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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  April 6, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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right now a new search for a girl who has been missing for more than two years. i'm barbara harrison with where and why police are looking for melissa ruggs now. rain on the way. i've got new timing. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk with a hearing taking place right now at airports keeping you safe before you go through security. the win in wisconsin for ted cruz and bern
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a brand new search for the little girl who has been missing for two years. they are in the national arboretum looking for missing melissa rudd. >> reporter: rapid to relisha rudd has hurt so many people on so many levels, and they just want her found one way or another. new information has led them here to the national arboretum. we saw the search team immobi s immobilesiimmobile immobilizing and getting ready this morning. they are going to search a small body of water. the arboretum is an extensive area. relisha has been missing now for two years, since march of 2014. the chief would not talk specifics about this new information. we did ask, but they clearly feel it is credible enough to follow
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>> it is not uncommon for people to provide information that they've had for long periods of time that they don't provide initially that they may provide at some later time. it's also not uncommon for us to find missing children months, weeks, years, even, after they've gone missing. >> reporter: the last big police search for relisha was in december. they looked at a construction site on bladingford road. this search will go for two days, through tomorrow. relisha disappeared when she was eight years old and she would have been ten now. back to you. we've got the strong april sun beginning to warm things up beautifully now with a southwesterly breeze. temperatures are now jump sbug t -- jumping into the 40s. there is a live view of the capitol, finally feeling like spring. a few high clouds driftith
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afternoon. a milder afternoon on the way. then thursday, showers are looking likely, and there might be a delay, a rain delay for the nationals home opener. first pitch is at 4:05. i have new hour by hour timing on the rain arrival and when it departs. that's coming up in just a few minutes. right now we are working to learn the name of the man who died in a crash near a stream of the anacostia. d.c. police say he lost control of his car on 56th street northeast last night near watts branch. it's not clear what caused the crash but you can see how it ended up. the mangled vehicle landed on its roof. the driver was alone in the car. today the man accused of throwing things over the white house fence will appear in d.c. court. kyle odom was arrested last month outside the executive mansion. police believe he came to the district after shooting an idaho pastor six times. the shooting happened a day after the pastor spoke at a ted cruz campaign ra
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for the first time since the isis terrorists bombed the brussels airport, flights from brussels are about to land at dulles international. three flights took off this morning. the first one arrives at dulles just before 1:00 today. the brussels airport is running but in a very limited way right now. it reopened days ago after those deadly bombings there and at a subway station. that all happened last month, you'll remember. more than 30 people were killed in those attacks. your safety on planes, trains and subway systems is being talked about right now. it's happening on the hill. recent attacks by isis in belgium that barbara just mentioned underscore terrorists can cause mass casualty events without ever even boarding a plane or going through the tsa. which is not only responsible for airport security but trains, subways, buses and ports. tsa administrator peter messenger says
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preparing for summer travel. >> travel security comes first and we cannot compromise on protecting travelers. second, it means longer delays for peak travelers and travelers need to be prepared. we will continue to identify ways to immediately improve efficiency without compromising security. zo >> we'll keep an eye on this and let you know what we learned. back to you. the momentum is shifting in the race for the white house. bernie sanders and ted cruz won their campaigns last night giving it fresh energy this morning. cruz's win carried a little more weight increasing the likelihood that no gop candidate will have enough delegates to chinlinch t nomination before cleveland this summer. tracie potts has more on the momentum and the math coming up at 11:30. irs headquarters based downtown in d.c. will be closed this week. it will remain closed following a basement fire on
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crews are moving to fix the handling area that was damaged. tax processing is still under way. after the break, beyonce taking action. a man in this bulldozer jtus
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here are some of the stories lighting up social media this morning. beyonce is suing feyonce. her message is, don't mess with my image as one texas-based merchandising company is finding out. this sensation has filed a lawsuit against feyonce for selling hoodies, mugs and other goods that bear the word
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feyonce. she is still selling despite repeated requests to stop and now the star is facing unspecified damages. she is not happy with glamour magazine. the actor took to facebook and twitter calling out the magazine to include her on a plus-size issue. now the spokeswoman is a champion of the new body movement. she was quick to say she wasn't offended, but the issue was for women who are size 16 and she is typically a 6 or an 8. you'll soon be able to buy a kindle with a rechargeable protective case for extended battery life. that's from amazon. this new cover will allow it to be thinner than other devices. also under development is a separate kindle cas
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come on! get in! hurry up, hurry up! >> it really doesn't get more dramatic than this. a man made it out of this tractor just moments before it went up in flames. this happened in oklahoma. what you see are wildfires burning there. a tv crew told the man to come with them when they spotted him stuck on the side of the road. they sped off to safety. tom, that's pretty incredible video. >> really dramatic. saved his life by seconds. right now we have no rain here locally in the metro area, but off to our west in the midwest getting rain showers from chicago down to st. louis. these are all tracking off to the east. will be closer to the metro area by tomorrow morning. here's the new timing on that. 5:00 a.m., leading edge of the rain, all this area in color, shenandoah color to warrenton to fredricksburg by 8:00 a.m. then by 8:00 in the morning, coming to our western area and suburbs. with the
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lightning and downpours coming through 8:00 to 11:00 in the morning. then it moves off to the east, and during the rest of the afternoon, scattered sprinkles around which may cause a delay for the nationals game home opener tomorrow afternoon. >> thank you, tom. we're just getting new video into the newsroom of a person of interest in a d.c. sexual assault investigation. police want to speak with the man in the green hat. you can see him there. the sexual assault happened march 18 on martin luther king jr. avenue in southeast washington. police say a victim was sexually assaulted by one person while another held the victim at gunpoint. after the assault, police say the suspects took personal items from the victim and ran off. also in the district, three women shot. this is an active investigation this morning. after the
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developing right now, d.c. police are working to figure out who opened fire on a car full of women. it happened on green street southeast around 11:00 p.m. molette green has more on what police are looking at. >> reporter: police worked through the night and into the early morning hours here at the scene where you can see the investigation still active right now. police have been focusing on that car that you see with the doors open, the trunk popped and evidence markers
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night, gunfire rang out. three women were shot. they are in the hospital expected to survive their injuries. no suspect information at this time. investigators have been looking throughout this entire block for information. we're in the 2300 block of green street in southeast, not too far from good hope road. they will look at every bit of evidence, including whatever they captured on the surveillance camera imag that are in this neighborhood. there are actual signs warning that all activities are recorded, and so hopefully that could lead them to some clues and suspects in this case. again, three women shot late last night. they are expected to survive. that is the latest from southeast d.c., molette green, news4. president obama is expected to announce a plan today to fund research into the zika epidemic. roughly $600 million will go to the centers for disease control. ths
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money will come from unspent ebola virus funding. it will go to treat people infected with zika, fund vaccine research as well as combat the mosquitos that spread the virus. that virus can cause serious birth defects if it infects pregnant women. tom, warming things up out there with the sun up? >> yes, temperatures have warmed about 20 to 25 degrees from where we were at dawn this morning when it was down in the 20s. now hitting mid to upper 40s. shenandoah valley to the mountains, mid to upper 40s there. around the bay, mid 40s, fredricksburg, mid 40s with the sunshine. really a great day. get out and get some exercise while you can. although the pollen count is up. you may notice it if you have allergies. upper 50s for a few hours between 3:00 and 5:00 or 6:00
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down to the mid-50s by 7:00 p.m. just increasing high clouds during the afternoon. a discrimination lawsuit may be in the works after the culpeper county board of supervisors denied an application to build a prayer house. the islamic temple wants to build a prayer house outside of town. they denied location for a pump and hall sewage at the site. they told them the denial had nothing to do with discrimination. gulet mohammad joined a class action lawsuit to get off the no-fly list. the no-fly list is motivated by ethnic profiling. we first told you about this in 2011. that's when he originally challenged it in court. the challenge came while he was detained tli
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his hometown of somalia. his brother is on the most wanted terror list. the death of 63-year-old skooefen scalaban has been ruled as a homicide. fire investigators searched the home on windjammer way for evidence. scalaban worked as a jeweler. friends told news4 he had problems with drug abuse but recently had turned his life around. now to a store you'll see only on news4. a d.c. firefighter now finds herself needing the community's support after a fire destroyed her home. the apartment building where 21-year-old tanisha morris lived caught fire easter morning. she and her family made it out but they lost everything. she says the department has really rallied around her. >> it's not like we just started at the bottom with nothing, because i'm thankful for the job that iha
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actually would feel like we started at, you know, nothing. >> if you'd like to help morris and her family, you can make donations and take them to engine 28 on connecticut avenue near the cleveland park metro station. we're back in 60 seconds with why janet jackson is disappointing thousands of fans, cancelling a major concert tour. >> for good reason, it sounds like. i can't wait to tell that story. and a reminder. you can watch news4 anywhere you go. just download the wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are.
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janet jackson is delaying her world tour to make room for a family. the 49-year-old singer announced on twitter that she and her husband are planning their family, and she'll be postponing the second leg of her tour. jackson didn't say she was pregnant, only that she's on doctor's orders to rest. janet jackson
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businessman back in 2012. now to a consumer watch. buying a vehicle can be one of the most expensive purchases you make, so if the advertising says you'll get certain features, you expect to get them, right? however, a maryland man was surprised to learn his brand new truck didn't come with added features like floormats. he bought the truck thinking the extras were included as advertised. >> he then told me, well, you can't go off that sticker, he says, because all we do is change the title of the vehicle on top and we're not responsible for what's below. >> not only were the floormats not included, but this man was also missing another pricey feature. tonight on news4 at 5, reporter suzanne hogan explains you're right when you don't get what the ads promise you. it's a promise parents have had to deal with:
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he was flicking matches on me... my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
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a car chase and a life-saving rescue caught on camera. a man trying to outrun missouri police lost control of his suv. the vehicle flipped and tossed him out. police started cpr on the man who couldn't breathe. he is expected to be okay. tom, how about the weather? >> finally april acting like spring again. temperatures are climbing nicely into the upper 40s. we have some clouds drifting in from the northwest. there's friendship heights in the distance. way off on the horizon is bethesda. we can see these clouds closing in from the midwest bringing some showers by tomorrow morning. the leading edge of the rain may not arrive in the metro area until about 8:00 in the morning and maybe moderate dour
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sprinkles in the afternoon with highs reaching the mid-60s. the astros game, they may actually get it started. they can play with sprinkles. sun back on friday, saturday and sunday. cool weather moves in. maybe some sprinkles or a few wet snowflakes on saturday. temper tantrums, meltdowns, whatever you call them. most parents of preschoolers have endured them. but how do you know when your preschoolers' tantrums are a red flag for something more serious. dr. wiener is here with parenting advice. good to see you again. what is the age we're talking about and what exactly is a tantrum? >> let me start with what a tantrum is. tantrums are not just whining and fussing in assesincessantly.
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ground. toddlers one to three years old, they're going to have pretty regular tantrums. you really should start outgrowing these, at least with regulator, when you hit four years old. >> outgrowing them. i see people in stores, and i know i went through this with my kids, they can't get what they want, and then they're screaming and laying out on the floor. what do you do? >> you ignore. or if you can, you just say, we're leaving. we're leaving the store right now. you absolutely want to remain calm, cool, collected, consistent, firm. then afterwards you talk to them about why that's inappropriate behavior and how they need to find words to express it. let me say one thing. this is really important. preschoolers are going to have periodic temper tantrums, but if your preschooler is having daily temper tantrums, that's when you should start getting concerned, okay? so there are a few things that i want to talk about here. if temper tantrums are occurring daily or if there is no trigger, it's not because they're really tired
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wanted something. if it's lasting 20 minutes or longer, it's extreme. if it's occurring with a non-parent, so a lot of kids are worse with their parents. if it's happening at school or daycare, or there's real aggression -- we're not talking about mildly banging your head a little bit -- these are areas where you're going to say, okay, it's time for me to seek some help. >> stick around so parents can find out what to do to stop it when it's a red flag for something else. back to you. new information from the live desk after the break. the legal action just announced
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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right now d.c. police are carefully combing the grounds of the national arboretum. they are looking again for relisha rudd. the child has been missing for more than two years. police say they have reason to search for her again today. we are watching a hearing right now on capitol hill. the tsa administrator is being questioned about airport security following the deadly attacks in brussels. the biggest concern is the danger facing passengers before they go through security. the tsa administrator says his agency is stepping up security, and he says if you travel this summer, you should expect longer waits. new this morning. another class action lawsuit against the state of michigan and its governor. 400 people are part of the latest lawsuit that
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state of michigan plotted to solve flint's water problems and allegedly schemed to balance the books that way. >> because we believe we uncovered a scheme which is going to make everybody in this country really, really think about what their government is doing. >> the water crisis in flint started after the city left the detroit water system. officials didn't treat the water from the flint river properly, and thus led to pipes and drinking water that allowed thousands of people to fall ill. we go to decision 2016. hillary clinton has nearly 700 delegates ahead of bernie sanders. senator ted cruz, though, on the republican side is shrinking the delegate gap after his win in the wisconsin gop
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compared to donald trump's 753. with more on the wisconsin primary results and what's next, here's nbc's tracie potts. >> reporter: so ted cruz and bernie sanders come out the big winners from wisconsin. the focus now, new york. looking ahead, can either of them beat hillary clinton and donald trump on their home turf? let's start with the republicans where ted cruz is more than 30 points behind, averaging the latest polls in new york. he's hoping to gain some ground and doesn't have a lot of time to do it. then there's bernie sanders who also claims new york as his home state. he was born and raised in brooklyn, spent more than a decade there. but when it comes to beating hillary clinton in new york, he's got some challenges. this is our own senior political editor mark murray on the uphill climb for sanders. >> reporter: both cruz and sanders now go to terrain which is much more unfavorable to them. next contest two weeks from now
11:32 am
that's problematic for bernie sanders not only because hillary clinton, that is her own state, but it's a closed primary. and bernie sanders, one of the secrets to his success has been winning all these independents that can end up voting in new york. >> reporter: so independents, young voters, have boosted sanders to victory in a number of states now. new york could be a different story, and that one is coming up real soon now, in less than two weeks. in washington, i'm tracie potts, news4. a giant leap for the purple line today. maryland could soon approve the contract to get it built. it's a $5.5 billion contract that will pay several companies to design, build, operate and maintain the line. when it's all done, the light rail line will connect prince georges and montgomery counties between new carrollton and bethesda. tom, it's warming up a little out there. we can't wait for it to warm all wait up. >> yes, april regaining its dignity as a spring month as things warm up nicely.
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changes with the nbc washington app and the latest storm team 4 radar showing rain on the way. right now, though, the pollen is back up again. it's in the high range for tree pollen. it is now mostly oak tree pollen. it's going to get washed out tomorrow as we get ready to play ball at nationals park getting ready for opening day tomorrow. there may be some showers around, but it does look like maybe only light showers, chance of a delay. first pitch at 4:05. temperatures in the low 60s. then by the 7th inning, a chance of some sprinkles. it will be around 60 degrees. still more sprinkles end of the game when it will be in the upper 50s. there are some new developments today about that retracted article about a gang rape in uva. a rolling stones reader is suing the magazine for defamation. the student who was described in that magazine is going to testify in that case in a hearing tomorrow. it will be confidential and is
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location. pushback continues over the plan to rename george mason's law school. democratic legislators from northern virginia are questioning the name change after it followed a $20 million anonymous donation. that's according to the "washington post." a state agency will need to approve any name change. the donation is the largest in that school's history. the controversial renaming of a middle school will be the focus of a community meeting today in prince william county. some residents don't want godwin middle school in dale city renamed. last month the board decided to rename the school in honor of dr. george hampton, an african-american community leader and scholar. at a packed board meeting several weeks ago, some said the school board never gave them a chance to voice their opposition to the plan. tonight's meeting begins at 7:00 at the kelly leadership center in manassas. we told you it's going to be an extra special day tomorrow. we're live at the ballpa
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nationals home opener. it is going to be special. one of the big moments we learned about. two prince william county police officers will be throwing out certificate money y ceremonial first pitch. they were shot along with ashley guindon who died. before the first pitch tomorrow, the nats will hold a moment of silence for guindon and several other fallen officers. after the break a new weight loss procedure
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walmart is switching to cage-free eggs by 2025, becoming the largest retailer to do so. the company says it will require egg suppliers to adopt an industry standard for treating their hens and have compliance monitored by a third party. last year
11:37 am
would push meat, seafood, dairy and egg suppliers to cease the use of antibiotics. there is a new experimental procedure to help you lose weight. doctors say it tricks your appetite and it doesn't require surgery. nbc's morgan radford shows us how this new procedure is already getting results. >> i want to put some foil on it first. >> reporter: cheryl denby says her weight has been a burden her entire life. >> it was hard to do things like laundry, grocery store, just getting up to get dressed. my knees hurting. >> reporter: she decided to take a chance on an experimental weight loss procedure that's minimally invasive. what made you choose this procedure as opposed to gastric bypass? >> i didn't have to be off work long. >> reporter: it's called ba rir
11:38 am
riatric em bolization. the outpatient procedure takes just over an hour. in three months, cheryl has lost 30 pounds. >> it's a start, a big start. >> we do not think this is a magic bullet. i do believe this is a great new tool that we're hoping will have long-term effectiveness. >> reporter: the study, presented this week at the society of interventional radiology, showed on average patients lost 13% of their excess weight after six months. the study was small. only seven patients so far and still needs more testing. >> i don't think patients should expect at this point to go to a local interventional radiologist to have this procedure performed. we're not quite there yet. >> reporter: but cheryl says she's not as hungry, and when she is, she's making healthier choices. >> i'm happier to just be lighter. >> reporter: something her whole family is celebrating. have you noticed a difference in cheryl since her procedure?
11:39 am
>> reporter: cheryl says she's happy to be a pioneer in a new front to fight the war on weight. morgan radford, nbc news. well, there's rain in our forecast. after the break, tom is back to tell us how much.
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well, spring is here and that means the allergies are here. as to weather changes, children can develop allergies. redness, itchy eyes are just some of the symptoms to look out for. doctors say spring can affect how well your child sleeps and can lose concentration in school. chances are if you're allergic to something, your children probably will be as well. tom, i'm allergic and i saw you had the pollen count up a few minutes ago. >> it is back up for oak tree pollen, so if you do plan to get exercise, you might want to im
11:41 am
into the 50s for the afternoon with increasing high clouds. then rain likely tomorrow. that area in the yellow and green, that's moderate showers. west virginia and shenandoah valley getting closer to the metro area. this is around 7:00 or 8:00 a.m. but then these areas in the yellow and orange, moderate to heavy downpours around 10:00 tomorrow morning. could pick up half an inch of rain as it does move on through. during the afternoon for the nationals home opener, a few sprinkles. they can play in light rain, so they may be able to get the game in tomorrow. we're back with dr. joshua wiener talking about tantrums. let's say your preschooler or elementary student says, i wish i hadn't been born. how do you react to that? >> i hear this from both friends and patients and families in my practice, so this is pretty common. first of all, pay attention to what is your chi
11:42 am
if the answer to that question is my kid is generally pretty happy-go-lucky and doing fine, then i would not make a big deal over them periodically saying some of those comments, particularly when it's in the context of them being really upset or angry. what i do is when this happens, you talk to your child afterwards, maybe the next day, and you say, look, it concerns me when you make these comments, but i want to know, do you feel this way only when you're really upset? did you just say that because you are really upset, or do you sometimes feel this way at other times? i bet almost 100% of the time is the answer you'll get is the kid will say, i was just really upset and angry. >> because i didn't get what i wanted. >> whatever the case may be. >> when do you know that it's time to call a doctor? >> you got to trust your gut instinct, right? parents always do know best, for the most part. you have to trust your gut, but if the answer to that question that i just pointed out is, when
11:43 am
these thoughts at other times, absolutely that's a time when you want to start seeking extra help. or if they're just really behaving in a difficult manner. if you're really struggling with your child, there's really no reason for you to say, well, i have to deal with this. this is the way things have to be. maybe the problem is with the child. maybe there is some sort of the underlying condition going on, or maybe the issue is with the parent, you know. not all kids are the same. some kids are very difficult to parent. some parents need some guidance. as they always say, your child is not born with instructions, right? some kids are easy, others are not, and you have to treat other kids differently and sometimes you need some help. >> at some point we need to talk about the idea of spankings and punishments. i know you have some ideas about that. >> maybe next time. >> come back and we'll talk about that. back to you. thanks, barbara. new at 11:45, a touching moment at t
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put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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imagine driving down the road when all of a sudden out of nowhere a tree crashes down. this is a dash cam video from a new jersey police cruiser which escaped being crushed by that tree. it was caused by powerful winds on sunday. you can see on the one side of the road, a truck slams into the tree. luckily the driver of that truck and the officer were not injured. it looks beautiful out there this morning, and starting to feel a little bit more like april. right, tom? >> it's certainly looking like ng
11:47 am
neighborhoods. put away your winter gear. you just need a light jacket and your sunglasses. some high clouds coming in during the afternoon. 4-day forecast, highs reaching upper 50s this afternoon and a southwest breeze. rain around 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, continuing on to heavier showers till 10:00 aror 11:00. nationals play with light sprinkles, although it may get heavy. sprinkles with a few snowflakes on saturday. maybe more showers next tuesday, highs mid-60s. two southern states are em broiled in battles over gay and transgender rights. there is expected to be more backlash coming following new laws in mississippi and north carolina.
11:48 am
what's next. >> reporter: with the stroke of his pen, the governor in mississippi setting in motion a giant controversy that's re verks rbdas across the country. the governor says it protects religious freedom. >> if a pastor says, my religious beliefs say i can't participate in something like a wedding, the state cannot discriminate them because of their religious views. >> reporter: the state refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay couples but must find someone else in the office to do it. the aclu calls it a sad day for mississippi. the state says it's fair. >> there is a constitutional right for freedom of religion. there is now a constitutional right for same-sex marriage. this bill strikes the balance. >> lance bass posted a sign that reads, entering mis
11:49 am
years. in north carolina, the latest fallout for a new law limiting protections for gay and transgendered people. the company deciding to locate its 400 jobs elsewhere. north carolina's governor not phased. >> i anticipate paypal will still provide their services and accept our consumer money in the state of north carolina, so that's my response to that. >> that was janet chamblain reporting. san francisco is about to become more family friendly. the city will be the first in the nation to give families first paid leave. mothers and fathers will get six weeks of paid time off. small business owners say it's unfair to them. after a formal vote next week, the mayor says he plans to sign the measure. d.c. is weighing a similar proposal. shut it down, if it will keep people safe. that's what the country's top transportation official is
11:50 am
anthony fox says metro should do whatever it takes to fix the problems on the tracks. that includes shutting down the entire rail lines for months at a time if necessary. metro gm paul whittfield says he thinks targeted repairs can be done by shutting down segments. those issues came out just a few days after rolling out the new system. on tuesday metro's bus system eta went down. the app was designed to telluriders when the next bus would show up. the delays frustrated a lot of commuters. >> it would say 10, 15 minutes. and i would be like, well, let me get there 20 minutes before just to make sure. >> reporter: metro says any issues you have with this system you can send
11:51 am
to @metrobusinfo. the connecticut women's basketball team won its fourth straight ncaa championship last night, beating syracuse. the yukon coach now has 11 titles under her belt, the most of any college basketball coach. yukon has not lost a game since november of 2014. an american girl who was losing her sight received the highest blessing today at the vatican. pope francis blessed five-year-old lizzie meyers. the ohio girl has a genetic disease that gradually leads to blindness and hearing loss. the pope approached meyers and her family after his weekly prayers at st. peters square. after the break, the nationals home opener. and she's a star.
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i'm melissa
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sharing the stories on social media today. doris day turned 92 on sunday. she celebrated with close friends in carmel, california and her dog squirrely. i love his name. she says, i'm not fond of birthdays anymore. age is just a number. tomorrow is home opener for the nats. we're very excited. we will be there covering all the action. if you're looking for sweet deals, editor brittany johnson has all the details. >> the nationals first home game is tomorrow and there are lots of happy hour deals. the bullpen at the fair grounds will have live music before and after the game. admission is free. i don't know if you've had their doughnuts before, but they are delicious. there are also tons of other deals in our area, so all you have to do is search natitude for more information, and let's go, nats. >> those donuts are
11:54 am
studios in hollywood, you can now take a trip to the wizarding world of harry potter. the attraction opened last night. it officially opens to the public tomorrow morning. back to you. and we're back in 60 seconds with the oldest twinkie. did you know it's national twinkie day? >> so i wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
11:55 am
well, happy national twinkie day. that's what this is. sadly, the iconic snack was pulled off the shelves a few years back, so you can't buy them, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate them. we dug up some fun twinkie facts. here you go. the world's oldest twinkie is over 40. wouldn't want to eat that. in the '70s, a chemistry teacher preserved the spongy log to study rotting of processed foods. the treats were originally banana cream filled, but they stopped using
11:56 am
world war ii. then a 10-foot twinkie was baked some time ago. the continental baking company celebrates twinkie's 50th birthday by whipping up a giant twinkie which ended up weighing over a ton. >> and if you have one in your desk that's 20 years old, you can probably still eat it. >> or study the process of rotting food. we got the sunshine. temperatures are jumping into the upper 40s, low 50s. thursday showers looking likely and a possible rain delay for the nationals home opener. here's the forecast for tomorrow's home game. first pitch is at 4:05. by then temperatures in the low to mid 60s with perhaps a little light rain. just a chance of sprinkles through the game. they can play through that. back to the upper 50s by the last pitch. we would like to remind you you can get y
11:57 am
weather updates any time with
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but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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nouns noups today on the meredith vieira show. she was dumped right before her wedding. and what she did for revenge. and day throw of someone's got a secret. can you guess? collin hanks is here dishing about the prank. and why being on the red carpet. and wolfgang is showing you how to have monster snacks for the super bowl party. it is all right now on meredith. [applause] makes you feel real good


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