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tv   Today  NBC  April 4, 2016 7:00am-9:58am EDT

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authorities investigating why a piece of construction equipment was on an active track when a amtrak train slammed into it and derailed. >> hard thud. >> passengers injuries. wisconsin, wisconsin, wisconsin. the battle in the badger state shaping up to be crucial, especially for the republicans. >> tuesday is
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>> would a defeat for donald trump change the course of the gop race? and huma speaks out. a rare interview with hillary clinton's closest adviser, huma abedin. her thoughts on those e-mails plaguing her boss and her relationship with her husband, anthony weiner. today, april 4th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i hate to start the week by whining, but i'm going to whine anyway. it is not spring like. >> i know. it's so cold. i'm worried about your dandelions. >> daffodils. >> whatever. >> what's the joke? robin and a worm are huddling for warmth? it is our top story. millions waking up to bitter cold temperatures, even sno
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this first monday of april. we're going to get to dylan's forecast in a moment. first, nbc's morgan radford in hartford, connecticut, where the snow is falling. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. good morning, savannah. crews out cleaning up debris after winds of up to 60 miles per hour swept through the northeast, toppling trees, power lines, even crushing homes. this as more severe weather is expected this way. >> reporter: april showers of a different kind. snow showers. overnight, round two of this springtime slam. a deadly force. >> terrible sequence of timing. >> reporter: killing two people in massachusetts. whipping winds and heavy snow blamed for toppling a rotting tree on to their car. winds soaring past 60 miles per hour at in jfk and washington dulles airport. in new jersey, people say it reminded them of a tornado, completely rocking their home. >> it was howling. >> reporter: knocking down tre
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>> it's a big crashing sound. >> reporter: the trees took power lines down with them. in all, 150,000 people without electricity across 25 states. this couple were in their bed and asleep when a treetop topp on to their maryland home. >> i have bumps on my head. he was unconscious, stuck under stuff. >> reporter: they're both expected to be okay. in indiana, another close call. >> a miracle. >> reporter: a chipotle sign crushed this car. >> by the time i could react and i stopped by struck, a second later, i see a guy getting out of that car. >> reporter: the wind bringing an extra kick. biting cold, temperatures plummeting 10 to 20 degrees colder than usual, as millions of americans brace for more winter weather in april. >> more than 9 inches of snow ni
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wisconsin. here in connecticut, more than 8 inches of snow are expected into the late evening. >> morgan rad foford, thank you very much. we have dylan in for al. can't believe we're talking about snow and cold in april. >> it has been certainly a change of pace. we are looking at this second storm system to move through, dump another widespread 2 to 4 inches of snow, then move out and usher in very cold temperatures. in new york city, it's going to be all rain. same goes for most of southern washingto pennsylvania. we are seeing snow in boston, where the winter weather advisories are through buffalo, syracuse and albany. we are going to see the snow pick up in intensity over the next several hours. it's this area of low pressure moving through central new jersey. on the northern side, we're looking at pock it ets of heavi snow. it'll stick around through
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at colder air to refreeze all the wet roads. even tomorrow morning, we're looking at additional problems because of the slippery conditions. we're not looking for a lot of snow but 2 to 4 inches makes things slippery. on the backside of it, this arctic air is going to sag down. we are looking at temperatures to drop down into the 20s. that's going to make a possible re-freeze an issue for tomorrow morning. not great on the roads. >> don't go anywhere. we'll get to your local forecast in a second. >> other places look nice. >> thank you very much. amtrak service back up and running this morning after a deadly derailment outside of philadelphia. a train plowed into a backhoe, killing two amtrak workers who were using it and injuring nearly three dozen passengers. federal investigators want to know why the equipment was on the tracks in the first place. nbc's tom kcostello covers the ntsb. good morning. >> good morning. investigators sent the black boxes and
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outward facing cameras to the lab in washington. the question this morning, was there a major communication breakdown? how could this train be operating on the same tracks where a piece of construction equipment was also working? >> reporter: overnight, the wreckage cleared after yet another tragedy on the tracks. >> we now have our second doa located at the impact site of the backhoe. >> reporter: two amtrak construction workers dead after a passenger train slammed into their backhoe sitting on the tracks. of the 330 passengers and 7 crew members on the train, 30 were taken to area hospitals. none of the injuries life threatening. passengers described a harrowing crash and explosion. >> there were people pretty bloody because it was an explosion. we got off track, and then it was like a big explosion. then there was a fire. >> reporter: it happened just before 8:00 a.m. on sunday. palmetto train 89 from new york to savannah, georgia, had
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as it approached chester, p.a., the backhoe was right in its path. the impact was sudden and violent, throwing some passengers from their seats. >> it was such a harsh thud, you know. boom, boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: ntsb rail investigators are on the scene looking for clues. >> we will be looking at mechanical operation, signal, track, human performance and survival factors. >> reporter: it was just last may that eight passengers were killed, 200 injured, when a speeding amtrak train derailed north of philly. that investigation still underway. now south of philly on the busiest commuter train tracks in the u.s., another deadly accident. >> there is no excuse for a backhoe being on the tracks that a large train was running on. >> 750,000 people ride the northeast corridor every day. amtrak cautions there will be some residual delays between wilmington and philly this
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morning. meanwhile, there was another accident in illinois when a car collided with a train bound for california. the fire department reports one person in the car was killed. nobody on the train was injured. >> tom costello in washington, thank you very much. in the presidential race, it's all about wisconsin this week. tomorrow's primaries are offering key tests for both front runners. the results could change the momentum of the campaign. we have this covers and we'll start with nbc national correspondent peter alexander who is in lacrosse, wisconsin, this morning. >> good morning to you. donald trump will be here shortly. this is a pivotal state for trump and cruz. cruz trying to show he's expanded his appeal. that he can win in a state like wisconsin with a much more moderate conservative base. >> reporter: 24 hours out, the candidates are on a collision course in wisconsin. the stop trump movement nearing its first
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>> you shouldn't be littering up the process because that's what he's doing. it's really a disgrace. >> reporter: kasich firing back on twitter. that's not how our republic works, donald. we'll keep fighting until someone reaches a majority of delegates. priebus says the candidate is someone who is running. >> reporter: trump is said to not have beefed up on policy. >> i don't care if you've done it all your tell. >> reporter: the billionaire telling the "washington post," i'm the lone ranger, warning the country is headed for a massive reception and vowing he'd be able to erase the $19 trillion national debt over eight years. a claim most economists claiming impossible. with melania on the trail, trump is backing off on the war of wives. acknowledging his re-tweet of this unflattering
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his exsaid, we need immigrants. who is going to vacuum our living rooms and clean up after us? americans don't like to do that. meanwhile, hillary clinton is trailing bernie sanders ahead of tomorrow's primary. >> i still have work to do to win the nomination. i'm going to keep reaching out to every voter everywhere in these remaining contests. >> reporter: sanders arguing he's more likely to beat trump. >> i think the secretary is getting very nervous. poll after poll shows us doing much better against trump than she is. >> reporter: chelsea clinton calling trump's abortion comments wrong and offensive to "access hollywood." >> the universal condemnation is a really important message, candidly. >> reporter: all of it fodder for "snl." >> as a woman, how can you keep defending mr. trump? he retweeted a sexist, unflattering photo of ted cruz's wife. >> so no, okay,
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actually, that was an accident. >> the bitter democratic divide turning into a debate over debates. for the republicans, it's now a state by state fight for delegates. this past weekend, north dakota and tennessee, it appears ted cruz outperformed the performance. matt and savannah? >> peter alexander on the trail for us, thank you. let's bring in nbc news political analyst nicolle wallace and mark halperin, the managing editor of "bloomberg politics." >> good morning. >> sometimes you can't look at the week ahead until you put a period on the week you've experienced. on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being terrible, what kind of a week did donald trump have? >> 37. >> that bad? >> there is material to go against him. >> 8.32. >> not that bad? >> i try to stay by the rules, unlike
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he still has a huge delegate lead. i don't think his supporters were bothered by anything that happened. it emboldened the people. >> so many of the comments he made last week, mark, got him into trouble. instead of staying quiet, he goes out and gets an interview to the "washington post" over the weekend. one of the things he says is the country is headed for a very major recession. if any other candidate said that, if the president of the united states said that, the markets would go crazy. >> it's bad timing for donald trump to be doing controversial things. the party is focusing on electability. phycology matters as much as delegates right now. all the comments make people look at him in the party, some of the people, and say, maybe this isn't the right person. >> speaking of phycology, there was a write up in the "new york times" that collected the evidence on how trump might do in a general election. mr. trump has become unaccessible to broad swaths of americans, including large majorities of women,
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hispanics, voters under 30, those with college degrees, and independents, too. >> the phycology of trump's supporters is what you have to watch. they are -- he said a few weeks ago he could walk out on fifth avenue and shoot people and not lose support. that may be true. it turns out, you can't shoot from the hip on national security. all those groups you named, especially women and independents, they don't do reckless things in the voting booth. he's feeling like a dangerous and reckless choice on matters of national security. >> as we look to wisconsin tomorrow on the democratic side, mark, if bernie sanders wins in wisconsin, and then has two weeks of no other contests leading up to new york, what's the effect on the clinton campaign? >> again, it's phycology. he's going to draw huge crowds here. there's going to be a debate here. if he weren't behind in delegates, this would be a toss-up race. he has more money, raising more, states that are favorable coming up and a
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against her that is appealing to democratic voters. she has to have two weeks of pain she can end if she wins in wisconsin. >> mark and nicolle, appreciate it. breaking news overnight. happened at one of the nation's busiest airports. newark had to be evacuated because of a boiler room fire. the fire broke out about 1:00 a.m. fire was put out and the building reopened. a few hours later, the fire rekindled, forcing yet another evacuation. several flights were cancelled and others delayed. this morning, the terminal is up and running again. we've got another big story on the aviation front this morning. alaska air announcing a deal to acquire virgin america, the ninth largest u.s. airline. the agreement is said to be worth more than $2 billion. and will make alaska the nation's fifth largest airline. the
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jet blue airways. the deal will have to be approved by government regulators. now to the backlash over a law in north carolina that opponents say discriminate against people who are gay, bisexual and transgender. hundreds of people packed a church for a rally in opposition to house bill 2. it would allow transgender people to use the restroom of the gender that's on their birth certificate. businesses are demanding that north carolina appeal the law. a government wide review is underway to consider whether to cut federal funding to the state. al is off today. we have dylan here in terms of more of a look at the weather. >> some areas will see nice weather. southeast, highs close to 80 degrees. we'll dry across most of florida, too. the midwest will get chilly. temperatures below average. in the southwest, breezy today but sunny and warm temperatures, even in the 90s in the desert
7:16 am
across the country. your local forecast is coming up in 30 seconds. today, i'm going to fight hunge♪ today, i don't want to be hungry. good morning i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. bright sunshine and a clear sky over washington right now. don't be fooled. there are rain showers in southern pennsylvania. with time those raindrops will find their way into the metro. rain likely after 3:00 this afternoon. be umbrella ready. temperature wise, we're mostly in the 40so
7:17 am
we'll rise into the upper 60s to almost 70. breezy, but the south winds will make it feel nice. >> that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you very much. let's talk about an apology from a retired u.s. soccer star. abby wambach was arrested on a dui charge over the weekend. janet shamlian has more on that story. >> with the left foot, abby wambach stores. >> reporter: the long-time star of the u.s. women's national team, abby wambach, has long focused on inspiring others. >> i want to leave a legacy where the ball keeps rolling forward for the next generation to accomplish things so great, that i am no longer remembered. >> reporter: but the 35-year-old who retired after the u.s. won the world cup last year set a different example early sunday morning. wambach was charged with drunk driving after running a red light in downtown portland,
7:18 am
this mug shot released by police. soon after, a public apology. wambach writing on facebook, last night i was arrested for dui in portland after dinner at a friend's house. those that know me know that i have always demanded excellence from myself. i have let myself and others down. with two olympic medals and four world cup appearances to her credit, the police report indicates wambach failed sobriety tests but was polite and cooperative. i take full responsibility for my actions, she wrote. this is all on me. i promise that i will do whatever it takes to ensure that my horrible mistake is never repeated. the car brand mini, one of wambach's sponsors, pulled ads featuring her from their facebook page. other sponsors haven't said what they'll do. wambach was released on her own
7:19 am
recognizance. janet shamlian, nbc news. nine years after the disappearance, why detectives are being given a deadline to figure out what happened. are you really getting what you paid for in the starbucks latte? jeff rossen will take a look. first on a monday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
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i know i am. sfx: car driving. 7:26 is your time on this monday, april 4th, 2016. good morning i'm eun yang. >> i'm angie goff. in the news, a dozen people are recovering. i 270 is back open after a serious crash. take a look at this photo of one of the five cars that collided. major damage was done. fire and ems saying six children and six adults were hurt. one of the adults had serious injuries everyone is expected to be okay. >> amtrak service at union station has returned to normal following yesterday's train crash. right now the data recorders and camera footage are headed to d.c. ntsb investigators will try to figure out what led to the
7:27 am
crash. >> what's going on with the traffic? >> we're quite slow on the outer loop of the beltway because of the earlier crash off to the right side. chopper 4 you can see slow downs. it's nasty. and 95 southbound headed into the outer loop, also very slow. green line single tracking between college park and green belt because of a medical emergency. we're going to take a look at your forecast
7:28 am
off to a pretty start in washington. clear skies, bright sunshine. bring your umbrella. rain is likely before the sun goes down this evening. temperatures are mostly in the 40s and 50s now. rain showers is close by as sunday pennsylvania will move down into the metro. rain likely inside the beltway after 3:00 this afternoon. next couple of days near 70 today with a gusty south wind. a very strong northwest wind. freeze warnings are posted for
7:29 am
be issued again for wednesday morning. opening day on thursday, rain will be likely. >> all right. thank you. s> more new
7:30 am
it's 7:30, monday morning, april 4th, 2016. yes, the um prebrellas are out, sweaters are on. just 37 degrees as we say hello to our crowd. opening day, yankees versus astros. everyone is coming together to snuggle up and get warm. >> even the astros and yankees. doesn't happen often. it'll be brisk at the stadium today. good luck to the yankees. >> editorial comment. >> it's okay. everybody knows. ahead of the colder temperatures this weekend, storms had winds whipping from the midwest to maine. 60 miles per hour toppled trees and power lines, as well. two people died i
7:31 am
at one point, 400,000 people were without power. with tomorrow's key primary battle in wisconsin, trump is pushing kasich to drop out of the republican presidential race. pointing out it would be mathematically impossible for the ohio governor to reach the number of delegates needed to secure the number needed before the convention. kasich said, that's not how our republic works, donald. we'll keep fighting until someone reaches the number of delegates. north carolina against villanova. carson will have more on the game and our shredded brackets coming up. we give with one of hillary clinton's closest aides speaking out. huma abedin sheds light on her relationship with hillary clinton and her family. >> huma ab
7:32 am
fixture by hilalary clinton's side for two decades but almost never speaks publicly. now, abedin opens up about what it's like behind the scenes with her boss. >> reporter: she has been called hillary clinton's secret weapon and even her second daughter. now, huma abedin is speaking out in a rare interview. >> politics, it can often be a contact sport. >> reporter: one of clinton's top aides, abedin has worked with her since clinton was first lady and recalls one of the first moments they met. >> she took my hand and our eyes connected, and i remember having this moment where i thought, wow, this is amazing. i just -- it just inspired me. >> reporter: abedin says she's still inspired and also weighs in on the more difficult times, like the troves of clinton's e-mails released by the state department, which include exchanges with abedin. >> terrifying. ian
7:33 am
those e-mails. but i'm sure i would be -- i would probably be mortified. i have no idea. i haven't read any of them. >> reporter: abedin, the wife of former congressman anthony weiner, has weathered her own storm, including the sectioning scandal that cost her husband his job. in the interview, she praises her spouse. >> i don't think i could do this if i didn't have the support of a spouse who is willing to, you know, basically be a stay at home dad. >> reporter: for the future, abedin says she doesn't want to be presumptuous about clinton winning. when asked about bill clinton as first man. >> i don't think there is anything in the world he can't do. i have a feeling he will not be picking the china out, and he will not be picking out the flowers for any of the events. >> now, abedin says she never reads what's written about her and has no desire to run for office. there is, however, a new documentary called "weiner" coming out in may about the scandal that
7:34 am
congressman and his family. we'll get more glimpses of this woman who is deeply private. i see her on the campaign trail. she is a private woman. >> thank you. new developments in the nine-year-old disappearance of madelyn mccann. detectives are being given a few more months to investigate the case, running out of money. keir simmons is in london to explain that. good morning to you. >> we reached out to a spokesman for the parents. the couple will not comment on the reports that a six-month deadline has been set on the investigation into their daughter's disappearance. a still uninvolved crime that got the attention of the world. >> reporter: she was 3 years old, smiling, on vacation with her parents. then she disappeared. >> we want to find you. there are so many good and kind people helping. be brave, sweetheart. >> reporter: nine years later, british police are close to admitting
7:35 am
what happened. scotland yard is getting an extra $150,000 in a last-ditch effort for an investigation that has so far tossed $20 million and seen numerous public appeals. >> i strongly believe that madelyn is alive. >> please give our little girl back. >> reporter: madelyn mcmahcann vanished in the night from the family's vacation apartment. they had been staying in a portuguese town. there were multiple allegations. even mom and dad were suspected and cleared. despite clues someone entered the apartment, a mystery man seen carrying a child that night, report of sightings all over the world. for her parents, there was always crushing disappointment. they never gave up. >> hope isn't any less than it was after the first 24, 48 hours. >> reporter: there have been artist's impressions of how she would look as time passed. nine years on, scotland yard has failed to find her or explain
7:36 am
>> i've been reporting on this case since the beginning. madelyn's parents will be pleased that at least there is money for the investigation to keep going for a while longer. guys, my twin daughters are the same age as madelyn was when she disappeared. it gets you here. nine years. it's unimaginable. >> it has been sad for a very long time. keir, thank you very much. we'll take a turn now. dylan is in for al. >> hi, guys. we have a lot of cold air to talk about. matt, i think i broke your heart when i said, maybe the end of the month, it'll warm up. >> end of the month? >> literally, yeah. i asked her that. >> it's going to stick around for a while. >> oh, no. >> no warmup in the forecast for the eastern half of the country. western half, you're doing all right. we do have freeze warnings and freeze watchesand freeze watche from the ohio river valley extending into the carolinas. this affect more of the plants that have been blooming because temperatures have been so mild. look at the arctic air that will drop down into the great lakes
7:37 am
by the time we get into tomorrow morning, temperatures will be running about 10-20 degrees below average. buffalo starting off at 13. albany, 19. new york we're in the upper 20s tomorrow morning. wednesday morning, 27 in new york. baltimore will be below freezing. pittsburgh below freezing too. burlington vermont, 17. boston, 23 to start off the day wednesday morning with not much rebound during the afternoon. it's this cold front that's dragging down arctic air and producing snow through new england this morning. in the southwest, temperatures actually above average with highs in the lower 90s. that's a look at the weather across the country. here's a peek out your window. >> good morning. sunshine outside of our window here right now. that won't be the case all day. there are rain showers in southern pennsylvania. with time that line of rain showers will make its way into the city. current temperature now 52 in washington. a colder 34 in frederick maryland. there are freeze warnings
7:38 am
chance for another freeze coming up on wednesday. opening day rain showers >> that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thanks. just ahead on trending, this ought to be good, the questions you should never ask your significant other. >> there are ten of them. only ten? and the real deal when it comes to a very popular drink. >> good morning. i'm jeff rossen. a new lawsuit against starbucks allegedly underfilling lattes by 25%. we wondered how much liquid is in a latte. i'm going around and b look, the wolf was huffing and puffing. like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms.
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this is the all-new 20wow, it's nice.. let's check it out. do any of you have kids? i do yes. this car has a feature built in called teen driver technology, which lets parent's see how their teens are driving. oh, that's smart. it even mutes the radio until the seat belt is fastened. will it keep track of how many boys get it in the car? (laughter) cause that could be useful. this is ahead of what my audi has for sure. wish my beamer had that. i didn't even know that technology existed. i'm not in the market for a car but now i may be. 7:42, chilly monday morning. we're back with a rossen reports. we're going to start off a new series called the real deal. this morning, are you really getting what you pay for in your morning latte? >> a new lawsuit is accusing one of the country's biggest companies of underfilling their
7:43 am
correspondent jeff rossen has the skinny on that. good morning. >> skinny, very nice, savannah. we are talking about starbucks. maybe you're about to go there right now, like savannah, and order a latte. custom made by a barista who adds in the milk and foam. how much are you really getting? we're going to find out. >> reporter: who can start their day without it? we need our lattes. a mix of espresso, steamed milk and light lay your of foam. >> non-fat latte. >> thank you. >> reporter: a new lawsuit alleging starbucks lattes are approximately 25% underfilled, calling it fraud. it's not just variations by different baristas. the lawsuit says it's starbucks' own standardized recipe. we wondered, how much liquid are you actually getting in a starbucks grande latte? i'm hitting several starbucks locations, buying the same
7:44 am
then we'll calculate how much liquid is inside. >> can i have a grande latte? >> reporter: we buy identical lattes at six different locations. while the web site says nutritional information may vary, the official starbucks menu in stores lists a grande latte at 16 fluid ounces. >> i'll be hyper later. >> reporter: once the foam settles, we measure the liquid. >> back in the kitchen area of nbc. we've taken the lids off all the drinks. we've given this time so the foam can dissolve in. already, you can see the vast difference between them. the liquid is almost at the top. not exactly but almost. the one next to it, look how low the liquid sits in the grande cup. we want to see exactly how much liquid is if thn here. we've gotten these laboratory grade beakers, what the
7:45 am
we'll see if it hits the magic number of 16 ounces. >> reporter: already, the first latte is coming up short. >> this is the 12 ounce mark, where the liquid is. the 16 ounce is all the way up here. >> reporter: right down the line. >> close but not 16. >> reporter: they all miss the mark. >> let's try this one. >> reporter: latte number five containing the least amount of liquid. >> below the 12 ounce mark. that's really low. 16 is all the way up here. not even close. >> reporter: in the even, two of my lattes come close, but four of them are significantly less. starbucks telling nbc news the lawsuit and our experiment are unscientific and without merit. but we consulted with two labs who helped device our method. starbucks says it ignored how lattes are composed and the hand-prepared nature of our beverages increases the likelihood of variationn
7:46 am
cup. >> maybe an ounce or two at a time. how many million cups and how many consumers and how many weeks a year? big bucks out of consumer's pockets and into starbucks' pocket. >> next time you get a latte, take it like this. open up the lid to look how much is there. starbucks says if you don't like it, they're happy to make you a new one. >> all right. >> really? >> remind me not to have you go to starbucks in the next week or two. >> what do you have tomorrow? >> we're continuing the real deal, talking about the coin counting machines at grocery stores and banks. you save up your loose change and then take it to cash in. are those machines accurate? we wonder. my team and i tested them out, getting hundreds of dollars in coins from the bank and dumping it into the coin counters. you may want to hold on the your change until you see what we found. tomorrow on "tod
7:47 am
ships, you're counting pennies. >> as a kid, did you stuff those rolls? >> i know about the coin counters. >> i have a family jar at home. i have no clue how many coins are in it. >> weighs a ton. >> yes. coming up, how taylor swift's bodyguard stole the show during the superstar's day at disney land. all the drama and intrigue of tonight's national title game. and our bracket battle right after this. breyers natural vanilla. milk and fresh cream
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7:50. we're back with a look at the big game in houston tonight. >> that's me. thank you, matt. ncaa tournament. i'll just take it from you like that. we're down to the final two. villanova takes on north carolina in the national championship game. over the weekend, both teams won by impressive margins to secure their place in the big game. villanova's 44-point win set a record for the largest win margin ever in a march madness game. the nail biter that is the studio 1a bracket battle as we head to the big game. natalie is on top. 94. i'm closely behind. >> wasn't it out of 100? >> no. this was based on correct picks. congratulations. matt and tamron are close. only one of us is still poised to potentially pick the winning team. >> you're going to win. >> if unc wins, i could overtake ta
7:52 am
my first ever "today" bracket battle win. it is an honor around here. let us know who you're cheering for. #go wildcats. or #go tar heels. the lady's side, syracuse and wisconsin game is on tuesday. natalie, you're on. >> you're on, my friend. >> friendly wager. >> i don't like being dead last. >> starbucks? >> latte works. >> there you go. >> tells us everything we need to know about you two right there. good luck, folks. tracy morgan opens up about his near death experience after that traffic accident and how it changed his entire outlook on life. first, a look at your local news and if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me, news and and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective.
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7:56 am
7:56 is your time, good morning i'm eun yang. let's check on your morning commute with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. good morning. >> good morning. we have brand-new problem. 95 north at prince william parkway center of the road is blocked because of this accident. it looks like it involved a vehicle and a semi. slowing things down. outer loop the ramp to northbound 95 we still have slow downs there. the top of the beltway is slow. 270 southbound volume looking good. a little slow. 22 miles per hour as you're headed south at the spur. >> thanks, your out the door
7:57 am
wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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they say character is what you do when no one is watching. david trone banned the box so people who've paid their debt to society could have a chance. and fought so hard for criminal justice reform, they named a center after him. and because education was his way out david offered it free to employees. and over 14 years ago began offering them partner benefits. evening the playing field has always been david's mission. in congress it'll be his job. it's not how you run, it's how you live. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
7:59 am
we're in the 40s and 50s for temperatures right now. plenty of sunshine here in washington. clouds will be on the increase, there's an 80% chance you'll get rained on. take the umbrella. it will be mild today. temperatures near 70 today. tomorrow morning, freeze warnings are posted for tomorrow morning. wake up temperatures will be down near the freezing mark. wind chills will be near 20. >> all
8:00 am
♪ stand in the light 8:00 on "today". opening up to oprah. comedian tracy morgan on claims he went to heaven and saw his late father just after his near fatal accident. >> i just remember him saying, i'm not ready for you, son. ♪ now i'm stressed out a good snooze. can sleeping on the job actually be a good thing? >> having a nap in the middle of the afternoon is an enhancing tool. ♪ welcome to my house who is the boss? >> what do we say if someone doesn't want to buy? >> buy my brownies or i'll kill you. >> don't say that. >> melissa mccarthy stops by studio 1a to
8:01 am
anticipated remake of "gho "ghostbusters," today, april 4th, 2016. ♪ the lights go down >> celebrating spring break on "today"! >> all the way from massachusetts. >> we're from florida, and we're freezing. ♪ come on and dance with me >> it's my birthday, and we came for selfies. >> i'm ten today. >> she's getting married. >> what is that? i'm not sure what that is. welcome back, everyone. it is 8:00 on a monday morning. it's the 4th day of april, 2016. let's be honest, it is not a perfect spring day here
8:02 am
>> it's rainy, it's windy. it's like 39 degrees. you know what? take a look at this. >> love it. great spring break crowd. look at hartford. so we still have a picture of hartford? it's snowing in hartford, connecticut. it's always colder somewhere else. >> looks beautiful. all i got. tomorrow on "today", with one o.j. simpson wrapping up and another in the works, lead prosecutor marsha clark will join us. we'll get her take on both of the shows. ahead this morning, the chef who flipped an old garage into one of new york city'scooking u twist. >> i went there a couple weeks ago. >> so good? >> really good. >> can't wait. natalie has a check of the top stories. >> bundle up. spring takes a break with frigid temperatures settling in from the great lakes into new england. roads are getting ser
8:03 am
areas. more than half a foot of snow in other areas. the northeast still cleaning up after a weekend of high winds that brought down tree limbs and knocked out power to about 150,000 people. amtrak train that derailed during a deadly crash sunday near philadelphia has been cleared from the tracks. amtrak says full service is resuming on the busy northeast corridor, but with some delays. officials say the train hit a piece of heavy construction equipment that was sitting on the tracks. two amtrak workers who were using the backhoe were killed. more than 30 passengers were injured. the train was heading from new york city to savannah, georgia. on the eve of the wisconsin primary, donald trump is calling for kasich to leave the race. accusing kasich of, quote, littering up the process because he's only won his home state of ohio. kasich responded he'll keep fighting until somebody reaches a majority of delegates. meanwhile, the trump and cruz campaigns are reportedly working to
8:04 am
the republican national convention in july. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is trailing bernie sanders in some polls ahead of tomorrow's wisconsin vote. sanders says clinton is getting nervous because, in his words, poll after poll shows him doing much better against trump in a general election. clinton says even though she's ahead in delegates, she knows she still has work to do to win the nomination. >> reporter: a california driver is recovering after his good luck turned to bad in the blink of an eye. he lost control of his suv in malibu this weekend. as you see, it came to a stop with the front end just hanging, dangling over the cliff. the driver apparently was disoriented. when he stepped out of his vehicle, he was hit by a passing tour bus. he was still conscious when taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. thank goodness. in northern california, a run away chihuahua led police on a chase across the bay bridge. the tiny dog, as you see, is
8:05 am
san francisco. part of the bridge was shut down so the police could catch the chihuahua before he got hurt. the rascal is being cared for at an animal shelter until he can be reunited with his owner. you have to rename the dog penché, right? >> that dog really wants taco bell. >> we all remember that. >> thank you. almost two years after the crash that nearly took his life, tracy morgan is opening up to oprah, saying while he was in a coma, he spoke to his late father in heaven. he says the experience changed him forever. hoda here with that story. good morning. >> good morning, guys. it was an emotional interview. tracy says his dad told him, i'm not ready for you, son, and since then, not only is his will to live stronger than ever, he says he's full of love for everyone. >> reporter: tracy morgan says it's only now beginning to come back. >> basically just started remembering stuff like five months ago. >> reporter: until
8:06 am
nearly two years ago when a tractor trailer smashed into his limb seen buousine bus, flippin, killing his close friend, comedian jimmy mack and nearly ending his own life. >> it was part of my therapy, looking at it. i would look at it for hours. >> reporter: he tells oprah his wife is still bitter that the media learned about the accident five hours before she did. >> she thought she was going to get there and i was going to have a broken leg, making the nurses laugh. they said, ms. morgan, are you prepared? then they took her up to the icu and she flipped. >> reporter: tracy was in a drug-induced coma eight days. during the time, he said he had an out of body experience. he claims he saw his father who died in 1987. >> i was talking to my dad. he had this green thing on. i just remember him saying, i'm not ready for you, son. >> really? >> i started crying so hard. my dad was like, i'm not ready for you, son. >> reporter: tracy's
8:07 am
was long and hard. a year after the accident, he appeared in his first televised interview with matt. >> i'm not 100% yet. i'm not. when i'm there, you'll know it. i'll get back to making you laugh. >> tracy morgan. >> reporter: until he returned to "saturday night live," he wasn't sure that day would come. >> people were wondering, can he speak? does he have 100% mental capacity? the truth is, i never did. >> you were either going to see a wreck, or you were going to see a miracle. we gave them the miracle. >> reporter: tracy says he's grateful for life every day, and he's not mad at anybody. >> would you say you're at peace? >> you are in a coma for eight to ten days and you survive, trust me -- >> yeah. >> -- you're at peace. i've been to the other side and came back bearing gifts. the jokes i'm giving y'all, they're gifts. >> they are gifts. tracy says when he went out to perform, his wife and daughter would come with
8:08 am
on that particular day, his daughter was teething so they stayed home. he knew people thought he was funny but didn't realize people loved him. now when he gets on a stage, they give him the standing o to start. now he says he has to earn the funny after that. >> too bad he had to go through what he went through to find that out. hoda, thank you. that's great. coming up, dolly and katy. the duet that performed at the country music awards. the new look that justin bieber debuted last night. news you can snooze. the push to get you to take naps at work. nothing new for savannah. first, these messages. ♪ ♪
8:09 am
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, your retirement plan is all set. nationwide? awesome. nice neighborhood. ♪ nationwide is on your side welcome back on a rainy day. it's 8:12 and time for trending. >> we had a story about 13 questions to ask before you get married. remember that? now, the nine things you should never ask your significant other. okay? capitalize "never." here are a few. can this be an open relationship? >> oh, dear. >> do you like my mother? >> oh, boy. >> why are you
8:13 am
ex? >> just not necessary. >> if you have to ask -- >> what's your debit/credit card pin number? >> how about, what's your password? >> these are obvious. >> who asks, do you like your mother? >> what about your ex? they probably do. >> check out facebook. >> i don't think that's an exhaustive list. there could be more. >> i can think of a few more. what can politicians learn from nascar drivers? a california lawmaker has an idea. he wants the state's legislatures to wear the logos of top donors, like nascar drivers do. the proposal is called, california is not for sale. the idea is to make politics more transparent. may sound strange, but the lawmaker already has nearly half of the 500,000 signatures he needs by the end of the month. can you imagine? this lobby firm or whatever? i'm for it.
8:14 am
>> isn't it funny when they interview nascar drivers after a win. i want to thank chipotle and snickers -- >> while drinking milk. >> exactly. staying with the nascar theme, one of the biggest stars is kyle bush. ov -- busch. he had two victories. it's what happened after the wins that got attention. he was leaving the track his own car, a typical guy behind the wheel. got stuck in exiting traffic when he spotted the fan in the next car wearing the hot with his number 18 on it. he honked the horn. here's what happened. >> what's up? >> oh, my god! oh, my god, [ bleep ]! >> how are you? >> i love y'all! [ bleep ]. oh, my gosh. >> the fan loses it. >> awesome. >> you don't expect to see him driving outth
8:15 am
kyle, as you can see, nice enough to grab her hat and sign it. good for him. >> i love that. >> i want to know what car he's driving. >> fun to watch. >> should have bumped into him a bit. then you have to exchange information, get his phone number. have you been in a cab and felt like the driver was hitting on you? >> welcome to my world. >> happens all the time, huh? you're irresistible, you know? in new york, the behavior could be banned. relief for you, matt. proposal from the taxi and limousine commission. part of a push to curb sexual harassment. drivers couldn't comment on a passenger's appearance or love lives. they could lose their license. when i read this, i thought, i don't think a cabdriver ever flirted with me, and i felt bad. >> getting in the wrong cab. >> is it enforceable? >> they don't talk to me. they're on their phone or something like that. >> maybe we don't have it.
8:16 am
or we lost it, if we ever did. >> feel inadequate now. two of the biggest award shows last night, and the one person not thrilled to be in a photo with taylor swift. carson? >> let's start with the music matchup that has a little something for everybody. celebrities and t vsv viewers h their fix of award shows on sunday morning. you had the country music awards and the iheart radio music awards. miranda lambert won female vocalist of the year for the seventh straight year. carrie underwood performed. the top moment was a duet between katy perry and the woman she calls her personal hero, dolly parton. ♪ it's true we had no money but i was rich as i could be ♪ ♪ in my coat of many colors mama made for me ♪ ♪ oh, i'm begging you,
8:17 am
♪ working 9:00 to 5:00, what a way to make a living ♪ ♪ i'll take what you're giving ♪ it's enough to drive you crazy if you let it ♪ >> always having so much money at the acms. >> amazing. >> dolly and katy performing some of dolly's top songs. now to the iheart radio music awards. justin showing off his new locks. one of the night's big winners, no surprise, taylor swift. she won four more trophies. after a win for best tour, she gave a heartfelt shout out to her boyfriend. >> for the first time, i had the most amazing person to come home to
8:18 am
gone. so i want to thank my boyfriend adam for that. i love you guys so much. thank you, iheart. good night. >> adam is his real name. you know him as calvin harris, a stage name. before the awards, taylor visited disneyland, taking along lily aldridge and lily's daughter was there. everyone is having a good time except in the back, taylor's bodyguard. he's in the back, stone faced. he has his headphones in. apparently the happiest place on earth, not doing much for the bodyguard. did she think somebody in cars land was going to -- mater was going to get taylor swift there? >> never know. >> carson, thank you. >> dylan? we are watching -- >> this keeps happening. >> thanks, another storm system starting to develop back to the pacific northwest. we got some mountain snow, scattered showers, nothing all that big right now. this is going to
8:19 am
next storm system that will bring snow to the midwest. this will move eastward. we have scattered snowshowers across the rockies. this cold front will trigger storms as we go into tuesday afternoon and tuesday night. they don't look all that severe right now. i'd say marginally severe. the snow will move into northern michigan. we could see isolated four to six inches. most areas like the one in southern new england will bring two to four inches of snow. the system will continue through the morning and into this evening in southern new england with rain showers down through pennsylvania and west virginia. extending into washington, d.c. it's cold behind the front. in the southwest temperatures will be above average. highs getting into the 90s. we could see a fire danger weather down through parts of the southwest plains where those winds and low humidity could lead to fires spreading. that's a look at the weather across the country. here's a peekut
8:20 am
good morning i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. still bright sunshine here in washington. there are rain showers just to our north. just above the mason dixon line. those are going eastbound. the front that's causing them is coming our way. we'll have rain likely in the metro between 3:00 and 6:00 this afternoon. right now, temperatures are in the upper 40s to low and mid 50s. it will be a mild day today. southerly winds get temperatures near 70. the bottom falls out, freeze warnings are posted for tonight. >> that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you very much. now to a new series dedicated to something we could all use, a good snooze. >> we talk a lot about sleep around here. we're not alone. studies show most americans aren't getting enough. erica hill is here with a mission to change that. >> good morning.huffington from "huffington post" is launching a sleep revolution. she just wrote a book about it. she said sleeping on the job can
8:21 am
>> reporter: does your morning feel like this? or more like this? for millions of americans, a solid night's sleep is just a dream. >> i think we need to disband the myth that we can function perfectly on four or five hours. >> reporter: founder of "huffington post" is on a crusade to change the way we sleep. more than 1/3 of americans say they don't get enough. >> how did we get to the point where lack of sleep, exhaustion, pushing yourself to the limit, became a badge of honor? >> it started with the first industrial revolution. when we started believing that human beings could become like machines. and we could minimize down time. so sleep became a luxury. >> reporter: what emerged was an overachiever, high-powered, american notion that sleep is for slackers. and a scant five hours
8:22 am
is a sleep of genius. huffington believes we're ready for change. >> we already see people like jeff from amazon, the ceo of microsoft, talking about needing eight hours of sleep to be super effective. most of the time, we have ceos bragging about how little sleep they get. >> reporter: the push for more, better sleep is also personal. after collapsing from caution years ago, huffington encouraged employees to unplug at night and added nap room to her offices. >> when we first opened them, there was a lot of skepticism. people were worried being seen walking into a nap room in the middle of the afternoon, it would mean they're not as dedicated or hard working. we have completely eliminated that stigma. it's very clear now in our entire newsroom that having a nap in the middle of the
8:23 am
afternoon is actually one of the most enhancing tools. >> reporter: the science backs those findings. sarah, a researcher at the university of california, studies sleep and brain activity. she said power naps during the day turbo charge your memory and boost productivity. >> the benefits we find for napping include alertness, motor memory, which is your ability to play piano or play baseball, and also declarative memory, which is your ability to remember things like my phone number or my name. >> reporter: the benefits differ depending on the time of day. research shows a short nap in the morning can boost creative thinking and memory. in the afternoon, it can help you feel better physically. >> 20-minute nap in the middle of the day will be the best nap. you're not going to get into sleep, slow-wave sleep and feel problem groggy. >> reporter: before society shunned the extra zs, successful, well-known leaders embraced the ritual. as did sports stars. now more companies are
8:24 am
google, zappos and ben & jerry's all offer nap soonrooms. >> it's the same thing as if you'd take an hour-lunch break. >> i'll find myself naturally waking up after 20 minutes. you find that that is a good sweet spot for feeling recharged. >> reporter: a feeling ariana huffington predicts will catch on. fueled by the science that shows more sleep is not only better for your health but also the bottom line. >> i really predict that in the next few years, nap rooms in offices are going to be as common as conference rooms. >> she is looking to bring the discussion to college campuses. she'll be visiting 50 schools with leading sleep experts to spread the message about the importance of sleep. she wants to get people thinking about it at a younger age so it becomes normal part of who they are. >> i like the mission to change our concept. they used to be, oh
8:25 am
hours. i'm so strong. you need sleep. >> i embrace that i need it. >> i have a hard time napping. >> i nap two or three hours. i'm a midday sleeper. >> that's a full day's sleep. >> i nap when the baby naps. >> the book, "the sleep revolution," can be found at what's happening here? >> need help with your house? >> yes. >> property brothers are here. >> and your back? >> wait a minute. >> oh, yeah. >> this is an unexpected delight. >> we do more than --
8:26 am
hi, the time is 8:26 on this monday, april 4th. i'm angie goff. we want to get a check on your commute with melissa mollet. >> good morning, so right now inner loop between connecticut avenue and georgia. we have that right side here blocked. we're seeing pretty significant delays. a problem on the outer loop. 95 here at prince william parkway northbound. we have that crash that is off to the shoulder but slowing things. take a look at the outer loop of the beltway, the ramp to northbound 95. that has cleared. we're still very slow on the outer loop. >> thanks, a check on your forecast is next. stay with us.
8:28 am
it's a good looking morning outside. plenty of sunshine. clouds will be moving in after lunchtime. a good chance for rain after 3:00 this
8:29 am
rain chance is 80% today. behind a cold front. temperatures down near freezing. freeze warnings are poste narrator: all that political mail might be overwhelming. let's simplify. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
8:30 am
♪ good morning, everybody. 8:30. monday morning, april 4th, and it's raining a little harder, as our sort of spring break rolls on. good morning. by the way, in the north, they're really dealing with snow. we can't complain down here. >> you know who is here? the boss is here. actually, that's what we'll call her today. normally we call her melissa mccarthy. she is a wonderful actress. has a new movie called "the
8:31 am
we'll talk that and "ghostbusters" and more. should you stay or should you go? the property brothers will help us decide whether to fix up your current home or buy a new one. we have a recipe for a gourmet pasta dish. one of my favorites simple to make. you know what today is? bring it in for a little hug. national hug a news person day. if you know what your local anchor looks like, don't scare them, but maybe give them a hug. >> i love that. >> thank you. >> so sweet. dylan, let's have a check of the weather. >> oh, i don't normally do this. >> sure you do. >> i don't normally get hugs on rainy days. i'm good. it is going to be a not nice start to the week as you've noticed. we have snow across new england. rain in the midatlantic
8:32 am
week we'll see the next rain event start to make its way through the ohio and tennessee river valleys. we could see isolated stronger storms and later in the week a smattering of rain and snowshowers through the great lakes. temperatures, look at what's going to happen across the eastern half of the country. west stays above normal. by the middle of the week the below normal temperatures stick around and much below normal through the great lakes. much above normal in the northwest. temperatures should be 10-20 degrees above average, higher in some spots across the northern rockies. today, we're dealing with that rain. it is going to stick around through most of the day through the midatlantic. the snow could accumulate across parts of new england. that's a look at the weather across the country. here's a peek out your window. >> we won't be dealing with snow, but we may be dealing with rain. take your umbrella with you. showers in southern pennsylvania will move their way southward towards the d.c. metro. should be arriving by about
8:33 am
3:00. 30s in northern maryland. going to be a nice day to be outside until the rain moves in. southerly breezes bring temperatures up to near 70 before the raindrops. after the rain comes to an end, about midnight, cold cold cold and windy. >> that's your latest forecast. matt? >> dylan, thank you very much. oscar nominee and emmy winner melissa mccarthy is back on the big screen starring in "the boss." she plays michelle darnel, the richest woman in america. after insider trader, she relies on her former assistant to help her get back on her feet. >> inside of a sofa, neat. >> it's old but comfortable. >> thank you, claire. >> good night, michelle. >> well, it's not
8:34 am
oh, god. >> how many takes did you do on that? >> that's a one and done. >> how do they do something like that? first of all, welcome. good morning. >> nice to see you. >> my husband directed that. >> he didn't say, honey, do it again? >> i was like, do you want it again? he was like, i think we walk away, while everyone still can. >> you were happy about making this movie, not only because of the experience with working with your husband -- by the way, your daughter is in the movie, as well, small role. >> yeah. >> this character has been in your brain for 15 years. >> it has. i did michelle darnel the first time 16 years ago in a theater, improv theater in los angeles. i just -- i can kind of never shake her. she fascinated me. getting to play that energy, you know, ten years later, i was still talking about her. >> she's sticky. she's stuck in your brain. talk about who she is. basically, one of the wealthiest women in america, ran her own
8:35 am
>> things went bad. i just love that as kind of overbearing as she could be, i still like that she had a kind of work ethic to her. if you're willing to work hard enough, you can do it. if not, hit the door. >> she has a weird way of going about things. for example, she gets out of prison, starts from the bottom and comes up with an idea. kind of taking on the girl scouts. >> kind of, yeah. it goes by a different name in the movie. she has to take -- michelle has to take her assistant's daughter to a meeting and goes, is this free kids' labor? is this okay? can i use this? when we started in the writing, it made us question things. we're like, is it child labor? what's happening? >> what are darnel's darlings like? >> they're tough girls. if you're going to get in trouble on the playground, you want them on your side, for sure. look for the biggest, baddest girls and recruit them. >> so you're not selling cookies here, taking on the
8:36 am
that way. >> brownies. >> can i mention something? you know, the promotion staff of your movie, ingenius, i thought, by the way, came up with brownies and send them out to members of the media. i thought, they've got to be good. i'll put them in my kids' lunchbox tomorrow. >> the brownies, yes. not the packaging. >> what was the packaging? >> well, part of michelle's thing is that she did not really have much of an upbringing with family. she doesn't exactly know how to speak to children. some of it may filter in on the box. >> i can't read anything on the box on morning television. >> not a single word of it. >> you do great in these r-rated comedies. is that because it fits your personality? at home, are you an r-rated person? >> no, no. not at all. i think that's why it's so fun for me to do. i -- no, i have two little girls. we don't say shut up. we cant
8:37 am
i think it's part of the fun of acting, is you get to play these characters that kick in doors, say insane things, swear like a sailor. it is the opposite of me. to play myself, i'd be totally bored. to get to play somebody who has no barriers, no sensors, it's like, that's the fun of it. >> this one is called "the boss." you have "ghostbusters" coming out. i'm excited for that. >> i'm excited, too. it's going to be really great. fantastic. >> tell me something i don't know about what's going to happen in that movie. >> there's ghosts, and we're busting them. >> good. >> we're constantly on the proton pack. that's the insider -- >> you have to know ghostbuster for that. >> it'll be scarier than you think. the ghosts and effects are really cool. >> i cannot wait. appointment watching for me. melissa, thanks. >> thank you. >> thank you for the brownies. kids will love them. "the boss" from universal pictures
8:38 am
melissa's husband, ben, who directed the movie as she said, will be here tomorrow. up next, stay and remember nat -- remember nanovate or sell a? the
8:39 am
8:40 am
we're back now. it's 8:40. whether you're in the market for a new home or trying to renovate your current one, the process can be tricky. lucky, the property brothers, drew and scott, compiled knowledge into a book, called "dream home." guys, i hear this is a passion project for you. >> it is. >> took two years to write the book. we wanted to give all the information we learned since we started renovating and buying homes. >> we had to learn to read first. pop-up book. >> no, but there wasn't a research like this on the market. this has everything you would ss
8:41 am
renovating, or making your apartment feel bigger and more functional. >> we'll do a preview. the big question, as i trip with a sprained ankle, should you stay and renovate or sell? the first question is? >> if you love the place. a lot of people want to sell because the place doesn't work for them, but they love the home. it's flawed. there are things you can do about the flaws. >> that's a question you have to ask. sometimes it's not worth renovating. sometimes it's worth looking for something else, to see if it'll function better. sometimes moving isn't cost-effective. i'll get a new place that has everything i want. they don't think of the other expenses involved in moving. lawyers, moving trucks, you name it. look at the numbers before considering. >> the value isn't in the home, you might not get what you need out of it to move to a new place. if you love the location, that's the most important thing. you can change things with the house but can't change the location. >> let's talk about whether you should sell, as we bring the magic wall up. >> so
8:42 am
>> family side of it. a lot of people, they're having more kids, want to grow their family, you might need a bigger home. that's a reason to move. >> maybe you have three kids and need a four-bedroom place, something like that. the neighborhood no longer suits your lifestyle. maybe your husband was a bachelor before and has a bachelor pad. now it won't work, especially if you're raising a family. you don't want to be the 50-year-old at the nightclub. >> not cool. >> the remodeling is a big thing. >> if there are things you need and want, beautiful gourmet kitd ch -- kitchen, you can't get it in your house, that's a reason to move. >> what is a good ad versus? >> there is a language that real estate agents use when they think they're fooling people. >> translate this. >> we'll get a close-up on that. when somebody says it's an artistic home. it's freaking weird. there is weird st
8:43 am
colors. >> i don't use that terminology. i like to just -- i actually like to point it out. i don't like to trick anybody. you have wording like, lots of potential. >> it's a dump. >> it's a piece of crap. >> what about natural landscaping? >> no landscaping. oh, i want $50,000 extra for the natural landscaping. >> let's do staging. convenient shopping. >> it's a busy district or street. visit a home at different times of day to make sure it's not a mad house at night. >> let's look at the bathroom, before and after. what you did to stage. >> simple staging. mainly, it's about not having clutter. bathrooms always need to be fresh and crisp and clean. don't have things like, you know, muddy reds and browns. it makes it feel dirty. >> no rubber duck? >> if it's cool, great. the thing is, if you have your day to day stuff, it makes it look messy. >> try the flowers. next, let's do the kitchen. we have a few
8:44 am
you can see simple changes. get rid of a lot of the products you use day to day. cleaning off your counter tops can make a huge difference. >> if you have glass cabinets that are showing your, you know, dishes and things, make sure you clean them. organize them. make it look like you put effort into showing your home. >> don't throw your jacket on the chair. when i'm showing your house, don't throw your mess around. >> giving this picture an f minus and this one an a. >> going on a first date, you have one chance at a first impression with a home buyer. if you screw it up, it'd be like drew's high school years. never get it back. >> the book is called "dream home." jonathan and drew, thank you. that was put. for more information, head to te the best of the beauty products
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
we're back at 8:46. this morning, we have rolled out the red carpet to reveal the winners of new beauty magazines beauty choice awards. the super star products picked out of 8,000 submissions. more than six months of screening. 120 hours of testing and countless rounds of analysis and debate. sarah is here, "new beauty"'s editor at large. good morning. >> morning. >> sounds like a rigorous process. >> very comprehensive. that way, we know it'll be controlled and you'll have the best products. >> great. >> from our editors through to our readers, to the board members, and the most esteemed people in the industry, as well. >> let's start with the essentials. what are the winners? >> the winners are stila's stay all day liquid eye liner. you can create a thin line to a thick line if you want more of a sultry eye. >> i'll take one of those. >> also take one of
8:48 am
dry shampoo. 90% dry shampoo by the end of the week. it'll work at the spot treat, in the roots. >> oh, it's a -- >> hard case. it actually morphs into a powter. ta -- powder. streak at the root. >> okay. >> get the texture. also it'll absorb the oil. >> best skin care product. >> the winners are roc retinol correction night cream. this is the dermatoloterminrmat recommended product for anti-aging. helps get rid of fine lines and wrinkles and clears your pores. >> like the sound of that. >> treating acne, will snappy. this is image skincare clear cell acne lotion. 5% to clear up your skin and reduce inflammation. >> instant results. what do we have? >> new beauty award
8:49 am
maybelline new york mascara. if you're not near a toothbrush or toothpaste or sink, use this and you'll get fresh breath. after happy hour or the 10:00 hour. >> i love it. >> after wine. >> best long lasting. >> butter london. stays on for ten days without chipping or fading. >> really? taking the whole thing. >> beautiful colors, too. it's clean. no formaldehyde. this beautiful mac colors. stays all day. >> now we're talking. for the news woman, this is our tool. >> you'll love this. >> hair dryer. >> this is a touch 2 touch
8:50 am
completely. >> with a touch screen? wow. >> this is like a speedometer. from the temperature to the volume, and also the ions. it also cuts the drying time to half. it also helps limit the damage to your hair. >> i'm getting my shopping cart out. we have more at up next, a go-to pasta recipe with a twist from one of e hottest chefsth ♪ he's begun forgetting words. forgetting where he lives. but when the day comes when he forgets who i am, i'll still know who he is. the first time we said i love you we didn't use words. we simply held each other's hands. we still are. i lost my dad to alzheimer's. preventing alzheimer's is within our grasp. let's double the budget of nih and get it done. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
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8:52 am
8:51. back now with "today" food. we're spending quality time in our kitchen with the man behind one of the most popular restaurants in new york city right now. if you haven't heard of roberta's, here's a taste. >> reporter: what started as a down and dirty pizza joint in an area of brooklyn few would travel to has become iconic. >> perfect pizza. shouldn't be anything that's too overly thought out or complex. what's important is the balance. you want to be able to taste everything. >> reporter: built from an old garage, roberta's draws huge crowds with wait times that reach up to three hours. but it's not just pizza. from pastas, greens, fish, to their on-site, wholesale bakery, there's no shortage of home
8:53 am
experiences. >> the experience should be positive and make you feel really good. >> head chef and co-owner of roberta's, as well as blanca in new york, as well as my new best friend. >> good morning, buddy. >> i want to rave and i'm afraid because i fear i won't get a table again. >> i think we'll work it out. >> okay. what are we making? >> it's a simple roman pasta, one of my favorites. a lot of people screw it up. >> when you say simple, you're not kidding. look at the ingredients. that's all there is. >> cheese, black pepper, pasta and that'sing linguine. >> any long noodle works. >> salt the water. >> should be like the ocean, heavily. drop our pasta. in here, you'll help me out a second. grind pepper for me. >> got it. >> lots and lots of pepper. >> keep going? >> mama mia,ee
8:54 am
>> this is peppercorn pepper. >> yeah. what we're going to do is release the oils in the pepper. >> getting tired here. >> you're pretty fit. you can do it. i believe in you. >> okay. >> perfect. >> there we go. >> let this get aromatic to release all the oils. it'll transfer to the pastas. already can smell it. >> fantastic. >> beautiful. that was the magic of television. we'll move over here. here, we have our pasta that's pretty much ready to go. i have the pepper nice and hot. add a little bit of pasta water. >> you like using the pasta water? >> the starch that is in the pasta is now in the water. it's going to help us make a nice illmulsion. >> do you like the pasta on the undercooked side? >> al dente. then dump it in the pan. >> you do it. you're the chef. >> all right. >> transfer like so. >> everybody sits there and shake it. yo
8:55 am
>> it helps. it's a good thing. now i'm tossing, trying to get the pepper and the water all nice and married together. >> i'll stop you. look at the gang downstairs. how is this going? >> unbelievable. >> my favorite pasta dish on the planet. i ate it every day in rome and i can't make it this creamy. i'm dying to know the secret to that part. >> i'll show you now. do me a favor and drop the cheese in here. >> with fingers? >> no problem. keep going. >> you're good at this. most people would have this on the floor by now. >> we're good. making this really nice, natural illmulsion. >> beautiful. is that done now? >> ready to go. that's it. >> can i mention also, at the restaurant, you bake all your own breads. you're going to put that in the bowl, and you're going to serve it -- what bread do you call that? >> standard
8:56 am
we do a lot of different breads. we work with different flours from upstate. whole grain. savannah, i understand, is loving the bread. >> we also love the butter. >> do you make the butter, too? >> cultured butter. >> it's like cheese. >> how good is that? >> thank you so much. the bread is delicious. we'll be back after your local news. 8:56 is your time on this monday april 4th, 2016. good morning i'm eun yang. let's check on your morning commute with melissa mollet. >> good morning. so we still have this problem inner loop between connecticut and georgia with the right side blocked. we have a back up for two and a half miles. 66 east at prince william parkway had an earlier crash there that now has cleared
8:57 am
that. connecticut avenue at jones bridge road, an accident here, the camera is not showing the right way but we have slow downs there as time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups,
8:58 am
and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message.
8:59 am
sunny and dry. later this afternoon, starting at 3:30 a line of light to moderate rain showers moving out of northern maryland comes through the heart of the metro between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. take the umbrella. ahead of the raindrops we'll be into the upper 60s to near 70. near freezing by tomorrow morning. freeze warnings are posted. get the latest news and weather anytime on the nbc washington app. wel see you'l
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," wrestle mania is our main event, with a newly crowned wwe champ, roman reigns and charlotte bringing their belts. then we drop by the set of "unbreakable kimmy schmidt." how does presto pasta sound for an easy monday night meal? all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on monday morning, april 4th, 2016. some brave party folks on the plaza between the rain drops. i'm willie with natalie and tamron. al has the day off, and
9:01 am
is back in studio after assignment after assignment. >> i missed you guys. >> i look to my left and nobody is there. here you are. this is your jam. >> "no" by meghan trainor. >> i love this song. >> it's fun. it was trending last night after the iheart radio awards. we love her, our girl meghan. >> we like to hang with her. >> you would never guess nantucket in a million years. >> we will talk the iheart radio awards in a minute. first, hoops. >> big weekend for that. >> they look like good matchups and then they were blowouts, historic blowouts. villanova, 2 seed, taking on oklahoma, also a 2 seed. they've been doing the tournament since 1939. the biggest blowout. >> i was watching the game saturday night and i was like, i
9:02 am
oklahoma. lots of people picked it going in. >> sure. buddy hield is their big star at oklahoma. won the player of the year award nationally, and he had just nine points. villanova was incredible. this one was more of an expected blowout. carolina won, 83-66. setting up tonight's big name. vice president biden paid a visit to the syracuse locker room after the game, offering some words of encouragement. >> that has to be tough. >> i know. >> yeah, he went to law school there and was wearing his pin. it's a tough moment for those guys. nice to have the vice president of the united states visit the locker room. >> bittersweet. >> vice president says, there's always another day. can't beat that, yeah. >> this game tonight should be good. villanova looked great. they'll take on the
9:03 am
the line is 2 1/2, not that i follow these things. says a lot about them. villanova is coming off the 44-point win. apparently, there is a new app. if you want the show spirit tonight, it's face cake. >> when we start things with apparently, it means we haven't seen it. >> this is who we are predicting will win the game tonight. this is a tough call for me. i got a lot of friends at carolinas, went to the dean smith basketball school as a kid in chapel hill. villanova looked so good. >> the colors look good on you. >> i love how authoritative you got with the picture of paint all over your face. >> i look like avatar. >> you do. >> i look like zoe's character from avatar. natalie picked villanova, as well. two versus one. what are we going to do? >> what's the bet?
9:04 am
>> i don't know. think of something good. >> $20. >> high dollar, that's like four coffees. >> something on the air fun. we'll think of something by the end of the show. >> that's dangerous. >> costumes -- >> if you have any ideas. we'll take ideas at "today's take." >> natalie is currently winning our bracket. not just among us on this show. >> meaning absolutely nothing. >> you're at 94. >> here's the thing, carson is still in it because he picked carolina to win. if carolina wins, he wins the whole thing. if they don't, natalie runs away with this thing. >> what's your bracket secret? >> a lot was personal favorites. oh, i have a friend who went to -- my best friend went to villanova so they'll make it to the final four. >> i love it. >> always the person who wins. the best friend went to the school. >> sister went to uva, so i had uva. >> i
9:05 am
seat seton hall, yale. >> i did the same thing. >> you look where they are in the seeding, the brackets and everything. >> you did pay attention to some of the facts related to it? >> i looked at that. i think i picked kansas to win it all. >> they were good. we mentioned the music a wards last night. you had the iheart radio and the academy of country music. taylor swift dominated the iheart radio awards. she took home four trophies, including album of the year. they have a best tour category. >> i like that. >> i do, too. you might get to see one good tour a year. >> that's right. >> tickets are expensive. when you know this one got an awade f awa award, might be the one to check out. acms, one of our favorites, chris stapleton swept it, album of the year, new male vocalist, male vocalist and song of the year. his wife of nine years, morgan, joined him on stage, singing "fire
9:06 am
♪ she knows and i know that i always come back for more ♪ ♪ your love might be my damnation ♪ >> they're a couple you want to hang out there. you pray they live next door so you can visit them. what's going on? go ahead and sing. >> crash the garage band session. >> i made cokie ok cookies for . can you sing for me? >> voice is unbelievable. >> they sound magical together. >> he's been around nashville a long time, writing songs. a lot of songs you know, number one songs. now he's getting his moment. you can see it in a room like last night, everyone is thrilled for him because they worked with him. now he's having his time. if you don't have the album, get it. chris stapleton, "traveler." >> so good. did you see this cute story? you see a lot o
9:07 am
i don't know you've ever seen anything like this. this is a little chihuahua there in front. >> look at him. >> being chased by the california highway patrol on the motorcycle there, across the bay bridge to san francisco. apparently, the dog was making his way from oakland to san francisco. >> that's a long hike. >> he clearly doesn't want to be caught. video is cute and funny, right? bridge shut down, apparently, as they trailed him for five minutes. >> they shut the traffic down for him? that's amazing. >> it is a police escort. in fact, they gave the dog a new name. let's watch the scene. much better now, right? little music. >> oh, the music you mean. >> you have to add the music and the sound effects to the actual chase. >> put a little helmet on him. little jacket. >> yeah. i have to tell
9:08 am
response to that song. takes me back to early '80s, childhood. >> i love it. >> every woman had a crush -- >> every the age of 100 was in love with erica strata. >> larry wilcox. >> by the way, if you're looking for another puppy to add, apparently, the animal was taken to animal control and staying there. they'll scan to see if he has a chip, if they're able to locate the owners. otherwise, it'll be up for adoption. >> cutie. i hope the dog is reunited with its owners. cutie. we had something else. >> this, i'm not too sure about. >> this is frightening. >> i've been looking out the corner of my eye. >> this is a new dessert. could it rival the cronut? >> it could. >> it's the raindrop cake. come on? >> amazing. >> how are you? >> good. >> special delivery.
9:09 am
right? >> yeah. >> the raindrop cake in japan has reached cronut status. if you look at it, it really is like the watery-based -- >> the cake itself -- i don't want to get your cards wet -- it's made of natural spring water. just enough agar to hold the shape. it's a very, very delicate -- >> how do you make that? >> you can mix it. some people like to eat the cake first and then mix the sides. it's really about the texture and experience of it. >> this is a textured journey? i'm texture sensitive. i'm going to go in for this. >> it's also very visually appeali appealing. >> this is darren wong, new york chef here. >> flavoring on the side. >> sugar on the side? what is it? >> topped with black sugar cane syrup. >> i'm a texture person. i don't normally like anything that's gelatin or -- this is
9:10 am
amazing. this is delicious. it remains light. it doesn't feel heavy on your tongue like a raindrop. >> right. a lot of food crazes are -- tend to be very unhealthy. it's over the top. this is sort of going against that trend. >> i like that. >> what's the powder? >> roasted soy flour. >> you've got to eat it relatively quickly, is that right? >> it'll start losing its structure. people try to ask us to take it to go. we advise against it. it's a dessert you experience in the moment. >> this is going to be in brooklyn? >> we launched this weekend. we'll be back next week. >> is it me or does it look a little like a breast implant? >> have you been told that? >> actually, a breast surgeon retweeted one of our websites, yeah. >> it's the perfect little --
9:11 am
>> -- breast implant. maybe a size a. >> you need two of those, don't you? there you go. darren, thank you very much. it's delicious. >> we have three. >> makes for an interesting date there. okay. dylan, bail gnnatalie out. >> i never want to follow dark natalie. >> that was a never level of darkness. >> when he brought it out it's a breast implant. >> once you start eating it it's supposed to go out of your mind. >> yeah. >> good luck with all that. we've got some snow moving through new england right now. it's moving from west to east. it's not going to sag down into new york or even southern connecticut or long island. that's all rain. you go further to the north. hartford seeing the snow. boston, massachusetts, providence, rhode island dealing with the snow. in this strip through here. that's where we have a
9:12 am
weather advisory in effect. it's not going to bring the wind over the weekend, but it will bring two to four inches from that line. in the higher elevations we could see isolated higher amounts, even southeastern mass where you get the bandings with ocean enhancements. after that, we're looking at a refreeze overnight. with the roads wet, because of what's going on right now. by tomorrow morning, we could be dealing with very slippery roadways as temperatures tumble below freezing and that could lead to another slow go for the morning commute. that's a look at the weather across the country. here's a peek out your window. >> good morning, we have bright sunshine and temperatures climbing quickly now. we're in the mid to upper 50s, a little cooler across northern maryland. sunshine for now will fade behind more and more clouds as the afternoon goes along. future weather by 3:30, 4:00 rain pushing into the metro. not expecting a lot of
9:13 am
near 70. just before the raindrops move in. behind the rain, cold front, cold air. down near freezing. freeze warnings >> last your latest forecast. is it safe to toss back? >> i thinke' wreood now. >> cleaning up a little bit. >> come get you a raindrop, dylan. we spend the day with our favorite friends at more "stay" per roll. more "sit" per roll. more "who's training who" per roll. bounty is two times more absorbent. so one roll of bounty can last longer than those bargain brands. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty. the long-lasting quicker picker upper. and try bounty napkins. golden retriever are veryd the different.
9:14 am
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the kihappen here every day.lly bring us together, disney parks. unforgettable happens here. lergies with nasal congestion? find fast relief behind the counter with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d. i acidity was in my i was so focused on making good food choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it, i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said that pronamel can make my teeth stronger, that it was important, that that is something i could do each day to help protect the enamel of my teeth. pronamel is definitely helping me to lead the life that i want to live.
9:16 am
pour yourself a glass because the new season of "unbreakable kimmy schmidt" airs next week. >> the cast is like family to us. they were nice enough to give us a tour of the set and a peek at the new season. ♪ unbreakable >> welcome to season two. >> reporter: it's the show that had us all bingeing last year. "unb
9:17 am
netflix comedy about the young woman who had been living underground in a cult for 15 years. >> you have a secret. >> i am one of the indiana mole women. >> from the news? >> reporter: the show's second season premieres april 15th, and we got a little preview when we visited the set to chat with the cast. >> what's happening in kimmy's life? >> she was absent from the world during crucial formative years. namely, 14 to 29. i think she's catching up on a lot of that. job wise, relationship wise, fashion wise. so i think we're seeing her continue to come into her own. you see her -- the bloom is off the rose, but she's recognizing what it means to function as an adult. >> what's wrong? what's right? what's just, ehh? >> what's going on with titus? >> he has a love interest. it's interesting to watch titus will vulnerable. >> there are three things titus
9:18 am
apologies, drag and calculus. >> what is lillian up to? >> a little thing i'm concerned with this year, lillian, is keeping gentrification of the neighborhood. >> here, we say, ehh, just a priest in a leather box. >> i very much want to keep our little sanctuary place traditional, the way it's been for most of my life. i don't want it to transition into hipster ville. >> you two met before, right? >> at barney's. >> we had the robot together. >> where is jacqueline as we enter season two? >> i am not mrs. anymore. i'm now jacqueline white, which says it all, i think. everything jacqueline ever wanted. >> is mrs. white happier? >> ms.
9:19 am
>> excuse me. >> ms. white has been a great journey for jacqueline. >> reporter: once the cast went to film scenes, we were left free to roam around. >> unbreakable. >> doesn't quite fit. >> that went well. >> reporter: our friends jane and ellie pop back in to give us a sneak peek of jacqueline's new apartment. >> we need to try harder for the "today" show. we knew they were coming. because you were a guest host, just so casual. >> reporter: after a day hanging out with the cast of kimmy schmidt, we were ready to toast the new season. >> champagne, okay. >> don't find filling that up more. >> little more. >> it's good luck. >> later. >> another wonderful season, "unbreakable kimmy schmidt." >> cheers. >> yay. >> the champagne goesn
9:20 am
>> we love everyone on the show but to watch them work together, they're so good on and off the screen. >> it is an unbelievable cast. >> they're back for season two. "unbreakable kimmy schmidt" -- >> you want more champagne? >> "unbreakable kimmy subm mmy is on netflix. the new wwe champions of the world, roman reigns and charlotte join us, and they're bringing actually, philly was the first capital. oh, honey... no ♪ wait, did you just have that on your phone? it's time to mix it up. do it, dad! yeah, do it! there are thousands of ways into the complex health care system. it was frozen. daddy's hand looks funny. and choosing unitedhealthcare can help make it simpler by letting you know when your claim has been processed.
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9:24 am
♪ i could rise above coming up from the ring to rockefeller center, the champions of wrestlemania 32 in the house. roman reigns and charlotte. i have someone's belt. i'll try to return it. natalie, what do you have it? >> i like the belt. veterans wounded in combat and struggling to care for families are getting a big surprise when they come home, thanks to a very special organization. that's coming up. willie? also, we're going to let you have cashcarbs for dinner but healthy and delicious with a kale pesto pasta. smells
9:25 am
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9:26 am
. hi, everyone, the time is 9:26 on this monday, april 4th. in the news, a visitation services will be held in hampton, virginia, today for a fallen state police trooper. trooper chad dermyer died in the line of duty last thursday. state police say that trooper dermyer approached a man during a training exercise at a bus station in richmond. the man shot him multiple times. the trooper's funeral is set for tomorrow. amtrak service at union station has returned to normal following yesterday's train crash. right now, the data recorders and camera footage are headed to d.c. ntsb investigators will try to figure out what led up to the
9:27 am
9:28 am
beautiful morning outside for now. clouds are coming in after lunchtime. rain is likely after 2:00, 3:00
9:29 am
is 80%. it will be near 70 today. that's the warmest day of the week. freeze warnings b tomorrowy
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. a major study finds that heart patients with blocked arteries have a better chance of surviving for ten years with bypass surgery plus medication instead of just drugs alone. most of the study patients were men who were about 60 years old at the start. the lead author says the results are so definitive, they'll likely lead to stronger recommendations for bypass surgery. big news on the aviation front this morning. alaska air announced today a deal to acquire virgin america, the ninth largest u.s. airline. the agreement said to be worth more than $2 billion and it will make alaska the nation's fifth largest airline. the deal will have to be appr e approved by government regulators. in other airline news, reviews are in. ss
9:31 am
happy. complaints actually jumped 34% last year. that's the highest level since the year 2000. the top reasons for frustration include flight cancellations and delays. this, despite the fact that more flights are arriving on time, and airlines are losing fewer bags. one expert believes rising fees are fueling resentment among travelers. starbucks lovers, soon you might be able to order coffee through e-mail. the coffee giant teaming up with microsoft on a feature to allow outlook users to schedule meetings at starbucks locations and order the coffee ahead of time. it would also allow customers to purchase and send gift cards without leaving the e-mail program. "batman versus superman: dawn of justice" high at the box office. brought in another $52 million. that is a 68% drop from last week's opening weekend. "zootopia" was
9:32 am
billion. "my big fat greek wedding 2" was at a pretty nasty start to the week in the northeast with snow across new england, rain down through west virginia into washington, d.c. that's going to be how the week starts. by the time we get to the middle of the week. the rain will shift into areas like illinois, stretching down into louisiana. we could see isolated stronger storms. by the end of the week you see a scattering of snowshowers up across parts of the great lakes. as for the temperatures, we're looking for much below normal temperatures in the east, much above normal temperatures out west. that sticks throughout the middle of the week. we're looking at above average temperatures across the rockies but below normal temperatures across much of the eastern half of the country. here's a peek out your window. good morning, sunshine and a beautiful day here in washington. there will be clouds coming in. rain up here in southern pennsylvania now. with time the raindrops
9:33 am
upper 50s to near 60. we will get close to 70 today. behind the cold front, a big drop in temperatures will be down at or below the freezing mark. especially in the suburbs by tomorrow morning. and another cold shot comes in later this week for the weekend. >> that's your latest forecast. tamron and willie? >> thank you, dylan. now to last night's epic wrestlemania 32. defending heavyweight champion hhh took on roman reigns for the title in wwe diva charlotte defended her titles in a diva's triple threat watch. >> you know how lucky we are this morning? >> i know. >> the winners flew overnight from dallas to be with us right now. welcome, with dry ice included, the new wwe heavyweight champion of the world, roman
9:34 am
>> what's up, guys? >> and as roman enters, next up on our bill, wwe women's world champion, charlotte! come on out. [ applause ] >> oh, my gosh. what a gentleman you are. see, she has on a little more than yesterday. >> thank you very much. >> you look beautiful. >> thank you. >> oh, my gosh. after that night last night, how did you recover so quickly? >> makeup. >> come on? >> lots of makeup. >> i was told you have, charlotte, bruising on your arm. it was a tough night. >> yes, ma'am, it was. >> how do you feel? >> it hasn't hit me yet. i haven't had a moment to soak it all in, really. >> roman, it was a crazy night, too. there were 101,000 and change fans in arlington, texas, last night. what was the vibe like?
9:35 am
the wwe universe, is so great. it didn't start last night. they were there tuesday. everywhere i went in dallas, i saw ww universe everywhere. people with shirts on. people supporting. everyone wants pictures. it was a good time. that's what we do. we take over a town. >> it's a week-long event. wrestlemania was seven hours and the chant never stopped. the energy was the same from when the preshow started to the main event. >> they were really loud for the women. >> how crazy was it to look out and see everyday fans like those packed on our plaza, and then you have shaq, snoop dogg, celebrities, everybody in the house last night. how was that? >> that's wrestlemania for you. this is the biggest entertainment live event in the world. we continue to do it bigger. >> rand.
9:36 am
>> everybody was showing up. a-listers, everybody. that's the great thing about this. it's what we do every single year. what are we going to do next year is the question. what can we do next year, you know? >> you both earned the belts, but you really earned it, charlotte. you had to beat two people at the same time, right? >> becky lynch and sasha banks, the two best in the game. i had my parent in crime with me. >> you did. >> aren't you the best in the game? >> they didn't mention my name. >> well, she is now. has the belt to prove it. >> the best. >> what happens with divas? >> well, the divas tournament is now retired. >> retired. >> the women are now considered super stars. we have matching titles, by the way. it's amazing. >> i didn't need anybody to tell me they were superstars. i've seen these women do everything we do and more on a daily basis. no days off. i mean, t
9:37 am
it's incredible. >> look at this move. >> oh! >> wow. >> how do you -- charlotte, how do you defeat two women at once? what's the strategy when you go in the ring? >> see the guy beside me? my dad, the dirtiest player in the game. he's taught me a few tricks. and i'm genetically superior. >> that should have been the headline. >> you're genetically superior. >> in case you didn't know. >> what's next? >> well, what did your dad teach you? >> if you have a title, you have to defend it. >> who do you want to fight next? took out triple h. who is next on your list? >> anybody and everybody. like we said earlr, wrist wrestlemania is full of a-listers and stars. the rock and john cena. if they want some, hey, john cena, t
9:38 am
>> john cena is honorary co-host of this show. you've come in his house and called him out. >> roman doesn't care, no, no. >> roman, this is john cena's house. >> not if i'm in it. >> oh, this is good. >> i'm in your living room, about to go in your fridge and eat your food. you tell me what to do. >> oh, john cena! i know he's -- if he was asleep, he's up now. >> calling somebody. >> and charlotte, what do you want to do next? >> well, i think last night was an indicator of what the women can do. >> right. >> sure. >> we're going to continue to steal the show. >> you have something for us, i'm told. >> looking forward to defending my new women's championship. >> i feel bad almost taking these because we didn't earn these, but we're going to hold them for a second, if we can. >> we heard you're huge fans so we have to make it official. >> got to always
9:39 am
coordinated. >> switcheroo. >> if you were the first ever women's champion morning co-host -- >> wow! >> congratulations! >> i had to slay many girls to get this. >> cheers. >> s cena, roman wants some. charlotte and roman, congratulations. the champs are here. catch them tonight on soup and sandwich and cannonballs and clean and real and looking good and sandwich and soup and a new personal best. and a little help and soup and sandwich and study group. good, clean food pairs well with anything. try the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be. ♪
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9:43 am
an organization making life a little easier for some wounded veterans who are returning from deployment to a place they can truly call home. >> this is wonderful to be here, to honor the rogers family and patrick for his service and dedication to our country. >> reporter: staff sergeant patrick rogers served as an army medic, deployed to iraq and afghanistan, flying numerous rescue missions before wounded in combat. >> my flight surgeon takes me off the aircraft and said, you have to leave this country. >> reporter: he returned home, sergeant rogers was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, as well as ptsd. his wife and three kids stood by his side throughout his treatment. >> day to day is a struggle on so many levels. you hear various noises outside, various noises while sleeping, and you can't sleep. or something is on y
9:44 am
and this has been a real struggle this morning, to get here. >> reporter: a struggle that made it difficult for patrick to work. enter operation finally home, a non-profit that builds mo mortgage-free houses for wounded veterans, keeping in mind their physical limitations. >> the houses are built around what the vet will need. in the future, i will probably be in a wheelchair. i have to have major surgeries. they build the houses to accommodate everything they could think of for the vets. >> reporter: operation finally home has built almost 100 homes since its inception in 2005. the founder and ceo. >> unfortunately, they're not getting a lot of help and they don't ask for it. i saw the need and decided to do something about it. >> reporter: army sergeant steven received a home in 2014. he lost his legs after his convoy rolled over an ied in afghis
9:45 am
people take time out of their own lives and give to others. i mean, that feeling is hard to describe. >> reporter: operation finally home has made life that much easier for steven and his family. >> we face so many closed doors going through treatment, getting hope, losing hope. operation finally home was more for more family and what me and my family were doing together. >> reporter: back in texas, the rogers family is excited to settle into their new community. >> it's unbelievable, what the people of texas have done for me and my family. i cried like a little baby. i don't cry. my wife is tougher than me. the community is unbelievably supportive. operation finally home, i don't know what else i could say about them. they made this possible. >> just amazing work. operation finally home
9:46 am
99 homes with their 100th dedication a week away. they also have 60 projects currently in the works in 31 states. if you want to help out and get involved in your community, head to our website, ted, find out more. ahead, easy dinner for a busy week ♪coming soon from progressive, it's "savin' u," the new hit single from the dizzcounts. ♪ cash money ♪ the biggest discount and understand... ♪ the dizzcounts. safe driver, paperless, paid-in-full, multi-car and joey fatone. ♪ savin' you five hundred ♪ i'm savin' you five hundred we have auto-tune, right? oh, yeah. that's a hit! all: yeah! ♪ ♪
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earning unlimited cash back on purchases. that's a win. but imagine earning it twice. you can with the citi double cash® card. it lets you earn cash back twice. once when you buy and again as you pay. it's cash back then cash back again. and that's a cash back win-win. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. this morning on today food, we're bringing carbs back to the dinner table with h
9:50 am
dishes. >> catalina is the chef and managing partner of a restaurant here in new york. >> i'm so excited. >> good morning. we love pesto. you're making it with kale so it makes it healthier, right? >> we have a little kale here. we have a whole range of ingredients. cilantro, chalice, almonds, feta, which is really nice. >> you start making the pesto first. >> exactly. we have a little kale in here. >> you made the point of saying that you tested it out with cooked kale, raw kale. go with raw kale. >> i didn't love it. then cleaning kale is easy. i like using my hands. take it off the stem. >> all right. >> then we have a food processor here. >> twist it. >> add a little kale. we're going to add some cilantro and a pinch of salt. remember that feta also has a little salt. we're just going to course it a
9:51 am
>> don't want the oil yet. >> get it going. you can lift this. add some almonds. >> nice touch. >> why don't we add -- i use my hands all the time. >> go for it. >> you have feta. let's see what else. garlic. and chalice. >> perfect. >> the chalice are cooked already, right? >> they are caramelized. then we'll pulse. then we'll add some olive oil. >> that's your pesto. >> yeah. >> you kevin tacan even take th off. >> we love watching. >> you filter in the olive oil. >> then we've got the shrimp over here. we have honey. a little bit. i, as i get older, i have liked spicier foods a little more. mix that up a little bit.
9:52 am
>> the honey probably sweetens it up. >> layer of flavor. >> yeah. then you can let this marinade for a couple hours, like two hours, or overnight. >> you've got garlic inside the pan with olive oil. >> we'll add the shrimp. >> smells amazing. >> i hope you like it. >> yeah. >> we're going to add this. kind of move it around a little bit. shrimp, you're going to see it gray. as soon as it's pink, it's cooked. >> golden glaze. >> beautiful. remember it's going to keep cooking when you add it to the pasta. >> willie is chowing down. >> it's amazing. i love the sweetness of the shrimp with the glaze. really good. >> we serve it up. >> little pesto here. we're going to mix this up. >> looks good. >> looks amazing. >> pasta water. >> great serving bowl. >> added water to it to
9:53 am
out some? >> exactly. shake it around. >> it's good, tastes great. very fresh. >> you like it? >> with the shrimp on top, it's really good. >> something you can serve hot. >> thank you. you can find the recipe and more at we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. bravo. this is amazing. wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising. stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery...
9:54 am
stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
9:55 am
we missed you. >> look who is back! >> back in the house. >> not by popular demand. >> yes by popular demand. we've been waiting patiently. >> look how spring you look. >> it's snowing outside. we're bringing it inside. >> what's happening? >> we don't know. no, mary higgins clark is with us.
9:56 am
but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
9:57 am
9:57 is your time on this monday april 4th, 2016. it's been home to the red skins and now d.c. united. we'll find out what the future of rfk stadium could look like if ncc is unveiling several concept plans for the campus in southeast washington. d.c. officials have suggested the stadium have what they call recreationalci
9:58 am
let's check the forecast with storm team 4 meteorologist. i'd like warmer weather. >> done. get it done today. this is the warm day of the week. temperatures above average today in the upper 60s to around 70. have your umbrella ready to go this evening. temperatures tumble to below freezing by morning. freeze mornings have been posted for tomorrow morning and may need them for frid anday
9:59 am
narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, hodi, that's what we live for. it's fun day monday. welcome back, sweetheart. it's nice to be back. great show if you missed the academy -- country music awards, it was a big night for miranda lambert. everybody was talking about who she hit the red carpet with. we've got all the scoop in today's buzz. boy, does she look great. >> she does.


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