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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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now at 11 -- >> we thank you, lord, that you placed her in our lives. >> remembering a mother of three, killed inside her own home. family and friends say they wish they had done more after seeing signs d
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remaking rfk. a first look tonight for hundreds of neighbors and plans to replace the old stadium. >> really, it's crumbling. it's a crumbling mess. >> and only on news4, dr. anthony faccia of the national institutes of health talking about the threat of zika virus in the u.s. >> the mosquitos are here. they may then carry disease. >> "news4 at 11" starts now. >> first up tonight, the rain has moved out of here, and it took the warm air with it. >> yeah, doug says we ain't seen nothing yet, folks. 40s and 50s right now. temperatures in the 20s just north of us. and yes, that's an april snowstorm in new england, parts of massachusetts, rhode island, connecticut, and new hampshire, all in line for up to 6 inches of snow. let's go to storm center 4 now. doug, we're in for a shock when we wake up tomorrow. >> we really are, guys. some of us already seeing the shock out there right now. i wa
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dealing with as far as temperatures and how they have gone through the day. at 1:00 this afternoon, look at the maps. 73 degrees. it was 76 in richmond. 41 in pittsburgh. watch what happened. here comes the cold front. the temperature starting to dip as the rain moved on through. now we're into the 20s to the north. 28 currently in pittsburgh. we just dropped 8 degrees. we're now down to 46 in d.c. and the cold air continues to make its way in here. right now the radar still showing a few showers down to south. but the rain is just about over for most of us. the winds, however, are just beginning. 24-mile-per-hour wind gusts at camp springs as well as down towards fredericksburg at 26. nearly 22 in martinsburg. that's going to set us up for the windchills tomorrow. freeze warning in effect for the area in purple. it is going to be one cold night tonight. windchills could be in the teens in some locations when you wake up. much more on this in the seven-day forecast, a cold seven-day forecast coming up. >> doug, thank you. dozens of people gathered at park tonight in leesburg to remember christina fisher. >> the mother ofhr
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daughter was home. police say derrick lewis, fisher's ex-boyfriend and the father of her other two children pulled the trigger on saturday, just 11 days after she got a permanent protective order against him. alleging multiple attacks in which she feared for her life. news4's dorothy spencer reports now from leesburg. >> all these hearts that are broken, heavenly father, we ask that you touch us right now, lord. >> reporter: friends and relatives of christina fisher gathered to remember the young mother of three, a woman allegedly killed by an ex-boyfriend who had been ordered by a judge to stay away from her and her kids. >> there is help there is somebody you can talk to, somebody you can reach out to. don't let another person die like this. don't let it become another tragedy for another family. >> reporter: court records show fisher had gotten two protective orders to keep derrick lewis away, but it wasn't enough. police say he came to her home and shot and killed her
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daughter was home. she called 911. >> i think as adult, it's our responsibility to have these open discussions. because kids are witnessing this and seeing it. because we don't talk about it, i think it becomes accessible. >> denise watts is fisher's husband. she says she tried to help her get away. >> i found out about christina's abuse probably about two years ago. so i brought the police to her. i told federal agents about her. we all tried to helper. but she said he would change. >> reporter: the friends gathered here don't just want to bring attention to the issue of domestic violence. they want you to encourage anyone who is in a violent relationship to get help, or get involved yourself by calling 911. >> when those crimes happen, the people that love them, it's okay to step in sometimes. >> reporter: there are also prayers for lewis, his family and his two boys, now left without a mom and a father who could go to prison for life if he is convicted of the murder.
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news4. tomorrow an ashburn, virginia man found guilty of shooting his ex-wife's new husband last year will learn his new fate. min nguyen shot cory madison four times. at today's sentencing hearing, a detective testified he believes madison ran outside after he was shot, trying to steer nguyen away from his wife's children. madison's widow denise calls her late husband a hero. she gave birth to the couple's first child in september, eight months after his death. family, friends and fellow officers are preparing to lay to rest a virginia state trooper gunned down last week. the funeral for trooper chad dermyer will take place tomorrow morning in hampton followed by a private burial. tonight people paid their respects during the visitation service. trooper dermyer was killed last thursday during a training exercise at a greyhound bus station in richmond. his fellow troopers shot and killed the gunman. a new home for the
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a new home for the wizards and the cats. a concert hall, or a massive sports and entertainment complex? those are just some of the ideas to replace rfk stadium and revitalize the neighborhood around it. tonight neighborhoods got their chance to weigh in. and news4's shomari stone is live at rfk with their reaction. hi, shomari. >> reporter: hey, doreen. a lot of folks in this community tell me they are tired of rfk stadium. some like it because of d.c. united. butters say it is an eyesore, worthless space. a lot of those folks shared their opinions tonight. let's hear what they had to say. >> bad. >> reporter: that's the one word eric commodore thinks about when he drives by rfk stadium in his neighborhood. >> really, it's crumbling. it's a crumbling mess, you know. it just looks like something that is about ready to implode. >> reporter: tonight, eric and hundreds of people who live near rfk shared their ideas on what they want to see happen to the 190 acre property after d.c. united leaves the stadium in a few years.
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what do you want to see happen? >> i really like the process. we've heard from a lot of the community members. >> reporter: events d.c. which runs the city's sports, entertainment and cultural events is considering several plans, including a new home for redskins, an arena for the wizards and capitals, or a concert hall. many people in this room want it to be a place for families to play. >> i'm not as big a fan as having a stadium there. but some type of facility where you could involve people in sports in a different way would be really great. >> reporter: take a look with me over here. you can see these are some of the examples. a park, indoor climbing wall, indoor track complex, community field. we've got a floating pool. these are all proposals. as for eric commodore, he would like to sea a park replace rfk stadium. >> it really needs to have a presence.
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lease with verizon center and the washington redskins' lease with fedexfield both expire in 2027. so this isn't happening any time soon. as for tonight's meeting, well, events d.c. and city officials will then share their reactions from the community in three months and let them all know so then they'll have their second hearing to decide what is the best way to handle rfk stadium. live here in southeast d.c., i'm shomari stone, news4. >> thank you, shomari. the irs headquarters downtown will be closed tomorrow after a fire in the basement there this afternoon. a spokesman says the building is without full electricity, and the air handling system isn't working. irs employees who have the option to telework should do so. firefighters say a transformer fire in the building on constitution avenue caused the damage. but nobody was hurt. all other irs offices in the region are open for business. the governors of california and new york signed bills today that will raise the minimum wage in those
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in california. the increase will happen by the end of 2022. new york city will receive the increase by tend of 2018 with the rest of the state following three years later. now the district could be next in line. today a judge ruled supporters of a $15 minimum wage can move ahead with an effort to put the issue on november's ballot. it reversed a decision in january that said the board of elections didn't have enough members when it authorized putting the issue on the ballot. now if supporters can get 25,000 signatures from d.c. voters by july, it's on the ballot in november. your next trip through western maryland could go a little faster. the speed limit increased from 65 to 70 miles an hour on two stretches of i-70 today. one between route 29 and howard county and route 144 and frederick county. the other section runs from route 108 in frederick county up to the pennsylvania line.
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baltimore and frederick. bridge inspections could spell delays on some of d.c.'s busiest roadways over the next few days. tomorrow and wednesday, crews will check out connecticut avenue and parts of woodley park, closing some lanes. then on thursday, crews will inspect parts of south capital near nats part. d-dot now tells us because the nats' home opener is that day that work will not involve lane closures. voters in wisconsin could have a big impact on the race for president tomorrow. much bigger than anyone thought several months ago. 42 republican delegates are up for grabs in the state. 96 for the democrats. it may not seem like much, but some republicans see it as a huge opportunity to stop donald trump. ted cruz has been leading in most polls in wisconsin, and a win for him could slow trump's momentum. trump said today if he wins, the fight for the nomination will be all but over. on the democratic side, it's also about momentum.
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in the wisconsin polls and a bigger margin of victory could give him a springboard into new york where clinton has a double-digit lead. tonight the ntsb is reviewing tapes of the moment an amtrak train crashed outside of philadelphia yesterday, killing two workers and sending hundreds of passengers flying. but right now investigators say they are no closer to determining what or who was at fault. cameras show maintenance equipment sitting on two sets of tracks just before the violent crash. but they don't know why it was there. they're trying to figure out if it's human error. >> human factors related accidents have been a constant challenge in the rail industry, ever since railroads were started back in the early 1800s. >> last may eight people were killed in an amtrak crash just north of philly. since then an automatic braking system called positive train control has been added to those tracks. it should have been programmed to prevent trains
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approaching a work zone unless the train was on the wrong tracks. all new tonight we continue a deeper look into the impact of the zika virus. >> it would be surprised if we didn't see some form of small local outbreaks at least in the southeastern part of the country. >> next at 11:00, my one-on-one interview with dr. anthony fauci from nih. why he thinks it's a matter of if, not when. a power outage at d.c.'s 911 call center. it's happened before. news4 finding out why it happened again over the weekend. and walmart's apology for what was supped to be a os
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice
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education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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last week we learned that many more people in the united states could be vulnerable to the zika virus than first predicted. and that includes people in our area. the centers for disease control says the two types of mosquitos capable of spreading the infection can survive as far north as maine and as far west as california. more than 300 people in the continental u.s. have already been infected with the zika virus, which can cause serious birth defects. but all of those cases came from travel to south and central america and the caribbean. dr. anthony fauci is director of the national institute for allergy and infectious diseases at nih. tonight i talked with him about how soon the zika virus might be transmitted by mosquitos here. >> what the concern is that we'll start getting local cases, mainly cases in which a person may go down to brazil or wherever, get
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back to the united states, and then a mosquito in florida or in south carolina or wherever bites that person and then bites another person. and then you get what is called local spread. >> and that could happen here when? >> that could happen here in washington, d.c. it could happen any time in the spring when you start getting mosquito activity. the kinds of mosquitos that transmit it certainly are around. the question is the more mosquito activity you get, more biting, more activity, then you get the greater opportunity to get that kind of spread. >> last week nih and the cdc met with state and local government leaders to put zika virus action plans in place before mosquito season starts. and nih is overseeing fast track efforts to develop the zika vaccine. my conversation with dr. fauci tomorrow on "news4 at 5." in rockville, a thrift store that helps fund programs for mental ill seasons closing in three weeks. the nami thrift shop is run by the national alliance me
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the store helps sustain all of nami's 23 free programs since 1979. but lately the organization says it's been operating at a loss. new at 11:00, a group of montgomery county police officers received training tonight in the use of narcan. that's the drug that helps to counter the effects of a heroin overdose. it's a nasal spray. just last week it became available without a prescription at cvs stores in maryland and virginia, though it is still behind the counter. d.c.'s 911 call center lost power during the heavy winds over the weekend. news4 has now learned its backup generators didn't work. engineers are now trying to figure out just what happened. officials believe it was a power surge or spike that caused the generators to fail. dispatchers were relocated to a backup location. no 911 calls or dispatches were delayed. but today we asked what would happen if something caused the 911 number to fail.
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>> that's a doomsday for us. we don't want to ever see that happen. there is multiple ten-digit numbers that we could use that are backup numbers to 911. and we would broadcast that out to folks if that were to happen. >> the district is now working on plan that will let you text 911. the technology is already available in several local counties. doug is back from vacation. and so are you. you came back a little underdressed, though. for the occasion. >> i came back from florida, in different parts of the state. >> i didn't get the memo apparently. >> it's opening day. >> you're going to need a parka over your tux tomorrow. >> that's the thing. it's not the jackets tomorrow. it's the winter coats. that's the kind of winter weather we have coming in here across the region. temperatures have been plummeting all evening long. they're just going to continue to do so. we saw a high today in the 70s. and then we saw the rain. and then we'll take a look at this. a coupe of great pictures here. this was beautiful. the rainbow right ov
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station here on nbc washington. thank you, andrew, our coworkers for shooting that a little earlier. i saw a lot of pictures from all around town, seeing the rainbows, and even double rainbows out there. look at the color of this one out there as well. right now the temperatures, have they fallen? down to 45 now. and this is the key. look at the winds. 22 miles per hour out of the northeast. so some intense wind right now too. so windchills is a factor. it's 45. 37 gaithersburg. 42 in martinsburg. those are the temperatures. how about the windchills? already down to 29 in frederick. the windchill is 37 in d.c. and it's 43 in culpeper. 37 in d.c. after a high today of 74. absolutely amazing. storm radar, all the rain is now gone. it's way down to the south or east. and that's why we're bringing in the colder weather there is the front. continuing to move on down to the south. still some lake-effect snows occurring. boston had a few inches, upwards of 4 to 8 inches in boston today. that system making its way out
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to sea. and behind it, we're getting cold. here were the highs today. 77 richmond. 55 in pittsburgh that was early. they cool quickly. hard to believe we go from this, 74, to this, early tomorrow morning. 7:00 a.m., 13 for a possible windchill around the d.c. metro area. i think more around the 15 to 20-degree range. but even that, many of you will be in the teens early tomorrow morning. that's what we're talking about with this intense cold. by noon tomorrow, i don't think you'll have a lunch outdoors tomorrow. high temperatures or windchills at this time only in the mid-20s. so a very cold day tomorrow for sure. high temperatures with sunshine. mid- to upper 40s. but the wind will keep things in the 30s all day. so you talk about what kind of an impact that will have on us tomorrow. definitely going to be that moderate impact with the dramatic temperature drop feeling much more like winter. and yes, she's got the right idea. it's not the jacket, its coat, the gloves and the scarf. you might have to get them out of the closet, back out of the
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winter is not done yet. 56 on wednesday. a freeze watch in effect for wednesday morning. then 62 on thursday. moving in the right direction. but rain coming in on thursday. and watch what happens friday into the weekend. 50 on friday. the weekend only in the low 40s. and we could even see a couple of showers and maybe even a snowflake in some areas on saturday. so you thought winter was over. huh-uh. not quite. >> brr! thank you, doug. coming up, opening day drama as baseball hits back. coming up, one of the newest nats leads an extra innings you can't predict the market. coming up, one of the newest nats leads an extra innings but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years.
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is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> nats off to a strong start down in hotlanta. >> one of 162, but a great way to start the season if you're zus city baker and the nationals team. the nationals didn't make a lot of noise the free agency, but they did acquire the hottest bat in last year's postseason, and that's daniel murphy. he came over from the mets. and he made the most of his nationals debut. he drove in game winning run. the na the nats' dominance continues. the nats trying to get their season started on a positive note. bryce harper nothing but positive vibes here in the first inning. his fourth opening day home run in the past three seasons. the nats lead it by a run. harper was one with two
11:26 pm
max scherzer on the hill. he gave up just three hits in seven innings. the problem was the two long balls he gave up. this one to garcia. the game knotted up at 2 at this point. well would head to extra innings. tied at 3 in the top of the tenth. daniel murphy. with ryan zimmerman on second. murphy comes up big-time in the clutch. that ball falls. zimmerman comes in to score. murphy was 2 for 3 with the homer and the nats edge out the braves 4-3. jonathan papelbon came in close the game out as dusty baker got his first win in dramatic fashion with the nationals. >> kind of like game telling you welcome back. you know? >> i mean, there is a lot of highs and lows in that game. and i feel very flattered the path of the team. they gave me the -- my first victory ball in a nationals uniform. a rainy opening day in baltimore. t
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camden yards. bottom of the fifth, this game scoreless. adam jones has runners at the corners. and comes up big-time. watch this hit. off the top of the wall here. joey ricker to manny machado, coming all the way around to score. the o's. we'll move ahead to the bottom of the ninth. we're knotted up at two. the are ining run 90 feet away from matt wieters. he was 0 for 4 on 2 day. but how about this? the line drive up the middle scores khris davis. the o's win in walk-off fashion 3-2. they put a different twist on last year's pie celebration. this year it's all about caking. adam jones tweeting tonight i might get a whupping for today's shenanigans, but i'll take that spanking for the w. moving on to college basketball now. a lot of news coming out of college park today. reported that center diamond stone was declaring for the nba draft. but according to his father, bob stone, the family is still evaluating thoc
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stone averaged 12 1/2 points and 5 rebounds a game in his first and only year at college park. he is one of three underclassmen of the terps who could gopro. stone has not hired an agent according to the report. because of that, he retains his sophomore eligibility. he leaves open the possibility that he could return to maryland for his sophomore season. finally tonight, villanova won. they beat north carolina in the national championship game. >> wow. >> great game. >> ge. >> chulo
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so what's wrong with this picture of a t-shirt sold at walmart? that's the maryland logo and the outline of the state of massachusetts. it made for angry terps. walmart said we're so embarrassed we may never stick our head out of our shell again. they're
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time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message.


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