. >> delete apps you no longer use to free up space. photos and videos can also clunk up your smartphone storage. uploading to the cloud can allow you to clear them off your device. >> there are a couple different ways you can back up items on your smartphone. one of the easiest ways is to subscribe to a file storage service, some place like a drop box or for photos something like google photos. >> you can also your home computer for the bevy smart photo system which can protect more than a terabyte of files or roughly 2 million photos. no matter how you do it, make it a habit to back up your files. because you never know what may happen. >> in the first three months of 2016, violence in the nation's third largest city has reached levels not seen in years. what chicago police sa
5:54 pm
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hurry, this offer ends soon. call or go online today. small business is better on a better network. some pretty scary moments and it was all caught on camera. that's a boat trying to dock at a pier in san diego. you can see it just can't stop. comes barrelling into the pier. people scrambling to get out of the way. this happened yesterday afternoon. the crash badly damaged the bow of the vessel. investigators say there was some sort of
5:57 pm
144 people were on board. 7 of them were injured and a tug boat had to come in and pull the passengers away from the pier. >> really close call there. this might have some travelers thinking about your gps. maybe you think it's playing an april fool's trick on you. some gps trackers heading to mt. rushmore are answereding up at a place called storm mountain center which is a methodist campsite that's about 25 minutes south of the famous presidential sculpture. it's happening so often that the campsite put up a sign telling folks what's happened there. a violent trend continues right now in chicago. police there responding to more than double the number of shootings that happen there at this time last year. >> it's taken its toll. murders in the city are up dramatically as well. jay gray has a closer look at the epidemic and what may be driving it. >> reporter: there has been a shootin
5:58 pm
across chicago every day, shootings, murders. across the city crime tape with neighborhoods on edge. >> they have been shooting her almost daily. sometimes more than once a day. >> reporter: residents afraid to show their faces but des pperat for their message to be heard. >> i have been trying to tell them this block was in jeopardy. >> reporter: the violence continues at a near record pace. numbers released by chicago police today show officers have worked 141 murders in the city compared to 82 at this time last year, and 677 shootings. more than double the amount for the first three months of 2015. >> right now we honestly don't have one answer or two answers that we can point a finger at and say this is what's causing it. >> caller: this week this 13-year-old -- >> people keep on getting shot and killed. >> reporter: who talked about the violen
5:59 pm
cross fire during a shooting. shot in the back he's in critical condition. just like his city. jay gray, nbc news. news4 at 6:00 starts now with doreen and erin. now at 6:00, a virginia state trooper ambushed and killed at a busy bus station. tonight new details about the gunman's criminal past are starting to emerge as others gather to remember the fallen officer. the fight for wisconsin. just four days ahead of another big primary, how the results could change the momentum for both parties. get ready for a drastic temperature swing again. storm team4 tracking a major cooldown. some rain and even the possibility of some snow. first to virginia where there are new developments in that bus station shooting that claimed the life of a state trooper in richmond. >> late today police told us they know exactly how this happened because it was caught on surveillance video. we've learned there were 17 troopers, special agents, and
6:00 pm
training operation, and trooper chad dermyer, who was killed, was new to that unit. the suspect, james brown iii, was shot and killed. today police explained what they saw on that video. >> then within seconds he pulled a .40 caliber beretta semiautomatic pistol from his waistband of his pants, turned back toward chad, and they were pretty much side by side with brown being to chad's right. he turned into him and fired the shots, multiple shots. >> northern virginia bureau reporter david culver joins us now here in the studio. david, this most recent police shooting is adding to an uneasiness within the law enforcement community in general, isn't it? >> certainly an uneasiness, even creating a hesitation for some of those who serve and protect. in less than 30 minutes from now, there will be a vigil in richmond for trooper chad dermyer, the latest in what's been a month of police tragedies really impacting officers in


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